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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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kimberly: next, enough is enough. from a d.c. after another night of violence. the message that residents want d.c. police
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hear. story of a hungry teenager who asked a man for a -- anddonuts ended up ended up with nearly a quarter million dollars. good evening, i'm kimberly suiters. we begin with a call for action in the district from a neighborhood fed up with violence. this latest incident involving several shots fired in southeast washington. , many people hurt woke up to find in up since with their cars. matt jablow is live with more. what a scene overnight in southwest washington come a shooting that started just about where i'm standing, continued about a block and a half down 17th street. neighborhood leaders
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say enough is enough. it happened just after midnight. it was at the intersection of e in southeast. it is small comfort for the anc commissioner for this neighborhood. damaged, but we have families on this block and they could have been hit by all shebullets this morning said the overnight shooting was the latest in a series of violence in the past year, including carjackings in a rate. she is calling on the city police to increase patrols in the neighborhood and insisting wereepartment of justice vigorously prosecute violent criminals once they have been arrested. >> this is happening citywide. we are willing to stop this
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this. matt: live in southeast washington, matt jablow, abc 7 news. this just in from d.c., the police are looking for this man, wanted in connection with the stabbing of a special police officer working security at a giant store in southeast. the attack happened yesterday morning in the 1500 block of alabama avenue. investigators say the officer was investigating the report of a stolen item when he was stabbed several times. the word on the officer's condition tonight. a live look outside right now, night.beautiful sunday a mixture of showers coming our way. josh knight will tell us exactly when we will see what pavement. josh: we have another neat shot of the national harbor wheel at sunset. this toncan sent u
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us on twitter. a beautiful way to wrap up the weekend. right now we are looking at temperatures falling into comfortable numbers,69 reston, 64 annapolis. around the area, but as we zoom out, the rain and a beautiful way to wrap up the weekend. right now we are looking at temperatures falling into comfortablethunderstorms are moe to cincinnati, through ohio and cleveland. that is the cold front heading our way tomorrow, not making it alder, but it does bring us chance of showers and thunderstorms late in the evening for most of us around he see further to the west, we will see those midafternoon. we start in the 60's, then the upper 80's and much more humid tomorrow, back to the summer-like feel. if you are out and about tomorrow evening, make sure that you take your umbrella. we will time those out coming up. kimberly: as if people in flood
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suffered enough, the misery is not over. the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for 22 counties in west virginia monday. heavy rains are possible in many areas already hit by last week's flood that killed 25 people statewide. remember the sinking feeling you may have had friday when the stock market went into a freefall after britain voted to leave the u.k.? you may feel queasy again when the market opens tomorrow. trading,in premarket stocks are aiming lower again. worldwide, many are worried the brexit vote could set off a global recession. more than $2 trillion in global assets were wiped out friday. some financial experts are advising people to take a deep breath. >> we could see further selling monday. having said that, this is all short-term.
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money in a 401(k) for retirement, you should not be focused on this at all. 3.5erly: meanwhile, nearly million people in britain have signed a petition for a second referendum. political experts say the second referendum is possible, but if it happens at all, it would likely not be for a while. we will know tomorrow former virginia governor bob mcdonnell will go to prison the next two years. court willpreme decide whether to reverse his corruption conviction. it could also impact the conviction of his wife, maureen. they were convicted of accepting gifts from a wealthy businessman in exchange for political favors. the supreme court will issue its final opinions of the term at 10 a.m. the court is expected to decide if a texas law places an undue burden on women seeking an abortion, the first major abortion case to go before the court at a decade. a 4-4
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split among justices would leave in place a lower court decision upholding the law. create11:00, trying to an environment of peace and a northern virginia community at the muslim society and sterling. among the guests, the state's attorney general and the fbi. roz plater has that story. has wrapped up, but a lot of folks are still here for prayers tonight. that service will go until about midnight. earlier tonight, they got insurance is from the state and federal leaders they would not tolerate intolerance. in song and in prayer, this gathering was about peace and understanding, an interfaith service at the adams center, which stands for the all-dulles area muslim society. it takes new significance after the
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orlando. lot ofave been getting a reports of bullying in schools after the orlando attack. roz: even though they have strongly condemned the horrific act of violence. the act of this one loan not reflect onld our community. roz: in the crowd, virginia's attorney general, who promised to fight against bigotry. >> as your attorney general, i will continue to not only seek out that intolerance and also work to reassure racial and religious minorities that they are natural part of our communities. roz: the not reflect on our director of the fbi field office thank the muslim community for their cooperation but said the other way to help us to join the agency in the work of national security. >> we are hiring like crazy right now in the fbi and we need
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the fbi is all about keeping people safe and protecting our communities. the virginia attorney general also said he will do a lot more in terms of outreach to religious minorities to let them know what their rights are and who they can turn to for help. live and sterling, roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: the tragedy in orlando was very much on the minds of around the country who took part in pride parades. a new york city paris eight brianne with a moment of silence. there was heavy security at the events. there were no reports of major incidents. pope francis says the catholic church should apologize to gays and others who have been marginalized by them in the past. despite similar overtures in the past, many gay catholics are weighing for changes from the church on a variety of issues. come on theomments one-year anniversary of the
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covering metro tonight, the start of the second week of the safe track second surge. there is no service between eastern market and minnesota avenue on the orange line, and eastern market to benning road on the silver line. people will converge on the nation's capital for the fourth of july holiday. >> hopefully they haven't of trains. >> -- hopefully they have enough trains. kimberly: surge two is scheduled to end on july 3. also come there is no blue line service between rosslyn and arlington national cemetery. stay on track with everything safe track with text alerts. just text the word "metro" to 43 to, or click on sign up. metro transit police and fairfax county authorities
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metro station, particularly important because participants faced conditions similar to last year's deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza. this is the fifth girl since alexandria woman died and dozens were hurt when smoke the yellow line trains in january 2015. the next dri is scheduled for august. aning up -- terror at amusement park every roller coaster derailed and crashed to the ground. and the latest on the chaotic scene in california, a neo-nazi rally gets out of hand and several people were stabbed. >> it's too bad i did not get to hug him after. an emotionalh moment at the quicken loans national, billy hurley winning his first pga tour.
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we are following what was a chaotic situation in california. group aty a neo-nazi the capitol building in sacramento turned violent after counter protesters showed up. seven people were stabbed. the party is known to have ties to white supremacist groups. one counter protesters said she did not with a neo-nazi group to spread their message to others. ande shut down the nazis, in the process of that they attacked us. injured areho were really very glad they do not have life-threatening injuries. kimberly: some people are in critical condition at night. sufferedther people cuts and scrapes and bruises but when i take it in hospital. nearly a dozen people in the hospital tonight after a terrifying incident at a scotland amusement park.
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sunami went off the tracks. reporter: these are the terrifying moments after it flew off the rails. when speeding around the bend when five cars flew off, plunging hundred and 20 feet. feet.nging 120 >> the wheels left the superstructure. reporter: witnesses described the horrible scene. were trapped, some upside down. bystanders pulled some to safety and paramedics treated the injured and ambulances brought them to the hospitals. adults and eight children were injured. reporter: before the incident, one
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the rain. onre was another incident the same roller coaster several years ago. now the race for the white house, the latest abc /"washington post" poll shows a turnaround for hillary clinton. new numbers have her with a 12-point lead over donald trump, 51 to 39. pointsas behind by two last month. trump called the poll dirty and a disgracefu. lama and lady gaga shared center stage at a conference. the dalai lama answered questions about how to deal with injustice in the world. he said that people can do positive things after tragedies if they look at the big picture. w,
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josh: she has a tendency to do that, her and tony bennett. kimberly: any social justice cause, she is right there. the firstrrow we have chance of thunderstorms, but most of the day is drive. we also have a nice night. we have the dry air in place, so the temperatures will cool nicely. 73 at reagan national with the dew point right near 60 degrees. i expect most of us in the low and mid 60's. muggy factor goes up tomorrow, but open up the windows tonight and enjoy one more night. the cold front is working its way through parts of ohio and indiana. that will continue our way. as it does, it bring showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. in theurecast, 8:30 morning, everything is d
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patchy fog, but otherwise cool and comfortable. lunchtime, a few showers popping up along i-81, but nothing around d.c., and you will not see anything until the evening. things get heavier close to hagerstown and winchester mid afternoon. fast forward, coelho's are to gaithersburg, just on the edge of d.c. at about 6:30. the downside is the rain is showing up, closer to the drive home. the evening rush, more likely to deal with the rain. tuesday, things are pretty spotty, but still worth having the umbrella. you will notice some of that comes together across the d.c. area. of rain late tomorrow, then again pretty much all day tuesday. the good news, once a and thursday, we are drying out. morning lows tomorrow, mid 60's d.c., fredericksburg
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annapolis, 65. we warm quickly. most of us will be in the upper 60's, mostly sunny, patchy fog. still dry around d.c., clouds building in. you will notice the humidity starting to go up, but now with the rain yet. by the drive home is when we get saturday thunderstorms. wipers, but we are still in the mid-to-upper 80's across the area. tuesday, just watching for spotty rain as we go into the second day of the seven-day tuesday,top88 degrees wednesday and thursday we dry out, the humidity goes down, feeling nice. heading into friday, saturday sunday, the holiday weekend, spotty thunderstorms. to a washout, but getting the swimming pool, having cookouts, looks good. it is muggy,
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the fourth. we are drying out. still eight days away, but i like the trend. drying out for therly: fourth of july and waterworks at the quicken loans national. robert: an incredibly emotional day at it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready.
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the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ woman: i have a masurprise for you.are you? man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran.
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but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: leesburg native billy hurley came into the quicken loans national with a two shot lead over ernie els. this chip shot lands on the green, and if it roles and it's a birdie. right into the cup, birdie. he wins his first ever pga tour event.
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scott abraham caught up with an emotional billy hurley. motheri talk to your after the round today. she was emotional, i got emotional. she said your father would be so proud of you. >> yeah, i'm sure he would. won this for dad? >> yeah. it's too bad i do not get to hug him afterwards. scott: what does it mean for a navy man to win this tournament? >> for a serviceman, it is not get much better than that. down thendled himself stretch, to all he has gone through in his life, it's impressive. robert: stay tuned for abc 7 "sports sunday," coming up at 11:35. i'm pretty sure billy hurley would give the
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-- a for a teenager asks a man bag of doughnuts, but ends up with nearly a quarter million dollars.
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kimberly: a 7 on your side consumer alert, ticketmaster is getting a bad note with music fans over free concert vouchers. ticketmaster settled a lawsuit that said it had excessive ticket fees. purchase tickets between 1999 and 2013 got vouchers for free tickets to certain events. here is the problem -- all the shows that could have been used for vouchers have already been sold out. also, 24 states have no free voucher shows. ticketmaster says it will make more shows eligible to be used with a voucher. is kindness of strangers making a life-changing difference for a tennessee teenager and his family. it started when the
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asked a man if he could carry his groceries to the car in exchange for a bag of doughnuts. wanted to help the teenager more, so he started a gofundme page with a modest goal of raising $250. 50,000 has been$2 raised. >> i cannot go out and do it he did when i was 16 years old. he has been humble. plaerly: he says he
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