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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jonathan: that breakin' news we're following now is coming to us from turkey where several people were injured and ten people confirm dead after two explosions and then gunfire broke out at the major airport in istanbul. scott thuman is at the live desk monitoring the situation that seems to be changing by the minute. scott: the latest update is ten people killed in the suicide bomb attacks. the "associated press" reporting through the defense ministry of turkey they learned two suicide bombers were near the x-ray area of the international terminal there at ataturk airport when they were confronted by police. there was a shooting and they detonated the bombs killing at least ten, injured 40, perhaps more. those are just the initial report. turkey has been a target for quite some time. in fact, i was there reporting
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year. when the u.s. consulate came under attack. ever since turkey joined the coalition in the fight in iraq and syria, they have become an even bigger target. they have the ongoing conflict with the ethnic population of kurds. so it's not completely out of hand that we'd see something like this. however, it's the first time we have seen anything of this nature, this scope. at the airport. this is a colossal airport. third busiest in all of europe behind london and paris. it's early in the process so no one has claimed responsibility. but you see the video and the chaos taking place as the taxi cabs ushered away the injured to hospitals. this is ataturk airport in istanbul. while we have seen some attacks in turkey over the past year, we have not seen anything of this nature just yet. we are continuing to watch this unfold.
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blowing themselves up inside the airport. jonathan? jonathan: scott, i understand turkey has had issues dealing with isis since they border the state in which isis calls home. is this the first time we have seen something major like this happen? scott: in some respects, yes. i was there in august. it's the u.s. consulate and you are bordering syria. there are people crossing border who are syrian and many focus their attention on a closer target being istanbul because it aligned itself with the u.s. coalition forces with the fight against isis. that is one front. then you have angoing conflict that is decades old between the kurds who live there and of course istanbul. but this is the first time we have seen anything at the airport. the first time we have seen what looks like a coordinated suicide attack of th
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ten dead is probably just the beginning as we begin to understand the large impact on this. we have seen images of a.k.-47's on the ground and we don't know if the bombers came armed with the guns as well. or if that was something that occurred in the skirmish. we understand according to the initial reports from the "associated press" that police and security forces saw these bombers and began firing at them prior to them detonating the bombs near the x-ray terminals. this is a very large airport. they are well aware they are a target and there is a lot of security at the airport. jonathan: scott thuman. thank you. michelle: we'll continue to monitor that story for breaking developments. the stormwatch7 weather team watching the skies for a chance of storms this afternoon. chief meteorologist doug hill is here. looking pretty cloudy out there. doug: look at the live shot of the u.s. capitol, still sunshine. but the live weather bug camera
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to the northwest. heavy thunderstorm now buried in on that. that line of shower and storms continues to develop. on doppler radar it -- doppler radar it stretches to pennsylvania. winchester and farther south to harrisenburg. cold front to the west. but ahead of the front in a warm and a humid air mass the showers and the storms continue to develop. they track southeast in the next several hours. you will see heavy downpours with light are inning. we will continue to monitor that. leave you with this. quick look at the timing of the cells as they approach the greater metro area. leesburg 4:53. gaithersburg at 5:39. 5:59 in reston. closer to 7:00 before the line reaches washington. we're all over it. probably be back several times to give you updates on the showers and storms. michelle: thank you. you can stay connected with the stormwatch7 team through or the abc7 facebook and the twitter feeds. you can
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jonathan: she created a woman's basketball dynasty and inspiring athletes on and off the court. today family and friends, fans all remembering the legendary pat summitt. erin hawksworth has more now on the coach's passing. erin: when, pat summitt -- well, jonathan, pat summitt was the winningest coach in division i college basketball history. today peyton manning said she could have coached any sport men or women's and been a success. elizabeth hur looks at the life of a champion who inspired millions. >> you are the ones that have to get it done. you will make it happen. start right now! reporter: pat summitt's passion and fire. on and off the court won her more basketball games than any coach in division i college basketball history. men or women. and earned summitt the title of a
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>> she was always fighting for herself or us or for the game. reporter: with summitt in charge they scored 1,098 victories. she coached the 1984 women's basketball team to the first olympic gold medal. >> we would not have the same opportunities were it not for the people like pat summitt who led the way and opened doors we walked through. reporter: then in 2011 -- >> pat summitt has been diagnosed with early on set dementia. >> i hate to say why me? so i said forget this. let's go battle it. reporter: but a year later that battle forced summitt to make a difficult decision to step down as the head coach at tennessee. her accomplishments ultimately recognized with the presidential medal of freedom. a disturbing tributes for the ultimate champion. >> i don't think anyone could come close to her. she is so great at what she did. it will be hard to top her.
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president obama called summitt an spiring fighter. her son said she died peacefully surrounded by her loved ones. a public memorial service is scheduled for july 14. elizabeth hur, abc7 news. erin: summitt made a few visits to the d.m.v. in her coaching career. we caught up with her in 2008 for what turned out to be a very special conversation. >> i love what i do. i feel incredibly fortunate to have an opportunity to wake up every day and work with young people. >> i can't imagine not coaching. a lot of people say how much longer will you do it? as long as i love it. erin: if you want to hear more on the special conversation we posted the full interview with pat summitt on coming up at
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women's head coach jen rizzoti will join us in studio. she will have an interesting perspective. jonathan: thank you. nfl lost a legend of their own. .genius buddy ryan. ryan won two super bowls, one where he coordinated one of the greatest defenses in history. 4-6 defense for the 1985 bears, up believable. his twin sons rob and rex are also successful nfl coaches. buddy ryan was 82. alison: "7 on your side" on -- with a consumer alert. ikea is going to stop selling one of the most popular line of chest and dressers after the deaths of three toddlers and dozens of injuries. the furniture can tip over injuring or crus
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person beneath it. abc7's senior investigative reporter lisa fletcher has more on the sweeping recall. lisa: this recall is unprecedented. 29 million pieces of furniture sold over the last decade. the company will take back for a complete refund. do the math. that is $2 billion. ikea says the safety of the customers is more important than the money. last summer they implemented repair program to offer free wall anchor it kits to anyone wo owned product. but this is half two toddlers died pin under the furniture. jackie's son was only 2 years old. >> i opened the door and saw my dresser overturned on to his bed. i didn't see him anywhere. i went over to the dresser. i saw his head poking out between the dresser and the bed. it had fallen
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neck. so i picked up the dresser and i took out his body. i laid it on the bed and checked to see if there was a heartbeat. lisa: she says today's announcement will save other children's lives and that is the one thing to help them cope with a devastating loss. go to for a complete list of the recalled ikea furniture. it includes more than 100 models of chests and dressers. coming up at 5:00, more on the recall from the president of the ikea u.s. division. michelle: a developing story. in the texas panhandle 25 miles away from amarillo a federal railroad administration says it is unclear how fast the train was going or what caused the crash. ntsb
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jonathan: that time of year where the weather can change in minutes. doug has joined us now. we have watches you just posted. doug: severe thunderstorm watch just posted for the metro area counties to the north, northeast that extends all the way through portions of the upper eastern shore, northern delaware, new jersey, eastern pennsylvania until 10:00 tonight. some of the cells developing along the cold front could produce wind gusts to 65 earn many. storms moving at a good clip. conditions outside suggest it will intensify in the next few hours. live shot from the weather bug camera in frederick, maryland, shows heavy rain moving in with that particular cell. that line is moving across central sections of frederick county right now. again the line seems to be concentrated north and west of the metro area. look south to the bottom of the screen. more showers and storms as they continue to move eastward now. we expect germantown to be affected in an
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6:45 the line of storms could pass through the metro area. we'll stay on top of it. additional watches and warnings come and we'll get them to you immediately. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- find out the new concern around reagan national airport. alison: and the jeep problem that may have led to the death of a popular actor and how widespread it could be.
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jonathan: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. volkswagen will pay nearly $15 billion in settlements over the diesel cars which were rigged to pass emission tests. $10 billion goes toward buy-back and payments up to $10,000 for each owner of one of the diesel cars. $2.7 billion goes toward environmental mitigation. and $2 billion will go to research on zero emissions vehicles in the united states. michelle: new information in the investigation into the death of actor anton yelchin. research shows more than 260 crashes and 68 injuries have occurred from problems with confusing gear shifters in some s.u.v.'s. he was pinned bis hi 2015 jeep grand cherokee when the car wasn't properly placed in park.
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1.1 million vehicles in the days after his death. alison: metro's safetrack program is about to move to surge three now. today general manager paul wiedefeld warned riders on the blue and yellow lies about the delays beginning july 5. surge three will take place july 5-11. and during that time the stations between national airport and braddock road will be shut down. then during surge four service is shut down between national airport and pentagon city. >> telecommute, bike, car share, whatever you can do to reduce the strain on the system and make your ride smoother. alison: wiedefeld says there was a 75% drop in ridership in surge two, which he says is what is needed to help metro get the work done. jonathan: all right. get a look at the traffic situation on this tuesday. jamie sullivan is keeping an eye on the roads. that is easy to keep an eye on because nothing is moving fast. jamie: no. just the camera. that's shaking a little bit but it's the only thing moving. this is
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270 from germantown continuing closer to clarksburg. three-mile backup. you can see here accident activity moved to the shoulder but still causing a backup. right now some spots in the 30's. then you drop in the 20's past the accident you are okay, continuing closer to 70. not a bad ride heading through rockville northbound to gaithersburg. of course, we see that inner loop heavy traffic at 12 miles per hour. hearing about a crash reported on the beltway and 295. we're checking on that. and another a park on the g.b. parkway near the reagan national airport. 66 heading outbound, sluggish ride. the issue is an earlier accident there near nutley street. deal with the backup now. once you get through fairfax just a little bit better for you. that is a look at traffic. back to you. michelle: good to hear. thank you so much. parental involvement at a child's school has been shown to have a positive effect on
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in today's "spotlight on education" kellye lynn sits down with a volunteer in charles county whose engagement is attracting attention around the state. kellye: manning the cart is important at indian head elementary school. it's filled with prizes kids love. >> we get dojo tickets when we do something good for school, helping out someone or being kind. >> in the school year, parent volunteer giordano operates the cart in spare time. one of the jobs he held since his oldest child entered 11 years ago. >> i enjoy big around the kid. i enjoy watching kids learn and seeing kids discovery things. >> he is a calm mannered gentleman. positive role model for our
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student. >> i was so surprised. i didn't think it would come to this day someone in the family would win something this big. >> growing as a volunteer. like a teacher. he could be a teacher because of how nice he is. gordon developed keeping kids in coats program, served as robotics coach and delighted students visiting the school on year day to educate them about his job as a u.s. park police horse-mounted patrol officer. >> they say that if you enjoy what you do you are never really working. i never really work. >> on either end. >> on either end. kellye: in indian head, kellye lynn, abc7 news. is that -- alison: time to talk about the weather. doug: this is a cold front. in the appalachians. we broke in sunshine so it's warm and humid. ripe atmospheric conditions to feed the storms. because of t
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thunderstorm watch through 10:00 tonight. this is the watch area. tiny piece of it. it goes through most of maryland. areas in pink and delaware and new jersey and eastern pennsylvania. we showed you a live picture from frederick. here it is again. last time you could see mountains to the west. now the rain is coming down. visibility to a quarter of a mile or less. indication of the rapidly changing conditions across frederick. there is the storm cell moving through the area. we will watch the cells develop forth south. lightning. the flashes here indicate that. the whole area moving to the southeast at 25 miles per hour or so. the heaviest rain in red. we will watch to see if the stors
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severe. right now they haven't reached the threshold. frederick on time, storm is moving through. germantown at 5:18 is the prediction. 6:12 in columbia. that will be in howard county. you remember the line goes east and southwest. the nationals game is muggy and warm. there will be a chance of showers and storms in the game. not everywhere. i can't predict the exact spot but generally through the metro area that is a possibility through 6:00 but until 7:30 or 8:00 before the skies start to clear. we will see a big improvement in weather conditions tomorrow and thursday. i will leave you with this. a big change. a lot of sunshine. lower humidity. highs only 48 degrees. ditto for thursday. updated holiday weekend forecast comes your way in a few minutes. michelle: thank you. coming up next for "abc7 news at 4:00" -- helping hands 7 salutes the. group building
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alison: do you feel like your work out is stuck in a rut? "7 on your side" to help jump-start things coming up next. >> ♪ happy birthday to you jonathan: maybe that applies to you. maybe it's your birthday. as we head to break, something we have never been able to ply for you before. why? this is the first day that "happy birthday to you" has been in the public domain. part of an agreement that a judge said on monday to stop them from charging royalties for singing the song. back after this.
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>> welcome back. "7 on your side" in health matters today. kimberly suiters is standing by in the help center where a phone bank is about to begin. this one is so you can ask the fitness instructor. kimberly? kimberly: yes. we have many fitness instructors gathered here. they are standing by for your questions. call 703-236-9220. we want to introduce you to one of them in particular right now. john morris. you train ladies for beauty competitions. what are the three keys? >> three keys for me are work, work, work. kimberly: that's all? >> that's it. come in.
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diet and how much is exercise to look fit at that level? >> i would say 80% is diet. 20% is exercise. kimberly: you help with both. >> i want to give a shout out to former miss d.c. usa who is now usa 2016. i had a hand in helping her achieve that goal. kimberly: whether you want to look like a beauty contestant or be super fit and train for the next marathon or triathlon the folks are here to answer your questions. they know a ton about nutrition. give them a call. 703-236-9220. ask the fitness trainer. back to you. alison: 80% diet? whoa. i have to keep is that in mind. i'm heading to the newsroom and get to work at "abc
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closure for the family of a man killed protecting the coworker. the sentence for the getaway driver and the lookout as we hear from the mother of the victim and the suspect. jonathan: still to come for us here at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- time to move on. what a house committee has to say about benghazi investigation and how the candidates reacting to it. >> what is this gadget doing in an alexandria park? it those do with noises that are making some folks plain crazy. we'll explain in a live report coming up. "why are you checking your credit score? "well you don't want to live with mom and dad forever, do you?" "then she says...bazang!" "ok, good one." (laughs) "bazang. remember?" " get it?" "bazang?" "yeah!" "uh, how do i check my credit score?" "credit karma, don't worry bud it's free."
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ive yourself some credit."
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doug: back at "abc7 news at 4:00". update on the severe thunderstorm watch issued for our area. get to graphics and show you the area. the entire metro north. charles, prince william the rest of the south and east not involved. this is mainly north of the metro area until 10:00 tonight. we have been watching storms develop for the past couple of hours. not a solid line of storms. however they stretch from south central pennsylvania to frederick county, maryland. southeast of winchester and farther south along interstate 81 in harrisenburg. they may get stronger. locally they could produce wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour in the heaviest cells. we don't have a severe thunderstorm warning anywhere but we have a severe
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possible. the storms 5:34 in eldersburg and baltimore metro by 6:00. 6:30 or 7:00 before they reach the immediate washington area. additional showers and storms could develop in the evening. that could have an effect on the nats game later this everything. gust in meyersville 44 miles per hour. frederick county, 40 miles per hour. this is the kind of storms we have ahead of the cold front to bring us delightful weather but first get through showers and storms. we'll have more in a few minutes. jonathan: thank you. nobody likes a noisy neighbor but it's harder to control when it's an airport and flights taking off 16 hours a day. richard reeve has the latest complaints and the fight for quiet out there. you can hear them in the background now. richard: they come every couple of minutes. we brought an audio measuring device. we explain about
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minutes. look behind me. they have an airport mounted audio monitor to try to check to see how noisy it is here. like we said. those flights have been coming in every couple of minutes. we started the story in gravelly point. that is an aviation fan delight. 850 flights a day. it is loud there. we used the audio monitor and found 86 decibels. you have to shout to be heard. now another problem here is flights are starting earlier. 5:30 in the morning. after 11:00. in this neighborhood we found lower levels of noise. 70 decibels. you can talk but you have to talk loudly so people can hear you. some buildings in the area like lee street where we walk around it magnified the sound. i bounced off the buildings. listen as we are interviewing a gentleman and a plane flies over. >> we have a plane coming now while we are talking. >> yeah. >> we are having to talk a little bit
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is it tough to converse when you have the noise going over? >> you just don't talk. you wait until it's gone. then you start talking again. try to talk over it is futile. >> you will have planes 5:45, 6:00 in the morning. a few years ago before 7:00 there were a handful of flights. now there are several dozen. people notice that. >> now the airport authority is negotiating with the f.a.a. and some of the airlines. coming up at 5:00, we hear from a woman who says the airplanes -- there goes another one now. she says they are literally a wake-up call for her. live in alexandria, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: for years the rivalry between the tennessee lady vols and the connecticut huskies was the stuff of sports legend. and one of the women who played for connecticut is now coaching at the george washington university here in d.c. jen rizzotti joined us to talk about the passing of legendary tennessee co
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thank you for joining us. sorry it's under these circumstances. so you can offer a unique perspective here. tell our viewers what was it like to play as a student athlete knowing you are going to go head to head with coach summitt's team? jen: well, back in 1995, the first time we played them tennessee was it for women's basketball. it was everything that the rest of us wanted to be a part of and wanted to live up to. so at the time it was the beginning of uconn's run and their dynasty. the biggest game of the year. set the standard for the rivalry of uconn-tennessee that would become. for any competitor you want to play against the best. that's a compliment to her and what she accomplished. michelle: so much pressure for the students on the hardwood. as a young woman in sports when men still dominate what do you believe summitt's legacy has meant and how has it helped blaze the path for women like yourself? jen: for any young woman in coaching, i started when i was 25. she s
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she set the standard. she paved the way for all of us. title ix came in effect when she started coaching and she created the opportunities for not just women to play but have equal chances to be, to have the gear and to have the success and the support. so for all of us that came after her, we benefited from all the hard work she put in. it's hard for me to speak about the legacy. i feel like i'm not worthy because of so much of what she accomplished. if i accomplished 10% of what she did i bead a successful basketball coach. michelle: you look at her path and it's incredible. winningest coach in history of men and women d1 basketball. eight national championships. those of us who didn't know her off the hardwood, what would you say just from your meetings with her as a professional, as a coach? what will you remember the most about her? jen: that is what is the most special
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herself. she was compassionate and kind. she knew how to push student athletes to the. it will for all of us in coaching to understand that you can have coach relationship with kids, that you can be a family for them. you can be a support system for them. you can push them as hard as you can to their limits to be their best. to value what they do in the classroom and the opportunity. to see what she has done for the student athletes. that is really what being in coaching is all about. radderless of her win and championships, that speaks the most of pat summitt and what she has meant to the game. she taught us all how to do it the right way. michelle: reading a quote she often told the players you may not be the most talented or most skilled but you can be the most competitive. jen: absolutely. michelle: something we can all live by. coach rizzotti, thank you for joining us. jonathan? jonathan: all right, michelle. thank you. new developments in the benghazi attack. in the focus of today's abc7 instapoll we are asking if the new report in the 2012 attack in liby
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on the way you plan to vote in november. will you cast your ballot or vote differently because of what you found in the reports? go to again, today the house committee investigating the issue put out a report blaming relaxed security and slow response of the death of four americans at the consulate including the ambassador. the 800-page report offered no real smoking gun about then secretary of state hillary's role. in the last two and a half hours the presumptive democratic nominee said the report didn't find anything that previous investigations hadn't already found. she thinks it's time to move on. michelle: we want to get back now to breaking news out of istanbul off the top of the hour. chief political correspondent scott thuman is at the live desk. what have you learned? scott: new information coming in the newsroom now, especially about the scenario and how it unfolded. one turkish official
4:38 pm
attackers opened fire before detonating a bomb there. we knew there was some gunfire. now we understand perhaps one of the attackers, one of the suicide attackers opened up fire and detonated his own suicide bomb. we are also hearing now the numbers. ten people dead. at least 20 injured. fear that those will actually rise. meanwhile, flights that have any connection to the u.s. have been suspended. so flights from atatürk to the united states and vice versa with the ground stoppage now until they figure out exactly what is going on there. the state department sending out a couple of notes right now. one is that they are saying they with working furiously right now to figure out if any american civilians may have been casualties in this attack. and secondly they are encouraging you if you are an american, you are in turkey to reach out via social media and whatever means necessary
4:39 pm
you are okay. a lot developing here. this is very new. with two suicide attacks so far, atatürk airport. they are trying to make sure they get a grip on this in case there are further attacks. we'll have more at the top of the 5:00 newscast. jonathan: scott, thank you. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> i think the public needs to be told the truth about contamination in their water supply. jonathan: wow! one group's stunning allegation about the water that 18 million americans are drinking every day. michelle: but first, the green of wimbledon outside the u.k.? we'll explain just ahead. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner's to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee,
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econds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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jonathan: things are starting to pop in the weather department. warnings issued that are just coming up right now. michelle: let's head to doug for the latest on that. doug: severe thunderstorm warning has been issued. this is an area we'll show it to you full screen. this line of showers and storms moving southeast. the warning is in effect now. 60-mile-per-hour wind gust possible until 5:30 including portion of carroll county, howard county, frederick section in maryland and small part of montgomery county. they have the possibility of hail and heavy
4:43 pm
60-mile-per-hour wind gust. in about ten minutes in woodville. again, most of this activity will stay north of the metro area but for the viewers in the area we do expect the showers to come roaring through with a tremendous amount of lightning. we will monitor the storms. you stay with us. "abc7 news at 4:00" continues
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jonathan: abc7 salutes disabled veterans in loudoun county who now have a chance at a home all their own thanks to local volunteers dinging in for a good -- digging in for a good cause. amy aubert was on site where the group's first home is rolling right along. amy: for the volunteers getting their hands dirty is no big deal. >> it enriches all of us. enriches the community. amy: mike is one of 150 people making this -- >> this is a full basement in the middle. amy: -- come to life. for jason it's personal. >> it means the opportunity to do something good for those who don't have as much or are not as fortunate as myself. amy: they started hero homes
4:47 pm
build a home for a disabled veteran. after completing the project, they kept digging. >> the motivation is do good for others. amy: motivation geared for homes for veterans designed for their needs. >> this is all about providing home for someone who deserves it. amy: it took eight months to get to this point. come october this will be a finished home. volunteers, local businesses and people from across the area pitching in to make it happen. >> we have a community that wants to give, is able to give. pulling it together. that's my motivation. amy: the structure geared toward the veteran who will call it home. focusing on accessibility, energy efficiency and safety. for the group it's the first of what they are hoping will be a number of houses that veterans can make homes. >> this is the easy part for me. amy: amy aubert, abc7 news. jonathan: the group hasn't publicly announce who had will be the recipient of
4:48 pm
is a disabled 20-year army apache pilot still at walter reed medical center. that kind of does narrow it down, doesn't it? they plan to announce the recipient officially at a baseball game next week. but so nice to see everybody chipping in, giving time, expert, energy and expertise to put the homes together. michelle: he has been at it for eight months to get as far as they reach so far. jonathan: dealing with horrible weather, too. every time you turn around it's raining. >> doesn't help. jonathan: no, it doesn't. startling new information about the drinking water. this is a shocker, too. a nur report by the national -- a new report by the national resources defense council that finds 18 million americans are getting their drinking water from systems that violate the federal lead rule. the government database that tracks that sort of thing doesn't even list flint, michigan, as a problem. they found 5,000 areas in violation. nine of the ten cases the environmental pro
4:49 pm
take any action against the systems that violated the federal regulations designed to keep lead out of drinking water. >> imagine a cop sitting watching people run stop signs and speed at 90-mile-per-hour through small communities and doing absolutely nothing about it. jonathan: the nrdc says the e.p.a. has underreported problems in flint and in d.c. between 2001 and 2004. the e.p.a. says that many of the cities in the analysis are already working toward resolving the previous violations. the agency says states are mainly responsible for drinking water issues and it works closely with those stateses. -- states when there are problems. michelle: no better way to ruin a summer than spend it in the emergency room
4:50 pm
will head to the e.r. because of accidents. many caused by unsafe toys. "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters looks at the top seven summer safety traps. kim? kimberly: the consumer group has the number one problem toy in their opinion are the toy guns. this one in particular can go 100 feet. they shoot pellets 100 feet in a second. oh, man! there we go. it's jammedded. there it goes. okay. that thing goes fast. i didn't break anything. but the lady at the store says if it hits you, it will hurt. they do sell goggles next to those toy guns. but two store employees told me at two different stores people often don't buy the masks, although they should. that is the number one toy to look out i accord -- according to the group. number two, anything going airborne with sharp e
4:51 pm
basically for the same reason. in the last three years the kids' eye injuries increased by 500% because of toys like that. hoverboard, you know very well. "7 on your side" documented since last november all the injuries, the broken bones, the fires. 7,000 people have gone to the e.r. because of hoverboards. don't forget the backyard baby pool. over the fourth of july week alone, 26 children will drown in shallow water. same thing along the lines of the floaties that the kids like to wear and the pool covers. they do not over you perfect protection. then finally, bounce houses and trampolines. astonishing numbers here. 113,000 injuries in bounce houses and 12 deaths in the two-year period. 104,000 injuries from trampolines in 2014 alone as well as 22 deaths over a nine-year period. we have the entire list of toys to look out for. you can
4:52 pm
pages on twitter and facebook. head to abc7 suitors. sorry to take the fun out of summer. michelle: rather safe than sorry. thank you, kim. i may sound corny but an iowa farmer made his field of dreams come true. that is because he transformed his corn field to resemble the wimbledon tennis court. the full size grass court even has its own irrigation system. tennis players caught wind of the mock court. traveled there for a chance to play in the farm league. jonathan: if you build it, they will come. michelle: advantage for the farmer. and love for the players. that looks great. jonathan: the best part about it, it looks like wimbledon. then you see a tractor drive by. michelle: and the picket fence. jonathan: the combine. there is your neighborhood taking care of his stuff. michelle: no ball boys. jonathan: out of "field of dreams." if you build it, they will come. you watch, there will be a giant tournament there soon. michelle: we hav
4:53 pm
doug: we have two areas under thunderstorm warnings. biggest concern the strong, gusty winds. the first one is in effect until 5:30 coming across frederick county, maryland, carroll county and northeastern montgomery county. second one west of the area out of the blue ridge to head toward manassas. 5:30. wind gust possible to 60 miles per hour. southern storm. check out the timeline. marshall looks like it's passing through. gainesville 5:23. manassas park at 5:38. the northern cell we are monitoring there, it has the most energy, rain and lightning. i will hit the top of the hour.
4:54 pm
sunday and monday are sunny. the beaches are still looking good. but a late day shower or storm is possible. temperatures will turn cooler. the severe storms are missing in the metro area. jamie: that is great for us. especially at this time in the afternoon we're so heavy anyways. 270 you can see here heading north to clarksburg, every lane is full with traffic. if you get a little heavier in some areas. as far as the traffic closer to the beltway, you can see no problems as far as crashes. the big picture is yes. slowing everywhere. take a look. 395. the traffic heading outbound. bumper to bumper. if you are able to use the h.o.v. lanes and head south you are in good shape. 66 slowing working toward fairfax. a live look next west ox road. no problems again as far as the crashes. but it's slowing. heads up. 66 in gainesville. a big project put in place tonight at
4:55 pm
this is between 15 and 29. three-mile stretch. closures overnight. that is a look at traffic. more coming up after th
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
kimberly: i'm "7 on your side" kimberly suiters. it's ask the fitness instructor time. the number to call. 703-236-9220. these folks are here from clarendon fitness,
4:58 pm
fitness, action fitness and they are standing by for all of your questions. if you want to get in shape for the bathing suit. you have to put on starting this weekend. back to you in the studio. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. alison: that break news we are following for the past hour. at least ten people are dead. more than 20 others hurt after an attack on the atatürk airport. this is in istanbul, turkey. our scott thuman has traveled through the airport several times and he has been following the latest developments for us today from the "live desk." what do you know now? scott listen the last time i was there was an attack on the u.s. consulate. we did reporting for abc news inside istanbul. there is an attack in atatürk airport. the third busiest airport in all of europe. 60 million people go through there every year. new numbers showing ten dead. perhaps more t
4:59 pm
the numbers may go up as many of the victims were rushed by taxi to local homes. no claim of responsibility yet. although isis considered to be a likely suspect in all of this. early reports indicate at least two attackers were inside near the x-ray machine. the terminals to get in the larger portion of the airport for travel when one of them at least aconsideredding to a defense minister -- at least according to a defense minister of turkey opened fire. at that point two bombs went off. to create chaos on video now. a travel alert was issued yesterday alerting americans that there were high threats regarding turkey. not necessarily istanbul but alerting them to danger of travel inside turkey. the state department now encouraging any americans over there o
5:00 pm
immediate alameda -- media to let people know if they are okay. the president has been briefed now. president obama alerted as travel from the u.s., through the atatürk airport has been suspended as they look at what happened here. right now it looks like two attackers setting off suicide bombs inside atatürk airport. we are trying to figure out if there are more involved. we will stay on top of this and let you know as we learn more. leon: thank you. keep us posted. now we turn to "7 on your side" consumer alert. a massive recall aimed to prevent a child's death from falling furniture. this is the problem for 30 million pieces of the ikea furniture. three toddlers have died. dozens more have been injured. now the dressers are off the sales for


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