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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  July 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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maureen: we begin with breaking news from the capitol. three men armed with a sman machine gun are now in custody after an incident near the capitol. it put the capitol in lockdown for half an hour today. this took place at the corner of second and c street northwest off capitol grounds. d.c. bureau chief sam ford was the first reporter on the scene. sam, eunderstand that shots were fired -- we understand that shots were fired. sam: indeed. chief lanier told us there were shots fired here. three people are in custody at this point. they have recovered a machine gun and as you said, the capitol was on lockdown. according to the chief started out, you can see that is the car. it's still here. there is a police tow truck about to take it away. it started we are told in southwest washington when the police got a lookout for a man with a gun. police started to look for the person. saw this vehicle with three people in it and gave chase.
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the chief, the chase went into alongside south capitol street and ended up in the tunnel that leads to new york avenue. the suspect apparently exited off the tunnel. at some point there was an explosion where the car perhaps hit the car. chief lanier told reporters more about this a few minutes ago. chief lanier: the passenger of the car along south capitol street prior to entering the tunnel, the third street tunnel extended his arm out of the passenger window with a small automatic handgun. it looks like a mac 11 handgun out the window and fired a shot at the officers who were behind him. sam: the chief says after he fired the shot he actually dropped the gun. police at that point stopped some of them to deal w
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weapon and the others came until ended. chief lanier said this is the second time today d.c. police have been shot at. there was an earlier incident at alabama avenue this morning. there was a shootout with the suspect. the robbery suspect. he was shot in the leg. so far none of the officers in any of the incidents was hit today. but clearly a day that concerns the police a lot to be shot at twice in two different incidents in one day. i'm sam ford, abc7 news. maureen: be first to know when breaking news breaks. the frighting moments at the capitol came at a time of mourning in dallas. president obama, vice president biden and former president george w. bush came
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memorial to remember five police officers killed there. we have a report. reporter: president obama joined dignitaries and law enforcement at an interfaith service to honor five fallen officers gunned down in dallas. president obama: we are here to honor the memory and mourn the loss of the five fellow americans to grieve with their loved ones. reporter: the president with vice president biden, former president george w. bush and their wives paying respects. >> we have lost so much. we are grief-stricken, heartbroken and forever grateful. reporter: the city of dallas rocked to the core following the assassination of police officers working to protect and service in a peaceful black lives matter protest. police learned the gunman micah johnson used a high-power rifle in a one man mission to kill officers.
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sniper attack as a hate crime. president obama: act ofdimented violence but rail rail -- racial hatred. reporter: the site is a crime scene. authorities believe johnson, an national veteran, legally purchased the three weapons he had. dallas police chief using lyrics from a stevie wonder song to express his love for the officers and the grieving families. >> i'll be loving you until the ocean covers every mountain high. maureen: the president will meet at the white house and has asked the comnity to weigh in on facebook with a solution to end the violence. now d.c. mayor muriel bowser is pushing to boost staffing at the metropolitan police department. this afternoon she announced
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plans to establish an academy of public safety. the academy will give people up to the age of 25 a chance to earn police training credits at the university of district of columbia while working part-time at the police department. m.p.d. had been losing officers to retirement and attrition for several years. now we have new information on a story we followed throughout the day and that sam ford reported on earlier today. a man opening fire on the m.p.d. officers in southeast washington. chief cathy lanier says one of the five men taken in custody will be charged with firing at police. the other four appear to be victims at a robbery and a carjacking that took place moments before that shooting. despite the fact that the officers returned fire, no one was hurt. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is campaigning in new hampshire. where today she praised d.n.c. worker seth rich using his deathto
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rich was shot to death in an attempted robbery sunday in the bloomingdale neighborhood of the district. police have not named a suspect. clinton said rich worked to secure voting rights ands she called for the removal of what she called military weapons from our street. that same rally, vermont senator bernie sanders ended his presidential campaign and endorsed hillary clinton's bid for the white house. >> i intend to do everything i can to make certain that she will be the next president of the united states. maureen: sanders praised clinton and the democratic party for accepting many of the positions he advocated in his campaign including a $15 minimum wage. in a series of tweets, donald trump accused sanders of selling out and urged his supporters to vote for him. tonight, the presumptive republican nominee is in indiana to appear with the possible vi
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choice governor mike pence. trump is expected to announce his pick this week. still ahead at 6:00, the real cost of metro safetrack surge for riders. how long it took one family just to get to the airport. plus the jarring piece of equipment the pentagon wants to install in arlington. doug: we are tracking showers west of the metro area. we'll let you know what is ahead for the rest of the week coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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maureen: we have breaking news of a serious car crash in annapolis. newschopper7 was just over the scene. we believe there are injuries but we don't know how many or how severe. we will have more details when they are available. a warning for people who live in bowie. you may soon see what looks like a plane crash. a film production company will recreate a plane crash near freeway airport for the next three days. that means you can expect to get thick black smoke and hear the sounds of explosions. all work will be done between 10:00 in the morning and 6:00 in the evening through friday. the f.b.i. is closing notorious hijacking case but it remains
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in 1971, a man who called himself dan cooper hijacked northwest orient flight over washington state. after landing and collecting a $200,000 ransom, he parachuted and dove from the plane. some of the money was found years later but cooper was never found. the case is known as the d.b. cooper case and named for the first suspect questioned. coming up next at 6:00, how much time you will need to set aside if you are planning to travel near reagan normal airport. we will check with chief meteorologist doug hill on the timing of possible thunderstorms tomorrow. erin: i'm erin hawksworth with sports. the wizards try their luck in vegas while price -- bryce harper says tonight's all-star game is more im
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maureen: the arlington county board will soon vote on a request from the department of defense. the pentagon wants to install equipment around the country to record information about explosions. the data would be used to help
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terror attack. >> if you put a series of these chemical or explosive detectors around the county, and you get more than one or two hits you ought to be able to predict the direction of the bad weapon or the chemical is going in. maureen: if approved it would be classified and exempt from freedom of information act. similar equipment is already in place for new york city. pack your patience. we heard that used how to describe how to approach airport security waits. but now the phrase applies to getting to the airport. metro's latest safetrack surge shut down trains between reagan national and crystal city. that manes bus bridges for the next week. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is covering metro. how are travelers navigating the delays and challenges? jeff: well, it's going okay
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metro at pentagon city. coming from d.c., rosslyn and points north and headed to a shuttle buses. commuters are headed to the shuttle bus to get to the braock avenue. the braddock metro station to head south. shuttle buses like to get to reagan airport. how rough of a ride is this depends who you ask. >> we meet the johnson family inside the pentagon city metro station. >> it's frustrating to find our way to the airport. >> up expected detour on the trip from downtown d.c. to reagan airport and eventually home to portland, oregon. >> some way we will manage through this but we have to figure out the west way to do it. jeff: help come quickly. pretty soon the johnsons like many others are out of the station and on the shuttle bus moving again. >> it's not terrible but it's not my preference. at the beginning it was fun. >> safetrack surge four means the closure of the blue and
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pentagon city and reagan airport. it's tough for the airport travelers and the tourists. many of whom don't know metro well. >> wait for the airport. jeff: didn't know safetrack was happening at all. >> it's because we have big backpacks but otherwise it's not a big deal. jeff we had a pretty easy time dealing with the shut from the airport to pentagon city. but some travelers had a different experience. >> we sat there for 20 or 30 minutes being told they were calling for buses. calling for buses. >> pentagon city, crystal city shuttle. >> 57 minutes from the time i got off my flight till i'm talking to you on abc7. >> the johnson's bus ride took 20 minutes. not ideal but they are headed in the right direction. >> yes. excited to get home. >> always a good feeling to get home. metro has folks out here answering questions for the travelers. many of whom have a lot of questions. one of the reasons that surge four is critical is because according to metro six t
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airport coming from the north as they do from the south. so for the next week or so it will be a difficult situation for airport travelers. they are certainly asked to be patient as surge four continues. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, jeff. abc7 is working to keep you ahead of the metro slowdowns. sign up to have alerts sent to your phone right now texting the word "metro" to 43817. well, it was a hot day to be standing waiting for a metro shuttle or for anything else outside. doug: temperatures will climb up again. humidity levels, too. it will be uncomfortable outside for a bit. let's get started. all things considered it's not bad. 80 degrees is the current temperature in annapolis. high clouds moving through. southwesterly breeze. heading through the hours we'll keep an eye on showers off the west of the metro area. most of
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through 8:00, skies are partly cloudy. temperatures are dropping through the middle and the lower 80's. sticky as the dew point temperatures the moisture levels are rising. we are keeping eye on the showers and thunderstorms thundm harrisonburg to charlottesville. drifting northeast. most should wash out or lose intensity. but there are shower closer to warrenton. we will leave on isolated forecast tonight and maybe the remnants of the showers might make it across the mountains. nothing heavy or widespread. that shows up in the forecast overnight. partly cloudy. warm and muggy. isolated shower. 69 to 74 degrees by early tomorrow morning. now the future cast gives us tomorrow will be cloudy in the morning, a couple of passing showers north. as we get through the day and the temperatures are warming in the upper 80's and the conditions start to deteriorate a bit. destabilize atmosphere, we could see showers and thuer
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whatever storms develop into move east across the bay around sunset. then the skies will clear back out tomorrow night. by the time we get to thursday, it's like the temperatures will take a jump by seven degrees to 94. 50% chance of showers and storms. 30% on thursday. 92 for a high. friday is the only day in the seven-day without the probability of rain. partly cloudy, hot and 93. over the weekend and beyond, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, partly cloudy. warm, humid. 90 each day. resident 30% chance of the showers and the thunderstorms in the afternoon. always looking out for weekend vents for you. here is one attison's corner a craft beer festival this weekend. it will be hot 90 degrees. chance of showers and the thunderstorms at 30%. storms are not a washout. that is the latest. maureen and erin, back to you. maureen: thank you, doug. a lot of stuff going on west of us.
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erin: baseba's best and brightest stars are in san diego for the all-star game. here are the players rolling in on the red carpet. the vent gets bigger and big -- the event gets bigger and bigger every year. american league, players took b.p. at one point and the nationals bryce harper spoke to the media about the importance of tonight's game since home field advantage for the world series is on the line. bryce: my team has a possibility to be in the playoffs. home field advantage is huge in those times. if i can go out and play to my best ability, and even else on my team we'll be okay. erin: to las vegas where the wizards played the third and the final summer league game this afternoon against the brooklyn nets. while the wi vards didn't have a -- wizards didn't have a pick in the draft, last year's pick kelly obrye junior has had prolific score something far this summer and he is looking to build off that today. he lead the team with16
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eddie with the play of the day right here. coming up with a steal and a lay-in to win it for the wizards at the buzzer. 87-85. well done. meanwhile, back in d.c. united newly acquired winger lloyd sam took part in the first practice today. lloyd was part of a surprising trade from the new york red bulls. the only mls team he ever played for. while lloyd does feel at home with the new teammate, he says he has a chip on his shoulder. >> maybe a slight chip there. we won't play against them every week. i just want to get in the playoffs. erin: slight chip. united will try to bounce back after having a three-game winning streak snapped last week. they will be on the road at columbus crew, a game you can watch on newschannel8. that coverage starts a
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it looks like we are going to be over our nice weather for a few days. doug: yeah. get back to the typical summer pattern here. hot, humid, hazy. the afternoon showers and the storms. we look at the pool forecast for the next few days. upper 80's tomorrow. back to 90's thursday and friday. 50% chance of afternoon showers and storms there. could be thunderstorms on thursday afternoon. right now friday is dry. although definitely warm and humid. the weekend outlook looks good around the area. typical summer stuff. 90 degrees. partly cloudy. afternoon showers and thunderstorms are a possibility. tonight at 11:00, steve rudin in with the timing and the breakdown of the timing of tomorrow's storm possibilities. update to the weekend as well. maureen: looking forward to that. world world with david muir is up -- "world news tonight" with david muir is up next. join us at 11:00. have a great everything.
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tonight, two presidents honoring the fallen. president obama saying of those dallas officers, when bullets started to fly, they did not flinch. president bush, first ladies michelle obama and laura bush there, too. and the standing ovation for that police chief in dallas. also tonight, the urgent manhunt under way right now. a serial shooter on the loose in an american city. authorities say seven dead and the new reward tonight. at least four tornadoes reported, one an ef-2. winds up to 125 miles per hour. and more severe weather coming. the long awaited endorsement. bernie sanders now says hillary clinton must be our next president. and then, what was caught on mike. as donald trump tonight


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