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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 15, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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president extending the state of emergency. he spoke overnight, around 3:00 in the morning in paris at the palace. what more -- we saw him speaking. what more did he have to say? >> reporter: well, he was speaking to a grieving nation, as you mentioned. it happened just a few hours ago. right in the middle of the night here in europe. he said it's an act that he had to perform on many occasions and he expressed the sorrow for the victims, for his country, and for the families of everyone involved in nice, and he also promised a swift response to finding all the culprits, and he also said there is tremendous resolve in france to tackle terrorism. terrorism that comes from abroad and also home grown. he said france is in tears but she will be stronger than the fanatics that wish to hurt her. he confirmed among the more than 84 dead, there are children, and
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emergency for three months. >> it seems to be consistency that this is a terror attack. >> the president said this is a terror attack. there has been no claim of responsibility as of yet. investigators will surely be looking at previous attacks in france and with that in mind, they'll be looking at isis who claimed responsibility for previous deadly terror attacks in france and also in neighboring belgium. >> that's jennifer eccleston live in london for it. >> coming up, the reaction to this latest act of violence here at home on the campaign trail. both donald trump and hillary clinton using the same word, war. how this might shake up the race. >> and america's current president sits down for the first of its kind town hall. the personal story that president obama shares from his own childhood next. for residents age 50 to 85. write down thi
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we're following breaking news out of southern france. at least 84 people confirmed dead in niece. a truck driving through a crowd of people in the coastal city of nice. the driver was finally killed by police after a shootout. >> the state of emergency in france put in place after november's attack in paris has been extended giving police wide ranging powers to hold potential suspects. the french government is convening an emergency defense council meeting this morning. isis and al qaeda have call for the attacks in the past. the search for who is responsible continues. and donald trump responded by saying this war. he said he would ask congress to declare war on isis, and he would make it harder for people to enter the country from what he calls terrorist areas.
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conference. he says any announcement right now would be inappropriate in the aftermath of that attack. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton is also weighing in telling cnn we're at war. she says with terrorists, but it's a different kind of war. clinton says more intelligence garthering is needed, not military force, and he said we need to focus on combatting the radicalization online. >> more throughout the morning, but other headlines. a wisconsin police officer who shot and killed a teenager will not face charges. the police officer happened to be in the school parking lot. he warned the teen to drop his gun, but instead police say the teenager pointed the gun at the officer. >> and gun violence and race at the focus of a town hall with president obama. >> it played out against a backdrop of another day of funerals.
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another for a man who died at the hands of an officer. >> reporter: president obama recalled his own childhood as he discussed race and policing at a town hall hosted by abc news. >> walking into the elevator, and there was a woman who i thought knew me, and as soon as i walked on, and she lived on my grandparents' floor. when i walked on, she got off. >> a difficult discussion taking place in communities across america. >> the fight does not stop here. it starts here. and it's going to keep going. >> as two more souls were laid to rest. dallas police buried one of their own, sergeant michael smith. >> we don't feel the support that we so desperately need. and, yet, we sacrifice. >> while in st. paul,
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philando castile's casket. on the issues of race, policing and guns. >> you told him to get his i.d. and his driver's license. >> reporter: amid the anger that followed the death and the death of alton sterling in louisiana, five police officers including sergeant smith, were gunned down in the streets of dallas. and those conversations weren't just limited to inside the town hall. we also heard them taking place right here on the streets, organically, strangers discussing the difficult issues as this conversation has really echoed throughout america. >> all right. there was some controversial moments that came out in the town hall as well. chief among them was the texas lieutenant governor coming out and saying that while the president kept saying that he supports law enforcement, he said that police officers in their hearts, don't know that and don't feel support from the president. >> and the president also during the town hall kept warning of the growi
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place in this country between police and minorities. and it really is something that is still there, and the events to the last week didn't help matters at all. >> and they addressed several things. he thinks that law enforcement can do to try to better this. getting out in your communities and getting to know the people you're policing better. >> that's something the dallas police department has been doing for years. >> that's the thing. he said it can't all be about the police. this is something communities need to come together. >> and the president as a former community leader would know in a. >> you watch the town hall and the reactions to it both inside the room and on social media from people watching it, and it's clear how complicated an issue this is. and, yet, how passionate people are about it. >> well, coming up, it's shaping up to be another busy weekend at the box office. >> we're checking out two highly anticipated releases next. you're watching "world news now."
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i walked into a box balloon. tune it in. >> a salon. >> that's how they met. >> time now for insomniac theater. we're checking out two movies that opened up this weekend. >> we'll start with "cafe society". jesse eisenberg plays a bronx boy who falls in love, gets his heart broken, moves back to new york and gets swept up in the elite world of high society life. >> i'm seeing someone. >> huh? what's he like? >> doug is a journalist.
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i just thought since you had so much free time on your hands -- >> he travels a lot. and i really like spending my time with you. i hope that's okay. you know, you're very sweet. have you heard that before? you have this deer in the headlights quality. >> thank you. >> woody allen's trademark, wet and romantic sentiment scored this movie a 80% on rotten tomatoes. allen creates a ravishing romance shot through with humor and heart break, and rex reed describes it as romantic, bittersweet and funny as hell. you go away gobs maced and beaming and happy to be both. >> haven't heard that word in a while or let alone in a movie review. >> a full 32 years after the original ghost busters, the dict
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perspective featuring some of the funniest women in hollywood. >> step up to bat and do what you're going to do. >> you truly scare me. i want to let you know that. >> i'm going to just -- >> oh, come on. >> it's like mardi gras in there. >> despite being bashed by amateur critics, it's already scored a certified fresh 75% on rotten tomatoes. still, the real critics are mixed. >> okay. kerry darling says it's akin to many of the snl sketches that come on after weekend update. too long time filler skits that seem to be scrawled on the back of a pizza box five minutes before air time. but another one, girl power and ghoul power, a winning combination. >> i see where you're going there, genius
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k-y touch. this morning security forces on alert in france. dozens of people killed when the driver of a truck mowed down crowds of people in nice. they were celebrating a french national holiday. >> there are breaking details about what's been found at the scene. >> for the latest, jennifer eccleston is live for us. >> a day of celebration turned into carnage. france the victim of another major terror attack. this time in nice. at least 84 people confirmed to have died after a large white truck ran down helpless individuals along
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promenade des anglais. it was packed with hundreds of people, locals and tourists, there to watch a fireworks display. eyewitnesss describe horror. targeting those that were simply walking away from the celebration. sen french officials say the driver fired at people. he was only stopped after being shot through the windshield. police say he was carrying weapons. they are in the process of identifying him. we are learning that he is a 31-year-old dual french tunisian national from nice with a history of petty crime. the french president spoke to his grieving nation a few hours, an act he's had to perform on many occasions. he expressed his sorrow and resolve to tackle terrorism abroad and home grown in france. >> jennifer joining us there from london with the latest.
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>> and, of course, there are so many questions still outlying this in addition to the gun he was obviously holding and the truck itself. that truck, officials say, in france, was filled with weapons and so the big question is, of course, who is responsible, because we haven't had a group claim responsibility, but also did the driver have help in planning it? >> if he is a lone wolf, this would be the single deadliest attack by one person ever. the single deadliest terror attack by one person. france has been under attack as jennifer was alluding to. this is the fifth attack since january of last year there. >> it's too frequently we're reporting those stories. that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," another deadly terror attack in france. >> at least 80 people dead. many more severely injured after a truck ran over a large crowd of people who were celebrated the national day. images of the horrific scene sending shock waves around the world this morning as the investigation begins. >> officials are now trying to determine who is responsible for the attack. our counterterrorism expert is live with insight on the latest details. >> back at home, extreme weather making its way across the country. high winds taking the roof of that building. tens of thousands waking up without power on this friday, july 15th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we say good morning to everyone. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane


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