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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  August 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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morning in that messy probe surrounding u-s swimmers in rio. the latest as two of those involved make their way back home.. good morning washington. - day 10 of our heat wave - storms likely sunday - refreshing airmass moves in next week - it's going to feel amazing!!!! today: hot, but not as humid. partly to mostly sunny skies. highs: 88-92 tonight: comfortably mild. partly cloudy. lows: 67-74 saturday: mix of sun & clouds. more humid. isolated afternoon storm, mainly in the mountains. highs: 88-92
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we continueto follow that breaking news out of prince georges
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a suspect shot after fleeing from police in capitol heights. just before 10 last night, officers attempted to stop a driver on shady glen terrace. he was suspected in a series of violent crimes. moments later he took off. when the vehicle came to a stop, police say the driver jumped out armed with a gun. an officer then fired at the suspect, striking him in the arm. he was treated for non-life threatening injuries. no officers were hurt in the incident. police recovered a hand gun with an extended magazine from the scene. happening today.. an update on the investigation into that deadly explosion at a silver spring apartment building. multiple sources close to the probe beleive a gas leak in a pipe or piece of equipment near the gas meter of the flower branch apartments is to blame. 7 people were killed, dozens more hurt. we'll bring you live coverage of that news conference on our sister station news channel 8.
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ellicott city residents and workers taking advantage of longer hours to workers taking advantage of longer hours to work towards recovering from last month's flood. today was th second of five days, where they're allowed to work from dawn to dusk. cars are now allowed back downtown. once these five days end - the entire area will shut down again for a month worth of infrastructure repairs. developing right now.. two of the four american swimmers caught up in whats being called "loch-mess" will arrive back in the states some time this morning. rockville's jack conger and fellow swimmer gunnar bentz-both part of the probe about a supposed robbery in rio--allowed to fly after giving statments to police. their teamate ryan lochte could face serious charges for fabricating the story. many across the nation now left saying what were they thinking? abc's adrienne bankert with more. after two straight loses the nationa
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winning ways in atlanta. the nationals right now in the middle of a grueling 9 game road trip needing all the help they can get.. and braves left fielder matt kemp with a nice gift..his error in the first leadin
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runs. and on the mound nats pitcher reynoldo lopez dominated. he struck out 11 in 7 innings. nats pull away late for an 8 to two win. c oming up next on good morning washington. zika strikes at one of the county's most popular toruist destinations what health officials are doing right now to stop the spread of the disease in south florida. and taking a live look outside.. we are getting a break from the hummidity on day 10 of this massive heatwave. butwhen will be get a break from the actualt heat? weather and traffic coming up next..
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a check of the weather. it's xx and time for a check of the weather.
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- day 10 of our heat wave - storms likely sunday - refreshing airmass moves in next week - it's going to feel amazing!!!! today: hot, but not as humid. partly to mostly sunny skies. highs: 88-92 tonight: comfortably mild. partly cloudy. lows: 67-74 saturday: mix of sun & clouds. more humid. isolated afternoon storm, mainly in the mountains. highs: 88-92 coming up on good morning washington.
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firefighters doing all they can to fight that inferno raging out of control in california. and he made them all look like turtles on the track.. the lastest feat by the fastest man in the world.
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a live look at the early commute.
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california.. firefighters making their biggest gains yet against the powerful blue cut wild fire. this morning crews battling the blaze say it's about 22 percent contained up from 4 percent early thursday. the inferno has now burned 56 square miles destroying dozens of homes. but some of the mandatory evacuations have been lifted. still firefighters say the fight against the flames is far from over especially because of how fast it spreads. there is still no word on what sparked the blaze but many are blaming it on california's long drought. this morning renewed fears over the zika virus at one of the country's most popular beaches. officials confirmed two cases have been linked to miami beach. that brings the total number of zika cases in the state of florida to 35 that are not linked to travel. now state hea
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considering making miami beach a zika transmission zone. now to all the excitment in rio we are heading into the final weekened of the olympic games.. and you can bet the u-s will finish with a bang! but last night it was a bolt who stole the show. the world's fastest man again proved why he is considered the best sprinter to ever lace up a pair of spikes. after already winning gold in his best event--the 100 meter dash.. usain bolt blew away the field in the 200 meter..his third straight gold in that event.. from the men to the ladies.. it was a race against the clock for the american womens 4 by one relay after the brazilian team was disqualified for bumping a u-s runner causing them to drop the baton. they were fast enough to qualify for tommorrows finals.. speed kills but how about being able to do it all! american ashton eaton takes the honory title of world's greatest athlete winning the decathlon for the second straight olympics. he t
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final event--the 15-hundred meter. hes the first repeat decathlon champion since 1952! and now for the latest medal count. as of this morning, the united states is now up to 100 medals, with 35 golds. china remains in second with 58 medals. great britain still in third, and russia holding on to fourth. and seven is on your side all throughout the 2016 olympics. just text the word "rio" to 4-3-8-1-7 to sign up for text alerts about your favorite sports and athletes, as well as the latest medal counts. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen day 10 of our heat wave, but we're nearing the home stretch! by early next week, a refreshing airmass moves in and we'll finally get a break from the heat and humidity. until then, highs will top out in the low 90s today. it will also feel a bit better with slightly lower humidity. the humidity builds this weekend. highs remain around 90 degrees. storm chances are most likely sunday afternoon. some of the storms may be strong to severe, so stay weather alert with your outdoor plans. absolutely magnificent late august weather moves in monday and lasts through much of next week. highs will be below average with ve
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it's xxx and xx degrees and coming up on good morning washington
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well not quite. why he says he could have done and said things just a little bit better on the campaign trail.
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admits.. he sometimes makes verbal mistakes. during a rally in charlotte, north carolina yesterday, he issued an apology. he said he especially regrets statements that may have caused people pain. trump and his running mate, mike pence, will travel to louisiana today.. to meet with victims of that devastating flooding. starting later this month, you'll be able to ride in a driverless uber car.. but only in pittsburgh. uber has some test cars ready to go. they're outfitted with cameras and sensors. the situation isn't as scary as you might imagine. for now, each car
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driver behind the wheel.. in case anything unexpected happens. it's xx and xx degrees... coming up at five the latest on that deadly hit and run in northwest john gonzelez live at the scene. and seven is on your side all throughout the 2016 olympics.
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dupont circle. john gonzalez is live at the scene in northwest washington. good morning john. toss to eileen


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