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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 8, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," a turning point in this election season. hillary clinton having a historic night grabbing more delegates overnight. and planting her feet firmly as the democratic nominee and trying her best to shake off bernie sanders and taking aim at that guy, donald trump. >> an abc news exclusive. hillary clinton sits down with abc's david muir telling us where she goes from here and how she ultimately intends to get back to the white house. complete primary coverage ahead. and new this half hour, dramatic images of alleged excessive force. >> an officer seen tasing and handcuffing a suspect at a traffic stop is under fire for allegedly dragging the teen and dropping him on his face. the dashcam video captured the confrontation. >> and the bombshell on last night's episode of the bacheloret
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by the time the dust settled, four guys were shown the door. but just wait until you hear who was among them. we're going to have a full wrap-up as the analyst joins us in "the skinny" on this wednesday, june 8th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it was, oh, my god, it was like two days of just you know, edge of the seat. >> overwhelmed by the bachelor yet". >> jack needed last night off just to like take it all in. >> i didn't think i was going to make it. >> they ended on yet another cliffhanger. >> i can't take the cliffhangers. i need to know now. >> they have to wait two weeks for it. we're going to have the full analysis coming up a little bit later on. but we're going to get started, of course with, history. hillary clinton going where no other woman has gone before. declaring herself the democratic party's nominee. >> clinton claimed her place in history after a bruising battle with bernie sanders.
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jersey. he got his first win of the night in north dakota but a lot of people focusing overnight on california. as soon as results started coming in clinton held a commanding lead in the golden state where 475 pledged dels were at stake. >> these wins pushing her well past the number of delegates that are needed to clij the nomination. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest. she's in brooklyn. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning to you. and right off the bat, i have to tell you, hillary clinton addressed and thanked her supporters who i have to tell you, so many of them waited hours first outside then again inside the brooklyn navy yard here all to witness history. now, as far as clinton's victory speech is concerned, we should note here, it came exactly eight years to the day she conceded the race to then senator barack obama. now, fast forward to today. her current democratic challenger senator bernie sanders just made it clear in california that he is still in the race and clinton tonight
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took the time to commend and congratulate him. >> i want to congratulate senator sanders for the extraordinary campaign he has run. and the vigorous debate that we've had about how to raise incomes, reduce inequality, increase upward mobility have been very good for the democratic party and for america. >> reporter: and senator sanders is right now in santa monica, california, addressing his supporters. thanking them for being part of the political revolution and again, we understand he just made it clear he is not conceding tonight. reminding his supporters that there's another primary one more in d.c. next week. and he's asking them and he is vowing to fight till the end. kendis and diane. >> elizabeth, there's been a lot of talk about the president's endorsement. we know he spoke to both candidates last night. how does he fit into all of this? >> reporter: yeah, according to
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actually note here, the president is scheduled to be in new york city later today. we understand there are two fund-raisers scheduled he will be attending. we are told this has been scheduled for a long while and at this time, the president, officials say, does not expect to see, meet or appear with hillary clinton when he is in town. that said, as you mentioned, of course, the very next obvious natural question was what about an endorsement now that we have hillary clinton who has claimed victory in this race here. well, as of yesterday afternoon, white house officials said that endorsement not happening just yet but we do understand president clinton did call both hillary clinton and senator sanders yesterday i should say laut yesterday to congratulate clinton and then to thank senator sanders and we understand sanders will be in d.c. on thursday to meet with the president. >> yeah. >> president obama making that late phone call to both of those candidates tonight
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thank you, elizabeth. well, just before clinton took the stage last night she sat down for an exclusive interview with abc's david muir. >> she called her nomination a real milestone for our country and talked about a singular moment in history debating donald trump. abc's liz kreutz covers can the clinton campaign and has more on the exclusive interview. >> good morning, diane and kendis. it was a historic night at the brooklyn navy yard here in new york. hillary clinton officially celebrating becoming the first woman to clinch the nomination of any major presidential party. last night she reflected on what that means to her in an exclusive interview with our david muir. she said it's a milestone and will send a signal around the world. >> you have talks so often about the unfinished business not only in this country but around the word when it comes to women's rights. is having the first female american president part of that unfinished business? >> it is, david. and it is of course, symbolic.
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but symbols mean something. and symbols often can spark hope and action in people, particularly young people. and i think it will be a real milestone with my nomination for our country. but it will also send a signal around the world. >> reporter: clinton told david she is now focused on unite willing the democratic party. she said her campaign has already been in talks with the sanders campaign but she hopes to have a personal conversation with sanders soon. she also talks a lot about donald trump. said she's looking forward to debating him and that will be a "singular moment in american history." >> are you ready for that debate is taken against donald trump? >> i am so looking forward to it. i'll have a chance to make clear why i believe he is not qualified and temperamentally unfit to be president. >> reporter: in this interview is, clinton also declined to call trump a racist. she said she doesn't know what's in his heart. a big night here inro
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it's really just the beginning. diane and kendis? >> liz kreutz, thanks for that. donald trump took a victory lap last night vowing to be america's champion. he won all five gop races taking his delegate count well beyond the required magic number of 1237. speaking from his new york golf club and using a teleprompter he attacked hillary clinton. he urged sanders supporters to back his campaign instead and tried to reassure republicans after a contentious week. >> you've given me the honor to lead the republican party to victory this fall. i understand the responsibility of carrying the mantle and i will never ever let you down. >> earlier trump released a statement saying his remarks about a judge's mexican heritage were misconstrued and said he did not feel a person's heritage makes them incapable of being impartial. house speaker paul ryan had blast trump calling his initial remarks a textbook definition of a racist comment. ryan did not pull his
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senator mark kirk said he can no longer support trump. we continue to bring you the latest on the race for the white house. >> let's turn to other headlines right now and a developing story from michigan where a group of cyclists has been fatally you can have by a driver. prosecutors say a 50-year-old man was driving that truck you see there when it struck a group of nine riders from behind. at least five cyclists were killed, the other four seriously injured. police were seeking the truck after receiving reports of erratic driving moments before the incident. the driver is in custody. charges haven't been filed as of yet. >> the young man charged with killing nine penalty at a church will face trial in november. the ruling came as dylann roof appeared in court for the first time in months but he did not speak during the hearing. the federal trial will come roughly two months. before south carolina begins its own trial against him, as well. >> a south carolina surfer is minus his board thanks to a hangry shark. jack oea
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out to a wave when he stopped short as they he had hit a rock. >> it turns out the shark was actually chomping down on his board. he says he was knocked into the water and quickly swam to shore. the pieces of his broken board washed up on the beach after that. some veteran surfers are now questioning o'neal saying his story smells fishy. but witnesses say they saw the whole thing go down. >> i'd say that his board provides a little bit of proof. >> maybe a little bit. coming up on the "skinny," the bombshell that dropped last night on the bachelorette". four guys eliminated. wait till you hear who was among them. our analyst is here with exclusive insight. >> what's with the blood. >> first here's a look at today's forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by vistaprint.
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>> told you. hands behind your back. >> this is newly released dashcam video showing a former missouri police officer dropping a teen driver on his face after he had already tased and handcuffed him during a traffic stop two years ago. doctors say the boy suffered cards yak arrest and some facial injuries and that he survived only because he was treated quickly. the officer has been sentenced to four years in federal prison for violating the teen's civil rights. turning to a kidnapping inside a busy mall outside philadelphia. the suspect stole a 7 week old infant right in front of the baby's mother. >> but that video released immediately after the child was taken led police to the suspect. abc's linzcy janice has the story. >> reporter: surveillance video shows exactly how this wom
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the suspect, 32-year-old cherie amoore, seen striking up a conversation with malika hunter, a mother with her toddler and 7-week-old baby boy at this philadelphia area mall. the two strangers walk through the mall talking. they sit down at the food court. after a while, amoore picks up the crying infant while the mother tends to her other child. with the baby still in her arms, amoore grabs her purse, throws away some trash. then she takes off out of sight in roughly ten seconds. other cameras catch her as she hurries up the stairs, two at a time, and into the parking lot. just hours later, the baby found safe at amoore's home. the suspect's own family calling police after seeing her in a security camera image. >> it's opened and closed as to what happened. what is not closed is why it happened. >> reporter: police say amoore told them she had recently given birth to a baby that died and she was overcome with emotion. she has pleaded not guilty to kidnapping charg
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linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> sad story. police say the moment she answered the door she immediately said i took the baby and i'm sorry. >> she said she can't explain why she did it. she just did it. >> she said she never went to the mall with the intention of stealing a baby. >> they did put the mall on lockdown. there was an amber alert issued immediately afterwards. >> bail's been set at half a million dollars for cheries a moore. >> and why axl rose is taking on google. >> it was huge, right? >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from ou
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♪ skinny, so skinny it is "skinny" time. time to finally get some details on what happened on "the bachelorette." >> so he wasn't with us this guy, monday night. so you're here now with the analysis. >> i hardly -- i didn't think i was going to make it to be honest. >> really. >> four hours of "the bachelorette" on monday and tuesday night. >> very subtle. >> terrible towel edition here. see why momentarily. let's just reset where we were. >> please. >> 17 guys started the episode last night. there was a rose ceremony pretty
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much straightaway. ali, christian and nick b., forget them. they're gone. we didn't know them anyway. 14 were left. they were off to the wilds of pennsylvania. roll that beautiful bachelorette footage. starts off a one-on-one date with jojo and luke. that was a sled dog ride. it looked like fun in the snow. but the real fun was had in a hot tub in the middle of the woods. where else would it be, of course. there was champagne, there were strawberries. you get the idea. this is a really good date. you get the idea that luke is going to be around for a while. he gets the rose. excuse me. the group date was why we had the terrible towel here because they were in heinz field in pittsburgh. we're going to play some football. you see big ben roethlisberger there. these guys worked out a little bit. no one was all that good at it to be quite honest. >> not even aaron rodgers' little brother? >> well, you know, he did okay. that's james taylor right there. he wound up cutting his head.
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he should have had a purple heart or something. >> he went back out onto the field though. >> he did. they wrapped him up and off he went. finally they played a game. it was a relatively closely contested or something. wound up being decided by an interception return for a touch down. speaking of jordan rodgers, he actually got the rose. >> he did? >> he's still very much in the thick of things. >> little brother is on to something. >> put it that way. >> bet he did. >> this whole episode was about the two-on-one date. alex versus chad, our guy ochocinco. >> chad. >> they went on a two-on-one date. of course, there's only one rose involved. so somebody's going home. alex and ochocinco didn't like each other through the whole season. the date was beak painted as a good verse the evil villain type of thing. came down to jojo's decision which of these two dudes was gointo
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>> jojo had a lot of time to think about the whole thing. she wound up at thing chad she doesn't think he's the person that he really says he is. >> oh. >> i don't think that the way that you behave and resort to violence is something that's acceptable. i don't want somebody that threatens other people who can't get along with other people and who thinks physical violence is the way to solve things. so with that said, alex, will you accept this rose? >> please, thank you. >> well, so much for ochocinco. >> bye, chad. >> he didn't take that too well. meanwhile back at where the guys were hanging out, these guys were -- there were great skeechbz celebration. these guys were partying like england just won the european championship. >> subtle. >> right? >> bring out the bubbly, the whole nine yards. everybody's like the game's on now. no doubt we'll have some of that. anyway, that's how the episode ended in essence.
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>> and then. >> chad comes back. >> there was. there was a little bit of cliff hanging there. you had some creepiness from ochocinco. >> hanging chad. >> knocking on the door. uh-oh. maybe it's going to get messy or maybe it won't. we'll see. bring the security guards in from l.a. 13 guys remain. there's no episode next week. so we're back. the next episode is monday, the 20th. on that note, i think the analyst is out. >> all right. >> thank you. >> thank you very much, sir. is this for us? >> yeah. it's a real rose, too. >> it's lovely. next taking political theater to a new level. >> meryl streep has more award nominations than any actor or actress in history. this may have been her toughest role yet. >> whoa, that's her? >> the three-time oscar winner donned a fat suit, toupee, and a face full of fake tan to transform herself into donald trump. >> it does appear she kind of nailed it right to donald's pursed lips and his braggadocio
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avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. ♪ skinny, so skinny >> just when you thought it was over, it is time for the bonus round starting with the gloves coming off between axl rose and google. >> it all started six years ago with a photo snapped and published of the guns n' roses front man during a concert in canada. it's a less than flattering image and it's now led to countless memes mocking his weight. now he's ordering google to take the photo down from the internet. >> so some of those memes include take me down to the bakery city. and oh, oh, oh, sweet pies of pie. and, of course, welcome to mcdonald's. we got super size. >> here's the rub. even if google does succeed in taking down the original photo,
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it lives on forever in the form of millions upon millions of those altered memes. >> now google has declined to comment on the case. i just did a google image search. it's number three. he's still there. >> all right. next in other heavy metal news, a rare peek inside ed force 1. >> forget about a fewer bus. for years this has been iron maiden's tour bus. boeing 747 named after the band's mascot eddie. as you can see, it is pimped inside and out with everything iron maiden right down to customized seat covers. >> but it gets better. >> the band's lead singer bruce dickinson is a licensed commercial pilot who flies the group around for their world tour. they've gone to 35 countries. >> amazing. and by the way, and the band doesn't actually own the $350 million plane. they lease it. and fans follow it all over. >> i wonder if when they return it, the company will continue to
3:57 am
keep iron maiden's skull on the tail. i don't know how i feel about getting on a plane with that. >> not quite. and looking like she's from a completely different world, jamie lee curtis cementing herself as the coolest nerd mom ever. >> she and her son thomas guest turned out in costume for the premiere of the film "warcraft" in los angeles. the film is based on the popular video game series and it's set in the world of azeroth where humans and orks coexist. >> the mother and son brought them into near flawless existence at the film's premiere. he commented we're serious about our games. yeah. >> i bet she's super fun to hang out with on halloween. >> do you think? >> yeah, i'll invite her to my party next year. >> i didn't even get an invite. >> sorry, buddy. you're not making the cut. sorry. >> be back. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. rming insomeny
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making news in america this morning, declaring victory. hillary clinton claiming her place in history. acknowledging for the first time overnight that she's the presumptive nominee for president. >> thanks to you we reached a milestone. [ cheers and applause ] >> the former first lady triumphantly take the stage on an important primary note as bernie sanders vows to fight on. more tough talk from donald trump. the other presumptive nominee taking aim at his gop critics. >> they have to get over it. they shouldn't be so angry for so long. >> hello. >> his message to the republican party as he prepares for a big speech all about the clintons. breaking overnight, deadly hit-and-run involving a group of bicyclists. new details just coming in. caught on camera. a man accused of


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