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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  June 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> now abc seven news at noon, on your side. jummy: cleanup still underway after yesterday strong , the national weather service confirmed and yes zero tornado touchdown in howard county leaving a path of destruction. eileen whelan is live where one family escaped from their home before a tree split it in half.
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: it is miraculous that no one was injured as this tree toppled right onto the home. incredible damage but everyone tornado rolled through this area of howard county. i am joined by the homeowner's daughter. .ou were in the home what was it like? >> something that i have never experienced. it is hard to put words to it. you knew what was going on from the beginning of the storm. we went in the basement for a reason. i am not sure why human in the laundry room. that is where it fell but not all the way down and he ran into my room in the last second.
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close the window in his car. the tree not only went through the home but also smacked right onto the car. about whatittle bit your plan is. how is the recovery going? >> they put us up in a hotel and taking care of all they can. we will be ok. everyone was physically ok. we were shaken up. day by day. so happy you are ok and we wish you the best as you continue to clean up. you can see the tree limbs, the leaves, on the ground, the siding from the front completely on the ground. -- theere estimated
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1:29 and was on the ground for about 20-25 minutes and left it at about 1:49. maximum sustained winds of 80 miles per hour. this is the scene across a lot of the area as we were driving around. a lot of crews continuing to .lean up and restore power some residents have heard it may be a week before power is restored. we are on storm watch tomorrow. brian van de graaff with more on a local forecast later. jummy: the cleveland park metro station after rain flooded it last night. take a look at this incredible video as a waterfall poured and down the escalator steps. had to wade through water to get out, eventually metro close the station for two hours to clean the water. there was no permanent damage. the good news we are getting a break, but we could
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tomorrow. brian van de graaff is getting us ready for that. of potential for severe weather tomorrow, late night into early tomorrow morning, possibly a secondary round tomorrow evening. scatter clouds now but still pleasant, wind out of the west-northwest have dropped the humidity, 83, warm but not nearly as sticky as it has been. the perfect day to take a swim, mid-to-upper-80's. do not forget the spf. storm fictions outlook, a risk we will watchher, around here, through the evening , showers and storms will develop in the upper midwest, some could be strong, do they hold together, if they do, they could overspread our area tomorrow morning during the rush. heavier showers
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starting tomorrow morning and then possibly a secondary round later in the day, tomorrow could be an active day. complete coverage on that, the weather aware for thursday. -- be weather aware for thursday. jummy: do not forget, you can keep track of severe storms from wherever you are, download our free stormwatch app for the latest radar and weather map on the go. hmb jim parade is rolling through cleveland. the city completely shut down as they celebrate the cleveland cavaliers tim pitcher. -- championship. people waiting to see lebron james and the rest of the team at drive-by. their first major championship since 1964. the cavaliers beat the golden state warriors on monday. someone i know who is excited
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is our cleveland girl who has a check of traffic. the traffic jams are at home in cleveland and not in washington, d.c. like ants, a sea of people, i have retweeted a couple of photos. right now, nothing like cleveland here, smooth sailing. mostly green. avenue,on kenilworth approaching the 11th street bridge, we usually see the bottom, heavy traffic crossing the 14th street bridge, everyone working together. 7th street northeast between franklin and gerard street, completely closed, a water main they are dealing with expected to close it for the next four hours, avoid it. northbound on beach drive, standing water
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blocked, the southbound stretch is open. in the teens inbound on kenilworth avenue. well comeving very out above the posted speed limit as you approach national harbor. jummy: thank you. please now investigating after a body was found in the middle of the road this morning in billy, annapolis road shut down for several hours, it has reopened but police searching for answers. what we know right now on this developing story. roads in buoy, maryland close for several hours after a man was found dead in the roadway, this all happened around 6:15 this morning at the intersection of glenn dale road, police say they were first called after a report of a man in the roadway. once police got here, th
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police say that is still under investigation. this is an area where there is a bus stop, a shopping center. whether or not the individual may have been walking is unclear. part of this ongoing investigation. the road shut down for several hours this morning. it is reopened to traffic. any district, firefighter injured along with three other people, including two children after a fire corrupt it in an apartment building in southeast washington, d.c. suzanne kennedy has more on the rescue an investigation now underway. >> three dramatic rescues from the early morning fire in southwest washington. emscan see that fire and are on scene, this morning 911
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started on the second floor of this building. third floor tenants had to be rescued, a five-year-old and a 12-year-old boy and an adult female were taken down by latter. they were in a dangerous part of the building at the time the fire started. the assistant fire chief described the scene. >> not only are they breathing the smoke, they are feeling the heat from above, and their only way out was cut off so they have to be brought down through ladders or find another way out. >> investigators remain on the scene on the 2900 block of 2nd street in southeast, trying to figure out how many of the apartments in this building are inhabitable. one firefighter, a female, had to be transported to the hospital, she burned her hands as she tried to extinguish the blaze, the fire so hot it burns through her gloves. in southeast washington, suzanne kennedy. jummy: prince george's county
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tried to abduct a child from a bedroom early yesterday morning. .he little boy was sleeping the suspect allegedly slid open and unlocked window, grabbed his arm and tried to pull him outside, he screamed, scaring the man away. ,> he was a little traumatized the first thing you said was, mama i want to sleep in your room but he will be ok. a scary situation, i cannot imagine living without my son. a 300 the suspect is pound six foot tall man who was wearing a black the mass, they are for $2500 to information leading to an arrest. coming up, the blistering attacks continue. trump: i build a great company. jummy: donald trump responding to hillary clinton's jabs and increasing questions about his company and his finances. plus, a dangerous rescue at the bo
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on the efforts to help a patient in desperate need of medical attention and why it is so difficult. and brian will be back with when you need the mli get with his forecast. -- a live look at the cavaliers victory parade.
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jummy: hillary clinton is meeting with democrats on capitol hill today, during a brutal attack by her republican president or candidate donald trump who is delivering a rebuttal to her speeches in new york this afternoon. the latest from the campaign trail. >> we cannot let him bankrupt america like we are one of his failed casinos.
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try and turn donald trump business rants against them, arguing that is why he will not release his tax returns. >> what is he afraid of? maybe that we will learn he has not paid taxes on his huge income? or maybe he is not as rich as he claims. >> donald trump responding. >> she gets rich making you poor. i heard what she said. i built a great great company, a very valuable company. >> increasing questions about the valuable company, and according to campaign documents, one in six campaign dollars went into the donald trump business or the pockets of a trump family member and even some payments to himself and he is facing disappointing fundraising numbers, last month, clinton raised $25 million and donald trump raise just $3 million and he is doing
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never done before, a personal fundraising match. he is letting all those allegations fly, arguing he is playing the game that are than anyone else. mr. trump: i made a fortune with that but debt with this country is a disaster and dot -- barack obama has piled it on and she has watched. >> he led clinton made money off of oh -- supporting oppressive regimes. jummy: marco rubio is expected to announce today he is running for reelection in his florida senate seat. that would mean the gop would hang onto his seat, mitch mcconnell says it would be a great outcome. he had planned to retire, the announcement expected later on today. democrats in the house are running for their seats, literally, led by congressman john lewis of georgi
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floor of the house the mending that speaker paul ryan keep the house session to vote on gun violence legislation, the group wants a vote on expanded background checks and a bill to prevent gun sales to suspected terrorists. in final day of campaigning britain before a vote to decide whether or not the country will be the european union, david cameron is trying to convince voters that britain's participation in the alliance benefits the country, many want to leave the eu because they believe it is a different organization than the country joined in 1973 that primarily focused on economic, and markets. markets.ic, and a dangerous -- economic market. a medical plane on the way to antarctica to save one patient. it is a rescue that has only been attempted twice and 60 years. >> a rescue plane on the way to a medical facility faces a
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antarctic winter, 24 hour darkness and temperatures average -70 degrees. the playmaking to landings in antarctica, one on the south pole to pick up at least one patient in desperate need of medical attention and the other at a british research station at the northern edge of the continent, a trip that takes a grueling 92 10 hours. 10 hours. >> getting in there will be a little easier, on the way home, i do not think it will be the same level of stress as going to the poll. >> it is about the cold and the weather. >> on the way, to when auto turboprop planes maybe flight from the southern tip of chile and crossed elected to the british research station in an article and one plane flies the final way to the south pole.
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winter in antarctica, there is a reason we do not generally fly this time of year. >> with careful monitoring, the plane expected to land safely on the northern tip of antarctica late this afternoon. >> on the way back, a good weather window. >> was the flight crew and medical group rest, they will depart for sent -- up america where one patient will receive necessary medical attention. coast we turn to the west of the nation where wildfires are still wreaking havoc in seven states. two brush fires near los angeles have burned more than 50 400,000 acres, they have not merged with air 1.5 miles apart, firefighters say they have stopped the flames but no one can return to their homes. in san diego, more than 1500 people evacuated as wildfires threatened a village. still so dry. brian:
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yesterday. that is our concern tomorrow, heavy weather pushing in and some will be here tomorrow morning. and then tomorrow afternoon, dangerous wind and heavy rain and other possibility. map, thehow you the track of the tornado, when 12.75 miles across western portions of howard county, it got to about 80 mile-per-hour winds, an ef0, started --ards, it it worked its way down to the terrell mill road. 76 degrees now. scattered, high clouds. humidity dropping. it feels a lot better than it did earlier.
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now 50's. low to mid-50's, in a pleasant zone. we were in the sticky too uncomfortable zone earlier, now pleasant. , a few the afternoon scattered clouds from time to time, mid-to-upper-80's later this afternoon but not a muggy mid-to-upper-80's. the evening, watching whether that could develop in the midwest, a slight risk through tomorrow morning and another risk tomorrow afternoon because of the potential for strong storms. to the midwest in red, and enhanced area of unsettled weather, through the evening, the thought process is here, big storms will erupt in indiana, ohio, west virginia, and by tomorrow morning, some of these could be coming across the metro. will they come right overhead, we do not know. there could be a second round tomorrow evening. the weather
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upper 80's to the afternoon, comfortable, beautiful, enjoy tonight, storms possible by don. tomorrow there could be stormy weather. we will update you throughout the afternoon, 80's tomorrow. friday, saturday, sunday, nice weather, the national capital barbecue battle, copy will temperatures today, a stormy day -- comfortable temperatures today, a stormy day tomorrow. dreier, less humid air on friday. , sunday, looking nice, mid-to-upper-80's with lots of sunshine. after tomorrow's storms, our next chance of moisture is not until probably next tuesday. enjoy this afternoon but tomorrow be on guard. keep our weekend dry and sunny. thank you.
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out of the x over his zika virus
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jummy: another update pulling out of the olympic games in brazil over concerns about the zika virus. rory mcilroy saying he is protecting his health and his family. ofsaid even though the risk infection low, he does not want to take the risk, he is one of several high-profile golfers to pull out of the summer games according to espn. after the break, we are back now at havertys furniture, it's our 4th of july sale. where you can create the perfect home. from now until july 4th,
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jummy: find today but showers maybe tomorrow morning? then: big storms in mountains overnight that could push through from the midwest, flood warning tonight through tomorrow morning to the areas to the west of maryland and off into portions of the western shenandoah valley, we could see active weather in the morning and the budgets of tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow a weather alert day. today at 4:00, an update on the forecast. jummy: thank you for joining us.
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>> just moments from now, another player will attempt to fight their way question by question to that ultimate prize of $1 million. will they make it? let's find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [applause] [dramatic music] ♪ thank you very much. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [applause] how about we continue to play it? because having traveled the world, you'd think our returning contestant would've seen it all. i don't think she's ever seen a million dollars. i hope she does today. from golden canyon, arizona, please welcome back elham jazab. [applause] hello, my dear. >> lovely to see you. >> lovely to see you. thank you for coming back.


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