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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 5, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the growing wave of terror attacks. >> less than a day after the deadliest suicide bombing in iraq in near lay decade, multiple sites targeted across saudi arabia. what's behind it? >> the murder mystery of an american college student killed while abroad in rome. his body found in a river. overnight the vigils held at home as investigators try to piece together the time line. kevin durant is shocking the sports world announcing he'll be joining steph curry and the warriors. oklahoma fans are already burning his jersey. but we'll tell you the real back story to the bay invasion. >> they're not happy with that, right? >> apparently not. >> and get ready for the good
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new series, lifestyles of the rich and kendis. that's yours truly. i'll be taking you to see what life is like when money is of little consequence. it's tuesday, july fifth. >> good tuesday morning. it is good to have back diane. >> thank you. good to be here. >> what a wonderful july fourth it was. >> i enjoyed it. i brought some of the fireworks back. >> it's like katy perry is on your dress. >> they say money can't brie happiness, but you looked happy at the plaza. >> it was beautiful across the nation. you had on the east river, did you see, the display about a half hour display there. >> cannot beat the
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display in new york. >> that's in new york, and apparently in d.c. it was beautiful. >> i love seeing it right by the monument. all in the same shot. >> gorgeous, except with d.c., this was the live broadcast from pbs. the footage from previous years. >> why? >> because it was overcast in d.c., so they ran -- >> cheaters. that is cheating. >> and the internet just kind of blew up about it overnight. >> that's funny. they said oh, well, we'll show you other years. >> some people kept complaining about how the scar scaffolding was disappearing and reappearing. it was a ripoff. i can't believe pbs did that. >> we hope everyone enjoyed the fourth. >> it was a safe one. our top story,
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the middle east. three yesterday in saudi arabia and more over the weekend in bangladesh. as well as baghdad and last week in istanbul. more than 230 people have been killed in the past week and isis is calling for more. we get more details. >> reporter: a suicide attack at the second holiest site in all of islam. the bomber stopped by security guards on his way to the mosque where the prophet muhammad is buried. detonatiing his explosives and killing four. one attack near the u.s. consulate. they cap off a bloody week as the muslim holy month of ramadan ends. a bombing that took the lives of 160 people, the deadliest attack in iraq in a decade. it was 1:00 a.m. when explosives and a truck ripped through a neighborhood. the flames consuming shops
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restaurants that were full. parents out with their kids celebrating ramadan. isis has suffered huge setbacks in iraq and syria losing long held ground and forces. but those losses somewhat offset by dramatic terrorist attacks. 44 killed last week at turkey's main airport. then 20, mostly foreign hostages killed on saturday in a restaurant in bangladesh's capitol. among the dead was someone who studied in the u.s. and whose family said the attackers let him leave but he wouldn't abandon his friends. these attacks proving even with isis, they're still able to terrorize and inspire around the world. abc news, london. >> and there's disturbing news about syria. amnesty international says some opposition groups are just as bad as the syrian government using torture, an suctions and killings. they say some o
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united states. back at home, president obama is making his first joint campaign appearance with hillary clinton. they're flying to charlotte on air force one. their first time traveling together in four years. the president is expected to share the foe to friend relationship of their friendship. donald trump asks what's paying for it. we're told the clinton gacampai is picking up the fab. >> trump is heading to raleigh. he's talking about a tweet he deleted. he issued a statement saying attacks by hillary clinton linking the star in the image to the star of david are ridiculous. he insists it have a basic star used by sheriffs and he accused clinton of drying to divert attention from her and her husband's dishonest behavior. >> new details about an explosion in central park which injured a virginia student.
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experimenter was behind the explosion. doing tests on the compound that blew up to learn more about it. they don't believe the device was intentionally divined to hurt people. an american college student, police are trying to figure out how his body ended up in a river after arriving in italy. >> reporter: the mystery unfolding in rome. a 19-year-old american found in a river described as a star student, a stellar athlete and a proud cancer survivor. >> he overcame it. >> reporter: he just arrived in italy as part of a summer exchange program. he was last seen in a pub with friends early in the morning and then he vanished. his roommate alerting the university when he failed to show
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orientati orientation. his family flew to italy on sunday to work with authorities. news reports and his brother say he was found with a large wound on his head, blood on his shirt. his cell phone and walt missing. >> reporter: there are reports there were credit card charges made on his card after he vanished. his parents identified the body. they're working with italian police to try to find out how this happened. abc news, washington. to florida and the toxic invasion of algae. fourth of july celebrations were cancelled and beaches closed. the governor declaring a state of emergency in four counties. there are reports of people complaining about headaches, respiratory issues and rashes. authorities are trying to figure out how to clean it up. speaking of cleaning up, a new record
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at the hot dog eating contest. joey jaws took down 70 hot dogs. >> that's the most in nathan's competition and 17 more than anyone yesterday. chestnut held the belt for eight years until last year's upset. he said it's his goal every year. he made it. >> now he has to shoot for new stars. 71. >> and the women competed. mickey suto kept her title. she ate 38 1/2 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes for the third straight year. her total was half a dog better than the fourth place in the men's competition. both male and female competitors train all year and compete in other contests. >> joey by the numbers quickly. in ten minutes, 19,60 0
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1200 grams of fat and 54,000 grams of sodium. way to go, brother. >> i don't understand how they're not massive. massive and fat. >> this is the sixth year of a separate competition for women. they used to compete with the men. >> cool. not fair. coming up, new details in the case of a muslim man taken down by police in a hotel. we'll hear the call from a clerk. >> get ready for an adventure from kendis. we'll get the tour of the plau have a hotel and find out if he's still living there now. >> i am not. for proof, check out our behind the scenes fix on instagram. you're watching "world news now."
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a man spear fishing when he has a close encounter with that shark. he said he caught a fish and became tangled in the line as the shark started swimming toward him. he says the shark only had eyes, hopefully, for his catch. so he freed himself and left the fish for the shark. he says it was quickly devoured. now to the controversy near cleveland. an arab businessman wearing a robe. and a head scarf inside o
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being a terrorist. >> a 9-1-1 call triggered a police takedown and now an international incident. here's abc's clayton san dell. >> there's a man in a full head dress. >> in call to police in ohio triggering an international response. >> with multiple disposable phones pledging his allegiance or something to isis. a desk clerk tells her sister she believes there's a terrorist in the lobby. that sister calls police. >> there he is. get on the ground. get on the round. cuff him. take the phone away. >> reporter: the suspect is a businessman from the united arab emirates. >> i'm tourist. this is not good. >> this is not good. that's right. >> reporter: soon police realize the report is false. he's visiting the u.s. for a heart treatment. he suddenly faints.
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groups that track islamaphobe ya say the u.s. is seeing a spike. marriott which owns the hotel says this was a terrible misunderstanding and we regret what happened saying hotel employees will get training in diversity and inclusion. the mayor and police are sorry. >> there were false accusations. those are regrettable. >> as for the desk clerk, officials say she may be facing criminal charges over the false report. coming up in the next half hour, a ten-year-old golf prodigy sidelined nature judge ordered no tournament and a severely scaled back practice schedule for the next year over a custody battle. >> first, a world of unimaginable wealth. what i saw firsthand inside one of new york's premier hotels to kick off the new
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"lifestyles of the rich and kendis ♪ ♪
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♪ >> hthat's the best graphic i'v seen. you're as excites as we are. we have a new series that gives an inside look that few get to experience. >> especially me. if it weren't for this new series as we mentioned, you saw there called lifestyles of the rich and kendis. we go behind the chandelier lit halls of the plaza hotel in new york. >> welcome. >> it's great to be here. this is beautiful. >> one and only plaza. >> and wh
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adventure inside one of the world's most exclusive hotels. new york city's plaza hotel. the same hotel made iconic in literature by eloise. the place the beatles stayed and their fans invaded during their first american tour back in 1964. and home to kevin mcallister in home alone two. somehow that plaza hotel allowed me through the front door. for a rare look at some of its most amazing suites. >> suite 2040, the penthouse suite. >> the grand penthouse suite is among the top of the line. two lavish bedrooms. two and a half bathrooms, and -- >> there's somebody at the door. let's check it out.
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hi. >> i represent the bath department. >> our team of professionals will make sure we provide certain services which is unpacking, shoe shining, complimentary pressing and we draw the bath. >> a full time butler. as if the location and suites weren't enough, the service is over the top. >> hey, how is it going? >> i reena has the easiest job in the world. >> this is the top tier. >> we had to settle for chatting in the $20,000 a night suite because the larger suite has been occupied by the same guest for the last three months. >> in that suite, it actually has a living room, a dining room, and a gym, a library,
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kitchen. >> the grand penthouse anti-too shabby with over 1500 square feet. >> i've bipartiseen looking for apartment in new york. this is about the same size. >> this is the iconic plaza bathroom. all of the bathrooms within the hotel have the floral motiff. >> it's pretty. >> they're 24 karat gold plated. >> this is real gold? >> yes. >> and the amenities look awesome. >> yeah. >> that shower is great. >> yeah. >> take that for the road. >> let's go on the terrace. >> the terrace alone is 500 square feet. >> beautiful weather for the terrace. >> just for you. and a nice breakfast to accompany it. >> this is great. the scenery is amazing. you have the skyscrapers. skr central park to the right. this is the fe
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>> you can stay forever. >> just have to pay? >> just a little bit. >> did you call security already? >> not yet, but they may call. >> they had to drag me out of the hotel in handcuffs. the beatles stayed there. while they were there there were a couple of girls who famously snuck their way up into their rooms. you had all these girls but they were able to smuggle themselves into the room in gift box. it was their way. >> i was going to say how. i'm guessing security is tight. >> it is. there have been notable guests over the years. the duke and duchess of windsor. it was once owned by donald trump. that went away years ago. >> this is my favorite shot. you in the tub. >> they have no idea i did that. this is the first time they are seeing i jumped on the bed. they were busy doing something else. the pr had no idea i snuck into
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k-y touch. okay. there have been many stories about kevin durant going to golden state and many names. but there's a little known story that you probably might not remember. so there was this little known rapper called lil b. years ago lil b put a curse on kevin durant back in 2011 when durant called him a whack rapper. >> oh. a curse. >> exactly. he put this curse and little did you know after the curse, kd's performance went down. people believe the curse is for real. he might not be a good rapper but he has powers.
3:26 am
and he said now that kevin durant is heading to his home team, he wants to lift the curse. >> oh, okay. >> welcome home, kd. >> the based god wants to speak. >> the curse has been lifted ever since -- oklahoma fans might not feel the same way. they put on their own curse on kd. >> he might have new one coming his way. >> good luck. kd. selfie sticks are easy to mock. some places ban them. but we found one tourist who has to be happy he had one on him. so are we. it yield third down picture. the slooth is in the tree. sloths are difficult to photograph. they are shy and tend not to come down from trees. this man managed to capture the sloth hanging from the tree without disturbing him. the sloth smiles. >> take a close look at the picture. it might
3:27 am
this is moving video right now. the sloth is waving right now. all right. from the sloth -- [ laughter ] >> every time. >> every time. >> from the sloth to the -- >> you usually crack me up when you do the sloth impression. this time you cracked yourself up. >> talk. >> check out the hip hop dog. ♪ >> the dog is a hip hop mogul. he has his own star on the wal
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new, tag team on the campaign trail. no word of a running mate, but hillary clinton is enlisting president obama. their firs when it comes to going after donald trump. a live report ahead. >> severe storms in the midwest. tornadoes uproot trees and knock out power. the storm system knocked out fourth of july systems. we'll tell you where it is later in the forecast. >> the surprise at last night's white house independence day celebration. >> what president obama did for his oldest daughter on her 18th birthday. >> and how the other half celebrated the fourth of july. the celebrities that took to social med


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