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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  June 26, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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up next at 6:30, chaos in california. by an neo nazi group turns into multiple stabbings at his hour and we're just now getting new video into our newsroom. >> plus, a horrifying accident an amusement park. a roller coaster derails and off the tracks. several people are hurt. we have the latest. >> and what did senate majority connell say when asked whether donald trump was president.o be his answer while he was on the hot seat. thank
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e begin with a protest that quickly turned violent. as a rally at the in sacramento. >> it was bedlam this afternoon the state capital building in sacramento. he traditional worker party gathered for a rally. a rally they had previously gotten a permit for. started when the group was met with protesters carrying sticks. and ge fight broke out began stabbing
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the condition of the victims. none is considered life threatening at the moment. a recent post of the rally being defense ofprotest in the right of free expression. update.k you for that all right. let's take it outside now for a here.t our weather pretty nice sunday but things bitgoing to change a little start of the work week. >> almost perfectly blue skies all day long. and very nice. this is congressional country in bethesda. you can see folks out there on the greens. temperature wise, mid 80s to low 80s across the area. leesburg,
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84 in frederick. it feels great. biggest thing tomorrow is the humidity is low. so it is still very comfortable out there. mostly sunny and with dry air, falls idity, temperature nicely into the low 70s by 9:00 o'clock. going quiet weather is to change. you see that line of thunderstorms in indianapolis. that's associated with a cold heading our way bringing rain and thunderstorms monday and tuesday. heavy rains for a very hard hit west virginia. you can see we're not part of watch but a lot of west virginia including are part of flash flood watches again for tomorrow. coming e out the storms up. >> thank you for letting us know about west virginia because there, a massive clean up has gun from this week's deadly flooding. everal people are still not accounted for at this hour. the fast moving flood waters are responsible for at least
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good look getting a at the devastation. raised grew up here. to look at it now, it's devastating. >> president obama has declared a major disaster in west virginia virginia. the driver of this car in d.c. in the bout to see is hospital tonighted. the crash happened this afternoon on massachusetts creek parkway.k no one else was hurt in that crash. now out eloping story of scotland where ten people are hurt after a roller coaster off the and fell tracks. that ride came crashing down on area.ids bike eight of the injured were children. he theme park is now closed until further notice. covering metro, we're headed week number two for surge number two. this is part of metro's safe safetylanning to improve and
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on july 3rd. >>reporter: surge two rolling in last weekend. >> everyone is packed in. a part of it's all metro's safe track plan. to ar's worth of work aims make the metro rail system safer and more reliable. 11.i had to leave at be to work at 2:00. >>reporter: she takes the metro six days a week. thinking about driving again. i hate it. i hate it. it's awful. workers passed out flyers on sunday at the eastern sunday letting riders know that under surge two, no this will operate between station and minnesota avenue and benning road. trains also won't run between arlington cemetery and
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>> some people told me the signs throughout helped the process. know, e sure, you everybody is safe and to let updatedy know and get an on.hat's going >>reporter: riders are hoping shuttle service and head's up information will help with the crowd. they have enough trains. heading into monday morning, commuters say they're sticking leaving utines and extra time to get to the office. you can try to stay on track track with ing safe text alerts. ust text the word metro to 43817 or click on to sign up. firefighters
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tysons corner this morning. this was not a real emergency. fairfax olice and county authorities held a training drill, a very important one. faced conditions imilar to last year's deadly laenfant ident at plaza. >> as a region, first responders, that's what it's communication, not just externally but internally. >> this was the fifth drill a woman died and dozens the hurt and smoke filled yellow line train. the next drill is scheduled for august. d.c. police are trying to find a person who stabbed a security officer at a giant grocery store. this happened right before noon yesterday on alabama avenue, southeast. authorities say it started when the officer chased after a shoplifting suspect.
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the suspect, he was stabbed in neck. the upper body and the back. that office his or her now recovering at the hospital. no word on his condition tonight. in the wake of the orlando massacre, security around the country is tighter than normal for today's pride parades. fortunately, there were no reports of any major incidents. n new york city, the parade began with a moment of silence for the nightclub victims. of hundreds of thousands people marched in solidarity showing their support for the of orlando. >> pain over what happened in orlando. but the answer is not to run and hide. to stand up boldly. new york city is doing today. up next, the fate of former mcdonnal overnor bob hanging in the balance. det will
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. your choice of delicious chicken or hearty steak. with crumbled feta and cool, creamy tzatziki sauce. try our mediterranean collection today. subway. fresh is what we do. >> encouraging news in iraq in isis.ght against it's been announced on state tv saying le for fallujah iraqi troops retook the final holdout in the city. the u.s. says it's still too say when residents can return home citing the presence left behind bombs by the terrorist group. we're going to know tomorrow virginia governor bob nextnel goes to prison the two years. the u.s. supreme court will to vacate his convictions.
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wealthy gifts from a business man in exchange for political favors. he security will issue its final opinion of the term at 10:00 a.m. is also expected places an f texas undue burden on women speaking abortion. this is the first major abortion case to go before the court in a decade. would leave in place a decision up holding the law a coming up tonight after beautiful sunday, there may be some thunderstorms on the
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>> now to the race for the white house. "washington post"
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fall. illary clinton with a 12-point lead. trump was ahead by two points in the same poll last month. those surveyed said trump is unqualified to serve as president. majority leader mitch mcconnell refused to answer that question. whethern't hear you say you thought he was qualified. >> look, that's up to the decide. people to he won the republican nomination fair and square. votes than anyone else. virginia senator clinton's nd up as running mate? he's senator kane admitted boring. >> are these critiques or compliments to you? >> they're true. i am boring. >> okay. boaring is thew, fastest growing demographic in this country. >> is it really? [laughter]
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>> clinton is also reportedly considering massachusetts warren.elizabeth time to take a check of the whacked. is not boring. it's exciting and beautiful. >> it's something everybody i agree on too. it's the kind of weekend i try to deliver. sunshine right now. temperatures falling into the 70s this evening making for very comfortable conditions. the air is super dry around the district. that's just not something that about hereto talking june heading into july. we're much more familiar with swelter and weaty all of the mugginess. 83 degrees. 49. point at means your heat index is at the same spot as the actual temperature. still hot today. with a dew point in the 40s, that kind of in invigorating category. unfortunately by the time we get and tomorrow afternoon evening we're bouncing around here. so more so uncomfortable,
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oppressive, noticeable tomorrow. igh pressure all weekend long pushing out into the atlantic and we're watching this cold front right here where you see of leading edge thunderstorms continue to head our way. the good news is that front breaks down on the way. it's not going to bring a bunch of thunderstorm activity but potty storms is what we're watching out for. monday morning you might wake up to patchy fog but that's about it. we're dry for the majority of the day around d.c. if you're just running out for day, you part of the won't need the umbrella. you'll be fine. on the i-81 ed it corridor. hagersburg. still, 1:00 o'clock, d.c. dry. well.ine as 5:00 p.m., still most of the rain on the west side of the blue ridge and into the evening starts to head over to d.c. the of it breaks down on way. i think heaviest downpours stay to the west.
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annapolis, more shower activity. it becomes spotty for us but that chance sticks around hroughout the entire day on tuesday. that much heavy rain but opportunity still with us through the day. very comfortable this evening. low humidity. .0s into the 70s. tomorrow morning starting off again.refreshing manassas. 50s on the board this morning. i don't think we'll see that tomorrow morning. the upper 60s. patchy fog through the sky through the rush. around lunchtime. a bit muggier. 82. increasing. around d.c. still dry. scattered thunderstorms by the to the p.m. rush but specifically later on in the evening around d.c. our high. for
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just might need the wipers on home.y 40% chance of rain monday. 30% chance on tuesday. and highs in the 80s. it feels great by wednesday and thursday. humidity goes back down. bringing in hen some pop up storms to start the holiday weekend. for ooking ahead to monday independence day, things looking as humid.r, and not >> a.j. is out. >> true. >> i appreciate your optimism. that's right. >> and it looks like the nats thunderstorm. >> no. a much needed win today. i don't know why they weren't but they needed the win. leesbthe
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>> and now the toyota sports deck brought to you by your toyota dealer. wll
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loansround of the quicken national. lead. hurly came in with a today still going strong in the final round. the approach on 9. beautiful. two feet of the cup. he would birdie to go to 16 under. look at that. trying to turngh back time like cher. two shots back to begin the day. this is not good. into the water. he finished at 12 under. rookie, 15th hole. this birdie attempt could tie under.t 15 doesn't happen. lifts out. can't believe it. day belongs to the navy grad, his chip shot onto the rolls right in. first-ever pga tour the ets a big hug from family. scott abraham is
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from today's final round tonight on abc 7's sports sunday. the nats can't win. only thing worse than losing is n straight before today losing eight straight. and steven
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strain. goal eck out this amazing here. acrobatic skills. technique. oland wins the game on penalty kicks. but this was great stuff. a final note, former tennessee coaching legend pat health has declined. right now she's surrounded by her loved ones and they're prayers.r so keep them in your prayers. >> she's a legend. >>
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>> we want to take a quick moment to tell you about a big abc 7 and news channel 8. last night for the second year awarded our station was the coveted emmy for overall excellence. congratulations to everyone for their hard work. needed a u-haul truck to bring back everything. >> nice group shot there. yeah. award winning weather for sure too. absolutely. especially for this evening. mostly dry. the umbrella on evening.and monday just tracking some spotty thunderstorms at the beginning of the holiday
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