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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- veepstakes. donald trump's campaign now vetting possible running mates. overnight, a new report about who's topping the list. plus, the private meeting between bill clinton and the attorney general, stirring kroefrs. we have new dwoms in the istanbul airport attack. man believed to be one of the bombers shooting a police officer. airports at home on high alert. extreme weather. raging wildfire growing this morning. plus, storms slammed the vegas strip. when was the last time you saw the strip like this. causing severe flooding. federal regulators have a warning for car owners. stop driving the v
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and we do say good friday morning, everyone. we're going to get started with politics. donald trump apparently narrowing his options for running mate. >> sources say newt gingrich and chris christie are being vetted. republicans are angry after former president bill clinton med with loretta lynch, even as her department oversees the investigation into his wife's e-mail controversy. >> reporter: it's july. and that means the conventions are right around the corner and the veepstakes are heating up. newt gingrich is being vetted as a possible vp pick for donald trump. according to "the washington post" gingrich is the lead contender. chris c
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considered as well. trump was back in new hampshire yesterday. >> they're getting ready to take. >> reporter: where he joked about mexican planes flying overhead. >> why aren't we putting our require rooes, military require rees on the border and in tsa. get rid of all those heeby-jabby thing they wear in tsa. i've seen them myself. >> reporter: lynch maintains it was a chance encounter. >> i was arriving, he was leaving. he came on the say hello. we spoke about a number of things. there's not much more to it than that. >> reporter: lynch's justice department is overseeing the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. >> my agency is involved in matter looking at state department policies and issues. it's been hd
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investigators and career agents who always follow the facts and the law. >> reporter: all this, as bernie sanders contemplates a clinton endorsement. >> i hope it happens. as of this moment, we're not there quite yet. >> reporter: and vice president biden says he thinks sanders will be endorsing clinton soon. vice president biden and the president will hit the campaign trail with hillary clinton starting next week. let's get to tlat nest the aftern aftermath of the istanbul terror attack. the video you're about to see is hard for some to watch. it shows a plainclothes police officer approach mang in plaque who then shoots him. it's believed the man in black is one of these three men. officials say they come from russia and three former soviet
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hospitalized. back here in tus, airports are on extra high alert especially now that travellers are heading out for the long fourth of july weekend. more than 1/2 million americans are expected to board planes today alone. increase t security at other facilities is less overt. evacuations are under way this morning along the club ya river in oregon. where a fast-moving brush fire is threatening homes. it spread overnight. so far, no homes have been lost. families heading to their vacation cabins are being turned away. more than a dozen wild frooirs currently scorching states in the west. in las vegas, lightning, thunder, hail, and drempbling rain caused major problems, swamping the city for hours. homes an businesses were left wi
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downtown streets looked like rivers. two people were swept away and eventually rescued. on the other side of the country, this water spout formd over tampa bay. near the airport. surprising some downtown. water spout are fairly common in florida. molly cochran has the forecast. good morning, molly. >> thanks, kendis and diane. pretty active day for the northeast. thunderstorms for washington into new york city, including boston. feeling quite sticky to close out the work week. meanwhile, active for the southwest. monsoonal moisture starting to come up. not that unusual. for hol lay mans, liking a little up settled for salt lake city and phoenix. act i have for the southeast. jacksonville and raleigh. thunderstorms possible.
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>> thank you, molly. in the middle east, there are new tensions following the stabbing of an israeli american teenager. 13 yeerl hallel ariel was killed. it's called the most brazen attack so far in a nine-month wave of violence. a top republican law maik sir blasting the pentagon announcement allowing transjerpd people to serve openly. the head of the house armed services committee says this is another example of the administration putting politics over policy. developing overnight, a federal judge has blocked a mississippi law aimed at protecting opponents of gave dpai marriage. the law would have allowed businesses and government employees to cite
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beliefs as a means of -- it violates the equal protection guarantee. now a baseball note and a personal one for us. ginger zee taking the mound last night. throwing out the first pitch at the mets game. >> so ginger winds up. look at her do. she delivers the pitch and gets it there. the catcher barely even has to move. great going there. she clearly was happy with her performance as well. she apparently practiced pretty hard as well. >> she said it was quite the honor, on her instagram play. >> the mets beat the cubs, 4-3. maybe she brought them lung. >> they needed it. they came off a big losing streak to the nationals. state of emergency in florida because of algae blooms that look like guacamole but don't smell like it. an urgent alert
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regulator. the warning? stop driving these cars right now because of the takata air bag recall. and a tennis player loses his cool on the court. see this epic meltdown at wimbledon.
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a medical emergency has forced a kruds ship to return to new jersey. an 8-year-old boy was taken from "the anthem of the seas" to a new york hospital after he was found unconscious in a swimming pool. he was with a large group of passengers from the netherlands. a 40-year-old former navy s.
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die in a crash of a self-driving car. his tesla model 6 turned into a tractor trailer in florida. joshua brown was the first known death in more than 130 million miles of operation. the government is looking into the system's design as well as performance. a major consumer alert this morning. the government has issued an urgent warning to owners of older model hondas as well as acuras. they're told to stop driving the cars until the recalled air bags can be replaced. passengers could be injured by flying shrapnel. the warning applies to 2001 and 2002 civics and accords. the crv, odyssey from 2003. it including acuras tl and cl. it's on
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>> a long list. puerto rico is getting last minute help in its debt crisis. the bill allows the territory to restructure debt and negotiate with creditors. officials say they still won't be able to make the loan payment today. well, algae described as guacamole thick. >> the governor has declared a state of mrnl. holiday beachgoers have canceled reservations. when we come back, the subject of the megahit serial podcast granted a new trial. why the judge made the decision after the suspect was convicted 16 years ago. and a mile-high mrnl. see the skydiver get his parachute twisted and how he got out of it.
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plan on wet roads from the mexican border into the midwest. >> if you're flying, weather related airport delays possible in new york, philadelphia, kansas city, denver, and phoenix. there is going the be a new trail for the man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend two gained popularity after a podcast. >> he was sentenced to life in prison for killing his ex in 1999. a judge yesterday ruled he should be retried. his attorney says he'll seek to have sayedw6 released on bail. the serial podcast raised questions. a skydiver's parachute malfunctioned over oklahoma. he was hurtling to earth at about 80 miles an hour. he says muscle memory kicked in. he struggled with the chute for about 500 feet before he
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this was the eighth time he's had to use a backup parachute. looks like there will be a new development in u.s. relations with cuba. the u.s. soccer administration has announced a friendly in halvana in october. for the first time the school history, the chanticleers of coastal carolina are the world champions of the college baseball world series. >> here are the highlights of last night's professional baseball games from our guys at espn. good morning, it's "sportscenter." what do you got? >> i don't have the nba money. it's all been spent. madison bumgarner wanted to be in the homeun derby. they declined that. he gets to bat for himself. that's interesting. they're playing at an american
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league park. this guy can hit. first time he's batted intentionally as a dh since 1956. brandon bell brings home bumgarner. 2-1. next batter. runners at second and third for buster posey. he clears them. 5-1 giants win it, 12-6. clayton kershaw won't be batting or pitching for awhile. he's going to the 15-day d.l. a problem with his back. he won't need surgery. dodgers taking on the brewers. trayce thompson. two-run shot. his 12th. yasmany gran dal. got one over the plate. and took it over the wall. grandal, seventh of the season. cory seger. that a little low the zone. two-run shot for m.
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and the dodgers win it, 8-1. lots of nba free agency news on kevin durant is going take meetings this weekend. looks like he could be staying in oklahoma city. >> we have wimbledon and soccer on espn2. see you next time. let's presume today's action won't include this -- >> worth ever in the world. what are you doing? did you -- did you see the ball? you're so bad. >> that was the 25th seeded v viktor troicki giving him a piece of his mind. shortly after, he lost the second round match. >> he went on to call the umpire an idiot. now you can expect what's likely to be a hefty fine. >> pretty upset there. >> he went on for more than a minute. >> e he
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it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind om start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. it is "pulse" time on this first day of july. we're going to start with a new monument to hillary clinton. it's in albania, which, as they once sang on "cheers" the show -- ♪ you border on the adriatic >> doesn't quite rhyme. there's the monument. in a small town in southern albani
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it's supposed to represent clinton as a woman in politics. >> there are other stat choose of former presidents. maybe albania is saying who they think will be the next president. it's happened to all of us at one time or another, you think your phone is on silent. it's not. it could be worse if you have a personal ring tone. maybe you don't want everybody to hear it. >> apparently this happened to actress emma watson. she was sitting down for an interview to talk about her upcoming role as "belle" h the live action film "beauty and the beast ♪ >> it's a weird contrast. that is so embarrassing. that is my phone. gnat's tina turner. >> i think that's probably the best ring tone i've ever heard. is there and that was steamy windows by tina turner. she said the whole thing was so embarrassing. no one else in
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to think so. they thought she had the best ring tone ever. >> i guess it beats "private dancer." everyone has a god lauf. and "beauty and the beast" hits theaters next march. it takes a lot of luck to win a lottery. it takes much more luck to win megamillions when you really wanted to play bower ball. >> okay, that is exactly what happened to nancy of staten island, new york. she's claimed a $169 megamillions jackpot. her husband bought the ticket in january when he had $1 left after power ball. >> he had $1 left in his pocket. here's the $1. a dollar and a dream, right? >> they were playing for the big powerball jackpot, approaching $1 billion. it was the one buck on the megamillions that made all the difference. >> tonight, megamillions goes for $415 million.
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today: isolated am shower. hot and humid. pm thunderstorms - some strong to severe with hail/wind greatest risks.
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winds: ssw 5-10 mph tonight: showers end. gradual clearing with falling humidity. lows: 62-68 winds: nw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly sunny. low humidity. highs: 82-86 winds: nw 5-10 mph right now..
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spotsylvania county sheriff's officials are searching for a 14-year-old runaway. nayeli marquez was last seen sunday morning.. at her home in the massaponax area of the county. she's seven months pregnant, and requires medication. nayeli is five-two, and weighs 120 pounds. she has a nose ring and pierced ears. she's been known to frequent
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arlington, and fairfax. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. in the day ahead.. loved ones will gather in baltimore to say goodbye to a slain musician. tyriece watson, also known as rapper "lor scoota" will be laid to rest after a funeral at the empowerment temple in west baltimore. the 23 year old was gunned down last week, just hours after attending a anti-violence rally. hundreds of people attended his wake on thursday. federal investigators may be ready to hit the brakes on a popular new feature in next-generation cars. regulators are now investigating tesla's "autopilot" mode, after a driver died in may while using the feature. tesla wrote in a blog post the car's autopilot system didn't correctly recognize a tractor-trailer before the car slammed into it. tesla called the crash a rare circumstance-- but admits the software isn't perfect and drivers still have to be alert. it's xx and we're just getting started. turkey strikes back following a
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what investigators are learning about the three suicide bombers.. and who they have in custody. plus, recent terror attack at home and abroad is prompting security changes this holiday season. what you need to know, before arriving in the capitol. good morning washington. today: isolated am shower. hot and humid. pm thunderstorms - some strong to severe with hail/wind greatest risks. highs: 85-90 winds: ssw 5-10 mph tonight: showers end. gradual clearing with falling humidity. lows: 62-68 winds: nw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly sunny. low humidity. highs: 82-86 winds: nw 5-10 mph
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turning now to the war on terror. turning now to the war on terror.


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