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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  July 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the system with a temporary ground stop in place for those flights that have not left the gate. we apologize for customers whose travel plans are impacted by this. we have a team of experts working diligently to resolve the technical issues and the efforts have the systems gradually coming back online. we expect to continue a move toward a normal operation but believe it will take time and have not given us an idea how long. jump dates will be posted on or southwest facebook page and twitter accounts. this is a picture now of b.w.i. you can imagine when a flight is expected to take off and all they are told is no planes are coming or going, this is what you get. folks who have shown up on time for their flights. they are sitting there waiting word from southwest airlines to what exactly happened. again, all southwest flights across the country have been grounded as a result of some kind of problem within the computer system. we will stay on top of this. if we get new information we'll get back to you. leon: you got i
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globe causing safety concerns to talk about tonight. we are talking about pokémon go. the newest fear is distracted driving. this is after baltimore police released a body camera footage from monday night here showing a drive slamming into an empty police cruiser. no one was hurt but the driver immediately admitted he was playing the game at the time. now at 5:00, ryan hughes found that is one of many prompting a push for safety now. ryan: she has been playing pokémon for as long as she remembered. >> i'm a giant fan. that is all i can say. ryan: she can't even describe why except -- >> it basically brings all the pokémon that life. like a dream come true for me. ryan: ever since pokémon go hit the market like many kids, she has been glued to her cell phone. so imagine 12 nonstop hours. pokethon. that is
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the government center in fairfax county. >> we thought it was a great opportunity to have an event, partner with the police, share safety tips. ryan: kids are led on poke walks and they are learning how to play the game safely from police. since the game has launched the list is growing where not to play pokémon. police say one of the most dangerous places is in the driver's seat. >> are you okay? ryan: baltimore police released a video tuesday of a distracted driver crashing into a patrol car while playing pokémon go. in fairfax county they clocked a driver this week hitting 80-mile-per-hour going after a pokémon in a 50-mile-per-hour zone. >> we had one where an individual ran a stop sign at full speed and not even slowing. wasn't paying attention. ryan: police in vienna have seen two case of pokémon players driving erratically. now they are telling players don't get behind the wheel. >> have fun but do so
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hughes, abc7 news. alison: well, it was a wild night for a big part of our viewing area. did you hear the storms last night? hail battered homes, lightning lit up the sky. even striking some homes around here. this morning many awoke to find the power out and the ground literred with debris -- littered with debris. the focus is the heat coming next. doug hill is here. today is nice. wish we could keep it like this. doug: me, too. not going to work out that way. tomorrow is okay. warmer. the humid levels are still under control. then we will lose control. it will get exceptionagely hot and humid as we head to and through the weekend. first up, a beautiful image outside now. it will quite a while before we find temperatures in the mid-80's. 85 in reagan national. 83 in baltimore. the
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at 89. 88 in fredericksburg. going through the evening hours it's fine for the outdoor dining around the area. low humidity. great for grilling. temperatures will drop to 79 in the metro area by 8:00 tonight. looking overnight it is clear and comfortable. 63 to 70 for low temperatures. when you wake up thursday morning. through the day tomorrow 90 degrees. the heat will start to build. but the humidity whether be under control. that will change heading to friday. leon: insult added to frustration for metro riders. metro is saying no work was done on the orange and the silver line. this is despite the entire track being closed down from east balls church to ball -- east falls church to ballstop. that meant 18-minute gap between trains. that condition will continue through the end of the month. coming up at 6:00, transportation reporter brianne carter is going to lay out the mistake that brought traffic to a halt. alison: now turn to the republican national convention where th
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family. but today, a different republican reality tv star entered the mix. >> it was harder to come out as a republican. leon: that is caitlyn jenner. she has been active in the g.o.p. for year. but after revealing she is transgender she is pushing for a change in the party to protect transgender people. >> over the last three years we had three republican state representatives. henson and craig and paul allen who were all arrested for lewd behavior in a men's bathroom. maybe what we should do is ban republican representtives at a state level from -- representatives at at a state level from being in bathrooms. alison: caitlyn jenner dismiss speak and shou
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in the spotlight of the day, donald trump cleveland arrival and admission of guilt for melania's trump apparent plagiarism. we are joined live with what has happened so far and what is still to come. marci gonzalez? marci: hi, well, donald trump and the running mate are now together in cleveland where tonight mike pence will take the stage to formally accept his v.p. nomination. trump and pence holding a rally together for the first time since becoming the official g.o.p. nominees. >> let's hear it for the next president of the united states of america donald trump. marci: but the focus is still on the speech given by melania trump on the opening night. staff writer is apologizing for the similarity to michelle obama's speech. >> you work hard for
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>> your word is your bond. you do what you say. marci: she wrote it was her mistake saying mrs. trump read her passages from mrs. obama speech as example of the messages she wanted to share. i wrote them down and later included some of the phrasing in the draft that ultimately became the final speech. she said she offered her reanalysis neigh but it was -- resignation but it was rejected. two of trump's most attacked rivals, though he dubbed "lying ted" and "little marco" address a party still trying to send a message of unity. >> if we defend the constitution and empower the people i promise you there are brighter days ahead for the united states of america. marci: neither ted cruz nor marco rubio
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yet. it's still unclear if it will happen here tonight. live in cleveland, marci gonzalez, abc7 news. back to you. alison: so of course we heard back to the trump family, we heard from two of his children last night. another one scheduled to speak tonight. what do we expect to hear from eric trump? marci: a trump spokesperson says eric trump's speech will be much more personal. he says it is a moving speech that will give people an in-depth understanding of who trump is and what it was like for his children to grow up with trump as their father. back to you. alison: all right. thank you very much. is that well, among the notable absences from the republican national convention is maryland governor larry hogan. but that red governor in a blue state is keeping himself busy. in fact, he is enjoying a long maryland tradition of steaming blue crabs until they are red. maryland bureau chief brad bell explains from the clam bake.
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hogan said he would rather be eating crabs on the eastern shore than listening to politicians in cleveland. >> i love this thing. i have been to it almost every year for decades. brad: so the republican governor is today among the huge crowd at the 40th annual clam bake, not at the republican convention. >> a lot more folk here that are important rather than sitting in a room with a bunch of people in cleveland. brad: republican senate candidate also not there. >> i couldn't justify the expense of my campaign to go to cleveland. brad: this event named for a former governor has always been political for both major parties even if most in attendance barely notice the politicians as they crack claws, enjoy fish, clams and even watermelon. this isn't just about cracking crabs and politicses. the hos here is the chamber of commerce for the town. this town was once booming.
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the hope is that tourism and seafood will remain lifeline for this little community. brad bell, abc7 news. leon: all right. i know you're jealous those of you that like crabs. tonight the focus is on indiana's republican governor, vice presidential nominee mike pence. he makes the keynote address tonight. coming up in the next half hour our chief political correspondent scott thuman takes a look at what effect pence could have on the race and the republican party going forward. alison: but now, back to the breaking news. the computer problem at southwest airlines that is affecting flights all over the country. sam ford made the way to reagan national airport. what are you seeing there, sam? sam: well, let's take a look. look down this line of folks here. they are all kind of people here who have been sort of stuck because they couldn't do anything. be
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the country they were doing paper tickets to get flights going. right now we just heard that the computer is back. the computer is back. they are bringing the system back. that is a big deal if you have all the people stuck here. they couldn't figure out what flight for them to get onto. talk to some of the people. how long have you been here? >> we have been here more 45 minutes. sam: that is not that bad. >> not that bad. sam: were you surprised to see all the folks from here? >> we were surprised. we're from corpus christie, texas. our lines aren't like this. we understand there are problems. sam: but they are back. >> i'm principal of a middle school. i'm fine with waiting. sam: so we don't have people terribly upset.
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could not get any bookk of flights or basically any information from a kiosk or online. you can see a plane just sort of going by. if you look down a line that goes down a hallway. all of this is clearing out. southwest says the computers are back and they will figure out how to move all the people out of d.c. sam ford, abc7 news. leon: want to get away? alison: eventually. leon: exactly. still ahead at 5:00, filing back. a clerk swipes a shotgun from a would-be thief. but first it was "you're fired" but now a different story emerming about his future. alison: he was five
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being executed on death row. a new trial was ordered. now he is a convicted killer again. the new sentence for justin wolfe just ahead. >> all of these are letters of appreciation from fouks in loudoun to the law enforcement officers. this is one that says thank you for keeping the community safe. we will tell you
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leon: black lives matter protesters rallying in northeast washington blocking roads and entrances to the national fraternal order of police legislative building. they are there to block any new laughs that criminalize young black americans they say. they also say they plan to stay out for 28 hours. while 28? because that is how long michael brown's body lay on the street in ferguson, missouri. alison: in northwest washington, black police officers took to the street to honor the fallen brothers in blue. it wrapped up the national organization of black law enforcement week-long conference held in district. leon: tonight police officers in loudoun county are getting a show of support from t
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there. alison: roz plater joins us live from ashburn where officers are treated now to something really nice before they hate the streets. tell us about it. roz: i'm in roll call. they just had to leave a couple minutes ago but let's show you pictures. these folk came out in roll call to bring them treats. pizza and brownies and the sodas to wash it down, letters of appreciation. this is the work of a new community group called the loudoun police appreciation group organized on facebook. they were moved to do something after the deadly attacks on the police officers in other cities like dallas and baton rouge. here is what the organizer had to say about it. >> what was jarring to us is the facebook post by the officer in baton rouge, the way he had felt both in uniform and outside of uniform.
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show our support to the police department. roz: they are also bringing with them letters of support. a lot are written by kids in the neighborhood. "i feel bad you have to be scared sometimes. you have so much courage to protect us. thank you for keeping us protected. you rock." that is what they are doing. they have done it a couple of times and do it tonight. the dinner for the leesburg police. a lot of support in the community for law enforcement officers. live in ashburn, i'm roz plater, abc7 news. leon: thank you. alison: it is warm out there. doug: comfortably warm. alison: not too bad. it is going to be later on. doug: we don't often say in july it's comfortably warm. is it tonight. but it won't be for the next few days. is it going to get rough. steve rudin got the assignment to go up the road to clarendon at the farmers market there. leon: right at home there, we should add. >> reloves a farmers market
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market this man. steve: surprise, surprise. look where i am. we are at the clarendon farmers market. it's open until 7:00. you can tell what is in season here. tomatoes. heirloom, red peppers, berries , peaches. talk about the weather for the evening. it looks fantastic. we have a lot of sunshine. temperatures to stay in the 80's with a good deal of sunshine. the sun will set past 8:00 tonight. we look for conditions to cool down. not as humid. 23 you are not in the fruits and the vegetables. you have a choice of breads, cakes and brownies. all sort of things. doug, would you rather me bring back tomatoes or something like this? your choice. doug tomatoes -- doug: tomatoes would be good.
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doug: always. don't let this fool you. that is genetic. not too much eating. let's get you started here. beautiful view in annapolis at st. mary's elementary school. temperature is 84 degrees. clouds on the distant horizon. sunshine around the area. it will be great throughout the everything tonight with lower humidity levels and comfortable july temperatures. 84 in winchester and 84 in frederick. baltimore in 83. 84 in easton and 83 in andrews. 85 at reagan national airport. we think it is comfortable because it's based on the dew point temperatures. the moisture content of the air. when they are in the 50's and the low 60's that is as comfortable as it gets in july. tonight the nats in town again, against the dodgers. first pitch at 7:05. it should be sunny and 83 degrees. perfect weather night at the ballpark. unlike last night. didn't wind up so perfect weather with the storms. we have high pressure building in tonight. the ch
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very small. heat and the humidity building. this high pressure offshore will kick in gear to make way for the building hot air mass out west. we get in the weekend and we have extreme heat and higher humidity levels a chance of the thunderstorms popping are there. somewhere there could be a pop-up storm. keep the excessive heat and the humid at the front of the mind as you make the plans to be outdoors this weekend. tonight is gorgeous. clear and comfortable. 63 to 70 degrees. tomorrow throughout the day. plenty of sunshine. we start to warm up to 90 in tamp. -- in the afternoon. 90 degree temperatures are no big deal here. humidity levels creep up a little bit. wasn't we get through tomorrow the heat and the humidity will creep up and it will be a problem. there the core of the heat to build eastward. we will add the moisture. we have plane and simply a
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heatwave around here. the humidity levels will make it feel like 105-108. i will cool down to 95 on tuesday. i expect part of the area or all the area will be under a heat warning or advise from friday to monday. leon: tell the truth. you didn't bydapt the tomatoes -- you didn't want the tomatoes. dog -- doug: i do! i don't have to stop on the way tome oh get them. leon: you are planning to throw them somewhere. that's what that is about. act of bravery against company policy. sudden change of events after we were told a clerk who snatched a shotgun away from a thief lost his job for doing that. >> a murder and drug case
5:23 pm
faces decades more b
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leon: a new sentence for the former drug king once sentenced to death row for killing a fellow drug dealer. alison: more almost 15 years justin wolfe fought for a new trial. once he got it, he abruptly pleaded guilty. richard reeve explains what happened here as wolfe
5:26 pm
richard: a 41-year prison sen fence for justin wolfe after a plea deal for where he admitted plotting the 2001 murder of fellow marijuana dealer daniel petrole jr. wolfe telling the court, "i understand the pain i caused. an apology is not enough. i'm sorry. i'm sorry." wolfful with's stunning handwritten confession -- wolfe's stunning handwritten confession in march. he had argued from death row often that petrole's shooting death was at the hands of another dealer. >> he is innocent. he told the same story for 12 years. richard: but his confession tells how he and a codefendant wanted to rob petrole of cash and marijuana. they decided to kill him shooting him nine times in his car march 15, 2001, fearing he would try to intact revenge. "my heart literally broke that day petrole's mother
5:27 pm
court. i miss him every day of my life." talking about wolfe she added, "he shook his hand, looked him in the eye, took him to his death and he organize straited it." wolfe's family didn't speak coming out of court. the attorney filed motions to have the sentence reduced. to no avail. >> disappointed. >> why is that? >> we put everything in the papers. no comment. richard: under stensing guidelines wolfe could face 35 years behind bars and wouldn't a free man until he was in his mid-50's. in manassas, richard reeve; abc7 news. alison: still ahead here at 5:00, road rage from a man with a badge and a gun. how long he will be spending behind bars. what he said that had the victim say he better be jesus christ. leon: plus a big career change after a 7-eleven clerk swipes a shotgun from a would-be thief. what is next for the clark after this is caught on video. alison: next, a big focus tonight for the g.o.p.
5:28 pm
can v.p. nominee mike pence have on the election outcome?
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♪ ♪ as long as you love me, anyit's alright. ♪e. ♪ ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me. ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. leon: back to the breaking news we have been following. a look at the reagan normal. southw
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terminal "a" starting to take off again. nationwide computer issue halted all flights for the airport. things are getting back online now we are told. but there are going to be heavy delays. our sam ford is at reagan national and will have a live report in the hour. keep it tuned. alison: a bit of an over-the-top arrival but that is what you come to expect from donald trump. the republican presidential nominee arrived via helicopter. mike pence tonight is in the spotlight to deliver the keynote address. how much does his name on the ticket mean for the race for the white house? scott thuman gives us perspective from the r.n.c. scott: there is no arguing it's tough to outshine donald trump on a stage. but then again, mike pence isn't tasked with wowing. he is
5:32 pm
targeting those really right wing voters still uneasy with the top of the ticket. >> governor mike pence fits the mold well. scott: senator ernst contends pence can pull his weight there. >> he is appealing to different demographics. those that are more conservative. >> he served in the house, leader of the conservatives in the u.s. house of representatives, successful governor with executive experience. a proven conservative on the issues. that is what we need. scott: experts like to opine that v.p. picks rarely matter much but sometimes they move the needle. >> the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? lipstick. scott: sarah palin drew crowds to standard mccain campaign. and l.b.j. helped bring in the
5:33 pm
1960's. pence may play a more valuable troll encourage lukewarm politicians to start stumping. >> i think it adds a little bit for members of congress to have one of their own that they have known for a long time. scott: in fact we talked with plenty of leaders this week reserved talking trump. but lit up when we mention mike pence. it will be interesting to see if it pays off on the campaign trail. in cleveland, i'm scott thuman. alison: as donald trump was arriving in cleveland, in hollywood this is what an artist was doing. protesting trump's ideas. the artist known as plastic jesus. he built this concrete wall complete with barbed wire. right around trump's star on the walk of fame. it's a reference to trump's pump for a wall along the u.s. border with mexico. leon: the stomach virus that sickened a
5:34 pm
been contained. no new patients shown any sign of norovirus. 11 member of the california delegation got sick at the beginning of the convention. the source is a mystery. we are your home for the republican national convention coverage. join us at 7:00 for an hour-long look rat what is happen something far. we will look at what happens next in cleveland. that is coming your way at 7:00 on newschannel8 and alison: the 7-eleven employee who single handedly disarmed a would-be robber is getting a promotion. the frederick news post got the video here to show the gunman who points the shotgun in joseph layman's face. he just grabs it. yanks it out of his hasn't. look at that. the store owner said it cost him his job because he violated company policy. by fighting back there. but there were angry phone calls and now he is pro
5:35 pm
he is getting a raise. leon: good! alison: yeah. that was tough right there. wow! very brave. "7 on your side" to help track crimes in your neighborhood. we posted spot crime maps at click on the on your side tab for that. coming up next at 5:00, off-duty transit cost loses his cool. what he did to cost him his job and his pension coming up. >> it's tough, right? you can do it, right? leon: league of their own. how a unique hockey team is. helping you on and off the ice.
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leon: for more than ten years a parent has been giving youth with special needs opportunity to experience success on his own and does it with his heart and a hockey stick. so meet this week's "harris' hero." randy and his nova cool cat. at the ice plex, young hockey players suit up for practice. members of a hockey team for youth with disabilities. randy started the team in
5:40 pm
autistic could play hockey. >> we try to give them instruction for hockey. bottom line we are teaching them to be a team. leon: to help them, they are paired with the team mentors. zack has been skating with aiden smith who has down syndrome since he was 6. they have developed a close bond. >> he has grown into a vocal person. it has been a great experience. >> older players get something out of it, too. taking on leadership roles. >> you have to be patient with yourself. >> for parents it's more than a hockey team. >> it's something that he looks forward to every weekend but the rest of our family as well. >> and it's a family he committed to for many years to
5:41 pm
leon: they play year round and they travel the tournament as far away as california. they have a current roster of 50 players in age from 5 to 28. the impact of the get-together makes on them is amazing. it's transformative. amazing. alison: that is great. cool cats. perfect name. leon: nice to be out there on the ice today. >> good time for it. great story. still ahead at 5:00, fallout at fox news. the main anchor now accusing news chief of sexual harassment and when roger ailes might be shown the door. >> plus a motorist pulls a gun on another driver. a crazy road rage incident. you won't believe who was behind the wheel. story coming
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leon: breaking news. just getting word that the land scraper struck by the car while cutting grass along the b.w. parkway yesterday has died. the unidentified man died late last night at the hospital. the driver did remain on the scene. no word on
5:45 pm
will be filed. alison: metro transit police officer is losing his mention after losing his cool on the road. he could be heading to jail after pulling his service weapon on another driver in maryland. kevin lewis has the story you will see only on 7. tell us about it. kevin: stephen smith has been a metro transit police officer for 15 years but this evening he is without a job. he got livid with a man he felt cut him off. >> he is nut. coming down the street pointing guns at people. eric was driving a prism along georgia avenue when off-duty metro transit police officer smith went berserk. >> he pulled the gun. first thing out his mouth is, "i'm the [bleep] police. now what?" to me comes off as, "i'm
5:46 pm
want to do." kevin: he scrambled to jot down smith's license plate number and he called 911. >> the caller said a suspect in a vehicle pointed a gun at another vehicle. >> the officers spotted smith fleeing in his black ford mustang. prosecutors charged him with assault and misconduct in office. counts he pleaded guilty to today in montgomery county circuit court. smith was forced to re-sign from metro transit police and gave up the coveted pension. >> he is trained to keep his cool in any circumstance. that day it was like flick of a map. he completely went off. >> he does not deserve to be a cop. by far he does not deserve to be officer of the law. >> it's worth noting that smith init
5:47 pm
montgomery county investigators saying he never threatened anyone with the service weapon. independent eyewitness on georgia avenue put that to rest quickly. a judge will sentence him in september. he could get probation or go to jail. it depends. leon: along the north wilson boulevard in arlington. he was blocking their path. the suspect followed them, pulled up and pulled the gun and drove off. the suspect was driving a black sedan. hopefully we are not seeing that on the roads. see what we are seeing. angela foster is watching for it now.
5:48 pm
>> trying to get from fairfax county from bethesda it's jammed solid to annandale, on the outer loop. let's show you the red you will see around the circle of the capital beltway. our heaviest flow on the inner loop heading through the area. we are getting report of a possible crash. southbound through fairfax county once you get past maryfield. this is a live look at interstate 66 where we just cleared a crash from the roadway traveling past 123. we have theys through prince geor
5:49 pm
it's a busy corridor shut down due to fact we had an earlier crash involving a pedestrian. just near addison road. busy area police directing traffic through that stretch. alison: today feels like summer. it's cooler. leon: that is nice because there is a nats game tonight and the citi open as well. see how long we have the ride. doug: just through this evening it's spectacular with warm air. dry air. comfortable conditions. cuts down on the warmth of the sun. the sun is still high in the sky for this late in the afternoon. andrews and baltimore at 83. through the evening for outdoor active the weather is fine. especially down the road at nats
5:50 pm
first pitch at 7:05. we host dodgers again. we will warm to 90 in the afternoon and then a new heatwave will begin. the humidity is comfortable tomorrow afternoon. you will feel it a bit. there are the forecast temperatures we have. so sunday and monday and saturday. we can come close in the area to records. for a record to be official for washington it has to happen at reagan national airport. that is the way it works. i didn't make the rules. i just sometimes follow them. the story is 95 on friday. upper 90's to near 100 degree air temperature on saturday, sunday, monday. leon: a great night to watch
5:51 pm
this is the best night for a while. erin hawksworth is there. how does it feel? erin: it's fantastic. this is the best weather i witnessed since i have been here for the past few days. we have a fun story on ball person. not ball kids. you have to love tennis and have reprise ball rolling skills and you should like the heat, too. >> try to lay it on top. >> meet the unsung heroes of the city open. >> i was ball kid for nine years. they range from 40 too 50. >> you could putin a team out there that is father-daughter or
5:52 pm
>> they hand out towels and also shield players from the sun. >> we have two try-out week before the tournament. erin: they probably don't realize the work that affects the roll. >> did you have a chance where the ball didn't roll the way you want it to? >> many times. you have two or three good ones and then you roll the last ball and it is a little bouncy. one thing not required is a speedy 100-yard dash. >> i probably wouldn't be a ball kid. especially they are all vollen attorney -- erin: they are all volunteers but one perk keeps them coming back. >> it's fun to be on the court with the players. there is not a ticket you can buy that is as good of a seat as we get. there is never a
5:53 pm
erin: we ran into a local player. college kid that plays at virginia tech and went to gonzaga high school in town. freddie. he was invited to play tennis with monica puig, a pro. find out the story by going to coming up up at 6:00, i will interview tracy austin from the tennis channel who preview john izner's big match. leon: we need the ball runners to wear the fit bit. alison: thank you. coming up later, roger ailes could be out at fox news. the new allegation against him from one of the main anchors
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5:56 pm
alison: right now there are reports of a possible deal to oust the embattled chief of fox news. lawyers
5:57 pm
the news network are negotiating an exit. this is stemming from allegations of sexual harassment made by a former network anchor. we have the latest details. >> known as the media juggernaut, the most powerful man in cable news and report of roger ailes possible imminent departure growing. new allegations of sexual harassment by the top female anchor megyn kelly to 20th century fox appear to speed up ailes' exit on the heel of the original accusation from former fox and friends anchor gretchen carlson. published reports kelly said ailes made unwanted sexual advances toward her ten years ago when she was a correspondent for the network. >> for her to level allegations devastating against ailes. reporter: attorneys representing ailes denying the
5:58 pm
76-year-old never harassed kelly. 21st century fox denying that ailes has been terminating tweeting rodgeer is still at work. the review is johngoing. the controversy at the american cable news giant coming after sexual assault harassment lawsuit filed by gretchen carlson the former anchor claiming that ailes tab stajed her -- ailes sabotaged her career because she denied advancement. despite carlson allegations fox news anchor and personalities publicly defended the fox news chief. now questions are swirling as to whether some of the network's biggest stars will leave if ailes does. >> he orchestrated a p.r. campaign and surrogate and talent came forward to defend him. that is something that the lawyers are looking at.
5:59 pm
they now find themselves in the media spotlight. outside of the headquarters in new york, abc7 news. announcer: this is a breaking news alert. leon: breaking news taking place at airports across the country. maureen: computer problem at southwest airlines causing major flight delays. sam ford is live at reagan national airport to bring us up to date. sam? sam: maureen as you look down here at this, you can see a lot of people. if we can turn around you can see down this other aisle owe people around the various kiosks. this has been going on because they have a problem with a computer situation where the computer is down. they don't seem to be complaining about
6:00 pm
hundreds of people in the terminal. all the people are starting in washington and ending in washington. first we thought it was fixed but then it's back and the computer is down again. they have to wait. you are a person that is here. where are you going to? >> going back to florida. i was in d.c. with christians united for israel. great organization. sam: but you are stuck for a long time? >> it's okay. stick here. rather this than a tragedy or something else. sam: that is the situation here. look at the board. you can look at the board. delayed, delayed, delayed. they know there are delayed flights and they will work to get the folks out of here. when the computer is up. i'm sam ford, abc7


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