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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  July 16, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits. 2020 mars kimberly: nasa's new technical have capabilities that will allow it to record sounds from the red planet. including ones, that can make 3-d maps. rover is expected to land on mars
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chance to name the new rover. it is pretty cool. josh: i need something like that on my phone. need to heardon't from the angry scientist. it is really cool. josh: we are back in two the 90's sunday. tomorrow will be right around 92. a lot of sunshine. if you are going to the nats game, have the shades and plenty of sunscreen no matter what you are doing tomorrow. hotter on monday, a few thunderstorms late in the day. stick around tuesday. kimberly: sounds awesome, on wednesday
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as the republican party prepares for its close-up, it could be the most
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donald trump completed his ticket with indiana governor mike pence. protesters will be outside. and inside, some would like to stop trump from claiming the nomination at all. marci gonzalez counts down to cleveland. marci: celebratory homecoming for indiana governor mike pence. >> today in new york city, i accepted donald trump's invitation to run and serve as vice president of the united states of america. marci: pence by donald trump side earlier as he announced his running mate, insisting he never wavered in his decision. penceiana governor mike was my first choice. one ofthink you look at the big reasons why i chose mike , and one of the reasons his
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honest. as 50,000ajor focus people travel to cleveland for the republican national convention. >> once and for all, the possibility there could be an anti-trump rebellion at the convention. the conventionof hall, peaceful protests already blocking streets. demonstrators promising a much larger showing when the convention begins. >> we expect thousands of people from around the country to be coming here to express their anger. marci: the police say they are prepared with barricades and fences and thousands of officers, many from out of state, ready for any potential problems. in cleveland, marci gonzalez, abc 7 news. chief political correspondent is heading to cleveland for the rnc. his live reports begin monday at 4:00. covering metro, this week we got our first in
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many problems had been found on the rails. the data from the federal transit administration is troubling. 1,124 had been a total of ,112 defects noted on the system and hundreds of the issue still need to be addressed. jay: the federal transit administration took over safety oversight of metro in october 2015. they have conducted over 200 inspections resulting in more than 1100 defects found. the fta said hundreds of the defects have not been fixed. is defined as a violation of metro zone safety standards. they range in seriousness, but some problems according to an official could have led to a derailment if not quickly read amid heat. remedied.quickly they metro spokesperson said any safety issues were addressed immediately. they include defective rail ties,
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and various safety concerns relating to worker safety and the movement of trains. >> it makes me feel better they are taking steps to address it. i'm surprised it has taken it this long. jay: the federal inspectors discovered more than 100 issues during the first two recent stages of safe track, the long its program to improve safety and reliability within the transit system. times since it 15 october, metro employees refuse to allow federal inspectors to enter a train or the operation center to conduct an inspection. after informing metro's general manager of this problem, that issue has been resolved. jay korff, abc 7 news. prince george's more than $140,000 were awarded this week to various groups as part of its transforming neighborhoods initiative. as brad bell tells us, leaders hope this will restore faith in neighborhoods. brad:
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county executive baker, it is impossible to ignore. >> this is been a very hard week and a half. brad: at a press conference to announce grants for community-based nonprofits, he speaks of racial tension in protests across the nation, and of hope and change starting in neighborhoods. having ais about protest. a protest about what we want to say about ourselves as a county and what we want to say about ourselves as a state. and today we say we are changing. brad: changing with grants of each too $19,000 organizations like 100 black men of prince or just county, and a group that plans to spend cash to help 100 young people become tech savvy. >> we will connect them to the internet at home. we will take them through a nine-week coding
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they can create technologyhey are using on a daily basis. brad: other groups will set up afterschool study halls and battle childhood obesity. >> the talent is here in the county. we have to give the kids the opportunity. brad: it is about restoring faith in neighborhoods where now there is only doubt. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc 7 news. therter: coming up -- department of defense wants to install a device in arlington county that would detect that explosion, but they don't what you to know where it's located. will be cooler tonight, but don't let that full you. back in the 90's tomorrow.
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kimberly: you may soon walk by a device that is able to sense explosions and you will not know it. toington county will vote install the equipment on county land. cheryl: there is a mother pushing a stroller, a woman walking her dog, and a young man checking his phone. looks like a normal day in arlington county. could change in a flash, and the department of defense wants to be better prepared. >> if they have any technology that can help prevent another catastrophic event like 9/11, i'm all for it. cheryl: w
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land to gobive county detect an explosion. the equipment would help the federal government know who was responsible and how to respond. we have not heard back from dod, so we went to the potomac institute of policy studies, which looks at national security. chemical orof these explosive detectors around the county, and you get more than one or two hits, you know the direction that the bad weapon or the chemical is going. cheryl: new york city has similar devices. the county says only one device will be placed in arlington if approved. the department of defense has requested the public not know the type of equipment or where it's located. the dod wants an exemption to limit who knows where it's located. >>
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many cases. the county is scheduled to vote on the proposal next tuesday. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kimberly: a billboard in frederick has come down. parents complained about the message that addiction is preventable, parenting is prevention. parent started a petition sing the billboard did not recognize addiction as a disease. it county health department apologized and remove the billboard. this little dog is a survivor, but it is his voice that's getting the attention. [howling] pup singing his way into everyone's hearts. and the weather forecast.
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kimberly: he is a tiny dog with a big voice and incredible story. the survivor is forever home, too. jay korff introduces us to magic mike and the family that's helping him. >> we are about to go for a walk and role. jay: his name is simple. >> t
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a wheelchair that provides mobility for dogs with the rear leg paralysis. jay: it's mike. >> come on, come on, boy. but when sarah murphy started fostering him a couple months ago, this four-year-old corgi beagle mix took on a persona that defines his resiliency, spunky this come and love of life. >> this is magic mike. jay: a good samaritan found magic mike on a west virginia roadside, the victim of a hit and run. >> he was basically left four dead. saved magicd trails mike and transported him to the d.c. area, where he is slowly improving. >> he is just the nicest guy and playful and musical. he enjoys music and he likes to participate. [howling] jay: murphy sings in a band. during a rehearsal, magic mike joined her drummer in song. >>
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and sing along with the rest of us. jay: we put magic mike to the test to see if you would sing on short notice. we called him over to the stereo equipment. and just like that -- [howling] jay: he joined in. yodel/howl reminds us that even if you are broken, there is a song inside of you. and there is a place for you. jay korff, abc 7 news. kimberly: we should note that magic mike is improving through basic rehabbed. they are hoping whoever adopts him can provide him a long-term location so one day he can possibly walk on all four legs. he is getting around amazingly well. josh: it's amazing how adaptive animals, people -- you find a way to make it work. kimberly:
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good job, jay. the weather, tomorrow money? josh: it's beautiful. a little foggy starting off, but then we warm up stop today's high was 93 degrees in d.c., 91 manassas. it will be similar tomorrow. but it's july, this is kind of what we expect around the d.c. area. 89 hagerstown. that is where the storms popped up first. w, went from 93 to 73 no feeling better. the only problem, along with the cooler temperatures, we also still have i high dew point -- we still have a high dew point, so there's still a lot of moisture in the air. you have the steamy air still with us. the cloud cover still hanging around, but that will clear out. thhi
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clear skies most of kentucky, even most of west virginia. those will be taking over into tomorrow morning. the rain today, there is the cold front. tomorrow morning that will be sitting basically on the other side of d.c. the problem is a does not really go much further from there. it never really allows the dry air, the low humidity air to move our way. we will have more sunshine. the skies will stay clear. the high pressure will do that favor for us. we still bring in humidity. monday, the front dissipates. we start off with sunshine. the second cold front will head our way. the good news is, that pushes through. before it does come a chance of rain monday afternoon. there we are, 4:00, still hot. tuesday morning, we hang onto the chance of rain before the front drops through. once it does, the air behind that will feel really nice.
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for stop than i, 67 to 74, partly cloudy and mild. fault will likely develop in the morning because of the moisture in the air. will likely develop in the morning because of the moisture in the air. a breeze out of the west from five to 10, into the 90's. into the 90's again monday, thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon. of thosehose -- some hang on into tuesday morning with a front nearby, but we are looking much better wednesday with the high pressure at 86 degrees. 90 thursday, the humidity in check. muggyck into the weekend, and hot. the middle of the week is what we are shooting for. tomorrow is ok if you are near the pool or the water. -- they: coming up next pokémon problem. some people
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kimberly: millions of people are into the world of pokémon go. the app has exploded in popularity. but some players are wandering around in disrespect of memorials and other monumen on the national mall. mike: using the wildly popular augmented reality app pokémo
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the national mall. but there is concern pokémon characters and other game features can be found that many sensitive sites, including the world war ii, korean, and vietnam war memorials. >> kids will play at here. i think it's wrong. >> as a player, i think it's very important that you should be aware of where you are. mike: the national parks service is encouraging people to visit the mall, but also to respect the memorials. >> we would like them to remain solomon contemplative. mike: there are similar concerns about arlington national cemetery and other sites across the country, including the 9/11 memorial in new york. >> use common sense. don't do it around those areas. be aware of your ceramics. mike: -- be aware of your surroundings. one player found six characters inside the holocaust museum.
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extremely inappropriate. we are attempting to have the museum removed from the game. mike carter-conneen, abc 7 news. museumy: the holocaust encourages visitors to use their phones and engage in share content. a spokesperson says the game definitely falls far outside the museum's mission. the remake of the film "ghostbusters" is now in theaters. sales have been strong in the u.s. fandango says it is the most anticipated comedy of the summer. in china, they are waiting to see the film but we'll have to wait longer. china has denied the release of the picture. they say because of a role in the country that prohibits movies that "promote cults or
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