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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  August 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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kimberly: a milestone this one time drag racing champion never thought he would live to see, his 50th birthday. >> i was not expected by the doctors to live past a year on a ventilator. kimberly: r
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most completely paralyzed after an accident in 1987. he always wants to get back on the open road, and his friends built him a special trailer that helps him ride. they are now writing from kansas city to okc to watch the taping of the show "street walls." -- street outlaws. some of you should take their show. erin: what a great friends. josh: the rain moving in early tomorrow morning, but that is kind of the side story. the bigger event will be between about 3:00 and 7:00 tomorrow afternoon with rain and thunderstorms more likely. monday, lower humidity. kimberly: a good-look
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kimberly: thank you for staying up with us on "saturday news extra." a routine boat ride home for one familyur
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when he capsized, trapping a nearly two-year-old girl under the vessel. >> 911, what is your agency? boat crashed and i have a baby in the water. reporter: a frightening call from a mother in distress. >> the boat is completely capsized, upside down? >> it is upside down and my daughter is under the boat. reporter: they were returning from dinner with relatives when their boat struck power lines and everyone was thrown overboard. >> i had charlotte in my hand still with the boat flipped. i climbed on top of the boat. we heard kennedy crying and we cannot find her. reporter: with help from a person in a separate ,four officers entered the water and pulled nearly everyone to safety except canaday. >> the rescuers did everything they could. mom and dad were looking. reporter: l
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side, the 23-month-old was in an air pocket and had a life jacket on. responders found her and pulled her from the water. >> god was with us. reporter: the group was checked by paramedics and doing fine, a huge sigh of relief. isberly: tonight, a search underway for the successor to the metropolitan police chief cathy lanier. stephen tschida reports on her possible replacements and what is next for the department. stephen: chief cathy lanier bowed out before her contract came up come in part out of consideration for her fellow officers. beef lanier: it would selfish for me to stay in january and not have an opportunity for people who work so hard to make me successful. one of: some speculate these individuals may eventually fill the role that she is leaving. the american alleged she will look inside and outside for a replacement. mayor bowse
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stephen: dealing with a department where actions frequently and up on social media, consistent problems among the rank and file, but also filling a position currently held by woman with wide approval among city residents. >> she was really popular. she knew how to connect. stephen: the city council has to sign off for a new chief. some of thee have best talent in the country. if there are individuals were interested and have the experience and are qualified to lead the department, they should have consideration. stephen: until a permanent replacement is named, the mayor will appoint an interim chief. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. kimberly: an update to a story that we broke on abc 7 --
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center said they found the source of dangerous bacteria in the neonatal intensive care unit. they transferred nine newborns to other hospitals. hospital leaders say the bacteria was in the pipes that led to the unit. two children recently died. it is not clear if the contamination was related to their deaths. >> our epidemiologists and neonatal experts continue to investigate any links between the deaths of any babies and the presence of the virus in our water supply, and we don't have the answers to that yet. is installingital a hyper chlorination unit to ensure the water remains clean. cruelty and neglect against children being cited as the reason the federal government is stripping funding from prince george's county's headstart program. problems range from a teacher making a three-year-old mop up your in two children being forced to hold heavy boxes over their heads as punishment.
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tom: she says that her two sons both went through headstart at james ryder randall elementary and clinton several years ago. >> the problems constantly happen. i was constantly having to go to the principal. is onemes ryder randall of several schools mentioned in the department of health and human services report that explains why it is stripping prince george's of nearly $6 million for head start. >> please let me state in no uncertain terms these incidents are completely unacceptable. said princerd george's failed to fix examples they were warned about after a december incident and capitol heights. the report said that a three-year-old what himself and was forced to mop up his own urine as the teacher took pictures, even sending one to his parents saying, " lol, he worked that mop, though." at james ryder randall in june, a teacher punished
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by forcing them to hold boxes with oaks over their heads until they cried. >> i expect our employees to behave appropriately. when they don't, i'm going to deal with them appropriately. >> very disappointed, because it's not just about my son, they're a lot of students who need the funding and assistance. tom: tom roussey, abc 7 news. amberly: still ahead -- mother who made headlines during the baltimore riots. alert abouter back-to-school shopping. is it worth it to buy generic brands? josh: and today was beautiful. tomorrow, not so much. the forecast is coming up.
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and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. kimberly: toya graham is the baltimore mother who made headlines forward thinking her son from the baltimore riots yesterday. a kitchen fire last weekend left them without power and lots of smoke damage. her neighbors and complete strangers are stepping in to help. reporter: it is a day of gratitude. >> first i want to say thank you. thank you because at the end of the day, there are good people out there. reporter: the family established a gofundme
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$5,000 raised by 150 people in less than 24 hours. graham and michael are stunned by the response. >> a lot of people are helping me and my family over what my mother did. we don't know these people. but they see us and they care for us. children,graham, five and a granddaughter are displaced after a kitchen fire. it was accidentally set by michael. they are staying at a hotel come eventually with help from the red cross. with funds now depleted, it is a day by day effort. >> it's a relief that i can lay my head on the pillows with my children and i know that all of them are here with me. reporter: she said the family is homeless with the no place to go
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house that she rented, and there is no word from the landlord on whether the family will be allowed to move back in. still, there is hope. reporter: i'm grateful. very grateful. -- >> i'm grateful. very grateful. kimberly: coming up on saturday news extra, consumer alert about acta school shopping. is it worth it to buy generic brands? z2392z zi0z y2392y yi0y
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married on thursdays. thean save you money on venue, flowers, and photography. saturday is still the most popular day, followed by friday and sunday. and jeannette reyes did not take that advice, getting married today. congratulations. josh: yes. kimberly: a beautiful day, but -- josh: big changes tomorrow. hopefully you took the advice and enjoyed today. we are looking for some morning showers and heavier rain. if you areg, stepping outside for anything before going to bed, feeling good. mid 70's most of the area, but the cloud cover moving in. that will stop a lot of us from cooling off too much more. the other nice thing is we had low humidity today. that is changing as well. any place that you see 70 degrees or h
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that means the moisture is building and. upper 60's, similar thing. northeast,hwest to the cloud cover moving in on the satellite with light rain showers in the shenandoah valley. most of that will have a tough time staying together through the overnight. early tomorrow morning, we could be watching this to the southwest. that brings light rain. the big picture, the cold front draped further off to the west pushing our way. that basically scoops up all the moisture, gives it extra lift in the atmosphere. that is why we are likely to see the rain tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. sunday, some of that moves across. bighowers will not be the ones. when we see the heavy rain is when the cold front gets much closer. for the metro area that is from about 3:00 until 7:00. showing up a little earlier here, but it quickly clears out after that. by
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completely done with this. that is the good news. the storms are moving fast. even though they could dump a lot of rain quickly, because they are moving along, that should save us from any threats of flash flooding. one thing to watch out for, gusty winds are a real possibility. at this point, not looking for a lot of severe weather, but something we are watching for stop the high-pressure overhead monday, lots of sunshine. tuesday, similar. low humidity for stop with that, nice, low temperatures. d.c., 70morning 75 in frederick, 71 manassas. the high temperature tomorrow topping out in the mid to upper 80's. after a break from the rain, the temperatures up a little more. the seven-day forecast has the nice stuff, 89 tomorrow, 85 monday, 83 the high tuesday, finally some below average temperatures. a rowwas the 11th day in
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so nice. kimberly: 50's? josh: tuesday morning, pretty far west. fauquier county, that sort of thing. not downtown, but the seasons are changing. kimberly: still ahead -- check out the moves.
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kimberly: a stafford county sheriff's
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to bridge the gap with the community. lieutenant diggs is doing it by sharing his love with beyoncé and his dance moves, getting a lot of attention. tom: this is stafford county lieutenant diggs doing a dead on beyoncé at a recent back-to-school expo, collecting school supplies for kids who need them. the law-enforcement enforcement lip-synch contest is the highlight. lieutenant diggs sealed his victory by doing the splits, completely unplanned. >> i had to do something because the other competitors were close. i figured i had to step it up. tom: the video has gone viral, and diggs is suddenly a celebrity. >> in the shop today, a lady came up and gave me a hug. tom: diggs is a huge beyoncé fan. >> i've
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followed her since destiny's child way back in the day. tom: the songs you chose is controversial, with its references to the police. although beyoncé denies it, some think it is anti-police. >> people have different interpretations of the video and song. i don't think it is an anti-cop song. i like it. tom: he thought the song was a great way to reach out, especially now. >> there's a lot going on nationally with law enforcement. i'm really focused on bridging the gap and listening to people. tom: tom roussey, abc 7 news. kimberly: i was hoping we
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