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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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breaking news, two u.s. olympians are heading home after talking to police for hours. outrage is growing in brazil as police say they lied about being robbed at gunpoint but the swimmers are sticking to their story. new reaction from the u.s. team overnight. donald trump's campaign enters a new phase with a surprising statement and heads to the louisiana flood zone but will the president break from his vacation to see the worst natural disaster in four years? a sailboat crew makes a call for help as they start taking on water then they make a difficult decision. and lightning bolt. usain bolt does it again winning gold in the 200 meters so why isn't he happy?
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all. breaking news this morning. a u.s. olympic swimmer has just completed a four-hour interview with brazilian police as two of his teammates are set to land on u.s. soil shortly after also being questioned about their claims of an armed robbery. >> brazilian authorities say those claims were made up but the swimmers refute that. gunnar bentz and jack conger board a flight in rio last night. rio police say the pair along with teammates ryan lochte and james feigen were confronted by a security guard not armed robbers. >> in a statement overnight the u.s. olympic committee says we apologize to our hosts in rio and the people of brazil for this distracting ordeal in the midst of what should rightly be a celebration of excellence. they left followed by an angry crowd. abc's matt gutman has more on the investigation and what the swimmers say. >> reporter: it's the robbery that police say never took place. and it's now at the heart
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international incident. this video obtained by abc news shows ryan lochte one of the winningest olympians in history and three other swimmers going into this gas station bathroom in the early hours of sunday morning. lochte had been partying with friends snapchatting this video of himself at this club packed with 2500 people. lochte and his younger teammates, gunnar bentz, jack conger and james feigen say that they got into a taxi then to go home to the olympic village. that's when the story gets fuzzy. lochte initially said that armed men pulled them over. his account seen as a vicious black eye to the host city but then as brazilian police began to investigate lochte appeared to change his story. brazilian police are recommending that he and james feigen be indicted for providing false testimony to police insisting lochte and the others were never victims of an armed
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are two sides to every story. police say the swimmers kicked down the door then vandalized the bathroom then they continued on here back towards their taxi and at this point, they allegedly ripped a poster off a wall before being confronted by those security guards. police say the man is actually another armed security officer intent, they say, not on robbing them but on trying to subdue them. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> translator: so the question of whether a gun was pointed at them the answer is yes. >> reporter: here when one takes out his wallet police say he was actually trying to give them money to pay for the damages. but sources who spoke to all four swimmers today telling abc news lochte and the other swimmers were in fact held up by the man they thought were gunmen saying they only released then once they coughed up 400 bucks. >> they say the statement t
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that's a crime under brazilian law. >> reporter: even the brazilian police agree it's unlikely that lochte or any of the other swimmers will face jail time. i'm matt gutman in rio. >> the brazilian police say they are recommending charges of false reporting of a crime and that could carry a sentence of up to six months in jail and we are just receiving word james feigen just completed his interview. he's the last of those four swimmers in brazil. >> he's the last one so four hours with brazilian authorities overnight. as you can imagine the morning papers are making light of all of this and getting creative along the way. "the new york post" has the caption the ugly american with liar, liar speedo on fire. "new york daleny news," the lochte monster. >> and the short-lived reality show he had coming
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got advice to use her personal e-mail account from one of her pretty series, former secretary of state colin powell and surfaced during clinton's interview with the fbi. it's also in a new book about bill clinton saying powell told hillary clinton that he had used personal e-mail on the job and except for classified communications she should do the same. first for donald trump expressing regret for some of the things he said. trump was uncharacteristically mellow as he read prepared remarks athe a rally in charlotte, north carolina and after more than a year of unapologetically making controversial comments, he appeared to have a moment of contrition. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it and io
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particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >> well, trump has been accused of insulting everyone from immigrants to women and even a gold star family. hillary clinton's campaign is calling his remarks a well-written phrase and they want him to specify exactly which offenses he regrets. trump and his running mate mike pence are expected to visit the flood zone in louisiana today but a spokesman for the governor said his office had not been contacted by the trump campaign. the spokesman said trump was welcome to louisiana but not for a photo-op. president obama has been under fire for not cutting his vacation short to visit the flood zone but the white house says he is closely monitoring the crisis. top republicans are demanding answers after the obama administration acknowledged for the first time that a $400 million payment to iran was used as leverage in the release of several american prisoners. administration officials still insist that despite new details about the transaction it was
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russia says it is ready to support a call by the united nations for weekly cease-fires in syrian city of aleppo. the move comes as this haunting image spreads around the world. the 5-year-old boy was pulled from a building after the city rocked by another air strike. his injuries turned out to be minor and the rest of his family survived but so far the war has left 100,000 children dead. in california, crews are battling a new wildfire. the ray fire burned 600 acres forcing the evacuation of hundreds from campgrounds in that area. it is now 20% contained. meanwhile, further south some residents are going back home after firefighters got some more of the blue cut fire under control. that fire has now burned more than 36,000 acres and is 22% contained. officials still have not been able to say how many hopes and other structures have burned. other than to say dozens.
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remains high as record-breaking heat scorches parts of oregon and washington and the heat will stick around through tomorrow. now to the olympics and usain bolt who turns 30, by the way, on sunday says he is getting old and you wouldn't know it by his latest gold medal performance. >> bolt won the 200 meters for the third straight olympics giving him eight gold medals. but he says he wants a faster time and or wasn't a faster time and that it would have helped if someone faster was in front of him. oh, the problem was being the fastest person on the track. >> to which justin gatlin is like, really, dude? american ashton eaton hangs on to the title of world's greatest athlete and wins back-to-back gold medals in the decathlon since 1984 and centraled it with a come from behind win in the 1500 meters. his wife is a canadian olympian as well and took the bronze in the heptathlon last week. the united states heads into today's action with an even
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medals, more than 40 ahead of second place china, great britain is in second there. >> the games wrap up over the weekend. the zika outbreak in south florida spreading this morning. plus, would you have a self-riding uber car? the company is betting on it. what's the deal with these. statues resembling donald trump popping up in cities nationwide.
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new developments about the zika virus here in the u.s. at least two cases of the virus have been diagnosed in miami beach. it's believed both cases were transmitted by local mosquitoes. 35 people have
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far in florida with most of the cases in an area north of miami. twitter is cracking down on terror. the website has suspended nearly a quarter million accounts for terror-related activity. the spike in suspensions follows a string of recent attacks around the world after facing accusations of not doing enough to stop terrorism on the network. twitter increased daily suspensions by more than 80% over the last year. meanwhile, uber is announcing the rollout of a fleet of self-driving cars in pittsburgh for now. customers will be able to summon the semi autonomous cars but since the technology has not been perfected they will come with human backup drivers to handle any unexpected situations because uber is still testing the service the rides will be free. >> just sitting in the back going, man, turn left here. when we come back, exactly, looking into ryan lochte's past. plus, new details about the investigation into the robbery claims by the olympian and three teammates in rio. the scare at sea.
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road conditions, severe storms in the forecast from the central plains to wisconsin with damaging winds, hail, even a few tornadoes possible. storms also possible from the great lakes into the ohio valley. despite all that rain there, it's a fairly decent day for air travel. only possible delay in kansas city. updating top story. two u.s. olympic swimmers are due back in the country shortly. >> bentz bentz and jack conger boarded an americ eed a flight. they were not victims of a gunpoint robbery, some say. jimmy feigen won't be allow to leave until he donates 11,000 to charity. the other teammate is 12 time medalist ryan lochte 2340 stranger to controversy. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: as brazilian authorities intensify their investigation, we take a closer look at
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past. it's not the first time lochte has had a run-in with the law. court records show he was charged for public urination in florida in 2005. pfeifer years later charged with disorderly conduct after he was caught actively involved in a physical fight. both dismissed after reaching prosecution deals. he became a household name making a huge name 23e london games where he took home five medals and earned him a starring role in his own reality tv show. "what would ryan lochte do?" it only lasted one season but lochte told us just last month he would do it again. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> we're going to have much more on the scandal rounding lochte and his teambhats later this morning on "gma." the coast guard came to the rescue of say sailboat taking on water 200 miles off the washington coast. they had to resort to
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buckets. the crew didn't want to abandon ship so a new pump delivered and the coast guard left once it was working so never left the ship. it was a different kind of rescue for a trapped raccoon. this guy had his head stuck in a sewer grate in massachusetts. lucky for him an animal control officer came over, slipped him out safely with the help of some cooking oil. >> creative animal safety officer. time for sports. the patriots returned to thursday night football without tom brady. >> here with the preseason highlights to our guys at espn. >> good morning, america. he's stan. i'm neil. good old tom and gronk not playing but still the pats got to go first. >> tom brady cut his hand apparently, his thumb to be more specific with a pair of scissors trying to remove something from his cleats so scheduled to play but didn't play. jimmy garoppolo did. he'll start the first four games. better effort from garoppo
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much quicker. patriots beat the bears, 23-22. robert griffin is no longer filibustering in washington. he is now in cleveland. they've already got a king but looking for a quarterback. they found it. he threw it to a quarterback. the former quarterback, terrelle pry pryor, beat an all pro defensive back. pryor looked good, barnidge looked good. griffin looked good, final score, the falcons looked better, but, hey, man it's all about your first team. >> yeah, that looked pretty good. two high quality throws from griffin. >> i thought you were going to pick up on it. it's all about your first teamers. >> i think i know what you meant there. >> you know what i mean? >> that's all we got from the first team. >> thanks, fellas. nice of them. football, just a few week as way. up nt
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♪ time to check "the pulse" starting with donald trump exposed. >> unlike -- >> sort of. >> how do you like that image? want to get up close with that. these life-size statues of a stark naked trump have popped up in l.a., san francisco, seattle, cleveland and in new york's times square where the city has since removed it and you might have guessed it, it's not a tribute. they are the brainchild of anti-trump activists. their hope is trump is never elevated they say to the most
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powerful position in the world. >> the statues accomplish that -- >> i don't know how. newborn triplets the talk of the tennessee hospital after tipping the scales at nearly 20 pounds combined. >> so we're talking about jack and stella and luke tipton who arrived in that order. the siblings missed the world record mark for heaviest by just over two pounds. they are now 5 months old doing fine. mom says it was like having a toddler in my tummy. >> imagine carrying around 20 pounds worth of baby. mom got a workout during that. >> they better remember that. >> she better remind them. do you have any idea what i went through? going back to the future with its new auto for mercedes. >> the vision mercedes maybach 6. the automaker calls it a throwback to the golden age o
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>> it makes its debut at a show in pebble beach, california. electric engine packed with 738 horsepower but only has a rank of 200 miles so keep a charger handy. >> it looks kind of cool inside. >> it looks like a ship. >> yeah. very nice. all right, check out this bright light shooting across the sky in southern california. it not only sparked reaction on social media, it even stopped traffic there on the road underneath. witnesses described it as blue green in color. the director of a local observatory said it was probably a meteor. probably. >> and that's the last thing anybody in southern california needs, another thing to stop traffic. i am thinking it's end of days. >> maybe somebody else trying to get across another part of town trying to direct traffic that way. >> or maybe the new mercedes maybach. it actually does fly. more news after this.
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it is finally friday! good morning washington. toss to eileen - day 10 of our heat wave - storms likely sunday - refreshing airmass moves in next week - it's going to feel amazing!!!! today: hot, but not as humid. partly to mostly sunny skies. highs: 88-92 tonight: comfortably mild. partly cloudy. lows: 67-74 saturday: mix of sun & clouds. more humid. isolated afternoon storm, mainly in the mountains. highs: 88-92
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we begin with breaking news. breaking news.
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deadly hit and run in northwest. it happened just after 3 this morning at the intersection of new hampshire avenue and m streets near dupont circle. the victim was taken to george washington hospital where they later died. the vehicle involved fled the scene. right now police do not have a description of the vehicle but expect it has heavy front end damage. that intersection remains closed as police investigate. john gonzalez will have a live report on this story coming up at 5. more breaking news this morning.
4:28 am
running from police in capitol heights. the incident started as officer attempted to pull over a driver on shady glen terrance just before 10 last night. that person was a suspect in a series of violent crimes as officers approached the vehicle, the driver took off. just a short just time later the suspect got out of the car holding a gun. officers pursued and opened fire--striking him in the arm. he is expected to be ok. right now the shooting is under investigation. criminal investigators are now joining the probe into last month's derailment of a metro silver line train. the train derailed near the east falls church station. metro transit police and two former federal prosecutors will determine whether criminal wrongdoing contributed to the derailment. investigators have already determined.. the tracks were in such bad shape, the train's wheels came off. and they say metro's failure to properly inspect the tracks likely played a role. back here in the district three postal workers are fa
4:29 am
delivering drugs, along with the mail. abc-7 cameras were rolling as two of the suspects left court. a third, deenvaughn rowe, the manager of the river terrace post office, remains jailed. police say rowe would intercept drug shipments from oregon and california. he would then give them to two letter carriers, who sold the drugs along their routes. all three pleaded not guilty to the charges. it's xx and we're just getting started on this friday. while many of you were sleeping.. police opened fire --striking a suspect in capitol heights. what led to the gunfire..? was it a robbery? or was it just a crazy night of partying? so many
4:30 am
morning in that messy probe surrounding u-s swimmers in rio. the latest as two of those involved make their way back home.. good morning washington. - day 10 of our heat wave - storms likely sunday - refreshing airmass moves in next week - it's going to feel amazing!!!! today: hot, but not as humid. partly to mostly sunny skies. highs: 88-92 tonight: comfortably mild. partly cloudy. lows: 67-74 saturday: mix of sun & clouds. more humid. isolated afternoon storm, mainly in the mountains. highs: 88-92


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