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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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breaking news as we come on the air. we have just learned the horrific death toll. the weather emergency. at least 20 dead, family members, children, among the victims an 8-year-old boy. the rescue still under way at this hour. and the new storms set to hit. >> and the u.k. votes to exit the european union. here, the dow plunging more than 600 points. and donald trump opening a golf course in scotland, declaring the vote a great thing. and american families rushing to
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scene. amtrak trains halted in parts of the northeast. and tony robbins, and the fire walk emergency. we begin tonight with the state of emergency, and the new and horrific number just coming in. the stunning death toll after severe storms and flash floods. at least 20 now dead. families, children swept away. a toddler and 8-year-old among the victims. in the last 24 hours, the incredible images. this home on fire, carried away. the entire community, under water. tonight, there's a search and rescue mission uer
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eva pilgrim, leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, a deadly wall of water in west virginia. the governor revealing the true scope of the whorror. at least 20 dead. >> it's been a long 24 hours, and the next 24 hours may not be much easier. the water so powerful, it sent cars spinning downstream. >> watch out! >> reporter: more than 100 homes damaged, this one while on fire, crashing into a bridge. thousands without power. >> there's a lady, about 80, we need to go back and get the rest of her family. >> reporte
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down a little bit, but homes are still surrounded. and the water is deeper than it looks. and then, hundreds of shoppers stranded overnight, rain washing away the road and their way out. rescuers carrying some to safety. david, crews continue to search for those missing or in need of help. authorities say it will be days before they know just how much was damaged. >> thank you. the other major story tonight, the global aftershocks after the vote in great britain. deciding to leave the european union, to go it alone. the faces in britain, that thought there was no way this could happen. and then the prime minister of britain announcing his
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resignation. here in america, fear over americans and their savings. faces on the floor of the dow. ending the day down more than 600 points. and as the reality sets in, evidence that some british voters may be having second thoughts. terry moran with the moment overnight the u.k. learned this was really happening. >> reporter: coming after a long night of suspense. >> counting is under way of tens of millions of votes in the referendum. >> reporter: more than 30 million votes cast, each counted by hand. within minutes, a sign of things to come. newcastle, barely voting to stay in the european union. and in sunderland, a vote to
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in. hours pass, people staying up all night. their faces etched with anxiety. and every hour made the pattern clearer. you can see it on the map, england and wales voting to get out of the eu. london voting to stay. scotland and ireland, overwhelmingly in favor of the eu. for those that wanted to stay in the european union, utter heartbreak. like j.k. rowling, tweeting, i don't think i have ever wanted it more. and it was sweet, sweet victory for those like nigel farage. >> the sun has risen on an independent
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>> reporter: some were stunned. >> i can't believe it's happened. >> reporter: others, delighted. >> winston churchill would be looking down on us, proud. >> reporter: and prime minister david cameron, outside number 10 downing street, choking back emotion, with a surprise announcement he would resign in the coming months. >> i love this country, and feel honored to have served it. >> reporter: it was an emotional campaign, and immigration was a driving issue. the controversial poster capturing the feeling of so many, breaking point. late morning, david cameron meeting with queen elizabeth to chart a way forward. and the hangover, in some cases, regr regret. >> and terry is with us live from london. so, what next? because this isn't simply a
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24-hour aftershock. this will take weeks, months, perhaps years. >> reporter: exactly. next, britain and europe must now negotiate a complicated and painful divorce. britain wants to go slow. but european leaders say they want britain out for good, as soon as possible. >> terry, thank you. here at home, $830 billion lost in the u.s. markets alone. the value of the pound currency falling to its lowest level since 1985. look at the difference between thursday and friday. here's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: what started as
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tonight, stocks slammed around the world. the dow plunging more than 600 points. many investors shocked by britain's vote. wall street was not expecting the vote to go this way. >> no, it was not. >> reporter: the british pound diving to its lowest level since the 1980s. tonight, fear of the nightmare scenario britain's prime minister warned of. >> this could be for the first time in history a recession brought on ourselves. >> it bears watching, oh, that's over there, and it doesn't matter to us. >> reporter: general motors, ford, caterpillar, and j.p. morgan, among a chorus of u.s. companies warning the turmoil could spill over and cost thousands of jobs. just today, the average retirement savings account lost as much as $3,300. another significant outcome here, interest rates are
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less likely to go up this year. that means the cost of borrowing is much less likely to get more expensive this year. david? >> that's reassurinreassuring. rebecca, thank you. in the meantime, donald trump is overseas in scotland to open a golf course. he was asked what he thought of the vote, and called it a great thing. and said america is next. tom llamas is in scotland tonight. >> reporter: as brexit shook europe to its core, donald trump choppered in for the re-opening of his golf course with this bold announcement. >> basically, they took back their country. that's a great thing. >> reporter: with bagpipers following him, and staffers wearing red "made turnberry great again" caps, trump spent less than 30 seconds at the top of his speech addressing brexit, then another 13 minutes praising the course, from the new
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>> a lot of people think this would be the greatest par 3 anywhere in the world. >> reporter: afterwards, trump fielding many questions about brexit. do you think anything you said in the united states influenced voters here in britain when it comes to leaving the eu? >> if i said yes, total influence, they'll all say that's terrible. his ego is terrible, right? so i will never say that, tom. but my opinion is that what happened should have happened. they'll control their country and they'll control everything about their country. >> reporter: trump tweeting, they took their country back like we'll take our country back. and as the british pound was sinking, trump was singing. >> look, if the pound goes down, they are going to do more business. rnberry, coming to >> reporter: on wednesday, trump was less certain about brexit. >> i don't think anybody should listen to me because i haven't really focused on it very much. but my inclination would be to get out. >> reporter: and today, hillary clinton releasing this new video mocking his golf course appearance. >> are you traveling with any of
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>> well, i've been in touch with them but there's nothing to talk about. >> reporter: david, though trump is in scotland for this critical time in europe, this was a scheduled trip. the trump campaign tells me tonight at this point there are no other foreign trips planned before the election. david? >> thanks. back home to the emergency playing out in the west. the wildfire in central california turning deadly. within hours, destroying dozens of homes. firefighters battling door to door to save families. this window exploding. firefighters on the scene. that fire is still 0% contained at this hour. and kayna whitworth is on the scene. >> reporter: tonight, a fire burning north of los angles turning deadly and still raging out of control. >> that's another lpg tank taking off there. >> reporter: 600 kern county firefighters in an all-out battle with the erskine fire
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desperately trying to save homes. broadcasting the terrifying crusade in real time, live on facebook. >> this fire is only getting started. >> reporter: winds, 30 miles per hour, pushing the fire. racing 11 miles over steep, rugged terrain in just a matter of hours. propane tanks exploding. sending flames skyward in a whirl of fire. here's one of the homes lost in the fire. you can see all that's left is the chimney and the brick pillars. you can also tell the wind is very erratic and we've had several propane tanks explode. if you look behind me you can see another propane tank right there. this area is still very unsafe. more than 100 structures lost. watch as these firefighters narrowly escape a backdraft explosion. air tankers making drops. >> two tankers and an air attack just lifted off. 11 minutes, en route to the fire. >> reporter: but this is a battle on the ground. house by house. >> just so you're advised, we are starting evacuations since it's moving so quickly to the east.
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>> reporter: so far, this fire has chewed upper more than 30 square miles of earth. and we're expecting gusts of up to 55 miles per hour. and it's under a high wind warning until tomorrow. >> thank you. let's get right to ginger, because the conditions don't look any better. >> yes, the hot and dry, and the wind part, with red flag warning in place. single digits, all you need is ignition through the weekend, with the wind erratic, and you have fire danger. and most of the storm moving into south carolina, and tomorrow afternoon and evening from minneapis
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please watch out for the storms. next to the desperate manhunt that shut down the amtrak near philadelphia. the officer shot several times, including once in the face. he was responding to a call of someone using drugs when someone opened fire on him. the alleged fire under arrest. the trains back up and running. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" tonight. tony robbins, more than 30 people burned walking on hot coals, and rushed to the hospital. and the major development in the bill cosby case. and the officer caught off-guard in the interrogation room. we'll show you what happens next.
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next tonight, the self-help moment gone wrong in dallas. more than 30 hurt during a fire walk. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: it's supposed to be an exercise in mind over matter, but for some followers of tony robbins, the power of positive thinking apparently not enough. in dallas, firefighters say 30 to 40 people were treated for burns to legs and feet after walking across hot coals. five went to the hospital. over the years, robbins has taught his signature fire walk to thousands. even oprah winfrey. but scientists say in reality, the coals are actually poor
6:48 pm
conductors of heat. >> your feet aren't on the coals long enough to get burned. >> reporter: and everyone may not have been in the peak mental state that robbins recommends. robbins' campaign said, several thousand attendees participated, and the vast majority kept it cool. >> thank you. when we come back, remembering a music legend. and the new headline coming in now on bill cosby. and the officer struggling with a suspect, and the quick thinking you're about to witness, next. well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said...
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her claims dating back to 1965. she is willing to watch the other cases unfold. a close call for police officer in cincinnati. he bends down, the suspect reaches for his gun. they use a taser to take down the suspect. even pro football players can't say no to mom. giants rookie eli apple reporting to his first day at practice. arriving with his proud mother, >> this is eli's first day. >> mom, we got to go. >> look at eli's little security man. >> the look on eli's face in the back seat says it all. we have a passing to note tonight. a music legend. ralph stanley,
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all across america tonight, look at the smiles. children holding gifts waiting at their front door. surprise packages arriving. and, where are they coming from? not the north pole. but a basement in melrose, massachusetts. outside boston, corporate chef michael miller and his son jonathan. we learned they began doing this three years ago. michael's son has asperger's himself. and they began packaging and sending toys to other children with autism. >> to me, it's really about the smiles in the children's faces. that's why i keep doing it. >> reporter: they call it toys across america. more than 5,000 packages sent to children in all 50 states. every dot, an autistic child who has received a gift. >> to the average child, it would just be a gift in the mail. but i believe, to the children we send gifts to, it means a lot more. >> reporter: in return, all this father and son ask for, is a picture. a smile. >> wow. >> wow! >> this one is jacob's.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: so many children, overjoyed. it all began when jonathan grew out of his train set. >> he just asked me one day if he could donate the trains and i said yes. it's grown ever since. >> i'm just a dad mailing trains. >> reporter: but his son knows he's much more. >> it makes me happy that my dad is doing good things for people who really need it out there. it makes me proud to call him my dad. >> thank you. >> and so we choose, michael and jonathan. i'm david muir. good night.
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