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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  August 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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this morning-- saint mary's county students will joining them. good morning washington has been hitting e
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children, teachers, and parents get back into the school year swing. later this morning, eileen whelan will be live in st. mary's with a live report. we're getting a lot of back to school pictures from abc-7 viewers... like this one of emmanuel starting third grade -- trying to catch all the pokeballs. we also got a great picture of jae'lah on her way to class... as well as leilani. thanks to all for sharing. you can share your own pictures -- just go to burst dot com - slash - wjla. breaking right now-- minute by minute, the death toll is steadily climbing in italy following a powerful earthquake. witnesses say the magnitude 6 quake struck in the middle of the night-- collapsing buildings on residentts as they slept. abc's kenneth moton has the very latest. new details-- breaking overnight about a serious crash in north east washington.
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crash in north east washington. benning road is back open this morning, after getting shut down for hours overnight. our crews spoke with eyewitnesses last night-- who say the crash sent that car flying through the air. despite all the damage, police say the driver involved suffered non-life threatening injuries. the cause of
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investigation. also breaking overnight. a pedestrian struck on the beltway while assisting a disabled vehicle. it happened on the inner loop at route one in college park. the driver remained on the scene. the victim is in the hospital with several broken bones. the nationals bats have gone cold in their beltway series against the baltimore orioles. last night the o's offense looked like a well oiled machine. baltimore played like a team desperate for moving up in the standings in their division. catcher matt weiters would get things going early with an r-b-i double. next inning jonathon scope rips a pitch to left field.. chris davis scores..orioles go on to win 8 to one. but bad news for orioles fans following the game. ace pitcher chris tillman will go on the 15 day disabled list with shoulder inflammation. now both beltway teams dealing with crucial pitching injuries in the home stretch before the playoffs. game three of the series is tonight at nationals park. coming up. a terrifying shoot out at a georgia gas station sends motorists running for their lives.
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why one of the gunmen called police for help. and we are following this breaking news. a moster earthquake rocks central italy. we'll bring you an update as emergency crews race to find survivors.. coming up.
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coming up.. we are following breaking news in
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quake has killed at least 14 people. we'll bring you an update in just a few minutes, and our crews are heading out to the italian embassy right now. they will have a live report coming up. plus, ghostbusting sure does pay the bills. the list of the highest paid actresses in the world is out-- and a ghostbuster is sitting near the top. we break down the eye-popping numbers.. coming up.
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police are trying to track down the men caught in this happening now-- police are trying to track down the men caught in this shocking gun fight outside an atlanta gas station. police say it began when a pedestrian confronts a driver as he walked back to his car. thats when the driver pulls out what appears to be an a-k-47 and aims it right at the other man, who dives to the ground and takes out his ow
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are exchanged, the pedestrian opens fire. when the gunshots finally stopped-- police say a passenger in the car was shot in the shoulder. the driver called 9-1-1. the incident is now under investigation. right now-- police have not made any arrests. a former high school athlete charged with two counts of sexual assault will not face jail time. a judge sentenced massachusetts teen david becker yesterday to just two years of probation. he was accused of sexually assaulting two female classmates with his finger at a house party in april. becker told police when one of the girls didn't protest, he assumed it was ok. he denied having physical contact with the other girl. if becker doesn't violate his probation, the case will be dismissed. and he won't have to register as a sex offender. the wildfire in san bernardino county, california is now 100-percent contained.. but firefighters are now focusing on another blaze.. this one in california's los padres national forest. the "rey" fire north of santa barbara has now burned nearly 30-thousand acres.. and is
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contained. nearly 15-hundred firefighters are battling the flames, with the help of 14 helicopters.. and six air tankers. forbes is out with its annual list of the highest paid actresses. and jennifer lawrence tops the list.. for the second straight year. the magazine says in the past 12 months, she earned 46-million dollars before taxes. second on the list: melissa mccarthy, at 33-million. scarlett johansson is third, followed by jennifer aniston.. and the chinese actress, fan bingbing. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen
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for love goes wrong!
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getting in the driver seat of a hotwheels car.. well sort of.. thats next! now to the race for the
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hillary clinton facing tough questions about her time as secretary of state and links to donors from the clinton foundation. meanwhile, donald trump attempting to redesign his plans to deal with illegal immigration. abc's maggie rulli has the very latest. our mission is to connect you to the presidential
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tried something to impress a girl we really like. but one college students extreme plan backfired, and left him in the hospital! police say the two were on the rooftop of a building near the univeristy of pittsburgh. that'
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totally wrong. the student tried leaping to the next roof but got stuck in between the two buildings. his date then called 9-1-1 and firefighters began a 4 hour rescue. he was eventually released from the buildings. luckily for him he only suffered a broken ankle..and probably a bit of broken pride. for his sake, we hope he atleast gets another date.. a group of amatuer filmakers gives us a first person view of how it would really feel to be in the drivers seat of a hotwheels car. take a look at this! the team strapped a go-pro camera to a hot wheels car and check out the journey. the hot rod was taken through backyards, down roads, and through a pool to a photo finish!
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((toss to suzanne at the italian embassy))
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aftershocks, still being felt now, as we're getting a new look at the aftermath. jummy olabanji begins our coverage.. jummy? right now - rescue crews are on the scene in central italy helping the injured and searching for survivors from the six-point-two magnitude earthquake. it hit as most italians were asleep - around three thirty in the morning local time. the epicenter - the town of norcia, about 100 miles from the capital of rome, which also felt the tremor. but the biggest which also felt the tremor. but the biggest damage in central italy, where the aftershocks continue and the death toll is rising. right now - cnn reports at least 21 people are dead. this part of central italy has seen several significant earthquakes in the past century. several significant earthquakes in the past century. in 2009, a six-point-3 magnitude quake


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