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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  July 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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alison: leon: within the first few hours, chaos in cleveland at the republican national convention. protesters within the party try to force a state-by-state roll call to allow them to stand up and vote against donald
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convention,o the donald trump's motorcade was involved in a minor accident. nobody was hurt. and celebrities like scott bao and others spoke in support of trump. alison: the biggest bigger of wife,ght, trump's introduced by donald trump himself. her goal tonight, to give people a glimpse of their personal life. leon: jay korff has the eventual day in cleveland. jay: it has been dramatic. the theme of the first night, making america safe again, focusing on immigration, crime, and terrorism. first, we go to the video that just occurred moments ago, within the last 15, 20 minutes. donald trump emerged to introduce his wife, who spoke about his determination and never-give-up attitude that wi
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>> if you want someone to fight for you in your country, iyer sure you he is the guy -- i assure you, he is the guy. he will never, ever give up. and most importantly, he will never, ever let you down. the festive mood on day one of the republican national convention in cleveland turned dramatic monday night when some delegates voiced their deep displeasure in a donald trump candidacy. delegates try to set things in motion to change the rules that delegates would not have to vote for trump. the attempt failed. the first night's focus was make america safe again, looking at security, safety, supporting the military, and criticizing democratic foe hillary clinton. speakers included a
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wide range of politicians, former military leaders, and celebrities. >> if you are a service man fighting overseas or a cop who is risking their lives to help keep us safe at home, donald trump will have your back. jay: pat smith, an outspoken hillary clinton critic, blames clinton for the death of her son, sean, killed during the benghazi attack. >> if hillary clinton cannot give us the truth, why should we give her the presidency? jay: and new york city mayor rudy giuliani who calls trump a good man. he talked about race. is not happened to there black america, there is no white america, there is just america? what happened to it? willtuesday, the economy be on the top of the conversation with house speaker paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, and two of donald trump's children addressing the convention. jay
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7 will offer throughout thege convention. watch all of the events live on our website as well, and each night at 7:00 on news channel 8, a live special with analysis from all sides. fast-moving storms rolled through impact a real punch. we had several down trees come instances of minor damage through the region, but no reports of injuries. are we in the clear for the morning commute? steve rudin has the outlook. steve: we are in the clear for the morning commute, a few showers south of fredericksburg, across the southern tip of southern maryland, not amounting to a lot. inside the capital beltway and around it will stay dry overnight, but warm and humid. tomorrow we will be hot, but not quite as humid as today. if you had planned to head to the citi open, 10:00 a.m., 84 degrees.
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feels-like temperature's a couple degrees hotter. we will talk about a brief cooldown for one day and a huge warm-up for the weekend. details in a few minutes. meantime, a huge mess here, no injuries, but quite the scene at a house collapse in northwest along night straight. parts of the building came crashing down. neighbors had to be evacuated temporarily but are back home tonight. >> the wind gust came along and heard this crack and half the house. leon: a building inspector is on the scene investigating what happened. alison: this just into the newsroom -- chaos on the umt campus as the police used pepper spray on students at a graduation party. at body our first look camera footage of the incident. the police chief has said he is embarrassed at how officers reacted,
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been suspended. richard reeve has the footage we have tonight. richard? the firsteah, this is time this video has been publicly seen. it dates back to may 21. officers thought they were responding to a report of a fight. but look at what happens next. [pounding on door] video shows the police arriving, responding to the call of a fight, possibly involving a baseball bat. >> we heard a report of a baseball bat? >> that's not true. richard: turns out that was a false call me to 911. that was made by people turned away from the party. the situation quickly escalated. >> no, i live here, too! richard: the officers enter a hallway and order the grads out. [commotion] richard: then shouting as pepper spray is dispersed
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>> walk away, we have ambulances coming for anybody who was sprayed. richard: the video goes on for 23 minutes. the police chief said officers should have moved along after finding a peaceful party. instead, they ordered everybody out. that and the use of pepper spray, he says, was wrong. byi'm terribly embarrassed the actions of our officers. the officer who got involved in the confrontation at the doorway has been suspended for two weeks without pay. the chief says his departmental officers should have used come andis words, more diplomacy he is also calling for a review of the department's use of force policies. live in college park, richard reeve, abc 7 news. fairfax man overwhelmed by the support shown for his son by a freak accid
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city. conor golden has undergone three operations that amputated his left leg below the knee. he was in central park with friends when he jumped on a bag of what the police they were homemade explosions. he said he would never forget the moment that the surgeon told him equitation was necessary. >> at that point, connor said, that's ok. just don't take my hands. leon: a music major, golden recently finished his freshman year in college. believe that some of the experimenting with explosives left them in the park. there have been no arrests. alison: news across the world, a teenager wielding and ask attacked several people on a train in germany -- wielding an axe. three double or seriously hurt, about a dozen are being treated for shock. the attke
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the motive right now is not known. and turkey's president will not rule out the death penalty for thousands of people after a violent military coup failed on friday. 6000 people are in custody for what the president is calling a e of treason. he believes that a muslim cleric is behind the attempt to overthrow him. the cleric is on self-imposed exile in the u.s. turkey's president said he will ask to have him extradited. leon: another not guilty verdict in the death of freddie gray. the highest-ranking officer to face charges today was cleared of each one. gray died last year after suffering a fatal spinal injury in the back of a police transport van. three more officers are set to go on trial. the next trial is july 27. alison: new developments in what is being called the targeted assassination of three police officers. jonathan elias is live
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newsroom with new images of yesterday's ambush in baton rouge, louisiana. thethan: the pictures of story, horrible, the images coming from several security cameras. they show the killer, gavin long, call me and methodically aiming at officers. what an officer was down, he went back and killed him. took the lives of three officers. the ambush took place around several buildings in a busy intersection. a swat officer finally shot and killed him from 100 yards away. >> there is no doubt whatsoever that these officers intentionally were targeted and assassinated. against calculated act those who work to protect this community every single day. jonathan: the gun man, a retired marine. investigators are looking into his links possibly with black separatist groups. an officer was shot in the head and remains in critical condition.
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families of each of the fallen officers. he has also ordered flags to half staff through the end of the week. jonathan elias. back to you. leon: hillary clinton that tragedy at the naacp conference today. she condemned the deaths of officers in dallas and baton rouge. criminalcalled for justice reforms that will make everyone, including the police, safer. >> watching the news from baton rouge yesterday, my heart broke. officers andthose their grieving families, but for all of us. clinton has several events scheduled throughout the republican convention. she is expected to announce her running mate on friday. still ahead -- a new label coming for beer. how it will tally your calories. alison:
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of d.c.'s newest museum. the national museum of african american history and culture.
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leon: 7 on your side with health matters. your favorite era may soon be getting a makeover at least on the outside. nutrition labels will be added to bottles and cans of beer. molson-cores, and heineken and others getting on board. while calories, carbs, and portion size. the change will start in 2020. alison: it does not open until september, but tonight we got an advanced look at the national museum of african american history and culture. tim barber went on the tour. the artifacts take on new meaning in light of recent events. tim: outside, the museum looks like art. inside looks like a history book. not just african-americans but all americans. >>
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all. tim: the story starts 90 feet below the ground. slavery and segregation. there are nearly 40,000 artifacts in the 100,000 square-foot museum, some small, not so small. trainower here and this had to be lowered into the museum and placed here before they put on the roof. chuck berry's cadillac and this airplane used by the tuskegee airmen are still covered in plastic. the're getting ready for september grand opening, which will be attended by president barack obama, who was also in the museum. u.s. and just told as the floors, celebrating african-american sports figures, politicians, and entertainers. the story is not over. >> black lives matter! tim: sometimes, they s
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it also has brought us our greatest moments. and a small way can contribute to understanding and reconciliation. then we have done our job. tim: tim barber, abc 7 news. at a ceremony nearly five decades in the making, today president obama presented the medal of honor to charles kettles. he received the military's highest honor for his actions during the vietnam war. he directed several trips to a landing zone under heavy enemy fire and rescue dozens of soldiers. president obama: a soldier who was there said, he became our john wayne. with all due respect to john wayne, he could not do what chuck kettles did. leon: he is credited with saving the lives of 40 soldiers. four members of his own unit. steve:
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coming up tomorrow at nats park. tomorrow we have isolated thundershowers in the afternoon and early evening. wednesday, the most beautiful day of the upcoming week. looks fantastic. warm and nice temperatures. thursday, near 90 degrees. the showers remain well to the south as they move across extreme southern maryland. inside the capital beltway will stay dry under partly cloudy skies. further to the south, montrose looking at moderate rains, colonial beach finally beginning to dry out. once this moves through, the area will be dry the rest of the night. the temperatures have fallen into the 70's and 60's out to the west. and stanton and elkins, upper 60's. the forecast overnight, 68 to 75. lingering storms end. partly cloudy and humid. the winds out of the west at five. tomorrow looks good during
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the morning. grab the sunglasses. also, grab the umbrella. even though we will not see a tremendous amount of rain, we will see showers and pop-up thunderstorms in the afternoon, evening. then things begin to clear out and dry out, late -- meaning lower humidity late in the day wednesday. highs only in the upper 80's with low humidity. it will feel like upper 80's. thursday, we build back the heat and humidity. by friday through sunday, we will be sizzling. before 11:00 tomorrow, 85 degrees. late afternoon come into the evening, may see a passing shower or two, near 90. humidity begins to fall late tomorrow night. a citi open continues tomorrow through the day wednesday through friday. big concern saturday. that will likely be the hottest day of the year, maybe the hottest day since 2010 in terms of feels-like temperature's of 105 to 115.
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sunday. middle 90's. a chance of thunderstorms. days, 91seven tomorrow, upper 80's and absolutely gorgeous wednesday. by thursday, the heat and humidity build. friday, near 95 degrees. i so want to change that saturday to 100. i think i will hold off until tomorrow. the heat index will make it feel like 105 to 115. imagine on the tennis courts of the citi open. erin: crank up the air-conditioning and watch it on the tennis channel. steve: what you do not see on there is the heat continues into next week. erin: i don't know how the players feel with that. leon: they are moving around. the fans are just sitting there, getting baked. erin: there is a tennis player from virginia who hopes that this year his luck will change at the citi op
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the citopen began today, the rock creek center with locals in action. the first day, the main draw action did not come without ink limit weather. thunder, wind, rain on the stadium court. the wind was so strong come it knocked over the judges chair. play was suspended for about three hours before finally resumed at 7:00. a player from arlington had his time to shine. the player slugged it out from the baseline. would take the set, second set, changing shirts, hoping that it would give him luck. losing and straight sets tonigh
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open. bummer. maybe it's the pressure. tracy austin will be calling matches at the citi open this year. she is america's former world number one with three grand slam titles. i had a chance to catch up with the hall of famer earlier today. what are some of the storylines you are watching at the citi open? >> i think it goes back to the americans. sloane stephens, the number two come in hisock early 20's and has so much promise for i think he has so much upside. in the future, i think jack will be top 10 of the world. a lot of exciting young players. erin: they are so fun to watch. to watch most of the is from france, a tremendous amount of time in. if you've never watched him play, come watch gale because he has personality, charisma. erin:
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good stuff. the nationals enjoyed a much-needed day off today after the monster 18-inning loss saturday to the pirates. the nationals will welcome the dodgers to town tomorrow. lopez is scheduled to make his big-league debut. on theoles taking yankees, in new york. there has been a lot of talk being interested in acquiring yankees closer aroldis chapman. easy to see why. shatters the bat to end the game. we will keep you posted on all of these trade rumors. on alln draw matches three courts from the citi open will be broadcast on the tennis channel, so check your provider for full coverage all week long. you may want to do that, because i steve was telling us come it will be so hot. just a inside, craig up the ac. steve:. erin: i will, too. -- steve: i will be there thursday
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see again.
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back, speeding down the busy street, even checking out the scenery. the video was recorded in thailand and has racked up hundreds of thousands of views. leon: how many shirts do you think he wore out trying to train the cat to do that? erin: i like how he looks back at the camera. leon: "mind your business!" erin: i would be afraid of that. alison: i know.
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alison: it will be hot. tomorrow ass hot today, near 90 degrees. upper 80's wednesday, but humidity. then we crank up the heat thursday, 95 friday. saturday, near 100 degrees. the heat index values 105 to 115. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next.
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>> dicky: from hollywood -- it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- christina applegate. hall of famer mike piazza. episode 4 of the baby bachelorette. we play blackjack with everyone in the audience. and music from the last bandoleros. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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