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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  July 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jummy: right off the top we will feel serious sizzler today. doug hill has a look at our forecast. doug: the highest we have been this summer -- june 11, we hit 96 degrees. a number of times around 94.
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but humidity levels will be so high it will feel significantly warmer. that is why national weather service has put the metro area under a heat advisory until 8:00 tonight -- the areas here over northern delaware and parts of pennsylvania and new jersey -- that is an excessive heat warning in effect. index values might get closer to 108 or 110. it'll be a tough day, and another hot, humid day on the way tomorrow. within the viewing area, all these counties and jurisdictions until 8:00 tonight under that heat advisory. that means the combination of temperatures and humidity levels will make it feel as high as 103, 105 degrees at times. air temperatures that as of noon, 91. 92 in fredericksburg. 92 in baltimore and at andrews. of course, it is what it feels like that is most important. already at noon. feels like 103 at reagan national
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98 in leesburg. those values will slowly creep up. -- aorecast this afternoon high somewhere around 95 or 96. it will feel warmer. there could be an isolated shower or thunderstorm as a possibility. satellite and radar shows showers and storms developing along the spine of the appellations. we think the majority will stay south of the metro area. we can keep our eyes open and fingers crossed that some parts of the areas might see a cooling shower later this afternoon. more to say about this, the weekend, and the beaches in just a few minutes. we turn now to the race for the white house because it is getting tighter. a new poll shows donald trump and kerry clinton are in a good heap. each got 40% from registered voters. one month ago, clinton held a successful point lead in the same poll. his les
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trump will choose as his running mate. suzanne kennedy has more. suzanne: we are rapidly working our way toward knowing the vice presidential picks for both candidates. tonight -- today may be decision day for donald trump. hillary clinton making several stops in the washington area. she will be here midday to speak at the league of united latin american citizens convention at the washington hilton. this afternoon, she will head to northern virginia community college for a campaign appearance with tim kaine, who is widely talked about at the top of her list of readiness. other candidates, senator elizabeth warren, labor secretary tom perez, and new jersey senator cory booker. donald trump is less than a day away from making his big announcement. his top two contenders had this to say about where things stand. gingrich: i spe
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time tomorrow mike and i will both get phone calls, and one of us will be packing our bags to go to new york, and the other will be watching it on tv. pence: nothing was offered, nothing except it, but we had a great conversation about the country, challenges facing america, and my firm believe donald trump will provide the kind of leadership america needs. suzanne: trump is expected to make his announcement tomorrow morning at 11:00 in the morning ahead of the republican convention. jummy: new developments in the world words between donald trump and supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. a short time ago ginsburg released a statement saying "my comments on trump were ill-advised and i regret making them. judges should avoid ."king comments trump has called on ginsburg to resign. closing arguments are taking place in the trial of the
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baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. lieutenant brian rice is charged with manslaughter. he is the highest ranking officer charged in gray's death. so far only one officer chose to have a jury trial. that ended in a mistrial. the other two officers were acquitted. meanwhile, today in the district, president obama will meet with her teenage son of the louisiana man shot and killed by police. died after being shot by police in baton rouge. 15 euros cameron sterling made a public plea for people to protest his father's shooting in a peaceful way. president obama will hold a national conversation on race during a town hall moderated by abc news. the discussion is happening in many ways. the biggest names in sports called for action at the sp awards as another funeral, this one for philando castile, takes
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hall location in the district. a: the casket made its way to st. paul, minnesota. in two days, he would have turned 32 years old. instead of a birthday party, his family remembers his life. to reynolds: you told him get his id, sir, his drivers license. lana: the shooting broadcast live on facebook was part of a galvanized -- galvanizing moment in america. >> it is time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves what are we doing. dwyane wade: the sheet to kill mentality has to stop, but also the retaliation has to stop. lana: also from the halls of congress. mr. scott: i ask you this -- recognize that because you do not feel the pain, the english of
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does not exist. lana: to the white house. >> we stand ready to make change. lana: stakeholders from police, to activists, the president of the united states, all pledging to do more. president obama: we have to, as a country, sit down and, just, grind it out. solve these problems. lana: the four-hour meeting produced a list of priorities, but the president cautions process -- progress on these issues will be frustratingly slow. the conversation continues right here on abc's town hall. reporting outside of the president's town hall, lana zak, abc news. jummy: two can watch the town hall tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. the mother police say kidnapped her six-week-old child yesterday was in court this morning. and amber alert was issued after she and the infant when
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missing. they will be that she will be back in court tomorrow to decide if she'll be extradited to fairfax. the uncle of a nine-year-old who was beaten to death after missing a piece of birthday cake will be used -- will learn it his testimony will be used against him. handcuffedice he garcia to a chair as punishment, leaving him alone with the mother's boyfriend, robert wilson, who beat the child. he says he should have been read his miranda rights before being questioned. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is trying to bring national media attention to her push to make the ca state. she is in new york for appearances on msnbc and cnn. the administration has been working to craft a new constitution for the so-called state of new columbia. if that is approved, the district
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>> my heart goes out to the family. i understand the brother was very upset. it is a very sad situation. jummy: tragedy strikes a local man as he is working on his car. now he is dead, and we have the details. plus, have you ever gotten road rage while behind the wheel -- a new study says it is more common than you think. the numbers that had a lot of people in our newsroom surprised. forget "pokemon go." a version for mothers, but it is not creatures you are trying to catch. --ie: a few trouble spots 395, headed northbound, kind to get toward the district, accident activity taking out the left lane. partially blocking the center lane. we have one lane getting by to the far left hand side. the backup starting at the springfield interchange. as far a
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miles per hour as you approach van dorn street, that is where we have accident activity in the shoulder. all lanes now open. we did have lanes blocked off. you can get by, but this is slowing you down right now. behind that, traffic is moving near eisenhower avenue. not terrible. we see traffic getting better now that they have moved everything over. 66 -- just a reminder, tonight westbound at route 15, around 9:00 p.m., single-lane closures go into place. at 10:00 p.m., all traffic will be toward on to route 15 exit r.
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hey man is now in custody after allegedly trying to take a picture of another writer's skirt. you see his cell phone out, allegedly snapping pictures of the woman in front of him. when confronted, she throws the phone in an attempt to break it. others came to came to the woman's eight. he is being held without bond. negative news about metro buses. a new report released overnight finds bus riders have a greater risk of witnessing security incidents. the new study says metro bus has the highest rate for security nine otherompared to cities including new york, chicago, and boston. now to the district were a man is dead of this noon after getting trapped under a vehicle. john gonzalez has the story. he was
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tinker with cars, and she said "he died doing what he loved, working on his car." this is where it happened right on kansas avenue. you see the lincoln with a tire missing. that is where this man was pinned. police say they jack he was using to lift the vehicle failed on him, and he was pinned underneath the car. police tell us he was last seen alive here at the home at 11:00 last night. was then discovered at around 5:00 this morning. it is unclear exactly when the car fell on top of him, but just a tragic situation all morning long. we have seen relatives, loved ones coming to the home, gathering here. we have seen some officers embracing these folks that are greeting today, trying to figure out exactly what happened -- to figureoday, trying out exactly what happened. >> he
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watching his back -- it was dark. i do not think anyone found him the morning. john: we heard his son sobbing, why would you let him work in the middle of the night -- we heard he was known as the neighborhood car guy, always working on his car. rage affects the majority of u.s. drivers according to a new study from aaa. nearly 80% of drivers have expressed significant anger or aggression behind the wheel in the past year. around 8 million have engaged in extreme road rage like confronting another driver or ramming another car. which might be a surprise to you, but, hey, you -- sometimes, even though it is hot outside, don't be hotheaded. doug: that is good advice. jummy: you know? doug: he stuck to get
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that is how it will be all day long -- uncomfortable, or had that potentially not healthy if you have no exposure to shade. , notve heat advisories that often, but certainly one today. let's tell you what you need to know. 91 at reagan national airport. the dewpoint temperatures, 76 degrees. that is very high for this part of the country this time of year in july, and the result is a heat index value, the way that it feels, much higher than that, 100 degrees at the moment. with this in mind, it was no surprise. that is why early this morning the national weather service issued a heat advisory for the areas shaded in orange -- the metro area, northern virginia, richmond, the eastern shore, delaware -- more intense heat and humidity now with an excessive heat warning in effect now for the delaware valley of pennsylvania. as far as what is going to happen this afternoon, we will see es
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slowly decline. in this situation, they are not constant -- they will modulate a little bit. at the moment, it feels like 103 here and in fredericksburg, but these numbers will change. the problem is they will not be going down. they will stay steady or go up a degree or two at times, maybe as high as 1054106 -- a combination of the heat and humid -- 105 or 106, and accommodation the heat and humidity makes it dangerous. partly cloudy, maybe an isolated thunderstorm later on. heat index values could get close to 105 again. a thundershower possible this afternoon. the best chance is south of town. we know that because we see them percolate in the hemisphere, but the motion will be like this. maybe one in the metro area. the better chances, if any survive, will be to the south of the metro area. some showers possible later this afternoon -- the next hour or two. to the south and southwest most
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hours, showers that will develop further west in west virginia could make their way eastward here. for this computer model, some northern areas could see showers and storms in the evening and night time hours. outside of that, it will remain warm and muggy. futurecast shows the pattern continuing through the afternoon tomorrow with showers and storms mainly through the south. i think most of the day will be dry, just very hot here. saturday, a different story. a better chance of showers and
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midsummer, mid july in washington. jummy: i mean, what can you expect? doug: not a lot better, i'm afraid. jummy: we'll stick with it. thank you. what seems to be the new daily segment, what not to do when playing "pokemon go." police in new york say a driver crashed into a tree. he told police he was playing the game when he became distracted. take a look at that car. i don't know if he caught on the game, but he will likely catch a ticket from police. the national park service will thet the ranger-led catch pokemon hunt. the event starts at 7:00 p.m. a new jersey woman has a "pokemon type of
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moms. it is called "chardonnay go." that seems like a lot of fun right there. coming up, why prince harry had himself tested for hiv and facebook, and it was not done for his own good. to break, someone in the new york department of transportation might want to use spell check. citydside has its misspelled. a transportation state spokesman said he was unaware of the sign, but would look into it.
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seven is on your side with health matters -- virginia will start testing mosquitoes for the zika virus. there are 30 reported cases in the commonwealth, all caps into international travel. no mosquitoes in the u.s. have tested positive for zika. prince harry took an hiv blood test live on facebook today. he wanted to show others how easy it is to be checked. the test was streamed live on the royal family this book page. the results came back negative. he is intending to attend the national aids conference next week in south africa. consumer reports is calling on the automaker tesla to disable the automatic steering function in the driver assist system. this took place after another crash involving the models while on -- model s while on
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consumer reports as it should be disabled until tesla updates to confirm that the driver's hands remain on the steering wheel at all times. flightsans to cut between the u.s. and the united kingdom due to brexit. the plunge in the price of the pound has led to the cheapest flight in years, and that is cut into u.s. airline revenues. the airline made a similar move when it caught flights to russia and brazil due to currency declines in those countries. after the break, a final look at the sizzling weather and while
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the remake of "ghostbusters" is out this week and there have been strong advance tickets as in the u.s.. however, if you live in china and were waiting to see the film, you will have to wait longer. they have denied the release of the film because of a ban in the country that prohibits movies that promote called or superstition. perhaps a good day to go to the movies. it is so hot outside. doug: a good call. heat and humidity -- a heat advisory in effect until 8:00 p.m. tonight for everyone shaded in orange. it will feel like 105 degrees. muggy tonight. maybe a few isolated tonight.
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