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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. alison: right now at 4:00, president obama endorsing hillary clinton for president. this video being posted to youtube and clinton's campaign website shortly after the president met with challenger senator bernie sanders. president obama: president obama: i want those of you who have been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know i'm with here. i am fired up and i can't wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. alison: what you saw there was a snippet of what is actually a three-minute video. you can watch the entire thing on our website michelle: in the video, president obama also praised senator bernie sanders for his campaign. jonathan: the response from donald trump, that fast via twitter. came out from the republican pumptive nominee saying obama
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he wants four more years of obama because nobody else does. we a look at the picture for race in the white house. president obama: i'm with here. i am fired up. i can't wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. reporter: president obama endorsing hillary clinton via this video. >> i don't there has been someone to qualified to hold this office. reporter: this comes after obama and zan zap -- sanders laughing at the white house. and with hillary clinton the presumptive nominee. after the meeting, sanders still in the race. >> i will of course be competing in the d.c. primary, which will be held next tuesday. reporter: but sanders railing against donald trump and striking conciliatory tone when it comes to clinton. >> i look forward to meeting with her in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat donald trump. reporter: the candidate then on capitol hill back at his office in the senate and then more mee
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president and also senate leaders. >> he knows how important it is to win this election and beat donald trump. reporter: on the republican side, donald trump in new york for a meeting today with donors building out his general election operations while still facing a backlash after his controversial comments about the mexican ancestry of a federal judge. wisconsin governor scott walker sounding off. governor walker: i want to make sure he renounces what he says. reporter: in wisconsin next week, president obama will hit the campaign trail with hillary clinton at an event in green bay. in washington, lauren lister, abc7 news. michelle: next week, join us for a special town hall focus on the role women will play in 2016 election. our round table airs next thursday june 16 at 7:00. on newschannel8. jonathan: break news from houston, texas, where a small plane crashed in the parking lot of an ace hardware store. there is not much left of the plane. three people are dead after
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when it hit the parking lot, it slammed into a vehicle that was parked there. you see to the right, the huge tanks are propane tanks. if it hit those it would be a different story. we are hearing no one was in the car the plane hit. we have more information when we get it in. michelle: now to district where police were back at the scene of yesterday's quadruple shooting in northeast. everyone shot is expected to survive. today investigators handed out flyers of the shooting suspect around north capital street at new york avenue. we want to get you a closer look at the photos. police will hold emergency meeting tonight at the fifth district community room. it gets underway at 7:00. jonathan: in the war on terror now, a virginia man accused of heading overseas and joining isis. mohamad khweis was camtured by kurdish forces in iraq and handed over to u.s. forces. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is in
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the battlefield. what is next for him? jeff: that is right, jonathan. he was brought back last night arriving here in the d.c. area. he made his first appearance in federal court today. he was held at a prison in iraq. khweis did not enter a formal plea, although he is charged with providing material support for isis. here now is khweis' father jamal leaving the courthouse this afternoon. he didn't say much. he smiled and wavered another his son in the courtroom and his son smile and wavered back. according to a criminal complaint, 26-year-old mohamad khweis, a native of alexandria bim interested in isis in mid-2015. last december he left the country from b.w.i. airport and made his way to syria where he got connected with isis through social media and was detained by kurdish forces in northern iraq and he went on kurdish television to talk about his experience saying he regretted getting involved with the terror group. authorities say when khweis was
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willing to become a suicide bomber he said yes. >> what was it like to see your son today? >> good to see him today. that's it. >> you know what the government's version is. everything is not as it appears in the government pleading. we will have our opportunity to explain the other side at the appropriate time. jeff: khweis will make his next court appearance next week. coming up at 5:00, we will show you and let you know hear what he said on kurdish tv. it's fascinating to listen to. and also hear what his defense attorney today had to say about that appearance on kurdish tv. also worth checking out. until then, live in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. >> i'm curious. the kurdish forces picked him up in northern iraq. what are his attorneys saying he was doing there in the first place? jeff: they are not saying much. they are saying any conversation they have had with their client remain confidential at this
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i asked what do you make of the fact he went to kurdish tv? he said he did fight for isis. he regretted it and he wanted to come home. the attorney called the appearance "interesting" and said further he needs to present his side of the story so it remains to be seen what they will be presenting in court. but the attorney alluding to the fact more facts will come out. jonathan: interesting. thank you for that. four israelis were killed yesterday when gunman stormed in an open air cafe and opened fire. one of the gunman clearly caught on camera. both of them were arrested. today the israeli defense minister visited the shopping complex where the killings took place. quick response from israel. they are now shrinking the number of palestinians allowed to enter the country during ramadan by thousands. michelle: a taxi passenger had to steer the car to safety when the driver passed out. the cab drive lost
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consciousness on the g.w. parkway. that is when the passenger took the wheel and drove the cab to safe. we are working now to get more information on the cab driver's condition. alison: a story that we at abc7 have called stinky mail. there was enough of this mail thrown down a storm drain in d.c. to fill up wheelbarrows. so what has happened to all the letters? d.c. bureau chief sam ford has an update to a story you saw first on abc7. sam, bring us up to date. sam: well, this is the sewer in question. we have learned that some of the u.s. postal customers who had their mail dumped dumped ine sewer and recovered tell us they received some of their mail back last week. employees like these from precision company told us they received dirty bag of mail as a result of dumping the mail in the sewer. they pulled ba
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drain on douglas street last month. at precision they receivedded some of their mail, but not all. >> a big package. somebody put it inside there. we got it. but some of them, personal letters got lost. >> personal mail was here? >> yes, yes. >> did you lose any money? >> well, i have to pay some bills. i order some personal items. we never received it. sam: the postal service said some of the mail was so water damaged it could not be delivered. the postal service hasient to disclose whether anybody is being charged for this. we have heard that a letter carrier did this intentionally in fact they fired him. but the postal service has confirmed none of this. reporting live from northeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7
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news. jonathan: thanks. at 4:00, we're in the midst of the deadliest time of the year for drivers. alison: on the heels of the terrible crash that took the lives of three clarksburg high school juniors. some are left wondering what can be done to make te roads safer for everyone. kevin lewis is in clarksburg. as we search for answers we are learning more about the driver and the passengers, right? kevin: yeah. absolutely. i'll tell you. the deaths of jacob dennis, cary greene and patrick shifflett have really rattled the community. everyone we interviewed including the principal here at clarksburg high school spoken so highly of the young men. police do believe that speed and inexperience behind the wheel led to the fatal crash. police telling us that jacob
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in november. they go on to say that one week before that incident on saturday, october 24, cary greene was driving his ford pickup truck along a hilly stretch of needsville road in germantown when he crashed into a tree head-on. paramedics had to take him and three passengers to the hospital. so many teens struggle with driving a vehicle but they understand the importance that they can be lethal weapons if they are not treated with respect. >> this happens if they don't have courageous conversation to remind them to be safe and come home safe. >> this is the third consecutive summer in montgomery county where there has been a fatal crash with multiple fatalities
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teenagers. all new at 5:00, we take a closer look at what if anyone can be done to prevent this. kevin lewis, abc7 news. >> new pictures of the stanford rapist, brock turner. they proved something about the past we didn't know before. michelle: opening statements in the freddie gray case. what was said as the trial of officer goodson gets underway. and why a judge blasted the prosecution. doug: beautiful now but just a matter of time before the high heat
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alison: new information today about the stanford swimmer sentenced to a few months in jail for sexual assault. he partially blamed the school's party culture for his actions. michelle: prosecutors say his behavior raised red flags even before he enrolled at the university. we have the pictures from brock turner's past. reporter: documents obtained exclusively by abc news show brock turner seen smoking from what appears to be a hash pipe was not the babe in the woods prosecutors say he claimed to be. in their presentencing memo to the judge, prosecutors said the former olympic hopeful convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman at the stanford campus last year was drinking excessively and
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school. in a letter to the judge in sentencing turner partly blamed his actions on the party culture at stanford. his lawyers telling the judge the teen from a small town in ohio never used any illicit drugs. but prosecutors say they dug up a trove of pictures like these from his cell phone. photos of bongs, that pipe and dozens of text messages in which the swim star brags about drinking. "we could only drink for like an hour and a half. buying pot. want to smoke now?" and doing harder drugs. "dude i did acid with blank last week." on his phone prosecutors say they found video showing the then 18-year-old turner smoking from a bong and then immediately swigging from a liquor bottle in december 2014. still, judge aaron persky sentenced turner to just six months in jail. he is expected to serve only half of that time. jonathan: well, the lawyer who
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now be defending former nfl star aaron hernandez in the upcoming double murder trial. hernandez is charged with shooting two men to death outside of a boston nightclub in 2012. he is also charged with shooting and injuring a witness to that killing. and hernandez is currently serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of a semi-pro football player and his old friend odin lloyd. his first high-profile client the attorneys, casey anthony, she was found not guilty of first-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter despite having a lot of evidence. alison: maria sharapova still has a lot of support despite her two-year suspension for using a banned substance. nike is standing by her. and the same goes for the tennis equipment company. its c.e.o. speaking out for sharapova today. >> the world anti-doping agency have not come up with any evidence of comprehensive clinical testing to support
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be performance-enhancing. in those circumstances they have broken their own rules which means that this decision is meaningless. alison: so if this suspension sticks, it could end sharapova's career. jonathan: okay. so i was dead wrong. what we should do, we were talking about a broom, we were talking about golden state taking out the cavs in four. the cavs are coming back. they won game three and big. the nba finals is the subject of the instapoll. now how do you think about the finals? who do you think will win? alison: grab your cell phone, tablet or smartphone to vote. you weren't talking about a broom. jonathan: no, we actually had a broom. alison: we brought jamie out here, too. do you remember this moment? michelle: john and i agree we believe this will be a sweep. so we found a broom. we looked high and low for that one.
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robert: what is with the hate? michelle: we don't agree. robert: i don't think it is going to be a sweep. jonathan: you do realize they lost by over 30 points. robert: yeah, but they're in cleveland. alison: so we brought jamie here because she is a die-hard cleveland fan. jamie: yes. i'm from cleveland. i brought gifts for you guys. jonathan: humble pie. jamie: this is cute. perfect for you. a lot of "cleveland." michelle: thank you. jamie: this is classic one for you. jonathan: absolutely. jamie: have you seen the broom? jonathan: no, it's gone. jamie: it's in the garbage. we put it in the garbage. here is to winning tomorrow. jonathan: i'll wear it at the gym. the cleveland clinic, like the bad news bears. jamie: that comes from
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clevelander. michelle: we appreciate it. alison: these are vintage. michelle: very hard to come by. jonathan: you were right. jamie never lost hope in her team. jamie: thank you. no. 30 points. 31, whatever. this is good for us. jonathan: you don't hear us making any excuses. the bench was tired. no. nothing. michelle: happy to see that. we want to see competition. a sweep wasn't what we were hoping for. it's just what we thought would happen. jamie: not me. not me. i know what will happen. jonathan: thank you for the shirt. jamie: you bet, guys. take a look at this. a car fire. the worst spot we could have is on 66 west. right? you have sun glare. you have the issue of course with safe track and everyone using 66. this is right before you get to route 50. two left lanes are the only ones that get by. two right lanes blocked with the crews on seen. this is a car fire trying to put that out. this delay, well, take a look at what we are seeing near the viena
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outbound. only averaging in this stretch 16 miles per hour. under 30 minutes. getting closer to the fairfax county parkway. inside the beltway we are clear. so that is not a big issue for us. of course the d.c. traffic is heavy. kenilworth avenue. you can see through prince george's county outer loop to joint base andrews is heavy. inner loop from college park continuing south closer to route 50 getting through green belt, 10 miles per hour. have slow traffic. back to you. jonathan: congratulations, jamie. [laughter] michelle: we have to keep saying it. jonathan: i'll keep the shirt right here. alison: everybody is celebrating the weather, though. it's so beautiful today. doug: you realize it's washington, d.c., it's june. michelle: not going to last. doug: let's get real. it's just a matter of how long before we get the high heat and the humidity back. alison: we have to enjoy it. doug: saturday. enjoy today. tomorrow is gorgeous. but then going to feel like summer. right now at the reagan national airport. 81 degrees. the breeze there. any plans you have in the next
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give you the temperature. save an idea what to wear out tonight and prepare for the everything hours for dining out for anything else you have. later we drop in 70's. mostly sunny. breezy. the temperatures will drop through the 60's in the early to the mid-evening hours. tomorrow morning the temperatures will range from the mid-to-upper 50's around the area. dale city is 56. same wake-up temperatures, clear skies in waldorf. the future cast, next through day also, not much to see feature wise. sunshine and clouds. temperatures will hit 80 or so. we get into late friday night and saturday. start to see the winds turn south. what that will do is bring in moisture. northwesterly winds that are dry. moisture winds out of the south. we pick up the mugginess. early saturday, showers over the mountains. we get to the afternoon and it looks like there could be isolated sh
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they will stay north of the area. looks good all things considered. 91, you read it right on saturday and sunday. chance of thunderstorm that pop up in the afternoon or the evening on saturday. sunday breezy as a cold front comes through. turn cooler and drier monday, tuesday, and showers and the storms are in the forecast wednesday and thursday. you realize today is thursday. that means time for a trivia question. what is the highest temperature ever recorded in washington, d.c. in the month of june? 104? 102? 100? i would suggest tylenol for any of those temperatures but i'm not a doctor. we'll answer it for you in a couple of minutes. alison: this boy caught on security camera. going in his neighbor's garage and hugging the dog. well, when you find out way, it may make you emotional. it's sweet. the dog's owner posted the video on facebook trying to
4:23 pm
it turns out it's their neighbor's son whose own dog died last year. so the boy now has the owner's permission to stop by anytime for a little puppy love. michelle: look at the tail. jonathan: look at the tail. the dog loves it. alison: the family posted selfies of the boy with his new best buddy. jonathan: how cool is that? michelle: love it. jonathan: i think they found a dog sitter. michelle: looks like they are great friends. jonathan: absolutely. that time of day. he's out of school. going to come give me a hug. alison: so sweet. still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- honoring muhammad ali at a price. some of the thousands who waited in line for tickets to attend tomorrow's services trying to turn a quick buck. see what happens when one scalper is confronted. michelle: still ahead, the baltimore alwayser who drove the van in which -- officer who drove the van in which freddie gray suffered fatal injury goes on trial. but
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to answer every question you might have about your kid's health. pick up the phone. give any of them a call. 703-236-9220. they will have an answer for you. or they will be able to point you in the direction you need to go. i guarantee it. back to you. jonathan: thank you. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the officer behind the wheel of the van that drove freddie gray last year is on trial. the request he made just before opening statements denied. we'll let you know what he was asking for. alison: as we near the end of the first full week of safetrack on metro, they are preparing for the second antired. the changes you will see coming up. michelle: one last look at the weather trivia question. we have the answer with doug hill after this. (rothat cigarette smokingght
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: we have been racking our brain on the trivia question of yours. doug: got an answer? jonathan: i do. i'll tart with the lady -- start with the ladies. alison: such a gentleman. doug: ali
4:31 pm
this. alison: oh! i'm going to go with 102. michelle: i say 102 as well. doug: i go 104. it happened june 29, 2012. reason i say you should remember something big weather wise happened on june 29, 2012. it was the same evening. michelle: crazy. alison: i remember -- jonathan: i feel good about myself. doug: way to go, young man! let's get you doing. jonathan: living the dream. doug: it's hot. low 790's this weekend. that is the deal on the trivia. i have another one next thursday. temperatures now, get you prepared for the everything. it looks outside it looks hot but it's comfortable. the upper 70's and the lower 80's and bright sunshine. when
4:32 pm
wind, you will feel it. it's june but later this evening maybe a jacket. 18 reported in frederick. 17-mile-per-hour winds out of the west of baltimore. cool and chilly by morning with the wake-up temperatures in the 50's. celebrate fairfax starts tomorrow. the beaches look fine. storms on saturday but even the beaches will be fine as well. in the next seven days a quick look. sunshine tomorrow. high clouds. showers and thunderstorms are possible on saturday. monday, tuesday, wednesday back to summer. mid-to-upper 80's. the next chance of storms is on wednesday and thursdays. michelle: okay. we all reme
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show. crazy. thank you. alison: go downstairs now for "7 on your side" and the children national ask the pediatrician phone bank. we have doctors from children national health system in our help center right now, ready to answer your calls. any questions you have about children's health. give us a call. 703-236-9220. jonathan: today in baltimore, caesar goodson, the officer driving the van in which freddie gray served a deadly spinal injury went on trial. michelle: he faces the most serious charge in case, second-degree murder. alison: the trial didn't quite go forward until one last ditch effort to have the case thrown out. brad bell has more on what happened. brad? brad: lawyers do what lawyers do. in this case, it was a motion to dismiss based on a defense claim that the state had illegally withheld evidence. they gave the state, the
4:34 pm
the trial started. the third trial in this matter of the death of freddie gray. the third trial of a police officer. the same judge. a lot of the same evidence. but as you said, this time much more serious charge. there is no evidence that officer caesar goodson ever laid a hand on freddie gray. yet, because he was the drive of the police van where prosecutors claim gray suffered his fatal injuries and because he allegedly violated police rules by not seat belting his prison he faces the most serious charge of the six cops charged. depraved heart murder. the defense attorney charles brown says the challenge with the state is to prove that the cop with a clean record didn't care if freddie gray dieed or lived. prosecutors claim that was the case. using the term "rough
4:35 pm
claiming that goodson ran a corner at high rate of speed as handcuffed leg shackled gray tumbled helplessly in the police van box. some say rough rides are a baltimore tradition. >> i know a lot of people taken in the van for central booking. brad: the trial still going on. still hearing witnesses. presented by the state. we head to the courtroom. when wi are back at 5:00, we will tell you what has gone on in the trial today. in baltimore, baltimore, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: we will see you shortly. alison: covering metro now. we are almost through the first week of the safetrack maintenance program. soon phase two will begin to have a big impact on those commuting from prince george's county. today we learn how the county plans to help people get to work. sam sweeney has
4:36 pm
sam: right now prince george's county on deck to feel the pain of safetrack as the northern virginia drive deal with the he can thick commute. the local leader here in p.g. county want to minimize the headache of the looming shutdown. outside the new carrollton metro station they reminded the public this is not single tracking like in northern virginia but a complete shut down from eastern market to benning road. the blue, orange, silver line from june 18 to july 3. some of the alternatives that will be made available, additional marc trains, shufflal buses, additional weekday rush hour buses. the leaders stress that prince george's county has a high number of federal workers and if you had the ability to telework, they want you to do just that. the fewer the people, the fewer the problems. for >> for too long we have had to deal with issues dealing with the metro system. it's high time we fix it. that is
4:37 pm
in order for that to happen safely and for folks to get back it means we have to have a temporary sacrifice. sam: your safetrack alternative differ depending where you live. for a list of the closures and the alternatives, check out reporting in new carrollton, prince george's county, i'm sam sweeney. back to you inside. alison: many of you have done this but we don't want anyone caught by surprise in the metro safetrack repairs. sign up by texting metro to 43817 or log on to enter your phone number there. you can customize which updates you want sent straight from our newsroom to your phone. >> a trip to the beach turn deadly when the winds picked up. that umbrella at virginia beach ripped out of the sand. and sent flying, hitting this woman yesterday evening. she was rushed to a hospital where she later died. responders say the umbrella was anchored in the sand.
4:38 pm
and sailed it down the beach. jonathan: muhammad ali's family says it is deplorable that people are out there trying to profit off friday's memorial service to honor the boxing legend. yesterday, more than 14,000 tickets were given to the public for free. the tickets went in a matter of hours. really quick. well, now many of the tickets are turning up on craigslist being sold for hundreds of dollars. in fact, here was an exchange between scalper and undercover news crew. listen. >> i have 24 tickets. i only have ten. >> can we go down? >> for the record, ticket scalping in louisville, kentucky, where the service is held is illegal. michelle: what a shame. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the 12-year-old overcome with joy on "so you think you can dance" loses her lunch
4:39 pm
hugging paula abdul. jonathan: i hate when that happens. of the many twitter users who had the password hacked more than 100,000 with the same bone-headed log-in? we let you know what that was coming up for you. alison: new at 5:00 tonight, metro safetrack plan in the spotlight as commuters make adjustments to escape closures and delays. metro's board met to talk about the progress. what they are saying tonight at 5:00. i'm going to head out and get ready for the next hour. "abc7 news at 4:00" with jonathan and michelle continues after this.
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michelle: this girl
4:43 pm
surprisingly cool with it. she is seemingly unphased. she is just so excited about moving on to the next-round. she runs offstage. >> it's always a good cue to pay attention to body language. if you see a kid mouth like that, get out of the way of that. michelle: she is so cute, you can't be mad at her. head to dry cleaner. jonathan: paula needed to change quick. the next story is nothing short of a miracle. 4-year-old kilian gonzalez and his mother got in a horrible car crash and it internally decapitated him. michelle: it means that his skull and spine were separated, hanging on by a thread. but weeks later, the boy is walking again. his mom who broke every limb in her body in the same accident says killian mirrors her positivity and continues to stay motivated
4:44 pm
>> it's the attitude. mr. go-geter. he is excited about every new thing he can do he wasn't able to do yesterday. >> since the accident brandy says they have received donations from around the world. some near $1,000. jonathan: amazing when that kids are young, too, the bones are somewhat malleable. maybe it helped in his recovery. doctors think it will take three to six months to make a full recovery. the fact they are saying full recovery is a miracle. it will take her twice as long as her son but it is good to hear they are on the mend. michelle: less than 1% of victims survive that kind of injury. jonathan: wow! michelle: coming up for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- battling a rare condition and the opposition. >> one game in particular i fell over and i might have passed out. >> we'll introduce you to alexis and show you how she was a
4:45 pm
top honor. jonathan: the most common password among twitter users who were hacked. what was the password? 1234567. michelle: oh, no! jonathan: or religious figures. we have the answers coming up next. ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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lisa: welcome back. i'm lisa fletcher in the "7 on your side" help center where we are holding a phone bank today. we partnered with the children national health system. we have pediatricians here answering any question you call in with about your kid's health. dr. lisa rainy is one of them. what kind of questions are you getting? >> the color of mucus and the viral infections, questions about insect bites. lisa: what advice do you give parents when you really need to call the doctor and when you can probably hold off? >> sure. i would call the doctor if the child has prolonged fever, not waking up well, excessive crying, especially in newborn babies. if they're not feeding well or not urinating. general signs of illness. lisa: thank you for doing this. i'll let you get back to the phone. she and the rest of the gang are here until 6:30. if you have questions
4:49 pm
give us a call. 703-236-9220. michelle, back to you. michelle: thank you. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. it sounds like something from the movie "spaceballs" but this is happening in real life. during a massive twitter password heist, the most common one? 123456. out of the 33 million hacked accounts, more than 120,000 users had that password according to security company linked source. twitter is confident its systems weren't breached. jonathan: good thing i went to eight. all right. time now the honor the team player of the week. a rare condition is not stopping one loudoun county softball player. despite symptoms that include fainting, she mashed her way to all conference honors. erin hawksworth introduces us to alexis. >> i didn't know what was going on. i was like i'm going to crazy. oh, my gosh. er
4:50 pm
junior alexis recalled an incident that has become all too common. >> one game in particular i just fell over. i think i might have like passed out a little bit. it was not a good day. i was really hot. i was so frustrated. erin: on the outside. she looks like any other athlete. but on the inside, she suffers from a condition. >> postural tactychardia syndrome. >> the symptoms include light-headedness, painting and rapid heartbeat. but alexis doesn't allow them to keep her down. >> we were really nervous last year in the fall when we started the off-season workouts. we weren't going to have her anymore. she was struggling really bad. erin: while alexis still struggles, she has become a spark. >> my coach and i would coach that sothball is my -- softball is my cure. it's the exercise. keeps me in good shape, keeps me healthier.
4:51 pm
it's a moral and a mental thing. it's exciting to be on the field. erin: erin hawksworth, abc7 sports. michelle: a great outlook for her. as the temperatures rise you want to be careful out there. doug: stay hydrated. don't spend too long in the sun without shade and water, something to drink. it will get hot in a hurry. for a couple of days. saturday and sunday. we get you started on the weekend right now with a look it at things. for anyone interested in biking tomorrow, it's a pretty good day. especially in the morning. it will be warmer in the afternoon. driving, bike to work. the humidity levels will be in check. look for a high around 80. starting at 65 degrees. now over the weekend, it looks good. now it will be warm. i got to tell you, the upperville colt and horse show in middleburg. beautiful horse country area in loudoun county. 91 both days. on the muggy side. watch for afternoon/everything shower and thunderstorms across the area as well. saturday at 6:30 -- 4:30, rather, to 7:30 is the capital pride
4:52 pm
window of 3:00 to 6:00 where there could be scattered showers or thunderstorms. good news is 30%. anytime you can download the weather app and i will keep you one step ahead of the storm. as far as the next seven days here is what we have for you. sunshine, 8 to degrees. shower and thunderstorms are possible late saturday. 91. breezy. turning drier. 91 on sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday, summary temperatures in the 80's. the next chance of storms on thursday and friday. what are you looking at this afternoon, jamie? jamie: we have seen quite a few big problems on 66 especially. i want to start off with is the photo we got from beth ann. thank you for sending it. this is what was of the fire. you can see split there. it looks like a tractor trailer. the biggest issue now is well, trying to clear this away. the backup is a big one and a bad one. here is still some of the active they is left behind. you can see people walking out here. the left lane is blocked off with
4:53 pm
your three left lanes are getting by. that is not enough to make traffic move faster. it's bumper to bumper from before the beltway. this shows you right near the vienna metro. it looks like we are in slow motion. that is how it is on 66. when you mix in the backup because of the car fire, the sun glare. safetrack travelers. this is really the biggest day we have seen that heavy traffic on 66. only averaging 11 miles per hour. the activity is right before route 50. 44 minutes. on a typical afternoon that is about 26 to 28 minutes. it is definitely going to be a heavy one. if you are traveling on 395, we are seeing slowing as well. yesterday we talk about, of course, what i thought was the cavs would win. today we want to know. what do you think? look right here. who will win the nba finals? the cavs in yes. or the warriors? go to let us know what you think. back to you. jonathan: it's 50/50. michelle: all tied up. look at the numbers.
4:54 pm
evenly split. michelle: next for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- can you tell the difference between real and counterfeit coins? we will show you the difference between a good investment and a
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
john: the price of gold is heading up again as investors worry about the safety of the stock market. that means radio commerc
4:57 pm
coins. before you invest, wonder about the counterfeit coins that could be coming to d.c. area stores and flea markets. here at coins plus, owner brad spends a lot of time checking for counterfeits. >> the one in my left hand is a legitimate mint product. john: in one hand, a u.s. eagle gold coin worth $1,000. in the other chinese knockout worth maybe a buck. >> some of them are getting pretty good. they would fool the average person and even some professionals have been fooled. john: many collectors who order the coins online are unable to tell the difference. >> what did you think when you saw them? >> i was tricked. >> the problem is you will invest $1,200 in a worthless piece of metal. john: counterfeit silver coins and even fake one-ounce gold bars are flooding the u.s. market this year.
4:58 pm
some of the reproductions are so good they weigh almost as much as the real gold coin. even the packaging is identical. the only way to tell is do a scratch or acid test, in this case found lead underneath. >> they are getting better and better. john: or deal with a reputable seller. >> the key to is it is, you need to deal with somebody reliable, who has been in business and knows what the difference between the counterfeit and the real is and somebody that will stand behind what they sell you. john: make sure they have a money-bake guarantee if your coins are fake so you are protected and you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. leon: tonight, sentencing day for young drive who pleaded guilty in a crash that killed two of his passengers. we are in the courtroom for the judge's announcement. two big developments in the race for the white house. heart to heart at 1600. a major thumbs up for the presumptive nominee. the stanford rapist, former squeaky clean image takes a hit.
4:59 pm
first lady are about to become empty nesters. liberty's big moment. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. leon: that is right. we are following breaking news right now. a truck on fire causing traffic backups in fairfax county. you see this scene. this is along i-66 near marker 60. three lanes now shut down because of the fire. no word at this point on what caused it. we are on top of the story so stay with us here at abc7. we'll have news updates for you on the situation. alison: big headlines in the rails for the white house. a few hours ago president obama officially endorsed hillary clinton for president. it came just after bernie sanders sat down with the president at the white house. leon: that is right. tonight now the questions about what comes next for sanders as hillary clinton celebrates another historic milestone. jonathan elias joins us now and has the latest on all of that for us. jonathan: no surprise. the president is endorsing hillary cli
5:00 pm
talking with bernie sanders who technically is still in the race. he is not raising the white flag on this yet. following the meeting at the white house today, sanders told the media he thanked the president for the impartialality in the process and said he would help do whatever it takes to beat donald trump. about two hours after that, president obama released this video endorsement. president obama: i don't think there has ever been someone to qualified to hold this office. she has the courage, the compassion, and the heart to get the job done. i say that as somebody who had to debate her more than 20 times. jonathan: president obama plans to campaign with clinton next week in green bay. i did trigger a twitter war between the presumptive candidates. donald trump sweeted "obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does." to which clinton tweeted, "delete your account." this is going to be a very interesting five months. we


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