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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  August 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kimberly: coming up, notre dame could kickoff its new football season without key players after six were arrested, including two from our area. plus, donald trump delivering a message to coal miners and farmers. >> i needed to pay the money right
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to court. kimberly: and a consumer alert about the targeting college students and their parents, already burdened by big tuition bills. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: thank you for joining us. i'm kimberly suiters. a d.c. firefighter was in the wrong place at the wrong time. an off-duty firefighter was shot at about 4 p.m. today. we are told the firefighter was driving with a family member. he is said to be conscious, alert, and stable. the police issued a lookout for a black and red sports-style motorcycle. prince george's county police want your help tracking down this suspect wanted in a deadly armed robbery at a 7-eleven and clinton. the police say that a 31-year-old was shot before 5 a.m. this morning on brady one road in the
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he later died at the hospital. call the police if you recognize the suspect. hisld trump bringing campaign back to the commonwealth with a rally today in fredericksburg. anna-lysa gayle takes us inside the electrified rally with trumps message to voters. anna-lysa: a confident donald trump stood in front of us at the fredericksburg center. he said that he will win virginia. donald trump supporters and protesters exchanged words outside before his rally inside the fredericksburg expo center. hundreds of people, mostly supporters, wrapped around the building, winning to hear from the republican presidential nominee. >> i feel like he can bring about all the change that we need. his visit to virginia comes a day after his campaign chairman handed in his resignation. he met with local law enforcemen
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saturday, including the stafford county sheriff's office and members of the fredericksburg sheriff's office. >> crime will go down and law and order will be restored. anna-lysa: them his continued efforts to win over voter appeal come he stressed the importance of a minority vote. >> i want our party to be the african-american voter once again. polllysa: despite weak numbers, he said he is optimistic. >> we are going for victory. we must win on november 8. anna-lysa: his next campaign stop will be in akron, ohio, monday. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. aside, the name of the host city is included on the fronts of the podium. that reminder was not much help to the candidate today. >>
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you have to get out and vote, right? got to get out and vote. kimberly: a little mixup. the rally was in fredericksburg, not fairfax, some 50 miles away. two polls this week with hillary clinton leading trump. the washington post poll puts her ahead by eight points, quinnipiac puts her ahead by 12 once. she was attending a fundraising effort, including one hosted by cher. to connect you with the candidates. we have reached out for interviews and we want to know the questions you would ask. e-mail us at keep an eye on the sky if you have plans tomorrow. josh is tracking the rain. it is been a little while since we have seen the showers. josh:
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behind that, the cooldown and much nicer weather. tonight, still looking good, 77 in rockville. as we switch over, we have some warm spots. annapolis 82 in d.c., is 89, mug year, and most of us are dropping into the 70's. the cloud cover taking over, working its way into western fauquier county. with that, like showers in the shenandoah valley. the bigger picture of what's going on, a lot of moisture and rain will be here tomorrow. it is thanks to the cold front that is pushing it along. behind the cold front is when we get the big break from all of the heat. tomorrow morning, we could have some isolated showers. going to the farmers market, church, anything like that, just know that the clouds will be in place and will be light showers. that is not the main event. the real rain
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of thunderstorms hold off until the afternoon. i will time those out coming up. kimberly: the police are looking for the person polluting a popular park, leaving behind human feces. arlington county parks and rec found human feces at the park at least five times in the past few months. whoever does it is doing it after dark and is hiding it under a shirt or jacket. >> nobody would want your kids to have to deal with that on the playground. >> who could be so sick to do something like that? it's absolutely disgusting. kimberly: each time it is reported, workers clean it up and sanitize the area. the police are increasing patrols and if caught, the person doing it could be charged with a misdemeanor. six players from notre dame football arrested in two ofarate incidents, two them from our area. one went to
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and the other went to bishop mcnamara. people are shocked to hear that this happened at all. cheryl conner has the latest. what a shame if they are kicked off their teams. cheryl: yeah, and that is a possibility for stop two weeks away from notre dame's first football game of the season, playing at texas september 4, but tonight we do not know of the players involved in the separate incidents will be able to travel with the team. a member of the notre dame ,ootball team was from d.c. accused of taking the fighting irish spirit literally. court documents say that devon butler was on a bar, steps away from campus early saturday morning, when he shoved a woman by her head and body. butler was upset at the woman for fighting another lady. the police got involved. the documents say that butler tackled an officer to the ground, then punched him several times in the side and stomach. officers used a stun gun to bring him under control. >>
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season. cheryl: this is a neighbor of ashton white from clinton, maryland. white was part of a second incident friday night involving five notre dame football players. indiana state police say the group was pulled over for speeding when the troopers smelled marijuana. they search the car and found the pot and an unlicensed handgun. white is facing position of marijuana charges. >> he was a nice, pleasant young man. cheryl: notre dame's head football coach spoke about his expectations of his players earlier this week. >> they are accountable for their actions in the classroom, on the football field, and in the community. we want all of our players to be accountable in everything they do. cheryl: tonight, a neighbor of ashton white said that both of his parents are police officers. a statement from notre dame said that any student charged with a felony could be dismissed from the university. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kimber:
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consumer alert now -- >> this is an automated message from the internal revenue service. kimberly: this is an urgent warning from the irs about a new scam targeting students and colleges. these are demanding fake payments for fake taxes. had my full name, he knew where i went to school come he knew the area i lived in. kimberly: in three years, american families are conned out of nearly $45 million by irs telephone scams. were thea and new york heart of this his states. the irs will not call you and demand immediate payment and ask for your credit or debit card numbers over the phone or threaten you. show was back to school pictures.
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share some of them on the air and online as the kids go back to school the next few weeks. cleaning up after the floods. coming up, the assistants waiting for people in southern louisiana as they begin to pick up the pieces. plus, pandemonium at the national zoo. a look at how they celebrated
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kimberly: as the floodwaters recede, cleanup continues by the areas hard-hit by flooding in louisiana. more than 100,000 people have registered for assistance from the federal government. record flooding caused 2.5 feet of rain coming killing 13, leaving tens of thousands homeless. president obama is going to look at part of the area tuesday. humans are not the other ones hit hard by the flooding in the louisiana. animals are missing, others need new homes.
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this one from waldorf, are finding animals a place to stay until they can be reunited with their owners or adopt it into new homes. it from ournd send sister station in austin, texas, a car swept away after a heavy burst of rain. the people inside escaped without being hurt. the car was dragged several hundred feet. law enforcement are reminding drivers not to go around the barricades. as they'll we say, turn around, don't ground. -- don't drowned. this surely did not help traffic. a boat became unhitched and was parked around the exit in sponsoring a county. i can only imagine the backups. virginia state police say that nobody was killed. billions of people weren't convince
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-- billions of people were inconvenience, however. oh, my gosh. josh: if you have been down there, 95, south of town --. kimberly: and there is no workaround, i'm sorry, folks. it was a beautiful saturday. be able tou got to enjoy it, it was great. tomorrow's a different story. the cloud cover making its way into the picture. the temperatures feeling good, 80 degrees at reagan national. it feels more like 82. the humidity is starting to creep up. along with that, we bring in the cloud cover and rain. if you showers in the southern shenandoah valley. dry around d.c. we are tracking here is a cold front that is working its way through indiana. that continues to come this way. it is sweeping the moisture through with it. that is why we have such a good chance of rain tomorrow. cloud cover sneaking income just about taking over
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temperatures from cooling too much. the models are doing a little better picking up the chance of overnight showers and morning showers as well. futurecast,ch 7 through the overnight into early tomorrow morning, seven with some of the light rain. that will not last long. -- once again, these are just spotty showers, a little heavier towards waldorf. we get a break in the middle of the day, but in the afternoon we have the rain and thunderstorms. for a lot of us, i think the prime time will be from about 3:00 until 7:00 in the afternoon, stretching towards fredericksburg through d.c. and baltimore. after 7:00, this is really going to be pushing quickly to the other side of the bay. well it brings thunder, lightning, and heavy rain, the good news is the storm is moving quickly. it will not dump too much in any
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we have too much to worry about in the way of flooding's. what roads, you will need the wipers. with that, we could have gusty wind. monday, nothing showing up on the map. lots of sunshine and nice weather kicking off next week. 70 to 75 overnight with clouds moving in. it will make it tough for the temperature to cool off too much. isolated showers. tomorrow morning, we have some rain, but the thunderstorms are most likely from 3:00 until 8:00 in the afternoon. once the cold front comes through, we go from uncomfortable air mass to the pleasant category, and it stays that way lot of next week. 85degrees the high tomorrow, monday, lower humidity. 83 tuesday. that will be a beautiful day. 86 thursday. even though the heat is coming back, the humidity not too bad until friday and saturday. the overnight low starting off this week, 60's.
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the 50's. kimberly: wow, 50's. josh: i think some mornings you will walk out and go, whoa. kimberly: i know, will need a sweatshirt. the nats looking hot. erin: they are, the nationals having a monstrous for thinning in atlanta. and ryan zimmerm
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. with thebegin nationals, ryan zimmerman coming off the disabled list tonight in atlanta. he had been on the disabled list since august 1 with a wrist contusion. sporting the beard, fresh off the d.l. after missing 16 games. bat, drive this one deep, solo shot. he had three hits on the night.
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max scherzer helping his cause. a single to right, zimmerman will score. 5-3 nats. trea turner gets hold of this, deep to left, three run homer. nats' 9 hits in the top of the for thinning is a record -- in the fourth inning is a record for them. orioles facing the astros. george springer drives this the opposite way come his 25th home run of the season. o's lose 12-2. mainedskins, one of the goals for the preseason is to avoid injury. unfortunately, starting running back matt jones suffered an a.c. sprain in his left shoulder last night against the jets. the team is hoping that he will be back for week one against the steelers. this is the only action from kirk cousins at fedex field last night. act up quarterback colt mccoy said he foun
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the starter as he was walking out of the tunnel. here is jay gruden on his crafty decision. we have a lot of good players in this locker room. i wanted to make sure that our backups are ready to play at all times. backups lot of the stepping up and starting last year, and at that is important for cold to get some -- for colt to get some practice. erin: the ravens in indianapolis tonight, facing the colts, which use all right here on abc 7. joe flacco did not play. mallettecond, ryan starting for joe flacco. over the middle for aiken, 14 yard touchdown. 7-3 ravens. in the fourth, the colts take the lead and try to stretch it
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stephan morse throws the interception at the goal line come off to the races come all the way. for is good for two points the ravens. baltimore wins a thriller. even though it is only the preseason, pretty cool. fresh off winning the nba cares committee assist award, -- nba cares community assist award, john wall held a backpack giveaway in d.c. 250 lucky students had quite the experience. filledt free backpacks with school supplies, and they got to hang out with their favorite nba star. scott abraham was there as well. scott: how rewarding is it for you to see the smile on their faces? >> it's great. it is an honor for me to be a book to help the kids and let them have fun. i wanted to to be fun, so they can play games and have more excitement.
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excited to help out. an annapolis runner won the first 1500 meter gold medal since 1908 for the u.s. at aather is a track coach local university. and did you compete against him? josh: yes, we ran some races at the same time. i guess that means i practically got a medal myself, right? erin: you can claim it. kimberly: coming up next, happy birthday, bae bae.
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kimberly: an historic week of birthdays at the national zoo, kicking off for the youngest giant panda. >> they get into your heart and then they don't leave. kimberly: one birthday is an excuse for pandemonium at the national zoo. the long lines, the hilarious headgear. but this party was historic. three pana birthdays in one week. the
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one-year-old bei bei stealing the show. >> he is just amazing. he is a survivor. >> he is an ambassador for endangered species all over the world. >> he is a-year-old and is a confident little bear. he is a little reluctant to venture out to new places with things he has not seen before, such as the large banners this morning. kimberly: the three banners representing life symbols. >> i love the pandas. it brings china and the u.s. together. kimberly: and the mother picked banner.ndship and lcuck partnership between the united states and china, the reason there are giant pandas at the national zoo. >> it helps with conservation. kimberly: as we count
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every year, there is a personal connection to these pandas. >> every time we come to the zoo, we take a picture of this panda. we have a picture of her and eight months with her grandpa. kimberly: she loves to see how she is growing, right alongside the beautiful bears. the birthday festivities continue monday, with the actual first birthday of bae bae. next friday. three
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