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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  July 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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at the time it happened, an off-duty m.p.d. officer was driving his own personal vehicle near that scene. he jumped out and was performing c.p.r. in an effort to save the injured person. again, that silver dodge charger is on scene. this was not a hit-and-run. the investigation is going to take quite some time. we can tell you that the lanes here on the b.w. parkway will be closed for quite some time. at this point, all of the northbound lanes south of the bentway, north of 410 remain closed at this point. the investigation is ongoing. that is all we know at this point. back to you. leon: that is going to be a mess. thanks, brad. we'll get back to you in a bit. in the meantime, metro riders are left steaming again after the problem with the system's newest cars. the 7000 series. alison: this time the problem is with busted air conditioners. oh, right now in this h
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out. transportation reporter brianne carter rode on one of the trains with no a.c. she is covering metro for us tonight. so, how hot does it get in these cars? brianne: well, alison, almost hot enough to make you feel sick to your stomach. we came to the gallery station, rode end to end along the red line and soon found one of the hot cars. at the gallery place almost 92 degrees. it was just as hot on that car. it says it right on the train. the 7000 series cars are supposed to be more reliable and more comfortable. but some of the new cars are forcing riders to sweat it out. >> hot, man! too hot. brianne: despite being the newest in the fleet, some of the 7k have an issue keeping the a.c. on. we found a hot car on just the second train we got on along the red line. while riding to the end of the line, the temperatures soared beyond 90 degrees.
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>> humid. >> it's not 100 degrees today but it is almost in here. brianne: metro says it has to do with a new issue on the new trains on board computer when the voltage fluctuates. in a statement a spokesperson says, "in the interest of protecting the rail car the onboard commuters will turn off the hvac system and require a reset before air handling resumes. these these cars are all under manufacturer warranty and the kawasaki techs are at metro to address issues quickly." riders who are often switching cars mid-commute -- >> i was dry when i got on the car. now i'm sweating. brianne: believe it shouldn't happen in the first place. >> i don't know where the money goes. i don't get it. you have a nice train with no air. brianne: now for awful of these riders here, the question, of course, is when is a permanent fix coming? well, coming up here tonight at 6:00, the work underway right now here at metro to make sure the a.c. stays on. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: th
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meantime, metro riders enjoy it while you can. today is the lull between safetrack surges. tomorrow work resumes in a case of good news, bad news. the good is the 12 days of work will not involve any bus bridges or closed station. the bad it will be nonstop single tracking between east falls church and ballston on the orange and silver lines. that is the same area affected by surge one. trains will only run once every 18 minutes. remember, you can get immediate alerts for any problems on metro. just text "metro" to 43817. we have updated our metro safetrack payment at leon: as you know with the weather we have had in the last few days this is a long time to be without air conditioning. whether you're inside or on a metro train or wherever. our chief meteorologist doug hill is standing by in the weather center with what you don't want to hear. it is only going to get worse. doug: it is. but in the short-term we are getting a break. frontal system came through to
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and brought in drier air. still plenty warm. check out the numbers. humidity levels are lower from the district metro area northward to pennsylvania. 89 in washington. 90 in frederick. 78 in fredericksburg and culpeper. they had heavy rain there so the temperatures are lower. we will have tough weather conditions later this week and this weekend. outdoor dining in the metro. you couldn't ask for anything better at this point in july. sunshine. lower humidity. 87 at 6:00. dropping to 83 before sunset. at 8:00 p.m. the showers and the storms we have been tracking continue to stay south and along the cold front pushing through south central virginia. the large pink area. severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for a few more hours. a few showers coming across the blue ridge to passing toward culpeper away from the area. the majority of the region is rain free with pleasant conditions. the forecast overnight, partly cloudy. continuing to become less humid. a light breeze out of the northwest. morning temperatures. 64 to 70
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we will highlight how hot it will get. trust me, big numbers in the seven-day outlook coming up in a couple of minutes. leon: all right, doug. now, the republican national convention is pushing into the second day and is doing so with no shortage of controversy. the democratic national convention chair, well, wasted little time taking all that to task. >> day one of the republican convention was a mess. on so many levels. we heard a lot of anger, a lot of yelling. but no substance. just empty rhetoric and divisive language. leon: well, not included that scathing assessment was the mention of melania trump. she, of course, facing accusations today that she plagiarized part of her keynote address from michelle obama's 2008 d.n.c. address. right now as we take a closer look at melania trump's speech last night the abc7 instapoll is asking do you think she plagiarized the speech? if you have thoughts on that weigh in now at right now for those who have been waying in most are saying yes, th
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we will look at what the fallout is on that. let's turn to marci gonzalez. she joins us live from the republican national convention in cleveland. good to see you. today the headlines are about melania trump but not the way the campaign expected. marci: no, not at all. with more members of trump's family scheduled to speak here tonight we are told the g.o.p. is now reviewing their speeches, trying to avoid a repeat of last night. melania trump's keynote speech on opening night of the republican national convention quickly going from celebrated to controversial. with two parts of the speech standing nearly identical to first lady michelle obama's words at the 2008 convention. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> that you work hard for what you want in life. >> that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you are going to do. >> that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise.
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manager denying the accusation of plagiarism saying they are small parts of longer speeches. >> to say she lifted words from anybody is absurd. marci: but trump's former campaign manager saying there could be consequences. there is no comment on the controversy as the delegates vote to officially nominate him as the republican presidential nominee. with more possible backlash on the convention floor from the delegates with a failed never trump movement, house speaker paul ryan is among the speakers tonight focusing on trying to unify the party behind donald trump. >> he lost control on the floor. with the messaging, with the accusation of plagiarism in his wife's main speech. he needs to get control and fast. otherwise this week is going to spiral away from him. marci: other speakers planned for tonight include two of trump's children. and two former rivals. new jersey governor chris christie and dr. ben c
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gonzalez, abc7 news. back to you. leon: before we let you go. we know partisan either side will have what they want to say about what we heard from melania trump. but there are objective numbers related to what she had to say. what do you have there? marci: okay. so this is from a company called turn it in. they track plagiarism. they say that the odds of two writers writing the same 16-word sequence identically is 1 in a trillion. but they point out that the longest sequence of matching words between the two speeches is actually 23 words. so that expands the odds even more. by comparison they point out that the odds of winning the powerball jackpot, the record jackpot earlier this year, was just 1 in 292 million. so they are saying this is not definitively plagiarism but call it disconcerting. leon: what are the odds? all right. thank you so much. marc
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see you later down the road. all right. now our coverage of the r.n.c. continues on abc7. at 5:30 our chief political correspondent scott thuman will examine the effort to unify the republican party. at 7:00 on newschannel8 an hour-long special look at the convention, including analysis from political insiders. and maryland's former first family. we are also going to be streaming all of the convention events online for you at alison? alison: all right. back at home now. a push to add civilian oversight now to fairfax county police is bringing new concerns to the surface. the push began in 2013 when a police officer killed an unarmed man. now there are concerns about how often police use force against african-americans. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg joins us live with how the county is responding today. jeff? jeff: well, alison, fairfax police chief says he wants all the data, all the information out there so procedures can be reviewed an
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this is what was going on here today at the government center with the chief joining other members of the fairfax county police department, member of the board of supervisors and plenty of others in this meeting this afternoon that at times did get a bit intense here at the government center. the chief supporting findings of ad hock review commission calling for greater -- the ad hoc review commission calling for greater oversight in practices for fairfax county. the commission was created in the wake of the fatal shooting of john geer. an officer adam torres was sentenced to a year in jail for the shooting. there are a total of 539 incidents that revealed 40% of the use of force cases involved african-americans who only make up 8% of the county population. >> unfortunately, the numbers do show
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the african-american male community. that is the reality of the numbers. i need more dialogue with the community to see how to drive the numbers down. try to talk about how to improve police practices. they were hiring an auditor for practices and to preview the incidents taking place. it will be reviewed by the board of supervisor. possibly a vote in september. this conversation continues. we have not heard the end of this. more to come. live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: thank you. another note here. cathy lanier is blasting a recent resolution approved by the d.c. council calling for more oversight of her department. this is what she told us bruce de
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>> to say we need more oversight, i'm not sure who will do the policing in the city if we have more oversight and how much better we can get than best practice. alison: the best practice chief lanier referenced is the result of an outside audit that looked into her department use of force and it gave m.p.d. a good report. chief lanier blasted the timing of the vote days after five police officers were killed in dallas. you can hear the entire response on leon: an usual scene at the arlington national cemetery. instead of peace and quiet, there was a picket line nearby. 30 landscape workers have gone on strike. currently they are getting paid $13. say they never received a raise. the officials say it's between a dispute between the workers and the private employers and they have no position in the
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matter. still ahead at 5:00, wrestler goes to court. allegation against the w. w.e. and the high profile founder. leon: could russia be banned from the olympics? the punishment handed down in the doping scandal as they debate drastic action. >> we have seen the violence against law enforcement across the country. how is it impacting police recruitment? i'm cheryl conner. we talk to a ca
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alison: "7 on your side" with health matters tonight. the w.w.e. is facing a lawsuit now from 50 of its former athletes. the lawsuit claims that w.w.e. is promoter vince macmahon did not do enough to protect the wrestling and they hid information about risk of wrestling from the employees. they call the claims "ridiculous." leon: you mean to tell me hitting somebody in a chair is not good for them? alison: it's a surprise. i know. leon: who knew? well, this could be one of the biggest olympic shocks in decades. more than 30 years perhaps. the international olympic committee is deciding whether to ban russian athletes from the olympics because of a doping scandal. this debate is raging with two and a half weeks to
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the opening ceremony. as elizabeth hur reports this debate comes as the i.o.c. is slashing russia with hefty penalties as well. reporter: russian athletes still focused on training and preparing for the olympic games in rio according to a defiant russian president vladimir putin dismissing a new report calling for a ban of all russian athletes from this summer's olympics due to their findings that russia had a state-sponsored doping program. >> the russian ministry of sport directed, controlled, and oversaw the manipulation of athletes analytic results or sample swapping. reporter: the world anti-doping agency in november first accused the russian track and field athletes of drugs in the 2012 olympics which led to a ban of russia's entire track and field team in this year's olympics. now, the head of an ind commission -- impendent commission claims the abuse and the co
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widespread than first reported. >> this is not just about what we in north america call track and field and others call athletics, it covers many sports. reporter: russia's track and field team is fighting the real ban in court. and a decision is due this thursday. based on that ruling, olympic officials say they will determine if a blanket ban of all athletes from rio is valid. with russia set to host the 2018 soccer world cup, fifa, soccer's world governing body says it will review the doping allegation of the russian soccer players referenced in this report. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. leon: that's all right. invite the russians over here. it feels like we're in rio now anyway. alison: boy, you say e have a little bit of a break for the next day or two. doug: a front came through this afternoon. that's where we get the big storms south of washington. drier air. comfortable tonight and tomorrow. but then the heat and the humidity build in by
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we are talking the highs, air temperatures near 100 degrees saturday and sunday. when you factor in the humidity in the air it will feel like 105,108 at times. we might have a heat advisory this weekend. alison: they will be playing tennis in that. the citi open. doug: let's get started. start with a time lapse. the front came through and this is a view off idaho avenue in northwest washington off wisconsin after. 86 there now. interesting clouds when we start. watch in the progression. you will see really interesting cloud. mammatus clouds they are called. turbulence in the clouds, not so much rain. it's scary looking but didn't do any damage. it did the opposite. it changed the winds to the north, northwest and that brought in the drier air even though it is warm at this hour. as far as the dew points, that is a true measure of moisture. look the farther north and west you go, the lower they get. 50 in hagerstown. 54 in cumberland. 642 in the nation's capital and still 70's to the south. that's how
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humidity. combination of the lower dew point and lower winds is more comfortable. but it won't last for long. enjoy tonight and tomorrow. here are the showers we talked about. they push well south of the area. they never form up in metro washington. but they came up in 81 in the blue ridge and they head southeast to virginia. severe thunderstorm watch in effect in those areas farther south. but for us the whole metro area will be fine shape tonight for any outdoor plans. the successive showers and storms form up along the front from south of woodstock to make their way south and southeastward as well. a big picture version of it as well. the large area under severe thunderstorm watch. clearing skies north and west of washington. drier air. the whole frontal zone continues to shift south and to the southeast. so with that in mind with mostly clear skies we have a pleasant overnight. look at the wake-up temperatures. frostburg, allegany county 67 tomorrow morning. 63 in berkeley springs and 64
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in berriesville. 67 in ashburn. metro area wake-up temperatures are nice. mostly in the 60's. but 71 is the forecast reading in downtown washington tomorrow morning. now we look ahead at the heat alert. different heat alerts. heat advisory in the orange area. excessive heat warningsings in e northwestern section of missouri and northeastern kansas. part of nebraska. south dakota to minnesota. then excessive heat watches. well, the problem is it's all moving this direction. that is what we expect later this week. i think by friday and most likely the weekend there will be some kind of heat related advisory in effect for the area. because of the excessive heat and building humidity levels. tomorrow, beautiful. sunshine in the morning. 72. comfortable in midday and 84. the high is 87 tomorrow in washington. the average is 89. we are below average. not as hot. definitely less humid. look ahead to the next seven days. it all changes.
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thursday. 95 on friday. over the weekend the air temperatures approaching 100 degrees. upper 90's. the heat index or the feels like temperatures over 100 degrees. staying in the upper 90's on monday. tuesday is 92. specifically this weekend for the final days of the citi open, this is tough stuff here. with a chance of a late day thunderstorm sunday. but it will teal like at times 105 to 110. not with a lot of wind either. just tough stuff. alison: hydrate. doug: everybody does. think about that what you saw when you make the outdoor plans for the weekend. the weather will play a role in that. leon: it's not the citi open. it's the sweaty open. you have been warned. alison: still ahead here at 5:00 -- we go back to the republican national convention. we will tell you what is being done in an effort to reunite a party that some fear could be on the verge ofer thing
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alison: a facebook plea meanwhile for sassy's return has been shared thousands of times. in the austin area. so, facebook is a good way to go about it. leon: shouldn't the mascot be a mule? alison: that might be more complicated. still ahead at 5:00, we will tell you how the classic "west side story" is teaching life lessons to a new generation of teenagers. leon: first, we go back to the republican national convention. what is being done to bring fractured party back together in time for november's election. stay with us.
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woman: i have a masurprise for you.are you? man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough.
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epend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me. leon: well, we are getting sad news coming in from the washington sports world. we're learning the redskins unofficial mascot chief z has died. erin hawksworth joins us to tell us what we learn about this. what have you heard here? erin: yeah, leon, the redskins biggest fan has died. chief z is known as the zima williams. he was the redskins unofficial mascot and the redskins actually just sent out a tweet. it is a statement. it says the
5:30 pm
redskins will always appreciate zima williams' unique passion and dedication to the football team and his fellow redskins fans. now, chief z became de facto part of the team in the 1970's. a fixture at the stadium and then later at redskins field. he became a fan favorite. fans of all ages from around the nation wanted to take their picture with chief z. so this is a major loss. he was even recognized by the pro football hall of fame. i think this is just a very sad day. redskins fans around the country are mourning the loss of chief z. i think they all know that now redskins games will not be the same without chief z. leon? leon: sad news indeed. a lot of fans in redskin nation now shedding a tear in his memory. thanks for that, erin. we'll get back to you in a bit. alison: w'
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let's move on to politics now. we have a live look for you at the republican national convention as it approaches the necked night of primetime speeches. yesterday we saw a pretty raucous scene as some of the delegates there tried to revolt against donald trump. with the nomination vote coming today it is possible we could see more dissent. chief political correspondent scott thuman explains what is being done to unify the fractured party. scott: unity, that is the word. the goal we are hearing more than any other in cleveland in hopeless of putting a rocky start behind them. if ever family has fights, they showed the republicans spat won't last long. some spent as much time defending donald trump -- >> i am sick and tired of it. this is a good man. scott: -- as they are supporting the primary. >> i did
5:32 pm
primary but he won the primary and he is entitled to the nomination. >> life is a series of choices. the choice is hillary clinton or donald trump, i'm for trump every time. >> there is no question there is a lot of it. the two most negatively perceived presidential nominee in history of polling. scott: but not a lot of cheerleading from the past nominees. none of the past presents are speaking except for bob dole. >> they are showing a side we might not see all the time on tv. scott: others insist they are making strides. >> some people say gosh, are there wounds? no. they are growing pains. our party is doing things i have never seen our party do. we are bringing in sometimes people who never
5:33 pm
that is incredible. scott: you heard sean spicer showing the less brash, the softer side of donald trump in hopes of winning over the audience. they will do that as we hear from family members and personal stories tonight. in cleveland, scott thuman, abc7 news. leon: as we approach the first debates for the presidential election, the news partner circa is giving us preview of what we can see and hear. watch words spoken at previous debates. >> we are not a country that cowers behind walls. >> we are going to build that wall. don't even think about it. leon: you can watch the entire video at the news partner website learn more about the video in the special coverage tonight on newschannel8. the coverage from cleveland begins at 7:00 p.m. on newschannel8 and the location of the first presidential debate changed. the september 26 matchup will now take place at hofstra university in new york instead of at
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the president of wright sate cited rising costs and security concerns as the reason. hofstra previously hosted town hall debate in 2012. alison: back at home, prince george's county school is holding a meeting in 30 minutes to discuss a scandal that rocked the school system. the meeting follows the arrest of deonte carraway, the former school aide charged with sexually assaulting at least 23 children who attended judge sylvania woods elementary school. in the meeting they will discuss amendment to recruitment of community volunteers, inappropriate student-employee relationships and reporting suspected child abuse. leon: breaking news now coming in from montgomery county where a former n.s.a. worker convicted of killing hi adopted son has been sentenced. brian o'callahan pleaded guilty to accusations he beat the 3-year-old to death. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis has breaking details.
5:35 pm
kevin? well, brian to callaghan faced 40 years in prison but a judge sentenced him to 12 years when you factor in this man killed his son. many people upset about the fact with the parole benefits and time served brian o'callaghan could be released from maryland prison in five years. in the middle class home, a former n.s.a. division chief and self-described desert storm war hero killed his 3 -year-old son. a child he and his wife adopted from korea one year before was rushed to children's national medical center in d.c. unresponsive and died days later. an autopsy revealed a skull fracture, hemorrhaged brain, eyes. plus trauma to the scrotum. o'callahan admitted hurng
5:36 pm
they have called witnesses in hopes to shave time off of the father's prison sentence. a wounded warrior counselor said of learning about the murder, "i was stunned. i just fell back in the bed." >> as part of ptsd you have the lashing out. kevin: the defense team hired this man at $350 an hour. the renowned neurologist testified ptsd, change in therapy, altering medication and possible exposure to steroids created the perfect storm. >> it's an explosion in the brain in terms of giving you these bad thoughts and you can't sleep. you have difficulty controlling anger. that is what this case is all about. >> this defense team eliminated a lot of potential prison time. with a cramped voice, the father issued a courtroom apology an hour ago saying
5:37 pm
a place for mattock to be in a room alone with me. i robbed him of his life. i wonder if even god can forgive me." he was only 3 years old. we are live in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: still to come here at 5:00 tonight -- using a 50-year-old music to teach ways to cope with modern day challenges. how "west side story" continues to teach just ahead. leon: tonight on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- some celebrity star power comes to the district to weigh in on what to do with the violence around police around the country. you will h
5:38 pm
doug: on tuesday afternoon give you a look through the upcoming weekend. nace weather tomorrow. less humidity. 87. warming up to 90 on thursday. check it out.
5:39 pm
heat and the humidity increase. highs in the middle to the upper 90's. close to 100 degrees. hang on to the high heat through monday. slightly cooler tuesday. citi open forecast for the final days this weekend. the air temperatures near 100. but it will feel at times 105 degrees or higher. maybe late day storm on sunday. plenty of heat and humidity. probably going to have heat-related advisories in effect, too. stay with us.
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yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. alison: breaking news from kansas city where a police captain died after being shot in his car this afternoon. captain robert melton was killed while responding alone to a sighting of people who matched description of shooting suspect. two people are in custody for this and a third is on the loose. leon: the attacks on baton rouge and dallas sent ripple through police departments across the country. cheryl conner found the anxiety is affecting those who aren't part of the force. cheryl: nathan crane takes off his police cadet shirt before going to lunch. it's one way to stay safe. >> we are not properly trained yet and we don't have much to defend ourselves with. we usually take off our uniforms. cheryl: the recent violence against law enforcement has
5:42 pm
crane has been a fairfax county police cadet for two years and he still plans to go into the academy. >> i will treat everyone with as much respect and do everything they can on the views police change. cheryl: his fresh attitude is what fairfax county police hope for while leaving through piles and piles of recruitment applications. cheryl: the detective can't attribute the decline in applications now to this time last year to recent violence but often times policing is a passion. >> they have always had an interest in this work. they are not going to be swayed by the current climate. cheerleads the day after the -- cheryl: the day after the dallas shooting, 72 people showed up to take the police test. the most they have seen in a long time. we caught up with the former police chief who predicts a career in law enforcement will take a
5:43 pm
difficult because people will look into going into a profession you can lose your life arbitrarily without any cause or reasoning. cheryl: crane says nothing will keep him from putting one boot in front of the other. in fairfax county, cheryl conner, abc7 news. leon: ahead at 5:00 -- >> growing up it was rough. i lost my parents at a young age. leon: the power of tennis helped a local young man get through life's toughest challenges. the story coming up. >> a summer program h
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leon: consumer alert. attorneys general in maryland, massachusetts, are filing lawsuit against volkswagen, audi and porsche. the suit claims that the top executives knowingly sold more than 53,000 cars and s.u.v.'s. volkswagen reached a $15 billion
5:47 pm
but now are facing new penalties. take a look at the scene out of new york. a crane suddenly collapsed across the bridge this morning. several contractors were injured. it didn't hit any vehicles on the bridge. the new york trooper says a minor accident occurred after a driver noticed the crane falling and came to a sudden stop. injuries are considered minor. they are expected to be okay. alison: thank goodness. police in fairfax county searching for a man who pled the scene after he drove in a you -- into a power pole. crescent view drive is expected to shut down through route 50 for the evening rush. dominion power says 200 customers are without power because of the downed pole. get a check of the roadways. trenice bishop on traffic watch for us. hey. trenice: hey, alison. this afternoon we are still dealing with an issue on the v.w. parkway. the crash vels that continues due
5:48 pm
with heavy volume. riverdale, the traffic is stopped trying to make it there. everyone is diverted to 410. elsewhere southbound delays to get to the accident scene. you will be jam packed out of 32 north of laurel coming to the d.c. area. we are seeing the heavy volume for the folks on d.c. 295 northbound. this shot at kenilworth, the far left lane of the screen is the folks trying to make it to 50 and get out of the area. outbound 50 to the beltway, your best bet if you want to get past the closure and back on the parkway. this afternoon we have report of an accident for folks on eastbound span of the southeast, southwest freeway. that will slow you down. the crash in the center of the road. the cars are coming to a stop at 7th and frontage. 395 northbound. it is blocking a right lane. heavy volume days f
5:49 pm
back to you. leon: hot outside with folks enjoy it. it will get worse. alison: you ain't seen nothing yet. right, doug? doug: the key is the temperatures are below average in a couple of spots. humidity levels are coming down. a live look rat ocean city. refreshing view live from the boardwalk at second street in ocean city. people on the bench but there is plenty of sunshine. temperatures at 80 degrees at the airport. 89 in washington. 78 in fredericksburg. they haven't recovered from the heavy rains. nobody is complaining. the outdoor dining weather in the area is warm and sunny. drop to 81 this evening. a less humidity evening. the satellite and radar shows the storms pushing through virginia now closer to the
5:50 pm
under a severe thunderstorm watch. most of the area is partly cloudy and less humid. beautiful start to the day tomorrow. it will can be hot and humid. highs close to 100 for saturday and sunday for the final two days of the citi open championship. it is going to feel like 100, 105 to 108. i would expect a heat related advisory or watches or warnings in the area for saturday and sunday. enjoy it now. it's delightful outside. alison: okay. leon: you mention the city open. check to see how it feels down there. alison: i feel bad for the tennis players looking ahead to the weekend.
5:51 pm
here is a casual setting at the citi open. you could walk around and see one of the biggest stars in tennis standing next to you. since i have been here john isner walked by. this is a chance for a local player to get to practice with up on the biggest names in tennis. >> i remember when i was a kid trying to get on a court and hit one of these guys. erin: for leon vessels this is a dream courtship. he helps with tournament operations. >> setup, everything on the court as far as towels, balls, gatorade. erin: on the side he practices with the pros. >> i was warming up with eugenie bouchard. for 20 minutes to give her some rhythm. erin: they may not know leon vessels by the name but they know by the game. he played high school tennis at dematha and he is proof positive of the power of washingtone
5:52 pm
the w.t.e.f. mission, help kids. some of whom who are at risk through tennis. leon joined w.t.e.f. when he was 5 or 6. he says if not for w.t.e.f. -- >> life wouldn't be this. i wouldn't be here with the pros. that is for sure. growing up as a kid it was real rough. i lost my parents, my mom at a young age and my dad has always been in there trying to hang in there. i lost friends around my neighborhood. i'm blessed for the opportunity that w.t.f. helped me out with. erin: leon will always cherish playing the part in the tournament. hometown kid. >> seeing the champions like agassi. erin: ready to hit at a moment's notice. >> all the players are great. i love playing with them. i look forward to keeping it going. erin: back live at
5:53 pm
open a very sad day for redskins nation. redskins biggest fans unofficial mascot chief z has passed away. now over the years chief z has dealt with various illnesses. chief z became a de facto part of the team in the 1970's. a fixture at r.f.k. stadium and at redskins field. he became a fan favorite. fans of all ages wanted to get their picture taken with chief z. he has been recognized by the pro football hall of fame. he did many public appearances over the years. even appeared in commercials. in real life he was a car salesman so the redskins nation mourn the loss of chief z. we have more coming up at 6:00. it's sad to hear that. leon: coming up next at 5:00, how lessons from a 40-year-old musical teach a new generation to overcome modern day challenges.
5:54 pm
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alison: a summer program uses the art to keep kids out of school and aware of social issues. amy aubert spent the day with the art center summer camp to get a behind the scenes look at a musical now the group says hits home. 'em for this group telling the story of "west side story" is all too real. the teen part of the summer camp in adams morgan sharpening their acting skills through a musical they call "timely." >> it's relevant and realistic in a lot of ways to do it here and right now. amy: maureen is the executive director. she said last year's musical "hairspray" and this year connected directly to current times. >> the dancing, singing, music and the content and the acting and the issues are
5:58 pm
deep. amy: the six-week camp isn't just about the musical. >> they have classes all across the board like the group of second graders learning steps. >> instead of staying home and watching tv like other kids, instead i have an opportunity to come here. >> it aims to give kids sense of belodging to keep the creative arrest -- creativity flowing. learning through the lens of an artist growing up in today's society. >> it hit home for me and i hope it does for other people and other ages. amy aubert, abc7 news. alison: the camp aims to give families who might not otherwise have access to summer programs outlet.
5:59 pm
students and 50 teens in workforce development program as well. good for them. coming up next at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- if you think it is hot outside try riding in metro's newest trains. in some cases the temperatures can soar into the 90's. coming up, who the trump campaign is blaming for controversy now surrounding the convention speech by donald trump's wife. some celebrity star power comes to the district to weigh in on what to do with violence against police around the country. you will hear what russell simmons told abc7. announcer: from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. maureen: that break news is taking place outside of the republican national convention in cleveland. you can see there is a massive police presence. as pro and anti-trump supporters have been clashes. jonathan elias is following developmentsments from the "live
6:00 pm
jonathan: we are trying to get a better ideas of what is happening outside the arena. there is only a handful arrests so far. no real violence. but there has been tension and confrontations. there are representatives from black lives matter and westboro baptist church and from the ku klux klan all outside. keep in mind outside the arena there is an area where people can protest. they are outnumbered by police by 3:1. the police presence is significant. they knew going in the convention they would have to arrest some people because some protesters would get out of hand. this protest this afternoon, people were clashing, some yelling going on. you see people lying in the street. we haven't heard of violence. we have only heard of a handful of people getting arrested. up until this there had been only five arrests complete. one was for outstanding warrant. a couple of people tried to


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