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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 24, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," a deadly earthquake hit central italy. >> the 6 .2 quake striking north of rome. causing buildings to crumble. one mayor saying his town doesn't exist anymore. we're following the breaking details just in. >> and donald trump admits he may be softening his stance on immigration. he's not softening his stance on clont clinton. now calling for an investigation into her foundation. he managed to praise president obama. we'll tell you why. and just on time, the thrilling moments for some boaters when a seal pops up on deck. they quickly discover the reason for the visit. some other party crashers looking for a meal. it is wednesday, august 24th.
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news now." good wednesday morning. i'm carbon dioxide. >> i'm diane macedo. a deadly earthquake caused significant damage in central italy. this is the epicenter of the quake about 100 miles northeast of rome. it was felt across a broad section of central italy including the capitol. >> here's what we're learning. the quake struck in the middle of the night, about 3:30 in the morning local time. many residents ran into the streets and spent the rest of the night outside as several aftershocks rocked the area. other people were caught in collapsing buildings. there are deaths, we should tell you. it's too early for the exact numbers at this point. the italian government says the damage is severe. and they are sending heavy equipment to clear the debris. one mayor says half his town is gone. on twitter the state department is urging more thanes
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let people know you're okay. it's a popular vacation destination. the last major quake in italy was 2 in 2009 killing 300 people. we'll follow the developments as they wake up on the other side of the world and we start to see the damage reports and possibility of casualties come in. >> we're already hearing reports. but the numbers still getting settled. we'll hold off on reporting them for a little bit. let's move to politics. donald trump admitting for the first time that he may be opening to softening his stance on immigration. >> trump is not backing away from his promise to build a wall. at a late night rally in austin, texas, he brought out people whose children were murdered by illegal immigrants. and he hammers
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we get the latest from abc. an about face on immigration from donald trump. he said this. >> there can be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people. we want people. we have some great people in this country. >> reporter: a hard turn from trump's hard line on immigration throughout the campaign. with plans to build that border wall and promises to remove all undocumented immigrants, including families. >> we're going to have a deportation force and do it humanity. >> reporter: within the last week that stance slowly disappearing. at one point trump seeming to praise president obama. >> obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country. bush, the same thing. lots of people brought out of the country with the existing laws. i'm going to do the same thing. >> reporter: trump opening up a new line of attack against hillary clinton calling for a special prosecutor to investigate her dealings with clinton f
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a new report says clinton met with 85 donors who gave a campaigned $156 million in donations. the clintons say it's cherry picked to give a distorted portrayal. she posed with hosts justin timber like and jessica beal at fundraisers. >> make sure i'm alive. >> there's nothing there. >> reporter: trump is trying to make up for lost ground. even campaigning in the red state of texas, normally a sure thing for republicans. while hillary clinton is also taking aim at red states. setting up shop in salt lake city. the state hasn't been blue in nearly 50 years. all right. our thanks there. breaking news from north korea. the government has fired a missile from a submarine capable of reaching much of south korea. the missile flew about 3 00 miles before falling into the sea of japan. this i t
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launch so far of a submarine based ballistic missile. others condemn the launch overnight. the united nations is worried about the civilian impact of the fight to drive isis out of iraq's second largest city. iraqi troops are going to mosul. they say fighting could impact more than 1 million people. shelter assistance is being set up to help thousands who are trying to flee that area. the fbi is investigating an attempted cyber attack on the new york times and possibly other news organizations. the times says hackers targeted the moscow bureau. they are blaming the same russian hackers who infiltrated the democratic national convention. >> the atlantic is active. tropical storm
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to become a hurricaneover night. it will stay at sea. another system is approaching the north eastern caribbean island an appears headed tort coast this weekend. this is likely to become another tropical storm. officials are providing new numbers. 53,000 homes and nearly 4,000 commercial buildings damaged. and outside the city the numbers are more dramatic. president obama visited the area and fema has money for disaster relief. >> reporter: president obama reassuring the victims of the louisiana flood. >> you're not alone. >> reporter: touring the devastation, he met with officials and residents. dismissing criticism for not cutting his vacation short last week. donald trump visited days ago. >> obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there.
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saying it's not about politics. >> nobody gives a hoot if you're a democrat or a republican. they care about making sure they're getting the dry wall out. >> reporter: the dry wall is already out at karl's house in denim springs. he says it's time the president showed up. >> you're our president. you should be here getting things moving. >> reporter: with the fema inspector asesing his damage, his neighbor says anything that keeps the spotlight here is good. >> as long as they're here, that's all that matters. >> reporter: more than 110 people have asked for assistance. it will take three months to clean up the debris, and schools are delaying opening until next month. no to wildfires in the northwest. about 50 campers were forced to evacuate in northeast wyoming. and another
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shut down an opening to the park. it's a similar story in eastern washington. several fires are burning. firefighters have made progress, but the dry weather and rough terrain are posing problems. they've declared a state of emergency for 20 counties. an explosion is under investigation this morning. tuesday's blast sent smoke in the florida power and lights substation. no one was injured. more than 10,000 customers lost power. service was restored by the end of the day. the blast site is about five miles from the miami international airport. tourists love frolicking with dolphins. the problem is the species are nocturn nocturnal. it deprives the dolphins of sleep and makes them stressed
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impacting their lives like that. >> they're trying to sleep. >> exactly. from that to a dog. a special dog. newly reelected mayor of a small town. this is the third time duke has been elected during the annual festival. the first time was a fluke. only 12 votes were cast. >> he won this year in a landslide getting all but one of the votes. with hair like that, what's not to love? >> of course. >> duke is not yet declared his position on immigration or e-mail or trade. >> i imagine -- >> go duke. that's the way. >> he's got to have a dog thought on public urination. >> he thinks people should be free to do it. big proponent of that. coming up, we're going to chow down on a very important national good day. >> and we'll tell
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>> and the incredible life of linda thompson. she was married to caitlyn jenner, back then known as bruce. she's opening up about the marriage in an interview. >> you can find us on facebook, you're watching "world news now."
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you're looking at pictures of an earthquake
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central italy. we're told it's a 6 .2 magnitude quake. you can see some of the damage. we're getting reports of people trapped under the rubble. the power is out. there are reports of gas lines ruptured and phone lines out. the usgs says there's been at least seven aftershocks. >> the quake taking place in the middle of the night while many were sleeping. a lot of the towns you're looking at were built in the 12th century. you can understand many of the buildings and homes and businesses are fragile. this area is known for very strong earthquakes. there was one in 2009 that killed hundreds of peep. we'll continue to follow the developments and look out for the latest pictures there. moving on. >> pressure on the drug company mylan is growing over the soaring price on ep pen. >> congress started asking
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adrienne bankert has more. >> reporter: it can happen in an instant. a life in danger after an allergic reaction. and growing outrage over the skyrocketing cost of epipens. pricing jumping from about $100 in 2009 to more than $600 today. during that time same, the drug makers ceo compensation rose from $5 million to $19 million. >> this is a life or death medicine. we've had to use the epipen. if we had been without, she may not be sitting next to me. the maker of epipens being questioned on capitol hill. a house oversight committee is in direct contact with the drug maker. and they could be called to defend their price hike. >> reporter: the drug maker blaming the higher
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for the added burden on patients. some families having to choose between paying their mortgage and buying life saving medicine. we're going to switch gears now and talk about quite a move by a seal. it happened in the waerters in canada. the squeal squeezes it way on a boat to get away from killer whales looking for a meal. >> he fell off the boat but scrambled back on. once the whales gave up. he went back into the water. >> a smart seal. >> people on the boat probably thought he wants to hang out. nope. he's using you. >> trying not to be food for the day. coming up, wait until you hear from caitlyn jenner's ex-wife. >> linda thompson talks about her major with bruce jenner and
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relationship with elvis. >> "world news n
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♪ >> one of his best up tempo tunes. >> appropriate for the next story. it's about a woman who dated elvis presley. look at that. she dated elvis presley and was married to bruce, now caitlyn jenner. >> linda thompson. our chris connelly sat down with her. >> ladies and gentlemen, elvis presley and bruce jenner have left the building. >> reporter: but she's here, lin linda thompson's memoir. empathy and deep feeling. her intimate times with elvis
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caitlyn jenner. >> i think more than anything it's been a relief for caitlyn to be able to emerge as her true self. and for the rest of us, we love her. when i first met her, she was in a bruce jenner body. he was just an incredible person. still is. i have since said to her, you know, you've got to give yourself credit. you kicked manhood's butt. >> reporter: wed in '81. by 1985 they were raising their sons here in malibu. >> my happiness was complete until my kids were 18 months and 3 dmaef, and my remarkable husband said i need to tell you something about myself. >> reporter: she feared it was an affair. it proved more kwoconsequentialr that. >> he said i identify as a woman. what does that mean. heai
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i would like to become female on the exterior, because i've always been female on the inside. it was earth shattering. it was devastating. people can't understand you must have had some kind of idea. no. never. nothing. >> reporter: she says therapy sessions would bring her greater understanding. >> my deeper compassion went to bruce for her to have felt so trapped in the wrong body. it broke my heart to think he struggled so long and so hard. >> reporter: i guess in some ways you met caitlyn on a trip to new york. >> yes. i was trying to understand this thing called transgender and when bruce said come to new york and be with your husband, husband was the word i was looking for. i went to new york, knocked on the door fully anticipating we'd have a lovely romantic weekend. >> reporter: she was unprepared
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for who she said she saw, caitlyn. i crumbled. i went oh, no. i started crying. and she said i'm so sorry. i just thought it was very important that you see who i authentically am. and not until that moment did it sink into my mind that that truly was who caitlyn felt she was. and i had to respect that and honor that and move on with my life. >> reporter: she'd grown up as a pageant stand out in memphis where in 1972 she met elvis at a movie theater. >> reporter: you can't remember the movie? >> no. would you be able to if elvis were standing next to you macing on you. >> reporter: she was his lover, confessor and care giver for four and a half years. >> my son brody when he grasped the impact of me living with him, he said mom, you know, he's the
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olay. ageless. it is time for the mix. >> bourbon time? >> you wish. however, it's better than that. today is national waffle day, ladies and gentlemen. >> yep. >> dig in there. >> deb doesn't care. >> we have fun facts for you. >> about waffles. >> first patent for a waffle iron, august 24th, 1869, hence, national waffle day. >> okay. and apparently thomas jefferson brought -- you know how i am with the food. of course i'm going to eat all of it. >> dig
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>> thomas jefferson brought a waffle iron over from france. i'm just going to go with this. >> and, you know, the waffle has had many copiers since. the waffle robe. the waffle fries. everybody is trying -- >> somebody take a bite. >> we're talking. >> how is it? is it good? >> yeah. >> there are a lot of places all over today you can celebrate national waffle day. we encourage you to go out and help celebrate. >> that's really good. >> take a bite of your waffle. >> i love that you've even the entire thing in the course of this. all right. was it really good? let's move on. speaking of luck. >> no. >> i'm trying to get rid of carbs. every day i'm like pumpkin spice ce
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>> all right. all right. >> so there's a lucky woman. do we have the photos of this woman who was really lucky. >> in the penny slots. she won in the penny slots. she's trying to remain anonymous. we know she's from hawaii. kendis is waiting for us to go to commercial so he doesn't have to eat the waffle. but it's not. just eat the waffle. what's the problem? >> okay. she won $1 million. how's that for luck? that's amazing on the penny slots. 10 million bucks, really. >> nearly 11 million. it happened at the mega bucks win wheel. it's a custom game. >> wow. that was good. >> you are such a liar. you deserve to be locked in your room, young man. locked in your room, and this was the -- parents
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got their
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breaking news this morning on "world news now." deadly earthquake #italy. the 6.2 magnitude tremor felt throughout the region near rome. some victims out in the streets as others are trapped under the rubble. we'll have a live report. hillary clinton opens a huge lead over donald trump. but trump is pushing for a new issue to battle clinton over. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail just ahead. >> and new this half hour, the recovery of a young boy receiving transplants for both of his hands. hear the heart warming moment he tried to convince his mom to let him play football. it is wednesday, august 24th th. from abc news, this is "world news now."


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