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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  June 25, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning, america. deadly floods. towns wiped out by rushing rapids. homes gone. >> it's devastateing. >> this famous golf course underwater. they're calling it the worst flood in a century. the rescues going on right now. out of control. this fast-moving wildfire turns deadly. an army of firefighters battling heat and wind and more homes being threatened this morning. the brexit aftershocks. the world sent reeling. global markets swooning. will other countries follow suit? plus, how to blunt the blow to your retirement savings, the moves you should and shouldn't be making right now. meanwhile, donald trump weighing i
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>> i thought this would be a good thing. you're taking your country back. >> will it affect the election here at home? canine competitors from the homely to the horrid, the ferocious competition to become champion in the world's ugliest dog contest. hey, good morning, everybody. paula is off. we're very glad, though, to have cecilia vega with us on a busy news day. we're going to get to the market convulsion in convulsion. one disaster on each coast. >> this is coming out of california where a wildfire has essentially erased entire neighborhoods. and on the east coast, devastating images coming in after historic flooding. >> more than 20 dead as we come on the air but officials say that number may well rise as crews head out to look for the missing right now. abc's eva pilgrim is on the scene in greenbrier
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eva, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i want to show you how powerful had water was. it literally ripped trees out of the ground, moved cars. there's a propane tank back there and even flipped over this tractor trailer. the damage is all over this county and throughout southern west virginia. fema now deploying teams to help with assessing just how much damage. this morning, the desperate search for the missing continues for the second day now. these rushing rapids destroy west virginia communities. >> it's devastating. you know. >> reporter: the flooding wiping out small towns. tears now flowing where the water came through. neighbors helping neighbors. the water in this neighborhood peaked about midwindow. this morning, still not down enough. >> where are you staying tonight? >> in the truck. till i get back to the house. >> reporter: the governor calling it the worst flooding in a century. at least 23 dead, among them an 8-year-old boy and a
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>> it's been a long 24 hours and the next 24 hours may not be much easier. >> reporter: emergency responders out in force searching amid fears the toll could rise. >> lots of houses underwater. people standing on their porch, some of them on their roofs. >> reporter: the water so powerful it sent cars spinning downstreams and washed away the historic greenbrier golf course. hundreds of customers at this shopping center stranded now free after rain washed away the road and their way out. thousands still without power rescuers searching through the night. >> there's a lady, she's about 80. she's crippled and we have to get the rest of her family. >> reporter: crews till searching for those in need and those missing. they say it could be days before they know just how much damage and, dan, some people still waiting for the water to recede out of their homes. >> eva, those images are extraordinary. thank you for your
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we move to the west coast where a wildfire near bakersfield, california, is moving so fast through the dry brush that some people barely had time to get out. at least two people have been killed. and abc's kayna whitworth is on the front lines in lake isabella. kayna, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. the governor has declared a state of emergency for kern county. we still have 1,500 homes the risk and firefighters are having a hard time getting an upper hand because of the winds. that downed power line came down late yesterday afternoon and has been hanging in the middle of the road ever since. we saw wind gusts between 40 and 60 miles an hour yesterday. this morning, a wildfire raging out of control north of los angeles has claimed two lives and hundreds of structures. >> we have confirmed that we have at least two fatalities. >> reporter: authorities say the couple was overcome by smoke as they were trying to escape. despite warnings families had little time to gather their belongings
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jessica welch's grandparents lost their home. >> they're definitely not coming back here until the okay is given so i'm very thankful they're alive. >> reporter: now that the fires have pushed east, devastation left behind. cars, homes, household items unrecognizable. the erskine fire now in its third day. the hot wind-driven flames outpacing the 800 firefighters who have been attacking the flames from the air. >> to tankers and air attack just lifted off. >> reporter: diana the ground. hand crews have arrived on scene. cal fire behind me are trying to clear brush because this wind is so erratic it's creating brand-new spot fires. the fire growing every day. those who live here know that this fight is far from over. mandatory evacuations are still in place and authorities said they're worried to let people back in their homes even for a few minutes for fear
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casualty. >> we can see how windy it is. thank you. we want to head across the pond now to the shock waves being felt around the world as britain's stunning decision to leave the european union, but this morning there is a new battle brewing, a petition calling for a second vote. a do-over basically and it already has nearly a million signatures. abc's lama hasan is in london with the latest. lama, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, cecilia. i think there are many people waking up this morning trying to keep calm and carry on. there are many divisions in this country and those divisions are reflected in the papers. let's take a look. "the daily mirror" asking what the hell happens now? "the times" calling it a brexit earthquake and "the dal ily mai celebrating the vote saying take a bow, britain. this morning, the brexit vote fallout triggering a tsunami of emergency meetings between the founding members of the eu taking place in berlin about what to do next
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exiting the eu is complicated and could take two years to formalize an agreement. >> in voting to leave it is vital to stress there is no need tore hayes. >> reporter: but the eu wants britain to get out and get out quickly. a political earthquake erupting after the announcement was made forcing the britain prime minister david cameron who was fighting fiercely to remain in the eu to resign. >> i love this country and i feel honored to have served it and i will do everything i can in future to help this great country succeed. >> reporter: brexit bombshell aftershocks are hitting hard for those wanting to stay. >> i burst into tears this morning when i dawe the news. >> reporter: but jubilation for the people who voted for an independent britain. >> absolutely wonderful. the best news ever. >> reporter: the vote showing the deep divisions in this country earning the #dividedkingdom. scotland overwhelmingly voting to stay in the eu now saying it wants to go at it
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referendum must be on the table and it is on the table. >> reporter: not to mention the financial fallout. >> well, the next 90 days is full of uncertainty. britain will have to look at its trade deals that are in place right now, its regulations that are in place right now, under the european union and they will have to change that and redo trade deals. >> reporter: so what does that mean for the money in our pockets? well, with the pound plummeting against the dollar, now is the time to make that trip across the pond because you're going to get more money for your dollar so, dan, sadly i can't say the same for me. >> right, brexit may be good for tourism at the very least. lama, thank you. that decision in the uk is impacting our wallets in the u.s., though, the dow down more than 600 points or 3.4% sending it into negative territory for the year. with so many americans worried this could possibly derail our economy and damage our personal finances, we brought in abc news chief business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis. rebecca, good morning to you. >> good morning.
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wiped out in one day here? >> in 24 hours it was $2.1 trillion wiped out worldwide, dan. i think one of the big lessons is the amount of smart investors who got this completely wrong. they thought the vote was going the other way and that's why you saw this whipsaw in the markets go so much lower so quickly and for the typical 401(k) retirement account here in the united states, it cost just yesterday $3,300. >> so if we're looking at our retirement accounts and feeling nervous what should and should we not do? >> as i'm sure a number of people are doing right now, this should not do is should not make a quick reaction. for most people, the more time you have, the more time horizon you have until retirement, the better off you are. you've got time to recover. the closer you are to retirement the more cash cushion you want in that retirement savings account and that would be true whether or not this event happened or not. you just want to have that cash sitting on the sidelines. another thing here is to stay
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another thing some people will want to look at is refinancing. because interest rates as a result of all of this will probably stay low. could even go lower this year and for some it might make sense to refinance that mortgage at an even lower rate. >> that's interesting. do you think, though, that this brexit is going to impact american businesses and jobs. >> this really depends on how quickly the trade deals get renegotiated and whether or not others follow. will there be other britons? will other countries in europe start doing what they did? but a number of companies have already warned from general motors to ford to caterpillar to jpmorgan this could cost jobs and business and that will have an impact not only on employees but also the stock market. >> so much noise around us now. great to have you cut through it. really appreciate it. cecilia, over to you. >> that is making its way into the presidential race here. donald trump in scotland praising the exi
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presumptive gop nominee is now comparing the movement to his own campaign here at home. abc's tom llamas is in aberdeen, scotland, with the story this morning. hey, tom, good morning. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. donald trump is going to tour another one of his scottish golf properties today and even though he's officially off the campaign trail he's right in the middle of this major moment for europe, one that he strongly is supporting. this morning, with donald trump in scotland, brexit adding the newest twist in the race for president. >> i thought this would be a good thing. you're taking your country back. >> reporter: trump taking credit for predicting britain would leave the eu but his trip here wasn't supposed to be about politics. ♪ the presumptive republican nominee in scotland for the re-opening of his turnberry golf course. >> we've made certain changes to the course in addition to that we fully renovated the course, brand-new sprinkler system, the highest level. >> reporter: trump making the promise to his son eric in charge of this trump property he'd make the trip even though he's running for
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>> we do every project we do as a family. >> reporter: in the midst of brexit trump drawing a parallel with his campaign. >> i really do see a parallel between what's happening in the united states and what is happening here, people want to see borders. >> reporter: hillary clinton who like president obama wanted britain to stick with the eu put out a statement saying this time of uncertainty only underscores the need for calm, steady, experienced leadership in the white house. the campaign put out this video mocking trump's scotland news conference. >> are you traveling with any of your foreign policy advisers. >> well, i've been in touch with them but there's nothing to talk about. >> reporter: trump trying to take advantage of brexit with this fund-raising letter though he admitted to meçñ asking for money is not his strong suit. does it bug you to have to pick up the phone and ask people to donate to your campaign. >> yeah, i don't like doing it. i'm an honest politician, probably one of the few. tom's asking does it bother me to when you're raising money. >> and trump tells me they'll
7:13 am
now in june than they did in may where they raised an anemic $3 million compared to hillary clinton's more than 25 million and we want to point something out. if donald trump comes out to the driving range today he's going to see that not all of his scottish neighbors love him. that neighbor right there flying a mexican flag in defiance of the wall that trump wants to build. cecilia. the flags flying there in scotland too. we want to head to ron for the other top stories starting in texas. >> yes, good morning. we'll begin with breaking news out of ft. worth, texas. six people shot outside of a dance hall. the police investigating it at studio 74. there are reports that an argument inside the club spilled outside where the shootings occurred. witnesses say they saw shell casings everywhere. and an arrest of a suspect in the shooting of a police officer near philadelphia following an intensive manhunt that shut down amtrak service for over two hours.
7:14 am
>> i'm shot, i'm shot, i'm shot. >> reporter: that chilling call, a radio call for help coming from a 25-year-old police officer recovering this morning in the hospital. folcroft police officer christopher dorman shot while responding to a call of men using drugs near the amtrak station. daunte island was arrested. the suspect was recently released from federal prison. politician say dorman's bulletproof vest likely saved his life. yet another black eye for the rio olympics. the world anti-doping agency suspended the lab that was supposed to handle drug testing for those games just six weeks before the opening ceremonies. the brazilian doping control lab lost;? accreditation for failin to comply with international standards. they will now be sent out to other labs around the world. the pentagon is ending its ban on transgender people serving in the military. top officials still finalizing the details but the repeal
7:15 am
1st. the defense official saying it will take one year to implement the plan allowing each branch to address housing and personnel issues involved there. in new york city, a bus bursting into flames on a busy expressway in brooklyn caught on camera as you see there. fortunately it was out of service at the time so only the driver was on board. that driver said he saw smoke and got out just in time right before the fire engulfed the bus. no word on what caused the fire. finally, a mom's proud moment, not sara haines, take a look. another mom. >> eli's first day. oh, eli's little security man. oh, he's putting his bag in the bus. >> oh, my god, mom. >> with the other grown people. >> with the other grown people. that is new york giants rookie defensive back eli apple reporting for his first day of practice as a pro football player. his mother annie, w
7:16 am
herself to the stadium in new jersey and shot the video says she was, quote, corny and proud of her son. we don't know yet what his teammates had to say if he's lucky they weren't around to see that. >> when they see this -- so hard. >> i know, bad enough being a rookie. >> it's so cute, though. >> i thought that was like a first day of kindergarten. i was waiting for a kid to pop up. who is she talking about. >> 21 years old. >> she didn't do him a favor. >> cute, though. you mentioned kait, kait parker in for rob marciano doing the weather. great to have you. what's cooking? >> okay, a lot cooking and imagine you just went out and bought a brand-new car and so excited about it and in maryland we have this. a lot of hail, look at the size of this. oh, that is enough to do damage. now, usually takes about golf ball size or bigger to get damage on your car and we did see a lot of hail reports yesterday. the biggest in fact 1 3/4
7:17 am
bigger hail today in the upper midwest. so we're looking really at the twin cities down into la crosse, wisconsin, getting in on the mix. possibility of a couple of small tornadoes that can't be ruled out with this but the threat shifts east for tomorrow looking at michigan, strong winds, lightning, still a hail threat just not quite as large but the heat, it is on in the southwest. i tell you what, big problems because the wind is also a major issue here. look at the relative humidity so our dew points are very low. that means the fuel for the fires will continue to dry out. not because of the dry conditions but the heat on top of that, the temperatures are incredibly high and that helps to get a lot of that evaporation happening even faster so we see those fuels getting drier. so bad news for anybody who is going to be out there and trying to fight those fires. let's
7:18 am
ryan: we have clouds this morning that sunshine this afternoon. it it's a beautiful day with high temperatures climbing into the mid-80's. the winds will be of the northeast at seven miles per hour. the golf cart it is look at tomorrow with light wind. ring the sunscreen. people have low humidity tomorrow but showers and storms are possible on monday with a better chance on tuesday. >> so those fires are just insane. >> they are insab. the weather not happening. kait, great to have you again. thank you very much. >> we have some dogs now which is my favorite part of the whole morning. you could call them the worst in shows but they wouldn't have it any other way. from combovers to hairless hunchbacks lots to admire as the world's ugliest dog contest and indra petersons was one of the judges. good morning, indra. >> good morning, scar ra. judging this contest was not easy. we had a lot of special dogs out there but in the end we had one clear winner
7:19 am
16 pooches primped and preened. >> this is her in all of her glory. >> well, maybe not. ♪ this pack of misfits hitting the catwalk at the 28th annual ugliest dog competition, the event encouraging people to adopt their special companions from animal shelters. and trust me, this year's contestants. >> what is that? >> reporter: are pretty special. i'm a little scared to touch. leading the less than love ly bikini clad pup precious and while there may be more than seven cresteds competing one claims to be the most beautiful, classiest, tremendous of all? this pup with an eerily familiar coif. >> make ugly great again. >> plus, sweet pea rambo. >> this year's crowd favorite coming back for the third year in a row. >> i am a ride
7:20 am
>> reporter: for some, these are faces only a mother could love. >> i'm his mom? and me, of course. i think she's pretty cute. lucky for them here the ugly becomes the alpha. >> the world's ugliest dog 2016. >> sweet pea rambo joining the ranks of the pretty pups of years past, the chihuahua mix taking home the crown for ugliest dog in the world. so what are you doing to celebrate. >> we are going to new york. >> whoo! >> with us. with us. >> all right, guys, this is our new crowned world's ugliest dog but you guys, i completely fell in love. this is sweet pea. what is there not to love? i have so much to tell you about this little girl. she's blind in both eye, her legs are arthritic so they stay perfectly out like this. bless her heart. she has a little broken tail little girl. her skin, her hair, i fell in love. how could you not, guys?
7:21 am
because it really -- first of all it celebrates a lot of senior dogs that people don't want to adopt and great way to send a message that every dog needs a great home and very excited to have sweet pea right here on the set with us this morning. we'll have the wee-wee pads out. we're prepared. >>s that sea exactly the point. draw attention -- we have a lot of fun, world's ugliest means the world's cutest most lovable. sweet pea is a rescue. that's what we want to draw attention to. so many levels of dogs just like her that need a home. >> you're bringing a dog home, indra. >> i don't want to give her up but she's coming your way tomorrow heading to new york city right after the show, guys. >> we're very excited. thank you, indra. and coming up here on "gma," we'll switch gears and tell you about a horrifying ordeal for kelly mcgillis. you may remember her from "top gun." attacked in her own home. you'll hear her frantic call to police. getting burned. injured while walking on hot coals how some
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ryan: we are waking up to some cloud cover. we will be with the clouds through the morning hours. we will eventually have sunshine returned this afternoon. it's quite across the mid-atlantic. we picked up some rainfall in a few locations. there is a cold fron
7:28 am
clouds this morning, but notice that wind on the northeast. it will push off to the southwest. sunshine returns this afternoon and i think it's going to be a nice day to be outside. we have great weather for the games tonight. it looks good tomorrow. 80's today and tomorrow and humidity returns on monday. the beach is looking good with temperatures in the 70's and water temperatures in the 60's. the next chance rain is on monday. showers and storms are possible and tuesday.
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and welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. historic floods in west virginia. at least 20 people dead, others missing including an 8-year-old boy, entire communities there under water. many, many homes destroyed. and bill cosby is waking up with one less civil suit against him. a woman who says the comedian raped her more than 50 years ago is dropping her case now. her attorney says she believes her story has been heard and she now plans to watch the other cases unfold. and new york city is expecting record numbers celebrating pride this weekend. heightened security in place following the orlando shootings and president obama is naming the site of the stonewall riots the first national monument to gay rights. >> great weekend here in new york. coming
7:31 am
this dude, no worries about extra legroom. he had the entire plane to himself. i guess that woman must have been a flight attendant. how did this happen? we'll hear from him coming up in "pop news" with the one and only sara haines. but first in this half hour when self-help goes wrong. >> yeah, oprah is among the celebrities who have taken the famous challenge walking across hot coles, a bed of them but this time there was a problem. and abc's lauren lyster joins us from our l.a. bureau to tell us more. lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan and cecilia. yeah, we're learning more about that self-help seminar and what went wrong. it drew thousands to see motivational speaker tony robbins and storm across the coals in his signature event. as far as walking through fire, it's meant to show people they can conquer fear but dozens taking that challenge ended up getting burned. this morning, more than 30 students of tony robbins are recovering from burns after the
7:32 am
walking demonstration went wrong at a dallas, texas, seminar. >> people with burned feet at ceremonial we're sending a third rescue. >> reporter: the mind over matter challenge has been answered by millions of americans. and stars like oprah winfrey. and even diane sawyer on "gma." >> why not? why not do it? >> reporter: but on thursday night as attendees streamed across more than 1200-degree coals jacqueline said something slowed the momentum and five people were left with burns so serious ambulances responded rushing them to the hospital. >> there was someone in front of us and someone behind us on their cell phone taking selfies and taking pictures. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news a spokesperson for robbins saying trained medical staff was on hand to treat any soreness, writing only five of 7,000 participants requested any examination beyond what was readily available on site. for robbins the display of bravery and focus
7:33 am
>> it's a metaphor for whatever you're afraid to do. >> reporter: for some the risk can be real. in 2012, 21 san jose conferencegoers were injured after a firewalk but a trainer for unleash the power from within says mishaps are rare and injuries are typically minor in we always have a few people that are, you know, had some discomfort afterwards and, you know, we do our best to take care of them. >> reporter: and the recent injuries in dallas not holding up that conference. it's going on now as planned. scheduled to wrap up tomorrow. dan, cecilia. >> still not sure why you do that, lauren. >> today at the conference they're going to break bricks with their bare hands. >> yeah. >> i'm kidding about that. >> pay a lot of money too. >> you never know. lauren, thank you. the weather once again and kait parker is in for rob. >> guys, we have beach weather. we finally have some pretty good beach weather. you can see the gulf stream if you look at it. oranges that run up the coast, temperatures are warming, so
7:34 am
warmer. if you take a dip, temperatures incredibly hot on the sand so be careful with little baby feet. they'll be toasty in daytona beach. 93. how about heat advisory, high heat across the southeast. heat index values we'll see, well in the 100-degree rank for both today and tomorrow. check out atlanta, you'll be well over 100 degrees or at least feeling like that outside. the same goes for st. louis. 100 degree. eventually we'll see that cool air move out. what does it look like for the rest of your summer? you're getting things started and go to the beach. actually could be below average for the eastern half of the u.s. out west, however, we've got bad news because we're look at above ryan: good morning.s and t todaye plenty of sunshine , beautiful weather and low humidity. we have great-looking weather for sunday with a chance for storms on sun
7:35 am
>> that weather was brought to you by state farm. >> hi. >> hi. howdy. >> i'll take it from here. >> okay. >> coming up on "gma," what happened when kelly mcgillis best known for her role in "top gun" came home to find a stranger in the house. and shark week surprise. the creature captured from the deep and its secret revealed. it's all coming up. what if we woke up one day and everything just stopped going wrong? no more accidents. no more fires. no more emergencies. no more bad anything. but in a world where things stopped going wrong, where would state farm be? right here. to help with college.
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and we are back now with the star would confronted a stranger right in her own home. >> that's a horrifying story. kelly mcgillis who you may remember from her role in the iconic film "top gun" came home to find a woman hiding inside her house and marci gonzalez is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning. she walked in her home and that woman came running out of her bedroom and attacked her scratching and hitting her and some of the struggle was recorded when mcgillis managed to call 911. this morning "top gun" actress kelly mcgillis. >> you big stud. >> reporter: recovering from a terrifying real-life drama fighting off an alleged home intruder. >> she started attacking me. we fought
7:40 am
screaming at the top of my lungs. yes, this is 911. what's going on there, ma'am? >> i have somebody in my house. >> okay. what's your address. >> stop. she's beating me up. please help me. >> reporter: mcgillis breaking free running outside flagging down a driver who again called for help. >> a woman has just pulled me over. she said that someone has broken into her house. >> reporter: north carolina police arresting lawrence dorn who faces a list of charges including burglary, assault and stalking. >> did she injure you are you hurt at all? >> well, she grabbed at me. i don't know what. i don't know. >> reporter: the 58-year-old actress left bruised, scratched and unsettled says she has no clue how dorn got into her home. >> she said you've been stalking me, you know exactly who i am. that's when i got scared. >> reporter: mcgillis said she had no idea who dorn was. the 38-year-old suspect is now out on
7:41 am
we were not able to reach her for comment but now after this scare mcgillis says she is going a step further in arming herself and now has a concealed weapons permit. >> wow. what a terrifying thing, though. >> unreal. >> unreal is exactly right. thank you very much, marci. appreciate it. coming up on "gma," something entirely different. this is now smoothie season so we've got quick tips for whipping unone that's both nutritious and delicious in our weekend download. dave z is there in looks good.
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dave zinczenko, author of the brand-new "zero belly smoothies" also abc news nutrition and wellness correspondent. congratulations on the new book. >> thank you. >> i'm excited to read this. right in my wheelhouse. in the book you have the smoothie matrix. what is that? >> the whole idea with smoothies is that this is instant weight loss at the press of a button getting a unique blend of super newt yepss that will flatten your belly up to 20 pounds in six week and boost your metabolism and heal your digestive system and make you 50% happier. not even 10%. that's like 2015. >> i don't need any of this. have you seen these pythons? i'm in great shape. you say that fat -- good fat is actually like a huge part of this. >> you want to start with a great base. all about the base, go with something like coconut milk, green tea, zero calorie, you want to go with almond milk and save 50% of the calories of regular milk and a lot
7:46 am
lactose intolerant then a healthy fat, this could be after vad c caddo, nut butters, peanut, almond, cashew, coconut piece and get your healthy fats then you add in your protein. in this case this is veggie protein powder and what's great about it it's fewer calories and, again, you're avoiding the dairy, so that you can -- you're not going to have some of the digestive issues that people suffer from. >> the fun part which is right here. >> the fun part, unless you've lived in an igloo you know we don't eat enough fruits and vegetables so 60-second nutrition, smoothies, you know, here you have kale and spinach. spinach is great because you can't taste it. good way to get vitamins and minerals in there and i like red fruits because they have more polyphenols and you can add strawberries to grapefruit and, boom, 60-second nutrition. >> i love all of this. what is your view on greek
7:47 am
yogurt. >> i love greek yogurt it tends to have less fat, less sugar, but zero belly smoothies, we've gotten -- >> away from dairy. >> completely. >> chia or flaxseed. >> it's great. a section in the book on it. you can add a teaspoon in and get some fiber and a lot of good vitamins and minerals. >> all right. i'm going to taste one right here. >> the blueberry dazzler. it's delicious. i'm officially dazzled. "zero belly smoothies" issal variable on tuesday wherever fine books are sold and it will be available for preorder right now on the internet and, dave, thanks again. coming up here on "pop news," harry styles going solo. keep it here. chnology is useful. i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date. guilty. the point is, life is digital. so, carmax, created a site where
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by petsmart. i am now prepared to be double dazz
7:52 am
i have my blueberry dazzle smoothie and here is sara haines. >> i use colorful language so you are dazzled. >> nonstop dazzled. >> dazzle us away. >> harry styles' career is going into a different direction. the one d star signed his solo deal raising fans' fears the boy band won't be returning. hints of a solo career started swirling last year when styles had four solo performances. no word on when his first cd will drop but that probably won't be happening any time soon as styles is busy filming the world war ii drama "dunkirk." >> like the beatles breaking up. >> is it we willy? >> not quite. >> that's where you are a going to go with that. >> history repeats itself -- a quote. >> carry on. >> ron knows what i mean. >> yeah, that was meacci, i believe. >> now i'm -- >> maybe it wasn't meacci. >> flying is usually about cram
7:53 am
least one crying baby but that's not always the case. steven snyder of georgia got to experience a private jet after arriving at the new orleans airport and finding his gate to be a ghost town. that would scare me enough to leave the airport but he took this selfie of him and a flight attendant on the plane. it turns out all the other passengers on the delta flight decided to take other flights after theirs had multiple delays. >> i certainly talked a lot with the flight attendant because they didn't have much to do. they gave me some of my favorite beer for free. some salted caramels and chocolate covered caramels. it was a bucket list item, i suppose, that you never really think will happen so it's like a bucket list item that wasn't on my bucket list. future sponsor is delta and sweetwater beer, texas instruments calculators or for the
7:54 am
it was an awesome experience. >> there you go. >> i like this guy. that never happens to me. i'm on a plane four days a week. i never get to sit by myself. >> it did happen to byron pitts tweeted out this picture of him alone on a plane. i think he was going to boston. i love this picture. absolutely love it. so it can happen to you. >> i can't believe the plane flies anyway with with us upperson. >> often it doesn't. >> seems inee fesht. >> a tad inefficient although i like the private digs. >> i would not want to be 9 person to tell byron pitts his flight was canceled. >> i wonder if they bring a whole basket of food and upgrade. charkh week swimming up on us and getting into the spirit thanks to our friends at the discovery channel. researchers in the bahamas got up close and personal with a tiger shark they caught to study. and when they took a closer look at her with the help of an ultrasound they got quite the surprise. >> she was
7:55 am
developed pups. i've never seen this before. >> look at this. they counted at least 0 tiger shark pups with teeth and all. >> they're almost cute. >> so clear, well, i don't no he if i'd go with cute but like they were looking right back at them. shark week kicks off tomorrow night and don't forget it's also shark week all week on "gma." >> we'll eat you when we get out of here is what they were saying. >> really, really, dan? i brought you food. >> okay. i'll eat that. >> burger king is taking comfort food to a whole new level. the fast food chain just unleashed its latest concoction the mac and cheetos. go ahead, guys, try them. >> stuffed with macaroni and cheese. >> scared. >> you can't have it your way with the mac and cheetos. bk only carrying them or eight weeks. >> two great tastes that taste great together. >> did you try some. >> i did. >> off your cheeto stick. >> she's worried about the
7:56 am
thank you, sara. great "pop news." back with more verbal abuse from me for sara.
7:57 am
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