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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  August 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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upson: first, storms laid leaving a dangerous mess in the area. we are getting several reports of down trees, even homes struck by lightning. jonathan: the biggest problem we are hearing about his power outages.
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businesses in the dark as a result. alison: let's get to steve rudin with where the storms are right now. steve: the good news is the heaviest of the activity is moving across the bay and along with it the terrific lightning display. at one point this evening during 30 minutes, we had over 4000 lightning strikes. heading in closer, the capital beltway, things have settled down nicely. therate rain moving off to north and east, things drying up nicely fairfax and reston in the clear in the next 15, 20 minutes. moving through the overnight, may hear some thunder through the early morning hours. a few clouds at 7 a.m., but dry conditions on the way tomorrow along with slightly cooler temperatures on the seven day outlook. all of the details, plus looking ahead to the weekend. things are going to get a lot better in terms of temperatures. jonathan: also following breaking news from southeas
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has forced 50 people from their home. anna-lysa gayle is there right now. anna-lysa: this is all that is left of the roof that flew off of this four-story apartment on k street at about 9:15 p.m. about 60 people have been asked to leave the hopkins apartment on k street, which is owned by the d.c. housing authority. many of them will stay at a hotel tonight. ms. police, fire, and the and housing authority officials are on the scene. so far, no injuries reported. we don't know when this will be repaired, but many people are standing out here tonight, waiting to learn what the next step is. on k street, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: nights like tonight are a good reminder to sign up to get alerts anytime the weather turns severe, and it will be right on your phone.
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-- go to we issue warnings or alerts, they will come right to your phone. lights and sirens apparently were not enough to get a d.c. fire and ems crew to where they were needed last night. a family said their mother was left waiting 30 minutes while suffering from heat exhaustion. what went wrong? tim barber is pushing for answers tonight. what is interesting to the family is the metro station where mom passed out is across the street from the fire station. >> i was scared. i do not know what to do. tim: unique jones says that her mom collapsed yesterday during the heat. >> just getting dizzy, could not hardly talk. tim: she ao
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her daughter was on the phone with 911. emergency crews did not show up until 30 minutes later. the director of communication's told me the call came in at 2:40 p.m. >> i was on the phone with them for seven minutes. it was 2:35. screenshot, sent a officials told me there was some confusion a difficulty trying to get the exact location of the caller. d.c. fire and ems say they arrived immediately after they were dispatched. >> thank god it was not like starting. tim: unique jones says she was clear on the 911 call it does not believe that her father should arrive before emergency responders right next-door. >> back and lead to a life-threatening situation. tim: this afternoon i requested the 911 call. as soon as i get it, i will let you know what it says.
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olympics, and it has nothing to do with sports. u.s. olympics warmers governor pence and jack conger have been called all -- pulled off of their flight home from rio. reports are they are being detained by brazilian authorities. they are teammates of ryan lochte and jimmy feigen, who they said they were with when they were robbed at gunpoint. brazilian police are now doubting their story. ryan lochte has already returned to the u.s., jimmy feigen is believed to be still in brazil, possibly in police custody. financial aid is coming for the hundreds of people who lost their homes or businesses of the devastating floods in ellicott city. there has been an approved $2.5 million of emergency funds. askingr larry hogan is for that same amount from the catastrophic fun. tomorrow residents and business owners will get more time to work towards recovery.
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affected by the floods can work on their property from dawn to dusk. after that, downtown will be shut down to about four infrastructure repairs. suits: crews in hazmat cleaning up sludge like sewage water in near triple digit heat. a contractor says they are ready to pay up after homes in southeast were flooded, at least five homes affected by this, basementa filled with sewer water five to six inches deep. residents in the city are blaming a contractor who was working on a job one street over from chesapeake street. >> one of the sump pumps stopped working and it backed all the water up and pushed it into the houses. alison: the company says they have a claims process and are working with residents. the cleanup could take several days. jonathan: cruelty and neglect
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federal government is stripping funding from prince george's county headstart program. problems range from a teacher making a three-year-old mop up to children forced to hold heavy boxes over their heads until their arms were aching as a form of punishment. tom roussey, where do parents go from here? tom: it is a little unclear. in another incident that occurred in june at langley park mccormick elementary school, a five-year-old girl was sent from the nurses office to her classroom. nobody was in the classroom so she left the school, and the school do not realize she was missing until later. that is one of a number of reasons the federal government is punishing prince george's county. >> it does not shock me. tom: she said that her two sons went through headstart and clinton several years ago. >>
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constantly happen. constantly having to go to the school principal and the admin staff. tom: randall is one of several schools that the federal government says why they are stripping millions of dollars from headstart. >> these incidents are completely unacceptable. they failedy that to fix problems they will warn about after a december incident in capitol heights. a three-year-old what himself, then was forced to mop his urine as the teacher took pictures, even sending one to the parents. at randall in june, a teacher punished two children by forcing them to hold boxes with books over their heads until they cried. >> i expect our employees to behave appropriately.
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deal with them appropriately. >> very disappointed. there are a lot of students who need this funding and they need this system. tom: even though the federal government is taking this money away from the head start programs from prince george's county, school officials vow headstart will start as expected a week from monday. theyust have to find another way to pay for it, and i could likely involve county taxpayer money. live in langley park, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: tom, thank you. for the second time in three months, a man was arrested on accusations he was slashing people on metro trains. william madison junior was arrested monday after the police say that he exposed himself to a woman on the north line train. madison was arrested last month, qs of doing the same thing on a blue line train. donald trump's presidential cam
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overhaul in just two months. taking over the campaign is the head of breitbart media. trump demoted the former campaign chairman, who was brought in after trump fired his previous campaign manager, so that his three. trump received his first intelligence briefing today. after today, he said he did not trust u.s. intelligence agencies. alison: tears and smiles as the community came together to remember christopher barry, the only child of the former mayor marion barry. anna-lysa gayle was in northeast d.c. as the vigil was held. friends and former classmates stood outside of woodrow wilson high school with candles as they remembered the 36 your own son of former d.c. mayor marion barry died sunday following an overdose. >> i was waiting to get
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serve on another campaign. 's former: barry special assistant was also at the vigil. >> i don't think there are words. >> he struggled with several things, as we all do, but i don't think there is a person who cannot say they are not hurting. anna-lysa: friends say the focus is not on the bad but the good. >> it was important to be here because it unites us. remembers carl thomas helping christopher barry with his campaign for his father's ward eight council seat. he still wears the shirt made for the campaign. he said even though christopher did not win, he remained passing it about making the city a better place -- he remained passionate about making the city a better place. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathanalison: next,
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two big developments in the apartment fire in silver spring. the federal agency joining the investigation. jonathan: it is being called the a guest catastrophe since katrina in louisiana. what
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jonathan: abandon ship, those frightening words repeated as 500 people had to evacuate a ferry that caught fire off the coast of puerto rico. people used emergency slides to get out as smoke was billowing from the ship. two dozen people were hospitalized, most with broken bones. 80 others had minor injuries. despite the frightening scene, all of them survived. cityn: tragedy in ocean after a nine-year-old boy was killed in a boating accident for stop maryland department of natural resources police say the boy and an 11-year-old girl fell off a rented pontoon boat and hit the propeller. despite a quick response from paramedics who happen to be on the boat, a nine year old died. the 11-year-old was not seriously hurt. jonathan: the search for answers after last wee
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explosion in silver spring. the ntsb is joining the investigation. they investigate any accident that involves pipelines. that has montgomery county finishes their part of the investigation. at least seven people were killed and recovered under the debris. dozens of others were injured when the flower branch apartments exploded and burst into flames. investigators suspect natural gas played a role in the fire, but they have not officially released a cause. search and recovery efforts will continue on the site. and no signs of slowing down in the developing story from california, a raging wildfire now grown to be the same size as d.c. more than 80,000 people ordered out of their homes. several homes have an destroyed. cadaver dogs have been brought into search charred areas just in case. so far no deaths have been reported. alison: it is being called
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the worst disaster in the louisiana, possibly since hurricane katrina. right now there are estimates that flooding has racked up a billion dollars in damage. that is not even accounting for lives lost. 40,000 homes are believed to be damaged. many residents were forced out by flooding in the spring. they now say enough. we were already back in the house, buying furniture, and we flooded again and we got 31 inches this time. >> the hard part about all of this is all of these people who sandbagged for days and days and they still lost their houses. alison: amidst the devastation, this heartbreaking image, a dog tied to a post fighting to tread water. theemergency crew that took picture save the dog. he was cold, wet, and tired, but he will recover. so difficult to see all of these pictures. steve:
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strong storms moved across earlier this evening as flash flooding occurred in some locations. baltimore right now, a flash flood warning in effect. this is video. downain quickly has come and how quickly it flooded roadways near baltimore. they have a flash flood warning until 1 a.m. back to the graphics, the satellite and radar, stormwatch 7, heavy as activity moving across the bay, where severe thunderstorm warnings are right now across delmar the. we are looking at things to settle down. what a fantastic lightning show across the area. over 30 minutes, over 4500 lightning strikes, and that was just during 30 minutes from the last hour or so. the cloud tops approaching 50,000 feet as we move across delmarva.
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we move through the next couple hours. it was hot again today. 95 degrees at reagan national. the average is 87, the record 105. not record-breaking temperatures, but it nice break from the heat, although it is still muggy. dropping a couple degrees. 60 to 76 overnight. patchy fog possibly in the morning, but nothing that will bring us any air travel delays. leave a few extra minutes. stormwatch 7 futurecast, the western slope tomorrow, should stay dry -- the western flow tomorrow, should stay dry for stop wrap the sunglasses and dress for comfort. not as hot as today, but still looking at 90 degrees with heat index of 93 to 94. 93, the everl be ie
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the beach forecast, it ocean city, rehobeth, do we, bethany, friday looks nice, 88 degrees. 86 saturday. may see some showers and thunderstorms sunday, part of a strong frontal system. water temperatures 75 to 79. don't forget about the montgomery county fair. 92 friday., the last day for the fair is saturday. we have seven days, 90-plus degree days again. i think right now we are at 42. by the end of the weekend. that is 90 degrees or better. alison: that sounds about right. jonathan: that is a collection we can stop. let's turn to some golden moments. scott: katie ledecky is good at swimming. jonathan: you think,
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scott: what a journey for katie ledecky. she took care of business in rio. now it is time to reflect.
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gust thirty-first. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. treated likeou are a rock star, life is going good. 19-year-old bethesda native katie ledecky received quite the homecoming at dulles airport, first of off of her performance at the rio olympics. she was flashing her big smile at the terminal last friends and family came out to support the lipid champion. the teenager was gracious, taking selfies and giving autographs. kat
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ie is a global superstar inspiring the next generation of swimmers. >> i hope to make as big an impact as i can. we all had our goals as the u.s. team, but hopefully we inspire other young kids who were watching on tv, and hopefully we did that. scott: i think mission accomplish on that. what is next for katie ledecky? it's off to college. next month she starts her freshman year at stanford, where she plans to swim for the cardinal. just a kirk cousins touchdown pass away from dulles, redskins are back at team headquarters in ashburn, preparing for friday's preseason game at fedex field against the jets. regular season quickly approaching, the players are happy to be home from their familiar routine. >> it feels great. it feels good to be home. field, put our home the garbage out, check the mail, doing the things that real
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i don't know. the nationals wrapping up their series in colorado. stephen strasburg got the start, but did not last long. the rockies touched up strasburg for nine runs, he shortest outing of the season. bryce harper was 2-4 with a two-run blast. the nationals fall in colorado, 12-10. the orioles hosting boston. if the orioles starting pitching does not improve, they will have big problems. sandy leon turns around the dylan bundy offering, onto eutaw street. the rain brought the game to an early end, the red sox out slugging the birds 8-7. the u.s. women swept the olympic medals in the 100 meter hurdles, the first time any country has ever accomplished the sweet. the united states still doing very well in rio.
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doing the job on the track. jonathan: coming up, new information about the virginia teenager arrested after trying to climb trump tower in new york.
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jonathan: new information about the
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prosecutors say that stephen were got a order the suction cuts from amazon and practice ahead of time. alison: they have everything. jonathan: he waited for his parents to go out of town before traveling up to new york city. he appeared in manhattan court today. a judge ordered him held on $10,000 bond following the arraignment on four
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steve: the heat and humidity will end sunday night. tuesday and wednesday it will feel awesome. until then, hot and humid. 90 degrees thursday. some strong storm sunday. jonathan: jimmy kimmel live is next. have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood -- it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- christina applegate. hall of famer mike piazza. episode 4 of "the baby bachelorette." we play blackjack with everyone in the audience. and music from the last bandoleros. with cleto and the cletones. and now we're back -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: here we go.


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