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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  August 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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montgomery, and prince william counties. source: tu 11p n pkg 911 outage officials say until the issue is fully resolved, sprint customers can use a landline to call 9-1-1. or they can call from another provider, or call their community's non-emergency line. it's xx and we're just getting started. the district is in search of a new top cop after cathy lanier makes a surprising announcement to resign. good morning washington. i'm larry smith.
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godfrey. retention policy: 2 year delete (2 years) expires: 8/17/2018 - day 8 of our heat wave (no heat advisories today) - pm storms likely - less humid by next tuesday today: hot and humid. pm thunderstorms likely. highs: 89-95 feels: 98-101 tonight: thunderstorms early. then warm and muggy. patchy fog. lows: 71-76 thursday: partly cloudy. a tad less humid. highs: 88-91 feels: 93-96
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right now a nationwide search is getting
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next police chief. this comes after cathy lanier's surprising announcement that she's stepping down. the news surprised many in the wilson building and at police headquarters. but perhaps even more suprising to them was lanier's next job. after 26-years with m-p-d, lanier will become the n-f-l's new head of security. she'll coordinate security between the league, 32 teams and dozens of local, state and federal agencies. league insiders say lanier is a perfect choice -- given her experience in dealing with large events and multiple agencies in ou
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mayor muriel bowser plans to name an interim police chief in the coming days. chief lanier will be based at the n-f-l's new york offices. her last day in d-c will be september 17th. happening today.. former fairfax city council member steven stombres will be sworn in at 10:30 a.m., as the city's interim mayor. he'll replace former mayor richard "scott" silverthorne. he resigned last week after being arrested in a sex-for-meth sting. a special mayoral election is set for february seventh. an update this morning on what prompted a deadly confrontation monday night
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county deputy and a man who'd just been discharged from inova fairfax hospital. investigators say the man was attacking people with an "edged weapon" - made from a broken sign post. he hit a guard with it then ran at the deputy. that deputy opened fire killing the man. that deputy, an 18-year veteran of the department, is on leave, which is standard procedure while the invesigation plays out. prince george's hospital center- says it found more of a potentially dangerous bacteria in the hospital. last week - we were first to report the presence of pseudomonas in a water pipe at the nicu. nine babies were transferred out of the unit - and 2 infant deaths are now under investigation. this morning- the hospital says it found the bacteria in one patient care area outside the nicu. it's now working on a specialized plan to disinfect the plumbing infrastructure- and implement a new plan to monitor it. infectious disease experts are trying to trace the exact source. a frightening seven on your side consumer alert. fairfax couty
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is calling parents - claiming to have their child -- while a child cries in the background. it's happened at least three times - each time while the child was at school. police say - the important thing is not to panic, and to verify your child is still at school. the calls usually come from a phone number outside the area, and the scammers will try to keep you on the phone for a long time, while pushing you to send money through a wire transfer. up next on good morning washington -- search and recovery being done in louisiana. an update on the state's worst flooding in history. and more heat and humidity and possible storms plus, all you need to know about your a-m commute -- weather and traffic on the way.
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children this morning. in virginia -- fauquier and frederick counties and maryland, washington county -- have a great first day of school.
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it's xx and time for a check of the weather. retention policy: 2 year delete (2 years) expires: 8/17/2018 - day 8 of our heat wave (no heat advisories today) - pm storms likely - less humid by next tuesday today: hot and humid. pm thunderstorms likely. highs: 89-95 feels: 98-101 tonight: thunderstorms early. then warm and muggy. patchy fog. lows: 71-76 thursday: partly cloudy. a tad less humid. highs: 88-91 feels: 93-96
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coming up on good morning
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the latest on the wildfires continue to racing through acres of southern california. and the first woman to become the attorney general of pennsylvania will be giving up the position today as she face criminal charges.
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homeowners in parts of southern louisiana are
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their flooded homes. floodwaters have started to recede in some areas. but the water is rising in other places downstream. so far, the flooding has killed 11 people.. and damaged at least 40-thousand homes. in one county alone.. 80-percent of the buildings have some type of water damage. another wildfire raging out of control this morning in southern california, forcing a state of emergency. 82-thousand people have evacuated their homes, and at least a dozen buildings already wiped out. flames reached up to 100 feet in the air as the fire spread uncontrollably through the san bernardino mountains. the fire shut down a section of the main highway between los angeles and las vegas leaving commuters stranded for hours. right now there is no word on what sparked the fire. another night of calm in milwaukee as a curfew for teens remains in effect. a much different scene from over the weekend as protesters clashed with police following a deadly officer involved shooting. now some say the curfew violates civil liberties. similaru
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after the death's of michael brown in furguson, and freddie gray in baltimore. right now milwaukee police say the curfew is aimed a restoring calm. pennsylvania's first elected female attorney general plans to officially resign at the end of the workday today. democrat kathleen kane faces jail time after jurors found her guilty yesterday of abusing her power, and lying under oath to cover it up. her top deputy, republican bruce castor, will become acting attorney general. her lawyers say they'll appeal. source: ne-018tu -lead in-- convicted pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will resign her post wednesday, this after she was found guilty of perjury and related counts. now, we are hearing from the man who will replace kane as attorney general, at least on a temporary basis. matt maisel reports ... --reporter pkg-as follows-- attorney general kathleen kane will si less than deputy has anow her first ssage for the nnsylvania. ruce castor/acting tire professional lifeent my arning how to run a eration, and i have en doing it, more or nths."r the last five bruce castor ate the a-g's fe is fully nctional. by dnesday, he will attorney gener. s boss steppi s found guilty obsuctny,
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other crimes. e conservative comntator and host of the nrunningtelevision show lling-heads litics,iedesdamorning, group."since its but inin and iced upendede st-spoken n-confrontation al style of shows. instead featured quizzg, talking insulting each hn mclaughlin z cheney isfollowing in the cry in aowded race for at in thu-s moming's lone r father, rrce president dick seat from 1979 to 89. cheney's campaign cused on tional security and rolling back fecting the dustr now to the race for the white house.. donald trump looking to make up ground after a recent plunge in the polls. the gop nominee with a full plate as he prepares to recieve his first classified intelligence briefings. today he will be briefed by the director of national intelligence in new york. trump has never had access to classified national security information. meanwhile the whirlwind surrounding hillary clinton's email server still holding steady. the fbi released a new report to congress about her messages from her private server. but it did not stop her from stumping on the trail.. + right now there is no word on when the thousands of
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from clintons server will be released. abc 7 wants to connect you with the candidates. tell us what you would want to ask them -- and get a voice in the race for the white house. just email us at your voice at wjla dot com. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen today marks day 8 of our heat wave. there are no heat advisories in posted today, but it will feel around 100 this afternoon. we're also on stormwatch with the potential for strong storms late today and tonight. heavy rain, a lot of thunder and lightning, and gusty winds are likely. the heat wave may end tomorrow with our forecast high 89. regardless, tomorrow will feel a little nicer with a touch less humidity. the weeken
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temperatures will be around 90 degrees with high humidity. scattered showers and storms are possible both days, but it won't be a washout. have your stormwatch7 weather app handy while you're on the go to track storms where you are. next week brings a refreshing change tuesday with much lower humidity. until then, try to stay cool!! to all the action in rio.. and yes, she did it
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again! simone biles capped off an historic run in rio with her fourth gold medal! the 19-year-old superstar won the floor exercise final. she is now the first american gymnist to win four gold medals in a single olympic
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raiman brought home the silver. from the gym to the battle on the beach.. a heart breaking loss for americans kerri walsh-jennings and april ross in the beach volleyball semi-finals against brazil. it's walsh-jennings first loss in her olympic beach volleyball career but the duo still has a chance at a medal.. they will now play for bronze. more medals being collected on the track.. jennifer simpson earning bronze in the women's 15-hundred meter.. becoming the first american woman to ever win a medal in the event. now to the reason why so many love sports. in the heat of competition during the women's 5-thousand meter semi-final new zealand's nikki hamblin tripped on the track causing team usa's abbey d'agostino to fall. she then helped hamblin get up and just a short time later hamblin returned the favor as abbey's knee gave out. the two finished the race and shared a big hug at the finish line. both advanced to the finals. and now for the latest medal count. as of this morning, the united states is now up to 84 medals, with 28 golds. china remains in second
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in third, and russia holding on to fourth. coming up -- the dancing deputy. impressive moves from stafford county law enforcement goes viral.
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stafford county deput
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best beyonce impression in full uniform. take a look and listen! the bee-hive has its self a new member!! that was lieutenant diggs dancing his heart out at the recent back to school expo at the spotsylvania towne centre. and you guessed it he won first place! the clup has over 11 thousand views and counting on instragram. it's xx and more coming up on good morning washington at five... johnny.
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nats park. three people shot. what police want you to be on the look out for this morning. developing right now! more troubling news out of prince george's hospital center. the bacteria in the water - worse than first thought. and the end of an era. thi


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