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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 5, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. a severe weather alert for the heartland. more than 120 storm reports on the fourth of july. damaging winds flipping over cars. now the east is on alert for flash floods and tornadoes plus a huge heat wave is moving in. president obama hits the trail with hillary clinton. the two set to take air force one to a huge rally teaming up for the first time to take out trump while the billionaire appears to narrow his list of potential running mates. breaking overnight, the american college student who went missing hours after arriving to study in rome is murdered hen his body discovered in a river. police take a suspect into custody this morning. [ cheers and applause ] dancing with jupiter. nasa making history overnight. its spacecraft orbiting
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the solar cyst's largest planet ever. a mission five years and 1.7 billion miles in the making now set to unlock some of the universe's biggest mysteries. ♪ good morning, america. we hope you had a great fourth. boy, did they have a great fourth at nasa. the biggest fourth of july celebration of all when that juno spacecraft made history. this is the last one you see far away. captured by juno's probe before it launched into orbit. we'll see much more coming up. >> it is actually rocket science. as it turns out. lots of fireworks as you can imagine even though there was some bad weather. these are the images you saw if you watched d.c.'s celebration on tv but there were some problems w
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that coming up. take a look at this picture from south dakota. wow, that storm moving in complaining with lightning and now ginger is here with the latest. >> good morning. you can feel that stickiness out here as the warm front approaches and that same storm system that created more than 140 severe storm reports in the last 24 hours is going to be moving off the east coast and bringing us some more rounds of showers but look at that. that's the damage from eastern kentucky. they'll do the damage surveys to see what did all of that in a walmart in eastern kentucky. could and probably will be a tornado. the tornado and damaging wind and hail threat today is in the plains. it's in minneapolis and western wisconsin, it's in northern iowa so those are the areas later this afternoon and evening to look out for. then anyone from dallas up through kansas city right through wilmington, north carolina, heat advisories moving in. we're talking
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indices well into the 100s for millions of folks. i'll have a lot more coming up. >> feel like july. the race for the white house and both hillary clinton and donald trump in full swing after july 4th. clinton hitting the trail with president obama for the first time today as trump takes one of his vice presidential prospects out for a public spin and cecilia vega has the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. a big week for both sides as clinton's campaign hopes president obama's strong approval ratings give her a boost against donald trump. bring on the reinforcements. hillary clinton calling in the heaviest of heavy hitters today. president obama. a tag team duo against donald trump and the president is clearly ready for a fight. >> that's nativism or xenophobia or worse. >> reporter: two former rivals turned allies turned travel buddies and head to north carolina, the swing state, together on air force on
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against is waning a war of his own on twitter, trump tweeting, why is president obama allowed to use air force one on the campaign trail? who pays? the answer, the dnc and clinton campaign pick up the tab but taxpayers do end up footing some of the bill. >> she's crooked. that's why we call her crooked hillary. >> reporter: both sides hoping for a better week ahead after a bad weekend. her winter interview with the fbi over her fooels still looming large for hillary and for trump, this tweet showing what appears to be the jewish star of david over a backdrop of money. the image previously posted on a white supremacist message board. the clinton campaign calling the image blatantly anti-semitic. trump firing back calling clinton's statement ridiculous saying the star is often used by sheriffs who deal with criminals and criminal behavior.
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circle. and now the hunt for a vp pick is on. we now know housing secretary julian castro is being vetted by clinton's team and trump is fueling speculation with some recent meetings with iowa senator joni ernst and indiana governor mike pence, all of this, of course, comes ased lead-up to the convention is a couple weeks away. >> and will be campaigning with bob corker today. kristen soltis anderson, thanks for joining us. you have joni ernst and mike pence and senator bob corker out there today. a much more public vetting at this point. who on the list stands out to you? >> i think you still got to think about mike pence as a big player here. you know, donald trump loves to use twitter to telegraph his campaign strategy and was tweeting nice things about mike pence pretty recently. indiana a key state for donald trump during the primaries and then also a key tate if he wants to pull off a strategy of
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kind of rust belt states, winning in the midwest. >> he could. mike pence could shore him up with conservatives right there. meantime, you've got hillary clinton out on the campaign trail with president obama. could be her biggest asset in a lot of states but also carries some liabilities. >> certainly. president obama right now is seeing really high approval ratings compared to where he's been over the last couple of years. still very popular within the democratic party. if there are any questions about hillary clinton's ability to unite the party having barack obama out on the campaign trail will certainly put some of that to rest. >> okay, kristen soltis anderson, thanks very much. >> we move on to that huge fourth of july celebration overnight that was out of this world. nasa cheering as the juno spacecraft made history rocketing into jupiter's orbit now set to unlock mysteries about the planet and the universe and gio benitez has this exciting news. >> reporter: a truly exciting and historic mission to figure out the secrets of one of the most mysterious
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universe and now nasa is right there in jupiter's orbit. listen to this one little pop. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: a sound astronauts at nasa have waited years to hear. overnight the juno spacecraft test successfully entering the orbit around jupiter. >> nasa did it again. >> reporter: this is the true from juno's approach to the largest planet in our solar system. >> we prepared a contingency communications procedure and guess what, we don't need that anymore. >> reporter: nasa releasing this trailer in honor of the patriotic july 4th mission. >> it's a monster. it's unforgiving. >> reporter: the $1.1 billion mission optimistically named joi for jupiter orbit insertion took five years traveling more than a billion miles landing a spot in orbit now looping around jupiter at
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gathering data scientists believe is critical to understanding the beginnings of our solar system. mere mortals back here on earth freaking out on social media. bill nye posting this photo of himself with a juno model declaring it's rocket science, happy 4th. at the center nasa hopes to figure out what jupiter is made of. it is considered a gas giant and juno will help figure out if it has a solomon core. its camera will be turned back on in a couple of days and will soon start seeing those image. >> after the batteries are revved up again. three major assaults in the past week have killed more than 200 and in saudi arabia three suicide attacks in just 24 hours. abc's chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz tracking this dangerous development. martha, it appears isis under military pressure in iraq and syria is lashing out wherever they can. >> reporter: that's the fear, george. this morning in saudi arabia, investigators have arrested a suspect in one ofhe
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that rocked three cities in the kingdom. the man in custody suspected of helping carry out the attack near the u.s. consulate in jeddah. these bombings follow that deadly week with massive loss of life and coordinated attacks showing the increasingly global reach of isis in bangladesh where an attack on a popular cafe killed 20 including a young american college student. in baghdad where isis carried out its deadliest attack ever against civilians in that country. more than 170 people and, of course, that horrific attack on the istanbul airport, officials worry that we are entering a new phase with isis, instead of concentrating on claiming territory, there are now more than ever going after soft targets and civilians around the world, george. >> to spread fear everywhere. martha, thanks very much. now to breaking new details in the death of a young american in italy.
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college student's body was found in the river. abc's lama hasan has the latest. joins us this morning from rome. good morning, lama. >> reporter: and good morning to you, robin. dramatic new developments in rome this morning. italian police detaining and questioning a 40-year-old italian homeless man accused of murdering beau solomon. an italian media are reporting witnesses seeing a drzal taking place followed by a man being pushed into the river right here behind me. overnight, italian police arresting a 40-year-old homeless man suspected of what they call aggravated murder in the mysterious death of 19-year-old american beau solomon. no motive has been identified yet. the university of wisconsin student's body was found monday morning in rome's tiber river near the marconi bridge less than three miles from popular tourist destinations like the sol
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friends decided to leave they couldn't find him. his roommate alerting the school when he didn't show up for orientation hours later. solomon apparently found with a large head wound and was missing his wallet and cell phone. his credit card company saying $1500 had recently been charged on it. police now checking surveillance cameras in the area and speaking with people at the bar that night trying to track solomon's last movements. >> just from being an older brother, i've always tried to do what i can to take care of him. >> reporter: his parents traveling to rome hoping to help with the investigation.o3 back home in wisconsin, solomon's friends are reeling from the news. >> it was so hard to hear about that. i mean, to hear about your best friend, you know, you really didn't even get a chance to say good-bye his his childhood bedroom sits empty. >> i know everyone will come together and support each other through this tough time. >> reporter: an autopsy and
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out on beau solomon's body possibly later today and that, of course, will help determine the exact cause of death. george. >>ing 0, lama, thanks very much. now to a state of emergency in florida. an invasion of toxic green algae has closed beaches and marinas. residents wearing masks to avoid themell as protesters demand action and answers. eva pilgrim is in jensen beach, florida, with the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. this algae sitting right here on top of the water, it is incredibly thick. i just picked up a little bit. it doesn't even strain out of this net. it smells terrible. and the residents here just want it gone. marine is closed. beaches empty. tockic algae turning normally bustling south florida destinations into ghost towns and this morning no time line on when this massive mess will be cleaned up. >> i think it's kind of an experiment at work right now. >> reporter: florida's governor declaring a state of
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closing several beaches and lifeguards having to keep families out of the water because of encroaching pools of algae. it not only covers the surface of the water but the thick green globs go several inches deep. >> got a car full of snorkeling gear. can't get in the water. it's terrible. >> reporter: the problem started in lake okeechobee. more than two weeks ago authorities releasing water from the lake into canals hoping to prevent flooding but inside those waters a large algae bloom, the beginning of this disaster. frustrated residents forced to put up with the putrid green slime. >> it smells like a toilet. >> reporter: dead rotten fish. >> it smells like death. >> reporter: but it's not just the smell. authorities now investigating reports of serious infections as the blooms can contain dangerous bacteria. some people blaming the algae for headaches, respiratory issues and even rashes. >> red eyes, scratchy throat. it can be
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expecting more testing on the water and waiting to see if beaches are closed again today. george and robin. >> get out that have water. >> really. >> okay, thanks, eva. to amy with today's other top stories. a flight escorted by fighter jet. >> from new york it has landeq5 in israel after a bomb threat was made. swiss and french fighter jets scrambled to escort the el al 747 as it crossed the border between the two countries. the airline received an anonymous tip but no suspicious device was found on board. there was another airline security scare in chicago overnight. american airlines received a threat regarding the flight from london as it landed at o'hare. everybody was quickly evacuated. police boarded that plain. did a security sweep and american says it was a noncredible threat. well, two barges being used for a fireworks display exploded and burst into flames off plymouth, massachusetts. witnesses say at least ten minutes into
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a large boom followed a by burst of flames. thankfully no one injured. the annual "a capitol fourth" independence day celebration was less than picture perfect so pbs decided to mix in clear fireworks footage from previous years and viewers slammed the show as fake calling it the milli vanilli of fireworks but producers say and claim it was the patriotic thing to do. all right. finally, one way to put it. president obama proving he is just like any other dad, not at all shy about embarrassing his kids. the kids wrapped up the fourth of july festivities at the white house by serenading his eldest daughter. take a listen. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you >> a big hug for dad from malia who is now 18, officially an adult. he
7:16 am
his last chance of embarrassing his daughter. >> you can see from that look in his eye he knew he was embarrassing her. >> as all dads do. thank you, amy. so the fourth of july celebration continued overseas as american tennis players scored big victories at wimbledon. serena williams and sam querrey making it to the quarterfinals. abc's t.j. holmes is here with the latest. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning to you, lara. i'm with you on the serena williams part then the sam who? some people might be asking. he pulled off the biggest upset of the year and could give the u.s. its first grand slam winner in 13 years. serena williams was all business, this independence day showing no mercy over her russian rival. >> she's in the zone, period. >> reporter: the defending champ's toughest opponent was possibly the court itself. she took a couple of spills on the rain-soaked grass. >> seren
7:17 am
>> reporter: otherwise the 21-time grand slam champion looked unstoppable. >> this is ridiculous play. >> reporter: also through to the quarterfinals. big sister venus. >> five-time champ is back in the quarterfinals. >> reporter: at 36 she's the oldest player in the women's draw but on this day she proved once again that age ain't nothing but a number. >> i'm the one who deserves to be there and i get that chance to go to the next round so and as long as i keep putting myself in that position good things can happen. >> reporter: it's american sam querrey who is really got wimbledon abuzz. querrey ranked 41 in the world best known not for his tennis but stint on "millionaire matchmaker" and dancing on vine videos. ♪ i still get jealous >> reporter: he's on a roll after his epic win over novak djokovic this week. >> novak djokovic is out of
7:18 am
steamrolling over mahut. >> that star-spangled banner is waved. >> reporter: into his first ever grand slam quarterfinals. >> it's really exciting any time you get to make a quarterfinals great and for mine to be at wimbledon is really exciting, really special. >> 2003 andy roddick was the last time we had an american man win a major. >> he's right there. >> he's there but he's got a little more work to do. >> come on. >> they call him smiling sam. >> we got a couple of vines out of it. >> made me smile. >> that sure did. hey, some high surf out west. >> you saw the video from carlsbad, california. kids sitting there and all of a sudden, whoa. big one comes. thankfully the kids there are okay. isn't that frightening? i know then check this out. much cooler at the beaches along the coast and up in the northwest. wanted to get that to you.
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during the afternoon hours and highs will climb into the middle 80s. wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday will be even warmer with highs in the upper 80s and lower 90s under partly cloudy skies. there could be an isolated thunderstorm on thursday and there will be a 30% chance on friday and saturday. sunny, slightly cooler and less humid weather will arrive on sunday.
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pure leaf. for the love of leaves. >> this is a good morning washington update. >> weather: good morning. showers from early this morning moving out. live picture from downtown. breaks in the clouds. i think we will see sunny breaks from time to time. cannot rule out stray shower later in the day but few and far between. sets this morning. muggy. showers exiting to the east. and through the afternoon. as i mentioned. some sunshine here and there. as far as the impact this morning. limited. just a stray shower later today and high heat. what is happening? >> reporter: well, brian, overnight rain means slick pavement and conditions for tuesday. influx of its for folks traveling on beltway. through chevy chase we have a couple. starting on inner loop beltway between connecticut and georgia avenue. crash blocking the right lane. heavy volume from old georgetown road this involves a tractor trailer
7:24 am
outer loop at 355. crash there with one overturned.
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7:26 am
>> anchor: good morning washington. i am melanie hastings. this is a check of the top stories. breaking overnight. a metro transit officer fires on a armed person. this happened around 11:00 p.m. on quarrel street northeast just blocks from deanwood metro station. that person was hit in the torso. we don't know anything about that person's condition. or what led up to the shooting. and a pretrial motion hearing is set for today for fourth of six officers charged in connection with death of freddie gray. jury selection in this case of lieutenant brian rice, should he opt for a jury trial, is set to begin tomorrow. rice faces manslaughter, assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct charges. no convictions in any of the three previous officer cases. you can get more news, traffic and weather updates right now on good morni
7:27 am
over on news channel eight. we will send it back to "good morning
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back here on "gma," prince william making headlines this morning. he's out with a passionate new plea to fight bullying. following in his mom's footsteps and much more on that in our next hour. also right now president obama set to make his first appearance on the campaign trail. lottery fever is back. the jackpot up to 44 million. >> ah. >> time to buy. one of the biggest in history. >> not half a billion. >> waiting for half a billion. >> she doesn't buy unless it hits 500 million. steph curry having the best time surprising a bunch of kids at camp. wait till you see their
7:31 am
expression. oh, and then passed out. >> a lot of fans are having a similar reaction to that little guy. the news that the golden state warriors, steph curry has a new teammate and a lot more on that. >> it is exciting. >> a lot of people falling over. >> that was priceless. >> that was good. >> all right, but in this half hour we'll talk about that mysterious new york central park explosive. investigators are testing the explosive material found at the scene that cost a young tourist part of his leg. abc's mara schiavocampo has more joining us from central park. good morning, mara. >> reporter: robin, good morning. officials say that explosive material was left inside a plastic bag and they do not think that it was left here to intentionally hurt someone though there are still a lot more questions than answers. this as we learn more about that teenage victim. this morning, new
7:32 am
explosion in new york's central park that seriously injured an 18-year-old tourist. police insisting the blast not an act of terrorism. >> what seems likely at this point is that we have i'd refer to it as an explosive hobbyist or experimenter, somebody that made this material then he wanted to test it. if somebody lives in that vicinity their backyard is central park. sort of an ideal location conducive to conducting that kind of experiment. >> reporter: the victim now identified as connor golden, a florida college student and avid skateboarder. his friends say he was simply walking on some rocks in the park sunday morning planning a hike later that day when the unthinkable happened. >> we don't know what happened. there was a small explosion and then -- >> dust. >> then dust. >> beyond the caliber of fireworks just based on what he heard. we think he stepped on something. >> reporter: the moment caught on camera. >> reporter: nypd officers
7:33 am
horrified witnesses looking on. >> saw his friends standing there panicking, ran up the hill and found the young man laying on the rocks. >> had a very, very severe leg injury. >> reporter: his family telling abc news golden has now had his left foot amputated. >> his life will never be the same and i am very sad. >> reporter: now, golden's family says he is in serious but stable condition with his parents by his side. officials stress that he and his two friends are not considered suspects and add that the lab results for that material are due back tomorrow. >> so scary, okay, thanks very much. more on this from abc's news consul stants steve ganyard and former new york city police commissioner ray kelly. ray kelly with me. they're pretty sure whoever did this didn't mean to harm. how can they be sure? >> if you look at the device, it's a bag full of explosives. had no shrapnel in it. it wasn't tamped.
7:34 am
they can't be absolutely certain but the investigative premise you might say is this was perhaps a chemistry student, something along those lines trying to make fireworks for the events on july 4th. >> you worked on demining when you were at the state department. you're more skeptical. >> i think it needs to be an open question, george. we have lots of premeditation, somebody who calls themselves a hobbyist with an interesting in chemistry. somebody who went to length to create a dangerous explosive material so fourth of july, public place. i think we need to keep it as an open question as to what the motive and intent was. >> ray, one of the big open questions what this was. that could tell you a lot. >> absolutely and that's supposedly the results are coming back tomorrow. mark tory, who is an experienced investigator says it's chemicals that he doesn't particularly recognize. they'll be obviously continuing to check the cameras, they'll want to talk to this person if possible and do a lot of
7:35 am
see if there's groupings of people that perhaps, you know, talk about making fireworks, that sort of thing so the investigation is far from over. >> and, steve, this explosive created a pretty big blast. >> it did, george. that's partially what's concerning here. the u.s. military has been dealing with these so-called homemade explosives in iraq and afghanistan for over a decade where they see jihadists or insurgents doing this home brew of unstable chemicals that they turn into explosives for ieds and so the ability to make a small batch could lead to a big batch and so this is not something that's benine i think as the police are making it out to be but something we need to consider as a domestic terror incident. >> comes at such a dangerous time. everyone on the highest alert because of the spate of bombings all over the world. >> orlando, istanbul, baghdad, we have saudi arabia, so it's understandable that people are on edge and i
7:36 am
they'll be getting to the bottom of this fairly soon once they determine what's in the fwag. >> okay, commissioner kelly, steve ganyard, thanks very much. over to robin. >> all right, george, coming up on our big board much to discuss. nasa's groundbreaking mission to jupiter. the major mysteries they're hoping to uncover and the giant jackpot with kevin o'leary breaking down one of the largest lottery prizes in history and kevin durant's free agent move shaking up the nba getting backlash from fans. we'll be back with all that and a whole bunch more, two minutes.
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welcome back. time for the big board and our team of insiders are here to take on today's top stories. nothing bigger than this. nasa pulling off an epic maneuver to get its juno spacecraft into orbit around jupiter. joining us is mike massimino. former nasa astronaut and professor of engineering at
7:39 am
oh, look at that big smile. everybody is smiling. anybody involved with nasa and loving rocket science. let me tell you this, five year, five years it took, talk about the difficulty and what this means today what we're seeing. >> yeah, thanks, i think there's a lot of smiles around nasa. five years, two of those year, the first two years the spacecraft was around the inner solar system, came back to earth to use earth as a slingshot to propel it toward jupiter and now it slowed down and was captured by jupiter's gravity and can do its science. >> what will we find out? it will spend 20 months out there before it destroys itself. what is everyone hoping to find out from the mission? >> well, i hope it will answer big questions here. now the science begins. before the science could begin we had to have the engineering miracles. those occurred so it's in position to make its discoveries and big questions they're looking at by studying jupiter
7:40 am
solar system, by understanding its composition and atmosphere we can understand how the solar system formed and how we got here so science answers a lot of questions, it's answered a lot of questions but the really big ones like where did we come from, how did we get here, how did life form here can be answered by studying jupiter. that's what they're hoping to find out. >> i love that we can feel your excite many, mike. so but also talk about the ultimate -- >> it's big. >> i know it's big but the ultimate fate here. if my science class serves me right, 60 moons around jupiter and is there concern about it may damage one of the moons, may contaminate one of them? >> yeah, jupiter's gigantic, biggest planet in our solar system. that's why the spacecraft has to go so fast to be able to stay in or not and not get pulled in by its gravity but what they want to do, enter the atmosphere and burn up. space junk is not a good thing. if you look at our
7:41 am
been polluting the space around it with lots of stuff and can cause a hazard for other spacecraft but around jupiter they don't want to damage that. it's pristine and don't want to damage anything or being where we don't want it so the best course of action is when it's done with its mission it won't return any more science, have it enter the atmosphere and burn it up and get it out of the way. >> now to lottery fever sweeping the nation. mega millions and jackpot, $449 million. probably could climb by the end of the day. let's talk to kevin o'leary of "shark tank" about all that. kevin, i know you say the best advice take the lump sum payout but under what circumstances would it make sense for someone to take the annuity year by year payouts. >> it never makes sense because you're taking on the risk of a state going bankrupt. a multistate lottery but look at the situation of puerto rico to realize could it
7:42 am
it's not a federal guarantee but a state guarantee. always better to take that risk out of the equation and take all the cash up front. what's wrong with cash? nothing. >> i don't think so, yeah, right. >> we asked barbara and you know barbara corcoran. we asked your fellow "shark". she said plunk it all down in a checking account and put everything in a checking account because you got to have some time to kind of get your feet underneath you. i don't know if you totally agree with that. what should you do if you have that lump sum? >> i never agree with anything barbara says, ever and here's again another situation. what -- you should take this amount and split it into three and put it across three different financial institutions. we also learn that the financial crisis '07/'08 some banks went away, lehman, bear stearns sewn i would recommend putting it into three institutions. today for cash you make about
7:43 am
not a lot we're at historic lows but get some kind of interest in a money center bank. that would generate about $600,000 after tax, not a lot but it's better than nothing. >> it is better than nothing. you got that right, kevin. always good to see you. >> the definition of a high class problem, right. >> #highclassproblem. you got that right. you know who won the lottery, golden state. in the nba free agency they picked up none other than kevin durant setting off his own fireworks july 4th announcing he's leaving oklahoma city and seeping with the warriors. the former mvp joining the current one for more. bruce, where is the bow tie? you usually sport a tie. you got stubble and black shirt. >> don't judge me. i'm out here in san francisco enjoying myself. i hear the stuff about the spacecraft and jupiter. i hear about the mega millions and n w
7:44 am
the bay area. that is fantastic. robin, you know people are wondering, well, is this the best team ever put together now? well, slowly roll. we got the '86 lakers and '96 bulls. you have to deal with them and won championships. until you win a championship you can't be considered as one of the greatest teams assembled? i'm with you. >> everyone happy out there in the bay area, bruce. not so much in oklahoma city. of course, kevin has been with the thunder his entire career facing any kind of a backlash? >> well, you know what, we've seen this with lebron james when he chose to leave and go to south beach but you know what, we got to get something new and creative. when karl malone left utah after playing 19 seasons no one said a word then lebron james leaves, people want to burn jerseys. you're burning up money. what you need to do is put out a heartfelt thank you because we have one of the guys as one of the best in the
7:45 am
scoring champ and spent nine wonderful seasons and now he's looking to do what's best for himself. you can't look back in yesteryears and say, you know what, i wonder if i would have went there and see what would have happened because he's in his prime right now and get himself what lebron has or fast as championships. >> all right, bruce bowen. tell it like it is. he's a great guy. he really is and so is steph so two really great guys on and off the court joining forces. we'll see -- no guarantees. life in basketball. >> none at all. you know that, robin. >> no guarantee we would make it to jupiter but we did, mike. we did and no guarantees about the lottery. who knows what's going to happen. kevin, bringing it all together, gentlemen. thank you three for being with us. coming up, the hottest player at wimbledon, the american who took down the best player in the world, our hot shot is joining us live next.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
♪ we call it the hot shot and there is the hot shot seen around the world. american sam querrey with his amazing upset of number one seed novak djokovic at wimbledon and his fairy tale story still going strong. that is why sam the man is our hot shot this morning and kind enough to join us live from london. hey, good morning, sam. >> good morning, guys. >> listen, you did something that no other player has been able to do in a very long time. you beat djokovic. you broke his streak. what was your strategy going into that match and how did you pull it off? >> well, going into it i lost to him eight types so i was just going in hoping to keep it close and as the match went on i gained more belief and in that last forehand, when it sailed long i was the happiest in that stadium. >> i'm sure y
7:49 am
>> i was, yeah. it's hard to avoid it. you don't get these moments too often so wanted to watch it as many times as a could. >> absolutely. i heard you were concerned about your next match, you did it, though, but that had to be a lot of pressure for you. you said you did not want to look like a one-height wonder and you did it, beat mahut and made your first quarterfinals. congratulation, man. >> yeah, it was tough, i lost to mahut three weeks ago on a grass court tournament so good to get him back here and my first wimbledon is really exciting. >> we're wondering maybe it's the love that you're feeling because you seem very cool under pressure. hard to believe that you ever needed to go into "millionaire matchmaker" getting to know you but we understand that didn't work out. however, love is in the air at wimbledon for you. is it nice having your girlfriend there? is that keeping you calm? >> it's been great, yeah, having
7:50 am
been really nice. my family was also here and my friends were here. so there's a big group of us here the last few weeks which has made the tournament so much nicer for me. >> i'm glad to hear that. so up next, milos raonic. do you have a strategy to get him? >> he's, you know, arguably has the biggest serve in the game so i'll have to do my best to get the return in play and hold my own serve and see what happens. i'm taking it one match at a time. >> we need you to get him because if you get him and federer wins his match it's you versus fed in the semifinals. i don't want to put the cart before the horse but you know all of us here are rooting for you, smiling sam. >> thanks so much. hopefully i get that opportunity to play him on friday but i got to worry about the match tomorrow first. >> i know, focus. focus, sam. all right. well, listen, we are rooting for you. you can see all of that action
7:51 am
at wimbledon on espn and streaming live on watch espn and the espn app. >> all right, we'll be right back. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't play anything less than my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'm going for it. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin... eliquis had both... that's what i wanted to hear. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... ...and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising.
7:52 am
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>> this is a good morning washington update. >> . we are getting some breaks in the clouds. now that's a good sign. brian? >> weather: yes, it is. nice sign. another day with clouds from time to time. and i also think we will get sunshine and temperatures will climb rather nicely. into the 80s. 73 right now. deconstruct from quicken loans national out there. forecast for the day. mix of clouds and sunshine the we will go back and forth with clouds and sun. but enough sunshine to come through. slight chance of a shower later this afternoon. not wide spread but a chance, we will watch it. overnight 69 to 75. party cloudy and warm and muggy later. and next couple of days, on the hot side. hottest stretch of the year. my heat and humidity. and low 90s will feel like 100. let's look at the roads. >> reporter: breaks in the clouds and break -- brake lights on the highway. outer loop slow down.
7:57 am
there chevy chase. overturned vehicle between connecticut avenue and georgia avenues blocking at least one right lane. involving a tractor trailer and two cars. heavy volume from georgetown road. we are also seeing an issue, again, overturn on you outer loop. inner loop blocked the right lane. be mindful of that. delays on beltway as a result of the crash this morning. heavy volume coming out of college park. headed toward, again, bethesda and connecticut avenue exit. melanie? >> anchor: thank you. top stories now. happening right now. gun control advocates are getting ready to march toward capital beltway from leakin park. called dc moms and dads for rationale gun safety for example lets. the activists hope to convince lawmakers to pass tougher gun control legislation. when they arrive they will be melt by dc congresswoman he will nerholmes norton. time to get ready for a round of safe track.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. a passionate plea from prince william. the brand-new video overnight asking everyone to stand up and push back against bullying calling it stupid and cruel. how he's carrying on his mother's legacy this morning. teresa guidice gets real. the housewife star opening up about life after prison and her husband behind bars right now. >> i'm getting emotional. i'm sorry. >> we'll have what she's saying about whether he could be deported and future of their family. >> daring and baring. the brand-new photos from the espn body issue making headlines. >> i'm 120% cough dent in myself. >> the nfl cover star revealing why he's so comfortable in his own skin and how you can be too. ♪
8:01 am
plus, 50 cent and omari hardwick are here live as we say -- >> both: good morning, america. ♪ good good to be alive right about now ♪ ♪ >> it is great to have 50 cent and omari hardwick here having some fun with our crowd. oh, i love their tv show "power," whoo. it's some kind of good. we have a lot of people on the run here. >> we sure do. let's take a look. becky worley out on the treadmill on a pretty warm day here in times square and this is for a good cause for a good reason. shoes, they're going to test out ranges from $200 to $14, pretty wide range. >> go, becky. >> the results on which ones are best for you and your wallet. becky is working up a sweat and, lara, you have a pretty dynamic duo.
8:02 am
branding music from two big superstars. j. lo and lin-manuel miranda teaming up. we'll tell you why their love is making the world go round this morning. >> got my attention. >> nice tease. now to amy with the morning run down. >> good morning, the big story a crucial day on the campaign trail for hillary clinton. joined by president obama for the first time. clinton will hitch a ride with the president on air force one heading to a rally in charlotte where he's expected to talk about how they went from foes to friends. donald trump also holding a rally in north carolina as he defends a tweet that's been criticized by clinton and others as anti-semitic. trump called clinton's claim ridiculous saying the image that resembles the jewish star of david is often a star used by sheriffs. the gun control debate continues in the house as congress gets back from recess. the last effort to vote on a bill ended in a 27-hour protest by democrats. the current bill being
8:03 am
on no-fly lists from buying guns. a similar bill failed in the senate. well, breaking overnight italian police arrested a suspect in the death of an american student. the body of beau solomon was pulled from the tiber river yesterday. his family said the body had a head wound and death is being investigated as a murder. the 19-year-old had just arrived in rome on an exchange program last week. well, britain's prince william is taking a stand against bullying with a very powerful new message and abc's alex marquardt has the story now from london for us. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. mental health is the issue that prince william has recently been most focused on specifically the effects of bullying on mental health. today has been declared national stand-up to bullying day in the uk and the prince is working with the diana named charity putting out this psa. >> it can happen for many reason, it's often stupid and
8:04 am
and the recent technology means it can be unrelenting leaving the victim feeling powerless. >> reporter: he says it can fuel depression, anxiety and and suicidal thoughts. both he and his brother are working hard ahead of their mother's 20 after the anniversary of the death. dr. roscoe c. brown flew 68 missions with the airmen during world war ii. brown earned his doctorate in education and taught at new york university and was president of bronx university college for 17 years. brown was awarded the congressional gold medal in 2007. he was 94 years old. finally a 6-year-old girl in atlanta cracked a case the police could not. the gold medal belonging to
8:05 am
from his car just a few weeks ago. police recovered other items taken but they didn't find the medal until chloe smith found it while she was walking along a road with her dad lined with garbage. she literally found that treasure in the trash. jacoby was so excited he gave her 500 bucks. but perhaps the biggest reward of all he says he'll visit her class when school resumes in the fall to show the medal off but congratulations. >> how wonderful. >> i think i heard she said her father told her normally not to pick up things. >> don't pick up trash. this time it worked. >> thank you for mentioning dr. brown. knew him well. what a fine gentleman. he was just a an amazing man. he flew, of course, as you said with the tuskegee airmen. >> how about news that goes "pop." >> this is news that will do good. new music from "hamilton" creator lin-manuel miranda that you don't need to buy tickets for, a collaboration with jennifer lopez. the broadway sensation
8:06 am
behind-the-scenes video of the making of the song called "love make the world go round." take a listen. ♪ today not taking my pride away ♪ >> she sings, he raps to the victims of the pulse shooting in orlando and proceeds from the track will go to a nonprofit organization that offers bilingual men tall health services so critical in the aftermath of that. emily blount and john krasinski welcomed baby violet to their growing family. john announced the news in a tweet on the fourth of july. saying what better way to celebrate. emily opened up between the differences between her first pregnancy with hazel who is 2 and second with violent in a new interview saying the first is, quote, the most self-indulgent thing with massages and prenatal yoga then she kind of forgot she was even pregnant the second time around because obviously so busy with numbe
8:07 am
and i totally relate to that. >> does that happen, guys. >> totally. >> the first one you're like, oh, oh. >> then you're like five-second rule with the pacifier. is just different. >> yeah. >> rolling your eyes at those prenatal massages. you didn't get those. >> i think, george. that was not my experience, no. >> i might have gotten one or two. finally, everybody, lady gaga has reached a milestone. the golden globe-winning singer/actress has earned her driver's license at the age of 30 after years of driving under supervision and with a learner's permit, who knew. the pop star thoroughly chronicled her edge of glory on instagram sharing her excitement on the last day of driving school saying, i'm free. gaga's road from passenger to driver has been a long one posting tweets about driving as far back as 2012, perhaps she was taking the road less traveled. >> or she had a driver. >> yeah, drove inew
8:08 am
congratulations. two hands. right there. there you go. here's what's coming up on our "morning menu." real housewives star teresa guidice gets real opening up about life after prison and her husband now behind bars and then you saw her, becky worley, putting her best foot forward. she's trying out different running shoes. i really appreciate this. helping us all find the best pair without breaking the bank. then 50 cent and omari hardwick here live blowing kisses, talking about their show, all that and more. >> and now running. >> and now running. hi, fellas, coming up on "gma" in times square. "gma's" "morning menu" is brought to you by new nexium, 24-hour tablets. ♪ for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here.
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♪ it's time to get the chains out ♪ welcome back to "gma." that is nba star dwyane wade giving his all for espn the magazine's body issue and we have a sneak peek for you just ahead. but first real housewives star teresa guidice opening up about life after prison and how she's raising her kids while her husband is now behind bars and abc's mara schiavocampo is back with more on that. good morning, para. >> reporter: good morning. the reality star famous for turning takes may now be turning a new leaf after almost a year in prison the busy mom of four has a new outlook on life revealing a softer side. this morning, the homecoming of a housewife. >> mom's coming home. teresa guidice released from an 11-month prison sentence for fraud in december. her emotional return home revealed for the first time on the new season of bravo's "real housewives of new jersey." >> hi, honey. we
8:14 am
husband joe. >> girl, i'm home. >> reporter: and four girls after almost a year apart. >> what was that moment like. >> i mean it was like an incredible feeling. it was like, you know, one of the best days of my life. >> reporter: teresa detailing it in "turning the tables" now in paperback. when teresa got home joe left to begin his 41-month sentence for fraud. how are you girls doing. >> they miss their dad, of course, tremendously just like i do but you know doing as well as expected. they're really strong, you know, young girls. >> reporter: how has it been for you having to be apart from him. >> it's hard. we e-mail every day. we talk every day and i see him every week. >> reporter: have you been able to give him any guidance or inspiration as embarks on the journey you just completed. >> he lived through the whole thing, you know
8:15 am
getting emotional. sorry. >> do you want to take a break? >> yeah. >> reporter: because he's an italian citizen when joe gets out he may face deportation. the future is still somewhat uncertain for your family. >> no, i think our future is not uncertain. he's going to be home. we'll be together and that's what i'm looking forward to. >> reporter: since being home from prison, another reunion with sister-in-law melissa g gorga, the two surprisingly close after battling on an off camera for years. what's your relationship now. >> i feel like it's how it used to be. >> we have a funny banter together and she likes to grab my bum. >> i do? >> who can blame her. >> reporter: teresa says prison gave her much needed time for quiet reflection and it's also where she discovered yoga which she says centers her. what's different? >> she is calmer. just a little calmer. >> we're here to discuss -- we're not here
8:16 am
>> reporter: sounds like you have a real new fresh outlook on life. >> you do grow and you learn from your experiences and that's obviously what happened to me. >> now, as for her love of yoga teresa is getting certified and wants to open a yoga studio and do a line of yoga clothesment as for her husband spending time in prison as a plumber and working out and taking classes. in fact he's often too busy to call her. >> both getting time for that reflection. >> absolutely and learning a lot about themselves in the process. >> thank you, mara. coming up next our sneaker showdown. how you can get a great pair without breaking the bank when key come back.
8:17 am
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made with low-fat yogurt and real fruit blended into feel-good flavors like new wildberry. american runs on dunkin'. they have been running the entire time. becky and deb. back with the hottest trend sweeping fitness and fashion the athleisure phenomenon and becky worley is trying out the cornerstone of the look, running shoes and find out how to safer your feet and wallet. keep going. we'll be right back. >> running, walking, just looking good in your kicks.
8:21 am
hundreds better than a shoe in its teens. this doctor evaluated shoes for running magazines and shoe manufacturers. we bring him shoes under $50, 4, 44, 34 and $14. then he gets to work pounding. flexing, looking at the internal construction. even analyzing a runner in each pair to see how the shoes affect gait and body movement. first up our $49 pair of skechers go run sneakers score well. >> it's quite light, flexible. >> reporter: the $44 reeboks. >> i'm concerned it has this very thick soft memory sole and not much other cushioning. >> reporter: reebok responded saying the midsole foam we use in the twisp form shoe works in concert with the sock line and overall shoe to provide a desired running exri
8:22 am
dr. shorten is more favorable about our $34 champion shoes. >> it has a nice upper and good padding around the ankle. nicely padded tongue. >> reporter: but the $14 pair. >> i see a one-piece unit sole with no rubber on the outsole which means it's not going to be very durable. >> reporter: the makers told us the dash is designed for the growing active and casual lifetime segment and not marketed as a high end running shoe and at a bryce point under $20 a tremendous value. i go for the feel test on all four shoes and based on comfort my take is a little different. the skechers are really comfortable. they're so light and they have a lot of arch support. the least expensive pair, the dash scored high. these were comfortable. probably second only to skechers. i would run in these. the other two didn't feel quite right to me and that's the bick takeaway. >> make sure you have wiggle room for your toes, no chafing or rubbing.
8:23 am
of your foot. if you can't notice it's there it's probably a good fit for you. >> and joining us now with more debora warner is the owner of mile high run club. you've been running along with becky all morning long. let me ask you, all right, how much of the shoes are you wearing. >> about 180. >> how about you beck. >> my are $14 but, debora, how many miles do you run in your shoes every week. >> between 20 and 30 miles a week, robin that's a little more than the average person. >> get this people who identify as runners and one study they said on average they run eight miles a week. i would run eight miles in this shoes. they are comfy and they feel good for my style of running. >> so how would you evaluate, do you go and ask somebody maybe at a shoe store? >> exactly. the best advice i got from the segment, go to a running store and have them tell you what kind of runner are you. are you pronated. are you a front ft
8:24 am
if you are a normal runner, dr. shorten says you can wear any pair that's comfy including the cheap ones. and pro tip, kids, comfy shoes, cheap, they go through them every six months. totally fine for their feet. >> for sun like you, debora, it's an investment because you'll run more than the average person. is that how you evaluate it to pay more. >> yes, price isn't everything. however, i found as a runner the quality shoes can cost over $100. and i wear shoes for different types of training from treadmill, trail to track and i rotate them out based on my training objective rather than sticking to a specific brand. >> hard to do this interview with you. >> i will slow down. >> i know. >> what's this we hear about some experts say, oh, throw them out every six months. >> totally debunk that myth when i talked to dr. shorten.
8:25 am
out or they're not comfy. otherwise, keep them as long as you like. >> all right, becky, looking good. debora, thank you very much. so the 14 -- really? i love to hear that. i love to hear it. ginger is a bit of a running. >> just trying to get back into running. thank you, robin. good morning. look at this crowd. my new friend's name. >> oh, faith. >> faith from knoxville, tennessee, wanted to say good morning. first time in new york city. we love celebrating that. let's start with the forecast. give you this, faith. you have another 24 hours. the showers will come to an end and nice and sticky. very july-like in new york city. 86 for a high but look at this heat. it's coming in and official heat wave, 90 for three days in a roy and do it here in new york, philadelphia, will gradually clr during the afternoon hours and highs will climb into the middle 80s. wednesday, thursday, friday a
8:26 am
upper 80s and lower 90s under partly cloudy skies. there could be an isolated thunderstorm on thursday and there will be a 30% chance on friday and saturday. sunny, slightly cooler and less humid weather will arrive on sunday. and coming up, our sneak peek inside the espn the magazine's new body issue with the cover star making headlines this morning, stick around.
8:27 am
>> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: clouds are clearing out. brian, it is looking much brighter out there. >> weather: it is good. sunshine out there. mix of clouds and sunshine. there is a live camera vantage point in hagerstown. and as we go through the day, i anticipate some clouds to come back and forth. so kind of roll back and forth with clouds and sunshine. temperatures today upper 80s for highs. by this afternoon. we could see isolated shower or storm this afternoon. tonight muggy and mild. and tomorrow high heat. next couple of days we are looking at temperatures low 90s. high humidity. and steamy through the end of the week. what is happening on the roads? >> reporter: brian, feeling hot next few days here. atmosphere wise, on the roads. slick pavement from overnight, early morning rain. ties up on beltway inner and
8:28 am
outer loop with a overturned vehicle near 355. 95 interchange in college park. inner loop delays from georgetown road due to two car accident involving a tractor trailer blocking the right side of the roadway. if you are traveling on gw parkway northbound at memorial bridge oversize truck blocks the right lane. outer loop delays heavy from central avenue. melanie is back after more news after this break. >> anchor: thank you very much. get a check of the top stories. breaking within the last hour. a person shot by a metro transit officer has died. and this happened around 11:00 last night on quarrel street northeast blocks fromwood metro station. authorities tell us that person was armed. and today it is back to work on capitol hill. congress back in session. two weeks after house democrats staged a sit in to force a vote on gun control. house speaker paul ryan said the house will vote on a bill preventing people o
8:29 am
watch list from buying guns. more news, traffic and weather updates right now on good morning washington whatcha' doin? just checking my free credit score at credit karma. what the??? you're welcome. i just helped you dodge a bullet. but i was just checking my... shhh... don't you know that checking your credit score lowers it! just be cool. actually, checking your credit score with credit karma doesn't affect it at all. are you sure? positive. so i guess i can just check my credit score then? oooh "check out credit karma today. credit karma. give yourself some credit." sorry about that. amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the final days of the lowest prices of the season sale, with the our best buy rated
8:30 am
attress now only $699.99. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. ♪ ♪ no shame ♪ no problem >> you know him, kenny chesney's huge hit "no shoes, no shame, no problem." he'll be here friday with a shirt or not. >> no problem either way. >> you know what, we have a celebrity stylist here helping with daddydos showing dads like our own t.j. with sabine helping dads to get their kids to have those perfect hairstyles. so much fun. t.j. is learning so much right now. deep conversation. >> they are beautiful and speaking of that i was at an event this weekend and you know pier petula. she
8:31 am
with the booty shorts and alana. >> we didn't pan down the women loved it. first ever women's empowerment conference in nevis. #beautiful and it was gorgeous. >> the smiles show it all. >> congratulations to petula. she did it. >> she's the star. >> so her nickname is petty. she could run for mayor, president, prime minister, whatever it is, i'm nobody but petty. awesome event. >> to the athletes making headlines off the field. some of the best in the world baring all stepping out of their comfort zone to appear in espn the magazine's body issue. jesse here with a sneak peek. >> that's right. these athletes spent their whole lives in the spotlight but never quite like this and now ten men, nine women will grace the pages
8:32 am
showing off what they've worked their whole lives to achieve. ♪ it's daring, it bares it all. it's espn's the body issue, a celebration of confidence in bodies of all shapes and sizes. for eighth year it's highlighting the strongest, fittest, toughest athletes fully exposed including dwyane wade confident on the court but terrified to take it all off. also stripping down, olympic swimmer nathan adrian and courtney conlogue, christen press and a transgender athlete chris mosure. vince wilfork is slaying the cover saying confidence in your body and dedication to your dreams what is it's really about. >> i'm 120% confident in
8:33 am
business it was no different than me getting ready to play a football game. i was there to do a job and i attacked it that way. >> reporter: also uncovered chicago cubs pitcher jake arietta revealing it all on the mound saying his strong stance is his most important feature. >> your balance or collection doesn't alter or teeter horizontally. basically in a direct line from myself to my target. hear that glove pop at the bottom of the strike zone down and away, a perfect transfer of energy at an intense high velocity. >> reporter: filled with confidence, insecurity, honesty and lots of muscle making this issue a must see. and you can see it all tomorrow when espn's the magazine body issue hits newsstand, robin. >> i'm so happy right now because i'm here with 50 cent and omari hardwick. this he star -- have you all seen this, hit crime drama called "power." you need to see it focusing on ne
8:34 am
omari gives up his lucrative business to become a nightclub owner. take a look. ♪ >> i wish i could stay right here with you, baby, but i got to get to work. >> oh, go on. go make me some money. ♪ ♪ someone to lean on >> all right. give a proper good morning, america welcome to these two gentlemen right here. [ cheers and applause ] i'm telling you, my team, my glam squad best show on tv, "power." best show on tv. >> super humble. >> oh, omari. say that again, robin. >> best show on tv, say it some more. your character, you know, you're trying to do the right thing. >> yes he's trying. >> yeah, but you just -- >> just can't quite -- >> i think it's the reason, you
8:35 am
show's creator and curtis, two-hour conversation i was in atlanta where you and i connected originally. >> yes. >> the world didn't know i was a dreaming kid trying to figure it out when incredible robin was on v103. >> in the morning. >> yeah. >> and curtis called me. i was in atlanta and called me and talked to me for about two hours about the show and about the character and how many colors the guy had and so i signed on, so he's trying to do right and i guess that's why people are empathetic but forgive ghost but i don't think we ever show -- there's a ghost in everyone. >> thank you. everybody has a little bit of a ghost in them. boy, the way you all ended last season. >> that's why it's so compassionate. >> the bloody confrontation. we were wondering -- >> no stunts. >> no -- >> we had shoutouts to the three stunt guys that showed up but they -- we felt bad. we were like they put it on the table but
8:36 am
the stunts. you see how physical kurt at this time is. >> we were a little bit surprised that you emerge from the flames so to speak. >> i showed up. i showed up. >> you did show up. >> i did show up. >> showed up. >> very well written. the project for me like and the way it did, the suspense they captured in that actual episode is what kept people on the edge of their seat. >> how is it having curtis for a boss? come on, omari? >> all of the people are laughing. it's amazing. >> yeah. >> some days i want to beat him up and other days i want to -- >> oh, i know. see, you are so appreciative. i love this about you. >> he's a good brother. >> yes, yes, for you to be the co-creator, the e.p. starring in it. i loved you in "spy" by the way, too. you're really emerging in that aspect because we know that you can rap and all that. omari, cover of
8:37 am
magazine, when i see that i tear up a little bit because i do know your store and i know you living in a car for awhile. people see you as an overnight success but you worked really hard of the tell them about the two people that helped you when you needed it most. >> well, there was segments of two. so there was mom and pops always. you know, and ironically there is a family reunion today in savannah and i brought my family of course, the one that i made. hey. >> oh, look. >> so cute. you got to show them. >> there was -- >> say, hey, daddy. >> hey, baby. >> she's almost running up here. >> she's a big fan of uncle 50. >> there was that and mom and pops were huge and my siblings and then there was a moment where pauletta washington and denzel washington really, really gave their time, their lo
8:38 am
they gave me their son to mentor, you got to mentorship is so funny because if you don't have anybody to pour back into what's been poured into you then it's null and void as to what you're receiving. you got to give back what you're receiving so it was pretty amazing to have them and then the next chapter were different incredible directors, spike lee included all the way to a lot of female directors because i love working with women. i think they're strong and led me to courtney and courtney and curtis was the second pair or the third pairing of the mom and pops and they have me here now. >> you've had a lot of -- ? a lot of angels. >> you have a lot of fans too. somebody from the bronx, i forgot. somebody from the bronx that wants to ask a question. dominica. >> good morning, america and dominique. >> hi. >> how are you doing. >> what's your question? >> well, since you guys have really great chemistry, how did you meet? >> the
8:39 am
actually i was hunting him down like i knew he had options. like other projects offered at the same time and i had to talk to him into it. it was the coolest day i'm telling you it's going to work. you need to do this project, i was selling it. >> two hours. >> and then when he kind of got into it and i felt like it was let me hang up before i go too far. when you're right there you feel like the person is into it, you need to stop. don't keep going. >> you sat down with curtis before so you know. >> yeah. >> eloquent, engaging, powerful, charming, a nut. when you -- the amalgamation of that leads to somebody going, okay, i guess i got to do it and absolutely how we met. it was that. he feels like the brother that i've added to my two brothers that i haven't been around but i've had for a long time. >> i guess to see things he's worked in prior to, a lot of different projects and n
8:40 am
air, harder edge character so i knew that he could actually be what i needed for the actual show. >> we're just -- you're on the cusp. we're just -- you're already doing some great things, oh, from both of you. >> thank you, "essence" magazine donning me on the cover in it was late we we appreciate it. >> see, the three of power. ooh. drop the mike. premieres july 15th. >> was that drop the mike. >> sexual chocolate. curtis -- >> and robin roberts. >> ginger. >> so good. you know what, signs catch my eye all the time. i don't know how i didn't miss this one from where in wisconsin. >> medford, wisconsin. >> this one, happy 16th, alice. you're in bed at the hotel. happy birthday anyway. maybe tomorrow morning you have to come. let's check the forecast for the south. objection, my goodness, heat advisories in place again so kansas city, parts of iowa, down foo parts of texas. look at the numbers. 100, zap, 101 even the
8:41 am
today. little rock staying close to 100 by the time we end the week. then that severe weather threat sticks around with the damaging wind and hail. minneapolis, you're in it today showers and thunderstorms. skies will gradually clear during the afternoon hours and highs will climb into the middle 80s. wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday will be even warmer with highs in the upper 80s and lower 90s under partly cloudy skies. there could be an >> all that weather brought to you by starbucks and stick around. this is cool. come up it's the mother/daughter authors and those d can you actually love wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer.
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works better or feels better. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer all with a clean light feel. for unbeatable protection. it's the one. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. see what's possible.
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8:44 am
now to the mother/daughter writing duo making chick wit, a literary phenomenon knoll. lisa scottoline and her daughter francesca serritella are out with a great new summer read and abc's deborah roberts sat down with them to hear all about it. >> reporter: what do you get when you combine an english major turned lawyer turned single mom with her harvard educated daughter. a successful laugh out loud funny writing team.
8:45 am
best-selling crime novelist and francesca serritella. together this close-knit duo has written seven books largely inspired by their chick wit columns in "the philadelphia inquirer" just in time for beach reading their newest "i've got sand in all the wrong places," a collection of the humorous, sometimes poignant moments in their lives. >> what's the secret between the two of you. mother and daughter but you get along in a nice way. maybe just for a few minutes. >> love, love is the answer. >> i'm an only child. she's a single mother. for much of my upbringing so that comes naturally and doesn't mean it's always smooth sailing. >> reporter: but it looks smooth maybe because they've weathered tough times together. lisa divorced soon after francesca's birth but longing to stay home with her baby decided to put her english major to work. >> you started off as a lawyer. what led you to even think you could write books. >> i just started to try and after five years of rejection, really
8:46 am
got published. >> not just published you took off. were you shocked. >> shocked? i'm shocked every day. i feel lucky every day. no joke really. blessed, lucky, amazed. >> reporter: the two are a mutual admiration society. francesca grate full for life lessons her mom offered. >> she built it slowly and i got to see that perseverance and her work ethic and see her push through like she said initial struggling with getting published and to see failure is an event, not a definition to keep on moving forward. >> reporter: the human family includes only mom and daughter. but -- >> why do you think we have so many dogs trying to fill in all the blanks. >> reporter: and chickens and horses. lisa loves and nurtures them all but first and foremost comes the writing which the two do every day. lisa on her farm just outside philadelphia and francesca at her home in new york city. >> you don't have the luxury of -- >> how writers actually sold that to people as a thing. ifou
8:47 am
what you're -- i don't want to come into work today and i don't even really know why. >> reporter: in fact lisa's life is all about writing and reading. the books, oh, the books. this is amazing, though. i feel so lucky how life book, i'm in a book sometimes i think and i kind of am. it doesn't get better than that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," deborah roberts, abc news, malvern, pennsylvania. >> from moms and daughters to dads and daughters, daddydos, a celebrity stylist here showing dads how to style their kid's hair. this should be good, t.j. over the next 40 years, the united states population this should be good, t.j. is going to grow by over 90 million people and almost all that growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow
8:48 am
of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved into safe, clean, affordable housing, places that have access to great school systems, access to jobs and multiple transportation modes then the neighborhood begins to thrive and really, really take off. the oxygen of community redevelopment is financing. and all this rebuilding that happened could not have happened without organizations like citi. and citi has formed a partnership with our company so that we can take all the lessons from the revitalization of urban america to other cities, so we are now working in chicago and in washington d.c. and newark. its amazing how important safe, affordable housing is to the future of our society.
8:49 am
oh, i love this back with celebrity hairstylist dean banowetz and he wrote "the dean's list of daddydos." thanks for being here, dean. when i saw this book i thought about the years of my dad putting my hair on the back of
8:50 am
had a free face-lift. this is so important. >> it's really important. >> you don't have kids but why did you write it. >> i'm the 1th of 15 children. i have 77 nieces and nephews and i do hair constantly when i'm home. >> did you say you have 77 nieces and nephews. >> 77, some are great, some are the regular nieces and nephews. you no he how it goes. everybody struggles especially dads because they're not familiar and go, well, i've got big hands. i have gorilla hands and i do hair. >> apparently he's not one that struggles. we brought in t.j. and sabine. >> still a struggle. >> you are the primary hair care in the household. >> yes, i am but our struggle. her hair is curly and a lot of work. i'm looking to are a solution. he said it's just work, man. >> the hinge is when -- basic you want to learn how to part the hair. you don't need to have a comb. all you need is something that's not going to cut her scalp. but all you want to do is you just take and put that pen through and then you separate it out and makes it easier than
8:51 am
comb because it catches on everything, right? >> want to try it. >> sabine, can i ask you a question while daddy is doing your hair? who does your hair better, mommy or daddy? >> mommy. >> she said mommy. >> oh, busted. >> she said daddy earlier. >> but she is a politician in the making. good answer, sabine. >> you can use a chopstick or do a lot of different things. if you want to get really creative, you can take and you can actually like you're writing a little zigzag letter and you can just pull that hair through and you can see this really great zigzag part that's happening right there. >> we'll work on this. >> perfect. >> absolutely. >> shall we move on. >> you stick with that. ava is here. you'll teach dad how to braid. >> the best thing to learn -- i like to use cables on the back of the tv. take a whole. they're three. color coated. red, yellow and white, you take the yellow and cross the red and
8:52 am
braid. this is great to use when your daughter is not around. you don't want to mess up the first time you do her hair. there's yarn that can help you practice, a little softer textile. it matches the texture of the hair. >> you want to go for it. >> sure. >> let's split this in three sections. >> and i always talk to people right over left then left to the center. >> how often do you do her hair? >> not often. not often. >> he's getting the practice in now. >> that's great. in and you've got it. >> now when you're doing a ballerina bun you just twist the hair like it's rope and start to wrap it around itself like this. you can keep twisting, keep twisting and a lot of dads don't know the difference between a hairpin and a hairpin and bobby pin and just take this. >> nice. >> and you just anchor it through and crisscross it underneath the ponytail and knock it out. >> easy enough, brad. >> daddi
8:53 am
>> yes. >> he totally can. >> thank you, guys. thank you very much. dean. >> a braid over here, too. >> of course. >> it is looking great. >> we'll be right back. >> look. so good. >> good job. man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me.
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8:55 am
jaycee dugard, kid thanned at age 11 locked away in a backyard for 18 years now after being free from captivity what jaycee reveals about her life and hur daughters go has he tried to contact you?
8:56 am
the diane saw injury exclusive this friday on abc. ♪ i want to see you smile "good morning america" is brought to you by listerine. bring out the bold. ♪ >> thanks to all our wonderful dads and daughters. t.j. and sabine. is she going to be on the payroll. >> she needs to be. she got more calls on "gma" than i have. >> she says mommy does hair better. >> this is a good morning washington update. >>anchor: well, the sun is out. but brian it is muggy out there. >> weather: yeah. that's the next story, heat and humidity. live this morning from capital
8:57 am
clouds and sunshine mixing back and forth. muggy day. cannot rule out isolated late day shower. but bulk of the energy is gone and warm one. 88 today. stray shower. warm and humid. and tonight staying in 70s. warm and sticky for overnight. tomorrow more of the same. hots and sticky. low 90s feels like upper 90s. cannot rule out a stray shower or storm chance tomorrow. better chance friday. and appreciate it. it will cool us down. what is happening on the roads? >> reporter: later this week. slow down happening on beltway. outer loop through chevy chase. we have had an issue. two incidents, one outer and one inner. outer loop that is cleared. heavy volume delays from baltimore avenue. that's u.s. one in college park. inner loop your delays also heavy due to tractor trailer and two car incidents. that is along the right side between connecticut and georgia avenues. 395 slow from virginia 110 up to 14th street bridge.
8:58 am
>> anchor: thank you very much. and now a check of your top stories. breaking within the last two hours. that person that was shot by a metro transit there was no northeast dc has died. this happened around 11:00 p.m. on carm street blocks from the dean wood metro station. authorities say the person was armed. and coming up. during the 9:00 hour. of good morning washington on newschanel 8. miss usa is live with us onset. and dashanna barber claimed the crown making her first and only reigning beauty holder that serves as lieutenant in the u.s. army. turn oveturnover newschanel 8 rw and hear about her journal owe newschanel 8 where you can always get the latest news, traffic and weather updat [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ]
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly." today, actor, writer, and producer denis leary. and from "power," omari hardwick. plus, a performance from a great big world. plus, "big bang theory" star jim parsons takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] [cheers and applause] >> and now, here are kelly ripa and jim parsons! [cheers and applause] ♪


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