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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  June 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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talking with bernie sanders who technically is still in the race. he is not raising the white flag on this yet. following the meeting at the white house today, sanders told the media he thanked the president for the impartialality in the process and said he would help do whatever it takes to beat donald trump. about two hours after that, president obama released this video endorsement. president obama: i don't think there has ever been someone to qualified to hold this office. she has the courage, the compassion, and the heart to get the job done. i say that as somebody who had to debate her more than 20 times. jonathan: president obama plans to campaign with clinton next week in green bay. i did trigger a twitter war between the presumptive candidates. donald trump sweeted "obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does." to which clinton tweeted, "delete your account." this is going to be a very interesting five months. we
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it. alison: we will. thank you. next week, join us for a special town hall. this will be focused on the role women will play in the 2016 election. our round table will be hosted by michelle marsh that airs next thursday june 16 at 7:00 on our sister station newschannel8. leon: metro safetrack plan in the spotlight as the commuters made adjustments to escape the closures and the delays this week. metro board met to talk about the progress. stephen tschida joins us to explain how it is going so far. stephen: the safetrack started last weekend with the work affecting the orange and the silver lines. today those responsible for the safetrack wanted an update on how it is going. safetrack, the year-long massive and disruptive overhaul of metrorail. how is it going? >> it has been awful. >> in an apparent disconnect of what passengers are sayin
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assesses the situation. >> we saw a drop of 41%. but increase of 17%. >> metro's g.m. says passengers are doing what they should. choosing alternate mode of transportation or staggering the commutes. >> what metro acknowledges didn't go so well. crowd control. especially at ballston station on the first monday of safetrack. >> we need to help the riders there. >> metro is using slick graphics and snappy music to keep riders informed about which lines will see single track or shuttered stations. the next phase will hit maryland. >> the people of prince george's county are going to be cut off in this time frame. >> drivers complain of dramatically longer commutes but metro isn't ready yet to take the fall. >> they are still looking at it to see what it means. what is happening on congestion. whether it's us
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things are going on. >> questions today about why it took so long for metro to finally make repairs. no definitive answers. but assurances from metro new g.m. and the man in charge of safety that going forward things will be done properly. stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: we have everything you nod to know about safetrack on a special metro page we set up at so if you want metro updates texted to your phone, text "metro" to 43817. alison: okay. clear, sunny weather today. will the good streak continue? it's beautiful outside. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with what we can expect for the rest of the night. how long can it last? doug: if it's up to me, i would like weather like this every day of the year. i wouldn't grow tired of it. look outside at montgomery county. clear skies, bit of a breeze. temperatures in upper 70's to 80 through the early evening as you make plans outside. you will se
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breezy at times. later tonight it will get cool with the breeze. by morning the overnight lows in the overnight 50's in many areas west and northwest of metro washington. 53 in walkersville and frederick. 53 in hancock and cumberland. if you are traveling tomorrow in the day to get to the beach, gold day to play in that. low humidity and sunshine. 65 in the morning. 75 in the metro area. 74 at midday. 80 in the afternoon. once you get to the beaches look for temperatures to be pleasant. actually through saturday and sunday. in the 80's. a lot of sunshine. water temperatures. 65 to 70 degrees. just a chance of late day thunderstorms at the delmarva beaches. the only concern this weekend potentially, the storm prediction center says a slight chance for severe weather shaded in yellow. north of metro washington. that is the best chance for scattered severe storms. we will keep an eye on it and have more to say tomorrow. looking good stuff out there tonight. alison: sounds great. thank you. a a
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the george washington parkway. so the driver went unconscious while driving. arlington county fire officials tell one of the cab -- they tell us, rather, one of the cab passengers had to steer the car to safety. the drive taken to the hospital in unknown conditions. the passengers went ahead to the airport. leon: i can tell you the car is still there in the median. developing now this hour, a new trial in the death of freddie gray. baltimore rocked by the case last year after gray died from injuries he suffered in a police transport van. now the man behind the wheel of the van is on trial. the maryland bureau chief brad bell is live with a look at the case against caesar goodson and the road ahead as well. of the six police officers involved this could be the most important trial. brad: yeah. this is the one that certainly has the most serious charges. this is the one in the first two trials where we have heard many people testify that this was the guy responsible.
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adjourned about ten minutes ago. the witnesses today, mostly technical talking about training. the only fireworks coming in opening arguments. freddie gray was handcuffed, legs shackled and loaded in the back of a police van. prosecutors now allege what killed him back in april of 2015 was the rough ride he got in that prisoner wagon at the hands of drive, officer roger goodell. at one point caught on camera running a stop sign and speeding around a corner. goodson facing the most serious charges of the six indictment officers. depraverred heart murder -- depraved heart murder. the evidence has shown that goodson was under order to use seat belts for prisoners and did not. >> officer goodson is the officer who by all accounts is ultimately responsible to safeguard, safekeep and restrain freddie gray or any other
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brad: naacp president says rough ride is true as a decade old form of police street justice. >> the whole time i have been involved working in the community we have more complaints about the rough rides. brad: defense attorneys attacking the rough ride claim in opening officers portraying officer goodson as a kind and gentle officer, blaming gray for acting out in the van to cause his own injury. the truth to be decided by judge barry williams, not a jury. he has heard the evidence before. this is the third freddie gray police case he handled. first ending in a hung jury. the second with williams bench trial acquittal of officer edward nero. >> i think the judge is going to divorce himself from emotions. he will look at the evidence. he is going to decide whether to state has proven a case beyond reasonable doubt.
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across the street are the defense team. they are leaving the court today. something we did hear about the strategy for the defense they are going to call the other prisoner, the other passenger in that transport van on the other side of the partition from freddie gray. he has given a number of different versions of his story. one is he heard gray pounding and rocking the van at a time after the state says gray was injured. a lot of people waiting to see what he says put on the stand. in baltimore, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you so much for that. d.c. police still searching for the gunman behind yesterday's quadruple shooting in northeast. this morning they were handing out flyers. four people were shot there standing outside a liquor store in the middle of a crowded rush hour. they are all expected to survive.
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emergency meeting tonight at 7:00. stay with abc7 for continuing coverage. is that just in, police in fairfax county investigating indecent exposure case. the teen told officers she was walking when a man pulled up in a car and exposed himself to her. alison: former stanford university swimmer brock turner is behind bars for sexual assault. he is partially blaming stanford party culture tonight for his actions. character witnesses who wrote letters in support of turner are coming to regret that. stephanie ramos reports. reporter: of the dozens of people who wrote character support letters in support of brock turner, two regret di
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judge persky saying he was a man of character and undeserving of the outcome and is now apologizing. in the letter to the judge, turner wrote coming from a small town in ohio i never experienced celebrating or partying that involved alcohol. before the former economic hopeful was convicted of sexual assaulting an unconscious woman on campus last year, prosecutors wrote to the judge saying he was drinking excessively and using drugs before he enrolled in school. prosecutors saying they discovered text messages to prove it where turner brags about drinking and hard drugs. >> it is remarkable that brock turner would write a letter to the court and explain that this crime was a result of the alcohol culture stanford. >> the witness in the same courtroom read her emotional statement to turner at sentencing. the testimony reaching women everywhere. including lisa
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tribute to the survivor filming this video with the costars. >> one in four girls girls wille sexually abused before the age of 18. >> outrage over the six-month jail sentence led the judge to receive death plet and sparked a movement to redo sentencing. >> joe biden weighing in on the case writing open letter to the victim praising her for the statement she read in court. adding her words are sered on his soul. alison: coming up next, he is accused of going overseas to support isis. new information about the suspect from alexandria. >> across the nation, wildfire in eerie case. hundreds are evacuated coming up next. alison: here is what is happening right now in our newsroom. children's national asks the pediatrician. do
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about your khalid's health? you can call and get an answer right now. the number is there on the screen. the mediate rick experts will be taking calls until 6:30 tonight.
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leon: to new developments about an alexandria man leaving the country to join islamic state terror in syria. he was in an alexandria courtroom today and northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg joins us now with a look at the latest on the case. jeff: last night mohamad khweis was flown back to d.c. after being held in a prison in erbil, iraq. he had an interest in joining isis because the group was forming islamic caliphate. but a few months ago khweis went on television saying he wanted nothing to do with the terrorist organization. he smiledded and waved ace his son inside the courtroom but outside was mostly silence. >> what was it like to see your son today? >> good to see him today. that is it. jeff: 26-year-old mohamad khweis, native of alexandria left the country from
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airport and made his way to syria. he was detained by kurdish forces in march in northern iraq. still holding his virginia driver's license. jeff: he answered yes when asked by isil to be a suicide bomber. >> i didn't support their ideology. that is when i decided i needed to escape. jeff: khweis' defense attorney seemed dubious of the claims made on kurdish tv. >> therefore, it must be all true. >> you tell me. >> i'm not in a position yet to want to tell you or know what to tell you. >> khweis studied criminal justice at northern virginia community college and was also arrested for d.w.i. in fairfax county
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about the current charges. >> do you believe he is innocent, sir? jeff: mohamad khweis is officially charged with providing material support to isis. he did not offer a plea today. but he does rather have court hearings next week and the week after that. if convicted he could face up to 20 years in prison. live in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: thank you, jeff. new information in yesterday's deadly terror attack in tel aviv, israel now. four were killed there and a dozen injured when the terrorists opened fire at a busy market. two suspects now in custody. today israel's military moved into the suspect's hometown raiding their homes and stealing people. they have frozen permit for relative of the suspects and more than 80,000 travel permits for others have been frozen. top leaders now in israel are meeting to plan a further course of action. unlikely targ
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terror here, the arkansas library association. hacked by an isis group. names and e-mails were stolen but no financial information as far as we know. the f.b.i. informed the library of the hack last month and is now trying to find a more secure place on the web for the information. alison: right now in arizona hundreds of people can't go home because of a raging wildlife. this video you are seeing here is yarnell, the same town where a 2013 fire killed the 19 firefighters. remember that terrible story. tonight up to 300 people were forced to evacuate because of another fire. there were no report of injuries there. the cause is under investigation. leon: meantime here, nothing but the best. nothing but the best. doug: enjoy it. enjoy every moment of it. >> you said today and tomorrow we can hang on to this. then it will change. doug: over the weekend the humidity comes back. we may deal with thunderstorms late, 3:00
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saturday. 30% chance. start with the good news. if you are thinking of going to the beach. give you a preview of what you are missing while you have been at work all week long. time lapse from delaware. the boardwalk is 76 degrees. through the day has been nothing but sunshine. that breeze combined with temperatures in the 70's. comfortable day on the beach. you notice shadows late afternoon when they come out, you will feel a chill in the air. we will get in gear here. if you like hot summary stuff. we mention the allergy levels tonight. they are high for the mold spores. high winds around the area. calm winds, the pollen sticks to trees and the grass. but on days like this, these are the days in the summer when the pollen tends to get the worst because of the mixing, especially when it is dry out with the sunshine and the strong northwesterly winds. in the wind speed, sustained winds are 12 to 14 miles per hour. if you are grilling out tonight, a perfect night for that. going out for dinner. temperatures will be steadily dropping from the 80-degree
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by 8:00, 9:00, we will be in the low 70's. the winds will diminish so it will be comfortable. later tonight, the temperatures will be cooler. jacket is something to think about even though it is june. we will see the numbers tonight. probably 52 to 60 degrees by morning. northwester whether i understand not much of a factor. five to ten miles per hour. like to call this condition in june comfortably cool. we look forward here. we will see a few clouds tomorrow. but not enough to block the sun out for long. temperatures are 80 degrees. nice weather. signs of change here in the future coming our way. by tomorrow afternoon we have a west/northwesterly winds. clouds over the mountains. we go through friday and saturday we look for a wind to make turn on it and come in from the south. that will bring moisture in the air. it will be humid in the day. at the same time the warm front is approaching from the west to bring warmer temperatures. we are looking for the temperatures around 790 degrees on saturday and sunday. as the disturbance comes by from the northwest there are
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this is the middle outlook for 4:00. this one shows the storm activity north and northeast moving offshore. we keep an eye on that because we have a threat, at least a partial threat. low end threat of severe weather. shaded in the yellow area for saturday afternoon for slight risk of severe thunderstorms. nowhere in the area they could start west and move east. we have more on this tomorrow. refine that for you. the d.c. jazz-fest through the weekend is fun. the weekend weather will cooperate. 80 tomorrow. low 790's with the high humidity on saturday. once again outdoor in d.c. or anywhere else late in the afternoon and the everything. keep in mind the showers and the thunderstorms and possibly a heavy downpour could be possible. other than that, it's looking fine. we head through the weekend into early next week. a cold front coming through sunday afternoon will bring drier gusty winds. then cooler air comes in at night. look at the low, 72 saturday night. 62 by sunday night. monday, tuesday, warm, seasonal, beautiful. the next chance of showers and
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alison: okay. looks pretty good. thank you. leon: okay, folks. stay with us. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- former nfl player aaron hernandez gearing up for his murder trial. the high-profile lawyer he selected to represent him is known for infamous acquittal.
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alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy?
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where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months. plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer alison: "7 on your side" now with a consumer alert. so it might be time for you to
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that is because hackers found the most common password. it's easy to guess. more than 120,000 people are still using it. you know what it is? 123456. leon: there you go. alison: that is according to security company leaked source. twitter says the systems were not breached but it is monitoring the list to try to secure accounts. leon: we have been telling people about not doing that for how many years? alison: i know. everybody thinks it won't happen to em. leon: but it does. all right. "7 on your side" now with health matters. the most important thing for parents, your children's health. tonight we are going to help you get answers. alison: we have a group of pediatricians and a nurse practitioner all from children's national health system. they are in the newsroom now to take your calls. michelle marsh is there live with more. michelle? michelle: hey, this is really a great service. we are hosting the ask the pediatrician with pediatric experts from children's national health system here to
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questions that you may have. this time of year a lot of families getting ready for summer vacation. sending kids off to summer camp. we know you have questions. so this is a great resource for you to run something by a doctor before you make that decision, where you make the trip. joining me right now is dr. cato, one of the volunteers here answering phone calls. tell me about some of the questions you are getting. >> of course we have questions about the zika virus, which is on everybody's mind. about summer vacation plans and how zika factors into that. we have the usual questions about young children, about development, speeding, -- speaking. when should my child speak? when we questions about the insect bites, rashes, things that come up in summertime. michelle: great questions. there are professionals here standing by to answer your calls. 703-236-9220. they will be here until 6:30. leon and alison? leon: see you in a bit. in the meantime, still ahead.
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campaign trail. the high-level meeting to reshape the race going forward. plus -- >> following a triple fatal crash in clarksburg. look at what society can do to
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"abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: a community shocked, devastated. three montgomery county teenagers killed when the pickup truck left the road and hit a tree. alison: friends and family are bearing a heavy burden of grief today. as new questions arise about inexperience drivers. speed is believed to have been a factor. leon: as it often is with teen drivers. kevin lewis has a look at the investigation happening now. kevin? kevin: well, leon and alison, police released preliminary crash report this afternoon. the four-page document shows basic diagram showing how the ford f-250 pickup truck crossed the center line and hit that tree. more thorough analysis, however, that may take months to complete. >> these were good kids, presumably coming from a social event, trying to go home. kevin: montgomery county police captain heart-breaken about tuesday's triple fatal crash that killed clarksburg high school juniors jacob dennis, pa
5:31 pm
cary greene. >> police say an officer ticketed jacob dennis for speeding near blackhill regional park. police say in october cary greene crashed his ford pickup truck while driving along this hilly stretch of needsville church road in germantown. the pickup hit the tree head on. greene and three of the four passengers took hospital. seven months later they were leading the societal. >> go out and the collision but this really inspires me to recognize that we have to do more. >> now police say jacob dennis was driving on a provisional
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on maryland to better enforce or even strengthen the rules during that temporary teenage driving phase. we are live in clarksburg, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: thank you. also tonight, the police are out with a composite sketch of a sex assault suspect. it happened friday in the lorton area. that suspect is believed to be about 5'6". leon: at this hour, a virginia man accused of heading overseas and joining isis appeared in federal court in alexandria today. mohamad khweis surrendered to kurdish forces in iraq and flown back to the d.c. area. he is charged with providing material support for isis. today in baltimore, caesar goodson, the officer driving the van in which freddie gray suffered a fatal spinal injury went on trial and he is facing the most serious of the charges. second-degrem
5:33 pm
that goodson took gray on a rough ride as it is called. the defense claims the officer did nothing wrong. alison: today, thousands began to say their final goodbyes to the late, great muhammad ali. friends and fans gathered in louisville for a traditional muslim prayer service. it was the first part of a memorial service ali planned himself with an interfaith memorial service being held tomorrow. that will be exactly one week after he passed away. >> i am honored and grateful that i had the opportunity to be in line and will be able to celebrate the great muhammad ali. alison: there is controversy tonight surrounding the service tomorrow. in fact, some of the free tickets that bar handed out for the event are now sold online. they are sold for hundreds of dollars. the ali family spokesperson say they are working to have
5:34 pm
offline as quickly as possible. we will have complete coverage of muhammad ali's memorial service friday. that is starts at 2:00 p.m. you can watch the service live on the sister station newschannel8 or see it streaming on our website. >> jose baez, the lawyer who represented casey anthony will be defending former nfl star aaron hernandez in his upcoming double murder trial. hernandez is charged with shooting two men to death outside of a boston nightclub in 2012. he is also charged with shooting and injuring a witness to the killing. hernandez currently serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of semi-pro football player odin lloyd. casey anthony was found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter you may recall. still ahead here this everything, trying to soften donald trump's image. will it signal a change in the campaign? we take a look into that. alison: plus charging you more for sugary
5:35 pm
the major city moving toward a soda tax up next. leon: coming up in the 6:00 hour, a bike ride that changed one man's life forever. why the man who stepped in during the sexual assault on the stanford campus
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doug: looking ahead to the weekend, great activities including celebrate fairfax friday through sunday. beautiful weather all around the metro area near 80 degrees tomorrow. hot and humid over the weekend. 91 on saturday. scattered possibly heavy afternoon and everything storms. cold fro will make it breezy. still 91 on sunday but it will turn cooler in the afternoon. late afternoon and the everything. gusty winds come in. now look at the next seven days and compare it side-by-side. the low humidity, sunshine, 80 tomorrow. 30% chance of those late afternoon and the everything showers and the storms. muggy 91. 91, then the breeze will bring in drier air and cooler air arrives sunday night and monday, tuesday, looking
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leon: as bernie sanders promises to fight on to defeat donald trump, republican party leaders are working quickly to
5:39 pm
sentiment out there about him, about trump that is. several party leaders met with trump in the last 48 hours including a former presidential candidate. lisa fletcher sat down with him to talk about the future. lisa: when the republican establishment lashes out against the presumptive nominee it might be time for the candidate to rein it in. >> claiming the person can't do their job because of their race is the textbook definition of racist comment. >> he needs to quit the gra tus you attacks on various american -- gratuitous attacks on various americans. >> he won't be in the white house if he continues to make the statements. lisa: that might be sinking in. in the last 48 hours donald trump met with members of his party. including one-time rival dr. ben carson, who sat down with trump on wednesday. >> is he listening when you speak to him? >> i think he is. >> what gives you that indication? >> you saw in the speech on tuesday night. that he is moving in a more measured wa.
5:40 pm
this because the g.o.p. is pushing him? >> it's a combination. >> how much influence key g.o.p. leaders are having at this stage is unclear. but while many are calling for a drastic change of tone, carson says we will see more refocusing on the issues rather than remodeling of the candidate. >> what does donald trump 2.0 look like? >> donald trump speaks to the people where they are. and where are they? i call it the w.w.e. raw stage. that is where the people are. anybody who doesn't understand that and doesn't speak to them at that level is not going to get through it. >> do you see the g.o.p. coming together behind donald trump? >> yes, absolutely. >> there are still fresh wounds. as time goes on they tend to heal. they begin to recognize that there is a pretty stark choice to be made
5:41 pm
>> in washington, d.c., i'm lisa fletcher. leon: carson told lisa he advised trump to think about saying things to black and hispanic communities that strengthen them, particularly in terms of the economy. alison: let's go down to the newsroom and a children national ask the pediatrician phone bank is going on right now. so do you have a question about your child's health? you can call to get an answer. right now. the number on the screen. our pediatricians will be there taking calls until 6:30 tonight.
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michelle: welcome back. we have the phone lines wide open for you. 703-236-9220. this is your opportunity to ask questions of pediatricians, nurse practitioners here. we have ask the pediatrician phone bank going on with pediatric experts from children national health center system here. this is a valuable resource. call in. we are just here for another 45 minutes. so the phone lines are open. make the phone call now. back to you. leon: all right. thank you, michelle. time now for check of the
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traffic. of course, everybody in town cares about it this week because of safetrack. jamie sullivan is watching to see how the impact hit the roads. jamie: 66 has been a rough spot for us. especially this week with safetrack. then when you add in an earlier car fire that is still taking out one of our lanes on 66 heading outbound near route 50. they extinguish the car fire. but you can see the one lane blocked to the right-hand side. only the three left lanes get by. we have one lane the whole afternoon that has been taken out on 66. a little sun glare, too. normal congestion. take a look here. this is near metro that gives you an idea of the backup and a sluggish ride we have today. 10 miles per hour. about 35 minutes. just getting from this point closer toward the fairfax county parkway. you see a lot of red bow hind me. that is not the only slow spot. 395, six-mile backup past the pentagon to continue toward edano --
5:46 pm
wilson bridge is bumper-to-bumper. look at the solid red line. the inner loop now, we are talking 32 minutes just to get from tysons closer north to the american legion bridge. we will take a live look past this point to bethesda and maryland at bradley boulevard. this is our inner loop traffic. comparatively speaking, outer loop looks better. we still have the volume. seeing slowdowns. right now, no major accidents, just the recovery from the earlier issue. alison: thank you. another group it turns out is offering a special program in the metro safetrack effort. bike enroll d.c. offering work week bike rentals for $49. pick up a bicycle from union station location monday. return it friday evening. locks are included. the d.c. region seen a surge in bike riding since metro's safetrack started. leon: in surges a campaign got one today. major developments from the
5:47 pm
r.f.k. in an hour after a tumultuous day on the trail. we have a live report on that. stinky mail. a story you will see only on 7. unopened mail dumped in a sewer from a mailman. does that postal worker industrial a job? and will the people ever get their mail? we look at that at 6:00. >> we don't have stinky weather. we have good weather. leon: anything but. dais at least through tomorrow you will be happy with the weather but over the weekend the humidity will start to build. this is a view from the hyatt region tysons corner. there is a little haze but it's still pretty darn good visibility. from tysons. warm temperatures and a pleasant evening ahead for you. even at the pools tonight, it won't be too bad. have a towel or something when you get finished. temperatures drop to 70's. we head through the early morning hours it will be fine. temperatures, in the
5:48 pm
cool and comfortable with the light winds and sunshine. at the bus stop look for the numbers in the 50's. climbing to near 80 in the afternoon when the kids are dropped off. again the winds, probably 10 or 12 miles per hour. out of the west. we will finish up with the weekend forecast. which calls for the heat and the humidity to return. 91 the highs over the weekend. humidity with the afternoon storms saturday. gusty breeze with a cold front. still warm on sunday. but drier air will follow. that is the latest. back to you. leon: all right. thanks, doug. let's get to breaking news that has come in the newsroom now. a teen sentence for a car crash that killed two wootton high school graduates last summer. samuel ellis just sentenced to 20 years. 16 of them suspended. he pleaded guilty to two counts of vehicular manslaughter. alison: roz plater is live with what happened moments ago. fill us in. roz this could have been 20 years as you laid out. 16 of those suspended so he does have to serve
5:49 pm
you know, there was a plea in this case so there was not a trial. but what happened was a minify trial. witness and evidence combined. take you through what happened. samuel ellis, 19 years old turned himself in last month after he pleaded guilty in april to two counts of vehicular manslaughter. he was the drive last june, june 25 in north potomac that ran off the road and struck two trees. police say that alcohol and speed were both factors in all of that. the crash killed two of his -- [loss of audio] leon: all right. get back to her report on that verdict being reached in that case. stay with us on that. alison: in the meantime, go ahead and check on how things are going in sports. a lot to talk about, robert. leon: game last night. robert: we need to check in on steph curry. where has he been? after game three you might have different th
5:50 pm
the series. cavs winning by 30. the new instapoll question after watching last night. now who do you think will win? we know who lebron james would vote for? he had 32 points and 11 boards. but he wasn't alone. kyrie irving, his robin dropped 30 last night at home. game four right here on abc7. friday, 9:00 p.m. join us on facebook live as we have a game four preview to start at 8:00. fun stuff there. all right. in football, a lot of newcomers for the redskins. of course, you have your draft picks. then you take veteran tight end vernon davis who is back in the d.m.v. another splash, new defensive back josh norman. erin hawksworth caught up with him.
5:51 pm
out for a few weeks. what are your impressions? >> we are good. getting better. we are here working hard. that is the key we take from everything. we do every day. erin: desean jackson was finally here this week. >> he was. especially did you get to work with him? >> he came in to work yesterday. i was great. want to see it again. that is how it is. i'm looking forward to seeing more of him. and seeing what he brings to the table. erin: last week joe barry had high praise for you talking about your character and the work ethic and how fast you came out here after you signed a contract. what does it mean to hear those things and feel welcomed here? >> there is no substitution for hard work and physicality. that's what we bring here. you see like some of that trickle in the team. if i can bring that to the squad, shoot. we can do amazing things. accomplish amazing feats. robert: norman should do big things here so. that we need --
5:52 pm
alison: this is a good one. stick around and see this. the warriors may have lost game three but their biggest perhaps oldest fan still believes they can win it all. she is 106 years old. she goes by the name "sweetie." he has been following them for years and expects them to repeat. she got a shout out from the head coach steve kerr but he is not the only one doing shouting. she does a little bit herself when the game is on. >> i watch them and fuss at them, too. >> what do you fuss at them about? >> if they don't do what i want them to do. i know they can't hear me and it's kind of stupid but i do it anyway. alison: she is decked out in the shirt and hat. she will turn 107 sunday. if the waros win tomorrow they
5:53 pm
the championship on monday. and wouldn't it be the perfect birthday gift for her? leon: she is one of the last people who remembers when warriors were good. alison: cutie and sweetie. leon: still ahead here on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- we have been watching him grow and now he is taking off. look at liberty's first flight coming up next.
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leon: new allegation in the volkswagen emissions scandal. prosecutors are looking into a worker who was asked to ask coworkers to delete data in relation to the scandal. volkswagen admitted to using special software to rig the emissions testing. the auto maiker is not commenting on the newly unfolding detail. alison: soda tax close to being a reality in major city. philadelphia is looking into setting tax on the sugary drinks that includes diet soda, too. a full council shrote is scheduled for tonight. new york city and san francisco tried to pass similar
5:57 pm
failed. well, taking flight. liberty, the eagle, flew from his nest at the arboretum this morning. his parent, mr. president wasn't far behind. as cheryl conner reports the whole thing caught on tape. cheryl: these babies were born to fly. it took four months. first freedom flew on sunday. and liberty joined the sibling this morning. >> i'm confident that the eagles can hold their own after, you know, when it's time for them to leave the nest. cheryl: nichol loves to tell the story of the day she saw an eagle. >> standing in the median on suitland parkway. i was blown away. stood proudly like it's a little man. cheryl: we have enjoyed the journey seen on the eagle cam with so many eyes on the delivery room, the eaglets hatched in february. four days apart. then they were given patriotic names and now we watch them
5:58 pm
prepare to leave the nest. >> visitors can walk up to a certain point and then a fence holds them back several hundred feet from the tree holding the eagle's nest. cheryl: the nest is 100 feet in the air. freedom and liberty parents have been delivering food like fish from the anacostia river. freedom returned after a few days but liberty is still, well, enjoying the freedom. >> i remember when they were endangered and just to see them come back is, you know, exciting. and heartening. cheryl: the females are bigger which harvey finds empowering from the close encounter two years ago. >> i really felt like that eagle gave me the power to handle situations in my life. cheryl: at the national arboretum, cheryl conner, abc7 news. >> senator sanders: i will work as hard as i can to make sure donald trump does not
5:59 pm
states. alison: that is senator sanders spending the day in the district but the trip is overshadowed by a big endorsement for presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton. we have team coverage tracking the latest in the race for the white house. and their mail was found in the sewer. have they seen it since? we will check back in with the people dealing with the infamous stinky mail. we are almost through the first work week with the metro safetrack plan. how bad has it been for riders? the hours that have seen the biggest decline in ridership. that's next at "abc7 news at 6:00". announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: all right. senator bernie sanders is the man about town today making his way through the district after spending time at the white house today with president obama. today he says he will take part in d.c.'s primary next week. sanders is set to speak in less than an hour at r.f.k. stadium. maureen: we have team coverage
6:00 pm
the white house and otherwise. richard reeve is at r.f.k. live. richard? richard: a busy day for bernie sanders. we have a lot of security here as at many of the events. this is his first public appearance since the meeting with president obama at the white house. we have seen already quite a sizable crowd here. mr. obama, sanders met for one hour. the president congratulated the senator on them cap pain. there is a lot of pressure on sanders right now to step aside and support hillary clinton in the fight against donald trump. after the meeting sanders stopped short to endorse clinton and said he plans to press his agenda at the democratic convention and said he would work with clinton to defeat trump. sanders said he is participating in the d.c. primary on tuesday. he is a big supporter of d.c. statehood. senato


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