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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  July 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. alison: we begin with breaking news old of great falls where one person is debted after a crash on -- person is dead after a crash on river bend road. it happened in the intersection of arnon chapel road. one vehicle was involved and the vehicle hit a tree. we have a crew on the way to the scene. jonathan: a metro transit police officer is losing his pension after losing his cool out on the road. he also could be heading to jail after he pulled his service weapon on another driver in maryland. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live in aspen hill with a story that you will see only on 7. kevin? kevin: steven smith was driving and had to stop short because of a slow-moving vehicle that happened in front of a citgo gas station. he honked his
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words with the driver and pulled out his metro handgun and said, "i'm the police. you don't want this." eric, the victim had to stare face-first at smith's semi-automatic pistol. the 40-year-old said he was afraid for his life but managed to copy down smith's license plate number. montgomery county officers quickly caught up with the off-duty cop fleeing in his ford mustang. they determined that smith was a 15-year veteran of the metro transit police department and today he pleaded guilty to second-degree assault and misconduct in office. he also had to re-sign from the department plus give up his taxpayer funded pension which would have provided him with thousands of dollars of retirement benefits. >> he pulls up on the side and he has his pistol pointed. he goes, "what now? i'm the
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i said, "you better be jesus christ if you are pointing a gun at me." he said, "what? i'm the [bleep] police." with what is going on today you are a white officer pointing a gun at a black guy in his car for no reason. kevin: a judge will sentence smith in december and he could get off as easy as probation or he may go to jail for a number of years. kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: new developments. after proclaiming his innocence, justin wolfe entered a guilty employee. he admitted to his role in planning daniel petrole's murder. we have more coming up at 5:00 including how much of the 41-year sentence wolfe is likely to serve. alison: turning now to vote 2016. the third night for the republican
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tonight's speaker includes ted cruz, newt gingrich, marco rubio, governor scott walker and donald trump's running mate governor mike pence. some of the biggest name on the g.o.p. side of maryland politics are not there with the republicans in cleveland. our maryland bureau chief brad bell is live where the annual j. miller cause clam bake is wrapping up. brad? brad: you can't hardly blame me for finding this excuse for a story today, right? to get to a crab feast in the beautiful town on the eastern shore. i am not alone here. this is a political event. frankly, many of the people here are not just for the crabs, they are here because they don't want to be in cleveland. clams by the ton, people by the thousands. the maryland event of the week. the annual clam bake in tiny, end of the road crab city, usa.
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to come out to enjoy yourself. eat crabs and clams. brad: it's a 40-year-old tradition that seems older thrown by the chamber of commerce this time every year. there is miss crustacean, there is one, says it's good for the region. >> this event is so big, people from all over come around and put us on the map. >> it's a magnet for politicians, especially for the election years. >> you get to be out with real people and listen to the concerns and hear about what people are concerned about. brad: this year for maryland republicans like larry hogan seeking distance from republican nominee donald trump it's a refuge away from the republican convention in cleveland. >> i don't need to watch balloons fall or listen to boring political speeches. i would rather be here with people in maryland. that's what they elected me to do. brad: for the senate candidate. >> i don't think they are eating crabs in cleveland. brad: most of the crowd here are more focused on the cr
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>> i don't get involved in politics. whatever happens, happens. brad: today, you know what? seems an awfully long way from cleveland. brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: fresh crab, political speeches. tough one. resignation offer today from the woman who wrote melania trump's speech for the first night of republican national convention but the campaign says they do not want to accept the resignation. not going to happen. chief political correspondent scott thuman joining us live in cleveland. is this overshadowing the politics there or was this something that blew over as soon as it happened? scott: it matters a lot who the audience you are talking about. here it's a dismissive crowd. they think it's drumming up controversy that shouldn't really exist.
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republicans so perhaps that is an expected answer. the important thing to note we have had what we thought would be a issue reignite by the fact that the staffer has now admitted to taking part of the 2008 speech from michelle obama and inserting it in the speech we heard from melania trump monday night and offered her resignation. it was rejected by the trump campaign as far as we understand. they hope it puts an end to the controversy. but we'll see. we thought it might be over last night and it has found new life. jonathan: this is day three. everything going along as expected. it should be a big night. we expect to see the running mate. what should we expect tonight? what message coming out tonight? scott: interestingly enough, about 15 minutes ago we saw senator ted cruz on stage. you can't be lost on the irony he wanted to be on stage just not in this capacity. he thought it might be his shining moment to be the nominee. what we saw on monday night, that kind of mini rebellion a lot was orchestrated by people who were
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ted cruz. they still haven't signed on to the trump campaign. perhaps never really will. that is what we are waiting to see when he speaks. kind of like a runnersup for vice presidential selections or options. newt gingrich will also be taking the stage. notably absent of course is john kasich. he never released the delegates in ohio. they never went to trump. there is bad blood there. jonathan: we are talking about ohio, a key swing state that you have to win that to win the presidency. the "new york times" now is reporting something you mentioned about a week ago. trump should reach out to kasich as being vice president. now the "new york times" reporting that in fact behind the scenes that did happen. what about that? scott: well, that is our understanding. we are still trying to sort some of that ourselves. as far as we know it sounds like perhaps donald trump jr., by the way i have an extensive conversation with that we will play for you
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that donald trump jr. supposedly reached out to one of the staffers on kasich's campaign and said you could be vice president and offering up he would be in charge of most things that the typically would. there are some denials of that this everything. but john kasich has been very clear from the beginning. he wasn't interested in taking part in a donald trump candidacy at all. and if this is true, well, that would be proof of it. jonathan: endorsement from kasich would be helpful in this case. join us tonight at 7:00 for a special on the third day here of the republican national convention. "your voice, your future" it airs at 7:00 on the sister station newschannel8 or watch it streaming live at without any commercials or interruptions. alison: hopefully you made it outside a little bit today. it pretty much is the gem of more than a week's worth of heat and humidity. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at how much more time we have before it gets
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doug: today is it. the heat and the humidity is going to add on. capital wheel, national harbor , a few clouds. some areas in the middle 80's. that is good news. 82 in annapolis and 83 in abaltimore. it's comfortable. good stuff. what will change in the next several days, the heat will rise and the dew point temperatures will rise. it will be awful. this evening will be fine. tomorrow, the sunshine. we start to warm up. the humidity is still under control. 90 in the afternoon. the next heatwave will make headlines. we will tell you about that coming up. michelle: thank you. covering metro today. and some bumps on the first day of the fifth safetrack surge. transportation reporter brianne carter is live at the ballston station as we hit the
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brianne: well, so far so good. some reporters are riding stop and go. but take a look here at ballston station. we have shuttle buses and the local buses that are showing up at this hour. the work now underway along the track after we learn that the work here was delayed this morning during rush hour after a power issue. while crews executed a power plan last night on the track, this morning the crews discovered power cables that needed to be disconnected to keep the workers shafe. shutting them down would interrupt the section of track where trains were single tracking in rush hour so the crews waited until after rush hour to minimize the impact but ultimately delaying track work. metro said the priority was safety over service. service was further disrupted for many, even longer than the expected wait of trains every 18 minutes. riders tonight confused and frustrate
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have attempted to -- this is the first time i attempted to take metro since june. i'm not sold on it yet. i'll be back in the car and make another effort. brianne: back live you can see the shuttle buses. not many getting on and using them at this point but we have also learned ridership today, this morning west of east ballston church, the station is a 30% dip of ridership. similar to what we saw on the same stretch of track in surge one. jonathan: breaking news. southwest airlines is having issues with the computer system nationwide and as a result all the flights are grounded. the airline says they are aware of the issue. they are investigating what it's calling a problem right now. clearly. we'll keep you updated as the information trickles in especially if the clutch is somehow affecting flights. all southwest airline flights grounded because of a glitch 234 the computer system. when things change e'll get back to you and let you know what
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coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- forget park and ride. what about park and sell? we investigate what is going on in local lots. michelle: later with the negative stories about the police and the communities they serve a part of our area is serving something up a little different. michelle: then the district's first delegate to congress heads to court after disappearing from the u.s. for years.
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michelle: we want to check on the roads for you this afternoon. let's check in with angela foster with traffic details. how is it looking out there? angela: a big difference from this morning. we cleared up the mess from last night's storm. no flood organize trees down but we have a trouble spot. a serious accident in great falls, maryland. newschopper7 is live over the scene. there are a lot of folks turned around as a result of the accident and the closure in great falls. river bend road shut down north of georgetown pike. we are looking at the capital beltway. an unusual outer loop delay that starts in bethesdad continues to the springfield interchange.
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that is the latest on the roads. we'll send it back to you. michelle: a gorgeous day outside. to do anything. jonathan: it is fantastic what is coming in a matter of hours. yikes! a real treat for folks to the citi open. michelle: cheryl conner is live at the rock creek tennis center. alison: some kids paired up professionals today. what a thrill for them. cheryl: would you love to be a reporter? >> i would love to be a reporter. cheryl: she is already f
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fence here from three years ago? >> yes. cheryl: you are a senior in high school. >> the washington tennis education foundation brought students here for the professional development day. chris green is paired up with the citi open tournament director and this is a behind the scenes for what it takes to get the players in front of a live audience. >> get new skills. business manager. like my partner. >> it's professional development day so the students with the washington tennis education foundation followed the pros off the court. wtef is the non-profit benefiting from the tournament. >> get a sense of what you want to do early on it's a competitive world. they put in advantage with network and knowledge. >> they e checking out the rock creek tennis center before it opens to the
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>> you don't know what they have eaten or if they've slept the night before. it brings a lot of things that you need when taking a test like focus. >> this is the first day. we hope to make it something the kids can continue on. >> green knows working on the backhand is just one play in the game of life. >> they took me in. took me under their wing and made me a better person. cheryl: they get a $50,000 check for the end of the program. jonathan: she has a future. thank you. you can watch the citi open on the sister station the tennis channel. here is a list of where you can find it through the local satellite
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and find a complete list because we put it on website at michelle: i'm glad they are getting a break when it comes to the weather. they had extreme heat and the rain that rolled through. jonathan: huge storm. michelle: today is perfect. alison: the weekend will be super hot. doug: extremely hot. one reason is so pleasant is the line of storms that came in along the front. wild. jonathan: some storm! michelle: incredible. doug: people have been talking about it all day long. a lot of you shared pictures with us today. meteorologist josh knight put together a nice summary of what we saw and experienced last night. here is the story. josh: a quiet evening captured by debra in d.c. wasn't quiet for long. this is the sound of hail hitting the window. a ton of the hail was collected on the streets below. laura sent us these pictures from the same area.
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hailstones northeast d.c. meteorologist steve rudin was on air when the severe thunderstorms pushed through downtown. you can see all the lightning. rich took this picture from across the tidal basin. another point of view from gaithersburg. these from leila. this is from brian in olney. check this out taken by one of our own, ben rice at the owa jima memorial. now the clean-up. john saunderman showed us trees toppled around the white house. montgomery county fire showed several trees crushing houses near silver spring. you can see where lightning struck a house in bethesda. meteorologist josh knight, abc7 news. doug: all right, josh. like a lot of the photographs we shared with you, we like to show them on tv as well. if we have any news, see it and sen it to get it on-air and online.
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shift going through the next few days with the excessive heat and the humidity. if you dine outside at a restaurant, cafe or on your backyard or patio. it's gorgeous tonight. temperatures will slowly drop in the lower 80's with low humidity and sunshine. the big story is the big surge of heat that is building and heading our direction. the warmth starts on the ground and the level of the warm air rises in the atmosphere it will be just, be a solid four to five-day period of excessive heat and building humidity. we have the winds out of the east and the northeast. that will ramp up the temperatures and the humidity levels and the discomfort. tonight is mostly
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tomorrow is hot but the humidity is under control. but by friday is 95. it will feel like 100 degrees. that is just the begining of the heatwave. the weekend forecast for the citi open the final day is 98 air temperature on saturday. 99 on sunday. heat index values 105-110 degrees. in the next seven days the high heat continues to monday and possibly on tuesday. when it cools off, we are talking about the lower 90's by wednesday. eventually showers and storms. use the information as you make weekend plans. the heat and the humid is a big story. michelle: thank you. we want to get back to breaking news. more on the southwest airlines nationwide computer problem. head down to the newsroom with leon. what are you hearing? leon: what we are seeing and hearing is southwest airlines problem is now having an impact here on the regional airports. we are seeing now, reports out of reagan national
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long lines and we are hearing words. picture from baltimore right now. you can see the long lines are tracking up behind the ticket counters. the word we are getting is the problem that southwest has is not allowing anybody to print out any boarding passes or any tickets anywhere. there but word that boarding passes were being written up manually at reagan airport. sam ford is on his way. we'll get word from him after he sees what is going on there. but this is happening nationwide. we tried to check with southwest directly. here is what the website showing now. they are acknowledging there is a problem and they will try to keep people informed on what is going on. right now they are only communicating by way of twitter and they will let everybody know where they are and where they stand as the process plays out. but right now planes for southwest are not taking off. the ones that are landing are probably not going to take off for some time. we will keep an eye on the situation and watch the local
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is happening there if you have a flight that is supposed to take off this evening. we'll keep you posted on abc7. back upstairs to you. michelle: thank you. bad timing for that. everyone trying to make summer travel moves. come up for us at 4:00 -- remembering the man behind some of the most memorable shows and movies in the last 50 years. kellye: i'm kellye lynn in silver spring. i will tell you about a summer program helping to close the achievement gap. that stor
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michelle: while most students are taking a break from school. classrooms are bustling with activity in montgomery county. in today's "spotlight on education" kellye lynn shows us how a summer program at eight schools in the county is ed helping to close the achievement gap. kellye: school is in session even though it's july. >> i'm here because i want get more education. she has come to the right place. she is helping her improve her reading and math and it stands for building educated leaders for life. >> we come in to help close the achieveme
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kellye: many students have academic activity at the home school and are at risk of falling farther behind in the summer months. >> we stop the learning month of two months but we show gain. 1.5 month gain in five-week program. kellye: oliver cruz hopes to bring up his math score. >> i learn multipycation to get better at it -- multiplication to get better at it. kellye: on friday they leave the classroom and go on field trips. every day breakfast and lunch are served. in the afternoon, students attend enrichment classes like sign language, technology, art and drama. the free program is in the first year in montgomery county. students here are enthusiastic. >> if the old school is so hard they can come here to learn better. kellye: in
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kellye lynn. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a parking lot turned into a used car lot. "7 on your side" after folks looking for parking raised the red flag on this one. >> the loudoun county sheriff office is reaching out to kids through free slurpie coupons. i'm amy aubert. i have th "ow..." "are you okay?" "yeah, i just got charged for my credit monitoring. that's how i know it"s working." "ah. you know you can go on and check it out there. it's completely free." "really?" "yeah" "oh, that didn't hurt at all." "yeah, completely painless." "credit karma. give yourself some credit."
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michelle: right now a group of loudoun county residents is holding a pot luck with police in ashburn calling it loudoun police appreciation. they say they are working to support local law enforcement agencies in the wake of all that has been happening like in louisiana and texas over the last few weeks. we'll take you to that event coming up at 5:00. alison: also in loudoun county sheriff deputies there hit the streets earlier today. handing out sweet citations. this is for kids. it's a program that proves hard work pays off. in this case, it is all in the form of 7-eleven slurpies. what could be better on a hot day? they have done it before but as amy aubert shows you on the ride-along with the crew, this year it means a little more. >> are you going to 7-eleven to get slurpies? amy: for the loudoun county sheriff office it's all about getting involved. and meeting the faces of the com
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dialogue there and keep the presence there. >> this summer operation chill offering a free slurpie coupon to kids working hard brings a deeper meaning. >> we are not the bad guys. >> this shows how much they are helping out. >> it means a lot. they go out there every day and risk their lives to help us live. thigh are giving out the coupons for several months. they ran out a week ago and they plan to ask for more. kids at the mcgruff safety camp were all cheer. >> raise your hands and say, "i want one." >> i
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>> a ticket proof hard work pays off to bring smiles and understanding. >> amy aubert, abc7 news. jonathan: well, everybody woke up this morning still talking about what happened last night. that was one way to go to bed. so much thunder and lightning. it was loud. parked epitouch of us. doug: hail. they will pop up like that and it caught us all off-guard. tonight is better shape. look at this. a beautiful summer afternoon. temperatures are not excessive yet. take a look at the heat coming this way. i'll tell you up it will be heat advisory or warning or weather headlines around parts of the area this weekend. hot spot is reagan international at 88 degrees. through t
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stay cloudy to clear overnight. the lows will settle to 70 and 71 in the area. it's a great start to the morning. the wins will change direction to the south and the southwest. 90 tomorrow. the humidity is under control. 95 with the higher humidity on friday, saturday, sunday. awful here. steve rudin will be back in 15 minutes live in clarendon to talk about the heat that is headed here. jonathan: thank you, doug. following new developments out of orlando, florida. that is where the parents of the toddler killed by an alligator at disney world decided not to sue the amusement park. a family spokesman couldn't say if a settlement had been reached but in a
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parents want to focus on their future health. the president of the theme park says they will continue to support the family. alison: actress shannon doghourty shared photos to show her fans her battle breast cancer. the #cancersucks. her diagnosis was delayed after she said she sued her former business managers for allowing her health insurance to lapse. michelle: he was larger than life and funnier than most. that was the tweet from henry winkler learning after garry marshal died yesterday. marshall made a name for himself before moving to writing and directing films with hits along the way. >> ♪ sunday, monday, happy days ♪ >> marshall created "happy days" in 1974 and it ran for 11
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>> observe. michelle: a few years later the spinoff came. >> the hardest person i ever fought with most is my sister penny on "laverne and shirley." >> there is only one fair way to settle this. >> fine by me. >> two years after that, another spinoff in "mork and mindy." >> help me. i'm melting! michelle: in the 1980's and the 1990's he was a film on the silver screen. >> get rid of your gum. i don't believe you did that. michelle: 1990's "pretty woman" was one of his signature film but he directed "beaches" "the princess diaries" and "overboard." he went on to take on valentine's day, new year's eve and mother's day. >> i like to
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the human condition of regular people. michelle: anne hathoway say he was always looking for the funny. garry marshall was 81. we are all watching and remembering some of my favorite movies. "pretty woman." jonathan: "happy days." mr. television. alison: bringing back the memories just seeing the short clips. michelle: robin williams to see him is sad. jonathan: think how many careers he launched. genius. alison: he had a good relationship with julia roberts. she was in all of his movies until the end. i will head to the newsroom to get ready for "abc7 news at 5:00". so a pokémon go player, did you hear about this? crashes into a police car. it happened
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we will tell you what we learned about this. about how often people are playing while driving. how is that possible? we'll tell you what is being done to fight back. jonathan: then coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a local department store tries out what it hopes will be the next generation of shopping. check this out. sam: former d.c. congressman
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it's one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. michelle: today marks 47 years since neil armstrong uttered those words as he stepped off of apollo 11. onto to the moon. today armstrong's gloves and helmet are on display at the smithsonian national air and space museum udvar-hazy center. jonathan: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert as macy's is experimenting with artificial intelligence. the company right now is working on a mobile tool that would let you get answers while you are shopping. customer in-store helper for you. you are in the store and you ask a question and you get answers. normally a salesperson would take care of that. not so much. the tool is developed by the same folks who worked on e
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the macy's in bethesda is one of ten stores testing out the system. michelle: you might have heard about facebook's algorithm change. we want to make sure you can still get news and updates from abc7. if you are on the computer go to the facebook page. scroll over the button that says, "liked" and click the pencil icon next to in your feed news. next click the notification and click the box next to the post and click done. this will ensure you are notified when we put up a new post. it's a lot of steps but do it to stay connected. you can click the following button and see first for the update on the mobile phone. we have it all on the web site.
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jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- he stood the test of time. impacted thousands of lives in the process. we will introduce you to the coach of the week. michelle: a park and ride became a park and sell until the item started investigating.
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michelle: "7 on your side" after angry viewers contacted us saying a local park and ride built with your tax dollars has become a used car lot and authorities aren't doing anything about it. "7 on your side" government watchdog investigator chris papst went to southern anne arundel county to check it out. chris: if you drive east on route 4 not far from the calvert south line you come across a small park and ride. it's likely to have a few cars in it. most aren't part of any commute. megan lives down the road. >> it's a park and ride and should be used for what it is used for. people commuting and parking there t r
4:48 pm
chris: the day the item stopped by ten cars were were sale off the busy highway ranging from $2,000 to $10 $10,000. many had the same phone number. we called and left a message. >> we quickly got a call back. chris: within an hour we returned to the lot and met the seller. paul? >> what's up? chris: i'm chris from abc7 news. can we ask you a few questions about you using the park-and-ride and a used car lot? >> sure. chris: paul owns town square auto in dunkirk a few miles east on route 4. for years he sold cars year. a great location with no overhead. >> isn't this implied it's just for a park and ride? >> i park a car and i rode. it is! it's a park-and-ride. chris: it appears that he is right.
4:49 pm
administration told the item what he and others are doing is in a day area legally. but now after side -- a gray area legally. but now after "7 on your side" started investigating the state will install these signs warning car salesman that their inventory could be towed or ticketed if one of these signs is displayed in the window. >> we are all just trying to survive. make a living. it's very difficult to do in the business world we are in today. i never thought i was doing anything that was wrong. chris: chris papst, abc7 news. michelle: time now to recognize one of our local mentors who means so much to the region. student athletes. dr. thomas clifford today. taekwondo instructor in bladensburg, maryland. jonathan: he has a black belt in five different martial art style but tim pact he has had on so many lives that is impressive. robert burton introduce us us
4:50 pm
robert: it will take more than a busted knee to keep dr. thomas away from the students. >> it won't stop me. i am in the gym six days a week. i put ten hours a day on the bike. i come in here and teach my class. robert: with walker and all. >> turn their head. robert: he teaches the taekwondo classes every thursday, friday, saturday. training over a hundred students. >> he has been teaching tiian doe since 1964 -- teaching taekwondo since 1964. and his former discipline is unmatched. >> you run two laps or three laps you need ten push-ups. when you leave that class. you look good. their chest stuck out. i'll see you next week, doc! that's it. that is the key. you build a leader. you don't cut a child up.
4:51 pm
into upstanding adults. >> you take a baby, 3-year-old, and then by 18 years later he comes back and says, "hey, doc," he is nine foot tall. "hey, doc, thanks, doc, for all you done for me." because i have been a positive part of his life. i love what i do. robert: with the coach of the week i'm robert burton, abc7 sports. steve: i'm abc7's steve rudin live at the clarendon farmers market. you can see what is in season now. we have corn, onions and potatoes. peaches and blueberries and melons. the works. a lot of tomatoes. talk about the forecast. start you off this everything. if you have plans to head to the pool, looking at the temperatures in the 80 for the everything hours. a lot of sunshine to enjoy until 8:30 tonight when the sun finally goes down. for the day tomorrow, 90 degrees for a high. a lot of sunshine. winds out of the south at 4-8
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don't forget about the citi open. it continues through this week into the upcoming weekend. that is when the finals will occur. make sure you have plenty of water. 98 to 99 degrees. saturday, sunday, to monday. chance for thunderstorms on monday. middle 9 it 0's on tuesday. a beautiful everything in clarendon. farmers market is bustling and everyone is enjoying themselves having fun. enjoy the low humidity. let's check on traffic with angela foster. angela: on the afternoon, well, steve, pretty busy out
4:53 pm
of incidents. we are following a serious crash, though, in great falls, virginia. shut down on little river bend road just north of georgetown pike. the closure will be in effect for quite some time. we are also seeing the impact that are flowing for people trying to get through that stretch. back to you. michelle: thank you from the roads to the skies. we are updating the breaking news. southwest airlines flights are grounded after a computer problem. they are reporting and advising passengers to leave themselves plen till of time. we'll have much more on the
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michelle: new developments today after walter fauntroy returned to d.c. after years overseas. sam ford was there when he had his day in court. sam: when walter fauntroy walked out of prince george's county today. his legal problem seemed headed to resolution. >> everybody agreed there is not a trial. we'll resolve it quickly and make sure the complaint is made whole. sam: his attorney said they
4:57 pm
check he wrote before skipping the court date and country four years ago for the middle east. are you glad to be back home? >> i can't tell you how happy i am to be here in the warm sunshine of washington, d.c. in the metropolitan area. sam: the 83-year-old former congressman also retired pastor returned last month only to be arrested after dulles airport in virginia on the maryland bench warrant. later released to make the court appearance today. >> well, i just so grateful to the people who trusted me. who trusts god and supported my wife. sam: last year we interviewed mrs. fauntroy about her husband who wouldn't come home from dubai. he saw it on youtube as friends around the world. >> and they love my wife. because of what she said to you. >> i'm sure there are some
4:58 pm
wives who would say look, i'm sorry. you got to go. sam: the reverend fauntroy didn't have answers like what was he doing over there all that time but his attorney said he would have a forum in the future in which he would answer other questions. reporting from prince george's county maryland, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. leon: driven to distraction. >> are you okay? leon: area police have seen enough pokémon go take action to keep obsessed players from hurting themselves and others. >> he goes, "what now? i'm in the [bleep] police." leon: an officer who lost his cool. and why local politicians chose a small town tradition over the republican
4:59 pm
announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. alison: begin with the breaking news we have been following this afternoon. computer problem at southwest airlines. this is affecting flights all over the country. our jonathan elias made his way down to the live desk now monitoring the latest on this. jonathan? jonathan: we don't know if this was a hack or a glitch but we know that southwest airlines computer system has been sent to complete disarray. as a result, all of the flights that are still on the ground are going to stay there until the glitch is fixed. those flights that have already left the gate or taken off will make it to the destination. as a result, as you can imagine, this is a major headache for anybody who has a southwest flight booked this evening. the problem has not been resolved. we have been reporting about this for the better part of the half hour. southwest put out a statement. they began experiencing intermittent performance issues earlier this afternoon with multiple technology systems and as a result of the outage they say we are now
5:00 pm
the system with a temporary ground stop in place for those flights that have not left the gate. we apologize for customers whose travel plans are impacted by this. we have a team of experts working diligently to resolve the technical issues and the efforts have the systems gradually coming back online. we expect to continue a move toward a normal operation but believe it will take time and have not given us an idea how long. jump dates will be posted on or southwest facebook page and twitter accounts. this is a picture now of b.w.i. you can imagine when a flight is expected to take off and all they are told is no planes are coming or going, this is what you get. folks who have shown up on time for their flights. they are sitting there waiting word from southwest airlines to what exactly happened. again, all southwest flights across the country have been grounded as a result of some kind of problem within the computer system. we will stay on top of this. if we get new information we'll get back to you. leon: you got i


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