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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 1, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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>> this morning, extreme weather systems threatening the holiday weekend. >> huge downpours causing scenes like this. in las vegas roads turned into rivers. sidewalks transformed to water falls at wildfire crews fight blazes across the country. >> new developments from turkey. learning more about the terrorists involved and why investigators are looking at trouble spots in the former soviet union. >> this man going on a mile high rampage terrorizing downtown denver by attacking people with a pipe. swinging widely at innocent bystanders. what set off this violent outburst? >> and a tennis player goes on a rant in the middle of a match calling the umpire the worst
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ever. as in in the whole world. we'll examine that and other colorful reactions on this friday the first of july. from abc news, this is "world news now." apparently still upset about it right now. he's still screaming. >> still yelling at the umpire. >> man. must have been quite a call. wasn't a love, set, match. good morning, everybody on this friday. >> we begin today with a severe storm slamming las vegas. dropping nearly two inches of rain and hail within a couple of hours. it triggered widespread flooding and power outages. >> there were scenes like this, a water fall from a downtown parking garage. emergency crews rescued two people out walking their dogs who were swept away by flood waters. >> social media users posted amazing images of the
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looks like a flowing river. hard to believe it was a busy downtown intersection. the good day to stay indoors. >> it was a different scene, the years' long california drought and scorching temperatures fueling a wildfire. fire crews are having a tough time reaching there to battle the flames. it's been named the trail head fire. it's about 12 % contained. investigators say illegal fireworks set off afire in boise. strong winds drove the flames which destroyed at least one home and through thenned thousands more until firefighters con teamed them last night. crews plan to be on the flames all day today to put out some hot spots. >> those areas will get a break from bad weather today. storms are taking aim at new
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cochran who joins us. >> pretty active day for the northeast. thunderstorms going to be targeting washington into new york city including boston. also feeling sticky to close out the workweek. meanwhile, active for the southwest, monsoon moisture coming up. not unusual for this time of year. for holiday plans, looking a little unsettled, especially for shake city and phoenix. also active for the southeast including jacksonville and raully with thunderstorms possible. the defense secretary ash carter made the announcement yesterday. he says people should not be kept out of the military because of barriers unrelated to their qualifications. but the head of the house armed services committee says it's another example of the administration putting
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over policy. militaries of 18 other countries already allow transgender people to serve openly. and the navy is punishing nine sailors who it says were unprepared for an encounter with iran's navy that led to their capture. a pentagon investigation found the crews suffered from a lack of leadership and had a disregard for risk management during their january mission in the persian gulf. one sailor given credit for quick thinking was the sole fee mail crew member who used an emergency beacon and secretly taped the encounter on her phone. >> we're learning more about the istanbul attacker. three were from russia and two former soviet republics. dozens of more than 240 injured are still hospitalized. >> reporter: new images of the chaos at istanbul's airport.
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terrified travelers running from one of the three attackers near the check in counters of the international terminal. >> a sea of people running, tripping. police with guns drawn. it was clear something happened. it wasn't a drill. >> reporter: two days later raids in istanbul and more than a dozen arrests. turkish authorities trying to find anyone with links to the terrorists who fired assault weapons and detonated three suicide vests killing more than 40 people. >> they knew the places they wanted to be. they appeared to act in a coordinated fashion. that's indications this was a well planned attack. >> reporter: funerals being held and a memorial at the airport growing grow honoring those killed. including one american injured. they say there will be enhanced security at airports and train stations in the u.s. this holiday weekend. >> continue to go
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events. but be aware and be vigilant. >> reporter: the homeland security and turkish authorities agree it appears isis was behind the attack. though no group has claimed responsibility yet. >> our thanks to marcy. now to the political storm over a meeting between bill clinton and the attorney general. there was an unplanned half hour conversation, mostly chatting they say about clinton's grandchildren and golf. people are criticizing them as the meeting being unethical because she's investigating hillary clinton's e-mail practices. >> i was surprised he would do it and i was surprised she would do it. i think it was a meeting that even the democrats are saying what's going on here? >> yes. lynch insists there was no discussion of the state department e-mails or benghazi. republicans have called for an
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e-mail case saying a justice department under a democrat president should not be investigating a democratic presidential candidate. >> it looks like donald trump is narrowing down his potential vice presidential pick. sources close say newt gingrich and chris christie are being vetted. christie endorsed trump after dropping his own presidential bid, and gingrich has been a strong supporter. trump said he'd prefer a running mate with political experience. >> joe biden is poised to hit the campaign trail with hillary clinton. in a radio interview biden said bernie sanders told him that he's going to endorse hillary clinton. when asked about biden's comment, sanders said he's working with the clinton camp oncoming together in hopes to reach an agreement at some point. >> a communication mix up led to tense moments at the military base home to
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someone mistook security forces doing a routine inspection. >> reporter: shortly after 9:00 a.m. reports of an active shooter. evacuations ordered. >> a real life active shooter situation. >> reporter: homeland security secretary notified during a hearing on capitol hill. >> we do have, an unfolding situation at andrews air force base. >> reporter: biden is told to wait. then confusion, reports emerge of a drill. still the base is put on lock down and workers told to shelter in place. >> the original messages i was getting were it's just a drill, and then i got a new flood of texts that said this is not a drill. this is an active shooter. >> reporter: at 10:40 after an
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hour and four minute lock down, it's a false alarm. >> it appears to have been a mistake. >> reporter: in the wake of the orlando massacre and the bombing in turkey, no one is taking chances. it's clear many people are on edge. >> this morning there is an urgent new warning linked to those recalled takata air bags. the government is warning owners of older model of hondas and accras, they should be injured by supplying shrapnel. we posted the information on our website. a 40-year-old former navy s.e.a.l. with the first person who die in a crash of a self-driving car. he died when his tesla slammed into a turning tractor trailer in florida.
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tesla said it's the first known death in more than 130 million miles of operation of its auto pilot system. the government is looking into the system's design as well as performance. now to an unusually loud outburst at the usually respectful wimbledon tournament. >> it happened in a second round match. a player closest to the camera was on the verge of a defeat when the umpire ruled his opponent served an ace, and the player went bananas. >> worst umpire ever in the world. what are you doing? did you see the ball? you're stupid. >> at one point later the 25th seeded player kept going at the umpire, even calling him an outright idiot. >> okay, that's serbian for idiot. >> he said
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mistakes. he's likely to be fined for his conduct. this outburst went on and on. it remind us of other tennis outbursts. there's mcenroe. yeah, he was serious. >> remember serena? >> tennis ball to the crowd. >> oh, yeah. what did the racket do to them? >> i feel bad for the racket in all these situations. they always take it out on the racket. >> i know. >> remember the other day, the three rackets and one outburst? three rackeúts gone. >> it's supposed to be this wonderful, graceful sport. not so much. >> coming up, a surprise wardrobe change you don't want to miss. >> i don't know about this. a surprise for me. first we'll tell you about the man who called 9-1-1 telling the
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when he was at home. why he says he's now embarrassed and can't really remember what happened. >> and also ahead the shocking images of a man attacking people in downtown denver, hitting them with a giant pipe. hear why police say they have their hands full there now. >> and find us on facebook and twitter. you're watching "world news now."
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we have new video of the coast guard rescuing people after their kayaks capsized in maine. because of shallow water and rocky terrain a boat couldn't get to them. that's when this helicopter swung into action. everyone got home safe and sound. colorado east marijuana law under new attack. >> a video shows a man striking people with a pole. it has many people questioning if this is a side effect of one of the state's biggest cash crops. we have the story. >> reporter: in broad daylight in one of denver's most popular spots a man wildly swing this is plastic pipe striking a man knocking him down and hitting him again. seconds later he attacks another man. one victim left with a severe cut to his
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mayhem is a problem for denver's image. in another video, invested by police, a man leaving work is assaulted by overly aggressive panhandle panhandlers. the mayor blames the recent trouble on outsiders. a flood of transients drawn for one thing. >> they came for marijuana. >> they're spending $650,000 to put more cops on the street and soon police will be getting help from a downtown business group that's paying for its own private security force. >> it is a safe place. these are anomalies occurring. >> and police caught up and arrested the suspect in the attack. they said he'd been here about a type. this type of crime is the new side effect of colorado's legal marijuana trade, they fear. >> that man with the pipe reportedly has been identified. the police actually say they're
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not sure if this was a result of him being intoxicate ord if there's a mental illness involved. they said there's no evidence of marijuana involved in this case. wanted to make that clear. >> i was reading up. clearly he was not taking critical kush which is the strain of marijuana that just calms you. >> you're saying he needed it? >> he did. it's graded a plus by folks who are stressed. >> a fireworks warning for the fourth of july. a new public safety announcement that features an nfl star sharing his cautionary stories on fireworks. >> and the new 9-1-1 call raising concern about a drug taken by millions of americans
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yeah. when you're walking, driving, eating in your sleep. >> all related to the next story. we're learning new details about a 9-1-1 call we told you about yesterday. a man reported he was in a plane crash and trapped, but he was hallucinating. >> he had taken ambien, and he's not the first to have fallen victim to the drug's apparent hallucinations. >> reporter: the call came to 9-1-1 early in the morning just outside seattle. a man claiming he survivored a plane crash and needed help. >> are you able to safely get out? >> no. i'm pinned in. >> reporter: the 75-year-old caller said he was in the plane with three other people who were unconscious. >> are you able to look out the window and see the wing? >> i can't see anything. >> reporter: it's the stu o
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nightmares and all of it a hallucination caused by the sleeping aid, ambien. the embarrassed man telling abc news, it was a terrible experiences and he was having trouble sleeping after surgery. he was at home the entire time during the call. in fact, from sleep eating to sleep drives, others claimed damaging side-esqu effects adds. in new jersey, this woman was pulled over she claims she had no memory getting behind the wheel. in texas a woman who mixed wine with ambien ended up on the road. a security camera catches the consequences as she runs over a family in their yard, injuring a toddler. the man who imagined the plane crash had surgery. it's unclear if he mixed drugs and that caused the reaction. the developer says it has a 20 year track record and is
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directed. >> and doctors do say this sort of thing can happen if is dose is too high.
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k-y touch. okay. in a subtle sign of what albania expects expects to win the presidential race. >> it's the most beautiful thing i've seen. >> it's very subtle. a town in albania has erected -- i'm going to keep going -- a statue of hillary clinton. yeah. in the town. yeah. so it's -- the town of sarandi erected the sat chew because of alban albania/american relations. >> here's the news anchor who contributed to the announcement. >> whoa. >> getting
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because of her outfit and lack thereof. >> is this how they normally wear their clothes in albania on the tv? >> apparently yes. >> we may be losing viewerviewe. >> we can't compete. it's just -- >> eve within that, she can't compete with this. >> you're saying i think she can compete quite fine. >> let us know what you think about this outfit. >> apologies all around. >> from high atop tom's restaurant cony island in brooklyn, usa. ♪ >> i'm trying to work here. ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night, you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ grab
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now, donald trump on the this morning on world news now, donald trump on the move. narrowing down his choices for a running mate and holding a huge rally where he made a strange joke about mexico attacking him. our reporter talks to him one on one. >> heavy rain in las vegas. the downpours are making a giant mess of the strip, and there could be more rain in store for the area this weekend. >> and the subject of a pod cast getting a retry. >> the serial pod cast had tens of millions listening to the story of a 15-year-old murder. might have have helped a man get another shot at freedom? >> and rihanna like we've never seen her before. her new video is hammering out a new image of her and changing


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