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tv   ABC World News  ABC  June 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." states of emergency from coast to coast. in the east, historic floods washing parts of west virginia away. the death toll rising. and in the west, monster wildfires overwhelming firefighters. destroying entire neighborhoods and the warning tonight, the worst is yet to come. donald trump defends his trip. touring his properties in scotland. saying if you can fix a golf course, you can fix a country. >> it's not so different. just a lot bigger. >> and is he close to choosing a vp? she taught fighter pilots in the movie "top gun." now actress kelly mcgillis in a real-life fight, with an intruder in her own home. >> what's your address? >> please help me! and the class action suit that has millions of music fans outraged. they thought they were getting
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beyonce. what they got instead? >> it's a who's who of definitely not the who. [ laughter ] good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. as we come on the air tonight, we're tracking emergencies on both sides of the country. the battle against wildfires in the west in a moment. but first, president obama late today declaring a major disaster in west rginia. entire towns there under water following torrential rains. this town is one of many where rooftops are now the only thing you can see. and in white sulphur spring, this man gets a hug from his neighbor, his home completely washed away, only his foundation remains. and those powerful floodwaters ripping up this street turning a car upside-down, the death toll climbing and now the urgent rescues and
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the national guard, fema and hundred of volunteers rushing in to help in a disaster that took the region by surprise. abc's eva pilgrim leads us off. >> reporter: west virginia's still under water tonight and in a state of emergency. historic floods devastating coal-mining country. among the 23 dead, 8-year-old emanuel williams, swept away by a rushing creek. his mother watching helplessly. 48 hours after the water started rising, authorities are still desperately searching for the missing. one family trying to find their son's girlfriend who lived in this home that was ripped off its foundation. >> and they said the last thing they knew of her was somody threw her a rope and then they never heard anymore so we don't if she got the rope. >> reporter: the river rising nine feet in less than an hour. too fast if so many to get to safety. at least a hundred homes damaged. some seeing what's left for the first time today. >> that's stuff w
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walmart and buy. >> reporter: she was home with her five kids when the water started rising. >> went from ankles to up past our knees in a matter of 15 minutes. >> reporter: this world-class golf course flooded beyond repair for next month's pga stop, the greenbrier classic, cancelled today. fema has now deployed teams to this area, to help authorities. it could be days before we know just how much was damaged. cecilia. >> okay, eva, thank you. tonight the threat for severe storms continue. the upper midwest in the bull's eye, damaging winds, large hail and even a couple of tornadoes are possible. threat is greatest from minneapolis to duluth. and to the west now, and though deadly wildfires. 18 burning across several states, one near bakersfield, california, took just four hours to destroy four miles. families barely escaping as the flames raced toward them
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two people didn't make it out alive. hundreds of buildings demolished. a stark landscape left right there in its wake. that fire is still burning at this hour. and firefighters predict this already-brutal fire season will only get worse. abc's kayna whitworth is on fire lines. >> rorter: tonight, california's largest wildfire engulfing home after home in mere minutes. at least 150 now destroyed, 35,000 acres up in flames. >> we still have a very ugly fire out there in extremely dry fuel, with these winds, we have a monster out there. >> reporter: the fire tearing through so quickly, an elderly couple could not escape. >> we have confirmed that we have at least two fatalities. >> reporter: and tonight, the land and air assault on the fire proving futile. officials dropping containment levels to zero. the governor declaring a state of emergency for kern county. the wind has been the biggest concern for the firefighters. several downed power lines. re
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it came down yesterday afternoon and has been hanging in the street ever since. power is out to the whole area. authorities telling residents they fear for their lives if they return home, so evacuation orders are still in place. with at least 2500 homes at risk. >> so many people on this block alone that i know that have lost their homes, lost everything. this is bad. >> reporter: jessica walsh's grandparents' home burned down. >> they're definitely not coming back here until the okay is given. i'm just very thankful they're alive. >> reporter: homes like this that are destroyed are still smoldering. now authorities have reports of looting. evacuated residents are not only concerned that they have no place to come to but they also may be robbed. authorities say they hope to have people back here within days not weeks. cecilia. >> an incredible scene there, kayna. we do want to overseas now, to the fallout over britain's decision to leave the european union. tonight, for many it feels like a hangover. one of the men who led the
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country's charge to leave, the man who could become the next prime minister, facing the wrath of an angry public outside his home and now a resounding call for a do-over, more than 2 million people signing a petition asking for a second vote. but is it too late? abc's lama hasan in london tonight. >> reporter: tonight, as the new reality sets in -- >> suddenly living in a country, that i feel quite uncomfortable about. >> reporter: the questions and the regrets. >> i think we have been taken advantage of. >> reporter: do you regret the decision that you voted to leave the european union? >> i'm not regretting it at the moment. only time will tell. >> reporter: now more than 2.5 million people and counting signing this petition asking for another chance to vote. political pundits don't expect it to happen. one even saying there's zero chance. the eu delivering this message to britain, leave now. but it's britain's call to decide when to trigger the divorce, and britain is in no hurry.
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>> i suspect the other european countries are going to make life very difficult for us. >> reporter: so, what is next? with david cameron's stunning announcement that he would step down, the new prime minister could turn out to be this man -- american-born boris johnson. >> i believe we have a glorious opportunity. >> reporter: london's controversial former mayor known for his eccentric personality. stunts like these -- yes, his hair. facing the wrath of the remain voters friday as he was leaving his home. >> shame on you, boris. >> reporter: this is uncharted territory, no nation has left the eu in modern times. the netherlands, france and italy are now considering having thr own votes. cecilia. >> okay, lama, thank you. that vote making its way into the race for the white house. donald trump in scotland to
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check up on his golf courses. far off the campaign trail, but not so far that he didn't have a new attack for hillary clinton. what trump now says she's afraid of. abc's tom llamas was right there. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump is accusing of hillary clinton of hiding from the media because she opposed brexit. >> do you think it's a mistake not to go on camera? >> yes, she should go on camera. she called brexit 100% wrong. >> reporter: clinton did release a statement, calling brexit an example of why we need experienced leadership in the white house and now is a time to support our friends and allies. trump's comments come as he toured another one of his golf courses in scotland. the presumptive nominee defended his business trip to inspect the courses. acres and acres of
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>> my sons are very involved. this is a quick tour, i'll be home tonight. >> reporter: in one of the more bizarre moments the trump press corps is now following him through the aberdeen golf course in this armada of vehicles. trump said fixing a golf course is a lot like fixing a country. >> our country, our infrastructure is broken. whether it's buildings or whatever it may be, it's not so different, just a lot bigger. >> reporter: and while in scotland, trump seeming to evolve on his proposed ban on muslim. >> a muslim coming from scotland or great britain, have you tweaked your policy on that -- >> reporter: trump now opening the door to foreign muslims as long as they're vetted. the campaign says not those from countries with a history of terrorism. trump didn't meet with any foreign leaders on this trip he did meet with one vip, tonight, having dinner with media mogul rupert murdoch who owns fox news. donald trump tells me he's narrowed his list of potential running mates. he won't announce it until the
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convention. cecilia. >> okay, tom. to somalia, a terror attack on a hotel killed at least 14 people. it started with a suicide car bombing at the hotel gate. witnesses say gunmen then rushed in shooting people at random and taking hostages. security forces arrived, ending the siege, the islamic extremist group al shabaab has claimed responsibility. back here at home, a day of whitewater rafting turned to tragedy for a young girl on a church trip in north carolina. her death came weeks after her visit but it's now been linked to something that was in that water. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: shock and grief following the sudden death of 18 year old lauren seitz. the recent high school graduate falling gravely ill after whitewater rafting on a church trip in north carolina. health officials blaming her death on a rare infection caused by a brain-eating amoeba. >> this is a very, very tragic situation and we are very
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>> reporter: county health officials said the cdc took water samples. on wednesday. water sports still allow. friday, all whitewater activity suspended after local officials said a majority of samples showed amoeba in preliminary results. staff members blowing whistles. calling rafters out of the water. >> water got in my face in the rafting, so, yeah, i'm very concerned. >> i'm very surprised that this park wasn't closed down. >> reporter: when the amoeba commonly found in lakes, ponds and rivers rarely strikes, it's usually deadly. if it travels to the brain. there have been 138 cases in the last six decades, only 3 people surviving. >> the water gets driven up into my nose, now the amoeba are there, and they get stuck up against my mucus membranes and are able to then work their way into my brain. >> reporter: the whitewater center calling its filtration systemst
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now working with local and federal health officials and expressing sympathies to the teen's family. cecilia? >> thank you. in california, a deadly boating accident off catalina island, three people were killed this morning when a 15-foot boat overturned in rough waters. the coast guard rescued four survivors, most of them in critical condition tonight. and to waters off florida, the coast guard there today suspending the search for a family lost at sea on father's day. the bodies of the father and daughter recovered, but two teenaged sons were never found. and now to the big controversy over concert tickets. many new music fans no fan of ticketmaster tonight. a class action suit that would hope the right note with fans is backfiring. more from abc's lauren lyster. >> reporter: music fans hoping free ticket vouchers would get them hot tickets, like beyonce. ♪ >> reporter: outra
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ticketmaster doling out $50 million coupons in ticket vouchers. but the vouchers are only good for a limited list of concerts. many of those tribute bands and b-list acts. want to see ac/dc? how about the back in black tribute instead? catch "the molly ringwalds" an '80s' cover band. big names like gwen stefani made the list too, but many fans still calling it a "joke" online. "the late show's" stephen colbert agreeing. >> here's the catch, ticketmaster just unveiled the list of available concerts and it's a who's who of definitely not the who. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the complaints going beyond the acts. >> it won't take any of my voucher codes so it's really disappointing. >> every single show that i saw was sold out. >> reporter: over 750 concerts, all sold out. fans in 24 states in the cold, no shows there at all. ticketmaster in a statement writing, "over $10 million worth of ticket vouchers have been redeemed a t
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good news for the disgruntled. ticketmaster will make more saets with more details available in 2 next week. and a farewell tonight to an institution in fashion and in new york. the legendary bill cunningham has died after complications from a stroke. he was beloved figure around town here. he tracked society and street fashion trends from his bicycle for nearly four decades. bill cunningham was 87 years old. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight." this saturday, a public health alert to visitors of a popular vacation resort. anthe "top gun" star assaulted inside her own home. >> what's your address? >> help me! >> what she's saying tonight. plus, the 7-month-old cub wreaking havoc at a major zoo, these visitors spending their saturday on lockdown, thanks to the bear named joan.
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try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. next, you'll remember her from "top gun." but now, a new role for kelly mcgillis -- crime victim. the actress taking on an intruder in her own home. what happens next, abc's marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: tonight, chilling new details about the attack on actress kelly mcgillis inside her north carolina home. >> help me! >> reporter: the top gun star saying this woman hid in her house. and when mcgillis walked in, ran at her, punching and scratching. the two struggling as mcgillis called 911. >> she's beating me up. please help me. >> reporter: the 58-year-old actress finally managing to escape. police quickly arresting laurence dorn on a list of charges, including assault and stalking. the sheriff's department now telling abc news she flew to north carolina from chicago, and possibly took a cab
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mcgillis's home. >> she said, "you've been stalking me, you know exactly who i am." that's when i got scared. >> reporter: so scared, she got an emergency concealed weapons permit, posting this picture to facebook from her target practice. today, mcgillis, left bruised, scratched and unsettled, says she is most upset, that her alleged attacker wasn't alone. >> she had a 6-year-old girl with her who had to be a part of all that it's horrible. >> reporter: and that child was put in protective custody. dorn is now freed on $60,000 bond and is due in court this week. cecilia. >> thank you. up next right here -- a new career for the first lady of maine, why she said she's ready to take your order. and riding high, the new attraction 1,000 feet in the air. if you're scared of heights, close your eyes for this one.
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governor's wife ann lepage is waiting tables in boothbay harbor this summer. her husband's $70,000 a year salary is the lowest take-home pay for any governor in the country. she said the new job will help supplement that income and allow her to buy a new suv. if you're afraid of heights, this one is not for you. the brand-new sky slide in downtown l.a., 1,000 feet up, a glass tunnel linking the 70th to the 69th floor, i think i would probably take the stairs instead. and visitors to the columbus zoo got a real scare today, too, the zoo placed on lockdown when a dangerous animal escaped. the outlaw -- a 7-month-old bear cub named joan, as in jett, she was moving to a new enclosure where she got a taste of freedom, she scaled the fence. workers quickly recaptured her. all is now back to normal. and up next -- p
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a farmer's market.ieve what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. well, finally tonight, she was voted prom queen, captain of the cheerleading squad, and now she's something more astonishing about graduate destyni tyree. abc's mary bruce explains. >> reporter: at first glance destyni tyree fits a familiar picture of high school success -- top of her class. >> destyni! >> reporter: prom queen, college bound. but she did all that in just two years, destyni is only 16 and while living here -- in washington, d.c.'s largest homeless shelter, sharing this room with her
6:58 pm
sister. after her mother lost her job, the adjustment was difficult. at a new school with the help of her principal -- destyni seized her destiny. >> it's bigger and better things in life that i'm trying to get to. >> reporter: she took classes online and even during the summer. >> they told me i was going to graduate this year, it was such a relief. my life will start now. i'm like -- >> reporter: big exhale? >> yes. >> reporter: then in her grandmother's mailbox -- the shelter has no mailing address. >> this is a letter that's going to change our lives for good or bad. >> reporter: a full school rar ship to potomac state college in west virginia. what does this letter mean to you? >> accomplished. accomplished. >> reporter: mary bruce, abc news. >> accomplished is right.
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congratulations. "good morning america" in the morning. i'm cecilia
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