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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 8, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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the public. all that information is now being colated, pulled together. they have tons of officers and investigators coming in to do interviews as they have identified suspects. they are going through their electronic devices, social media and bringing that together. they're contacting family members, neighbors, friends, work associates. they're trying to figure out where they acquired the weapons. atf will take the lead on trying to figure out the weapons they were using to shoot at the officers, where did they get the weapons, who purchased the weapons. these are all the methods that are tried and true in law enforcement that are going to be used, and it's going to be an even higher profile and much more intense investigation because of the fact that they targeted cops. and a cop killer is one of the worst things in the world, and the fact that these have individuals at the least if not more, took the step to kill
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of the biggest cases we've ever seen, because it involves cops being targeted and killed. >> this amazes me, looking at the situation. because when i think about it, this protest, it was a pretty much an impromptu protest that took place in dallas. they were reacting to minnesota and louisiana. do you get a sense that these shooters might have just been opportunis opportunists, or this was well planned that they planned to ambush dallas police officers at some point, or it was impromptu where they decided to go up on the garages and target the police officers? >> that will be part of the investigations. they'll look at when was the protest organized? when did they plan this, and if it was very impromptu so there wasn't that much time to plan, say, if the snipers were trying to do it in coordination, that's going to be
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question to answer. my understanding is that the two suspects were shooting from the second story of the garage, and so -- that gave them a little closer proximity to the officers. not, say, going five stories up where it's going to be much harder to target the officers. so that's another aspect. it may have been something that was a little more impromptu, and then also it's going to be interesting to see what was the movement of the protest and the officers that were protecting on the street there during the protest. what was the movement of the people both the protesters and law enforcement, and was there ever a point where they finally got into position where they were now going to be targeted, the snipers had a clear shot on them? that's going to be evaluated. they'll look at the videos and the movements. that's going to be very telling
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that was coordinated or was this very random and they took the opportunity. >> and steve, having been an officer yourself, what does something like this do for the b men and women in blue getting up in the morning and going to work now. and how do other police departments try to ensure that they and the people they protect are safe? >> i can tell you right now, working in the south los angeles area for lapd, an area in the late 80s and 1990. every day that i put on the uniform and put my protective vest on, i was always thinking, is this the day i'm going to get shot? is this a day that a sniper is going to hit me? that was something we were always concerned in southeast division for lapd, snipers targeting us and shooting at us. and i think that's the case in a lot of cities. i mean, that is something that exists depending on the neighborhoods that you're patrolling
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sniper fire against you is something you're always concerned about, but this situation here, not only are you going to have law enforcement officers all over the country more concerned about this when they may not have been, but they're also going to be concerned about potential ambushes. that is another issue that we were always concerned about at lapd. are the bad guys going to take us down a road or path that is set up as an ambush. that is something else that law enforcement officers have to consider if they are this brazen to put sniper fire out and target law enforcement officers and kill them, then they're prepared to do almost anything educational. >> amazing. our country is basically at an impasse. police officers worried about their lives. a lot of black men worried about their lives once they walk out the door. it's an impasse. >> it's an unfortunate target of officers protecting
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call now, request your free [decision guide] and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ morning, breaking news from dallas, texas where gunfire erupted during a protest march through the downtown area. the police chief there says snipers targeted officers stationed at the march calling it an ambush and saying the killers were trying to get as many officers as possible. >> 11 officers shot. four of them dead. 7 seriously injured. at least one bystander was also hurt. three people are in custody this morning, and a fourth suspect has been exchanging gunfire with police. the police chief says that suspect is not cooperating, clearly, and the telling negotiators he intends
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it's going to be a long night and long morning there in the dallas area. we want to get to some other stories that we're following for a moment. we'll get back to the big story. the state department is resuming the investigation in hillary clinton's e-mails. now that it's been decided she won't face criminal charges. the internal review was put on hold could lead to people losing security clearances. they want the fbi to look into whether clinton lied to congress and they want to deny her access to classified information normally shared with presidential nominees. >> donald trump is making it clear he's not changing his message or tone. he held closed door meetings and blamed the media for showing him in a bad light. trump called for unity but exchanges were tense at times as some raised questions about his controversial statements and tweets. lawmakers, some of them saying they're encouraged by what trump said. others said they were
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unimpressed. one described the upcoming election as a dumper the fire. >> disturbing new numbers on the mental health crisis facing so many of our veterans. the va says roughly 20 vets kill themselves each day. in 2014 more than 74 00 veterans took their own lives. that's 18% of all suicides in america even though they make up less than 9% 069 american population. >> an arrest. anthony pageant was expected to be charged with two counts and murder and several counts of assault. he's believed to be man the near where the first victim was found. back in 2010 he was sent no prison for setting a homeless man on fire as he was sleeping. new numbers from the cdc on the zika virus in this country. most of the pregnancies have not gone to term. seven
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with birth defects after their mothers were infected. the mothers were infected outside of the united states. >> the final nato summit for president obama. the president will meet with the eu leaders this morning to discuss how they plan to negotiate the exit. his meetings with include discussions on nato initiatives to deal with threats from russia and the crisis with the refugee, but undoubtedly, we will hear the president talk about what took place in dallas overnight. he spoke about the black lives matter situation yesterday, and we're told that the white house is aware, obviously, with the situation in dallas and they've spoken with the mayor of dallas, and no doubt, the president will address the situation. >> coming up, we'll have more on that top story. again, four officers killed in dallas. 11 total officers wounded. along with a civilian injured as well. we will hear from an
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to the scene coming up next. stay with us.
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welcome back to "world news now." we are following breaking news for you out of dallas, texas where 11 officers were shot during a protest there. four of those officers are now dead. a civiln
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at least one bystander there, and police are under a large investigation trying to piece together what happened. >> and those sad numbers might change as the morning goes on. we're hearing incredible stories from people in the crowd. you're about to hear from the sister of a woman, a civilian, who was shot. >> after the first shot she said another shot went off and then it became a barrage of shots fired. they all begin to run. as she started to run, she caught a bullet in the back of her right calf. she immediately jumped on top of one of her sons and covered him, and the other three ran different directions. >> a chilling scene there. police now have several suspects in custody. questioning one and also looking into threats of possible bombs in the area as well. still a fluid story and active investigation. >> we'll continue to stay on top of this.
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this is a scene outside the dallas police head quarters this early morning. the flag at half staff after they've lost so many of their fellow brothers in blue. 11 officers, at least 11 officers were shot. and at least four are dead. i want to give you also a scene of how dallas is reacting to this. this is the dallas morning news headline this morning. it simply says ambush. those were the words of the police chief when he addressed the situation early on, and this photo right here, it is one that is touching hearts all across this country. it is of a very burly police officer there in blue reduced to tears. >> the daily news, also releasing its cover. it just says madness, and talk
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11 cops, killing four, and actually shows an officer on the ground there, possibly one of the fallen officers, and, of course, an outpouring of people reacting to this this morning as well. >> i should give you one sense. we're being told the president who is traveling right now in poland for the nato summit, he's been briefed on the situation. saying he's been updated on the shooting and asked the team that despite all the stuff he's dealing with in europe that he wants to be update on the this situation as often as possible. >> we also heard from the texas governor calling for unity in all of this, offering his thoughts and prayers to the dallas police department. also offering whatever assistance the state can offer to the city of dallas in order to help in this time of need, and we're also hearing from several celebrities on social media. john legend commenting these dallas shootings horrific. killing these
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counterproductive to keeping us safe. >> that's good to see. there were so many people giving their opinions and reacting to the shootings in minnesota as well as the one in louisiana, and it's good to know that there are people out there also who are reacting just as painfully this morning to the blue lives that were lost overnight. >> and the president commented last night on those shootings and was saying that to speak out against excessive use against the force is not speaking on the police in general. he said the values in those speaking out is portraying the values of the majority of police officers that go out to protect us and keep our cities safe every day. >> a live picture of dallas right now in the overnight hours and it is still a tense situation there. this is far from over.
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breaking news this morning. police officers shot and killed at a protest in dallas. >> others are fighting for their lives after a shootout with at least two suspected snipers. the moments on the streets. bystanders rush to safety as fellow officers are trying to hunt down the suspects. and breaking news out of dallas, ending what had been a difficult day for the nation. two police involved shootings of black men, once again shining a light on the excessive force. >> we'll have one black female officer expressing her frustration. there's full coverage ahead on this friday, july 8th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm kendis gibson.


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