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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  August 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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911 call weeks be >> where inside the building? >> i just wanted to report a strong smell of gas for 30 minutes or more. leon: that paul placed weeks before a deadly gas explosion. seven people died, dozens hurt, many others displaced.
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to recovery is now happening and questions now about how the officials responded to the 911 call and whether the disaster could have been prevented. tom roussey reports. weekst's now going on two since the explosion happened. let me show you what the building where the explosion happened looks like right now. if you go to the left, that is where parts of the building used to be. howow have a 911 call about gas was smelled in the area well before the night the explosion happened. >> i don't know exactly where the gas is coming from, but you can smell it in the building. tom: that is from a 911 call made july 25. it was made more than two weeks before a natural gas explosion that killed seven and injured dozens. is adrienneing boyd, who lived in the building where the explosion happened. >> there is a strong smell of gas in the building for
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tom: this is a close family friend who was there the night of the 911 call. we entered the you to her a couple days after the explosion. >> a kind of smelled like incense. they checked in left, washington gas. >> they do not take the proper precautions. tom: this flatware --flower apartments resident wishes more had been done. >> they should have taken a harder look at the gas line. tom: there are stuffed animals near where the explosion happened. the 911dicey moments, caller and his family got away ok that night. washington gas has not said too much publicly, but they told me last week they have been turning over a lot of their information to investigators. reporting in silver spring, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: there is more to the story tonight.
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medical care, turned away after a car crash near a nearby medical center. the center has been treating those who were injured in the fire and blast come including children with breathing problems. they are being sent to another facility for stop but there is good news, nobody was hurt when the car hit the building. aarching for a suspect after woman was attacked while walking near one of the busiest bridges in our area over the weekend, just off the arlington side of the key bridge. the woman was grabbed and pulled off the sidewalk by her attacker. jay korff a look at the investigation happening now. what do we know at this hour? jay: yeah, leon, this is where the attack occurred. key bridge, there is plenty of lighting over there, but you step into the woods were the authorities say the attack took place, it is very dark. the sidewalks on either side of the key br
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bustling with activity even late into the night. these paths connecting arlington to georgetown are popular. early sunday when it this was the scene of a disturbing attack. say that county police at 2:30 a.m., a 27-year-old woman was walking alone on the bridge when a man pastor heading to the district. the suspect turned around the, grabbed the woman from behind, and pulled her into the grassy near the gw parkway for stop he covered the woman's mouth and try to sexually assault her. she successively fought and fled. >> it makes me nervous because i walk across dave's ridge every day -- i walk across this bridge every day. jay: she sees it as a cautionary tale but also that women should not have to feel so vulnerable regardless of the time of day. onnobody should be preying people walking by themselves. we see
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the stories over and over again. you never think it will happen to you. investigators need your help identifying the suspect. he is described as a white male, late 20's, early 30's, 5'9", medium build, fair skin, dirty blonde hair, clean shaven at the time. he was fleeing back towards d.c. live in arlington, jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: considering the traffic on that bridge, that's amazing that happen. find out when crime happens in your neighborhood with the spot crime maps at ryan: good evening. it was a beautiful day and evening. the temperatures right now, comfortably into the 70's. reagan national airport, sitting at 77 degrees. the air temperatures will be of the upper 50's, middle 60's downtown.
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currently 73 degrees annapolis. tomorrow morning, sunshine when you wake up, 58 to 66 and it will feel refreshing. it looks like the sunrise tomorrow is at 6:29. some changes coming our way. when the humidity returns in just a few minutes. leon, back to you. leon: thank you, ryan. breaking news in the district, a security guard struck by a car that burst into flames. tom roussey is there and witnessed the call happening. he joins us on the phone. tom: basically we aren't constitution, where it turns into pennsylvania avenue. we rolled up on the scene as this van -- if you could show the van, as the van was on fire and there was a man inside. grabbedker
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the truck to help another guy who had a fire sting which are put it out. there was a child seat inside. this man actually jumped onto the curb, and over here they are working on another man who was assisted by witnesses for stop the was a security guard who was on the sidewalk doing his job when the other car jumped the curb. the police car has damage right there. apparently the other car was trying to make the light, trying to make a right turn, instead went flying, wound up on the sidewalk. of the into the vehicle security guard, injured the security guard. he was lying unconscious on the ground when we got here and still seems to be dazed and lying on the ground where i am. he is lying near where the firefighters are treating him. a chaotic scene we arrived upon. a car was on fire at the time
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guy put it out. then they checked the car to make sure a child was not inside. moments later the fire department and ambulances arrived. the security guard has been lying on the ground since we got here. the man who was in the car, they have gotten him out, took him away on a stretcher moments ago, being taken to the hospital. he was unconscious and not responding. that is the scene. very chaotic scene in d.c. lay witness, again, the car jumped the curb and hit a security guard not on the street, he was on the sidewalk. tom roussey, good thing you world the scene to get the information for our viewers. please update as soon as you get more news. that is tom roussey reporting live. 7 on your side with a health alert. one local county getting proactive when it comes to the zika virus. montgomery county began spraying pesticides to prevent mosquito
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the whole country is on increased alert and florida is stopping -- racing to stop the spread. tim barber has more. tim? tim: tonight the targets were whichrsburg and wheaton, is where we are right now. this is one of the problems, standing water just like this, a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. the frogs will not be happy about it, but montgomery county residents will be. fromht, these trucks maryland's department of agriculture are springform askewbecause some people are worried -- are spraying for mosquitoes. >> i think it will help keep the community protected. just got back from a cruise and zika was a big topic on the boat. >> there were flyers handed out just about every day.
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by a pregnant woman to her unborn child, causing birth defects. two neighborhoods are being sprayed on the ground and in the air. in maryland, state officials are asking residents to stay inside while they spray neighborhoods as a precaution. spraying yourself with mosquito republic, wearing long sleeves, and getting rid of standing water are important to protect yourself and the community. this person is not sure if she is ready for another baby, but she is glad state officials are working to protect her family. >> the fact they are spraying is a relief. tim: during the next couple days, inspectors will be looking at reading sites like this one. -- at breeding sites like this one. tim barber, abc 7 news. the district, hundreds of mourners pay their respects tonight at the funeral of christopher bar,
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he died last week of an apparent drug overdose. current mayor muriel bowser called him a son of the city. bowser: it is with a heavy heart that i offer our condolences of the city. for: barry was remembered working to get jobs for felons once he was out of prison for stop the employed many in his construction company. coming up, firefighters facing another challenge facing fires in the west. contain a blaze that scorch several homes and threatening even more. and pills found in the home of late icon prince that were mislabeled.
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z23cwz zi0z y23cwy yi0y leon: developments to report in the murder of a convenience store clerk in prince george's county. surveillance video shows the gun man. jonathan elias has the details of this in several other cases after a violent weekend in the county. jonathan: the police are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest in the death of that
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during an attempted robbery. the killer shot him in the back as he was trying to run away. officers want you to look closely at the surveillance video. see if you recognize the guy. if you do, because he is wearing a unique jacket, they would like to hear from you. this was one of three murders that took place in the county this weekend. [no audio] police arehe searching for the killers in the murder of an up-and-coming rapper known as dirty swipey. the 22-year-old was shot and killed in clinton. the motive remains unknown at this point. stay with abc 7 and fo r updates. jonathan elias, abc 7 news. leon: happening tomorrow, president obama will be touring devastating areas of southern louisiana.
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13. more than 100,000 have registered for assistance. last week donald trump anna mike pence visited with the victims. some have criticized the president for not traveling to the region sooner. some do dozen wildfires are taking their toll zone firefighters in nine western states. in california, after days of bad news, finally good news around san bernardino. the blue cut fire is now 80% contained. while thousands are being allowed back into their homes, others not so lucky. when i saw the cloud, i knew it was bad. the closer i got, the worse it got. in eastern fires washington state have destroyed 16 home since yesterday. those fires blew up in size overnight, growing from a few hundred acres to more than 5000. new developments in the race for the white house. the trump campaign has canceled
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week. in addition to thursday speech in colorado, they also canceled rallies in nevada and oregon. there is no explanation about why from the campaign. meantime, a federal judge has given the state department until september 23 to come up with a plan for releasing more of secretary hillary clinton's e-mails. 15,000 documents were collected by the fbi. they want to determine which will be released. clinton will be on "jimmy kimmel live" immediately after our show tonight. seized inside of prince's home were labeled as hydrocodone, but contained fit in all, which killed the singer later the ship, which could mean either the pharmaceutical manufacturer mislabeled the pills or they were illegally made and obtained illegally. prince
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accidental overdose. the investigation of his death is still ongoing. 7an: from the stormwatch weather center, i meteorologist ryan miller. thery nice day, one of nicest of the last several. and we will have one more tomorrow. the time lapse photography from washington lee high school in arlington, virginia. the clouds coming across the television screen left or right. the direction to the left is the north, which is why the air temperature is nice today. the humidity was really comfortable. we made it up to 85 at reagan national, 86 is where we should be. we had 12 days in a row up until today at 90 degrees or higher. it's like we will have another nice day tomorrow. the first day of school in prince george's county tomorrow, plenty of sunshine through the
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bus stop, 70 to 89 at recess. drop off time, the ladies. on the water, annapolis and d.c., middle 70's. -- drop off time, it will be in the middle 80's. we are watching the air temperatures because of the clear skies fall into the 60's and 50's overnight. 57 degrees tomorrow morning in frederick, then tomorrow right back into the middle 80's. 84 degrees at reagan national. tomorrow evening, i think we will see temperatures in the 60's and the heat will be coming back slowly wednesday, upper 80's, pushing 90 thursday and possibly friday. ,uiet across the mid-atlantic western maryland, west virginia. no precipitation across the mid-atlantic because of the high pressure controlling the weather tonight, tomorrow, and wednesday. wednesday into thursday, the system pushes off the coast. the
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and that will bring the humidity and bring temperatures back into the 90's. looks like a chance possibly of storms coming in friday. those could linger into saturday morning as we approach the weekend. 58 to 66 when you wake up tomorrow morning. open up the windows and rest the air conditioning system. if you are not in school, head to the pool. 84 degrees the afternoon high. the next seven days, 87 wednesday, nice weather for the nationals taking on the orioles. chance of showers. thunderstorms for the redskins game friday. erin: no!. ryan: i've been looking for that to go away. erin: just in time for my live shots at fedex field. leon: your hair is going to look great. erin: i'm looking forward. opportunity knocks for a pair of redskins rookies. and in nationals let victory slip through their hands tonight?
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>> and the now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the beltway series between the nationals and orioles at camden yards. four's have won consecutive season series against the nationals dating back to 2012. stephen strasburg did not start tonight. in camden, tied at 1-1 in the fourth inning. anthony rendon puts it into left field. echoes into the stands. his 16th homer, 2-1 nats. the orioles came right back for an oddris davis, takes hop. harper bobbles it. many machado second and he beats the throw. 2-2. next batter, mark trumbo goes yard, his 30th home run of the year gives the birds a
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win. you look back at one run games, and they have been hot on the road this year. this is kind of like playoff baseball. if you don't let the game out of scores will be generally close like it is now. erin: good point. stephen strasburg was scheduled to be the starter tonight, but the team placed him on the 15 day disabled list this afternoon with right elbow soreness. at the beginning of the season, but he is 2-4 in his last starts. matt jones will not play again this season after he sprained his shoulder friday night against the jets. head coach jay gruden said he has high hopes
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steelers. injury means increased playing time for keep marshall and robert kelly. they will take more snaps with the first-team offense, and experience that kirk cousins says is invaluable. kirk: i think it will help them. there were times for me as a third-year player that i was pushed into action and it stretches you as a player. it get you to where you need to be that much faster. and a programming know, d.c. united has a quick turnaround, in montréal wednesday. that is a game that you can see at 8:00. our coverage begins at 7:00. and redskins cornerback josh norman is on the cover of "espn the magazine" and in it he called roger goodell horrible. moving from carolina to washington was like going from dictatorship to freedom. cannot wait to hear what he says next. leon: still ahead, an incredible story of a nine-year-old boy giving back.
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leon: as louisiana tries to heal from devastating flooding, help comes from all shapes and sizes. spent ther-old boy day delivering pizza to those impacted by the flooding. with help from social media, more than
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leon: we are still on the scene of the breaking news of the district. a security guard was struck by a car that jumped the curb and burst into flames. be on theappened to scene a short time ago near constitution in pennsylvania avenues, where they come together. witnesses told our tom roussey that the guard was on the sidewalk patrolling all the time. two people are hospitalized, no word on their conditions. we will have more information at as soon as we get it. ryan: it is nice to give a late august forecast that looks like this. tomorrow, middle 80's, beautiful. upper 80's wednesday and thursday. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- hillary clinton -- and john krasinski -- with cleto and the cletones -- and now, pace yourselves, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming.


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