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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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alison: a storm watch weather alert. toppled trees, thousands without power, and another strong band of storms rolled through the region tonight. we are live at the forecast in just a moment. leon: but we start with breaking news from turkey. >> screaming. nobody knew where they were
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stuck in the middle, crying out for help. leon: deadly chaos at an international airport. suicide bombers kill more than 30 people and wounding others in istanbul, turkey. alison: some officials say their initial belief is this was the work of islamic state terrace. jay korff joins us live from dulles international airport. jay: right now, loved ones at dulles international airport are family relieved their members just arrived from a flight that came out of that very airport in istanbul where the attacks occurred. authorities say that two, maybe three terrorists killed dozens. >> it was chaos.
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check point. first, a machine gun, then suicide bombs. security guards got into a firefight with armed suspects and then the suicide bombs were detonated. >> not a clue which way to run. people just panicking. somebody would say something and people would start running again. jay: a witness said that it appeared there was significant damage both inside and outside the terminal. >> it look like the initial blast was outside, then another inside. a lot of damage inside, even towards the luggage carousel. jay: this is one of the busiest airports in the world and istanbul has been the scene of the tax over the past year. -- has been the scene of attacks over the past year.
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in another development, you are moments withinng the last hour at dulles international airport. passengers who left the airport i jeannette: istanbul -- who left the airport in istanbul arrived at dulles to the delight of awaiting loved ones. a lot of hugs. we spoke with john nelson who was not sure if his wife made the flight or not and with this woman who was waiting for family from turkey. >> i've walked those halls, i've walked that terminal. i could navigate better part with my eyes closed. i've lived in turkey have my life. it's so sad to see that happen. very happy to see her come as soon as she walks through the door. >> you know that anything can happen at any time, but it's were
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jay: all flights between and the united states have been temporarily suspended. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: be the first to know when there is breaking news anywhere in the world. sign up for text alerts at alison: we turn now to a stormwatch alert. heavy rain and storms in our area this evening. we are live in one of the butest hit places next, first, are we in the clear the rest of the night and for the morning commute? josh knight has the forecast. josh: we are very close to the all clear. we are watching heavy rain in flash flood warning still in effect further north, predominantly southern prince william county. we are talking about dale city and south towards dumfries. another further to the south includes fredericksburg. still heavy rain coming down in a few areas. putting this
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ves, nearly one with more severe weather, the second one hitting further to the south. futurecast, overnight, everything moves out, we are drying out. tomorrow morning should start out with a good amount of sunshine come into the 80's with low humidity. a nice change the next couple days. alison? alison: reports of damage from the storms in silver spring, where we found trees toppled onto cars. tom roussey is live at the scene. tom, what's the latest? tom: we definitely have damage in silver spring. it seems to have borne the worst of the storms. this gets worse for this family. and what it did to their car earlier this evening, smashing the back part of it. the car is pretty much told, i'm told by the owner.
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time reminded him of the terrible derecho we had four years ago. and it wasd black really bad. i was looking at the back door and then i got my son and told him we may have to head into the basement. the huge crack and saw what happened on the front of the house. >> three trees came down. man that yound just heard from, his home is on foure stone road in corners, not far from where i am in silver spring. those trees discord to cars -- cars trees destroyed two in that neighborhood, both of them his. this tree that fell on burnt amber drive
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it was bad, but fortunately nobody was hurt. the storms were rough, but it seems like they were worst in silver spring. a lot of people grateful these do not fall on people. live from montgomery county, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: getting a firsthand account of the terrifying moments when a van slammed into a manassas restaurant. a customer was almost pinned against the counter. tim barber is live where the crash happened. i hear the restaurant is patched up? tim: it's incredible, considering how much damage was here earlier. this is one side of the hole. this is the other side, near the front door. this pillar was saved by the structure of the building. amazingly, nobody was seriously hurt or killed.
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surveillance video shows a new woman almost getting run over by a van while waiting for her sandwich. william lewis was making the woman's sandwich when the chrysler slammed into the store, sending shares, tables, and glass flying. >> it was terrifying. she was shaken, crying. tim: he ran around the counter to help. >> i started moving the cinderblocks to free her legs. tim: prince william county police say the driver hit the gas instead of the brakes. , butriver was cited officials did not say what for. was takenrant victim to the hospital with minor injuries. >> it was crazy how everything happened. it happened so fast. tim: there is glass still in the parking lot. the owner told me tonight the restaurant is expecting to
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reporting live in prince william county, tim barber, abc 7 news. alison: thank goodness she is ok./ -- is ok. the police in arlington say that a man exposed himself and touched a woman in the popular court house section of the city. tom roussey has the search for a suspect. tom: this is hardly the middle of nowhere. >> so many cars and people walking by. tom: this neighborhood is close to the court house metro station. it is a busy mixture of apartments and businesses. >> i moved here, thinking it was really safe, wanting to walk around at night. tom: what happened on wilson boulevard monday night is unsettling. a man hides between cars, comes out holding his exposed genitals , and then uses them to touch a 23-year-old woman on the shorts.
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her bag and he ran away. don't walk by myself on the bike path, but i would not expect it on wilson boulevard. say therey residents is still a lot of people out at night. reminder to all of us to be alert to our surroundings. tom: tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: a judge has sentenced two deadly 2013 shooting in oxon hill. jesse schaub is was shot while protecting a pregnant coworker. today the judge sentenced the two men to 30 years and 25 years, respectively. >> they made the wrong choice, so they have to pay for what they did. it's been terrible waiting three years. it's finally over. i'm relieved. leon:
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vehicle, washington was the lookout. the gunman was sentenced to life in prison last fall. alison: still ahead -- an historic settlement impacting millions of drivers. the choice that you will make if you own an impact it vw. leon: an incredible video of a billboard toppling onto a car. wild weath
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>> [beep]. a billboardd falling down all my car. alison: people in north texas cleaning up after severe storms yesterday. in addition to the billboard collapsing, the façade of a parking garage fell onto a van parked below. no serious injuries were reported. leon: a deadly explosion rocks a neighborhood in canada. at least one person is dead, several injured. thela
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through the year. at least one home was completely leveled and 25 others were damaged. nearly 100 people had to spend the night at shelters. cause of the blast is still under investigation. alison: 7 on your side with a health alert -- the united states has another baby born i h my current so lovely -- microcephaly which is caused by the zika virus. leon: consumer news --volkswagen with a $15 billion settlement tied to a cheating scandal. the company wants to buy back all the diesel cars that were rigged to cheat the admissions tests in the u.s. cheat on emissions tests.
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its kind in automotive history. alison: 30 million pieces of ikea furniture are being recalled after the deaths of three toddlers. the children were killed when dressers toppled. one family is now suing the company. >> i went over to the dresser. little head poking out between the dresser in the edge of the bed. it had fallen in trapped his neck. alison: furniture built in the withstand 50 to pounds standing in front, but ikea does not adhere to that. if you want a full list of the recalled products and what you can do, go to our website, leon: just a few days away from the third save track surge for metro. unlike the first two
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this one is scheduled to only last a week. surge four involves shutting down service between pentagon city and national airport, lasting about a week. people are urged to make alternate plans to get around. sign up to get breaking news about your commute. said it right to your phone by texting the word "metro" to 4 3817. are starting off with a look at the latest severe thunderstorm warning for southern spotsylvania county. to 60 miles per hour, at the very bottom of the screen. the red box around fredericksburg is for a flash flood warning, going until 1:45. thunderstorms worked their way through earlier today. the first one bringing more of the severe weather to the north
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bringing it to the south. all of these different storm reports. college park, this was for roof damage to a parking garage. some strong wind gusts bringing down trees, knocking out power, and even damage to a structure. now that is pushing further to the south. tomorrow morning, we are done with the thunderstorms and the rain. the temperatures more comfortable as well. most of us woke up to very muggy theher this morning, in 70's. tomorrow, in the 60's, more comfortable, and not as humid. the high pressure moving in, the cold front sparked off thunderstorms. that continues to push over the atlantic. that means mostly sunny skies for tomorrow and thursday with lower humidity. tomorrow morning, 67 degrees. it is cooler, but we are drying out. tomorrow, do your best to get outside. not as humid,
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good amount of sunshine. the drive home, still dry, feels great, but you will need the sunglasses. eather tomorrow. the holiday weekend, we are contending with some thunderstorms. looks like saturday and monday are the best chances. saturday, just some spotty afternoon stuff, not a washout. like the driest day of the holiday weekend, 85 degrees. 84 with a few storms monday. that is a little flip-flop in the weather model monday. we will keep a close eye on that. hoping the high-pressure sneaks back in as things improve, but for now, be ready for spotty thunderstorms monday. the picks this week are wednesday and thursday. the humidity, like we expect this time of year in d.c., comes back friday. alison:
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fantastic. thank you. he is talking flip-flop, you are talking hip-hop. erin: josh norman gets the official seal of approval. details on the way. plus, the nationals will appreciate the sunshine. sports is coming up. it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction.
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rookie. washington got on the board in the second, if in rendon into the gap. buffalo tryinghe to roam all the way around. beats the throw when washington takes the 1-0 lead. getse fifth, bryce harper that one, a laser to write. 3-0 washington in the sixth inning right now because of all the rain. nature also took center stage in colorado. the rockies-blue jays delayed because of severe weather. they were pelted with a hailstorm. some players braved the elements for a little bit. not sure i would try that out. i will pass. single a new video for a for an upcoming album "major key." -droame
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an, so youback norm know that you have made it when jay-z name-drops you. was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's a few years ago, and she passed away today. we caught up with a maryland basketball star-turned-analyst to get her take on summitt's lasting legacy. >> the impact she played on the game will live on. your purpose in life, she lived that purpose in her life. death does not define her. her life defines her and all the seeds she left hind it will continue to grow in the women's game. erin: the nfl also lost a legend. buddy
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thes, most notably with eagles and cardinals and offensive coordinator for the bears. while with the bears, he created defense, leading the team to the 1985 super bowl title. twin sons hopes to carry on his legacy as successful coaches in the nfl. big: they have some very shoes to fill. up, a thrill ride right in the middle of a city. ride down the to outside of a skyscraper?
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alison: cannot wait for the weather tomorrow. a few thunderstorms to the south, but those are moving out. low humidity, in the 80's tomorrow. it will be muggy over the weekend. friday andnderstorms saturday, and monday the fourth looks like we are looking at thunderstorms later in the evening. thanks for joining us. jimmy kimmel live is next. alison: have a great night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- margot robbie -- comedian jim jefferie -- and music from flo rida featuring jason derulo. with cleto and the cletones. and now, the coast is clear -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. welcome to beautiful, stunning los angeles, california.


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