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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  July 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> now abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: good afternoon, and thank you for joining us. i'm jummy olabanji. the sun is starting to steam things back up there out there, a stark contrast to what we saw yesterday. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at our first forecast. doug: jummy, it was a wild night last night. with the severe storms moving through the area, things calmed down a bit. still a lot of clouds and low-level moisture, but today is going to be the nicest day out of the next four or five, because a lot of heat and humidity. this is the view right now at the national harbor. you can see the capitol wheel and just cloudiness. no rain around the areaig
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you're headed outside, notice the temperatures much milder, lower 80's across the area now. much milder than recent days, and that's good news because we're going to enjoy this day. we're going to look back saturday and sunday and think, oh, it was so nice on wednesday. it's all changing. the changes comes from the amount of moist sandure heat in the area. at the moment, the true measure of moisture, pretty sweet. 50's and 60's around the middle of july, we don't see that often. but all those values are going to rise the next couple of days. a great day at the pool. temperatures, 83 to 88. sunshine, beautiful weather, but everybody is talking about the storms. they're all gone. we'll have sunshine today, but we had dozens and dozens of storm reports last night. coming up in a few minutes, some of the pictures and video. i'll give you one report, and that's from the white house. last night, trees down. it happened just about 11:00, several trees down near the ellipse, and thunderstorm and wind damage common around the region. so a lot to share, and more importantly, the heat, humidity, big numbers that are coming here later in the week, coming up
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jummy: doug, thank you. right now, evidence of yesterday's storm still lingering out there. the severe lightning storm leaving many homes in the dark at this hour. take a look. about 1,000 pepco-powered homes and businesses are without electricity this noon. most of them in montgomery county. the hardest hit area there seems to be bethesda. in northern virginia, just a few hundred dominican power customers still affected. a majority of them in alexandria. and many trees weren't spared by the lightning in our area. you can see just how damaging the storms were. today, the job for neighbors is to clean up. our suzanne kennedy shows us the effort. suzanne: severe weather rolled through this area around 10:30 last night, leaving in its wake some significant damage, like this downed tree in northwest washington. >> this item here was through hanging out of the ceiling of the garage. suzanne: bit light of day, this resident was assessing the damage to his milwood lane
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lightning, heavy rain, and winds. wilson and his wife were sleeping when the giant japanese maple landed on power lines and his car. >> the only unusual thing other than the standard thunderstorm was a big sort of whoosh. i don't think we hard a crash. but it was pretty powerful and unusual, and i said that was kind of odd. suzanne: pepco crews spent the early-morning hours working to restore power to the dozens of home that lost electricity. >> i didn't think there was any major damage or anything done, so this morning just walking around, seeing power crews out, just cleaning up debris, and branches everywhere. success jen: this resident had no idea this oak tree came down in his front yard. he discovered the damage at daylight. >> i heard this enormous crack, and i thought that it might be a nearby lightning strike. did not get up to look around. my wife said the whole house shook.
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on quebec street and the other location on millwood lane, the homeowners were actually in bedroomses only the opposite side of the home from where the tree fell, so no one was injured. in northwest washington, suzanne eric? eric: good afternoon. it is going to be heavy on the capital beltway. on the inner loop, we do have the road work active in the right lane past keni
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from route 1. taking a look in wheaton, this is at arcola avenue. this is shut down both lanes. you can see fire crews on sean, and that is for a gas main break here. so you can see that is going to be closed for a little while. hopefully that will be able to reopen soon, but we'll keep an eye out for that as far as changes go. and also looking at 95 in virginia, here past mine road just below dumfries, travel is fairly light, nothing too bad. the southbound traffic does slow down beyond this point below the triangle heading into the quantico, also part of that at route 123 south traffic into woodbridge, it's going to be just a little bit slow already with afternoon delays. that's all from the traffic center for now. back to you. jummy: thank you. new information now about the man who fired on police officers in baton rouge sunday. we are learning gavin long, who killed three officers and injured three others, suffered from post traumatic stress order. sources close to the ambush investigation say long was discharged from the marines back in 2010. he had joined in 2005. that same source tells cnn long may have been taking anti-anxiety drugs, filling a prescription as recently as just last month. he also had prescriptions treating muscle spasms, as well as insomnia. and that investigation continues, and so does the separation between the community and law enforcement. today, cries for unity,
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even justice as well. john gonzalez is in the national order of from a term police, where black lives matter protesters are demanding accountability. john: there's an all-day protest going on in d.c. it is not violent, but disruptive, and that's by design. you can see these young activists have gathered here. they've created a human chain here on the corner of 4th and massachusetts avenue. they are blocking all traffic, and they're holding signs that read "no legislation born on this day," "black lives matter." and over here, well, these folks are actually literally using metal chains to lock themselves up in front of the fraternal order of police legislation building. this is where legislation is drawn up every day, and they are demanding that no new laws are created that they say criminalize young black americans. they are going to hold this rally for 28 hours, because they say that's how long michael brown was lying on the street in ferguson, m
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let's talk to one of the organizers here. this is clarisse. tell me about this demonstration. >> yeah, so we're out here to stop the f.o.p., and we are here to make sure that no legislation was created to criminalize black bodies or protect murderers will prelive rate today. john: thank you so much for talking to us. if you look around, brian, you can show just beyond the human chain, there's plenty of d.c. police officers here in front of the f.o.p. building. they are just on standby right now. they are just watching. but these folks do not have a permit to protest here today. so arrests are possible. these demonstrators saying they don't mind being arrested for their cause. back to you inside. jummy: black police officers are also in the district with a noble conference. they marched to honor their fallen brothers in blue. our sam sweeney explains how important this was to the thousands of law enforcement officers who took part. sam: good afternoon. it was a sea of blue acr
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campus of howard university today, as hundreds of police officers, want just from the d.c. area, but from around the world came together to show that they are committed to helping their communities. one by one, law enforcement officers, human rights activists, and students quietly marched in northwest d.c. our cameras were only able to catch the tail end, though. organizers didn't want the location of the march broadcast for security concerns. it's one of the deadliest years for police officers in the u.s., and racial tension across the country continues to make headlines. that's why this year's national organization of black law enforcement executives conference here in the district is perhaps one of the most important ever. >> the main thing is connecting with the community. that's what it's been about, bringing back the community. >> there are no specific answers, but obviously part is building relationships in the community, and we're getting a lot of those initiatives that come from the 21st century report. sam: noble will wrap up the conference today with a prayer service and a gala later th
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on the campus at howard university, i'm sam sweeney, abc 7 news. jummy: well, it is the third day of donald trump's republican convention. every day bringing new surprises and changes from the conventional convention, so what may number store for today? abc's lana zach has the latest from cleveland. lana: on the second to last night of the republican convention, the questions still linger. will this fractured party finally unite for donald trump before the general election? >> the only thing that unites the entire republican party is the opposition to hillary clinton. lana: the anti-hillary clinton vitriol reaching a fever pitch n cleveland tuesday. new jersey governor chris christie became an attack dog on clinton. >> hillary clinton, the charge of putting herself ahead of america, guilt sister or not guilty. lana: christie was the first of
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stage for trump on tuesday night, and tonight, two of his most attacked rivals, those he dubbed lying ted and little marco, will be given their opportunity to bring their supporters into the fold. neither have endorsed trump yet. but the never trump movement received a fatal blow. >> it's my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the x)dtop. lana: when donald trump jr. made the offer formal. >> congratulations, dad, we love you! lana: and daughter tiffany took the stage to assure republicans that her dad can take the nomination all the way to the white house. tiffany: whatever he does, he gives his sandall does it well. his desire for excellence is contagious. lana: family is the other big theme of this convention, and donald trump and governor mike pence will host a family welcome event here at the science center today. reporting from cleveland, lana zach, abc news. jummy: make sure you stay with us for all
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national convention coverage. abc 7 is live in cleveland tonight with scott thuman. you can get your upwith us here or online at now to a developing story. fox news c.e.o. roger ailes in the spotlight, and he may be looking for an exit from the network. it's after sexual harassment allegations, some including ain or megan kelly. she said ailes made advances to her. she claims it happened 10 years ago when she was a correspondent, and she's not the only one calling him out. more than a dozen fox news personalities have come forward. gretchen carlson, a former fox & friends anchor, said he an teenaged her career when she denied his desires. >> i want to support all women who have been victims of sexual harassment. jummy: at least one lawsuit against ailes and his attorneys firing back, saying the 76-year-old has never sexually harassed megan kelly.
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bars. james newton now sentenced for stabbing a man he didn't know in downtown d.c. t. happened in december after newton and his victim got into an argument. the victim tried to take the knife from him, but was instead stabbed inside. after the prison term, he's expected to be placed on supervised release. now to breaking news. justin wolf has been sentenced to 41 years in prison. he will serve 26 and get credit for 15 years served. you might remember this case. it was really huge in northern virginia back in 2002, justin wolfe was convicted and sentenced to death row for the murder of daniel petrolli. wolfe denied he had anything to do with the murder. back this 2011, a judge ordered a new trial, saying prosecutors withheld or ignored evidence. this past march, wolfe pleaded guilty to his role in the murder. to another story, contractors working in anne arundel co
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route 32 and 295. they found what appeared to be an unexploded military bomb. a bomb squad and hazmat team were on scene trying to secure the ordnance. crews are removing the bomb. that section of route 198 is now back open. coming up here on abc 7 news at noon -- a florida family on vacation in washington state, and their teenage daughter now missing. why her family says they believe she was abducted. plus, a closer look at the man behind an attack on a train in germany, his mission and efforts to call others to do the same. doug: and looking like this view of lightning and thunder may take a break for a while. we have a lot to stuff to share with you.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. >> a florida family is hoping their daughter returns to them. the barlow family was on vacation in washington when the teen disappeared. investigators say they found the 14-year-old cell phone more than 30 miles away from where she was last seen sunday. that gave detectives an indication she was driven away from the area, and her family has reason to believe she was abducted. >> no one is going to get out from florida with 50 degree weather wearing shorts, pajama shorts, and a tank top, a dark tank top, without no shoes. someone as taken a close family fleb us, and my neef is out there. jummy: they're still calling her an endangered missing person. the agency is not yet labeling this an abduction case. now to an update out of germany. isis is claiming responsibility fo
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germany monday night. they say this teen you see on your screen is their soldier. he's from afghanistan and was living in bavaria. the video is calling on others to carry out similar attacks. at one point, he says, as he waves a knife, to kill infidels in their countries that you live in. at least four people are badly wounded in that stab ago tack. the teen was killed by police as he tried to run away from that train. well, new do you brief has surfaced in madagascar, and officials think it might be from flight mh370. thurm plane, it disappeared back in march of 2014, killing everyone on board. an american came across the debris on a beach not far from debris. gibson is trying to get the air crash support group in australia to identify the item. gibson says malaysia still has not picked up five pieces of possible mh370 debris. all right, time to get a check of
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the storms last night, not a repeat today. doug: no, there's a surprise, i got to be honest. we didn't see those coming early yesterday evening, but last night they formed. my dogs had nervous breakdowns last night. it was a surprise, but a wild storm. we're going start with one of the images here. this taking near pentagon city. thanks to steve for sending this. look at the lightning strikes. there was lightning and hail, high winds. we've seen the damage. suzanne kennedy reported on that a little while ago. coming up at 4:00, josh knight is putting together some of the newer photographs and videos we've gotten in. we'll share those with you. but it was a crazy night of storms. good news, storms are over. but this is some of the images we have for you. from katherine knight, capitol hill, hail stones, and those were pockets of heavy hail, along with torrential rain, and high winds. right now, very quiet, though. we're looking at the live weather bug camera from the rockville campus
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79 degrees, a lot of sunshine. the air will slowly get drier today, so we won't have any rain to worry about for any kind of afternoon or evening plans around the area. it will be comfortable as temperatures hold mostly in the mid 80's this afternoon. our average high this time of year is 89, right around 90. 82 at fort washington. 77 in largo. 81 in college park and aspen hill. 83 degrees in springfield. 82 in northwest washington. forecast, good news today. temperatures, watch, actually will cool off a tiny bit during the late afternoon and evening. it will be warm, and it will be dry, and just enough of a breeze to move the air around, so it will be comfortable. this huge area of high pressure over north texas, that is literally a heat machine in the atmosphere. sometimes they move to the south, sometimes they drift to the east-northeast. this one is going to come this way. so we're going to see a steady buildup in temperatures. now, as the high gets closer and closer, instead of having a north or nth
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south and southwesterly direction. that is going to add to heat and humidity, and it is going to be oppressive. tonight, beautiful weather down to the ballpark. first pitch against the dodgers, 7:05, 84 degrees. it will drop down into the 60's overnight. tomorrow, we'll get back to the
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collapse and injure several people. it happened in rochester hills. the bar overhang crashed on customers' heads, and over two dozen people came to the rescue. witnesses say they heard a loud popping noise. >> all the sudden people were trapped underneath the bar, and it took a group effort to lift the overhang up and pull people free. jummy: wow. firefighters say four people were taken to the hospital with head injuries, but they were all alert and talking. and fortunately, no one was killed. coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- a diet surprise. the truth about almond milk, coming up next.
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jummy: 7 on your side with a health matters now. a recently popular drink may not be as healthy as marketed. almond milk may not be giving you the benefits you think you're getting. in a cup of almond milk, experts say you're only getting one gram of protein and seven grams of added sugar. a cup of skim milk, you get eight grams of protein and no added sugar. a healthier option. many almond and nut milks are reconstituted, so i don't know even how many nuts are in the actual milk. jummy: the california almond board says almond milk isn't high on protein and eating a handful of almonds as a snack is a better option. well, stick around. doug is back with a final check of your
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jummy: all right, so none of those showers hopefully like last night. doug: no, it's going to be dry and more comfortable this afternoon. we'll get up to 86 or 8 , plenty of sunshine, a bit of a breeze. tomorrow,
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>> welcome to bucket list week. today, we're playing with some folks who have big dreams but not the money they need to make them come true. that could all change in a matter of minutes today, because it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right. our returning contestant has just one thing on her bucket list--to be reunited with her long-lost daughter. from chelsea, massachusetts, please welcome back fiona power. [cheers and applause] fiona, welcome back. it's good to see you. >> good to see you.


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