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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  August 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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devastating earthquake outside of rome. the death toll rising dramatically. autria: the vatican checking in, at least one small town on. first let's start with jummy olabanji who has the newest details. as you just learned, 37 people now confirmed dead after this 6.2 magnitude earthquake central italy overnight. the bbc reporting this morning that 150 people are ordered missing. worry that the number of evil missing will continue to rise as daylight rakes and crews are able to reach the bubble. 100 mileshit a town away across the roman capital. seat -- on thehe scene reporting that the earth is still moving in tremor after tremor. these buildings are conducted -- are made out of stone
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crews continue to arrive to look for survivors who may still be trapped underneath. to send ite want over to suzanne kennedy, live at suzanne komen it will be a day of waiting and watching as we try to figure out the status of the countrymen here and help the people in the united states figure out how friends and family are doing in the wake of that natural disaster. a bit aboutell you what we know that's going on. the pope saying that he's absolutely heartbroken. of the townmayor say that his town the longer exists and to know that children is among the victim -- are among the victims is painful. he thanked the volunteers worked -- working so diligently and was fromg for a prayer everyone. united states departme
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reach out to family and friends by telephone and social media, whatever means possible. we have a website to provide for you. you can go on that website and figure out how, exactly, you can donate. we have two urban search and rescue teams that we have reach out to as well. to find out if they have been called to assist in italy. reporting live in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy. this story will be unfolding all day long to sign up for our breaking news alert to get updates sent straight to your phone. jummy: let's get a check on your forecast. eileen whelan is out
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to school. eileen: she should be -- veronica: she should be there and a couple of minutes. we've got a bit of a rusty looking sky. temperatures in the 70's across the area. feels like 69 there. humidity, low. wind out of the south and southwest. holding onto that light wind and cloud cover with a bit of humidity. st. mary's back in bc, prince george's, anne arundel county, even clark county back to school already. recess, doing fine. same thing at dismissal. it will start to feel uncomfortable. doing some afternoon cycling be beget up to a high temperature of 87 degrees. we have mentioned the battle of the beltway
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. one more winning day, mid-70's. julie? looking at the top side of the beltway, sky trek seven, outer loop georgia avenue showing delays from college park headed west towards this accident scene. the accident activity has been cleared to the shoulder, lanes are no open and you are looking at extensive backup. moving back to the map on the outer loop of that capital beltway, right a 34 minute commute in the next hour that will double to close to a 1 hour drive. 7:00 this morning we are anticipating a one hour long wait out of college park headed into silver spring. randolph road for the icc could be used as alternates. of the capital beltway, another troubled ot
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the right through lane will remain closed throughout the morning drive. that's out of the -- that's headed into montgomery county. outer loop remains open. orange line, train malfunction in deanwood. back in the next 10 minutes to update the ride on the roads and rails. larry: breaking news in the war on terror. inkey targeting isis northern syria. the military there is launching airstrikes and tanks. now foras targeted isis three days as joe biden touched down in turkey, reinforcing their commitment to the middle east. autria: in the last 90 minutes police confirmed to abc 7 a shooting endurance phil is now a homicide.
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sandy spring road. police say that a man in his early 20's was found inside with a gunshot wound. taken to the hospital, where he later died. they don't have a motive but they believed the victim and possible suspect may know each other. we will have a live report from john gonzalez, coming up. today eleanor holmes norton is meeting with the national park service officials to find solutions to the chronic elevator problems at the washington monument. shut down until at least monday because of ongoing elevator issues. earlier this month a malfunction trapped workers inside and post -- forced dozens of folks to evacuate. larry: metrolink you have never seen it before this morning.
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american university students americanlarry: university students will be the first student to use the allowing them to travel at a substantially discounted price. what about everybody else? [laughter] veronica: we will also take today's forecast, another gorgeous one -- autria: an -- takea: we will also today's forecast. another gorgeous one. this morning,hine get your sunglasses ready again. or hang on to them, overall the weather pattern will be dry, turning sticky and nasty. clouds for the afternoon, only a few with sunshine throughout. late morning into the mid 70's, it will still be a winning day for us
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especially at the start. high temperature, 87 degrees. and then we have got some heat coming our way, folks. withing tomorrow increasing humidity throughout the day, here's a look at friday and what it will feel like. thumbs up for the friday morning rush. friday, midday, a little bit of sweating late in the day on friday. already pushing us over 100 degrees. taking a look at the details for the upcoming weekend where we will get some more heat and rain out here. julie: top stretch of the belt way, that's the busy spot right now about the scene of a crash on the outer loop as you make your way past georgia avenue. all of our lanes are open with delays quite significant right now out of college park. back to the map, leaving college park and headed west, a 41 minute commute and within an hour it will be a over 1 hour drive.
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your alternate routes accordingly. stick with the icc or randolph road as workarounds. crash, tractor-trailer on the inner loop near river road. you may be forced to use river road to head back onto 95. the metro orange line in the dirt -- in the direction of vienna experiencing delays this morning. that's the traffic watch, back in the next 10 minutes we will update your ride in silver spring. , thea: this morning government still grocery shopping. the feds are's looking to snatch up 11 million pounds of cheese. special arrival overnight.
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jummy: we continue to follow the latest from italy, where 37 people have died. an earthquake struck the country overnight. crews are rescuing survivors, many of which are trapped under
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heavy debris and rubble. you can see the epicenter of this earth take happening about 100 miles away from rome. tremors could be felt for miles. a british woman traveling with her family just north of rome the ground move there. take a listen. >> we woke up being shaken from side to side in the bed, it looked like. it continued for several seconds after we woke up. jummy: the woman says she felt multiple aftershocks. no one was hurt but there was extensive damage to the home. we know that this is a time that many people travel to italy for vacation and for summer breaks. rescue crews in that country are saying they don't know how many people may be missing as this is a time that they see a lot of tourism. lighter breaking news overnight. the olympic flag touching down in the city
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preparations are of course underway already. the construction of the main stadium is going to begin towards the end of this year. carolina family demanding answers after a police deafer shot and killed a man. investigators say the state trooper intended to pull over daniel harrison on suspicion of speeding last thursday and charlotte. harris did not stop and instead drove to his neighborhood, leading police on a chase. an encounter took place between toand the trooper leading the shooting. harris died at the scene. his brother, also death, stressed that will relations with the deaf community must improve. burden toeel that tell the world. autria: witnesses have contacted the highway patrol with their statements as to what happened. the
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twitter account after receiving intense backlash over the controversial killing of a guerrilla there earlier this year. people angered by the guerrilla's have been harassing the zoo online for months. the zoo director's personal twitter account was hacked over the weekend and the zoo says they've had enough. they told the associated press and they are not amused that the constant mentions make it difficult to move forward. if you recall, it made national headlines in may when he was killed after a three-year-old boy fell into his enclosure. a homeless woman now off the streets after proving that 100al security owed her thousand dollars. a trained paralegal who moved here in 1996, she could not find work and ended up in a shelter. she said that after qualifying for social security the government stop sending checks because she didn't have a fixed
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documents she had obtained. her this huge result in three months. it was incredible. 99,000 dollars was deposited into her bank account. >> i can't imagine. i've never had that kind of money in my life. larry: last week she moved into a small apartment in northwest d.c. the government, planning a massive grocery run. on the list? 11 million pounds of cheese. the department of agriculture's purchasing a surplus of cheese that is going to "private inventory, donated to food banks and charity groups. larry: seven is on your side, looking for viewers that want to become smart shoppers. not just for cheese. go online to
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survey. answer a few questions and we will see if our troubleshooter and professional shoppers at the consumer checkbook can help you save the big bucks. we will show you how the viewers became smart shoppers in the reports that we are doing later on this fall. veronica: who doesn't feel better when you save money? autria: no kidding. larry: especially on big-ticket items. veronica: we have been saving on sweating. autria: saving on deodorant. [laughter] veronica: now we are headed back to the bad hair. -- bad hair days, feeling sticky. take a look at this gorgeous dawn here. setting tonight at 7:50. isn't that pretty? a rusty golden glow. light wind out of the southwest as we talk about daylight. we've got 13 hours and 21 minutes and by the time we get to the end of aug
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over 13 hours. by the time we get to september, we head down to 12 hours. look at how little it is around the middle part of november. the reason why i don't like it -- don't like winter very much. at the bus stop this morning as the kiddos hit in, a comfortable even a little bit for the weekend as well. we will be going through some bigger changes by this part of next week. 87 is the high today. picking up more in the afternoon. another rare day for us. 97 is what it will feel like on friday. a look at the heat index temperatures. dropping again this weekend into the upper 90's. take a look, then, and see what we will be looking at for the early part of next week. back to the 90's, julie, 94 on tuesday. another chance of rain next week
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and we could get a good chance on wednesday and thursday of next week. julie: we will make sure to have that umbrella handy. we've got a lot of accidents on volume begins to increase. a new crash on the parkway, hanover, this has the right lane only squeezing through with delays building from 195 south. baltimore, headed into the sea, a 41 minute commute on the outer loop of the beltway ports georgia avenue. the crash is pulled over to the shoulder. still the focal point of those delays. looking ahead, a 68 minute ride expected. plan on using randolph road arth of the beltway as workaround. inner loop, overturned tractor-trailer still here, blocking access from the cabin john parkway northbound to 495. already delays are performing on the inner. typically this is a stretch of slow traffic you see at
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but we are already seeing it this morning. right lane closed off headed americanthe -- to the bridge. that's the traffic watch. in the next 10 minutes we will update the ride on the top side. heart stopping words for any parent this morning. >> i had to tell them to say their goodbyes. leary: now, a medical miracle? this teenager becoming the force person to survive a brain eating amoeba. what doctors said they thought made the difference in this case. breaking news in italy. a devastating earthquake less than 100
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sebastian isd recovering from the unthinkable, a rare and deadly brain eating amoeba that kills 97% of those infected. >> when the family came
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goodbyes. >> doctors suspect that he may have been exposed to the amoeba in a freshwater lake around august 3. days latertted for and placed in a medically induced coma over week -- for over a week. >> we will him up. inthere have been 138 cases the u.s. beten 1962 and 2016. sebastian is the fourth only to survive it. we will have more coming up at 7 a.m. on this rare brain infection. abc news, new york.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! >> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. if you are just joining us here at 6:30, here's what's breaking from overnight. a desperate search for survivors under way after a powerful earth demolishes an italian town. the death toll in the dozens. life team coverage coming in by the minute. larry: a murder inside of a
6:31 am
montgomery county home. we are covering the details. autria: traffic watch seven helping you to get around the backup of a flip over trailer. a lot to follow this morning. larry: very busy day. let your waking up with us. it's also the first day of school in st. mary's county. eileen whelan will join us there in a couple of minutes. for on a cut, another fantastic forecast? day for: a fantastic us. the sun coming up with reasonable humidity this morning. i think we are going to have a lot of activity to deal with tomorrow. to feel verytart uncomfortable across the area. 87 is the high temperature. by 4:00, 10 a.m., already pushing into the upper 70's in the 60's. humid but still reasonable by summer standards. the renaissance festival takes
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if you have never been, you have to go. and you have to get the turkey wings. a dry weekend for us, probably saturday will be the figure for two days, feeling like 9495 degrees. also taking place this weekend at the national harbor, the crash and year -- the crab festival, with a bit of a feel of summer. not to sticky until the early part of next week. we will talk about the forecast again in 10 minutes. on thewe are back live beltway at river road, scene of the crash. this is flipped onto its side and we are told that the truck was loaded with trash bags. police are telling us that they will not be able to reopen the area until after the morning commute. right now it looks like we have things open on this stretch of the beltway traveling from virginia towards maryland. traffic denying
6:33 am
on the inner loop but making its way if you are traveling on river road headed back towards 495. this is a stretch that typically comes up in the 8:00 hour with delays already coming from the inner loop headed north. putting it in perspective right now, the inner loop of the capital beltway denying access to the cabin john. for those delays continuing to build. crashes on the outer loop of the beltway, 24 minute commute right now. looking ahead to a 60 minute commute if you leave in the next hour. 175, only the right lane is getting by. is the using 95 workaround. orange line still experiencing delays in vienna because of an earlier train malfunction. in the next 10 minutes we will update the ride on the west side . jummy: thank you, julie. another sad update for you, this
6:34 am
morning. the death toll has risen to 38 in just the last 15 minutes. happening right here in the small italian town where the earthquake hit at 6:38 in the morning. the town's mayor said that half of the town no longer exists. we also just learned that the italian prime minister is on his way to central italy. officials are worried that the victims willsing continue to rise as daylight breaks and crews are able to .each the rubble officials also say that roughly 40 strong aftershocks have been felt in the last three hours. the ground is still moving. we continue to stay on top of this breaking news story. all morning long you can check our website,, get the latest updates sent straight to your phone.
6:35 am
on today's forecast. headed over toe autria and larry. autria: more breaking news, police telling us that a late-night shooting in montgomery county has turned deadly. larry: john gonzalez has the latest this morning. john? john: good morning, this is a section of the county that .arely sees this type of crime we can tell you that four hours a number of detectives have been at this home here right off of route 198, sandy springs road. flashesseen camera going off from one of the bedroom windows. the k-9 unit has also been around here, sniffing around trying to collect clues. the medical examiner's office meaning that the remains are still inside the home. gunshots were reported last night. the
6:36 am
assault. they found a man in his early 20's inside the home suffering from at least one gunshot wound to the chest. we got word earlier that he died at a nearby hospital. this is being investigated as a homicide. the motive is still not here but authorities in the county believe the young man, this victim, new his attacker. from where we are standing we can tell you that there is a large nursery and garden center right next to the home in this very large neighborhood which includes a church across the street, where we are live. from where we are standing you can see a number of bags of trash there at the foot of the .riveway and multiple mailboxes not sure what that's all about. it's perhaps some sort of group home. but a lot of mailboxes there. sources telling us that there is a lookout right now for two silver mercedes. po
6:37 am
larry: thanks for that. the washington nationals fighting an uphill battle this morning to right the ship. a bit of a silver lining this morning, and olympic gold medalist throwing out the first pitch.
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larry: tonight the washington nationals need to hold serve at home. they lost the the orioles last night. things going from bad to worse, daniel murphy misplacing a grounder there. two more runs over the third, never coming alive last night. series now heads home to d.c. tonight and tomorrow night. bethesda's the way, very own katie ledecky throwing out the first pitch. autria: maybe she can bring some good luck, bringing some winning olympic star power. good weather for tonight? veronica: absolutely. the last couple of nights it's been great weather
6:41 am
department. maybe we can turn that around. sticking with temperatures by 9:00 a.m., in the mid 60's right now. low-to-mid 70's by 9:00 a.m.. into theming mountains, but otherwise sunshine here by lunchtime. andrews at 80. leesburg 92. could be a few clouds making their way eastward into areas of leesburg and manassas. stormwatch, seven-day forecast as promised. the 90's, a string of them by thursday or saturday. here is what i wanted to talk about. heading into a relatively dry pattern on friday. disturbance could bring us some big rain by next wednesday. julie: extensive delays backing up the commute in virginia. ag
6:42 am
back at theforming gw parkway. sky track seven is live over the scene, live pictures showing you what looks like right now on the inner loop of the capital beltway. delays beginning to build coming across the bridge towards the scene. the to the map to update ride elsewhere, you will find if you are westbound on 28 after 270 the crash there is tying up the right side of the road as you continue to work your way west. only the right lane getting by. a lot of folks handling out at route 100. that is your traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes and we will update your ride on the west side of town. larry: 6:42, zika on the move. where has the virus spread? it has health officials seriously worried. plus
6:43 am
it felt like it happened a couple of times. autria: terrifying in downtown d.c. what led to this nasty crash? suzanne: fear and sadness at the italian embassy in northwest washington following an overnight earthquake.
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hummmmm. don't just mask odors. eliminate them with new tide odor defense. if it's gotta be clean, it's gotta be tide. we are back with an update on a breaking news story. according to "the new york times," the death toll in -- inl or italy stands central italy stands at 38. take a look at this video of the damage. unbelievable, damage and the --or of that town, amatrice telling reporters that half of the town no longer exists. the italian prime minister is on his way there as officials are ofried that the number victims will continue to rise as daylight breaks in italy and crews are able to reach people
6:47 am
still trapped under the rubble. officials have set roughly 40 strong earthquakes and aftershocks have been felt in the last three hours. the ground is still moving there. people are still worried. suzanne kennedy joins us live from the italian embassy in northwest with the latest. suzanne? suzanne: good morning. no doubt it will be a very busy day here at the embassy as they struggle to get information out of their home country to find out exactly what is going on there. trying to help italian citizens here in the united states locate family, friends, find out about their well-being. the state department has been urging citizens overseas to reach out to love one's, telephone or e-mail, go on social media, whatever means possible to let them know they are ok. the pope has also reacted to this natural disaster, saying that he is stunned by this devastation.
6:48 am
thosece say that his town -- no longer exists. prayers for the world's for his country. we are also seeing on twitter, the hash tag pray for italy is trending. one woman saying -- my thoughts are with everyone suffering. saying -- myon favorite place in the world. so sad to hear the bad news." urban search and rescue teams located here are often called into handle disasters like what we are experiencing in italy. we will -- we are looking into whether or not they will be called into service. suzanne kennedy, "good morning larry: italy has a history of power
6:49 am
wakes. the most deadly ever was in 1908, 7.2 magnitude quake, killed 82,000 people. 7.0 per killed 33,000 in 1950. another quake in 1990 killed 13 people. this story will be unfolding all morning long. before you leave sign-up up for our breaking news alert to get the latest update sent straight to your phone. developing right now, the search for what caused a serious crash that shutdown foring road in northeast hours overnight. you can see the car flipped over, the front-end completely smashed. the driver of the car was taken to the hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. the crash reportedly set the car flying through the air. >> what were you thinking? >> did she make it.
6:50 am
did they make it through it? >> no word on the other driver in the accident, the cause remains under investigation. concerning new developments about the spread of the zika virus in florida. first it was miami. now word that the virus has been found in the tampa bay area. gov. rick scott met with experts saying that they spoke with the infected people and already are testing family workers and coworkers who are trying to figure out how the transmission occurred. health officials are still trying to trace the source of four cases in miami. larry: parts of main street that sustained little to no damage last month and the deadly floods will be reopened. old columbia pike will also reopened towards main street. changes will allow bune
6:51 am
meanwhile the west end will remain closed as crew start to rebuild the area. president obama, touring a flood ravaged baton rouge suburb. thanking first responders for saving thousands. the water is only now starting to reseed in parts of louisiana. the president brushed off ofticism about the timing his trip, saying that he didn't want to diverge much-needed resources. >> even after the tv cameras leave, the whole country is going to continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt. before leaving baton rouge, the president met with the family of police officers killed in an ambush last night. shuttle bus drivers going on strike after a month-long labor dispute between the prive
6:52 am
larry: good weather for that rally. autria: if you have to walk, at least you don't need an umbrella. veronica: it will be fairly comfortable. we have had a bit of a reprieve. feels like fall, cool and crisp in the morning. but now, back to the summer we go. after today, temperatures hitting at 90 degrees. today, school of course over 60's is your temperature for pickup time. around 80 degrees by the time we get to recess. sunshine today with a few clouds by drop off. i think it's sticky, but friday not so much. by midday friday, there is
6:53 am
frowny face, friday afternoon, back to the triple digit readings in terms of what it will feel like. a lot of folks thinking of heading to the beach. to labor daye get weekend, 86 to 85, saturday and sunday. they always have this cool light shows and fireworks. , star trek seven in st. mary's county. -- storm track seven in st. mary's county. we are on her way to lexington park, spring ridge middle school. we will begin starting at 7:00, just a few short minutes away. my my, what a beautiful drive.
6:54 am
show you the camera as we are driving. the sky is just incredible. cam, myg to the roof gosh, stop what you are doing and look at this incredible sunrise. and i have been gawking all morning at how pretty the colors are this morning. a beautiful first day for students in st. mary's county. 18,000 students embarking on a new school year today. park, way to lexington greeting kids at spring ridge middle school in just a little bit. continue onas we "good morning washington." so far looking quiet under five. let's head over to julie wright. julie: dizzy ride on the capital beltway. sky track seven above the scene of the crash on the inner
6:55 am
to the inner loop, continuing back towards 270. that ramp is closed. taking you back to the mat quickly, putting it in perspective for you on the west side of town coming from tysons on the north side, that's where the crash occurred. they had to offload the vehicle that was filled with trash bags and they will have to come back. traffic watch seven wazers checking in, delays northbound leaving the tysons area continuing north towards river road. as you continue on the inner loop off the capital beltway. the top stretch has had its share of problems this morning. of the capital beltway. a lot of folks checking in this morning trying to m
6:56 am
bumper-to-bumper delays. that's the traffic watch. in the next 10 minutes we will update your ride into d.c. up the breaking news on twitter. according to reuters, an earthquake of 6.8 magnitude has struck central me and mark -- central myanmar. it was felt all of the way in bangkok, thailand as well. story, breaking news another earthquake on an international scale. autria, over to you. autria: time for your 60 second express. earthquake to strike the central part of italy. >> it will be a day of waiting and watching at the italian embassy. the pope saying he's actually heartbroken. >> turkey is on the offensive
6:57 am
targeting isis in northern syria. this is joe biden touched down just hours ago, reinforcing commitment to the middle east. >> it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. inat this home here maryland. >> traveling up towards river road, the clara barton parkway. series,r-game beltway against camden yards last night.
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good morning, america. breaking news. a deadly earthquake rocks italy. victims pulled from the destruction. a desperate search for survivors right now. after the 6.2 quake turns homes and buildings to rubble. >> quite severe shaking of the bed. the first thing i did was panic. >> the tremors shake rome. one mayor says his town is not here anymore. the pope speaking out the this morning. and "gma" live on the scene with the latest. cyberattack on "the new york times." the fbi investigating if the same hackers that targeted the democratic national committee tries to do it again. donald trump signals a shift on immigration. >> there certainly can be a softening, because we're not


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