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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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train derailment that caused days of problems for commuters may now be a criminal matter. metro general manager asked metro transit police to join the investigation. tom roussey is covering metro tonight. he is live at the east falls church station with what he has learned. tom? tom: maureen, a lot of riders we're talking are pretty surprised be this. the derailment happened july 29. this is the station platform behind me. where it happened was a train approaching the station that only made it to right there before it left the tracks. this is video from that day. i was the morning of july 29. this caused a nightmare for a lot of commuters. later metro determined that likely what happened was the tracks were in such poor shape that the rails actually became further apart than normal and that led to the derailment. well now, we now know metro police are getting involved in this investigation. we talked to passengers, they thought it was negligence. they didn't realize it might
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we are waiting for a callback from metro. we have questions for them. but the press release they put out would lead you to believe they think if it was a crime would be the inspection of track before the derailment happened. we talked to passengers and they say it's concerning that it could rise to the level of a crime. some days they say they don't feel safe taking metro and this does not do anything to bolster their confidence. reporting live at the east falls church metro station, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, tom. we have news of another train derailment and its cause. a faulty wheel may have caused a csx train to derail in northeast washington last may. wtop radio reports a company investigation found that the train derailed when a bad wheel caused it to break. 14 cars derailed near the rhode island avenue metro station. marc and amtrak service was disrupted for three
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by the federal railroad administration. tonight three u.s. postal service workers are facing charges they ran a drug ring on the job. the suspects were arrested this morning and charged with distributing marijuana from the river terrace post office in northeast and the facility in northwest. authorities say a worker oversaw shipments of marijuana from california and oregon and the other sold the pot making their rounds. all three are due back in court next week. new developments in the deadly explosion at the flower branch apartments in silver spring. sources tell maryland bureau chief brad bell the explosion was the result of a gas leak. investigators say a leak near the gas meter allowed gas to build up in a utility room causing last week's explosion. seven people die and dozen lost their home. more details are expected to be released in a news
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flooding devastated downtown ellicott city, business owners are getting a chance to what they can. starting today they have dawn to dusk access to their property using their own vehicle to clear out debris and start rebuilding. some business owners, though, aren't finding much to salvage. >> 80% of it got mud and silt. you know, because we couldn't get in right away, the longer it sat there, the worse it got. maureen: now her chants will have to work quickly. they will only have access for five days. after that, the downtown of ellicott city will be sealed off for a month to allow for road and infrastructure repair s. a local community is mourning the owner of popular restaurant killed while crossing the street near his business in d.c. shaw neighborhood. police say a car hit a armin amin-toomaji as he crossed ninth street near intersection with p street in northwest d.c. that was just
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chaplain's, the restaurant he owned. stephen tschida is live outside the restaurant that opened a short time ago. stephen? stephen: maureen, armin amin is believed to left the restaurant after closing and headed down ninth street. he was crossing ninth street when he was struck and killed. people suspected he was walking a female across the street to her car. and this vehicle right here, this b.m.w. is amin's b.m.w. it was his routine to park in front of the restaurant shortly before closing so once he locked up, he could get right into his vehicle. he and another pedestrian ran across ninth street 2:30 this morning. a mercedes struck and killed amin before he got to the other side. >> i'm completely devastated by that. i mean, they are an asset to the neighborhood. stephen: amin and his business partners, childhood friends from suburban maryland opened
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amin became a familiar face and a popular player in this neighborhood. >> business goes on, obviously. but it's a huge, it's a huge hole left in the partnership. stephen: those who knew him, speculate he was killed walking a woman to her car. something they say he would typically do. >> the universe lost a true, a true like, just all-around great person. stephen: the driver who struck amin did stop. police conducted an investigation. it is ongoing but so far no charges. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, stephen. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton wants some answers after the washington monument's latest shutdown. the monument closed yesterday because of a faulty elevator. and the park service says it will stay closed tomorrow. she notes this is the fourth closure during tourist season. she says the public deserves an explanation.
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national park service officials. there is no word on when the monument will reopen. should the name of jefferson davis highway be changed? yes, is the recommendation from a commission that spent the past year examining the role of confederate memorials in alexandria. other recommendations include considering request to rename real estates -- rename streets named for confederate figures but they don't remember removing the appomattox statue. the group will consider the recommend next month. coming up at 6:00, the new problem facing thousands amid historic floods in louisiana. and the local efforts to send help. plus, an image spreading around the globe. a child sitting stoically in the midst of war. what we know about him ahead. first, though, there was no robbery. what police say really happened the night four american swimmers say
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are learning breaking news in this case. doug: a beautiful thursday evening. sunshine, blue skies, clouds and no thunderstorms out there. we will tell you when they are coming back. they are coming back. that is in the forecast still to come at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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maureen: breaking news in the investigation into what happened
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u.s. olympic swimmers and rio police. we have just learned that ryan lochte and jimmy feigen are being indicted on charges of filing a false report. today police in brazil said the group which also includes rockville's jack conger was never robbed. it instead it appeared they got in a scuffle with a guard at a gas station after breaking down a bathroom door. lochte is already back in the u.s. the other three are in rio being questioned. a new explanation for the $400 million payment the u.s. made to iran in january. the state department says it wasn't a ransom pay for hostages but for leverage. the cash payment came after iran released several americans held prisoners. among them "washington post" reporter jason rezaian. the state department says the u.s. used the cash payment to ensure the prisoners were released as promised. a vivid reminder of the
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around the globe. a picture showed a young bladedied child and stoic -- bloodied child and stoic in the back of an ambulance in aleppo, syria. here is the story behind it. [yelling] maureen: the little boy's name is omran daqneesh. he was pulled from the rubble of his family's home destroyed in an airstrike by syrian or russian warplanes. somehow his family survived. the little boy is believed to be under 5 years old, born in the nation wide toed by civil war his -- nation divided by civil war his entire life. up next, a new problem amidst the historic flooding in louisiana. and the efforts underway there to -- underway here, rather, to send help to gulf coast. we do have some cooler days on the way. when we get a break from the heat and what has to happen first in doug's full forecast. and we would like
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children's back-to-school pictures. go to to send us your pictures. we may use them online or on the air.
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maureen: a car fire in rockville is blamed for a number of cars. it started and it spread catching two other cars on fire and damaging three homes. here is how one victim described the scene. >> fire blow up. with a lot of noise. maureen: the fire was said to be accidental and did an estimated -- estimated -- [inaudible] in no. one was hurt -- no one was hurt. firefighters are battling fires with no relief in sight. in california two major wildfires prompted the evacuations of 80,000 people. firefighters are battling wind and triple digit heat. they say we may not have seen th
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>> it's not the santa ana wind season for us. it doesn't come until october. this isn't supposed to be fire season. maureen: there are signs of progress. 4,000 people in lake county are being allowed to return to their homes and interstate 15 connecting southern california to las vegas just reopened. now to destation in louisiana. it is now slowly moving south as the water makes its way to gulf of mexico. today federal and state official toured the areas hardest hit by the flooding. this is called the biggest natural disaster in the nation since hurricane sandy. 40,000 homes are damaged. more people are at risk and 13 people have died. damage estimates top $1 billion. that devastating flooding in louisiana is hitting close to home. as ryan hughes reports a local effort is underway to help the vi
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flood insurance. >> it has taught me amazing things about cooking. >> david gloss learned the fundamentals of louisiana cuisine. he is a new orleans native and now he is heating up a secret recipe at bayou bakery coffee bar and eatery in arlington. each bite hoping to help his aunt get back on her feet. >> i want to put the money in my aunt's hand. she didn't have flood insurance. ryan: the aunt lives in abbeyville and her home filled with two felt of water in the se -- two feet of water in severe flooding that is crippling tens of thousands of people in louisiana. 11 have died and thousands are in shelters after losing nearly everything. fema is mobilizing across the state and here at home, first responders have been deployed to help. >> several members of the montgomery county fire rescue have been deployed as part of the i.s.t., the incident support team for fema. ryan: the flooding is unprecedented. that is why gloss will be
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friday and saturday and next week. he will serve up the special dish at this location in arlington and at his second restaurant in d.c. >> we'll do 50% of the proceeds from that one dish and hopefully cut the check for who knows? $500, $1,000. ryan: a local effort to help the aunt and those in her community suffering in the wake of the natural disaster. in arlington, ryan hughes, abc7 news. maureen: we wish them the best as they try to recover from that. not so bad today really. doug: no rain, no thunderstorms. we thought there would be a few south of the city. we're in good shape here. maureen: good. we got all the rain we need. doug: for a while. it is coming back for the weekend. look at this picture from the weather bug network. brand new h.d. weather bug camera at madison trust in ashburn. happy to have you on the team. beautiful afternoon. few fair weather clouds and no worry of rain. back above the
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number for the up teeth time. it's -- umpteenth time. tonight we'll be fine. it's partly cloudy, no rain. a little on the warm and the muggy side. later tonight it will turn cooler. by the time you wake up on friday it will be 73 in the district. 68 in burtonsville. 66 in damascus. it will be 70 in lorton in the morning. now as far as what is going to happen closer to the northern neck, it's milder because of the influence of the water temperature. keep at 72at the river. partly cloudy tomorrow. late afternoon a few showers may pop in the mountains and farther south. most of the day is sunny, warm, a little bit muggy and about 92
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cloudy tomorrow night. saturday will still be around 90 degrees or so. late afternoon and evening the showers and the storms may start popping along and west of the mountains. most of the area will be fine. isolated shower at night. by the time we get to sunday, it could change. showers and thunderstorms appear likely. sunday afternoon and sunday night with a cold front. get back to action with the redskins and the jets in town. tomorrow night at fedex field. sunny. the temperatures about 90 degrees at kickoff. 82 by the end of the game with partly cloudy skies. the seven-day outlook looks good to me. sunshine tomorrow. saturday, partly cloudy. 90, the same on summed. 30% chance of storms through saturday afternoon and everything. at least 60% sunday. then it will be delightful with the low humidity. if you have the weekend plans with the delmarva beaches you picked a good one. a lot of sunshine. 85 on saturday. sunday could be evening or ni
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thunderstorms at the beach. let's find out what is happening in sports tonight. scott? scott: doug, thank you. it's not usually a good thing when a team's first round draft pick misses all of training camp. that is what is going on with the redskins. josh dachshund watching from the sidelines. what head coach jay gruden said about the injured rookie wide-out. sports is
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scott: we are a little more than 24 hours away from preseason game number two. tomorrow night at fedex field. the redskins will host the new york jets. one player that won't be on the field, the skin's first round draft pick josh doctson. the wyden still survivor -- the wide receiver still suffering from achilles tendon injury on his right foot. the team is being cautious with the rookie. he has not done more than the standard off to the side warmup drills. he is off versus the jets and may miss the entire preseason. >> some quarterbacks get tendonitis in their elbow and it takes a while, it takes rest. he has it in the achilles. once it's gone, it will be gone. >> take the time and don't rush itself. hopefully when the time presents itself he will help us out. we are excited about him coming back.
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scott: t-sizzle is ready to sizzle again. linebacker terrell suggs practiced for the first time in 11 months. he had a long road back after tearing his left achilles tendon last season. he won't play saturday in the ravens second preseason game against indianapolis. however, he said he would like to see live game action before the regular season starts. he still has a way to go before he feels like he is football shape but he is thrilled to be back on the field with the teammates. >> it just feels lke everything we lost last year, you know, we are getting it all back. back out practicing and now we're getting the swag back. we're starting to feel like the ravens again. scott: you can watch the ravens-colts game on saturday right here on abc7. opening kickoff is set for 7:00. also history in rio
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first woman to win gold in wrestling olympics. so between michael phelps, and katie ledecky and now helen, maryland is doing well at the rio olympics. maureen: outstanding job. keep them coming. doug: all right. decent weather ahead. maureen: good. doug: the weekend will take a change on us. but we still have tomorrow. a lot of sunshine and 92. partly cloudy. most of the day on saturday is 90. maybe late day thunderstorm. sunday sunshine early. increasing chances of storms sunday afternoon the highs here 90. coming up tonight at 11:00, steve rudin will update the forecast for the redskins. against the jets. have a fresh look at the weekend and the beaches, too, coming up. we are still talking about great weather by the middle of next week. steve will have that in the freshly updated seven-day. maureen: looking forward to it. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. we'll be back at 11:00. have a good night.
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tonight, breaking news from rio, coming in right now. police now recommending that two american swimmers, including ryan lochte, be indicted. authorities in brazil say the swimmers lied. tonight, right here, the new surveillance video of them at that gas station. what really happened. and standing firm, this evening, sources who have talked to the swimmers tell abc news that they were, in fact, held up by armed gunmen. also breaking, the wildfire out of control. flames now racing tonight, across land at 30 miles an hour. the major headline coming in from chicago. the head of police says seven police officers should be fired. he says they lied after an officer shot and killed a teenager. the well-known american military family and the mother allegedly drowned by her own son.


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