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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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information gathered will be used to help design a more foolproof elevator control system. >> the lift doesn't work. c'mon! you are the best country in the world. you can do better than that. >> back here live. a jam-packed national mall. a lot of disappointed tourists out here tonight. we spoke with search of them. they said that they plan to come back later in the week. maybe after the weekend. and then go to the top. now they are learning it will be another week and a half before they will be able to go to the top. if even by then. now as long as they are inspecting the monumented, trying to find out what is causing the problems, the national park service will be working on the stairwell. in case there are other breakdowns of that elevator in the future. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: two more of the four u.s. swimmer accused of making up the story of being robbed in rio are back in the u..
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degeneres arrived this morn -- jack conger and gunnar bentz arrived back in the u.s. this morning. it begins this way. i want if apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more careful and cap did in how i described the events in the morning and the role for taking away focus from athletes fulfilling their dreams. ryan hughes is in rockville where jack conger lives. but he hasn't come home yet. ryan: no. we have been waiting all an. there has been no sign of him. he was set to land at reagan national airport around noon. but we never saw him get off of that airplane. you can see behind me, his home is decoratedded but it has been far from a hero's homecoming out here. rockville olympic champion jack conger is now trying to keep his head
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he is back in the u.s. but the question is where. >> i can't comment on anything at this time. i hope you understand. >> is he home or going -- >> i can't comment on anything. seriously. >> conger and a teammate gunnar bentz touched down in miami this morning after being taken off a plane and detained in ride owe on wednesday. conger was due back home in maryland today but he wasn't inside the family car pulling out of the neighborhood. ryan lochte and his teammates have been under fire after authorities revealed the swimmers fabricated the story of being held at gunpoint and robbed last week. rio police now saying the four men lied to cover their tracks after vandalizing a gas station. pulling down a sign and knocking down a door. armed security guards ordered the men from their car and demanded they cough up cash to pay for the damage. team usa flags are hanging out the conger home. a tree is decorated in red, white and blue. one sign says, "jack conger, you always m
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now his reputation is taking a hit, after a tumultuous two days conger's dad telling us he is glad to have his son in the u.s. >> glad he's back in. absolutely. ryan: overnight, jimmy feigen, the fourth swimmer involved agreed to pay nearly $11,000 to a rio sports academy to get his passport back. and then be able to leave brazil. also tonight, no word if anyone will be charged. live in rockville, ryan hughes, abc7 news. alison: all right. thank you. meanwhile, abc7 was first to bring you the story about bacteria problems at the prince george's hospital center. and today, richard reeve was there when the hospital gave us an update on what is happening inside. rich, what did they have to say? richard: the hospital now confirming that the source of the bacteria was in the papes leading to the neonatal unit. we are getting a timeline now. they are talking about reopening the unit late august or
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weeks after the transfer of nine babies to children's hospital after the discovery of the pseudomonas bacteria in the neonatal intensive care unit, still no answers whether the two previous infant deaths involved the strain. >> our epidemiologist and the neonatal experts continue to investigate any lengths between the death of any babies and the presence of pseudomonas in our water supply. and we don't have the answers to that yet. richard: earlier they broke the story that they found the bacteria in the nasal swabs of three infants. >> we have done the investigation and mapped the plumbing that is in the pipes that lead to the water system that leads to the nicu. richard: good news none of the nine transferred infants show evidence of infection. three of the babies were exposed or c
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call it but not infected. >> they have reassurances that no changes are necessary to the current water use practice. >> it saddens us and the family to ever lose a baby. >> the hospital has taken added steps as well. they are hyper florenating the system -- chlorinating the system, the water pipe system in the hospital. they are bathing newborns with bottled water and they are warning pregnant moms to use another hospital. richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: new information in the deadly explosion at a silver spring apartment complex. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is there. today we finally learned exactly how this happened. kevin: there was a lot of speculation and the mystery about this blast. but today the a.t.f. released the preliminary findings. findings that abc7 first
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reported yesterday. eight days after fire devoured 28 units at the flower branch apartments, the a.t.f. says the deadly incident does not appear intentionable. instead -- does not appear intentional. instead they expect a natural gas explosion caused the midnight disruption. >> there was no incendiary or ignition device recovered in the location of the blast location. and there is no indication of unauthorized access to the meter room prior to the explosion. >> the a.t.f. findings follow a marathon week of interviewing more than 100 witnesses. reviewing countless hours of surveillance video and digging by hand through four floors of charred debris. >> this tragic event has tremendously impacted this community. >> montgomery county police identified three of the seven victims.
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low-rent apartment complex have spoken publicly about smelling natural gas in months, weeks and the days prior to the explosion. today the acting fire chief answered questions about those claims. >> the only call to 911 for report of a natural fas odor occurred on july 25. we did respond and we did survey the buildings with meters and we found no positive results. kevin: they examined a number of the natural gas ovens and the stoves burned in the fire. you see some of them in the parking lot right now. the entire investigation could take up to a year to complete. we are live in silver spring. i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. alison: a plea today for donations of men's clothing. for the victims in that explosion in silver spring. volunteers have been sifting through the piles of things people have been giving. it has been a lot. but they are finding that men's clothing is
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now we have a list of the places to drop off donations at jonathan: in vote 2016 today. you could call it the end of the shakeup at the top of donald trump's came pain. paul manafort is out as campaign chairman. days after the campaign brought in a new chief executive and campaign manager. after accepting his resignation, trump called manafort a true professional. alison: that came after a change in tone from trump himself. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. alison: that was trump last night in a stop in north carolina. today trump and his running mate governor mike pence toured some of the
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damage in louisiana. we'll have more on all of that and the recovery in a few minutes. jonathan: on the democratic side, hillary clinton didn't have any public events today. she did post on facebook that her heart breaks for louisiana. as her opponent was touring the state as you saw. president obama says he now plans to visit baton rouge on tuesday. alison: at abc7 we want to connect you with the candidates. we have reached out to them to speak with us and the 65 sister stations across the country. so tell us, what would you want to ask them? you can get a voice in race for the white house. just e-mail us at jonathan: this doesn't seem like it was a week. it seems like a month. it's so good that the weekend is finally upon us. alison: yes. we have decent weather to look forward to. once the weekend is finished. right, doug? doug: typical august weekend in my book. sunshine but we also have chances of showers and storms. let's get you through right now. gorgeous outside to look at the belle hav
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90 it at reagan national. north/northwesterly wind at 7. keeping the air dry. other area, 90 in manassas. 86 in easton. 87 in pax river. i disappear because sometimes i block the numbers. i love the people that tell me i block them. i didn't block them this time. tonight is fine. showers are west and southwest of town. most areas are partly cloudy. we drop in the 70's this evening. the weather is final for the redskins-jets. 80 at game time. the temperatures will diminish at sunset. we will be fine. as we get through the afternoon, tomorrow is a chance of showers. a pleasant wake-up for the 60's. complete details in a few minutes away. jonathan: thank you. we have new video to share with you. this is of a car wanted in connection with a deadly hit-and-run that happened in the district. this happened early this morning at m street a
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police say david narvez of arlington crossing the street when he was hit. this is the second deadly crash involving a pedestrian in as many days in the city. but the driver in a crash early yesterday morning in shaw did stop, stayed at the scene and worked with investigators. alison: meanwhile arlington county police say a woman hit the gas too hard during a test drive at the dealership today. look what happened. the mercedes she was trying out jolted forward. hit a number of other cars. then ended up right on its side. it all happened in the parking lot. at the mercedes benz of arlington dealership. actually one employee had to be checked out. but is doing okay. and in all five vehicles were involved. jonathan: she handed the salesman the keys and says i think i'll go with a lexus. thanks. alison: look at the air bag deployed. not the best test drive. jonathan: that has to be the worst. alison: now she has to buy it. jonathan: a bunch of cars.
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5:00" -- pushing inspection. what the federal transits will is ready to do to help keep metro on track. alison: later why the organizers of today's motorcycle ride mon -- honoring those who died in the september 11 attack. says after 15 years this year is the last. jonathan: but first. assessing the damage. as the firefighters continue to work. the coroner now racing to the flames across california to make sure that there are no victims that we
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jonathan: a d.c. man headed to prison for 12 years after pleading guilty of shaking his girlfriend's baby to death. 24-year-old kareem bryant pleaded guilty and as mitted he was high on synthetic marijuana k2 when he killed the girl in january. in the sentencing the child's mother made a statement that prosecutors found troubling. >> when she was given an opportunity to make a comment she said the comment she had is she want to thank him. she wanted to remind him of her love for him and similar my wanted to tell him thank you for helping her to take care of her children. jonathan: bryant will have to serve nine and a half years of a 12-year sentence before he is eligible for parole or early release.
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for the victims of that horrible flooding in louisiana. anheuser-busch is donating water in proms. -- water in baton rouge. tide is setting up places for people to wash their clothing for free. more than 40,000 homes damaged by the flooding leaving thousands of people with no place to go. meanwhile, 96 homes, 213 other buildings. at least 58 square miles of land destroyed by the wildfire in southern california. tonight just 26% of it is contained. lauren lister is in west cajon valley outside los angeles with the latest. reporter: today crews making progress on a wildfire that overnight continued to spread in the california desert. the tens of thousands of residents ordered to evacuate still kept from their home. vehicles destroyed, burned out debris left in the communities they fled. the ski town of wrightwood evacuated but only half t
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warning. >> my husband wouldn't go. he is the basic kind that says i want to protect the house. i want to stay here. >> 37,000 acres have been charred since blue cut fair ignited tuesday. more than 50 square miles. helicopters are working around the clock to halt the flames to make sure they stay put out. >> on the ground, responders made significant progress cutting back the bone dry president bush. >> we don't like losing homes. it's challenging when we are up against the fire that is burning so aggressively. >> some residents have been allowed back in the homes but evacuation orders remain for thousands. according to fire officials the owners of 96 homes will be returning to damage like this. lauren lister, abc news, california. jonathan: one of the problems with so many thousands of people ordinaried to evacuate, some were not evacuating. now they have to go back when the opens burn down to make sure everybody is out of the house. makes the job mor
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doug: october, through the mountains, the santa ana is there. it's tough. here, getting off to a great start. as you will find out in the forecast we do have shower and thunderstorm chances through the weekend. get started with the time lapse. this is from the german school of washington. one of the newer weather bug sites. fair weather cloudyest in and that is all -- cloudiness and that is all. we have temperatures in the 80's throughout the night. the 5:00 numbers are in. 88 in culpeper and leesburg. 86 in frederick. 85 annapolis. 90, the tenth straight day for 90 and above. the jets are in town tonight. the second preseason game for the washington redskins. looks like the conditions are fine. the temperatures are in upper 80's at kickoff. then cool through the 80s in the balance
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partly cloudy skies and light winds. storms over the coastal plane. the higher terrain out west. they will continue to develop and move southeasterly. overnight we call it partly cloudy and mild. overnight readings between 68 and the suburbs of 76 inside the beltway. future cast shows it's quiet overnight and early tomorrow morning. through the afternoon tomorrow will be watching to the west where the showers again will form up. this model shows showers around the bay at 4:00. that is not an impossibility. we have 30% chance of storms but majority will be farther west. i will calm down saturday night. on sunday it will change again. this time from an approaching cold front. the same cold front to bring us relief.
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scattered showers and the storms developing sunday and sunday night. later sunday night it will clear out. once its goes through, the high pressure build in from the great lakes. look at the air flow. not out of the south or the east. it's out of the northwest. early next week we have highs in the lower 80's and lows in the 50's and the 60's. dry air. a major change. it won't last forever. i will warm bab up by the end of next -- it will warm back up by the end of the week. but better for the short-term. low humidity monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, warming to 7890 by friday. if you are going to the breaches it looks good. 86 tomorrow. muggier as we get through early monday. showers or thunderstorms sunday night. if you are headed to the mountains it will be comfortable there. only 80 tomorrow. 82 with the storms likely on sunday. highs only in the 70's at the higher elevations. ablations and the alganies on monday. alison: pleasant. doug: it will be nice. alison: sounds good. jonathan: if you are
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metro this weekend get ready for four metro stations to be closed. alison: we'll tell you where. plus -- >> i tried. everybody in the neighborhood tried. they were kicking the doors in. kicking the windows out. alison: a mother just desperate to save her daughter. as fire sweeps through their home. gets help from a four-legged friend. jonathan: first a look at what is coming up tonight on abc. ♪ amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale!
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p. only at a sleep number store.
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alison: a baltimore mom steps outside of her house for a few minutes. leaving her baby and her dog inside. that's when flames began to overtake that home. reporter tells us what happened next. >> kept running in trying to get her. >> erica quickly stepped out to her car on the 6800 of goss street sunday night when she turned back to find her house engulfed in flames. she could hear her 8-month-old daughter inside. >> i heard her crying. i couldn't get to her. i tried really hard. everybody in the neighborhood tried. they were kicking the doors in, kicking the windows out. i wouldn't. >> firefighters got in the house quickly and came out with viviana and an incredible story. they found the dog polo in the room with the baby. he was covering her with his body. >> that way
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her. he stayed there. she only had burns on the side. he stayed with her the whole time in the bedroom and wouldn't come downstairs to get out the door. >> paramedics revived viviana who had severe burns on her face and arm and a leg on one side. but polo didn't make it. >> he was my first baby. i lost him. i'm praying i don't lose her. all i have. it happened so fast. i don't understand it. i don't know why it happens. >> erica says she is grateful for the support she received from strangers. a go fund me page raised $5,000 in nine hours. vivana's condition is day today. >> she is doing the best she can. she is fighting. that's it. she is a really good girl. she's okay. >> unbelievable story. officials still have not said or figured out what started that fire. >> you know the dog covered that baby. alison: no question.
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alison: family member. jonathan: no question. coming up for us on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- checking the tracks. what the federal transit administration wants to do to make things a little easier for metro. alison: plus amazon upped the ante when it comes to delivering your orders as quickly as possible. we will find out what happened when we tried to use the one-hour delivery option today. >> motorcycle ride hon mooring 9/11 first responders arrived in arlington for the last time. i'm jeff goldberg. coming up, why this ride means so much to those who wear the badge. that story and more coming upping on "abc7 news at 5:00". after the break.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. jonathan: motorcyclists lined up as far as the eye can see. a lot of these are law enforcement bikes. it's become an annual event in the 15 years since september 11 attacks. a ride honoring everyone who was killed that day. in the last hour, that ride arrived in our area for the last time. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg joining us live in arlington to explain why this is the last ride. jeff: america's 9/11 ride arriving here in arlington about an hour ago at the double tree hotel.
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the pentagon. this ride started very early this morning at the 9/11 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. we caught up with riders in a break today in hagerstown, maryland. with the rev of every engine, the turn of every wheel, there is purpose. >> it's about us never forgetting. jeff: a reason for ride. >> we are here to honor first responders across the country and remember what happened to this country on september 11. jeff: ted started the 9/11 ride 15 years ago. but after the organizing board and the local municipalities felt it was causing too much congestion and draining too many resources it was decided this ride -- >> you get the highs and lows. jeff: -- will be the last. >> this will rip my heart out. this is family. jeff: the ride which begins in shanksville, metropolitan, and ends at the world trade center has raised nearly $1 million for college scholarships and equipment for local police departments. among the 1,400 riders here
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officers. like michael caine from montgomery county. >> it lets you know that the vast majority of people support you. and what you do. rand know you are doing your best. just a guy trying to do a job. that's all. >> it's a personal thing to me. i was at the pentagon the day the plane hit. >> dennis gillroy was a firefighter in arlington on 9/11. he wasn't going to miss the final ride. his seventh. >> the people that perished that day aren't forgotten. >> ted could use a lot of words to describe the past 15 years but he sees the men and women wearing the badge, two will do fine. >> this is saying thank you to them. >> after hagerstown, the ride moved on to frederick, maryland and leesburg, virginia, anded up here today at arlington. very early tomorrow morning the riders will leave from the pentagon parking lot. then head to new york city. america's 9/11 ride will
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ground zero on sunday morning. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: sad it's the last one. thanks. checking the top stories now. the washington monument will be closed for at least the next ten days. elevator cable broke loose wednesday prompting the closure. there were two separate issues last week not related to the latest with the cable. alison: rockville native and olympic swimmer jack conger is back on american soil. he landed in miami this morning with his teammate gunnar bentz. ryan lochte, conger, bentz and jimmy feigen have all been under fire, of course, after brazilian authorities accused the swimmers of fabricating the story of them being robbed at gunpoint. lochte issued an apology on instagram today. jonathan: after interviewing more than 100 people reconstricting the gas meter lines and digging by hand through four stories of charred debris, investigators believe that it was a gas leak that caused that explosion at a silver spring apartment complex last week.
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during a news conference today. seven people killed in that blast. alison: and covering metro tonight, and word that the federal transit administration plans to spend $900,000 to help hire new inspectors. this money isn't just for metro. it's for regional transportation departments all across the country. jonathan: metro now is closing four stations on the red line this weekend. shady grove, rockville, twin brook and the white twin stations will be closed for cable installation. free shuttle buses will help you get between grosvenor and the end of the line be. on guard. they will close the station something know there will be a little more of a delay. alison: reminder you can get texts from metro straight from abc7 news. text "metro" to 43817. jonathan: the international space station now is ready to receive visiting spacecraft after astronauts installed a new docking port just today. astronts
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and kate rubens installed the door in a spacewalk. it's needed to accommodate vehicles launched by boeing and space-x which were unable to dock at the old port. those flights could begin as early as next year. alison: a pair of threat detecting satellites are now in orbiter following this morning's launch aboard a delta four rocket. the satellites will patrol 22,000 miles above the equator. looking for the so-called space minds. and any other threat. the air force wants to discourage would-bed a ve sars trying to take out critical communication of course or any surveillance equipment in space. jonathan: okay. space folks out there who love it, get this. nasa now sharing amazing shots by the hubble telescope. what you are looking at is called a stellar shrapnel. it came from a star that exploded several thousand years ago. that is the remnants of it. the star was a white tuar of, 16 --
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it was located in the large magellanic cloud one of the closest galaxies to ours. there you go. alison: pretty to look at. i know that much. a city in the area is home to the hardest working people. hardest working. that is because there is a new study by smart asset. it ranks arlington as the nation's hardest working city. residents there work an average of 41.5 hours a week. that is the huest rate in the country -- highest rate in country. almost 86% of the city's residents are employed. jonathan: still ahead for us at 5:00. >> i'm michel in arlington. where -- i'm mike carter-conneen in arlington where last night the county school board voted to add a new sport to school this fall. coming up, what the sport is and where the players will practice. alison: then late they are some of the best and the bravest. putting their lives on the line every day. but find out what is killing more firefighters than the flames.
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at 6:00, a new warning over zika. the popular tourist destination that the c.d.c. is now telling pregnant women to avoid.
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steve: the weekend is here. temperatures will be in the lower 90's saturday and sunday. but on sunday a better chance for thunderstorms all part of a cold front. great time to download the storm watch 7 weather app and stay ahead of the storms when they arrive in the afternoon and the evening hours. delmarva beaches, 86 on saturday. sunday around 87. we may see a few showers and thunderstorms. and on monday lower humidity. temperatures in the middle 80's. and a good deal of sunshine. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues after this.
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alison: after winning his third gold medal, usain bolt will take to the track tonight. if it holds true to form you will see no more than 40 seconds of him. jonathan: he is like ledecky in the pool. alison: yeah. jonathan: there is him and everybody else. alison: way out in front. barely breaking a sweat. jonathan: laughing the whole
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alison: i know. well, all eyes may be on the olympics these days but the local schools are getting ready to start the season. jonathan: in arlington, make room. volleyball and football. new sports program to recruit athletes in the county public schools this fall. alison: as mike carter-conneen reports the school board voted to make ultimate frisbee an official sport. >> the objective of the game is to get a frisbee from one end of the field to the other end of the field. mike: this fall, arlington county middle and high school students will have one more after-school option on campus. ultimate frisbee. >> i think it will attract more kids to the sort because it's recognize and respected. mike: it's believed the game was invented in 1968. a counterculture creation. today at most schools it's a club sport. >> field we are super competitive. mike: at a sophomore, she quit the volleyball program to join the ultimate team. >> the community is different. nicer. more than a family than anything i experienced. mike: the fall sports cal
5:41 pm
cross country and field hockey. so where will the athletes practice and play? school district says they will use empty baseball diamonds because baseball and softball are spring sports. >> we are starting this out as an intramural. so it's not going to have the bells and the whistles of some of the traditional sports. we will see if it rises to that level. mike: arlington is the first school district to make the move. bucketing $92,000 for coaches, uniforms and equipment. can frisbees compete with football? the coaches say there is no comparison. >> almost anybody who plays frisbee in high school will be able to play it in college. that is not true for most high school sports. mike: in arlington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. >> i love that you can play it with your family and your p
5:42 pm
dog, too. my dog is a good catcher. alison: one of those sports. jonathan: all right. show us your back-to-school pictures. upload them to it's fun to see the kids when they are getting ready to go back. we will share them on air and online. it's the best when you see the big smile to go back. other kids are like really, have to go back to school? alison: still ahead at 5:00 -- erin: we live at fedex field ahead of the second preseason game. some of the players are already warming up. er what that jay gruden wants to see improvement on next. >> we plan to put a speedy delivery service new to the area to the oste on air.
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jonathan: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. imagine ordering something online and before you get up from the couch it's on your doorstep. that could be the case for people in northern virginia. amy aubert explains how the new amazon prime perk works. >> lindsay says she uses her amazon prime account at least every other day. >>
5:46 pm
toddler is not fun. amy: now an hour from when she clicks to pay, the groceries could be in her hands. >> this is really good news. yeah. so happy it's coming to our area. amy: amazon prime now promising speedy delivery bustling through northern virginia. >> running armed making deliveries. it's cool to know they can do it here, too, now. >> amazon prime members place the order on prime and for $7.99, the order should arrive in an hour. two hours is free. >> it's definitely beneficial. it will help save on the trips, the last-minute trips to the grocery store. >> a lot of times you planning late and you realize you forgot something. to get it in an hour and not worry about when it will come is amazing. >> they have everything from ice cream to shampoo to games. the best part customers say the speedy service. >> quick delivery.
5:47 pm
amy: we planned to put the service on the test on air. we went to submit the order around 2:00. we were given two-hour order for delivery. the options available were between 6:00 and 9:00 tonight. the one-hour delivery wasn't available. the amazon employee tells me the windows are based on the proximity of the prime now club and the demand and availability of one-hour delivery. amy aubert, abc7 news. alison: interesting. you have to check it out. jonathan: it's brand new. they will get the bugs out of it. alison: thank you. twitter meanwhile giving you more control over what you see on your timeline. the social media site adding a quality filter. it will filter out duplicate tweets or content that appears to be out mated as part of new settings. users will be able to get the notifications about specific people you follow. the changes come after saturday night live star leslie jones called on twitter to cur
5:48 pm
jonathan: it's known as the world's most popular encyclopedia. wikipedia has a dark side. two weekpedia insiders reveal shocking stories of conflict of interest, control of information and retaliation as we go inside the hidden world of wikipedia. that is sunday morning on "full measure" with sharyl attkisson at 9:00 only here on abc7. alison: now time for a check of the roadways. trenice bishop is on traffic watch for us. happy friday. trenice: happy friday to you as well, alison. not such a happy friday for folks trying to make it to the skins game. if your ride takes you along westbound 50 to the beltway we have activity on the right side of the roadway. this accident did block a good portion of 'westbound at 495 for a while. you can still see the activity crowding the right lane and the right shoulder making your way toward 475. the heavy volume from enterprise road as a result. you can see it's breaking up here. that w
5:49 pm
fedex field. we are still seeing volume on the beltway. on the inner loop it's heavy from the dulles to road to the 270 spur. the travel lane is open. regular friday volume. for folks making a trip, it's sluggish to frederick. northbound 121 in clarksburg. back to you. jonathan: thank you. the all-important weekend weather. we are here finally. alison: we are dead toy hear about -- ready to hear about it. doug: starting out with a fine note. the conditions above laurel, maryland. winds out of the northwest at 4 miles per hour. no threat of rain in the metro area. if you have outdoor dining plans it will be fine. upper 80's for a while. falling in the mid-80's. a comfortably warm evening. as far as rain, we have been tracking the showers and the downpours that pop up in the mountains. they continue that way. they ju
5:50 pm
as they travel with the winds from the northwest to the southeast. i don't think they make it past 81. certainly not past the blue ridge. we keep an eye on if immediate metro area but the favorable conditions are more favorable in the higher terrain when showers and the storms pop up. enjoy the night. tomorrow morning we will be partly cloudy. we enjoy sunshine throughout the day. temperatures back to 90, 92 in some spots. again we worry about the outdoor activities and the timing of the rain. i don't think you have any concerns until we hit mid-afternoon. different models have different solutions. a couple show scattered showers in metro. possibly in the afternoon. the stronger farther west. preprevailing winds turn southeast. low end shower of storms. sunday better chances as a cold front approaches and the storms could have heavy downpours. that is it. talk to you next time. alison:
5:51 pm
jonathan: the redskins squaring off with the jets. erin hawksworth joins us. it should be a good game. erin: reminds me of richmond. it's toasty. you are right. we are an hour and a half away from the kickoff as the redskins get ready to host the jets. look behind me. the flayiers are warming up and doing stretches. chris thompson, matt jones, kirk cousins. they are all lined up gearing up for the second preseason game. this is an opportunity for the team to build momentum as we head to the regular season. so expect the starters to play close to a full quarter tonight. earlier this week the team addressed areas for improvement. >> healthy but at the same time more execution. more attention to detail. coach grude grude: the penalties is another thing. i don't want to see a lot of penalties. we had 16. want to play a clean football game. >> get your insurance up. get up to game speed. get active.
5:52 pm
it will be hot. rough. et used to playing in the game. erin: one area of concern to keep an eye on is the ground game. this is a pass happy league. it's important for the skins to establish the run. against the falcon last week, matt jones managed one yard on three carries against the falcons. jay gruden says it won't get easier tonight against the jets. >> we keep trying to push it. jets are excellent against the run. last year we couldn't run the length of my arm against them. they are physical. they play fronts that are difficult to run against. it will be a great test for us. the physicality to see if we can get anything going. erin: met jones is expected to get seven carries tonight. look for improvement in the "college -- in the ground game. next hour, former redskin joe theismann gives me his concern and the storyline he has his eye on.
5:53 pm
alison: thank you. we'll see you soon. now probably the most incredible wedding crashers have you ever seen. jonathan: the most unusual. those are lamas. not the kids on the left. north carolina couple famous for tieing the knot. the venue as the same place as the lama convention. alison: stop it. jonathan: you knew that. alison: they stay in the hotel? jonathan: you are asking the wrong guy. they tookpicks with the lamas. they have gone viral. uh-oh do you explain this? alison: the bride looks happy. the groom not so much. jonathan: well, that is a male lama. he is looking at her saying he is the wrong guy. alison: hysterical. all right. still to come this afternoon we look at them as tough men and women. jonathan: when we come back, more and more firefighters are worried about dying in the line of duty. it's not how you think.
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alison: right now they are working on the front lines in california trying to stop a wildfire that destroyed hundreds of home. tonight a new focus on the number one killer of the brave men and women. cancer. joce sterman has the new evidence that has the international association of the firefighters sounding the alarm to save first responders. >> a recent study looked at 30,000 firefighters in a bunch of cities and they found they have higher rate of cancer diagnosis and death. many blame the flame retardant in the curtains and the carpet. >> i think of the chemicals
5:58 pm
i don't just worry for myself. i worry for the fellow brothers and sisters and know we are beginning the battle. >> where firefighters live may impact how hard they fight for the health benefits. they can get the workers tomp for a broken arm, 34 states have laws that buy into the link between cancer and firefighting so they can get the treatment covered if they are out of work. but to really understand how many of them need it, the international association of the firefighters says cancer cases need to be tracked. right now they are not. >> you could be dying. so instead of going through the workers' comp situation they go to their own doctor. they get the cancer taken care of. we may never know about it. >> last week new york senator chuck schumer proposed creating a national registry. a similar bill started to move through the house in february. if this bill goes through and it helps us all in a bigger battle against cancer. that is because
5:59 pm
available to expand the ground-breaking work. >> that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 2 -- 6:00 the cause of the explosion in silver spring and where the recovery and the investigation go from here. plus shut down for days. the earliest the washington monument could reopen after more elevator problems. oh, this is was an expensive test drive. we'll show you what happened to a $60,000 mercedes s.u.v. careening through the parking lot. >> now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. >> this tragedy was the result of a natural gas explosion. maureen: suspicions are confirmed eight days after the explosion that killed seven
6:00 pm
apartment building. yesterday abc7 was the first to report the cause of the blast. today we learned more about what happened and where the investigation will go from here. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is following the story. it's developing quickly. kevin: the a.t.f. spent the last week interviewing more than a hundred witnesses, reviewing countless hours of surveillance video. and hand digging through four levels of debris. they examined the gas line and the oven stove units in the parking lot. >> there is no indication that a criminal act occurred. >> today the a.t.f. stated publicly the explosive inforknow that killed seven and injured 340 others at the flower branch apartments was likely accidental. >> we are prepared to say that the tragedy was the result of a natural gas explosion that occurred in the meter room of il


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