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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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breaking news. airport terror attack. suicide bombers and gun fire rock the istanbul airport. images coming in at this hour. more than two dozen killed. emergency crews rushing to help the wounded. new questions tonight about airport security here at home. the benghazi report. new details about what happened during the deadly attack. is this the final word? tonight, clinton says it's time to move on. collision on the tracks. two freight trains crash head on, burst into flames. cars twisted and piled up on the rails. the area evacuated. federal investigators race to the scene. and celebrating a pioneer. pat summitt, the winningest coach in college basketball, she inspired generations of athletes with fierce determination and unbreakable spirit.
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good evening. we begin with that breaking news. a terror attack at the airport in istanbul, turkey. a popular destination for american tourists. authorities say three bombers wearing suicide vests approached security at the international terminal. gunfire and explosions quickly fired. dozens have been killed. the scene so similar to that attack on the brussels airport just three months ago. there, you see the ambulances arriving after the blast. there was an immediate response from security forces. chaos in the arrivals area. some of the injured lying there at the side. one of the blasts brought down part of the ceiling where taxis were waiting. the injured have been rushed to hospitals. the death toll expected to climb. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran has the latest from london. >> reporter: tonight, devastation and chaos at one of the world's busiest airports. officials say three attackers were detected by
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with assault weapons. they stormed the entrance. at least one opening fire. then, the attackers detonating three bombers. shatters doors show the power of the blasts. a shaken witness speaking minutes after the attack. >> a lot of people attacking, i didn't see, but i heard it. one bomb, i think the arrivals area. i think two, the departure area. there is two bombs. i think i hear that. >> reporter: panic up sued inside the airport. terrified passengers crouched down, taking cover in a store. others run for their lives. turkish officials confirming more than two dozen dead, at least 60 injured. the wounded scattered on the ground. dozens of ambulances rushed to the scene. this man was at the airport and now is desperate to find his brother. >> we are going to get the package in the car and he was inside, my brother was inside to take some from inside and he is coming and the explosion happened.
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my brother is not very -- i can't see him now. i want to see him. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: the ataturk airport, the world's tenth largest, filled with international travelers every day, including many americans. the u.s. consulate tweeting out to visiting americans tonight -- "if in #turkey, contact family/friends and check in on social media to let them know you are safe." and just yesterday, the state department issued an updated travel warning for turkey, advising americans that u.s. and other tourists have been explicitly targeted by international and local terrorist groups. the threat targeting aviation services. george? >> and terry, that is also because, istanbul's become such a target for terrorists this year. >> reporter: it really had, george. this is the fourth terrorist attack in istanbul this year. the syrian civil war right next door to turkey, causing turmoil in the country. there are also internal conflicts in that country. until recently, turkey was an island of stability and peace
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changed. >> not anymore. okay, terry moran, thank you very much. no one has claimed responsibility for the airport attack yesterday, but turkey has been targeted by more than one terror group, and there are fears this time i may be isis. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz on the tell-tale signs. >> reporter: it is an attack that has all the hallmarks of an isis terror hit. turkey has been plagued by bombings in recent months, from a kurdish anti-government group, the pkk, and most notably, from isis. the pkk mostly targets the police or army. it is isis that aims directly at civilians, especially travelers. from the jetliner brought down in egypt by a suspected isis bomb, to the deadly attack on the airport in brussels. and turkey is a gateway into isis in syria. we followed the tracks of young men and women, like these british teenage girls, who
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attacked today, then boarded a bus for the turn turkish/syrian border, where they linked up with the terror group and have not been heard from since. >> so, martha, fears of isis, but no certainty yet. >> reporter: that's right, george. no certainty at this point. but it is something the u.s. will be very involved in, trying to find out. the president briefed by his counterterrorism adviser shortly after the explosions. george? >> martha, thank you. the airport attack triggered an immediate halt. but some flights were already in the air, already to america. one of the first to arrive landed at new york's jfk airport. the port authority beefed up patrols there. abc's david kerley reports now on the enduring vulnerabilities for air 2r568. >> reporter: nine american airports on alert tonight as those flights in the air head to the u.s. all of them turkish air flights landing tonight at airports all across the country.
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busiest airport came at the front door, where security actually does start. but many airports here in the u.s. and across the world only have a secured side, halfway through the airport. entrance areas filled with people are often not secured. >> we have clearly entered a period of new normal, just as we have to be concerned about soft targets in other parts of a city, we also have to be concerned about the softer areas of an airport. >> reporter: some suggest it may be time to increase the security perimeters, moving out to the front door or even out to the roads approaching airports. >> so, david, you had that one plane from istanbul already landing at jfk. what about the others in the air? >> reporter: the rest are arriving at this hour. the latest one arrives at 10:00 p.m. eastern time, george. earlier today, u.s. officials had talked about isolating these aircraft when they arrive. they have changed their mind. they say there is not a security threat. the aircraft will be allowed to go to the terminals once they land. but a ground stop remains in effect. no f
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turkey, no other flights from turkey coming to the u.s. at this hour. >> david kerley, thanks. terrorism, of course, a key issue in the presidential campaign. abc's tom llamas, covering the trump campaign, and tom, donald trump had finished and economic speech when news of the attack broke, so then, he took to twitter. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. and he just addressed the attack just now, george. he says, we need to get smart and we need to get tough. he also took to twitter, as you mentioned, he put out this tweet earlier today on the attack. "yet another terrorist attack. will the world ever realize what is going on?" trump released a statement where he offered prayers to those killed and injured in the attack, and also saying that we have to do everything we can, to make sure these terrorists don't reach america. but he was out on the campaign trail today and he did go after hillary clinton on the issue of benghazi. trump also poiutting out this tweet, as well. "benghazi is just another hillary clinton failure." trump making the argument here in ohio and also in pennsylvania that whether it be the economy or national security, our countr
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clinton for the future of this country as president. george? >> tom llamas, thank you. and donald trump was referring to that report on the benghazi terror attack that came out today. there are new details about the desperate hours that claimed the life of the ambassador and three other americans. the report, written by the committee's republicans, slammed the former secretary of state and the obama administration for a range of failures. abc's mary bruce has the details. >> reporter: new details on that chaotic night in benghazi. 800 pages blasting the obama administration for errors in intelligence, lack of coordination and woefully inadequate security. >> this was a failure at the most senior levels of our government. >> reporter: an exhaustive republican investigation, two years, $7 million, and 80 new witnesses. but no new evidence of wrongdoing by a single individual, including then-secretary of state hillary clinton. >> at the time, those two
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single wheel of a single u.s. military asset had even turned toward libya. >> reporter: the report is especially critical of the military, which has long said it couldn't get there in time. the investigation points to glaring indecision as the compound burned. a marine corps anti-terrorism team in spain changed in and out of civilian clothes four times while the state department and white house debated whether the team should be in uniform. democrats are condemning the report, calling it a republican conspiracy theory on steroids. >> they are cynically trying to capitalize on the death of four innocent americans. >> reporter: and as stinging as this report is, more conservative lawmakers wrote their own addendum, taking direct aim at hillary clinton, writing, she missed the last clear chance to protect her people. george? >> mary bruce, thank you. and the hillary clinton weighed in on the committee report, stressing it found nothin t
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conclusions of all the other reports that came before it, then adding this. >> i'll leave it to others to characterize this report, but i think it's pretty clear it's time to move on. thank you all very much. >> abc's cecilia vega covers the clinton campaign. ceci ya, we know the clinton campaign wants to move on, but how worried are donald trump and the republicans won't let snem. >> reporter: they don't seem to be worried yesterday anyway. the aides were on the offensive today, they called this a partisan sham. they really want to get past this, just as hillary clinton said today. they want to focus on this general election fight against donald trump, they want to focus on the conventions, which are now just around the corner, a few weeks away. the reality, however, is, hillary clinton has a serious problem with voter trust. and having this benghazi story back in the headlines certainly doesn't help on that front, as you know, it's not the only controversy hangening over her head, that e-mail controversy still out there, and george, in fact, in just -- just today, her
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case. >> cecilia vega, thank you. and from texas tonight, a head-on collision between two freight trains. the moment after the first impact was captured in this video. you can see the boxcars derailing and piling up. the cars catch fire. black smoke rises from the twisted metal. and one train worker did manage to escape. but three others were trapped inside. here's abc's clayton sandell.
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>> we still have three people unaccounted for, and unfortunately, we do fear they still may be trapped in the train at this time. >> reporter: through is new technology designed to prevent train accidents. it's calls pod train control. but railroads say they need more time to make positive train control work and congress has allowed the deadline to slip from 2015 until at least 2018. and george, investigators are now looking for the train's two data recorders to tell them why these two ended on a collision course. george? >> clayton, thank you. volkswagen has agreed to pay $15 million. half a million american owners will get some of that money. so will every state in the nation. abc's linsey davis explains. >> reporter: their ads touted how clean their diesel cars were. >> see how clean it is? >> reporter: tonight, we know that it was all a lie. and now volkswagen is paying up
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to the tune of $14.7 billion for rigging cars to cheat on to pollute up to 40 times more than allowed by the epa. >> volkswagen turned over half a million american drivers into unwitting accomplices in an unprecedented assault on our country's environment. >> reporter: the proposed settle sment means vw will pay $10 billion to buy back up to 475,000 2009 to 2015 volkswagens and audis. owners like lisa dropkin will get whatever their car was worth before the emissions scandal plus cash ranging from $5,100 to $10,000. >> i think that it sends more of a message to this company, and to other car companies, that consumers really don't want to put up with lying like this. >> reporter: and why they also have the option to get their car fixed, vw hasn't yet announced skwlaus that fix would be. and
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subject of a criminal investigation. george? >> so, that is not over yet. linsey, thank you. the biggest safety violation in history belongs to takata, and tonight, its chief executive is offering to step down. he is the grandson of the company's founder. shares in the company have fallen 72% in a year. t takata's defective air bags have been linked to 14 deaths. much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. rescue at sea. the all-out effort to save a 70-foot blue whale tangled in fishing line. rescuers hoping to cut it free if they can find it first. the dramatic arrest caught on camera with a twist. the suspect tries to outrun a police helicopter. and celebrating a pioneer. pat summitt, the winningest coach in college basketball, inspired generations of athletes with her determination and spirit.nce with usaa is awesome.
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next tonight, a desperate whale watch off the southern california coast. rescuers trying to untangle a 70-foot blue whale from hundreds of feet of fishing line have one big problem. that fishing line didn't stop the whale from speeding back into the ocean. abc's matt gutman on the search in the pacific. >> reporter: tonight, crews in whale watching boats are scouring the pacific coast for a 100-ton patient. >> this is very unusual. >> reporter: the juvenile blue whale, the biggest animal on the planet, spotted monday off the california coast in distress. >> see how he's floating with his chin out of the water? that is not good. >> reporter: rescuer say the whale was tangled in commercial fishing gear. with those long poles, they got within 20 feet of the whale, but missed. it was a nearly impossible task. that whale, as long as this boat, five times as heavy. the boat moving at about this speed and rescue team had to cut it free with a knife like this. what happens to this whale if a
6:48 pm
>> it will die. >> reporter: noaa has reported 40 whale entanglements so far this year, after 2015 saw a record 61, almost four times more than the average over the previous decade. after another day on the water, still no sightings. matt gutman, abc news, dana point,california. thank you, mat. . when we come back, remembering a football legend. and the suspect trying to outrun police. officers get a big assist from police in the air.
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him down, but he keeps on running. the chopper landed nearby. there you see a crew member in a helmet go to tackle the suspect. other officers then rush in and a second suspect was also arrested. there's been a big step forward and the mission to mars. nasa today -- >> three, two, one, fire -- >> you see it, test fired the biggest rocket ever made. the booster rocket lay on its side and burned for two minutes. nasa hopes it will be used to fly to mars some day and the first test flight is set for 2018. and a passing to note tonight. legendary football coach buddy ryan. tough and gruff, a defensive genius who won super bowls with the jets and bears before taking over the philadelphia eagles. fellow coach mike ditka called him ahead of his tine. ryan's twin sons rex and rob coach the buffalo bills. buddy ryan was 82. and when we come back, celebrating another champion. a pioneer and role model for female athletes on the basketball court and off.
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sion. from the makers of zantac. and finally tonight, celebrating pat summitt. no college basketball coach won more games or inspired more student athletes. a groundbreaking role model, summit defined courage, integrity, and in her final battle with alzheimer's, grace. robin roberts remembers her good friend.
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title "winningest coach in >> reporter: how do you earn the title "winningest coach in division i college basketball history," men or women's? well, like this -- >> i don't know about y'all but i want to win a national championship. >> pat summitt and destiny. >> reporter: and sometimes, doing it all with your baby boy on your hip. pat summit was a girl from humble beginnings. at just 22 years old, she was hired as head coach of the university of tennessee lady vols, a team she led for 38 seasons. it was this storybook life of memories she was suddenly faced with losing, when five years ago, summitt announced she'd been diagnosed with early onset dementia alzheimer's type. have you had the why me moment? >> you know, hive had a few of those. >> reporter: what is it that you want people to understand about you that can help them? >> it may not be the best -- the best thing. but you just got to make it what it is and just keep living your li
6:58 pm
final fours, eight national championships, training 14 future olympians and 34 wnba players. there was also this number. a 100% graduation rate of her players, who completed their eligibility at tennessee. >> it's all about the players. i like to see young people succeed. >> reporter: you still feel you have something to teach them? >> i always think i have something to teach them. >> reporter: that was pat. robin roberts, abc news, new york. >> and that teaching has not stopped. that is all for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'll see you tomorrow on "gma." have a good night.
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