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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  July 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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shooter okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. news, this is a breaking news alert. anathan: breaking news -- active shooter situation going on right now in dallas as the police are looking for somebody who opened fire on what was a peaceful protest against police brutality. alison: this is still developing, a very active situation in dallas. ja
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desk and has been following what is going on. what's the latest? jay: we have an active shooter directly on the ground in dallas, downtown dallas. the police are tracking this individual as we speak. it is near the greyhound station, if you are familiar with downtown dallas. it is possible that one, maybe two members of law enforcement have been hit and possibly wounded, but we don't know their conditions. this began during a peaceful protest. 9 p.m. dallas time, there were a lot of gunshots coming from what they believe is an assult-style weapon. about 15 minutes ago, there were reports that the gun man fled from inside the building to outside and still is on the streets of dallas. from what i'm being told from my sources, a senior reporter from our affiliate in dallas, the
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person has an ar-15. i have been monitoring tweets from the reporter with terrifying details. he is on the streets as we speak. he has her dallas police say to flee the area, literally run the red lights to get out of the area as quickly as possible. they are also asking city officials to realign cameras so they can get video of the suspect. he also tweeted moments ago there could be another possible victim, but they are not sure of that. reporterso told that and people are getting further and further away from this location downtown. we continue to monitor live streaming video so that we can give you the latest on what appears to be the hunt for an active shooter in downtown dallas. my froiadóm the news desk, jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: once again, the status on the suspect here, they believed they had him
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near the hotel, but then you are hearing perhaps he left the area? jay: they initially were tracking him inside the building, then he went outside. i don't know if he is cornered, but i do know they are pursuing this person in downtown dallas. in fact, a friend of mine who was a photojournalist put on his facebook page, still shaking, bullets over my head, but i'm ok for stop we believe there are very tense moments right now in dallas, the police trying to track this person down. it was a black lives matter protest in downtown dallas, one of many protests across the country, and the reports i have been seeing as well is at some point in officer reported somebody in the crowd, of the marchers, so many reported a rifle, and that is when there were shots. there are multiple accounts, people said anywhere from 30 to 50 rounds were fired all. the two officers that were hit, we do not
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their condition, but right after that is when things changed drastically. standout position to let people march and vent their frustration and everything changed. alison: everybody in the crowd said it was a peaceful protest, just like what we were seeing in washington tonight. we will check back with you in just a minute, and of course let us know as soon as you get new information. we will bring you updates from dallas. also, we just mentioned there were protest happening here in town. this is outside the capital at this hour. we have been watching scenes like this play out across the country, massive protests swelling as the hours go one with singing and chanting, all echoing a common sentiment, a call for justice. jonathan: the root of all of black men shot to death by police officers, the latest in minnesota. that was streamed on facebook life. the victim's fiancé said that philando castile
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armed, told the officer who pulled him over because he and a broken tail light, told the officer i am a licensed gun owner, i have a gun with me. qhe apparently was reaching for his wallet, the officer drew his gun, and shot him. his fiancée on facebook live was streaming this as it was happening. you could hear what she was saying and what her four-year-old daughter in the backseat was saying. absolutely heartbreaking. the governor came out and apologized for this. again, the reaction from across the country, as we see the other one from the louisiana on the right side of the screen, where they pinned the man down and shot him point link because they thought he had a gun as well. we are following what is happening around the country, but we have seen d.c., minneapolis, chicago, new york, los angeles, and now dallas. alison: those events that led to the crowd protests tonight in big streets across the country, filling new york and chicago. crowds
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, chanting and singing, sending a message of solidarity. all of this against police brutality. jonathan: also including a march on the white house. it started off small and swelled to a few hundred people. tim barber joins us from among the protesters. it got animated and loud but now it seems focused and calm. tim: it definitely has called down. there was a movement for everybody going over the capital where it got loud. i would not say rowdy, but definitely loud. they wanted to show everybody that black lives matter, as we see with a t-shirt. we are right in front of the white house, which is just over here. the lights just went out from the white house. they have circuit service -- they have secret service here, as they normally do. smaller of atle protest than when we were here
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here, spelling into lafayette park, just after 9:00 everybody march down to the capital building, steps from the capital, then everybody came back this way. on the way back, as you are watching news channel 8, write about 10:30 we were standing on pennsylvania avenue in the middle of the protesters who sat down. everybody has their hands up. they have been chanting things like, "hands up, don't shoot, black lives matter." that is the message they want to send out. these people are still out here, circled around for stop there are some people talking over there. we will stay out here and talk to these folks and we will have the latest through the broadcast as well. live from the white house, tim barber, abc 7 news. alison: glad to see that things are calm out there.
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about shootings from poland, calling them tragic and said changes are coming. he cited statistics that black people are arrested twice as often as white people and are 30% more likely to be pulled over. the messages we need to ask questions and search for reforms. when people say black lives matter, it just means all lives matter, but right now the concern is the are mores black folks vulnerable to these kinds of incidents. jonathan: president obama in poland. these are live pictures from dallas, and active shooter situation. two officers have been shot. there is a report a third has been shot. it's all started at a black lives matter protest going on earlier, all of it to protest police brutality.
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developments coming in. jay: i've been monitoring tweets from various news organizations in dallas, very highly respected news organizations, some of the best in the country, dallas morning news, wfaa, our affiliate in dallas. about 50 seconds ago, dallas morning news tweeted, two officers down. we all know the started at 9:00 dallas time. protests, then a gun man possibly armed with an ar-15 was just spraying shots, dozens of shots erupting. what we are hearing is this person was shooting not only at police officers but also what people who were at the peaceful protest. said, we are hearing there are two members of law enforcement who have been wounded. conditions,ve their but we do know that one of the trop trauma cte
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the top trauma centers is in dallas. downtown dallas has basically been locked down. there is a good amount of reporters. said they at wfaa are setting up perimeters and pushing people further back to keep people out of harms way. they are actively trying to hunt down this active shooter in dallas. that is the latest. if i see anything else developing, i will get right back to you. jonathan: we also know the police were asking the media, please, rewind the tape, let's look at the video from earlier. a lot of people have phones out there. they do have video of the shooting. they are asking people to share that with us so we can look at who this guy is that we are looking for. already have that information, but we know the shooting started at the crowne plaza hotel. there was another shooting at the omni hotel. they believe it was the same person
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downtown dallas. alison: an incredibly tense situation that we will monitor, hopefully find out the condition of the two officers and the monitor the situation. we'll stay on top of breaking development with abc 7. you can also sign up for breaking news text alerts at
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oad and downloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. jonathan: breaking news, a very scary situation, and active shooter at a protest in dallas. ,wo officers have been shot taking place at a protest against police brutality. jay korff has been following this. we have been hearing that other people may have been wounded, as many as 30 to 50 rounds fired off? jay: that is what we had been hearing. we have been watching the live stream from our abc affiliate in dallas. they literally saw somebody with a rifle and literally heard dozens, some say 40, 50 rounds.
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number of injured, but we think that it is multiple. we are hearing that from the dallas morning news and wfaa, saying that two law enforcement officers have been injured. they are at the level one trauma center. we know that a pretty significant area of downtown dallas, at least three, floor 3, 4ady us -- at least lock radius has been shut down. dallas police are also telling officers to bring their ballistic shields. working,.e not if they are working, for somebody to bring their ballistic shields to the scene so that more officers can have ballistic shields as they are in the process of trying to track down and stop this active shooter. we know shots have been fired. we know a numr
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we don't know the seriousness of the injuries. we know the perimeter is growing larger and larger as they search for the shooter. we are hearing he may have an ar-15 on him. alison: they not only have a perimeter, but the police are demanding that all the streets be cleared, telling people to completely get out of downtown as they try to find this person. jay: yeah, and as you can imagine, this is a terrifying situation, were you have a confirmed active shooter roaming through the streets, especially on a night where there were many, many people at this peaceful protest. that just have to hope dallas police and law enforcement were able to clear out as many people less possible and hopefully this person who is trying to hide as opposed to have access to more people. so hopefully this
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encounter civilians and will only be encountering members of law enforcement who are heavily armed and can, as they say, stabilize and neutralize this individual. jonathan: as we are looking at the pictures, you can see how tense this is. if he has a rifle, he has range on anybody with a pistol. they are all huddling behind cars. you have other officers trying to gain position, continuing to search. this is not only incredibly dangerous but tedious work. you cannot overlook even one no core craney for they are going through that huge parking structure with multiple floors, going through an office nearby. there are reports there were shootings at the omni on the ground loss of. when you hear that many rounds were fired, it will be a while before we know the full effect. we are hearing two officers are down, but i'm wondering the number of people who are down as well.
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could be three to eight people wounded in the gunfire? jay: my primary source, a senior reporter at wfaa, he is hunkered down with his photojournalist. i have been monitoring his tweets. he has a lot of followers. i have not heard any specific numbers from him. i do know that cnn is reporting three officers were shot downtown. that is a report just two minutes ago from cnn, three officers have been shot in downtown dallas, dallas area rapid transit officers. we will continue to watch this. we know that you will as well. jay, thank you very much. meanwhile, we want to take you back to what's happening tonight in d.c. crowds have been walking the
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at home, it has been a peaceful situation. jonathan: this is the situation across the country, philadelphia, los angeles, minnesota, one of the flashpoints in the state of minnesota with the officer-involved shooting, one of two in recent days. baton rouge, you had two officers almost at point-blank range shoot a black man who was already on the ground. then the sleepy upscale suburb of minnesota,, minneapolis, the officer pulled some of the over for a broken tail light and shot to death. alison: the march outside the white house swelled to hundreds of people. tim barber is among the protesters. set the scene for us, how has it been tonight? tim: since we last saw you at the start of the show, things have calmed down. some people sitting down on the steps, we can actuallmo
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time in the last 30 minutes or so. there is a kid over here holding a sign that says "stop racism." the crowds are very different this afternoon from this evening. at about 8:00 they started to gather outside the white house. this is video from earlier. they gathered at 8:00. the group was getting bigger and bigger, and that is when they decided to march all the way to the capital building. they marched to the steps of the capitol, where they had some speeches, law enforcement blocking off the steps. upn they marched pennsylvania avenue to the white house, where they finally ended here. some people stopped on pennsylvania avenue and actually sat down on pennsylvania avenue, but everything tonight very peaceful, the cops respected the protesters, the protesters for the most part respected the police officers and the secret service out here.
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lots of room in front of the gates. we will stay here if anything develops and we will let you know, but that's the latest live outside the white house. tim barber, abc 7 news. jonathan: earlier, there were a lot of people on pennsylvania avenue who just sat down and started chanting and singing, very peaceful. the police gave them the room and but them do what they wanted to do. alison: we will
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80's come by the afternoon middle 90's, the heat index about 100. lower humidity on sunday, upper 80's. sunshine, upper 80's monday and tuesday. wednesday of next week, upper 80's. akin to the 90's thursday. that will start the second round of another heat wave not this weekend but next weekend. youon:. steve, thank let's get back to the breaking news out of dallas, and active shooter. we are hearing reports perhaps more than one shooter at a protest in dallas. this is still a very active situation. jonathan: because it is such a fluid situation, accurate information is tough to come by. we know for a fact three officers have been shot. don't know their conditions. as far as the number of shootings, there is information coming out. we hearing multiple shooters, also a
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when they opened fire? also heardnd we have the possibility one of the shooters may have been neutralized and the other may be out there. these are things we are trying to confirm. things are very fluid in situations like this. we have some great journalists on the ground, we are getting good information from them. we have confirmed, d.a.r.t. officials have confirmed three officers were shot, their conditions unknown. dallas area rapid transit system, the rail, bus, streetcar, the kind of stuff. we know officers were hit and wounded. we also know at least one civilian was wounded, but not seriously. during astarted protest over police brutality at 9:00 dallas time. people say there were dozens of shots fired. they fled. now the search is on for the active shooter.
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jay: this is jay korff live in the newsroom for a tragic update coming out of dallas, texas. -- we do havemed confirmed by d.a
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.r.t. media, which is the twitter feed from the dallas area rapid transit system that for officers were shot, one has died from his injuries. policeone d.a.r.t. officer has been killed, three others wounded, non-life-threatening injuries. live from the newsroom, jay korff, abc 7 news.
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