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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  July 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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people. and the police department in dallas. alison: tonight, five roses lie on the national law enforcement officers memorial in d.c. they are there in tribute to the five officers ambushed in dallas during what was supposed to be a protest, a peaceful protest against police violence last night. instead, five police officers are dead. seven others injured. after last night's ambush. two other civilians were injured in the shooting as well. this afternoon, police identified the gunman at 25-year-old micah johnson. we are live in dallas with the latest on the investigation. reporter: the flags have been lowered across the country and here in texas. the governor's mansion will be lit in blue tonight to honor the law enforcement officers who were the victims of that terrible shooting in dallas. while the investigation gets underway, this
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city try to piece themselves back together again. a crowd mourned at a multi-faith vigil on friday. >> never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined that five police officers would be dead this morning. >> this was a well-planned, well-thought out, evil tragedy. >> the night before an otherwise peaceful protest in dallas became the single deadliest day for law enforcement since 9/11. police say 25-year-old micah xavier johnson a former army reservist with no criminal record used rifle to shoot five officers in an ambush. five were killed and two civilians were injured. >> get them here! >> a standoff lasted hours. when negotiations broke
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police used robot to plant an explosive. the suspect died in the blast. >> we are horrified over these events and we stand united with people. and the police department in dallas. >> investigators searched johnson's home friday trying to get more information about why he attacked police officers and whether he acted alone. >> we are learning more about the victims. one was fred thompson, a transit officer who just got married in the past two weeks to a fellow officer. another patrick zamarripa, a navy veteran and father of two. live in dallas, back to you. alison: in the beginning there was confusion about how many suspects were involved here. so now police authorities are maintaining they do believe it was just the one suspect? is that right? reporter: that is correct. a federal official who is familiar with the investigation has told us that
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they believe that johnson was the only shooter. they are looking into other connections, if there are any other suspects who may have hemmed him plan it or helped him carry it out in terms of the logistics but now they are only concentrating on johnson as the shooter. they talked to three people last night but they have not said if they are involved at all in the shooting. alison: all right. thank you very much. meanwhile tonight we are following more breaking news. this is out of missouri where doctors are right now working to save the life of a police officer who was shot this morning. this happened during a traffic stop in ballwin, which is just west of st. louis. that suspect is now in custody. we will get you more information on this story as it comes to our newsroom. jonathan: you can imagine police departments all across the country stepping up security, reviewing the protocols and now pairing up officers after the ambush in dallas. jay korff picks up the team coverage and joins us live from d.c. headquarters. jay?
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jay: a difficult day for law enforcement as they mourn and struggle with if tragedy that occurred in dallas, texas. i spoke to chief lanier and she said while we mourn we have to focus on the job at hand. >> our hearts go out to the families of the officers involve and the coworkers down there. i can't imagine what it might be like for them today. jay: d.c. police chief cathy lanier addressed the tragedy in dallas by almost immediately doubling up officers in squad cars until further notice and increasing security at department buildings. she made clear her officers are accustom to effectively working protest and rallies. common occurrences in washington. she believes what happened in dallas is isolated and not indicative of how the nation views law enforcement. >> this is not reflective of the way everybody feels about police. it's not reflective of our community here. we are going to continue to come to work and do our jobs. it's a tough day for everybody
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officers worked hard over the years to earn the trust of the communities they serve. one example of the chief's commitment to community policing is m.p.d.'s beat the streets event to promote public health and public safety. friday afternoon's street fair was in deanwood in northeast d.c. to give residents an opportunity to interact with officers in a positive, casual setting. >> the event is a vehicle to better relationship and outcomes with the community. i protect you, you protect me. that's how it works. this event here was set up eight years ago for that specific purpose. jay: chief lanier did say that officers are taking advantage of counselors on hand. reporting live, jay korff, abc7 news. alison: of course the dallas shootings came after two days of deadly police shootings in minnesota and louisiana. today, prosecutors in minnesota made it clear that philando castile's dea
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their first priority. but there is still no word if a grand jury will be convened to consider charges against the officer who shot him. in louisiana someone set a police car on fire with a molotov cocktail not far from the scene where alton sterling was shot and killed. his mother says she never knew her son to carry a gun and does not believe he had one the night he died. jonathan: dallas was one of several protests scheduled around the country about the minnesota and the louisiana shootings. this was the scene, though, outside the white house. d.c. bureau chief sam ford joining us outside the department of justice where another protest is scheduled in about an hour. sam? sam: well, jonathan, we are expecting that it may be earlier than that. but at this point, the police are here. as you can see, the media are here. we are awaiting the protesters. there was a protest in the area just 24 hours ago. but the scenario has changed a lot since then.
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there were protests about the louisiana and minnesota killings by police. protests here from the white house to the capitol. after the tragedy in dallas -- >> we are so sorry to hear about the lives of the officers. families and communities need us to come together to reconcile police and community. sam: bun reaction. but there were others. >> i got a sun. why did you kill my man in front of his daughter? sam: outside the d.c. courthouse that man referring to the minnesota shooting of philando castile. as for the shooting of the dallas police -- >> i don't care about the police. they are not helping us. sam: many talked about a racial divide as cell phone cameras show us more. >> people are angry. that the police have been shooting a lot of innocent people. >> we are learning what is going on. you can never justify vigilante murder to fix a problem, right? that is what this is about. we are a system of laws. we are a society. we have to follow t
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we have to fix it right way. sam: for a number there was concern about forgetting the original victims. turning people off from protests. >> news media now have shifted and focused only on them five police. yes, again, it is sad they were shot. >> i do think for sure there will be a lot of people who will try to use this to create a climate of fear around protesting. i think that is very concerning. sam: and the protests again are set to go from i guess whenever the protesters get here until after 6:00. it is a one-hour protest set for here. one thing i did notice as i have been to a lot of these things officers today have assault rifles. which generally at the protests you don't see. reporting live from northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: okay, sam. thank you. the d.c. mayor muriel bowser and police chief cathy lanier laid a wreath at the national law enforcement memorial today. in honor of the five officers who were
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night. rank and file police officers also there to pay their respects. many of them leaving flowers. among them, texas state trooper daniel castro. >> whether it's dallas p.d., texas department of public safety, washington d.c., whatever. we are all in solidarity. we all feel, we are all hurt. alison: the names of the five officers who were killed in dallas will be added to the memorial later this year. jonathan: we also have new information about yesterday's deadly shooting in bristol, tennessee. investigators say the gunman was upset about recent shootings of black men by white police officers. police say the guy who is doing to killing this time was black and the victims were all white. a newspaper delivery woman was killed. and a police officer and two civilians were wounded. police shot this guy who is now still in the hospital. alison: well, we are on storm watch right now as we track the chance of a few storms
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is here with the forecast. it was really coming down earlier, doug. doug: the storms are moving south and east of the metro area. still heavy rain. show you the feels like temperature now. areas that have had rain cooled off. even is muggy. take a look. we range from 85, what it feels like in washington. only feels like 80 in andrews but still feels like 101 in fredericksburg. they haven't seen any rain yet. the rain is east of town. area of showers and thunderstorms. let's zoom in as they head toward the bay moving across southern prince george's county. out across the bay. that is the last major batch. maybe an isolated shower other than that. we mention the forecast for the next hour or two. isolated showers and thunder. low 80's. it will stay muggy. it would be warmer by 8:00 once the clouds move out of the area. improving weather over the weekend. it's a process but we will get there. we'll share details in a couple of minutes. alison: all right. slowly but surely doug. stay co
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stormwatch7 team through or the abc7 facebook and twitter feeds. you can download the stormwatch7 app to get the forecast at your fingertips. jonathan: coming up for us at 5:00 -- [singing] jonathan: certainly is cute. the duet of a lifetime may help you smile on this difficult day. >> the city of frederick reduced the rate for kids in low-income families to get into pools. but does anyone know about it? i'm cheryl conner. coming up, more on what we learned about the new program. alison: plus, taking a gamble. what is at stake in tonight's mega millions lottery? jonathan: then a little later -- >> well, the party is over. we have got to get this under control. concerns about spending as metro works to get back on track in the midst of a
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jonathan: the show on the national mall, but many people postponed the fireworks shows bought of -- because of the weather. you can
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places and the times. alison: null 1st meant -- july 1st meant a new policy for kids swimming at nedrick pools. or did it? cheryl conner went to the city to sort through confusion. >> kids are splashing. welcome to one of the hottest days so far this year in frederick. >> she is not crying. >> nathan is getting his 6-month-old daughter warmed up to the pool. >> and this moment. paul lifted out of the water with the help of a motorized chair. part of a special needs camp. >> so much better than being at the playground. we can't keep them outside as long. >> putting your toes in the water should be cheaper this summer if you are a kid in frederick that qualifies for free and reduced lunch. what we found is people don't know about it. >> at the front desk the sign says kids 3 and under pay $3. but there is a ne
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qualify for the reduced lunch program get in for just $1. a spokeswoman for the mayor said it was supposed to take effect july 1 at two city pools and that was the understanding of some parents. late in the day we got a correction. july 15. >> he never heard about it. >> patricia murray was hoping to save $4 on her two grandchildren. >> you saw we get more kids off the street. >> you told him i would call to followup. cheryl: after signing your kid up for the program, you can come back next friday for a cheaper swim. cheryl conner, abc7 news. jonathan: sunny day is a perfect time to go for a pool. but all a 4-year-old girl from britain wants to do is spread the sunshine. to norway. that is where little hope was in the crowd when bruce springstein took to the stage in oslo. he noticed the i
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gave her a harmonica. then he came back when hope's mom had a song saying she wanted to sing "sunny day." so then she gets up on stage to sing. [singing] that wasn't all. the boss raised hope up on their shoulders and they danced on stage together. how did she feel about the whole thing? >> happy. jonathan: she is adorable. hope says if she could tell bruce one thing it would be -- >> i love you. alison: he probably doesn't see 4-year-olds very often. jonathan: not that demographic so much. and she knows the words to the song. alison: we needed that. we need a smile. any sunshine coming our way? doug:
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sun comes out after. we'll show you this. most is moving southeast of the city. fine tomorrow. light chance of a storm. the big story is the weather will start to change for the better. so let's get you started with a look. a while ago in prince george's county we had not the sunshine you see in ocean city but we had rain. this is what the heavy downpours look like. pours down rain. lightning and thunder. outside the areas. skies are partly sunny. look at ocean city now. plenty of sunshine around. very warm temperatures. splash and dash showers we call them. to move through and the sun comes out. then we go bah to ocean city -- we go back to ocean city. this is ocean city, maryland. we see the waves continuing to come on shore. it's not terribly hot. upper 80's tomorrow. after that, we will see a cooling trend. tonight will be in the 80's. muggy. but the rain will stop. the only caveat in the
5:19 pm
fredericksburg area through spotsylvania county. maybe overnight hours you could have showers or see lightning to the south in the overnight hours. heavier rain in annapolis. outside the rainy areas still hanging around the 90-degree mark and feeling warmer because the high levels of moisture in the air. it feels like 101 in fredericksburg. 100 in leesburg. 100 in frederick. as we get through tomorrow, there is a little bit of a heat index issue for a while. then drier air. good news for fireworks in gaithersburg. it will be partly cloudy and no worries about rain at the fireworks. the rain is moving east. stretched out north of baltimore to the eastern shore. this is all pushing away. most notably no more returns on radar that could affect the metro area. it is looking good. we have heavier
5:20 pm
potomac to western charles county. prince frederick to huntingtown, chesapeake beach and chesapeake bay. the heat index will go back up tomorrow maybe as high as 942. but then drier air moves in the afternoon. there could be thunderstorms with the next front. we continue to see the drier air move in tomorrow night and especially for day on sunday. tomorrow is hot. humid. stray storms, 95. dry late in the day. 87 on sunday with the low humidity. that is nice. we start the seven-day forecast with a similar day in the outlook period for monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday the heat and the humidity start to slowly rebuild over the area. result we have 30% chances of the daily afternoon thunderstorms tuesday, wednesday. alison: first, a first in the 103-year history of the tour de france. jonathan: we will explain that to
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plus -- >> we were stuck! jonathan: find out what had the little guy worked up. alison: but first, ending a really rough week with a little hope and a local man who came to the u.s. with just $3. and now he feeds the homeless for free. jonathan: a look at what is coming up tonight on abc -- prodders, shuckersers,
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alison: he came to the d.c. area with less than $5 in his pocket but now 20 years later he is giving back in a story to inspire you. a story we can all use after the way this week has gone. jay korff has more on one man's mission to give back while living the american dream. jay: a restaurant in northwest washington taking a new approach to service. >> this is the place where they can go and eat free. i want tons of people coming in to eat free. tons of people. kazi mannan owns mayur kabab house. he recently decided he would never turn down someone who cannot afford the bill. he invited people are homeless into the restaurant. >> i didn't think he cared to support the needs of the homeless. >> in a powerful web exclusive you will find out why he
5:25 pm
willing to give so much of himself. >> when i arrive in america, i have three dollars. just $3. >> you will see how the philanthropy is spreading. >> thank you. thank you. yes. jay: jay korff, abc7 news. alison: wow! if you would like to see more of this, this is an abc7 web exclusive. just go to and search there under hope for the homeless. you can see more about this man's inspiring story. jonathan: you just see this guy, you can see he is so passionate about what he is doing and having so much fun. good for him. great success story there. speaking of success, are you feeling lucky? even a little bit? if so, don't forget to pick up a mega million lottery ticket. the jackpot is $540 million. of course, you only have 1 in about 259 million chance of winning. so there is a chance. but your chances do fall to zero if you don't go out and
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good luck. alison: still to come on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- show me the money. local member of congress raises concerns about how much metro is spending. and just how it is being spent. jonathan: but first, what we are learning about the suspect in the deadly police ambush that happened last night in dallas. >> what happened in dallas hits a local police agency hard because they are still smarting from the loss of one of their own. my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis... vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were... no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can... lead to death within 24 hours.
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trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor about... all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing behaviors. a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor about trumenba.
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two officers went down. this just came out of nowhere. >> six to eight shots. >> let's go! get back! get back! >> we as a country must come together. >> code three, officer down. >> this must stop. this divisiveness between the police and the citizens. >> the lives do matter. not all police men and women are racist. some want to protect and serve. >> we must answer the god asked. am i my brother's keeper? that we are all our brother's keeper. [applause] jonathan: now at 5:30 we want to get you caught up on the latest developments in the ambush that took place yesterday in dallas, texas. in the last 20 minutes dallas police said the suspect of shooting of five
5:30 pm
officers had bomb making materials and journal of combat tactics in his home. they have already searched his home. investigators say they are confident that micah johnson was the only gunman involved yesterday. friends say the 25-year-old wasn't really political. we take a closer look at johnson's background. reporter: right now we are in mesquite, texas, suburb just outside the dallas metropolitan area. this is where they were searching. they believe this is the home of the suspect. we were able to see agents bring bag of evidence from inside the home. we have identified that suspect as 25-year-old micah johnson. he was listed in the army reserve and training as a carpentry specialist. he was killed by police after failed negotiations. we are learning that police used a bomb robot inside a dallas parking garage. however, during negotiations we learned more about the motive. j
5:31 pm
upset about recent police shooting. he said he was upset at white people. wanted to kill white people. especially white officers. he told police he was not associated with any group. sources are telling cnn he had no criminal record and no known terror ties. his neighbors say he lived with his mother and kept to himself. again five officers were killed. seven others injured in the attacks. reporting just outside dallas, back to you. >> we don't feel much support most days. let's not make today most days. alison: that three -- plea this morning came from dallas police. it came when the tensions are high between police and the people they protect and serve. in prince george's county back here at home the murder of a police officer hits close to home. officer jacai colson was killed in an
5:32 pm
district iii station in landover. maryland bureau chief brad bell live at police headquarters in palmer park tonight with reaction from there. brad? brad: take a look. you can see still the evidence tape marking the movements of the gunman that fired in the district iii station. it is still fresh for the police agency. so fresh last night the chief of police canceled the vacation, put on his uniform, went out on the streets to try and reassure his officers. it has been only four months since a gunman opened fire on the prince george's county police while his brother took video. the door still shows the bullet holes to memorial to fallen officer jacai colson. now what happened in dallas is reopening wounds. >> it's fresh and raw. brad: police union president admits officer on the street can't help but look over their shoulders.
5:33 pm
emotions. >> disbelief. disbelief and pain and suffering. understanding that police officers are doing their jobs protecting a peaceful protest. and were ma michiganly and violently attacked and -- maliciously and violently attacked and murdered. brad: one officer said it's hard to be out here. another hoping prayer makes a difference. his officers will do their jobs. >> it takes grit to be a police officer in america. these men and women have grit. brad: both the police and the union have been overwhelmed with calls of support for them and their officers. >> i hope this puts in a place to have pause. no matter what side of the debate you are on. we all have to acknowledge the dignity of human life and say no more of this. brad: both chief and the head of the union say the officers are trying to watch each ot
5:34 pm
need the community's involvement. they are feeling the support. both of them telling us as we said in the story that they have been touched with the calls of sympathy and support they have gotten from the political community and the religious leaders in the county. in palmer park, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. for months you may have seen the debate on social media. black lives matter, all lives matter. as racials flare, what can restore peace, harmony and civilian in america? scott thuman has the growing reaction in washington to do whatever possible to calm the country. scott: a scare at the u.s. capitol. worries of someone inside congressional offices with a gun. it turned out to be a false alarm but spoke to the rampant unease after what happened in dallas. congressman womack among those locked out. >> i think leaders everywhere
5:35 pm
constituencies to be calm. to let processes work. scott: from the president down, similar pleas and denouncing more angry desires to attack police. >> the nation has a cancer. the problem is racism. scott: at 86 years old, charles rangel has seen race relations evolve and deteriorate. >> unless we acknowledge we have it, we cannot cure it. scott: congressman rangel told me they are discussing a byte committee to examine the heart of the problem and what if anything washington can do about it. >> if we went to the centers and improved the schools, improved the job opportunity, believe me, it would reduce the tension between the races. >> when you wake up and you see these things you are like my god, what is
5:36 pm
scott: this congressman said equally important is the tone that is set here. >> we have sober conversation and show that we can come together. that neither side of the political aisle will use this to bash the head of everybody else. scott: on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. alison: well, sticking with the politics for a second. hillary clinton and donald trump canceled campaign events today out of respect to the officers killed in dallas. but they did both issue statements. donald trump said, "our nation has become too divided. too many americans feel like they lost hope. crime is harming too many citizens. racial tensions have gotten worse not better. this isn't the american dream we all want for our children." hillary clinton said, "i mourn for the officers shot while doing their sacred duty to protect peaceful protesters. for their families and all who serve with
5:37 pm
story from northern virginia. that is where a man a accused of assisting to assist the islamic state. police say haris qamar filmed potential targets in the d.c. area including the pentagon for what he thought would be a video promoting terror attacks. jeff goldberg will have more on the story coming up at 6:00. alison: coming up at 5:00 -- getting the green light. we talking to virginia's governor about the big plans to try and ease your commute. jonathan: but first, history of the tour de france. what makes the start of stage seven so special this year? alison: tonight at 6:00, we continue to follow the latest new developments out of dallas. tonight rallies, events are planned in the d.c. region. live report with the plans coming up at 6:00. then stay tuned for "world news tonight" with david muir. jonathan: david, what are you working on tonight? david: we are in dallas
5:38 pm
the video, the terrifying moments here. 14 shot. five officers dead. now the chilling words the suspect uttered right before the s.w.a.t. team and their robot took him out. we have team coverage. "world news tonight" next after abc7
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jonathan: a second running of the bull in spain ended with more injury than excitement. never a good idea to get in front of a big bull running. seven people gored including three americans. three of the victims are in serious conditions and despite being gored the americans suffering less injuries than other people. alison: history at the tour de france. for the first time ever, all 189 riders made it to
5:42 pm
stage of the race. steve comings won in dominating fashion. beating the competitors by more than a minute. jonathan: grueling race. alison: long time. exactly. jonathan: but the victory did not come without controversy or at least a little comedy. check it out. inflatable banner comes down on the race and it is block cyclists' path to finish. hopefully it's the only crash that will occur in the race. does somebody have a pocket knife, please. alison: is this really happening? jonathan: throw your bike on the other side and get back on. alison: coming up. frighting moments that leave a 4-year-old with a story to tell. >> i am so worried about alex. alison: who is alex and what did it take to save him and his grandma from a sinkhole? answer ahead. jonathan: first calling for accountability. what a local member of congress wants as the transit system works to get the house in orde
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
alison: we are covering metro for yo
5:46 pm
with one of the arcing insulator. it was between bethesda and medical center station. the problematic ips laters were removed -- insulators were removed and there was no fire or smoke. jonathan: that comes right in the middle of metro's third safetrack surge. but one local lawmaker has concerns about how much metro is spending. she sat down with the transportation reporter brianne carter. >> the party is over. we have got to get this under control. brianne: this is the word from virginia congresswoman barbara comstock calling on metro to reduce labor cost after she dug in the earnings of the 30,000 transit authority employees. >> we need to make what everybody is making. it's a public job paid for by the public taxpayers. brianne: according to the numbers obtained by her office, 2013 a rail operation controller made $216,000. $97,000 of it in overtime. in 2015, train
5:47 pm
combined earned more than $10 million in overtime. in a statement a spokesperson said scheduled overtime cost the system less than hiring more people and paying the additional benefit expense. >> we are people who are stunningly overcompensated. we have more workers than the average transit system but we are woefully underperforming. brianne: the data obtained shows as of february this year, more than 79,000 work orders on the rail system remained open. more than 50 having to do with the track and structure department. metro says any work orders relate told safe are immediately addressed and many of those are cleared out adding safetrack will help further clear out the backlog when it comes to the track. local 689, the union representing many metro employees in response said in part the local overtime work is done by local members who sacrifice time away from their personal lives and famili
5:48 pm
standing with the workers of metro and it goes on to say that the debate will not solve metro's problems. this comes as metro and local 689 are negotiating a new contract. on capitol hill, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: keep in mind you can get text alerts about safetrack and metro news from your phone. just text "metro" to 43817. alison: okay. on friday afternoon let's check on the roadways. angela foster is on traffic watch. hey, angela. >> good afternoon, alison. i have been saying this all week. we have made out pretty good this week with the metro safetrack surge three. because we have been in the holiday. a lot of folks are still off. you wouldn't know it now by seeing the congestion on the capital beltway especially through fairfax county where we have a delay starting around the springfield mixing bowl on the inner loop. it is continuing to the american legion bridge. you do get a little break here and there. we are looking at prince george's county w
5:49 pm
inner and the outer loop. i want to mention accidents to watch for from the capital beltway. northbound on the baltimore washington parkway. crash clean-up there. we are taking a live look so you know at the live delays on the american legion bridge. if you make your drive to interstate 66 be alert. you will run into heavy backups as well as you approach centreville. that is the latest on the roads. over to you. alison: thank you. a little boy has a story to tell after his grandmother discovered a water-filled sinkhole the hard way. take a look. 4-year-old angel riding with his grandmother when their s.u.v. ploppinged -- plunged into a sinkhole. here is how the grand mother and little aaron gel -- little angel describe what happened next. >> the car started tipping to the front and toward the side, the drive's side. i told the guy that was
5:50 pm
pulling out in a van, help me. help me. i have a little boy with me. >> feel like river water. something is happening to me. i'm so worried about alex. >> who is alex? >> the lion. alison: yep. there is alex. jonathan: alex is safe and dry. alison: the stuffed lion toy from "madagascar." not to worry, though. grandma went to the lot where the damaged car was towed and was able to rescue alex. if you have little kids or had little kids like you do, you know that is the most important part of the story. to go home without alex that would have been a bad deal. is that don't you wish we could sign alex up as a reporter? how great would that be? the best. alison: cute story. jonathan: talk about what is happening outside. a mixed bag. warm, hot, raining, everything going on. alison: hey, doug. doug: now the sun is out. it's still muggy across the area but we expect to see
5:51 pm
weekend. let's start with a look at alexandria. beautiful afternoon. low 80's. we have scattered storms that will mostly continue northeast, east, south of washington for a few more hours to remain hot and humid. latest number out of reagan international is 80. they didn't report at 5:00. it's warmer than that. when the some comes out this time of year, temperatures warm quickly. 92 in fredericksburg. 88 in leesburg. 77 in annapolis now. there are the showers. do a closeup for the southern maryland viewers. charles county with downpours, heaviest from prince frederick and more out of charles county. i think other than isolated shower that is the story on the rain. tomorrow is hot. we will get up in the
5:52 pm
frontal system to give us a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. drier weather in the evening. sunday is gorgeous, warm, sunny and dry. time for sports. talk to robert. robert: thank you so much. it's friday. that means the rising star series has the spotlight. we have heard the saying, "age is just a number." our scott abraham introduces us to a d.c. man desperate being in his 70's is coveraging the competition on the -- scorching the competition on the track. scott: d.c. native tyrone brown is 71 years old. he loves to run fast. >> it makes me feel a lot younger. i feel energetic. scott: he is one of the top master sprinters in the world. >> right now i hold five world records. scott: the world records almost never happened. in 2006 he beat prostate cancer. seven years later he needed a pacemaker. >> whether it's on the track and fe
5:53 pm
heart ailment or fighting cancer. i was not going to let it beat me. either one of them. scott: he doesn't look like he is 71 years old and he doesn't act like it as well. three times a week he comes out on the track to train. he is self-motivated with a true passion for running. >> you have folks who still sprint at 100 years old. >> i love to win. i'm highly competitive. scott: proving aim is only a number. >> i want to continue running, whether i win or break any more records. it doesn't really matter. i just love doing what i do. scott: focusing on his next hurdle on the track and in life. scott abraham, abc7 sports. robert: thanks. if you know of someone overcoming adversity, starting to excel in the athletic a i rena we want to -
5:54 pm
arena. we want to hear from you. >> he looks amazing. jonathan: surprised you didn't challenge him to a race. robert: he would have embarrassed me. alison: heading south to virginia on a friday in the summer could be a scary proposition. jonathan: when we come back virginia governor
5:55 pm
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alison: outside are if you are heading south for 95 on the weekend you are already on the road or waiting for things to clear out a little bit. gridlock on summer friday is stuff of legends. but jeff goldberg spoke with governor terry mcauliffe today about his mans to make it all run better. jeff: governor mcauliffe says the new plan will be a game changer. and construction will begin next year on extending the hot lanes north on 395 from here in alexandria all the way o
5:58 pm
fredericksburg. the governor formally introducing the plan called the atlantic gateway this morning in alexandria saying it will be the biggest transportation program in virginia history. earlier in week, the federal government awarding virginia $165 million grant to go along with an existing $1.2 billion in public and private money in the state. creating the $1.4 billion plan. governor says will improve passenger train service on v.r.e. and amtrak, c.s.s. freight rail service and reduce highway traffic. the hot lane will extend ten miles to the south from garrisonville to fredericksburg on 95. and seven miles on the north from 359 from alexandria to the 14th street bridge. >> i say think big or go home. we thought big. we are not going home. now if you do go home, you will get home faster now in the commonwealth of virginia. thank you for being here
5:59 pm
for expanded bus service and more parking for commuters. while construction could begin next year, they will happen in phases. so finishing all of these projects will likely take many years. in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. >> two officers went down. >> this came out of nowhere. >> six to eight shots. >> we as a country must come together. >> code three. officer down. >> this must stop. this divisiveness between the police and the citizens. >> these lives do matter. not all police men and women are racist. some of them want to protect and serve. >> we must answer the question that god asked. am i my brother's keeper? that in fact we are all our brother's keepers. maureen: a city and a nation are shaken tonight. five
6:00 pm
death in dallas during a peaceful protest of two recent police involved shootings. just in tonight, a new look at what was found at the deceased suspect's home. jonathan elias is live with the latest on that. jonathan: earlier in week you will remember two black men were shot and killed by white officers in louisiana and minnesota. since then there have been attacks on police officers in texas, georgia, missouri, and tennessee. a startling number with the deadliest happening last night in dallas, texas. including the victim, a veteran, father and a newlywed. five police officers shot dead as they were patrolling a peaceful protest. seven other officers targeted and wounded. injured, they were taken to the hospital. and civilians, two of them also shot. officers on the scene eventually killed 25-year-old micah johnson using a robot delivered that had a bomb attached to it. a search of johnson's home uncovered bomb materials,


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