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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  August 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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jonathan: we begin with breaking news from prince george's county. that is where the police say there was an officer-involved shooting in capitol heights on shady grove terrace. we are told one person was hurt or would it but will survive. the person hurt is not the officer. it is not clear if the injured person was a suspect or bystander. we will bring you new
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it. >> that's really surprising. i never thought it would get to that point. alison: that is criminal investigators now joining the probe into last months metro silver line derailment. that fouled up the commute for days. tom roussey is covering metro. having transit police looking to a derailment has to be very unusual, right? it is definitely unusual, but metro is under a lot of pressure to improve safety. this is the east falls church metro station. the derailment happened on a train coming from d.c. that cannot quite get to the station. distance,d in the causing trouble, nobody seriously hurt, but now it is a criminal investigation into what happened. they've neglected this metro system for years and years. it may haveknow
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to a july 29 silver line derailment. >> that was quite a bit of delay. tom: the tracks were in such bad came off train wheels them and metro's failure to properly inspect the tracks likely paid a role -- likely played a role. metro says the investigation turned up information so concerning that the general manager is asking metro's police department to investigate. >> that is really surprising. i never thought it would get to that point. >> you wonder why. will not say exactly, but they are hinting it had something to do with the people who were supposed to inspect the tracks that the derailment happened on. this news comes as metro continues it save track program come just days after an fta report demanding changes to stop conductors from running red lights. last wee
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fix major track issues. >> who is in charge of metro anymore? some of us do not have much choice. would not return my phone calls today, but in a statement they said they are bringing in outside source to help with the investigation, two former u.s. district attorneys. tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: three postal workers facing criminal charges that they were delivering drugs along with the mail. cameras were rolling as they left court today. the manager of the river terrace post office remains in jail. wouldlice say that they intercept drug shipments from oregon and california and give them to two letter carriers, who sold the drugs along their routes. >> there is nothing to tell you. >> which she part of a drug ring? >> you are violating my first
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i would really appreciate it if you leave me alone, thank you very much! jonathan: all three pleaded not guilty to the charges. alison: an air traffic controller working at the faa headquarters has been indicted on child sex charges. prosecutors say the military veteran try to arrange sex with a child that he thought was 10 years old. he child did not exist as was actually talking online with an undercover detective. the police say when they confronted scott casoni he ran and injured a detective's wrist during the arrest. he contended he only wanted to take the child to get ice cream. jonathan: two of the four american swimmers being called over the mess are heading home. in the past couple hours, jack conger and gunnar bentz
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the u.s. recommend an brazil criminal charges be filed against 12 time medalist ryan forte and james feigen filing a false report. olympic athletes jack conger and gunnar bentz heckled as they left the rio police station, and a walk of shame come after spending 24 hours being questioned by authorities stemming from their claims they were robbed at gunpoint outside of the olympic village sunday. the police say there was no robbery. federal brazilian police sources say at least one of the four ympic swimmers are seen breaking down the door to a gas station and then fighting with a security guard. >> the guy pulled out his gun, cockpit, and said -- cocked it and said get down. jonathan: lochte said
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now. sources spoke with all four swimmers and they say they were held up by an armed gun man until the gun man was paid hundreds of dollars, which they say is verified by police video. members of the ioc conducting their own investigation and talking about forgiveness. >> sometimes you take actions you later regret. jonathan: rio's chief of police says the athletes should apologize, saying the only truth is they were drunk. sources close to the swimmers say the brazilian government is lying about what happened and blowing this thing completely out of proportion. one of the swimmers headed back to the u.s. is rockville's jack conger. he is not charged in the case. he grew up swimming for the rockville montgomery swim club at our lady of good counsel high school, and he was good. conger is a good
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alison: prince george's county police say there was an officer-involved shooting and capitol heights -- in capitol heights. anna-lysa gayle is on the scene. what can you tell us? anna-lysa: we just got word about this shooting involving an officer just before 11:00. where the spotlight is pointed is where we believe the scene is located. an officer shot a suspect on shady glen terrace. at the time, the suspect is expected to survive. we are waiting to find out what led up to the shooting. houses inseveral town this neighborhood and they are surrounded by crime scene tape. neighbors are outside, trying to find out what happened. no officers were injured in the shooting. we are told a press conference is expected in about 30 minutes. we will bring you the latest information as becomes available. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: thank you. and
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trump's campaign aides are accused of failing to disclose lobbying efforts on behalf of of the ukraine. they said that the campaign chairman and his deputy orchestrated a covert lobbying effort on behalf of the ukraine's ruling political parties. the goal was to sway u.s. political opinion in favor of the pro-russian government. been criticized for his stance on russian president vladimir putin. steve: a scattered shower off to the south of the d.c. metro, south of the beltway, towards triangle and south of dale city. not amounting to a whole lot. this will fizzle out in the next 15, 20 minutes. tomorrow, lower 90's. a good deal of sunshine, so grab your sunglasses. coming up, the beach outlook,
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day outlook. alison: we will see you then, steve. hundreds of ellicott city residents and workers to conveyance of longer hours to work towards recovering from last month's flood. today was the first of five days where they are allowed to work from dawn until dusk. it was also the first time cars were allowed downtown since the july 13 flood. the entire area will shut down again for an entire month of work on the infrastructure repairs. investigators say that gas is to blame for last week's deadly explosion in silver spring. sources told brad bell that there was a problem near the meter that allowed gas to fill a utility room that ignited in a devastating explosion. seven people were killed, dozens lost their homes. the official findings will be released tomorrow in a news conference that we will carry live. alon
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for a killer in seat pleasant. the police canvassing the neighborhood where around this time last night gunshots rang out, leaving a father of two dead outside of his home. anna-lysa gayle reports. kids were while practicing football at the seat pleasant neighborhood apart, prince george's county police were searching for a murder suspect. garciaan 24 hours after was shot and killed in his driveway. he was found with a gunshot wound just before midnight wednesday inside of his car. this next-door neighbor tells us in spanish that he got a glance of the suspect from his window. i sell everything that happened yesterday." at one point he said the suspect pointed a gun in his direction. he rushed over to hp
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his friend, oscar garcia, when the gun man left, but it was too late. he tells us that his friend died in his arms. >> that is part of the investigation. anna-lysa: family and friends who gathered outside of garcia's home thursday evening say he leaves behind a wife and two children. they say that he do not have any problems with anyone in the community. >> he was always working. anna-lysa: anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: the police are offering a 25,000 other reward in this case. reward in this case. a horrible discovery in old town alexandria, where somebody locked a dog in a crate and left him for dead on north patrick and madison street. the black and brown yorkie was dehydrated, barely breathing. efforts to save the dog were not successful. a
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offered in the search for the person responsible. jonathan: just horrible. alison: awful. jonathan: seven chicago police officers could be fired. alison: what they did after a deadly shooting two years ago that could cost them their jobs and has another officer now charged with murder. tim: there are signs of the confederacy just like this all across alexandria. what one
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jonathan: seven police officers could be losing their jobs over the deadly shooting of mcdonald that happen nearly two years ago. the city's inspector general is recommending the officers be fired in light of the -- camera video that contradicts the story they came up with. officer said that mcdonald a knife, andm with the video shows he had a knife, but he was walking away from the officers. officer jason van dyke, the only one who fired shots come is awaiting trial for murder. alison: a significant change recommended in alexandria in an attempt
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confederacy. most notable is a call to change the name of jefferson davis highway. tim barber has what they are recommending and responsible stop the is live in old town. tim? there will be a lot more meetings and public input before any of this, if any of this gets approved by the city council. if the group that submitted the final report gets its way tonight, jefferson davis' name could be removed from the sign and replaced with somebody else's name. this confederate statue towers over traffic. this person finds it intimidating. racialeels a lot like terrorism. tim: last year the city of alexandria created a counsel to look into possible changes to flags, memorials, and roads named after co
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changing the name of jefferson davis highway. it would leave the statue one south washington street, but add context to its story. >> is a sad history our country had. but it's also a symbol. these young people died for what they believed, whether it is right or wrong. tim: the city council will look at the report next month and discuss it during a public hearing on september 17. replacing 20 signs along the highway could cost nearly $30,000. some people say it is he racing american history. >> people are offended by everything. tim: other say that it is he racing racism. >> yes, i would like that. have all beenngs put on so that you can read them for yourselves. tim barber, abc 7 news. jonathan:
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almost did not recognize it tonight. we do not have thunderstorms or lightning alison:. it was nice to have a break from that, but it is still hot. steve: still hot and humid, and we also tracking showers on stormwatch 7 radar. if you're getting up early tomorrow, going to ocean city, 87 degrees in the afternoon. they cold front sunday is likely to bring showers and some embedded thunderstorms. washout, bute a watch for the storms in the afternoon. 83 degrees right now at reagan national, 77 leesburg, 72 luray. aroundto mostly cloudy the capital beltway, southern montgomery county, fairfax and loudoun county. to the south, that is where we are looking at a strong shower, not amounting to a lot, but enough to wet the sidewalks. if you're going into where the next half hour, 45 minutes, you will run into a few showers around quantico.
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is where we are right now. , port tobacco:38 by about 11:45. nothing severe, but a few showers. 68 to 75 under partly cloudy skies tonight. heat indextch 7 values rocketed into the middle 90's tomorrow. it will be hot and uncomfortable, but nothing compared with at we've had the past week or so where the heat index was 110 to 115. those days are gone. futurecast,ch 7 drive for the noontime hours tomorrow. outdoor lunch, going for a run, exercising, looking good, especially outdoor dining tomorrow night. check out the pool, it will be a nice start to the weekend. the montgomery county ends saturday night at midnight for stop tomorrow
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degrees. through the afternoon, lower 90's the daytime highs. the next seven days, 90 saturday, passing showers and thunderstorms, mainly to the west around i-81. widespread showers and storms sunday part of a cold front moving across the mid-atlantic. that cold front will signal the arrival of dryer less humid air and nighttime lows in the middle to upper 70's. we will be in the middle 60's. may want to open up the windows next week. , technically because we were still above 90, continues. 47will continue for another days at 90 or above. it is still early. we have all of september still. alison: ok, thanks. jonathan: tomorrow night, another good game. scott: the
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redskins-jets, and the nationals on the diamond tonight. they are hoping to get on track in atlanta. the dog days of summer for the boys of summer. the washington nationals back on the field. sports is coming up. z2392z zi0z y2392y yi0y
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z23cwz zi0z y23cwy yi0y and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. .cott: the road trip continues seems like the nationals have been living out of a suitcase for the past month. denver last night, tonight atlanta, opening the series against the braves, which is currently 30 games under .500. not very good for stop jayson werth trying to extend his on-base streak to 36 games. he does that and more. right now the nationals in control in the eighth inning, leading the braves 7-2. the orioles hosting housto
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over the park. six homeruns in the game. mark trumbo with a league-leading 36th homer of the season. houston 13-5. fedex field will come alive tomorrow night with the redskins' second preseason game, against the jets. don't expect anything to exciting form the game. the redskins will keep it simple. starters will play a couple series and be done for the night. the top priority tomorrow night, remain injury-free. >> definitely trying to stay healthy, get the endurance up, get more active. and we have to get used to playing games. >> healthy, but more execution and attention to details. scott: remember this guy?
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browns tonight. that is a beautiful throw, 50 yards, touchdown. and two6-8 for 96 yards touchdowns. cleveland, though, loses. history in rio. helen maroulis became the first in. woman to win gold wrestling. she shocked the world, beating japan in the 53 kilogram weight class. before the match, the japanese wrestler had won 16 straight world or olympic titles. unbelievable moment for a local pro. congratulations to helen, an olympic champion. washington visiting houston. 1-0. 63rd minute. from 35 yards out, what a touch that was. impressive. spirit win 2-1.
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bolt took care of business in the 200 meters, his second gold medal of the games. sunday he won the 100 meter dash. we talked about michael phelps being the greatest of all time in the pool. bolt could be the greatest sprinter of all time. jonathan: no question. alison: and he makes it look so easy. scott: and it's nice that his last name is bolt. jonathan: a new iphone will be out in about a month.
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alison: 7 on your side with a consumer alert and new information about the iphone 7. according to a website, there is not a headphone jack. the website says it has the schematics for the phone. so far, apple is not commenting. the new phone is expected to be released in september, so we will find out. jonathan: they will never tell us.
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steve says it will be hot tomorrow. steve: lower 90's.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- danny mcbride. from "disney's pete's dragon," bryce dallas howard. matt damon and jimmy go to therapy. and music from prophets of rage. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay right where you are, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. thank you. for braving the bl


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