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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  July 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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leon: we start tonight on storm watch with severe thunderstorms and parts of the area. alison: what can we expect the rest of tonight and into the morning? steve rudin has the latest right now. steve: stronger storms movement across the area for the next ho o
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county. as of right now, the latest warning, the only warning we have until 11:15 includes the district and prince george's county, college park, looking for heavy rain and a lot of lightning. the cloud tops come over 40,000 feet. a potent weather maker at this time moving across the area. now with gusty wind and heavy downpours, a look at all of the lightning strikes over the past 15 minutes. they continue to stack up. if you have to go outside or are plenty to go outside in the next 15 minutes, half-hour, stay indoors. a lot of lightning bladensburg and fairmont heights, the trinidad area of d.c. at thisay the lightning hour, route one, rhode island avenue, bladensburg, heavy rain at this hour. mount pleasant beginning to dry out a little bit. we continue to track this
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as it moves across the area. the full update in about 10 minutes. leon: the other top story -- >> i'm so proud to be your nominee for president of the united states. leon: it's official, donald trump has won the nomination to be the republican candidate for the white house. light above passionate speakers, chris christie letting out a case against hillary clinton. and we heard from some of trump's children, the day after a plagiarism scandal over malani trump's speech. tim barber has all of the highlights from day two. trump campaign is working to get as many republicans as possible to rally behind donald trump, and tonight he got help from the speaker of the house come his former adversaries, and himself. >> what do you say that we unify this party?
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this party at this crucial moment when unity is everything? after house speaker paul ryan, new jersey governor chris christie made the case against hillary clinton. hillary clinton's grand strategy, the economy is in ruins, there is death and violence on the streets, and isis is now dominating that country. tim: governor christie tore apart her record as secretary of state. he was a cloud laser -- he was a crowdpleaser. >> congratulations, dad, we love you! with 89 votes from new york, donald trump officially becomes the nominee. >> has been selected for republican party nominee for the united states. tim: before paul ryan banged his gavel, there were more
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. the votes for the candidates who dropped out are ultimately counted for the last man standing. in this case, donald trump. what we did getting the party's nomination, i will never forget it. it is something i will never, ever forget. tim: tonight, indiana governor mike pence is officially the nominee for vice president. he will speak tomorrow night. tim barber, abc 7 news. let's look at some of the moments of confusion during the roll call vote. >> our delegation is duly bound to cast 10 votes to senator rubio and nine votes for governor kasich. leon: let's look at some of the delegates from d.c. and three other states try to have delegates recorded according to the primary results but were overruled. although their delegates what to donald trump instead. trump failed to win a single delegate
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d.c., as you may recall. abc is your home for convention coverage. each night at 7:00 on the channel 8, there is an hour-long special look at the convention, including analysis. alison: turning to the democratic side, hillary clinton rallied her supporters at a union conference in las vegas. she compared trumps convention entrance to the wizard of oz. >> lots of sound and fury, even a fog machine. but when you pull back the curtain, it was just donald trump with nothing to offer to the american people. alison: the presumptive democratic nominee is expected to announce her running mate friday. nationalratic convention will start monday in philadelphia. right now, we have to tell you about an active investigation after a landscaper was struck on the baltimore-washington parkway during rush-hour. news chopper 7 flew
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lawnmower at the time. he now has life-threatening injuries. a northbound section of the parkway in riverdale was shut down for several hours, triggering backups. the police are trying to determine the circumstances leading to the crash. it is not known where the more was at the time of the accident. developing now, a police captain in kansas city killed in the line of duty, shot while responding to her reported disturbance. several people jumped out of a car and shots were fired. two people are in custody and the police are searching for other suspects. hundreds on hand to say goodbye to a fallen officer in dallas, officer michael krol laid to rest this morning for funeral arrangements are set for two of the three officers killed in baton rouge sunday. the three officers were shot to death sunday in what is being called a targeted assassination. alison: the first of
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s designed to improve trust and communication between montgomery county police and residents. much of the meeting focused on the impact of recent shootings of and by the police in louisiana, texas, and minnesota. a second meeting is set for tomorrow in germantown starting at 7:00 at the regional service center. leon: 7 on your side gets results for hundreds of students left in limbo because of missing test results. ap tests can set up a students future full stop students at one high school in prince william county thought they would get their scores july 7. instead, for 12 days, their results were delayed. a called 7 on your side and richard reeve's has good news. richard: college-bound serena looks like she is having fun, but since graduation, it has been a stressful summer for her and 325
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missing advanced placement tests. >> to have all that work over nothing is frustrating. richard: last friday, patriot high school sent out letters like this. the college board that processes the tests found essays with hundreds of answer sheets missing. >> if i were to get a good score on this exam, i could have a college credit done with as i start college. richard: serena began doing detective work. >> the test left the school, received by the college board, but the college board cannot confirm they have gotten them. >> i did not believe that the college board could even lose such important exams. richard: after serena contacted 7 on your side, we reached out to the college board in new jersey. the company telling us test results will be available soon. >> this friday. that's great news. richard: but parents of the students have questions. >> the tracking mechanism.
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process? boardd: the college issued a statement would says in part, "we are sorry for the activity gets and are looking -- we are sorry for the inconvenience and are looking into the cause." is stillny investigating, trying to find out where the breakdown was. we will keep on top of this and let you know what happens friday. richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: tonight, saying goodbye to a local legend among sports fans. zema williams, known as chief at, was a beloved mainstay redskins games. he was considered an unofficial mascot for the team. z chiefee passed away today, and fellow skins fans are paying tribute tonight. jay: after some 40 years as serving as the unofficial mascot of the redskins, chief zee passed away tuesday.
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i felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest. jay: fans gathered tuesday night at redskins park in ashburn to honor a man who is more than just a fan of the game. >> he is not paid to go to draft a at redskins park for stop he does this all out of his pocket because he loves the team as much and more than we do. jay: weather outside or inside the stadium, chief zee was always eager to fire up a fan or sign an autograph a stop he was even selected as the franchise's biggest all-time fan. >> he is in the pro football hall of fame as a fan. call him the unofficial mascot, whatever you will come he is a hall of famer. jay: his day job for many years was selling cars, but upon retiring he fell upon hard times. he was burdened in recent years with physical and financial struggles. friends recently raised money so he would
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save him from eviction, we ended up with $10,000 to save the chief. and now he is gone. jay: his legal name may have williams, but to a nation of fancy will always be known as chief. jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: wow. nice to hear from his friends, too. leon: he was the number one fan. hail to the chief. still ahead -- a sticky, uncomfortable metro ride. the air-conditioners are broken even on the system posner was cars. how metro is explaining this. alison: and a scary distracted driving crash called on a body camera. why the driver who crashed into a police cruiser says he was looking down, and this is a warning for everyone. leon: and a lightning show in some parts.
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it is amazing no one was seriously hurt here, a crane collapsed on the busy new york city tappan zee bridge. five people had minor injuries because drivers were swerving to avoid the wreckage. investigators are trying to figure out what caused it to topple. leon: you have heard warnings about pokémon go. can i come a firsthand look at how it caused a car accident. tonight, a firsthand look at how it caused a car accident. was called on a police officer's camera. the driver admitted to looking down to play pokémon go. covering metro, when the temperatures reach 90 degrees-plus in the summer, a commuter's worst nightmare is
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ride with the new air-conditioning. that was the reality today. it happened on the new cars, the 7000 series cars. those are designed to be more reliable and more comfortable. metro says the issue is because of onboard computers that turn off when the hvac system voltage fluctuates. that is to protect the railcars. leon: tomorrow, the save track plan enters phase five, including signal tracking between east falls church and the ballston stations. read more about that and its impact on you can also sign up for text alerts about your commute. text the word "metro" to 43817. alison: a pair of airline pilots accused of being drunk on the job appeared in a glasgow courtroom today.
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transatlantic flight from scotland to toronto. the canadian airline apologized to the 345 passengers. while some were upset about having their flight delayed, they would for a night in the hotel to the alternative. drunktwo people who are are in charge of a bloody airplane -- alison: unbelievable. sorry, trying to get my script apart. the passengers finally arrived in toronto this afternoon. each was offered 200 canadian dollars off of their next flight as compensation. both pilots remain in custody. bombshell in the sports world, major doping allegations against russia could put them on the sidelines. the international olympic committee once russia barred from hosting international sporting events. they are already slated to host the 2018 world cup in soccer. russia
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of overseeing widespread doping and covering it up. there is also a call now for a ban of all russian athletes in rio this summer. expecting a decision on that tomorrow. steve: a lot going on this evening as we move through the next hour with stronger storms across the district, prince george's county, moving into southern maryland. active hour, we have two warnings and another warning that has canceled out. make that a new warning reissued. upperuntil 11:45 for northwest d.c., montgomery county. that is around potomac and bethesda. that another severe thunderstorm warning just off to the south, including southeast d.c., northeast d.c. until midnight. then a third one that will including11:30, annapolis. and another across the bay
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12:15. a lot of active warnings coming out at once. they end at different times. 1:00e confident by tonight, most of this will be out of the area with stronger storms. a height of about 40,000 feet. you think of how high an airplane flies, cruising at feet, you00, 42,000 can see how strong the storms are. not only are we dealing with gusty wind and heavy downpours, but a ton of lightning. the lightning strikes in the past half hour popping up around southeast d.c., benning road, moving into prince george's county. rain,aviest of the anacostia, greenway, dupont heights in prince george's county, silver hill getting in on the action. ,he heavy rain continues lasting about 15, 20 minutes in any given location. the newest warning area is montgomery county, upper northwest d.c.
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and chevy chase, you are looking for heavy rain. 64 to 70 degrees, less humid. willncomfortable humidity quickly fall to a more pleasant range for the day tomorrow. of theurecast, in terms heat index, feels like the upper 80's tomorrow. we crank up the heat and humidity thursday. the feels like temperatures in the lower 90's. the forecast tomorrow, 87 degrees. if you have plans to go to the , near 100 saturday and sunday, with the heat index of 105 to 110. waveeven day outlook, heat after a brief break tomorrow continuing thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. i hear in ago, for some reason. leon: that is your presence. we lost a presence today. erin:
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be the same. coming up, we remember the life of the unofficial mascot, chief zee.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: risk and fans are mourning the loss of one of their own. ma williams, better known as chief zee, passed away at the age of 75. he was a fixture at redskins games since the late 70's, and over the years wjla has done several stories of the redskins super fan. we take a look at chief zee. erin: zema williams was born in georgia. >> i came to washington not knowing i would stay here. erin: for the better part of 50 years, williams was a washington institution. it started simply.
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and some with that egging on by the cowboys famous fan crazy ray, chief zee was born. his legend grew in super bowl 17. i said, crank up the diesel, crank up the diesel! erin: every sunday home game, chief zee was there, a football fixture. >> he was a part of the redskins, and he will be missed. sold off the field he cars, entertain kids, and shared his wisdom, never out of character. i guess you can say from the sharecropper to the chief, i've seen it all. like no other, he was recognized by the pro football hall of fame for being the redskins' biggest fan. zee will be missed.
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appreciate zema williams' unique passion and dedication. same query -- sam high fromill riding his wimbledon victory over no voc djokovic -- novak djokovic. upset,women's side, and sloane stephens bounced in the first round. the nationals lopez was making his debut against the dodgers tonight. this is not how he pictured it. chase utley says welcome to the majors. 8-4, dodgers win. nationals will try to wake up and that's tomorrow night with gio gonzalez on the bump. try to wake them up. you will be there. leon: it will be a
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tape, and incredible encounter with a massive whale.
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alison: check this out, a woman was how boarding in california when a massive whale surfaced right next to her. she is a musician, and she was
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paddleboard at the time. she thinks the soothing music that she was playing may have called out to the whale. regardless, it was an amazing encounter. leon: maybe the whale had enough. alison: the whale was trying to sleep. leon: is that a complement to say that you're playing sounds like a whale?
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steve: strong storms moving across the area, newly issued flash flood warnings for the district, prince george's county, and some areas have already seen upwards of two inches of rain. severe thunderstorm warning until 11:45, prince george's county until midnight. alison: thank you very much.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kristen bell -- dave franco -- the tenth annual belly flop competition -- and music from domo genesis featuring anderson .paak. with cleto and the cletones. now, look out below, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we'll be right back. ♪ >> hey, everybody. welcome. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. i'm glad you're


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