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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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are multiple injuries. agencies are urging the drivers to avoid the area at all costs. we are learning that the parkway will be shut down indefinitely. no word when it may reopen. you want to avoid the area. this is the first picture we are getting of the scene. as soon as the crews get in position and powered up we will bring you a live report. that is the latest from the "live desk." back to you. leon: thank you, michelle. now to new video coming out to give us further insight in the man behind the nightclub terror attack that claimed 49 lives in orlando. this video just coming in to the newsroom now. you see it here. this shows the home of the suspect omar mateen. police seized items there in the home including computers and other assorted electronics. this information coming out as we learn more about the 27 people who were still hospitalized at this hour. six of whom are critically hurt. kevin lewis tracking the developing story this evening. kevin: based on the confiscated devices
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consumed large quantities of jihadi propaganda online. including isis beheading videos. investigators are also questioning mateen's wife wanting to know if she was aware of the planned attack. >> he is shooting everybody already dead on the floor to make they are dead. >> angel colon survived the worst mass shooting. >> i'm thinking i'm already dead. i don't know how by the glory of god he shoots toward my head but hits my hand. >> today in washington, president obama had scathing remarks for donald trump. president obama: we now have proposals from the presumptive republican nominee of the united states to bar all muslims from immigrating to america. >> victims said omar mateen pledged allegiance to isis. but so far there has been no conclusive link. there are allegations he may have been confused with his own sexuality.
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club. this man claims mateen had messaged him on a gay dating app. >> i clearly remembered his picture. i showed them how i was in contact with him. reporter: meanwhile, stories of survival. this victim reading part of a poem she wrote. >> looking at the souls leaving the bodies of individuals, looking at the killer's machine gun throughout my right peripheral. looking at the blood and the debris covered on everyone's faces. looking at the gunman's feet under the stall as he paces. reporter: that woman patience carter was standing next to a friend who did not survive. an orlando trauma center doctor saying he would be surprised if the death count does not rise. alison: okay. thank you. so difficult to hear that. protesters lined the sidewalk outside the e
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the national rifle association today. demonstrators demanding tougher gun laws laws in the wae of the shooting. the demands ranged from background checks with anyone who is under investigation of terrorism from buying a gun. n.r.a. opposes both. n.r.a. executive blamed political correctness for the massacre. the coverage of the terror in orlando continues on you will find a photo gallery memorializing the 49 lives lost. you find all the new developments in the case as soon as we learn them. leon: all right. across the country now, indiana man who was arrested for traveling to california with a small arsenal of weapons is now facing a number of charges. james wesley howell is charged with three felonies and misdemeanor including possession of an assault weapon on public highway. authorities found three assault rifles and explosive chemicals in the car. police reports suggested that howell intended to go to califo
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they later backed off of the comments. alison: the crew of a navy helicopter is safe after the helicopter crashed in the james river. the m.h.-60 seahawk went down near the james river bridge near newport news. the three crew members were rescued by a good samaritan in a nearby boat. all unharmed. the witness said he saw the chopper's tail hit a buoy. it sent it out of control. the cause of the crash is officially under investigation. leon: the democratic national committee says the russian government hacked into the computer system. party leaders say no employee or the donor information was compromised the hackers did gain access to opposition research that the d.n.c. has been conducting on donald trump. a cyber security firm determined the russian intelligence breached the network on two occasions. the f.b.i. is investigating the breach. alison: another big day in the race for the white house. in two hours the polls will close for the nation's final primary race. it happens to b
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washington. while the presidential nomination appear decided already, two local races on the ballots could produce some fireworks. d.c. bureau chief sam ford in northeast washington will tell us what to watch tonight. sam? sam: we are outside the thomas elementary school in northeast washington. there is the contest nationally between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. but here east of the anacostia river are where the hottest local races are. two incumbents facing chancessers. tough challenges in this race. particularly in ward seven. in d.c. ward seven all eyes on former mayor vincent gray who lost his job of mayor because of questions revolving around a campaign scandal now. cleared of that case he is trying to make a comeback as ward seven councilmember. >> i have been a public servant all my life. i look forward to continue to do that. you saw a voter come up and said, "welcome back." i had the phrase used so
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times. sam: he is challenging a woman he put in the office, yvette alexander. they fell out in the scandal. she may be the underdog in the race. >> we touched thousands of people in the nine years that i have represented ward seven. i am confident about it. sam: next door in ward eight, hiploper curtis blow is blanding out the sound for white. white is a protege of barry and trying to capture the seat he lost last time by less than a hundred votes. >> people have new hope in the community. serving the residents of d.c. we are excited about winning the election. >> fighting to keep the seat she won in the special election following barry's death, ruby may. mayor bowser the ig big supporter came out today. >> this is not just a vote for president but a vote for the local counsel, too. >> you think you got it? >> we never go to the game to see who will win.
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win. sam: there is also contest going on for the council at large seat. that is held by orange. there are two challengers there. robert quiet and david gasher. jack evans in ward two is unopposed as is eleanor holmes norton for the d.c. delegate spot. the polls are open until 8:00 p.m. reporting live from washington, sam ford. alison: presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton will meet with senator bernie sanders tonight. the meeting is expected to take place at clinton's d.c. home. after the primary polls close. the two expecting to talk about sanders' role at next month's convention and the role in the party going forward. sanders has yet to officially drop out of the race. leon: coming up just ahead -- sentencing for a man behind a brutal attack. >> i think he was a coward. leon: you will hear from the victim of the terrible
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that prompted him to throw the book at the man responsible. alison: plus what allowed the fire to quickly spread reducing more than a dozen homes to ash in less than an hour. >> all right. you need sunglasses for the next couple of hours. and an umbrella for the next couple of days. more on that coming up.
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michelle: now update on breaking news we have been tracking for you over the last hour. we are talking about the tour bus crash. we have since learned since we last spoke this is now a deadly tour bus crash. according to u.s. park police, we are also learning of 189 -- 19 injuries. of those, three people are considered in critical condition. to recount, one fatality. 19 injuries. of those 19 injuries thee considered critical at this point. the victims have been taken to multiple area hospitals. we are working to get details on their condition as well. g.w. parkway at stratford is where this is happening. we are learning that the surrounding area is very congested as a result of this traffic. shut down in both directions. no word on when it
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agency, multiple agencies are all responding to this. our reporters are getting in position as soon as we get an update from them. they are set up and ready to go. we will check in from them from the latest from the scene. that is the latest from the once-in-a-lifetime -- "live desk." back to you. alison: we'll follow it through the evening. look at this incredible video of an awful scene. 14 row homes going up in flames just before sunrise this morning in baltimore. three of those homes later collapsed. amazingly, everyone inside made it out safely. 31 people lost their homes. fire officials say the old row homes had no firewalls allowing the fire to spread across the entire block. still ahead at 6:00, what a judge saw in the midst of the brutal attack that made him throw the book at the man responsible for the beating. leon: rain is on the way. when it will get herement when d get here and when it will lea
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up and ship this banner to the center in orlando. we have given you a chance to come sign it and send a message of love and encourage in the the aftermath of the nightclub terror attack in orlando. the center by the way is an organization that works to promote and empower the lgbt community. alison: 15-year sentence for the man behind a brutal attack caught on video. we have to warn you the video is difficult to watch. prosecutors say it's a miracle the victim survived. maryland bureau chief brad bell spoke with the man about the attack that changed his life and whether he thinks justice is served. brad: the video shows unleashed rage, out of control brutality. it is difficult to watch. every bone in the victim's face is broken. hi eye nearly knocked out. somehow he survives but it takes months to recover. and velazquez says he will never be the same. >> i can't work or do things normally. brad: the attack in front of
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happened january 2014. today, finally, velazquez sees hi attacker miller sentenced to 15 years in prison. velazquez says it helps a little. this begins as velazquez and his friend guzman pull up. guzman says something and claims that he means no hard. >> i start walk through the 7-eleven. >> he breaks through but the attack on velazquez is unrelenting. he is knocked out. miller keeps pounding again and again. it's what happens next that prompts the judge in the case to give miller unusually harsh sentence. he stop the video here. he stompe
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time. >> in court today miller apologized to the victim saying he regretted what he did. leon: something that he -- here is hoping he finds some comfort with the development. another family news. pitter patter of little feet will be heard in part of the national zoo that hasn't seen a newborn in 25 years. yesterday the zoo sent out a teaser here. look at that. recognize that i'm sure, alison. alison: yeah. leon: pregnancy test is positive. >> there are only a few animals at the zoo where that pregnancy test would be accurate. leon: the animal is the orangutan. 19-year-old batang got an ultrasound today to show she is due
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the first birth for the species in 25 years there at the zoo. alison: how funny is it they use a human pregnancy test? steve: so cool with the ultrasound. leon: they train the orangutan to tight the bathroom? alison: we don't know the details. how cute is that baby going to be? steve: the winds are out of the southwest at 7 miles per hour. beautiful evening out there. i hope you can enjoy it. barbecues or going for a run. the temperatures are in the upper 70's to the lower 80's. there is nothing going on now but widen the view out. this is on the way as we move in the day tonight, tomorrow, thursday. also sticking around on friday. unsettled weather across t
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the skies turn mostly cloudy by tomorrow morning. waking up tomorrow morning. the temperatures in the 60's. we will see upper 50's northern and western suburbs. light jacket early on. you won't need it long. a temperatures warm up through the 60's and the 70's and lower 80's. 9:00 tomorrow, dry along the capital beltway. no problems driving to work or the kids off to camp. we move through the midday hours we will look for a few glimmers of sunshine. showers begin to develop to the west of us. showers are likely overspread the area moving through the evening hours tomorrow night. so dinner time tomorrow should be dry around the d.c. metro. all of southern maryland. however, western maryland, garrett, allegany, washington counties. the panhandle of west virginia will likely be wet. you will need an umbrella for the day on thursday and friday. we are not talking about a wash-out. however, showers, period of heavier rain and don't rule out a chance for thunderstorms. g
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lower 80's. added clouds later in the day. showers late, late time. as we move in the day on thursday. wetter weather arrives. around 79 degrees. cooler around 75 on friday. then as we move in to father's day weekend, looks great. lower 80's on saturday and sunday. heat, humidity, crank it up. monday and tuesday of next week. erin: that sounds good, steve. i went wanions one with the redskins -- i went one-on-one with the redskins head coach jay gruden and found out what he thinks about desean
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erin: today was the first day of redskins mini camp and the first opportunity for the media to see desean jackson work out with the team. he looked good. caught deep passes from kirk cousins but he wasn't in the mood to speak with the media. head coach jay gruden was and i sat down with him after practice. desean jackson was here. he has been in and out. how good was it to have him here? what is your assessment of him now? coach gruden: great to have him here. fun guy to be around contrary to what people think. i enjoy his company. i also enjoy him watch him run the 4.2 40 on the deep post. eri
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makes too much of a deal that he is not here? does it matter to you? >> it matters. we would like everybody to be here but there is a guy or two on every team that does this. he is not the only guy in the nfl missing practice in o.t.a. he just gets a lot of pub hisfity for whatever reason -- a lot of publicity for whatever reason. erin: what about the running backs makes you think they will get the job done? >> matt jones, we this hi up side is through the roof. we are to make sure he protects the ball. he is big, strong, physical, can pass protect. thompson we have to get healthy. erin: when has matt jones shown you he can protect the ball? coach gruden: young guy with unfortunate passes. he is a young football player. he is working at it. he understands if you are a running back and you put it on the ground you are not one
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erin: what do you after mini camp before training camp? do you get time off or do you grind it out? coach gruden: i don't know yet. play golf, relax. i may work out. drop a few pounds. who knows? erin: edoesn't look like he needs to drop weight. to watch the full interview with coach gruden he talks about kirk cousins and much more. head to he can work out with you and me. we go to the same gym. steve: yeah. i'll take that. alison: he wants the beach body. leon: you look good. you look good. all right. alison: final look at the weather. steve: we start with tomorrow. authorities in the 70's early in the morning. lower 80's by the afternoon. grab an umbrella west of d.c. look at the seven-day outlook. rainy weather thursday and friday. the weekend looks fantastic. alison: all right. stay with us for more on the tour bus crash on the g.w. parkway. we will bring
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as we come on the air tonight, breaking developments from orlando. new information about the gunman's wife. was she with her husband as he bought ammo, and did she go to the nightclub before? allegedly suggesting she tried to stop her husband from doing any harm. this comes just as we learn more about the gunman himself. did he lead a secret life? new reports tonight, he was a patron at that club. his former classmates this evening, and witnesses, who say he was on gay dating apps. at the hospital, many of the patients, the survivors brought outside. how they played dead. how he trapped them. in the wake of the terror, the president tonight taking on donald trump. his most aggressive words yet. and just in, trump's response. in other news, the deadly shootout inside a walmart today.


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