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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  June 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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saying setting up a meeting or organizing an event as mcdonnell did for businessman williams do not constitute an official act but rather common political behavior. but roberts made clear his disapprove. there is no doubt that the case is distasteful. it may be worse with that. our concern is not of tawdry details. bob mcdonnell and his wife convicted of accepting $180,000 of gift, money, loans from williams in exchange to help williams promote a dietary supplement. mcdonnell called this a day and n which my family and i rejoice and give thanks. it's my hope that the matter will soon be over and my family and i can rebuild our lives. his friends and family and colleagues are pleased he did not give up the fight. >> a lot of people discourage that. i'm glad he did.
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jeff: no word what it means for maureen mcdonnell but safe to assume it will be overturned as well. no word on whether the department of justice will decide to retry bob mcdonnell. all they would say today is they are reviewing the decision and have no further comment. this decision has politicians expressing a great deal of relief. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. also today the supreme court struck down a texas law that has struck down a law regulating abortion clinics. as mike carter-conneen reports the justices voted 5-3 to overturn those regulations. mike: outside the supreme court. texas abortion regulations were declared up due burden on women seeking to end the pregnancies
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abortion providers forced out of business. >> i'm a huge victory on abortion access. >> oral arguments in early march for the first after the death of justice antonin scalia who is expected to side with the state of texas in this case. still justice anthony kennedy joined the more liberal colleagues in the majority. in response, president obama tweeted he was pleased with the ruling. and hillary clinton tweeted the fight isn't over. the next president has to protect women's health. donald trump did not respond. >> with the historic ruling justice has been served in the clinics can stay open. >> it requires the abortion clinics to reach surgical standards and doctors have admitting clinics in 30 miles. >> we hope politicians passing the under-hand laws will start to do the responsible thing and let women have the health and the rights in the
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>> they plan to double down and turn the attention to the presidential election in november with a vacancy on the supreme court and the high court long-term balance up for grabs. in the newsroom, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: okay. now there was one more note here. another major case that the supreme court ruled on this morning. the justices upheld a federal law that bans people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. i involved two people in maine who said guilty plea for hitting partners should not disqualify them from gun ownership. the court disagreed upholding the ban. jonathan: we are keeping an eye to the sky.
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doug: the heavy rain over portion of southwest frederick county. there is a lot of heavy rain. elkens is under warning. heavy rain. but the key is the movement south and away from the metro area. in the next few showers there is a chance even at the nationals park area tonight. there is a chance of isolated thunderstorms to put it at a 30% probability. we'll check out the rest of the weekend and the big fourth of july forecast.
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jonathan: a teacher accused of touching students inappropriately. they want to see if there are other victims. john vigna is the teacher. letters have been sent home to parents in cloverly school. that is not a kind of letter you want sent home. >> absolutely not. the school let surveying. the charging documents go in greater detail saying that mr. vigna used his classroom as a place to sexually abuse the two 11-year-old girls. police also say in some instances the abuse happened while other kids were present in the classroom doing their course work. john vigna has become a household name. hired in 991 he taught a third grade. but today news broke of his arrest.
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he is accused of fondling two 11-year-old girls. this parent tasked to talk to his children tonight. >> i never felt that with him. in all the meetings i had with him. talking to him in the hallway. brief hellos and how are you doing here and there it's been normal. >> vigna worked part-time at a high school where he helped run the bochy program since 2011 and he coached j.v. baseball. he lives in a split-level home on a wooded lot two miles from cloverly elementary school. today no answer at the door. >> i never saw him being inappropriate. i never got a vibe from him.
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>> the girls reported the abuse in february. many parents want to know why it took four months to file charges. i did speak with vigna's son by telephone. he told me no comment and hung up. live in silver spring, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: covering metro now. where 500 jobs are expected to be slashed. metro released a memo to indicate this is a financial move. paul wiedefeld plans to meet with department head to identify non-essential vacant positions that can be eliminated first. coming up the transportation reporter brianne carter explain what other jobs could be cut. leon: continued fallout from great britain's decision to leave the european union eased slightly on wall street. these are the closing numbers today. dow is off 260. the nasdaq is over 100. and the s&p, 36. not a pretty day for traders.
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brexit. standard & poor's downgraded the u.k. perfect credit rating from triple-a. now down to double-a. it's not all about the dollars and cents. the vote to leave the european union was a statement in the war on terror. scott thuman recently went to london and explains. scott: there may always be the trademark red phone booth and black caps of britain, the times are changing. victors behind brexit said leaving european union leaves them more secure with a greater say on terrorism and over refugees. >> if we don't control the borders and we allow free movement from the people with the criminal record or terrorist intent, evil intent to have free movement we will get terrorist attacks. scott: others warn the looming divorce between u.k. and the rest of europe may make each side slightly more vulnerable. >> there are hud
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a little bit more difficult to share information. which might make it more difficult to deport people. might make it more difficult to interact with the european partners. >> since the u.k. is such a strong u.s. ally, that is another concern. one of the biggest reasons that americans should care about what happened here in britain analysts say is because the potential for a so-called brexit could be the beginning of a trend. that other nations might follow suit and leave the e.u. politicians from denmark, netherlands and beyond are looking at similar breakups. meanwhile the financial freefall is causing equal alarm. >> the business does not like uncertainty. scott: the head of the british-american business, a group representing concerns of the major u.s. companies like i.d.m., j.p. morgan and citi. >> they represent a significant sum of money. $1 trillion. >> $1 trillion?
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>> $1 trillion of fixed u.s. investment in the united kingdom. scott: showing the gray skies of great britain symbolize gray area over much of the world. in london, scott thuman, [ music ] -- scott thuman, abc7 news. alison: back at home. a former civil rights leader now in police custody. while walter fauntroy was arrested when he arrived at dulles international airport today. >> we are going to remember the struggle and remember the people we lost. jonathan: the struggle now has a land mark on the list. alison: new video released to catch a killer. what police are saying about the triple murder in district heights. jonathan: but first, why the devastating flooding that has been going on in west virginia could get worse. we'll take you there in a live report up next on "abc7 news
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♪ stand by me. jonathan: some folks in the california neighborhood returning home now that the wildfire burned away from that area. that fire 50 miles east of bakersfield killed two people and destroyed 200 homes. fire officials call it the most destructive wildfire in that area's history. this afternoon it is 40% contained.
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alison: meanwhile the death toll in west virginia dropped from 25 to 23 after two people were found to be camping and not missing in the floodwaters. more rain in the mountain state is posing another round of problems there. we're live with how it looks there tonight. reporter: we are at smith food fair. this is a dropoff site. people will come in and drop off supplies and the volunteers will take supplies to start preparing to ship them to the worst hit areas across west virginia. the supplies are just the necessity, ready to eat food, bottled water and diapers. they are not taking clothing or furniture now. frankly the flood victims don't have anywhere to put the things now. they will do drives for that later this week. for now just the necessities. you will also notice supplies
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they did that earlier today in preparation for more rain. luckily so far we have only had sprinkles and light rain but there is a potential flash flood warning this evening which is of course the absolute last thing that the area needs right now. west virginia governor earl ray tomblin toured the area earlier today. he toured greenbrier county. that is probably the worst hit area across the state. tomblin stressed the importance that the flood victims document their damage and register it with fema as soon as possible. tomblin did acknowledge that with all of this devastation and the clean-up efforts still ongoing right now, it's going to take quite some time before west virginians can get back to their daily routine and their normal lives. live in clendenin, west virginia, whitney wetsel, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. you see the pictures and it's terrible. alison: more rain potential. doug: it's not widespread but
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they don't any rain for a while. but by late tomorrow night and through wednesday and thursday most of friday it's clear, dry, lower humidity. it will help. we are in that season, and the pattern we have more frequent patterns and storms. i heard of it while i was away. it's the pattern we are in now. alison: you said at 4:00 we have not had many 90-degree days. doug: this is the first year we have had five days that hit 90 or slightly above. this time last year we had done it 19 days. alison: amazing. jonathan: nice break. doug: you never know what will happen next. what the rest of july and august will be like, flip a coin. that could be wrong! let's get started here. 86 during the day. the cloudiness related to the showers well north and east of the area but it is
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comfortable. humidity levels are up. the planner, a chance of isolated shower or thunderstorm across the area. most of it will stay well west and southwest of washington. maybe fog overnight. overnight readings remaining in the 70's. north and west, 60's. a very mild night. 66 in hancock in the morning. 65 in martinsburg. 66 in charlestown. 68 in ashburn. it's 71 downtown. 67 in the morning by gaithersburg. 72 along the bay in annapolis. let's update you on the rain. the areas of showers are diminishing. heavier shower over northwest baltimore county. light sprinkles and the showers along the potomac river in montgomery county. most abtivesy is out west -- activity is out west. the showers stafford storms are moving south and east. while they are falling a lot of
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there are two frontal systems on the map we are watching. both have the ability to produce isolated showers and thunderstorms. that is a mechanism at work here. the future cast takes the second one by tomorrow afternoon and the everything. each time the system goes through, there will be a chance of showers and storms. partly sunny. warm and muggy tomorrow. finally behind the second front to wednesday. that is when we see the cooler, drier air move in the region. wednesday and thursday are spectacular. it's comfortable outdoor weather. friday, the heat and the humidity return. we get ready for the holiday weekend through saturday, sunday and in the fourth on monday. the seven-day forecast, 30% chance of showers and the storms tomorrow. 88. wednesday and thursday, less humid. more chance of showers and storms friday afternoon. saturday we could have storms. it will hit 86 but most of the day is dry. the showers tend to be late afternoon or everything. sunday more showers. the fourth looks dry. give you a look at fourth of july weather.
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plenty of sunshine. highs in the mid-to-upper 80's. headed to the beaches, here is the way it looks there for the upcoming holiday weekend. temperatures are cooler. low 80's. maybe late day showers and storms. sunshine on monday. all things considered a good looking weekend at the beaches. alison: beautiful holiday weekend. sounds great. thank you. jonathan: july fourth is around the corner. for a bunch of us that means spending time with family and friends and figuring to out which fireworks show you want to check out. d.c. fire and e.m.s., they do it every year and doing it again now. they warn lighting sparklers on your own can be dangerous. in fact, check out this video. they showed us that the fireworks and the explosives confiscated this past year. >> we don't want people's clothes to catch fire. we don't want people's housing to catch fire. some of the products shoot high in the sky. if you don't have the proper clearance and the distance or the proper licensing to use these products you can injure yourself or start
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says d.c. anything that explodes, shoots projectile or moves when the fuse is lit is considered an illegal piece of fireworks. you have been warned. alison: good reminder every year. jonathan: yep. alison: still ahead, a state's attorney from maryland is arrested in ocean city. we'll tell you why. jonathan: plus it's not for charity. so why is the wife of maine's governor waiting tables? sam: d.c. former coverageman arrived here at dulles from the middle east and was immediately arrested. i'm sam ford.
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alison: he represented d.c. in congress for 20 years. he was also a civil rights leader. jonathan: now walter fauntroy is in trouble. he is under arrest after returning to the u.s. today for the first time since 2012. d.c. bureau chief sam ford joining us live at dulles international airport to explain why fauntroy is now in police custody. what happened, sam? sam: many were worried about him. he went to dubai. over the weekend some of his friends decided to go get him. when they landed back here in washington this morning the police had him. this is the mugshot the loudoun county jail released of walter fauntroy this
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getting off a flight from dubai where he has been living the past four years. >> how did he look? >> he looks good. sam: you know him well. is he lucid? >> of course. he is good. sam: viola bradford, a former congressional staffer and church member flew to dubai saturday to bring fauntroy home. >> we were able to go to the u.s. consulate. they are helpful. we found him where he was. his family there. treating him wonderfully. able to get him back. sam: he was taken to jail. in 2011 he failed to appear in court case over his $50,000 bounced check involving obama inauguration party that never took place. >> we were surprised frankly and honestly the bench warrant was reissued this morning
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security. sam: barnes said much of the bounced check had been paid down and it took work to get fauntroy out of dubai. >> we got the passport, got the ticket and the waiver from the dubai government. sam: so here is what we are hearing will happen tomorrow morning. he will go to a court in loudoun county virginia for extradition back to maryland. but it will not be necessary. because a maryland judge issued a new order reducing him on his personal recognizance. he will be able to walk out of the court and he has to appear in maryland on the charge with the check on july 20. live from dulles international airport airport, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: thank you. still ahead right here. 500 job cuts coming to metro. we tell you what position will go first. jonathan: plus the history and the emotion surrounding the newest addition to the
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>> a cold-blooded killer is caught on camera. police need your help
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. jonathan: there is an
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search for a man who shot and killed three people inside a district heights home. alison: this happened late friday night. police have a new clue that they hope will help lead to the suspect. maryland bureau chief brad bell live from the scene in district heights with what the clue is. tell us about it. brad: clues are hard to come by. there is no sign of a problem on the outside of the house. take a look at the front door. you can see they did try to get fingerprints. the police did. you can see the rectangle. they used tape to lift a print. tonight they have even better evidence. a video of the man himself. there is a video-oil jogging, carrying a gun, hopping a fence and vanished in the night. just murdered three people and wounded two others. watch
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the police offering reward of up to $25,000 for his identity. >> he seems pretty nonchalant after shooting five people. that is disturbing to say the least. brad: 2 video captured by a security camera friday night after 9:30 after the gunman burst into this small home shooting and killing 60-year-old allen rowelett, 55-year-old jan parks and 50-year-old carlina gray. another occupant critically wounded inside and a fifth outside as he encounters the fleeing killer. the image of the same man taken at a nearby liquor store before the murders. >> when you live next door to something like that happening you see it in the paper every day. when it happens to you next door it's a hard pill to swallow. brad: police confirm they found drugs in the home and believe it as a targeted attack
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the home or someone not home. >> i'm very heart broken. very heartbroken over this it don't make no sense. brad: the video released a couple of hours ago. it is available on the newscast. on the website. they hope someone recognizes it but if they don't they will be here in the neighborhood tonight going door to door with fliers with the images they now have of the man they believe committed this horrible crime. the district heights, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you. checking today's other top stories now. the supreme court has thrown out the federal corruption conviction of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. in a unanimous decision the court said the interpretation of the federal bribery statute was overly broad. now the decision does not prohibit prosecutors from retrying mcdonnell in the future. jonathan: a third grade teacher accused
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female students. john vigna is a teacher at cloverly elementary school in silver spring. according to the charging documents some of the abuse happened while other students were in the classroom at the same time. vigna surrendered to police this morning. alison: brexit continues to take a toll on the stocks around the world. the dow closed down 260 points. it fell 600 points friday after the results to the vote were announced. the credit rating agencysy fitch downgraded britain's double crediting from double-a plus, to double-a. jonathan: the u.s. coast guard academy getting girl power. the income class is 38% women. highest percentage ever. they honored this by acknowledging the first female graduates at a reporting in ceremony. neither the nail academy, the military academy at west point or the air force academy boasted these numbers. although each have seen a sharpin
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enrollment. today it became official. stonewall national monument became a landmark. last week president obama announced it would join the registry system to tell the story of the struggle for lgbt rights. it made history in 1929 when the police raided it and the patrons fought back. it is considered the start to the modern lgbt movement. >> when we in the national park service commit to telling the story to working with you to ensure that we get it right and that we carry on the legacy of those here and the stories they carry into the future. jonathan: the monument encompasses the park, the stonewall in and the surrounding street and sidewalk the site of the stonnual uprising. alison: now in a health alertment american academy of
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screened for suicide risk. jonathan: still ahead for us at 5:00 -- a demonstration turns violent in california. why the people at the center of this are ready to go on the rampage again. >> wow! i'm speechless. alison: a local soccer player received a surprise today from the abc7 sports team. find out why d.c. united robinson is all smiles. jonathan: new at 6:00, update from the campaign trail. all powerful new alliance between two women. an
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fighting back against what they are saying about him. announcer: this week with stock markets around the world in a panic how low will they go here? what it means for your 401k. and donald trump's prediction after the stunning financial shakeup overseas. is america really next?
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doug: we continue to monitor showers this evening. if you are headed out tonight the possibility in the metro area. heaviest storms are west virginia and northwest virginia and they will stay south and west of the metro washington region. tomorrow hot and humid 88 with showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. partly sunny. sunny, drier, less humid on wednesday and thursday. friday the humidity returns. a chance of afternoon storms. now saturday and sunday, saturday we'll have showers and thunderstorms most likely late in day or in the evening. sunny in the day and 86. same story on sunday. the fourth of july looks sunny warm and dry. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:
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in sacramento after a violent fight broke out involving a group that many say have ties to white supremecist. the group already has another demonstration in the works.
5:39 pm
and the investigation continues into sunday's ail-out brawl on the capitol grounds in sacramento. police in riot gear moved in after the traditional worker party with ties to sprite supremacy crash -- white supremacy crashed. with 400 counterprotesters. >> if we ignore them and allow them to hold there, they are not nonviolent. they are organizing to attack and kill us. reporter: ten people were taken to the hospital. several were stabbed. police found a handgun in the fight. they called a review and called it unacceptable on twitter. >> they say they were nationalists not supremacists. defending white america conservatives from "leftist extremist." >> we're prepared for gangs of new york style melee. reporter:h
5:40 pm
the outbreak of the violence. >> it became a bloodbath but we got the point across. reporter: the police are looking at the video to make arrests. the traditionalist worker party says next month it will demonstrate in cleveland in support of presumptive g.o.p. nominee donald trump. kenneth mouton abc news, los angeles. jonathan: coming up next for us. maine's first lady. why is she waiting tables this summer? we have the answer coming up for you next. brianne: a call to reduce 500 positions at metro. in the last hour the reaction we're getting from the union representing metro employees. coming up.
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jonathan: covering metro tonight we are in phase two of the metro safetrack. now there is w
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brianne carter is joining us live from northwest washington with details. brianne? brianne: well, jonathan, this is the memo. it follows what we have heard so much from the general manager paul wiedefeld about safety, reliability and fiscal responsibility. now it says 500 positions will be eliminated. the question tonight how many people who currently have a job with metro will be without one? amid a major maintenance overhaul, metro's top leaders now plan to eliminate hundreds of jobs. >> i think the message is that metro is very serious. paul and myself are very serious about streamlining the organization. brianne: in this memo, paul wiedefeld says 500 positions will be cut in the next several months. metro has 13,000 employees. non-safety critical johns that are vacant will be eliminated first. then any redundant jobs are those that aren't necessary for the metro core business needs will be
5:45 pm
>> he has made decisions to actual fire people as well. you will see that happening. brianne: it's unclear how many will be out of a job. this comes after 20 managers refired. and wiedefeld restructured the management team. virginia congresswoman has been calling for metro to reduce the employee cost. >> 78% of the cost of metro is employees. we know they are paid far higher than employees in other comparable systems in new york, boston, san francisco. you have bus drivers, entry level bus drivers getting paid more than career teachers. brianne: in last hour we got a statement from the union representing the employees. they share the general manager's priorities of
5:46 pm
financial responsibility. we believe financial responsibility can be achieved without excessive harm to the metro workforce. this process is expected to take several months. brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: all right. thank you. a reminder to sign up for the special metro text alert texting "metro" to 43817. we have a special page designated to all things safetrack on our website get a check on how the roads are looking. jamie sullivan on traffic watch on this monday. jamie: it's getting busier. take a look at 270 heading north. this is passing by montgomery village avenue. bumper to bumper. this is where we had the accident activity. cleared it away. a crash heading eastbound near route 110. two lanes are blocked. you see the red line building. we'll talk about the districts now. a disabled bus headed inbound
5:47 pm
just after benning road. stay to the left. right lane is blocked. outbound kenilworth avenue two right lanes are blocked with an accident. the slowing for you trying to leave the district 15 miles per hour. in some areas we are in the single digits. beltway, on the outer loop near old dominion. we are seeing delays. inner loop in the single digits but the outer loop is heavier than usual in virginia because of a crash. this is closer to route 50 in arlington. this is where the actual accident is. it's taking out the left lane. this is really the trouble spot for us. a lot of problems for the afternoon rush. be careful out there and take it easy. back to you. alison: all right. thank you. jonathan: you know you would think if your husband was the governor of a state you wouldn't have to worry about money. alison: you would think. that is not the case for the first lady of maine. her name is ann lepage. you know what? she picked up
5:48 pm
a waitress. at a seafood restaurant. serving the lunch crowd three days a week. manager says that lepage has been asking for extra shifts. she says she is not doing this for charity. she is not doing it because she is bored. she says she needs money. >> it's all about the money. he's all about the money. i told him my money i earn here i am putting it in a kitty. i want to buy a car this summer. alison: her husband earns $70,000 to make him the lowest paid governor in the country. you wonder what kind of reaction she gets when she comes to wait on somebody who recognizes her. jonathan: the first lady served us our lunch. the funny thing about that, too. you think when they start to lobby for a pay increase for the job. he says listen, my wife weights tables. pay me more. >> i'm sure she is thinking about that. jonathan: all right. here is now a look at what is coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a dramatic exercise
5:49 pm
how the a.t.f. is training on an arson course and the important lesson taught to first responders. alison: plus d.c. mayor muriel bowser getting ready to sign a new law to raise the minimum wage. these stories and more coming up at 6:00 tonight. jonathan: the skyline in arlington is changing. well all know that. and today, abc7 got a sneak peek at the new central place development that features two mixed use buildings. they will be big. this is in rosslyn. crews finished the residential tower structure. and they are only half finished with the office tower. check out the views. there will be elevators to provide access to the metro station. at the top level we are talking 31 stories up. tenants and tourists can visit observevation deck of vies of d.c. and the region. views of d.c. and the region. >> we are trying to have mixed use development with a retail-rich, central plaza, 17,00 s
5:50 pm
rosslyn. the observation deck is open to the public and open six days a week. we are still working to bring a manager on board to figure out how the ticketing operations will work. a great tourist attraction. jonathan: they will get it up and running and the retail, it will change the area. crews did break ground in 2014 with 500 construction workers on site. residential tower should be done this winter. they expect to open the office tower with the observation deck in early 2018. they do work around the clock. alison: wow! people who are from here who lived here a long time remember when there was nothing in rosslyn. changed so much. jonathan: drastically. alison: amazing. this is a good day if you want to get on top of a tower and look out. what a beautiful day. doug: it has been pleasant. the temperatures are creeping up. in the past hour or two clouds rolled in. we have 86 now. reagan national airport. southerly wind at 17. it feels muggy. sprinkles around the area, too.
5:51 pm
montgomery county and northwest washington. clearly the heavy duty stuff is well west. along west of 81. another batch northwest of charlottesville. the heavy showers will move south and east. area to the west. shenandoah, virginia, under flood warning until 8:30. first pitch time, a chance of a sprinkle. we don't think we will see thunderstorm activity tonight. it's muggy weather. temperatures are dropping to the upper 70's in the ballpark. the city with fog in the morning. it will burn off and turn partly sunny. 88 in the afternoon. muggy day. isolated showers and thunderstorms in the evening. cooler, drier, pleasant weather wednesday and thursday. back to the humidity. saturday and sunday for most of the day. same deal for sunday. and the fourth of july monday. it looks like bright and sunny and warm with the highs at 87 degrees which is average for early july. back to you.
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jonathan: talk sports now. erin: a busy weekend. we do have a good story today. because you know the thought of making your first professional start for any pro athlete would be a daunting one. but not for d.c. united's jalen robinson. not only did he rise to the occasion but he was rewarded for his performance. jalen robinson is still soaking it all in. jalen: honored to get a start. erin: robinson made his first mls start saturday filling in for captain bobby boswell who was suspended for a foul he incurred last weekend. jalen: i didn't want to overthink it. i tried to play my game. erin: robinson mand quite a first impression. today, mid-interview jalen found out he was named to the mls weekly all-star team. jalen: wow! really? i don't even know. i'm speechless. awesome. first start and now make team of the week. erin: robinson is homegrown, a native of baltimore. he honed h
5:53 pm
united academy program. >> anytime you see the young kids from this area that grew up with the club to have them have a taste of success on the big stage is what it is all about. erin: jalen estimates 40 of his most ardent supporters made the trek down 295 to watch saturday. >> relatives, you know, siblings, mom and dad. erin: from barely playing to player of the week. not bad! what will jalen do for an encore? jalen: i got to know my place pretty much at the end of the day. go from there to make myself better, keep competing. erin: it will be fun to watch him complete. leesburg native billy hurley's win sunday was s the best golf story of the year. he also served in the navy announced his father was missing in last year's tournament. only to find out that his father later killed himself. the victory was emotional. his first pga tour win. today he was active on twitter. first he
5:54 pm
they decorated his house there. then he tweeted -- how surreal would that be? waiting for your coffee and people in line are like did you hear about the awesome story. alison: i wonder if he told them. "that's me!" erin: instead he is tweeting. jonathan: he probably turned to them and said, "he should have made the putt on saturday." erin: that would ♪ saturday." erin: that would amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. don't miss the lowest prices of the season going on now, with our best-buy rated c2 queen mattress now only $699.99.
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alison: controversial behavior by the state attorney of cecil county, maryland could put him in jail. edward rollins is accused of stripping naked. the head prosecutor went absent from work today reporter: this is the office of the top prosecutor edward rollins. last week he was in ocean city for ba
5:58 pm
first reported by a blog salisbury news this photo taken wednesday of rollins before he was arrested after two women claimed he exposed himself multiple times from his hotel room. >> oh, my gosh. what was he drinking? reporter: many morning five days later the 73-year-old charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. they hope he is treated like every other defendant. >> it took five days to charge
5:59 pm
announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: first at 6:00, a major decision overturned. the supreme court unanimously decided to throw out the bribery conviction of former virginia governor bob
6:00 pm
way future corruption cases are handled. tonight the big question is will mcdonnell go back on trial in a lower court? northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg joins us live with where things stand now? jeff? jeff: that is the big question hanging over the case. will the justice department bring new charges against bob mcdonnell? the u.s. attorney's office not saying much today. only that it is reviewing this decision and will make no further comment at this time. the mcdonnell camp has plenty to say. it was the ruling mcdonnell and his supporters had been waiting for. still a surprise. >> to have an 8-0 ruling is astounding. jeff: they concluded that the government's version of corruption was too broad. chief justice roberts saying --


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