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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 18, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, dramatic new video captures the shoot-out in baton rouge that left police officers dead and more injured. we're live with the latest on the officers, the gunman and the multistate investigation. the republican national convention kicking off hours from now donald trump hoping to rally the party together. plus trump and his running mate gave their first interview together since the big announce. see what happens when eight tires blow out on a passenger plane with nearly 300 people on board. extreme weather. severe storms overnight spawning tornadoes and the dangerous heat settling in.
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everyone. a multistate investigation is under way right now into the latest deadly violence targeting police officers as we learn more about those killed. >> montrell jackson was 32 years old a member of the baton rouge police department for a decade. 41-year-old matthew gerald was with the department for less than a year and brad garafola was 45. he had been with the east baton rouge sheriff's office for 24 years. >> police say the lone gunman was gavin long of kansas city, missouri. the sound of gunfire during yesterday's morning's confrontation. >> for more let's go to chauncy glover in baton rouge for us. good morning, chauncy. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis. this is where it all started right here at this bequick gas station and authorities are telling us investigators are thoroughly going through the suspected shooter's e-mails, his computer as well as his social
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but still this morning, there is no motive. [ sirens ] police targeted again. >> one subject all black carrying an ar. >> reporter: officers in baton rouge responding to reports of a gunman dressed in black were suddenly under fire. >> shots fired. officer down. shots fired. officer down. i've got a city officer down. shots fired. >> reporter: walking right into the line of fire. >> i'm hit. by the car wash. >> i've got two down back. deputy down. >> trying to leave the scene he was running but had an assault rifle in his hand. >> reporter: reinforcements arrive. and a fierce gunfight broke out. >> officers engaged the subject at that particular time and he ultimately died at the scene. >> reporter: three officers, brad garafola, montrell jackson and matthew gerald were all killed while three others were injured. abc newsas
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gunman had two firearms, ar type rifle and semiautomatic pistol. 29-year-old gavin long, african-american military veteran who served five years in the marines including tours in japan and iraq. >> we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement. >> reporter: this comes as baton rouge is still reeling from the killing of alton sterling, who was shot and killed during a struggle with police nearly two weeks ago setting off nationwide protests. now, those three wounded officers i'm told are still in the hospital recovering this morning, back here in baton rouge, the family of alton sterling as well as local protesters are asking for a day of peace so the city can mourn those slain officers. chauncy glover, baton rouge, abc news. >> let's hope they get more than just a day of peace. that's chauncy glover live for
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chauncy, thank you. part of the investigation into the suspected gunman is focusing on his extensive social media presence. in fact, there's one youtube video in particular that is getting some attention. >> this it he addresses how to respond to the killing of black men by police officers including the death of alton sterling in baton rouge. he argues for a bloody response instead of protests. claiming that fighting back is the only way to get a bully to quit. >> the baton rouge shooting has police on high alert in cleveland where the republican national convention kicks off this afternoon. >> that's right, thousands of officers on duty to keep the peace but ohio's open carry law could make that more complicated as citizens are allowed to have firearms in a public space without a permit. the quicken loans arena, this drone footage showing us where the action is set to take place and stephanie ramos is there with a preview of the convention where donald trump is just days away from accepting the republican nomination. good morning, stephanie.
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>> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning. each night this week we'll have a theme but the big one is the case against hillary clinton, everything will be on the table. as for clinton she's also in the buckeye state holding events of her own as the gop unites right here in cleveland. it's game time for the republican national convention as the stage is set in cleveland. >> mr. trump loves it. mrs. trump loves it even more. >> reporter: and the love continues to grow between donald trump and his running mate, mike pence. both trump and pence sitting down for their first joint interview as the gop ticket on "60 minutes." >> he is not intimidated by the world and donald trump, this good man, i believe, will be a great president of the united states. >> i love what he just said. >> reporter: as the two try to show off a bromance they still have big differences, for one pence has called negative campaigning wrong. >> what do you think about your running mate's campaign and the tone and the negativity of it? >> i think this is a good man who's been talking about the issues that
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>> what about the negative side? he apologized for being a negative -- >> we're different people. >> reporter: the trump campaign says this week will be about helping the american people understand more about donald trump. >> his career, his personal life. his philanthropic life. >> reporter: each night has a theme and 26 speakers will take the mike includining melania an actor scott baio prepared to take the case against both clintons. anti-trump protesters already marching through cleveland, hundreds of agencies and officers from around the country in place. >> we planned for anything and everything that could happen. >> reporter: police say they don't want to arrest a large number of people but they have a plan. they have the space ready to go if it happens. kendis, diane. >> all right, that's stephanie ramos live in cleveland. stephanie, thank you. abc news will cover
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p.m. eastern, 9:00 central every night and check out abc news digital for a livestream of that action from cleveland. let's move on to the severe weather with dangerous storms on the move right now. the national weather service posted tornado warnings in three states overnight. colorado, michigan and illinois. this video taken just west of chicago showing a large twister touching down. there are reports of some minor damage. and the dangerous heat is settling in. heat indexes across the heartland today, more than 100 in oklahoma city and st. louis. later this week that heat moves north as well as east where it will feel like more than 100 degrees as well there. still ahead a candlelight vigil for two americans killed in nice as we learn about a third american killed in that attack. one of the slain officers in baton rouge and his recent facebook post about peace. there were some terrifying moments on board a passenger plane when the jet blew eight tires while
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turkish officials are working to rid their country of what they call a virus. at least 6,000 people have been arrested suspected of taking part in the failed coup attempt last friday. funerals for many of the nearly 300 people killed were held yesterday. turkey is demanding the u.s. extradite a cleric that lives in pennsylvania saying he was behind it. the u.s. says they want to see some evidence first. the americans killed in a terror attack in france are being remembered. more than 100 people attended a service for sean copeland and brodie. the rest of the famil
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sent a message saying they continue to feel the love and support from all and it helps to ease our shattered hearts. meanwhile, the identity of a third american victim has now been confirmed. nicolas leslie was a juno at the university of california-berkeley in a summer program in nice. three other berkeley students were also injured in the attack. he is the second student killed in an attack this summer. a student was killed in a bangladesh cafe and a vigil is planned today. a third person has been taken into custody in connection with that attack. the 37-year-old man was said to be part of the attacker's entourage according to officials. mounting evidence that the attacker had become radicalized in the days before he drove his truck down that crowded promenade. quite a few tense moments for hundreds of passengers on board a hawaiian airlines jet. eight tires blew out when the aircraft made an emergency landing at the airport in tokyo. the giant airbus heading for honolulu and forced to return t
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japan when a displacated a problem with the hydraulic fluid. nobody was hurt but the plane was stuck on the tarmac for several hours as all those tires were finally changed. and the "ghostbusters" got slimed by pets, the "the secret life of pets" was again tops at the box office this weekend. despite the debut of the all-female reboot. the computer animated film had a huge opening last weekend. while this time "pets" took in more than $50 million, "ghostbusters" was behind with $46 million, third was "the legend of tarzan" with 11 million. when we come back the dramatic rescue at sea. watch what happens when a whale pretty much asks for help. going viral a young baseball fan and his waves of emotions during an 18-inning game. (whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack.
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boston. well, the area around a convenience tore in baton rouge, louisiana, has been re-opened to the public even as investigators continue to look for a motive behind a deadly attack against police there. they say the 29-year-old former marine had an assault-style rifle and a semiautomatic pistol when he opened fire on officers killing three of them. >> officials have been going through the gunman's home in kansas city, missouri and also have access to his cell phone. and one of those killed, montrell jackson, seen here posted an emotional message on facebook just days ago in the aftermath of the death of alton sterling. jackson said, in uniform he gets nasty hateful looks while out of uniform some consider him a threat. he said baton rouge must and will get better adding, please don't let hate infect your heart. a massive manhunt is under way this morning for a suspected killer. the nationwide alert went out as police continue to search for 22-year-old dayonte resiles who authorities say is armed and dangerous. four people including 17-year-old twin brothers a
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from a ft. lauderdale courthouse friday. he jumped into a getaway car after running out of the courthouse and hasn't been seen since. one big question, how he got out of his shackles and handcuffs. a hostage situation inside a baltimore burger king ended peacefully and now an armed rape suspect is in custody. police say the man who was not identified held four people for more than five hours inside the fast food restaurant. one of the hostages was even a 7-year-old girl. the suspect surrendered around 5:00 sunday afternoon. charges are now pending. russia could get booted from the upcoming summer olympicss in rio next month, the world anti-doping agency is releasing its report on allegations of state sponsored doping by russian athletes during the 2014 game in sochi. anti-doping officials are expected to request that the entire russian team be barred from this year's games. all right now for some sports highlits
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two for the price of one affair in washington. >> with an explanation of that our friends at espn. >> good morning, america. welcome into "sportscenter." i'm lisa kerney. he is kevin connors. >> we talked about how the final group in the open championship took less time to finish their round than the pirates and nationals took to finish their game on sunday. they played just one game but it was 18 innings, the length of two. bottom of the ninth, the pinch hitter daniel murphy. 1-0, game no longer that ties things at 1. bryce harper calls him the mvp of the national league. top of the 18th inning, game still tied at 1. starling marte off oliver perez and the nationals fans who hung around for 18 innings got to see that the pirates walk away with a 2-1 win. range ers and cubbies. cole hamel
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he continues that dominance sunday. striking out the first six batters he faced. goes eight innings, 7 ks giving up one earned and rangers win it 4-1. his fastball, cutter, change-up, everything was working for hamels on sunday. monday night baseball, it's mets and cubs on espn. enjoy your monday. for lisa kerney, i'm kevin connors. >> that game is actually still going right now. apparently you don't need a score card to see how this one young fan's team is doing. the pittsburgh pirates partisan disappointed when washington tied in the ninth. he rises and he falls as his beloved bucs appear about to score but don't. >> no deal. >> by the 18th inning, he's just about had it. so much so that he nearly missed marte's home run. >> is that right? >> which put the pirates ahead but then. now, that lead held up, of
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washington were able to celebrate because they did win the game but i mean and the game was tied 1-1. it wasn't like it was a hi high-scoring game so people were more entertained watching the kid's reaction than watching the game. >> it's because of his bright shirt that the camera crews initially pointed out this kid and then little did they know he'd ride this wave of emotions throughout that 1-1 stunner in d.c. >> i like where he's playing with his water bottle. just completely had enough of the game until they score. all right. well still ahead, you2 front man bono talking about being rescued by terror police, anti-terror police during the aack in nice. the new captain of the millennium falcon. see who the actor is who will play a young han solo. i accept i'm not 22 i accept i do a shorter set these days. i even accept i have
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liftoff of the falcon 9. >> some new equipment is on its way to the international space station. spacex not only successfully launched the payload early this morning, it also brought the first stage rocket base back to cape canaveral for a soft landing which means it can be used again. >> absolutely amazing watching that. this morning we're hearing one celebrity's harrowing tale of escape from last week's terror attack in france. >> u2's bono was at a cafe in nice when that truck was driven into a crowd. he and others were just terrified and ordered to hide. eventually they were rescued by anti-terror police. since the attack bono posted a twitter picture and captioned it love is bigger than anything in its way. guess what, "star wars" fans, han solo is not dead. he's just gotten younger. this guy,
4:24 am
that started in "hail, caesar!" is the new man to play the young version of the smuggler who becomes a leader in the rebel alliance. the 26-year-old will star in the untitled film from our parent company disney that centers on han's early years. he described the audition process as amazing. saying he never screen tested with a wookie. >> we'll see who plays chewy. whales are known for being intelligent. here's a whale that seems to actually ask for help. this is in australia. a humpback tangled in fishing rope and starts nudging them. one jumps in the water. gets the rope off the whale and the whale swim as way. and that's pretty amazing. that the whale was able to know that it needed help. >> whales apparently have special neurons that as far as we know only humans also have. so especially when it comes to emotional intelligence they have a lot more than you might imagine. >> still searching for the whale
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18th, and the day should start off nice but humidity as well as showers may make an appearance. i'm jummy olabanji. larry smith has the day off. and i'm autria godfrey. toss to eileen today: hot and breezy. pm storms possible. some strong over western md. highs: 94-97 feels: 98-100 winds: sw 5-15 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. isolated shower. lows: 70-76 winds: w 5 mph tuesday: partly sunny becoming mostly sunny late. slight chance of storms, mainly sw. highs: 89-93 winds: nw 5 mph good morning on this monday. very light volume
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monday. very light volume to begin without too much to worry about on the roads. no major delays or areas that are causing issues. we do have overnight road work on i-95 in maryland. heads up traveling between the capitol beltway and powder mill road. no full closures but we do have 2 lanes being taken out. we'll take about our trip in i-95 in virginia coming up in the next ten minutes.
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racial tensions are intensifying.. after another deadly sniper attack on police officers. three law enforcement officers in baton rouge, louisiana were shot and killed yesterday. three others were wounded,one critically. the gunman, 29-year-old gavin long, was killed at the scene. he was a black man from kansas city, and a former marine. no word yet on his motive, but police say it appeared to be a well-planned ambush. police are still investigating whether he had accomplices. two persons of interest who were detained have been released. source: batonrougeshootin gsunpkg5 here at home breaking news in hillcrest heights. u.s. park police are investigating an accident that injured a pedestrian. it happened around midnight on suitland parkway.. near naylor road.. right near the d.c.-maryland border. the pedestrian was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.
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a possible drowning... and an underage drinking party. now, police in montgomery county have two active investigations... after a young man was found unresponsive in a pool. detectives say it all happened overnight in the 58-hundred block of winegrove court in derwood. roz plater has the latest on the investigation. a judge is expected to announce the
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in the fourth trial of a baltimore police officer accused in freddie gray's death. lieutenant brian rice is the highest ranking officer charged in the case. closing arguments happened friday. prosecutors say rice should have ensured gray was belted into the back of a police van. the defense says rice protected himself and his officers. it's xx and we're just getting started. yet another police involved shooting -- this time in baton rouge -- where


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