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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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4:00". on your side. jonathan: it was a knife attack in roanoke. a man attacking two complete strangers. michelle: but now the f.b.i. has been called in to investigate if this man has ties to terrorists. we are talking about wasil farooqui. attacked a man and woman and was quickly arrested. jeff goldberg is at the "live desk" with more. jeff? jeff: well, michelle, the f.b.i. not discussing any details of this investigation. but say that agents are working very hard to determine the nature of this incident. the big question that remains unanswered now is whether or not this was an isis-inspired lone wolf terror attack. as a man and woman continue their recovery, local and federal authorities continue investigating the motive of the suspect. 20-year-old wasil farooqui of roanoke county. witnesses say farooqui shouted "allahu akbar" as he allegedly attacked a couple with a knife saturday night at the pines apartment in ro
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leg laceration that has a tourniquet applied by police. jeff: one young witness says she and her mother saw the two victims struggling while being treated by paramedics. >> i was so scared on the day. i locked all the doors and the windows. i was shaking. jeff: authorities say after the incident farooqui took off but later showed up seeking care for his injuries at the same hospital where the victims had been taken. farooqui was arrested soon afterwards. the suspect has been on the philippines' radar for some time and a -- has been on the f.b.i.'s radar for some time and he traveled to turkey in the last year and may have tried to sneak into syria. f.b.i. agent brad garrett says it's difficult to stop an attack like this one. >> this fits the profile of people who just want to act in the name of isis and
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jeff: the male victim suffered injuries all over his body, including on his neck. but did not appear to be an attempt at a beheading as was rumored. both victims are recovering well. live in the newsroom, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: concerns over hepatitis a that is coming to a smoothie chain. michelle: strawberry smoothie cut off strawberry supplier in egypt linked to the disease. we look at how many stores are affected in our area. >> it's a summer favorite that could land you in the hospital. that is according to virginia department of health. if you bought a smoothie at tropical smoothie cafe you could have hepatitis a. there are now 17 confirmed cases in the state. four in northern virginia. >> the biggest thing we are recommending for people right now is that if they did eat smoothies with
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them from tropical smoothie over the course of the summer they monitor themselves for signs and symptoms of hepatitis a. >> the symptoms are fever, fatigue, headache and nausea. >> the most distinct symptoms are jaundice, the yellowing of the skin or the eyes or dark urine. reporter: the cause of the health alert were strawberries from egypt. >> i'm chief executive officer of tropical smoothie cafe -- reporter: on youtube they say they got rid of the tainted fruits. notices in stores are saying the strawberries are now coming from california and mexico. some customers in fairfax aren't taking chances. >> go to the doctor to get the shot and make sure she doesn't get hepatitis a. reporter: the symptoms usually develop in four weeks which means some customers would be infected now and not know it. in fairfax, q mccray, abc7 news. michelle: developing tod
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picked long-time assistant chief to temporarily fill cathy lanier's vacancy when she leaves for the nfl. assistant chief peter newsham spent 27 years with m.p.d. the last 14 years as assistant chief. he will take over on september 17. mayor bowser calls newsham a police officer of the highest caliber. nationwide search for a new chief is expected to begin soon. jonathan: a wild scene last night. two people in the hospital after a fiery crash outside the national gallery of art. it was late last night, a minivan hit a light pole at the intersection of pennsylvania and constitution avenue. witnesses say it was flying. the minivan jumped the curb, hitting the vale with the national gallery of -- vehicle with the national gallery of security inside and the car burst into flames. >> we heard a big crash. we saw the sparks and a huge crash, like a big monster. >> all you could see was the huge, it looked like the
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fireworks! no, it's a huge sparks and flames. just launched up out of the air. jonathan: both people injured in the crash are expected to recover. >> it's only a matter of time before the heat and humidity return but a comfortable walk on the first day of school in prince george's today. chief meteorologist doug hill has changes coming pretty soon. doug? doug: yeah. we're going to ease you into them. this is beautiful. enjoy every minute. coolish and dry weather for august. this is something we don't see too often. that's why we are making a big deal about it. we are going to rebound in the next few days. as far as the numbers tonight we drop in the 70's and the mid-to-upper 60's. cooler in suburban areas. clear skies all the way through. the western zone wake-up temperatures in the 50's in frederick and urbana. the local area will see temperatures in the upper 50's in a couple of spots. mainly 60.
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66 in downtown washington. then looking beyond as we head through the morning hours to the bus stop, it will be clear, beautiful, 65 for an average temperature. 84 degrees at recess time. by late afternoon we will warm up to 87 with a slight increase in humidity. all things considered another beautiful rand comfortable day around the nation's capital. we will check out the weekend, the next seven days in a couple minutes. back to you. michelle: you know they could use dry weather down south. president obama got a firsthand look at the hardest hit parishes in louisiana. the water finally receding. some 60,000 homes are damaged. many beyond repair. marci gonzalez is live in east baton rouge parish. how has the president been received by the people on the ground? marci: hi, michelle. he was warmly welcomed here. home after
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belonging tossed to the ush can. the families are having to start over. many don't have flood insurance. from the receding floodwater to everything it destroyed, president obama -- >> how y'all doing? marci: -- getting a glimpse. touring the devastation in southern louisiana. >> i hope they see that so many people lost everything. every piece of furniture in my house is on the curb. my walls are on the ush can. my carpet. everything. marci: the president talking with owners of the 60,000 homes that were damaged more than a week ago in worst natural disaster in this country since super storm sandy. the fast-rising water blamed for 13 deaths, 30,000 rescues with 2,600 people now still living in shelters. president obama: what i want people of louisiana to know is you are not alone on this. even after the tv cameras leave, the whole country is going to continue to support you
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folks back in their homes. and lives are rebuilt. marci: while praise for the federal aid already coming in, the sharp contrast to fema response to katrina, president obama facing criticism. donald trump who visited baton rouge last week among those saying the president should have cut his vacation short to make this trip sooner. yeah, but the governor of louisiana disagrees saying an earlier visit would have taken away resources from the recovery efforts which are still far from over. live in baton rouge, marci gonzalez, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. it's not just the humans but the animals from louisiana need a new home. these animals were slated to come to our area but they had to be diverted to hampton road, virginia. 60 animals arrived here yesterday. most of them already in shelters hoping for a permanent home. many of the shelters were damaged in the floods. workers and th
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from several groups are working to place the animals in new homes. if you are looking for a pet, now is a good time. howard county leaders are discussing the next step in recovery from last month's devastating floods there. today marked the first day of the entire main street area being completely off limits to everybody but workers. it's now to allow for critical infrastructure repairs that could take a month. there is so much work to be done. damage to the infrastructure alone will take more than $22 million to repair. >> if you don't have a real reason to be here, don't come just to gawk or sightsee. many of you have asked how can i help? that is one of the ways. jonathan: beginning tomorrow they will shrink the main street no access every. court avenue is open to the public but street parking is not allowed. old columbia pike down main street is also open. tough situation there.
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so much work to be done. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00 -- mcdonald's issuing a recall. michelle: the happy meal toy it doesn't want kids to get their hands on. jonathan: breaking the record to confiscate weapons at checkpoints. the staggering amount. and how many were actually loaded. reporter: five years after the big earthquake, you still find damage in the nation's capital. i'm stephen tschida. in a moment i'll fill you in. michelle: still ahead, we are going back to school. there are questions surrounding prince george's county. the concerns they are addressing heading in the new school year. jonathan: we want to see your back-to-school pictures. there have been good ones. thank you to the families who sent in photos today. a lot of smiling faces, excited to go back to class. keep sending them. click on the "back to school" bubble to upload the pictures. then watch
4:11 pm and see if your pictures are there. a lot of good ones.
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well for less. only at my giant. michelle: a "7 on your side" consumer alert. mcdonald's recalling the step-it trackers given away in happy meals. the concern is it could cause a rash or burning sensation on children wo
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filed over the problem. more than 30 million of these trackers were handed out in the u.s. and canada. jonathan: well, "7 on your side" looking for viewers who want to save big money on the next major purchase. it can be anything. we want to help you become a smarter process in the process. this is how you do it. take the survey at or go straight to where a survey link is at the top of the page with the help of troubleshooter horace holmes and the professional shoppers at consumer checkbook. we will do comparison shopping for you to see if we can help you get a better deal. "7 on your side" will feature of some of our viewers' savings coming up this fall. michelle: the campus of stanford university is going dryish. undergraduates can no longer drink hard liquor on campus. that includes drinks that have more than 20% alcohol by volume or 40 proof. beer and wipe are still allowed.
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after former stanford swimmer brock turner was sentenced for sexually assaulting a woman at a party. but the university says the new policy is not a result of that case. jonathan: take a look at this. this is remainder of gun safety 101 when you fly. leave your gun at home. or put it in a checked bag unloaded. actually it has to be in a case. the t.s.a. says it has confiscated all of these weapons. all you see on the screen, they grabbed them from people trying to fly. usually in a carry-on bag. that was just one week. 81 guns, 70 of them loaded. 31 had a round in the chamber. also confiscated swords, throwing knives and machete. that's what they were traveling with. michelle: makes you wonder. jonathan: hello? time for a check of the traffic situation. eric smith is in the abc7 traffic center. hopefully nobody has sharp instruments in the gridlock. eric: i hope not, jonathan. it will be a tough ride. you can see sever
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the beltway in both directions as well. it will be a busy rush hour already. a few cameras from the beltway to look at the inner loop. near side of the screen is the interlap delay. slow in both directions. tough on the interloop at tysons. it continues past the legion bridge off the washington parkway. this is heavy and connected. not too bad right now for the inner loop out of bethesda at old georgetown road but it will continue on 395 into siller spring -- silver spring. plenty of traffic from landover in both directions. in virginia, 95 southbound to lorton looking heavy on the far side of your screen to 123 over the quick with typical southbound delays. 66 westbound here out of vienna is going to be plenty slow as you head off the beltway past route 123. it's all volume right now. that is all from the traffic center for now. back to you. jonathan: thanks. five years ago to this day, the eart
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that is what the video you are seeing -- it has a shot of the white house. i was like not again. well, it was 5.8-magnitude earthquake. the epicenter in mineral, virginia. jonathan: it was felt up and down the east coast. effects notably at the national cathedral still felt today as far as financially goes. stephen tschida is at the cathedral. a lot of people would be surprised how little has been done or fixed since the earthquake five years ago. stephen: there is so much to do. this is the pinnacle on the top. this is how damaged they were in the brief earthquake. keep in mind, they were up there. the very top. they plunged onto the roof. some pieces actually landed down here on the ground. [chimes] stephen: chimes marking the second the earth shoo
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earthquake hit. >> i heard what i thought were explosions. i heard boom, boom. stephen: the national cathedral rocked and massive stone pieces decorating it broke loose and ploppinged to the -- belonged to the ground. -- plunged to the ground. >> the building made a deep, groaning noise that sounded like, you know, like a dumpster falling off a truck or something. stephen: the earthquake inflicted damage all up and down the eastern seaboard. among the hardest hit structures the washington monument. >> to have an earthquake here in the district is a little crazy. stephen: a lot of people can tell you where they were when the quake hit. derek just arrived for his first day on the job. >> the whole building vibrated, swayed back and forth. it was an old, old structure. a lot of dust and stuff got kicked up in the air. stephen: they have done millions of dollars worth of repair work.
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of work to do on the cathedral here. they expect it will take another ten years. keep in mind, the earthquake was five years ago today. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: you never know when they will hit. tornadoes you get warning. earthquakes, no. michelle: if i recall correctly it was a beautiful sunny day. doug: gorgeous. not a cloud in the sky. no wind. boom! jonathan: it's like that again today. doug: we are okay. michelle: nothing is shaking. jonathan: knock on wood. doug: yeah. i know they are working on trying to forecast all kind of time and effort and money spent into that and hopefully they can do that. especially for the west coast and the earthquake-prone areas. jonathan: dogs seem to know better before we do. they go crazy. doug: if you walk around on all fours. jonathan: going with that? lock that in? doug: pretty much. eileen is busy all the time. she was out this morning and
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weather bug camera school. german school in potomac and she scored for all the weather team cool german school t-shirts. i will take that. thank you very much. so show you what the skies look like early on as eileen was getting ready to head out there. jonathan: pretty. doug: isn't it gorgeous? through the day, nothing but sunshine and few weather clouds. gorgeous weather. to the friends at german school i say danke schoen. thank you. that is extent of my german. i can count to five, sure. anybody can. but that's it. beautiful skies out there. the temperatures are comfortable across the region in the lower to mid-80's in many spots. one of the conditions with the winds off the river enough to keep reagan national, 81. it's 82 in manassas. warmer, the by a water temperature are warmer than the air temperature there. this is how cool the air mass is. how comfortable it is with the low humidity. tonight is game two in the beltway series with the orioles and the nats.
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yards. one more night here. here is the story. first pitch, 78 and clear skies. temperatures slowly drop during the game. then the o's come here tomorrow and again on thursday. so we are looking pretty good here weather wise as far as what will happen coming up. the forecast specifically for the overnight hours, clear skies through the viewing area. 59 to 67 by morning. the nats host the o's tomorrow and thursday it will be a bit warmer. touch more humid. calling for sunshine. first pitch at 7:05 tomorrow evening. 90 degrees on thursday. more humid but not a terrible weather pattern at all. summary. the numbers side-by-side here for seven days. 87 form. -- 87 tomorrow. 90 on thursday. friday partly cloudy. no rain in weekend forecast but systemly warm and muggy. upper -- seasonably warm and muggy. 30% c
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monday afternoon and again on tuesday afternoon. it's looking good. we will talk more about what may be coming after the seven-day period in a little bit. michelle: thank you so much. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we are going back to school. how prince george's county is addressing serious issues in the new school year. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:30, a massive pile of shopping carts growing around a dumpster, d.c. apartment complex. folks who live there want them picked up but the neighbors may be part of the problem. we'll explain coming up at 4:30.
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jonathan: back to school brings all kind of -- how cute is she? look at the big smile. big moments when you had back to school. you shared so many to us. thank you. look how happy he looks. michelle: go to then click on the "back to school" one to upload your pictures and watch abc7 or head to and check out our gallery and see if yours has been posted. jonathan: look how cute she is. great backpack. hair looks beautiful. michelle: it matches her shoes and her top. everything. jonathan: got it going on. michelle: when you see pictures like that you know the summer is officially over. at least as far as 129,000 students in prince george's county go. for those who are going to public school there. jonathan: a lot of parents are happy about that, too. abc7's john gonzalez went back to s
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students to find out how the system is handling big concerns going in the new school year. john: it's back to school. i'm ready. redskins lunch box and backpack. i'll traveling from school to school with the c.e.o. of the second largest school system in the state of maryland. larger than when i attended school as a child. it's also posing a big challenge for the school system. >> we have well over 10,000 teachers and i was told yesterday afternoon in my last briefing we were only about 31 teachers short. john: we rode the school bus this morning with c.e.o. kevin maxwell, along the way picking up children. what grade are you in? >> fourth. john: what is your favorite subject? >> math and science. jop: we asked tough questions, especially about the head start program revoked after allegations of abuse. >> very small number of employees
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another black eye. john: dr. maxwell assures us the program will be funded and start on time. speaking of on time, some students have run out of time because they haven't been immunized. >> we are at a place where kids show up today, they are not immunized they don't come to school. john: from pointer ridge elementary school -- >> difficult. it's her first time. i'm nervous. she's nervous. she will do good. john: to bowie high school. everyone seems ready, including the new principal here. >> the scholars at bowie and the community have been supportives. the scholars came in, they found the schedule and moved to the classes. john: john gonzalez, abc7 news. jonathan: how exciting. good luck to everybody, too. still ahead at 4:00 -- it cost $7 million for a family destination? michelle: this prime piece of manhattan real estate you can't enjoy while you are alive. sam: i'm sam ford in southeast washington where a residents
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[000:27:59;00] don't have more of giant's carts for groceries than giant has.
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that story is announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: so this has become a problem at a d.c. apartment complex.
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weird problem, too. shopping carts outside of a dumpster. michelle: the people who live there want them where they belong. back at the grocery store. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is in southeast. sam, the neighbors may be part of the problem? sam: women, yes, michelle. certainly neighbors, somebody brought the carts here. one of the residents here called us to talk about all the carts from the giant food store up the street that were piling up around the trash bins here. while management occasionally hauls away bulk trash, they don't haul away giant shopping carts that some residents push here and don't return. we have counted 20 at the dump site alone. >> that's terrible. eyesore number one. they're not supposed to be there. you would think giant would miss 15 or 20 carts. apparently maybe it's part of their budget, they write it
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off. sam: that the kids play grocery carts. sometimes lose control of them. they crash into people's cars and damage cars. we have contacted giant for a response. so far we have not heard back from them. we will have more coming up on at "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live from southeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: well, after all the heat we have been dealing with, i hope you got a chance to get outside today. this was one of those perfect days. doug: i agree. jonathan: and you didn't get outside for it. you have been working all day. doug: surprise, surprise. that's all right. it's gorgeous and it will be for outdoor activities. this is beautiful. do you know where it is? jonathan: i don't. doug: belle haven country club. my wife's father went there when she was a little girl. so it has been there for a long time. jonathan: i have yet to be invited out there. doug: we'll talk about that. i have openings in december.
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beautiful evening. gorgeous cn year especially for 2 -- governorrous -- gorgeous condition for any time of year especially for the 23rd of august. any outdoor activities are fine. 81 now. light winds and dry air outside. that is great. one downer today weather wise environmentally, that is this. the pollen count, the mag weed, mold spores. we'll have more of the same weather in the next few days with gradual increase in temperature and gradual increase in the humidity level. it will be the typical august. it's fine. 87 tomorrow. 90 on thursday. friday is 93. there could be a stray isolated storm with a weak cold front friday afternoon and everything, especially to the west of the metro area. friday night the buffalo bills are in town against the redskins. 7:30 for kickoff. 87 and muggy and cool to low
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80's by the end of the game. temperatures ramping up over the weekend it's dry. partly cloudy and seasonably warm and humid. staying that way for monday and tuesday with another chance of showers and storms. that is it. michelle? michelle: thank you. uber raising some fares in the d.c. area. it's trying to ease concerns with the drivers over really short uber x-trips. the minimum fare rising from $5.25 to $6.25. up a dollar. one reason for the short trips the metro safetrack. but uber drivers are cashing in. abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter shows us how. brianne: all summer long, safetrack surgers slowed rider down. but for many uber riders have the track repairs with the trips starting to add up.
4:35 pm
>> you need to work to get it. brianne: driver current surge area are getting extra $5 per trip at no cost to the riders. the added incentive has nearly doubled the uber income. >> i make $500, now it's $1,000. >> brian: -- brianne: in a statement to abc7 a uber spokesperson said our mission is to ensure commuters can rely on yubeer to get where they -- uber to get where they need to go affordably and with minimum disruption. the key to the reliability is making sure there are enough drivers in the right place, at the right time." >> when you are tired, you are compelled to go. you get a little bit of money. brianne: riders we talk to say it's a win with everyone. with safetrack, he has started using uber to commute and it's great to know they are in the
4:36 pm
area that they are needed most. >> we have around and it benefits those who need the money the most. brianne: there is added incentive for the drivers, there is now a change for riders as well. coming up tonight at 6:00, if you use uber x, how you could feel a pinch in your wallet on your next trip. brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: the next story defines knucklehead. here we go. a man's attempt to impress a woman made the absolutely wrong impression. this happened near pittsburg last night. a man was jumping along building rooftops to impress a woman he just met. it didn't go well. he fell between two buildings and got stuck. he was done. firefighters four hours later breaking through bricks. they got the guy out and looked at him and probably said, "really? jumping between buildings?" michelle: was she impress snood she probably walked away and said who is that idiot? for the first time since the
4:37 pm
early 20th century you can own real e york hottest real estate markets. but there is a catch. michelle: one of the holiest neighborhoods. but the catch is you can't move in until you're dead. mausoleum in the crypt under the basilica of the st. patrick old cathedral is for sell. it's been reserved for church clergy and prominent families of the catholic church. the money raised will go to repairing the antique 1868 pipe organ. there it is. beautiful. >> priceless. priceless instrument. we need over $1 million to fix what is very important and an honor to be connected to the church for eternity. michelle: there is enough room for six bodies but it's not cheap. the last vault will cost $7 million. is the afterlife worth that much to you? jonathan: how do they value
4:38 pm
that? how do they say for the next person to die is $7 m be interred? michelle: it's such an exclusive space and so limited that you really can set the price at whatever you'd like. jonathan: they have done a lot of work on the church. if you get to new york go by it. it's spectacular. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- thieves breaking into a school down under. it's what they left behind that will absolutely have you scratching your head. michelle: plus, you can smell like the k.f.c. kernel. the extremely odd handout coming up. jonathan: it's back-to-school season so we are shiring the pictures we got from -- shares the pictures from the folks heading back. families took pictures today. share it with us. go to clack on the "back to school" bubble to upload pictures. then watch us or to check out the gallery.
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beautiful young lady there heading back to school. jonathan: they left the crocodile in the school. i have no earthly idea. is that like a diversion? nobody was there. michelle: this is the part. let's watch. jonathan: that is the crocodile. michelle: why? i don't even know. jonathan: i'm sure when they sketched it out, it was perfect sense. we don't want jealousy at the zoo. so happy birthday to bao bao. she turned 3 years old to celebrate with a special cake over the weekend. michelle: the third candle on the cake means we only have one year left before bao bao has to leave. so it's bitter-sweet here. the smithsonian national zoo agreement means that bouhlel
4:43 pm
is headed there once she turns 4. we have to do i it out. bao bao will go back and we'll get another panda to hang on to for a while. still ahead, this puppy is only 18 weeks old but he was able to survive an entire swarm of bees. wait until you hear how many times he got stung. >> with as many stings that he had, he had more than enough to kill 50% of dogs his size. jonathan: can you believe that? you won't believe how many stingers were plugged from the poor guy. we'll tell you. that is coming up. >> update on case of graffiti
4:44 pm
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4:46 pm
written on rats in chinatown. i'm cheryl conner. coming up, michelle: d.c. police believe they have the person responsible for antisemitic graffiti showing up in chinatown. they say he is responsible for offensive messages showing up across chinatown over several instances this month. cheryl conner show how police tracked him down. cheryl: the animals painted at
4:47 pm
the intersection of 7th and 8th street in chinatown are meant to celebrate zodiac. but instead the rats in the road had the word "jew" written on them several times in the past three weeks. >> the first time it came we got here immediately and cleaned it up. cheryl: christie with the downtown d.c. business improvement district says her office worked with the d.c. police to spot graffiti and help identify a suspect. police say a swastika was also painted on two different coffee shops. they look after 138 city blocks. once the graffiti started popping up, crews starting the morning here hoping to clean it before the public saw it. there are cameras in the area. on monday police arrested 60-year-old capadalupo. police count five incidents of graffiti but whitfield said downtown city bid cleaned up the markings six times. workers don't want derogatory messages to take over the energy at the intersection. >> the beginning of any kind of hate speech needs to be nipped in the bud.
4:48 pm
beus graffiti, that can generate an emotion that people start to act upon. cheryl: he is charged with several counts of defacing public or private property. >> this is entirely inappropriate. it's extremely hateful. cheryl: in northwest washington, cheryl conner, abc7 news. jonathan: you are about to see a lucky dog. 4-month-old puppy barely escaped with his life after a harrowing encounter. his owner let tramp and another dog off-leash and he heard yelping. he looked out the see bees, lots of them swarming over both dugs. the puppy was stung 400 times. >> i got two or three feet outside and was hit myself. a vivid flashback of being attacked by a wall of stings. jonathan: horrible. so bad that the firefighters had to foam down the area to rescue the dogs. the bees came from an
4:49 pm
abandoned home nearby. after some rough days tramp is expected to be okay. dots on him, those were all the stingers that had to be plucked out of him. michelle: he is one tough dog. jonathan: very tough. michelle: glad he is going to be okay. on to monterrey, california. residents in the path of the fire are told to evacuate. the fire is moving north and only a third contained. the commanders on the ground say the famous hirsch castle are threatened but the flames are starting to move away from it. we are truly living in the information age. jonathan: from news to entertainment, we can get it anywhere you look now but started 25 years ago today. the world wide web went public august 23, 1991. a british scientists granted public access to the network. so for people who have grown up not knowing a world without the internet -- can you
4:50 pm
imagine -- the the start of a web address stands for michelle: it's funny that people might not know that. jonathan: there are so many people that grew up, they have no clue what life is like without the internet. had to crack a book, go to the library. stuff like that. colonel sanders wants you to smell like the famous recipe. he is giving away 3,000 bottles of sunscreen to give off the scent of the frieded chicken. michelle: this is a way to promote chicken. they hiredded george hamilton known for the signature dark tan to play the role of the colonel in the new commercial. but be warned. there is word that the sun screen doesn't smell like chicken. jonathan: that might be good. michelle: but that is the gimmick, right? jonathan: maybe what happens if you sit in the sun too long. michelle: you get extra crispy.
4:51 pm
jonathan: let's talk about the weather. heat has sort of gone a steve: the humidity is the key to the forecast. yesterday was awesome. today is warm. but comfortable. you can eat outside. you don't start sweating. you can carry on your look throughout the day. that is all that is important, right? c'mon. now the heat and the humidity will creep back again toward the end of the week in the weekend. a great evening. not evening. a great afternoon. to head to the golf course. some people taking advantage of it right there from the belle haven country club in alexandria on the bank of the potomac. looking at 8 -- 81 degrees at the reagan national airport. it's wonderful out there. 84 in leesburg. upper 70's in luray. 83 in culpeper. tonight will be awesome. temperatures in the 80's. a lot of sunshine. daylight hours beginning to dwindle. sunset at 7:50. so take advantage of the daylight hours while you can. tomorrow, upper 80's. mostly sunny. low humidity.
4:52 pm
average for this looking ahead to upcoming weekend, crab and the beer festival. the temperatures near 90 degrees. it will be hot and humid. maryland has the renaissance festival. 90 on saturday. upper 80's on sunday. delmarva beach forecast calls for the temperatures in the upper 80's on friday. saturday around 86 degrees. sunday around 84. notice what is missing? we don't have any rain in upcoming weekend forecast for the delmarva beaches. surf temperature around 7 can be to 77 degrees -- 73 to 77 degrees. check on the afternoon rush hour commute. over to eric smith we go. how does it look? eric: thank you. it's a tough ride in several spots. we take a look at the entire region here looking at a lot of delays. especially on the beltway. we will get to that in a moment. for now we head to i-66. taking a look at the westbound traffic past nutley street. you can see a ton of volume
4:53 pm
heading by a the shoulder here. the helpers are on scene as well. i won't change anything now. also looking at the southeast/southwest freeway, the westbound traffic heading to 395 is slow to seventh street. heading to the 14th street bridge where the eastbound side is not as bad right now. we will take a look at the beltway delays. inner look traffic at georgetown pike looking solid heading tysons to the 270 spur. not great on the outer loop either. look at the outer loop delays out of bethesda. it is going to be a solid mess. that is all from the traffic center for now. back to you. jonathan: at least the weather is nice. thanks. coming-up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the race for the white house, it's the battleground over the airwaves. trump campaign joining the fray in a recent spending spree that targeted tossup states. coming up next. michelle: then new at 5:00, a call for change on the first day of school. what several members of one local school board want to
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
have happen right as the school year begins. luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs,
4:56 pm
bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers. in's hillary clinton's america, the system stays rigged in america --
4:57 pm
>> for the first time in his $5 million for television ad time. they are targeting florida, north carolina, pennsylvania and ohio. where 82 electoral votes are up for grabs. the first ad paints a grim picture of immigration policy under hillary clinton presidency. the border open. more of the same, but worse. reporter: but it falls short of courting the independent voter. >> it's not that convincing of an ad except to his base who is already going to vote for him. >> the principles we will live by. >> trump's rival and her allies spent $100 million dominating the airwaves with the tv spots in recent months. in key states some experts see a return on the investment. the latest average of national polls has hillary up five points over trump in florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, and ohio. the trump came said it would not air television ads until
4:58 pm
after labor day. but when t in the polls political experts i talk to say the early spending spree is a tactic admission of campaign missteps. >> this is acknowledgment of a campaign in trouble and finally behaifing like a cam -- behaving like campaign. reporter: media experts say there is time to right the ship. >> having been in the broadcast business there is plenty of time to buy on tv, cable, radio. reporter: however, $5 million to convince undecided voters in must-win states will not be easy. >> it's not to late but it's too little. jeff: i'm jeff barnd, abc7 news. leon: tonight. fleeing a danger zone. >> living in fear all the time. 24 hours a day. >> pregnant woman says goodbye for now to the husband to protect their unborn child. how they came to a difficult decision. >> if you wander around in dark you might fall in. leon: this woman paid big money for a fish pond. she only got a big hole in
4:59 pm
ground. "7 on your side." homework can wait. a teacher's note to parents made her an internet hero. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: she is pregnant and concerned about the health of her unborn child because of zika. she made a decision and decided to head florida to hollywood florida where the family live ofs in virginia. our richard reeve spoke to her a few hours ago and checks in live with the story. the other thing here is i understand her husband stayed behind. he didn't come on the trip. richard: he is here now but he is going back home. it's a thousand miles from here and home. he will come here periodically. but they felt they wanted to make the decision for the health of their child. for gigi and jared it wasn't an easy decision. >> living in fear, all the time. 2 hours a day.
5:00 pm
richard: with gigi 16 w pregnant couple became concerned about the spread of the zika virus in south florida. >> when the c.d.c. said no pregnant woman should go to miami, did a county. that sealed it and confirmed our decision. richard over the weekend, the couple packed up their car at their broward county home north of miami and drove 987 miles to fredericksburg. >> this is another child. i protect this child with my life. richard: gige and 1 1-1/2-year-old son chase will move with her family. >> really stressed out. worried all the time. you see a mosquito, it's like the grim reaper is coming after you. >> the couple both 32 realize the separation will be tough but they say skype, face time and special visits will help. >> i have to come up and i don't want to miss the birth. timing will be critical. richard: a better alternative


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