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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 29, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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breaking news this morning on the world news now. new developments coming from this turkey, the deadly terror attack at one of the world's busiest airports. suicide bombers targeting travellers from all around the world. a live report from the region straight ahead. and new details on the orlando nightclub attack at home. what we're learning from the 9-1-1 calls as police lay out the time line. and clothing controversy on the court. >> nike's new wardrobe is showing more skin than usual on one of the biggest stages in all of sports and not everyone is happy about that. and she is known for causing a stir, but now lady gaga has sparked an international incident. why she's banned from setting foot in china and why the government has also banned her
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music from being uploaded. the full story ahead in the skinny. it's wednesday, june 29th. from abc news, this is "world news now." we want to get to our breaking news story developing from overseas. the aftermath of the bombing at istanbul. >> at least three dozen people killed. close to 150 people injured. the airport reopened. investigators continue their work there, and turkey's prime minister says all signs point to isis. >> security points in the u.s. stepped up immediately after the attack in istanbul. that attack coming one day after the state department warned americans about travel in turkey. >> that warning mentioned increased terror
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throughout the country. >> we have details on the violence. >> reporter: devastation and chaos at one of the world's busiest airports. this video apparently showing the moment of the massive blast. officials say three attackers were detected while entering. they stormed the entrance, one opening fire, and then detonating three bombs. shattered doors show the power of the blast, bodies litter the ground. a shaken witness speaking minutes after the attack. >> a lot of people are talking. i didn't see, but i heard it. one bomb, i think in the area. i think two in the departure area. two bomb, i think out here -- >> reporter: panic ensued in the airport. terrified passengers crouched down taking cover in a store. others run for their lives. turkish officials confirming more than two dozen dead. more than 140 injured. the wounded scattered on the ground. dozens of ambulances rushed to the scene. this man was at the airport and now is desperate to find his brother.
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>> we are going to get the package in the car, and he was inside, my brother was inside to take it from inside. and he is coming. >> my brother is very -- not very good, and i can't see him now. i want to see him. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: the ataturk airport filled with international travelerings every day including many americans. the u.s. consulate tweeting if in turkey contact family and friends and check in in social media to let them know you're safe. thanks to terri in london. >> we want to turn to molly hunter in jerusalem covering the story for us. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning. a lot of specifics remain unclear as the sun comes up in istanbul. big questions remain, but the investigation is full speed ahead this morning. as you mentioned, the airport is open.
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all flights running as normal to and from the u.s. we heard from the prime minister overnight. we have a few more details about the how the attack took place. as mentioned in the piece, three attackers arrived in a taxi. just like they did in the brussels attack a few months ago. they were carrying weapons. clearly carrying suicide belts. a lot of the specifics about who detonated the belt is unclear. it's an airport. i frequent as much of the world. it's the 11th busiest airport in the world. this is a highly secured airport. when you walk in, you go through a layer of security before actually checking in before checking your bags, and as far as we can tell, and as far as airport security officials are telling us, that worked. they didn't get past that layer of security. now, again, more than 61 million people flew last year through this airport alone. it is operating again, and we should learn more in coming hours.
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relatively large area we're talking about there where you are at your post in jerusalem compared to istanbul and turkey, but the politics of that overall region fairly connected. and and are they being involved in that investigation. >> reporter: absolutely. that's an understatement. this is the fourth major attack in istanbul. a reminder that turkey is a member of nato. turkey is a key u.s. ally in the region. also a key ally of israel. there's been a reconciliation deal, and that deal is coincidence. it had nothing to do with this attack. an attack like this would have taken many weeks of planning. no doubt america will take a serious interest in this investigation as well as israel. now, no claim yet, but we heard from the prime minister last night who said that all signs point to isis. now, turkey deals with multiple security threats from kurdish
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isis. we have heard from months, for years now about that porous border with syria. it's a long border. it's been the gateway for foreign fighters and also from fighters coming out of syria and refugees coming out of syria into turkey. take that brussels attack? at least one of them came in relatively undetected. with flag when he first came in but then able to get through europe. turkey is a key location. whoever you're talking about isis, it will be important to see as the investigation goes on how those -- to learn how the attackers got to istanbul. >> we're sure the world will be listening to find that out. molly hunter, we'll check back with you a little later. beefed up security at the u.s. airports after the attack in turkey that you're looking at. officials will be looking to see what can be learned from
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many areas of airports including the arrival and the dropoff areas remain easy targets. >> we are live in new york with the latest from here at home. adrian, what's been the response from u.s. airports to this? >> reporter: they're doing what we've seen them do time and time again. any time there's an international story, beefed up security is something passengers like yourselves and me and everyone gets used to. we've seen the security in person, but we're also learning about the justice department and the department of homeland security insisting that there is unseen security as it is warranted. however, they don't want to strike fear in the hart hearts of those traveling. they cleared flights to and from istanbul saying there's no foreseen threat. again, as always, they're taking every precaution in light of the attacks. >> and also the attack has understandably, the presidential candidates, both hillary clinton and
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about it, i believe, overnight. >> they both mentioned their condolences. both of them saying their prayers and thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones and those wounded. two different tones similar to their platforms throughout the campaign. hillary spoke of the heros, the of those who were security and policing that very vital gateway between where taxis parked and the terminal, the main entrance of the terminal. as we've been talking about through the night, all three attackers were detected we the metal detecters before they one of the men firing off his weapon. police shooting and killing him at the scene. one man getting through, and actually being shot by another officer, but ended up detonating his suicide vest in that main entrance or lobby area ahead of that main terminal, and then a third attacker actually ran back outside to where the taxis were.
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it certainly does make you think about how open u.s. terminals are that anybody can sort of walk through until you get to the tsa check points. again, donald trump, as i don't get off point. donald trump said his main focus was america's safety saying we have to fight vigilantly about our enemies and make sure what's happened in europe and the middle east doesn't happen here. >> that's adrian tracking the story from new york. we'll stay on top of the latest from istanbul throughout the morning. you can get the latest any time as well at >> we're also getting a chilling play by play from the police narrative of the orlando nightclub massacre. hundreds of pages of documents begin with the moment the first 9-1-1 call for shots fired came in just before 2:03 in the morning. it was followed by a string of calls from inside the pulse nightclub. one woman was hiding in a closet. another ca
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the dispatcher could hear the shots getting closer and closer. people screamed for help. finally three hours later the police radio cracks. subject down. now to the severe weather in the denver area. many streets flooded and flights were either diverted or delayed at the denver international airport. at coor's field, nearly six inches of rain fell. the hour-long downpour forced the delay of a game. the grounds crew used shovels and brooms to clear the rain as well as the hail from the diamond. there's a clothing crisis at the wimbledon. several women players decided nike's premier slam outfit is two revealing. one tied a head band around her waist. another wore leggings. a third complaint it wasn't warm enough for the english summer, and others aren't wearing it. nike is making some changes so
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the dress doesn't fly up as high. that apparently is the problem. the whole thing just -- >> yeah. it's a travesty. >> okay. coming up, two freight trains collide at high speed. what we're learning about the crash in texas and about what railroad companies have been doing to try to avoid disasters like that. >> and why lady gaga has been banned from entering china. >> first, here's a look at today's forecast. >> world news now weather lady gaga has been brought to you by super poligrip. the international airport in china. >> first, here's a look at today's forecast. >> world news now weather brought to you by super polly grip. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. grip. polygrip. grip. poligrip. comfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles
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the international airport in istanbul is operating as normal following a terror attack that killed at least three dozen people. nearly 150 others were injured. the prime minister says all signs point to isis. three attackers set off bombs they were wearing after opening fire. security at the u.s. airports have been increased as a precaution. in texas federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused a high speed head on collision between freight trains. >> one worker was injured. >> three are missing, believed to be trapped inside. >> reporter: the collision buckling train cars. sending them falling off the tracks like dominos. >> are you calling? >> no. trust me. they know. >> reporter: two freight trains ending up on the same track in texas crashing head on.
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gruesome sound, and it kept going and going and going. >> reporter: a mountain of twisted metal and flames. there are mandatory evacuations for half the town. there were four crew members on board. one person hospitalized jumping from the train just before impact. >> there are three people unaccounted for. we fear they may be trapped in the train at this time. >> reporter: there's new technology designed to prevent it's called positive train control. but railroads say they need more time to make it work and congress has allowed the deadline to slip from 2015 until at least 2018. and now teams of federal safety investigators will be looking for the train's event recorders that they hope will have clues as to how two locomotives ended up on a collision course. abc news, denver. >> dramatic video. when we come back, the first
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lady and her daughter are mixing with royalty. >> and hear why lady gaga has been banned from china. "the skinny" is next. lty. >> and hear why lady gaga has been banned from china. the skinny is next.
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♪ ♪ time for the skinny. topping our headlines, the obama ladies are mixing with royalty
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morocco. >> the first lady with her daughters, and, of course, her mother. they sat down for a dinner breaking the muslim fast during ramadan. >> they were joined by the princess, the wife of king muhammad the sixth along with access meryl streep. earlier the ladies met local girls to promote education as part of the let girls learn initiative. in the north african kingdom, only 36% of girls continue school beyond the primary level. >> they'll head to spain today. making some diplomatic waves is lady gaga who angered one of the world's most powerful nations. >> it's all because of this meeting on sunday with the exile dalai lama in indianapolis. that landed her on a list of hostile foreign forces banned by the chinese communist party.
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>> it wasn't for her lyrics or outfits? >> nope. dalai lama. >> they discussed meditation, yoga, mental health, and how to detoxify humanity. those are fighting words. >> the meeting sparked an angry reaction from beijing which didn't get the message. they attacked the dalai lama as a wolf in monk's clothing. the spiritual leader has been in exile since 1959. >> as for lady gaga only are they banned from setting foot on the chinese mainland. chinese websites and media organizations have been ordered to stop uploading or distributing her songs. they're mad. and 40 years after the gold, she's come a long way. >> caitlyn jenner has posed for her first sports illustrated cover as a woman.
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jump suit wearing the gold metal she won as bruce jenner in 1976 at the games. >> there's also a 22 minute movie. jenner 40 years after gold where she describes the inner conflict living inside her at the time saying that the decathlon was the ultimate in what people think of has manhood. for me, it was a good place to hide. that's a quote. >> she reveals a complex relationship, apparently, with that gold metal, which she keeps hidden away. you can see it there, below a cosmetics case. in the middle of the drawer of her vanity in the bathroom. >> on the one hand hidden away but in a place where she can look at it every day. >> every day. yeah. great memories back in 1976. >> yeah. coming up, would you swim in shark infested waters? >> not that i'd be able to tell about it. >> how about in purpose? >> couldn't pay me enough. >> what if the anchor throws you in?
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>> that's what i call every day at the desk here with you. i kid. i kid. the anchor throws you in? >> that's what i call every day at the desk here with you. i kid. i kid.
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k-y touch. ♪ ♪ >> i had to feel that beat. i see where they go. >> it's a summer version. >> i guess. >> reggae always means summer and a few other things. suntan lotion, and one more thing. >> bikini, and, of course, sharks. as part of shark week, jessie palmer took the dive to check out the creatures up close and personal. >> reporter: we're getting up close and personal with sharks. i'm ready to go. my guide is an underwater photographer who studies shark behavior. before we dive at night, i need to get my feet wet during
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sharks get a bat wrap. they're polite predators and chill. >> reporter: po right spread -- polite predators? >> they could kill us, but it's unlikely. >> reporter: the sharks are out in full force. >> you ready to do this, buddy? >> reporter: it's pretty amazing down here, hey? oh, you see that? this is absolutely crazy. they're literally everywhere. i got to be honest, i thought i was going to be completely freaking out. down here amidst all these sharks, there's something zen and calm. in the night it might be different. >> reporter: to hunt in darkness, their prey has to be hyper agile. whatever they're hunting has almost no chance. >> reporter: their senses include powerful night vision, reflective cells that allows sharks to see ten times better than humans in the dark. which is what makes diving at
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>> it was a great idea three hours ago. now that it's pitch black -- >> reporter: it's crazy. it's like you're in the abyss. you can't see anything. you really can't even hear anything. oh, boy, this is a big one. it's a really, really, oh, oh my god. it's coming right for me again. crazy. he's literally right beside you one second and the next second disappeared completely into the darkness. it must be such an advantage over their prey. their ability to see, their ability to smell. the electromagnetic fields. all the different tools is why this is the perfect killer. jessie palmer, abc news. >> that's the eeriest part, how quickly they completely disappear. >> yeah. >> no idea they're there and they're so close. >> no thank you. >> the sad part is they bit me and spat me back out. >> time for a new assignment.
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making news in america this morning -- terror attack. suicide bombers in turkey targeting one of the busiest airports in the world with gunfire and a series of deadly explosions. >> bombs went off and people were running the other way. >> witnesses describing their harrowing escape. the attacker detonating a bomb and the first look of the damage this morning as an investigation gets under way. airports on alert. flights in turkey land overnight, hear passengers reacting after landing. extreme weather. a hail-covered course field in denver. the summer storms pounding much of the country.


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