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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  June 25, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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kimberly: wait, is that really a
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charm. this chihuahua mix took home the wn for the ugliest dog of 2016. a group of misfits on the catwalk. the goal is doing courage people to adopt their four-legged friends from animal shelters. no matter how ugly they may be. my gosh. that one had a comb-over. and the bikini? still alive thing like -- still nothing like the unconditional love of a dog. the golf forecast tomorrow's looking great, especially starting early. cool in the morning, low 80's in the afternoon. chance of storms monday, a better chance tuesday.
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>> now, abc seven saturday news extra come on your side. kimberly: thanks for staying up with us. two states of emergency in west virginia because of flooding. out west, efforts to stop massive wildfires have failed, and in coal mining country, 24 people have died in historic floods. we have reports from both coasts. reporter: the search for the missing is underway as epic floods in west virginia. findamily is trying to their 70-year-old friend. we knew that somebody threw her a rope, and we never heard anymore. reporter: the rapidly rising waters trapped hundreds of people. >> it was terrifying
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waters rose, hundreds of homes damaged or swept away. >> completely destroyed. everything in it. out west in california, devastation of a different kind. homes, so quick that an elderly couple could not escape in time. >> we have confirmed we have at least two fidelity's. reporter: california's largest wildfire has burned 35,000 acres. evacuation orders are in effect for 2500 homes at risk. so far, a land in a result has not stopped the fire. major decisions out of the supreme court this week. the court was deadlocked and unable to de
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obama's executive order on immigration. it is designed to protect family members of u.s. citizens who enter the u.s. illegally. have been left in limbo. tom roussey takes a look at what's next for them. i was really helpful in the supreme court. to the u.s.e came from el salvador 12 years ago, she was pregnant with her daughter, victoria. victorino a is a citizen, her of -- her mother's undocumented. they participated in a meeting in silver spring. cames one of a number who to take advantage of president obama's plan aimed at parents of citizens of a legal residents web and in the s. at least five years, but now she cannot participate, and although her daughter cannot be deported, she can be. it, try not to worry about but it's not
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>> i worry sometimes when i'm home, just thinking about things. the president's plan say no matter how you feel about immigration -- they believe what the president did went way beyond his authority. >> congress, not the president, writes our laws. kimberly: a separate ruling from the high court. the court upheld the university of texas program that considers race in the official process. a white student sued, saying she was turned away in favor of a less qualified minority student. justice elena kagan abstain from the case because she worked on it while serving in the justice department. abc 7 first told you that d.c. school students would be tested for lead, now changes to how the city and school system will define elevated levels in the water. they will lower the threshold, raising red
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ford reports, there is a safety measure going into place for rec centers. sam: filters like these are being installed at every drinking water source and d.c. buildings that accommodate children. nearly 4000 faucets and fountain citywide. >> all public schools, libraries, rec center. sam: the deputy mayor says it will cost about $2 million. the city is doing it in light of the new standard by the american academy of pediatrics standard that says any lead level above 15 parts per million is unacceptable for the young. now they say any level over one part per billion. >> six sources had higher lead levels on the second test. sam: councilmembers heard parents' frustration over the lead testing program.
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as the city paid for tests for children. parents are worried. >> if they are on every single source and replaced regularly, we think this is a good first that. time, it's costly to replace the pipes, but as we remediate, those pipes will be replaced. >> if any time of the testing we see a result above the recommended level, we will take action, replacing the filter, making sure it is effective. next on: coming up saturday news extra, ticketmaster being forced to give away tickets to big summer shows. how to know if you have a free voucher. plus, lawmakers make a new push to fix this beautiful memorial bridge. why that may not be enough to keep it from shutting down. josh:
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kimberly: a 7 on your side consumer alert for millions of people from ticketmaster. after class action lawsuits, they will be giving away free tickets for some events this summer to make up for fees and other charges customers paid between 1999
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be getting an e-mail letting you know what to do next. about 50 million people should be eligible. local leaders are pushing for money new to repair the memorial bridge. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg explains why even if they do get the funds come you may still see the bridge shut down. the memorial bridge looks as corroded and aged above as it looks beautiful above. >> anybody who doesn't think this is a top priority should be taking that back. city leaders this morning getting a close look at the steel, metal, and concrete holding the bridge together. >> this is the most vulnerable, most threatened to bridge and the entire federal inventory. jeff: they are pushing congress millionve a $250 so-called fast lane grant for repair
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to keep the bridge for an estimated 68,000 vehicles per day, but without permanent fixes, the bridge will have to be shut down in 2021. time, butught us some now we have to focus on the next step, replacing the bridge. >> you close this down for an extended time, it will be total gridlock. possibility.lcome >> a closed bridge, in addition to the public transportation issues, that would be a huge problem. commuters, the just --e is more than >> i go across every morning commuting. kimberly: still ahead -- how a simple playground bench is a symbol of friendship.
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kimberly: a big bummer if you like to go to the jersey shore, jellyfish are multiplying off the coast. it is small but they pack a punch. they are clinging jellyfish. that is never good. the dime sized sea dwellers cling to your skin and then stayin
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water's and sit of the ocean. one person was hospitalized last .eek after a sting they believe that they cling to ships. josh is over here shivering. josh: that's a novel description. stay in the pool tomorrow. josh: a great day for that tomorrow. in the morning it will be cool. then we work up to the warm afternoon temperatures. 70 degrees right now rockville. overnight, dropping into the mid and low 60's and a lot of places. the cooler air masses favoring the mid-atlantic. d.c. 74 in further west, 80's indiana, chicago. we hang onto the cooler air because of the clear skies.
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way across the region will keep the skies clear, lots of sunshine tomorrow. the rain moves back in monday. sunday, a few showers popping up in west virginia, but i think the model is overdoing those. predominately clear around d.c., very nice. tomorrow will look the same along i-81. today a lot of extra cloud cover, but that we work our way through sunday, 5:30, still barely anything popping up on futurecast. monday, a cold front heading our way. but in thef sunny, clouds build and. the most likely timeframe for
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let's you are further west. the rain shows up after sunset. tuesday, a better chance of rain. us,o 67 overnight, most of some of the start in the 50's. very comfortable overnight. tomorrow afternoon, wonderful weather for the swimming pool, sunny skies, 84 to 88. hotter than today, but the humidity is still low. the seven-day forecast, low humidity tomorrow. you will notice the muggy feeling tomorrow. a better chance you will need the umbrella tuesday, 40% chance. wednesday and thursday, those are the dry days of the week. if the kids are starting swim lessons or anything like that, monday should be fine, tuesday may have morning rain. wednesday and thursday look good. holiday weekend, watch for the chance of thunderstorms, more so friday. looks drier saturday. kimberly:
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recess is intended to be pleasant for a school day, but for some kids it can be lonely. kellye lynn shows us how a bench at a virginia school has brought kindness. : the ball rolling inside is intended to diffuse situations that happen out here. busy playgrounds can be painful places for kids. not everyone fits in, and sometimes students just have a bad day. >> it makes you more aware of the ones where lonely. kellye: and there is a bench called buddy. this pennsylvania student is credited with ringing the buddy bench to the u.s. he saw a picture of a bench in a school brochure in germany. he was so impressed, he convinced his school principal to have one installed at his school. >>
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lonely are isolated during times like recess, they can sit on this bench. i would tell people that he needed somebody, he needed a friend. he would be joined by another student. somebody would approach them and let them know they care. kellye: fifth-graders at potomac elementary raise the money to buy the bench for the school. >> to help people feel included. kellye: a way to foster friendship for years to come. kellye lynn, abc 7 news. kimberly: up next, how a group of one warriors
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kimberly: tonight, 7 salutes a group of athletes who not only sacrifice for their country but are giving back to those in their community. jonathan elias shows us how these wounded warriors brought their a-game in a powerful way. a normal it looks like softball game, but look closer come it's not. every member of one team has lost an arm or leg. when we first started this, this was about giving back to each other.
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again. jonathan: they are members of the wounded warrior amputee softball team. >> in afghanistan. >> the second rocket took my drivers leg off. for every player, overcoming tremendous odds. tonight, they challenge channel 7 to a game, and i quickly learned how good they are. foure end, we lost by runs, but the real winners come all the kids in the crowd watching their heroes. again, look closely. many of these kids are either without a limb or they lost one. >> we are showing them they can do anything. that is what we are here for. they pulled on a can't be every year around the country, kids just like them. >> i thought i could not bike
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started doing stuff. jonathan: working with military guys come in a you can buy can play baseball? >> yeah. jonathan: nothing you cannot do? >> not really. jonathan: he learned a valuable ability, exercise your not disabilities. a listen punctuated by watching their heroes win tonight's game. they complete you. >> it's the most rewarding thing that i do every year. it is so much bigger than a game. jonathan elias, abc 7 news. kimberly: that is so cool. after playing with
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