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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  June 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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extending the 95 hot lanes 10 more miles south to fredericksburg and eight miles north from alexandria to the 14th street bridge. the department of transportation has the money, and terry mcauliffe wants it in virginia. >> they have $800 million to spend for the entire country, and i'm asking for $200 million. >>? >> any guarantees you will get that money>>? i have been very? >> -- >> i have been very persuasive. and the ultimate optimist. >> when traffic is heavy on 95, optimism is hard to find. that's why the governor's dream to extend the lanes cannot become reality soon enough. >> anything would help. >> if it helps people get to where they are going faster, that's good. >> the $200 million federal grant would be part of a larger $1.4 billion transportation project, made up of public and private investment. that project would do a whole lot more than just extend the hot lanes. we tell you what, coming up at
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>> let's turn to a developing story coming out of the district, where in the last three hours we have learned schools chancellor kaya henderson is stepping down kaya henderson. sam ford is live outside the d.c. headquarters in northeast. should we be surprised by this? was well, leon, i guess i surprised by it, but it did not seem like anybody else was. talking to a number of people here, it was a secret, that i guess they kept well. the news came from the mayor's office that henderson was resigning. she had a meeting with her office staff to confirm that information. she has been with the d.c. public schools for nine years, first is a deputy to former and inlor michellerhe rhee, the last five and a half years as chancellor. her tenure has not been as rocky as
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modernization is on track. henderson's last day is still three months away, september 30th. the mayor's's statement says henderson will be replaced on an interim basis by john davis as chancellor. he currently holds the title of chief of schools. the mayor says she will conduct a nationwide search for henderson's replacement. accolades for henderson have flowed in from a number of quarters since the announcement was released. the chairman of the d.c. council's education committee, david grasso, says it came as no surprise to him, and he tried to convince her to stay another year, but she did not. she was praised by the federal city council, that said she did a good job increasing student test scores. news.rd, abc 7 alison: we have new information tonight in the inves
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today turkey's prime is said one -- prime minister said one of the suicide bombers blew himself up in a parking lot outside the airport, giving two others the chance to take advantage of the panic. jonathan elias has the latest. jonathan: so far, still no claim of responsibility in the attack, but u.s. and turkish intelligence say it has all the signs of a strike by the islamic state, isis. 42 people were killed when the suicide attackers armed with guns and bombs stormed the airport just 24 hours ago. more than 230 other people were wounded. today the director of the cia said this is the kind of attack we could see more of all around the world. >> i would be surprised that isil is not considering carrying out these attacks near and far abroad. we should not ever get used to it. what we have to do is redouble our efforts to try to uncover what they are doing,
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in terms of carrying out the attacks, but also go to the source of it, which is those who are directing and orchestrating these attacks. jonathan: world leaders, including president obama, are expressing condolences to turkey tonight. information is just starting to come out about the victims. we know that 13 of them were foreigners. we also know the three attackers involved yesterday were not turkish. we will get more information as time goes on about not only the attackers, but also the victims, and as soon as we do, we will let you know. --athan: thank you, jonathan leon: thank you, jonathan. dallas toflight from turkey will land in just a few hours -- dulles to turkey will lead in just a few hours. abc news is asking you if you are changing your summer plans because of terror attacks. go to, and we will show you the results we are getting live in just a moment. richard reeve is live at
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with reaction to the attacks. rich? richard: busy dulles airport. a lot of travelers are asking, should i go or not go, in the wake of the attacks. we are looking at the turkish airlines counter. until a few minutes ago, they were very quiet. you see a customer or leon: their -- customer or two there, and billions of dollars in tourism money at stake. the ticket counters are busy at dulles airport. but the istanbul attack is very much on the minds of travelers. >> it is a terrible thing that happened. a terrible thing happening throughout the world. richard: by contrast, the turkish airlines counter is quiet. the next flight, 7:15 wednesday night. >> it's worrying. richard: jeffrey travels to turkey once every two months, and just four weeks ago he was in the very same istanbul terminal that came under attack. >> there should have been more security, down at the
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at the entrance to the airport. richard: here in dallas, you see -- dulles, you see officers and k-9 units, but visible security is not overwhelming. angie lives just a few doors from the turkish tennessee in northwest d.c., where the flags are at half staff and a few visitors are picking up visas. >> the random of this -- randomness of this is really disturbing, and you don't know how to pick the right destination. richard: turkish tourism is huge, a $30 billion industry with 42 million visitors a year, so international travelers are making tough choices. >> it's the world we live in. you have to trust you will be all right. richard: istanbul has historic sites, shopping malls -- the larger shopping mall in europe is in istanbul. a lot of money at stake. at least one cruise line, celebrity cruises, has canceled
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richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: new developments today in the case against deonte carraway. a grand jury indicted the former ofcher's aide on 270 charges child abuse and child porn charges. brad bell is live in upper marlboro with more. brad: you know, allison, this scandal started back in february, when an adult relative of a very young victim found an inappropriate image on that child's phone. deonte carraway was arrested soon after. the investigation is ongoing ever since. today, it yielded the broadest indictment anyone can remember coming out of this courthouse. indictment was returned. brad: 40 counts of first-degree sex offense, 23 counts sex abuse of a minor, 41 count second-degree sex offee,
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>> mr. carraway faces multiple life sentences. brad: 23 children, from the age of nine to 13, have been identified, and that may not be all. >> we cannot say with any level of certainty that there will not be additional victims. if there are additional victims, and families are hearing about it, please contact us. brad: the indictment alleges that deonte carraway used his position as volunteer at judge sylvania woods elementary school and as a choir director in the town of glenarden to gain access to young children and force them to perform sex acts with him and with each other, which she and they recorded on a number of -- he and they recorded on a number of cell phones provided by carraway. the evidence in this phones is the evidence in the cases, and permits prosecution without testimony from the very young victims. >> because of the production of
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that were used, we hope to prosecute these cases in ways that will not further harm the children in these cases. brad: we have covered this case extensively since february. you may recall, carraway was already indicted in a federal court, and he faces hundreds of years in prison if he's found guilty. pile on these charges on top of that, and prosecutors are clearly trying to force a plea deal to leave carraway and his attorneys no way out. the desire is to not bring these cases into court, and to spare these fairy young children -- very young children, as you heard the state's attorney say, any more trauma. carraway himself remains behind bars on a no-bond status. alison: brad, thank you. you can sign up for breaking news text alerts from abc 7 by going to that's the best way to find out about stories ke
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resignation from d.c. schools, as soon as they happen. leon: now something a little more sublime than the last couple stories. the weather. today, a chamber of commerce day. perfect outside. no humidity. lots of sunshine. alison: gorgeous. doug hill is in the weather center with a check. we want this to last. doug: it would be nice. it will. , a couple more days, and even the holiday weekend, though it is not a perfect forecast, two of the three days will be just fine. let's look at laurel, maryland. some fairweather clouds. the low humidity will continue tonight. ideal weather down on south capitol street, first pitch for the nats and mets, first pitch 7:05. >> frostburg tonight could be as low as 50 degrees. doug: clear, cool, and dry.
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the 60 degree mark. 65 early tomorrow morning in downtown washington. temperatures are mid 80's tomorrow, still comfortable, with maybe a lady thunderstorm in the mountains to the west. putting the finishing touches on the holiday weekend forecast here and at the beaches -- i will share that with you in a couple minutes. leon: you got it. well, no winner last night in the big mega millions jackpot, so we have to settle for the the weather jackpot today. the next drawing is on friday, worth at least $415 million. ough, 1ds of winning, the in 176. alison: got to remind of your buddy what the odds are. coming up, feeling the heat. why some metro riders might be sweating it out for longer. leon: and later -- >> they want property owners to use common sense. leon:
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fight to clean up mess after mess. alison: and carol burnett comes to washington, but why she is here is no laughing matter. plus, startling new numbers from a local department of health. coming up, where we see, an
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leon: back with the developing story out of maryland, where startling new figures are coming out about the number of people using drugs and dying from overdoses. brianne carter is live in the newsroom with a look at the numbers. they just don't seem to go away. brianne: just startling, the numbers we got this afternoon, talking specifically about fentanyl-related deaths doubling in 12 months. this is from the maryland department of health. you can see, where talking about -- we are talking about 2015 to 2016, january to march in 2015, just 73, jumping all the way to 150 in the first three months of 2016. when we break it down by county, according to these numbers, it shows the baltimore metro area is where they see the largest number of cases,
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of the year. the number of heroin related deaths also jumping, from 190 in the first quarter in 2015 to 216 this year in maryland. tonight, a warning from maryland's health secretary, saying no illicit drugs are safe. they are urging lots of people, saying fentanyl can sometimes be hundreds of times more potent than heroin, and for some trying to buy other drugs they could find that inside of it, resulting perhaps in an accidental overdose. the warning tonight coming even though as they have expanded , the drug -- naxolone that can sometimes stop overdoses, warning drug users to seek treatment before overdose or death occurs. alison: a community in prince william county is offering help to those affected by the deadly
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the salem field community church is loading supplies on a 53-foot tractor-trailer bed to send to those victims. they say big-box retailers have promised to add to the items they already gathered in their community. they plan on driving their truck to west virginia on friday, and then a second team of really for chris will drive up on saturday -- of relief workers will drive up on saturday. leon: three people are in the hospital after a tree fell on a private bus transporting adults with special needs, happening at 2:00 in arnold, maryland. the driver of the bus was transported with serious victims. -- serious injuries. the other two victims are expected to be ok. the crews used chainsaws to get the rest of the tree off. alison: not a good scene at all. but the weather overall today was just perfectly pleasant. doug: we were popping i every severenutes with thunderstorm wni
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last night. we should look back four years ago today, when two they things happened. we set a record high of 104 degrees, the hottest it has ever been in the month of june here. and in the evening the derecho came through, moving 700 miles from the upper midwest to the washington metro area over 12 hours, the line of thunderstorms and high winds. we had huge wind gusts around the area. leon:d how many times have you used the word "erecho" -- "derecho" since? alison: that was when we were all introduced to that term. doug: 91 mile an hour wind gusts in fort wayne went through, and in our area, 65 to 75 miles an hour, following a day of record high heat waves.
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around the area, just enjoyed an incredible evening. national harbor, lower 80's. the air is dry. as we get toward sunset, we will see temperatures drop a little more quickly. if you want to dine outside, anywhere in the city, in the metro area, in the backyard, on your apartment patio, you name it, you have perfect weather tonight. we drop in the 80's for evening hours. tomorrow, a similar data this one. low-to-mid 80's. this big area of high pressure is filling in behind the cold front last night, so is that moves in that will give us great weather tomorrow. on friday it will become more warm and humid, because the high will slide off shore and winds will come to the south and the old cold front, part of that will combine with a warm front, giving us a chance of some showers and thunderstorms, may be in the mid day or early evening. another cold front comes through friday night and clears the way for the weekend.
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morning and afternoon, but late afternoon and evening as we get a southeasterly push of wind off the atlantic ocean, that will pop some thunderstorms in the mountains. should not affect the metro area. friday is a next chance of showers and thunderstorms possibly affecting the area during the day. for the end of the week, 85 and sunshine. 88 on friday, with scattered showers and thunderstorms. the weekend looks pretty good. a lot of sunshine, dry weather. mid-80's on monday, the fourth. of little cooler, with more clouds and scattered showers and thunderstorms. if you're going to the beaches, looks fine for the weekend, terrific for the weekend although showers and thunderstorms could be something to deal with on monday or on the way back home. seven days in a row for you. we get past sunday, and the fourth, looking at tuesday, some lingering shower and thunderstorm chances, and then things settle down for the middle and the end of next week, with seasonal temperatures and dry weatr.
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thank you. leon: maybe you can identify with this idea, dad having a knack for getting under their daughter's skin. [laughter] alison: this story coming up, you will see what one father is doing. it's actually bringing him closer to his little girl. we will have that. leon: asked her about that. [laughter] a little later, the unlikely culprit after a massive flood in florida. >> the d.c. streetcar has now been running for three full months. we tell you how it's doing in terms of ridership. alison: but first, here's a look at what's coming up tonight on abc -- man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them
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why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me.
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alison: it has not been more than three months since the d.c. streetcar started carrying passengers. so how's it doing? we sent chris pats to find out. chris: the long-awaited d.c. streetcar. some riders love it. >> it's not crowded. >> it's better than the bus. chris: others don't. >> the timing is never really get. are you going to take it when it's no longer free? >> of course not. chris: new numbers show that in the first two months of service, streetcar ridership was consistent,
5:25 pm
than 5000, nearly 8%. that drop in ridership, is it a concern? >> not really a concern. chris: derek jones says the city projected around 50,000 monthly riders, so even with the, drop in may, 63,000 is considered good. >> it's still a fledgling system, if you like. we are still figuring out ridership. chris: the troubled streetcar project has spanned three d.c. mayors and cost taxpayers $200 million for 2.4 miles of track, and now costs taxpayers another $8 million a year to operate, since it is free. a fare to offset costs is in the works, but joan says that an amount or start date has not been set. >> it is a really vibrant place. you see more than projected ridership up and down the corridor. i think that speaks for itself.
5:26 pm
extension to the streetcar line, west three miles into georgetown and east two miles to benning road, is moving along quickly. but he stopped short of giving any dates. in northeast d.c., chris pats, abc 7 news. leon: covering metro tonight. it's taking longer than expected to repair the chillers at dupont circle and farragut north stations on the red line. leaks foundering repairs have pushed completion to mid july. the chillers cool temperatures down in each temperate -- station, and they stop working last summer because of a problem with a 40-year-old pipe that feeds water to the system. alison: coming up -- out of control. 7 is on your side after a local strip mall fell victim to several drivers losing control of their cars. leon: plus -- >> i'm watching her go and make that announcement. it gave our families the strength to do the same thing. leon: a connection that may surprise y.
5:27 pm
executive reflects on the life and legacy of pat summitt, who died this summer after a battle with early-onset dementia. how he inspired baker and his wife, who was diagnosed with the same disease in 2010. >> and in response to the deadly terror attacks in istanbul, we answer the question, why turkey? and, will going after that country hurt the overall
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announcer: you are watching abc seven news at 5:00 -- on your side. leon: in light of the deadly attack in istanbul, president obama is vowing to dismantle organizations of hate. now, thoses learning willing to join the fight make themselves more likely to suffer at the same time turkey was reeling from the suicide bombings combination with orting us-led airstrikes inside syria. it is a partnership that has brought progress in the war on terror, but all the pain. joining the coalition last august, the attacks by ice this
5:31 pm
turkey has joined the coalition and they are trying to show there is a cost to that. isorter: he believes that it the goal of isis to bully other nations, they are going to fall short. >> i think it is going to backfire. i don't think you will solid we saw with al qaeda bombing the trains with madrid, a got spain to drop out of the coalition and i don't think you will see that now. so the attacks could become unifying moments? >> i think they are going to become unifying moments. reporter: more than a dozen countries have joined the coalition, aware of the calculated risk come but hopeful of eradicating these threat as outlined by president obama today. president obama: they wil
5:32 pm
they will be on the run. reporter: the cia director says isis sees these bombings as a way to offset losses on the battlefield. adding that he would be surprised if they were not trying to carry out that kind of attack in the united states. thataised the partnership we have with our allies but cautioned that we have a long reportgo before we can significant progress. alison: seven is on your side with some health matters tonight as the fda pushes to learn more sanitizers. the agency wants to know if the cleaners used by millions of americans actually do what manufacturers claim. it also wants to know if using them poses a health sanitizers. the agency wants to risk, specifically in terms of what your body absorbs from them. the fda is asking fone
5:33 pm
review. leon: words of warning coming from joe biden at the cancer moonshot summit. he said the administration would pull funding for those who failed to publicly disclose results. biden called out companies for unnecessary price increases that stifle development and cost lives. : these are real lives. time matters. days matter, minute matter. the vice president has made it his mission to fight the disease after his son died of brain cancer last year. a has asked congress for billion dollars for cancer research and only a fraction of that amount has been approved. alison: and other disease that gets less attention is alzheimer's, but pat summitt, who died just this week, hoped to change that, publicly
5:34 pm
years ago. that announcement made a big impact. pat summitt was the women'sst coast in basketball history and a trailblazer during her 38 year career at tennessee. but her toughest opponent was early onset dementia. ,> it may not be the best thing but you've got to make it what it is and keep living your life. reporter: after a five-year battle, summit died tuesday at just 64 years old. to bravely came out raise awareness, it helped us as a family. wife also has the disease and says when summit really announce her disease, it inspired his family to go public. the disease is progressing and his wife can no longer carry on a conversation, but all
5:35 pm
watching thoseoy basketball games. we are maryland fans and we always have a place in her heart for tennessee. -- he hopes hope that summit plus story will raise awareness about the disease and that an estimated 200,000 americans are affected. >> you have an individual who forgets how to go to places they have been to hundreds of times, they forget how to do activities that used to be automatic. the alzheimer's association says watch for behavior that is out of the norm. the county executive says it was little things that did not make sense, but when she got lost driving through her childhood neighborhood, they sought help. she was just 48 years old. leon: how is she now? reporter: he says she
5:36 pm
is doing well all things considered but the progress of this disease, you cannot stop it. it is a love story. his children who are adults are pitching in and they have it must be tough to see your loved one go through this. alison: at such a young age. leon: coming up -- >> you got the good arm? hop on third. a special sports camp in the d.c. area teaching more than softball. you think this scene at a sub shop is uncommon? we will tell you why one local stripmall is turning to 7 on your side to stop these kinds of crashes. 6:00, aning up at embarrassing mistake -- putting the wrong governor's name on it will headline. by governor terry mcauliffe says
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doug: saturday and sunday looks terrific around the region. --day is a different story cooler with more clouds and 83. a chance of showers and thunderstorms. same pattern at the beaches. lots of sunshine saturday and sunday but watch for thunderstorms just about anytime monday.
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leon: sports teaches children so anything including teamwork and leadership, but for a special group of eight to 12-year-olds come a local campus showing them something even more important. that's why the wounded warrior amputee soft all team are this week's harris's heroes. he's getting a special lesson and softball. he was born missing his right arm. his coach for the
5:41 pm
veteran who lost his left arm serving in the military. >> one armed brothers. all of the coaches are members of the wounded warrior amputee softball team. it brings together two dozen youngsters who are also missing limbs. but it's more than just softball that they are teaching. >> it's teaching me i can do anything. >> never give up and do whatever you love. leon: parent gain two. >> we've met parents have given us a million different ideas. >> i think what is amazing is not feeling alone in the world and having people that understand. giving itthese kids their all, it is special to be a part of it. leon: by the end of camp, they hope the kids take home a good message.
5:42 pm
things most people do have all their limbs, they just do it a different way. >> just to prove to themselves and their parents what they can do. leon: and what they can do is a lot more than they thought they could do. >> you just have to be inspired to move forward. that's what this camp does. leon: over the past four years, the wounded warriors have health and spire more than 80 kids in the soft all team travels play against able-bodied teams. the mission is to show that life without a limb is limitless. how about that. alison: so inspiring. still to come, a pair of catholic university students think they have a new tool to prevent concussions on the football field. their one-of-a-kind invention is on the way. another frightening crash where a car comes crashing through a storefro
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alison: somehow no one
5:46 pm
injured when this happened. even the lady in the green shirt. that van slammed right into this manassas restaurant. the driver hit the accelerator incident of the break and slammed into the jersey mike's. the driver received a citation. crashes like that are actually fairly common. they happened dozens of times every day across the country. it seems like we talk about them almost every year. what causes a driver to lose control of the car? one stripmall has had experience. they have been plagued by multiple storefront crashes. horace holmes is there working to find out why. many would call them freak accidents or rare occurrences, with cars crashing into buildings and people into the buildings happens
5:47 pm
alarming rates. 5270 times a day. and he knows how to devastating these crashes can be. >> she came bouncing up in the blink of an eye over a curb. one day in 2008, he was walking in a driver was pulling into a parking spot in front of the store. she did not stop. >> ira number having my hands on the hood of her car. he suffered serious injuries but survived. 250 injured, 500 killed and crashes into buildings. one driver said she was pulling into the parking spot and hit the accelerator thinking she was hitting the break. >> you will notice all of the spaces point right toward the building. and -- reporter:
5:48 pm
and this underscores the problem. a car has crashed into nearly every one of them. have had a happened three times at our location. >> you are pulling into one of these parking spots right toward these last doors. if i did one thing wrong, we would be up over the curb and into those windows before i could react. reporter: like in this crash two months ago in connecticut. watch the car go airborne. >> we had to pay for this. .eporter: that's the problem there are no laws requiring property owners to install the safeguards. the safety council says its mission is to press lawmakers to act. it
5:49 pm
occurs, but when. any of us could simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time. riding onture is every driver who rolls into one of the spots. reporter: another problem are these numbers in front of every single parking space. if you make a mistake and go to fast, it can make a car go airborne. they say are these bollards here. the problem is no jurisdiction in our area has any legislation requiring them. only california has a law on the books. leon: they may work, but they are ugly. they kind of mess of your real estate. let's see what's happening on the roads. jamie: we are starting off with a reminder that we do have a game tonight, so a lot of people trying to get into d.c. last night.
5:50 pm
normal congestion and everyone trying to leave the city. if you live in alexandria or springfield, we have that ingestion for you. springfield to the woodrow wilson bridge will take about 31 minutes. still going to be heavy. inbound traffic looks great but out bound, driving right into the sun. getting into bethesda, definitely a slow ride. yesterday, we were loaded with severe thunderstorm warnings and today, we have this . a live look at the naval academy -- absolutely gorgeous and low humidity across the area. we measure the humidity by dew point levels. yesterday, we had dew point levels in the 70's. today, we are in
5:51 pm
point in the 50's. very dry and comfortable. grade weather for the game tonight. it will be sunny and warm. temperatures holding in the 70's throughout the game. another game tomorrow but during the day, the winds will make a turn to the southeast. a frontal system will approach from the west and will have chances of a few scattered storms through friday evening. thursday, 85 and nice. the seven day forecast calls for improving weather conditions. temperatures in the mid-80's. warm but not as warm with a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms.
5:52 pm
it's one of the hottest topics in sports -- concussions. you see players leave the games because of the fall. engineeringical students are trying to prevent this with their own inventions. you see players doing it all the time -- tackling head first instead of heads up. the result is concussions, a problem that plagues the sports world. >> i've suffered several concussions. robert: for their senior project, they focused on preventing concussion which ended in creating a device that is unique for today's market. >> when i tackle the wrong way, it gets louder. robert: a sensor connected to the helmet.
5:53 pm
>> on the app, it skyrockets. 200 is approximately 90 degrees. robert: the idea to focus on player safety came from their professor. >> i was interested in starting this project with students and having some conversation about football and safe tackling. there's definitely a need for this type of product. fact that we could ,ake something that prevents it that would really help out the future of football. a target for the younger kids so that they can practice to tackle. leon:
5:54 pm
plus they can make a fortune and pay for their college education. he's just doing the sort of thing dads do. >> unlike why are you interested in me? i'm just a american making fun of his daughter. leon:
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leon: a florida animal shelter is probably considering selling off one of its cap nine lives after it flooded the facility. cap turn on the faucet and the water continue to run for 17 hours. none of the animals were hurt, but it was about $5,000 worth of damage. alison: there are moments when parents want to stop their kids from making poor decisions and there are moments when you let them make the mistake, so they learn and tn
5:58 pm
moments where you do a bit of both. it's good to washington state makinghris martin is international headlines for taking selfies that mirror the ones his 19-year-old daughter is posting. >> i just did it because she was posting these sexy selfies and i was like tone it down a little bit and she didn't for and i said i would show you what it looks like. >> people are posting father of the year. it is hilarious. alison: he says he has been posting the picture's for the last year or so but things really started taking off. that it isr says popular because it gives parents and teens something they can laugh at together. leon: but did it work? alison: if it has been going on a year, that may not be working. leon: would
5:59 pm
that to you? what would you have done? that he isppreciate monitoring what she is doing online. would you have done that? leon: i would consider it. us.on: that will do it for at 6:00, grand lands to help northern virginia commuters. reporter: go big or go home. alison: how the virginia governor plans to pay for a 10 mile extension to the 95 express lane. and the terror attack in istanbul -- how the attackers caught -- caused such intense damage amidst such security. of this area gift to west virginia. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. announcer: now, abc seven news at
6:00 pm
>> and vicious plan that could bring help to commuters, extending the i-95 express lane and commuter rail services. but first, terry mcauliffe has to sign a way to pay for it. jeff goldberg is live near i-95 in springfield. what does the governor hope to do? : the governor says he's the eternal optimist and that's the case with this transportation project which will depend on hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government to come through and make it happen. on 95ese driver stuck single day, they probably hope the governor is right. for commuters, extending the express lane south sounds like a good idea. what sounds even better is a plan to do more than just help the highway.


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