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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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monument to be shut down a lot lately. including since last wednesday. they have had a problem. we learned after a meeting on capitol hill today that the problems are far from solved. for the past week, visitors to the washington monument has been greeted by the sign closed again. the elevator is out. >> a little disappointed. we will head on to the next, down the road a little bit. sam: today representatives of the national park service came to d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton's office at her request to say it would be mid-september before the monument with the lone elevator reopens if then. >> so you don't know what is causing the elevator problems? >> they don't know. sam: still don't know. >> i can't say that we know anything more than the entire system needs to be modernized. the failures recently are, they're different each time. there is no specific pattern. sam: the official said the current e
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almost outdated and approaching the end of a 25-year life span and soon they have to open bids for a contractor and spend $2-3 million to fix the elevator. >> i don't have a finite time at this time. but the point we get to construction is probably an eight or nine-month period of work on the system. sam: for tourists -- >> well, we were hoping to get there. but it's broken down at the moment. it doesn't help. >> i'm claustrophobic. i knew it was closed. i was happy. sam: a park service, a veteran says there have always been elevator stoppages. he said back when he operated the elevator here in the 1980's there would be stoppages but the difference was there were no computers operating it. also, the people stuck inside the elevator did not have social media to tweet out to the world so everybody knew about it. and were asking questions.
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national mall, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. leon: thank you, sam. bad news for the tourists. we have good news about tourism. the news out of the washington monument's closure comes as we learn d.c. tourism industry had a record year in 2015. 21.3 million people visited the district last year. that includes a record money of domestic and national visitors. that equaled out to $7 billion in spending for the region. michelle: a frantic race is underway tonight to find survivors after a powerful earthquake rattled central italy. once small village's mayor described the damage there simply as his town a gone. at least 120 people are confirmed dead so far. but amiddist the ruins, hope. we are told an 8-year-old was found alive a short time ago. as diane dianne gallagher repors the search for survivors is likely to turn up more deaths. >> the house trembling, shaking, it got more and
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intense. dianne: a desperate search for survivors after aftershocks rocked central italy. >> thundering to rumble. it felt like someone put a bulldozer to the house to knock it down. dianne: rescue workers throughout the day pulling people from the rubble like this woman in the hard-hit town of amatrice. so damaged the civil protection agency says that no one will be allowed to sleep there tonight. historic stone buildings crumbled into the streets. debris blocking access early on for heavy equipment and help. >> we are going to work, because in the next few hours we must continue to bring people alive from beneath the rubble. dianne: the quake struck while most were sleeping. >> it felt like the bed was on rollers. we knew to get out of the building as fast as we can. dianne: wednesday's earthquake not the first. striking near
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2009 quake that killed more than 300 people. as today's death toll climbs rescue crews scramble. searching for signs of life. knowing every hour counts when it comes to saving survivors. the prime minister matteo renzi touring the damaged cities this afternoon and thanking those first responders for the dedication. italian authorities belief that more than 1,000 have already been displaced. dianne gallagher reporting. michelle: at this hour we have not receive word of anyone from our area injured or killed in the earthquake. catholic university which has students studying in italy says all of its members are safe and accounted for. the devastation of the earthquake is thousands of miles away but the effects are felt here in our area. ahead at 5:30 our q mccray speaks with italy's ambassador to the united states about how they are responding to the crisis. leon: all right. staying overseas for the moment now. this is developing at this hour. security guard is dead and 18 ot
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attack on the american university in afghanistan in kabul. there are conflicting accounts about what happened there. we do know the attack began with an explosion around 7:00 local time which happened to be as the students there were eating dinner. students and staff most of them from foreign countries barricaded themselves in buildings as the afghan special forces backed up by american soldiers went in and swept the campus. the school is no stranger to violence. two professors including an american were abducted outside campus earlier this month. michelle: back to our area where our brief break from the heat may soon end. we know good things don't last around here. chief meteorologist doug hill has a look at when we can expect the heat to return. doug? doug: it's going to come back fairly soon here with numbers, michelle, in the next couple of days reaching the 90-degree mark and eventually in the low to the middle 90's on friday. then i think we settle down to the typical 90-degree temperatures for a while around here. nothing extre
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temperatures in the mid-80's right now. the pollen count today, tree pollen lower range. that will stay low. they are pretty muchest to as far as the pollination. grass ebbs and flows but it will slow down. the big story for the next few weeks is weeds. when we get enough rain mold spores, too. ragweed is the big story as far as theergies go -- allergies go. tonight the nats return home two days in baltimore they would rather forget. going for w's tonight and tomorrow against the o's. first pitch is 7:05. the weather will be absolutely perfect. the weather overnight is fine as well. cool, still. low to mid-60's. upper 60's downtown with mostly clear skies and light winds. we talk about the weekend and more in a f
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crime alert in fairfax county where police say a man held two women and a 7-year-old girl at gunpoint in a robbery. sur ray lens pictures -- surveillance pictures of the man on the screen. this happened yesterday morning at the beauty island store. the three people held at gunpoint were not hurt. but they were forced into a backroom. 's -- leon: urgent manhunt for a man that spent days attacking latinos. stephen tschida has more on the story and the reaction. stephen: the stolen car, the suspects used on their rampage of robberies an assaults on a specific group of people. >> they know that we carry cash. we earn it decently. stephen: they struck across the wide range of neighborhoods. sometimes armed with a gun. sometimes assaulting their victims. the one constant, the suspects had a specific target
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robbing and assaulting latinos. >> for us to be targeted, i feel that it's biased i guess and they are watching us probably. stephen: the first robbery was 13th street northwest early saturday morning about 2:30 in the morning. the others between saturday and yesterday. all either in the mid-to-late afternoon. >> they are easy targets. that is what is going on. stephen: tonight while police search for the suspects, those in the latino community speculate about why they are the exclusive victims of this crime spree. >> maybe people that are targeting them, they think they won't be able to defend themselves. won't be able to speak out about it. tonight many in the community hope the string of crime has stopped. leon: fairfax county say police arrested a man who exposed himself to a youn
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there may be other victims out there. 26-year-old jovica stanisic drove up to a 10-year-old girl near stable drive in alexandria and asked her for directions to a middle school. the girl told her parents that stanisic was exposing himself in the car. police were able to track him down by the tattoo on his right arm. you see it there. police believe he has done it before and they want you to call the police if your know of any other victims out there. michelle: the start of a new school year has parents making an urgent call of change near a local school. the route most people have to use to walk to eastern middle school includes a dangerous stretch on university boulevard east. kevin lewis is lacking into the concerns for us tonight. >> coach: well, michelle -- kevin: well, michelle, montgomery county public schools does not offer bus service to middle schoolers that live within a mile and a half of school grounds. that is the p
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but the parents raised the child safety flag in hopes mcps will make an exception. >> i'm very sad and disappointed. stephen: diap -- kevin: diap is leading a crusade, to get children in the low-income silver spring neighborhood busedded to eastern middle school. right now kids are forced to trek 20 minutes each way down busy university boulevard east. often fighting the cold, heat, rain and unshovel sidewalks. >> i fell to the floor. the car drove away. kevin: in june a car hit 14-year-old. he survived with bruises and back pain. >> i was thinking did it really just happen? i didn't know what to think. it had never happened to me before. kevin: mcps says it can simply not afford to bus all the students. hence, the 1.5-mile rule. >> most of the parents here
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neighborhood at 5:00 in the morning. for what? to pay the rent. they want to come here and pay a higher rent. why? they know their kids will have an outstanding education. but walking to school in some condition the kids are out of sync. they are not going to compete. kevin: mr. diap did file an appeal with mcps. the administrators are currently reviewing that and have not made a final decision. today we posted a poll on twitter asking if the 1.5-mile rule is fair. we heard from 111 people. 62% said no. it's not acceptable. live in silver spring, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. we should point out that montgomery county public schools do not offer bus services to middle schoolers that live within 1.5 miles of school grounds. that is the policy
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the child safety flag question in hopes that there will be an exception made. of course students are returning to school across the area. we are get something many pictures highlighting back-to-school moments. we are enjoying them. keep them coming. go to click on the back to school bubble to share your pictures. leon? leon: all right, michelle. prince george's county public school kicked off the school year yesterday. but some of the substitutes didn't go to class. p.g.p.s. says this morning 5300 students have not be immunized as they are supposed to be. the school system offered free clinics to take care of that in july. as a result they contacted parent of the students who need the immunization last year and they sent out letters to the health providers for the first day the students not immunized placed in alternative activities instead. michelle: devastation in centralta
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the u.s. of what can be done here. leon: welcome sight of recovery in ellicott city three weeks after devastating suffering there. michelle: a little boy love of fire trucks goes on the an extreme. what he just accomplished. leon: we meet the heros who put their lives on the line and rescue that played out live here at "abc7 news at 5:00".
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luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett.
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ryone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers. leon: maryland bureau chief was there the night back in january and he joins us live from outside the apartment complex with the story. brad? brad: yeah, leon, i remember the fire better than most. we were nearby when it broke out. we raced to the scene. as you said, skytrack was overhead quickly. this is the apartment that was on fire. you can see the plywood boarded up. to the right is where the people were trapped. the problem for
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they were far from this building. there is a big grassy area. they had to use a hook and ladder to reach the people. they did it. today as you said we met the heroes. brad: a fourth floor inner if know. flames roaring from an apartment. skytrack7 arriving on scene. the drama broadcast live on abc7 and newschannel8. the world watching as firefighters used a ladder truck to rescue a couple from the balcony next to the burning apartment. on the ladder career firefight tom roads. >> we went into action light we were trained to do to get the people out. brad: he is among four honored for their heroism in january accepting award with the aw, shucks, attitu
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>> this is different. this one was a lot of fire. >> arriving on scene and seeing what we had to encounter, a quick second, you know, make decisions that will be life-changing. >> it's not every day we pull up and we have people hanging on a balcony. brad: total of three people rescued that day. two suffering minor burns. three firefighters treated and released. if it wasn't for the crew of truck 834 it could have been worse. >> wake up in the morning and know that i made a difference in someone's life. >> we haven't been able to locate people rescued but the firefighter who went up the ladder told us they told him at the time that they were from another country. they didn't believe that they had been back home that anyone would have come to rescue them. they thank him for the lives. brad bell, abc7 news.
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[inaudible] doug: we will see the skies clear. 80 degrees. the m
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air, as long as they hold in the mid-60's with the temperatures in the 20's we will be okay. the value will rise. dew point temperature and the moisture in the air. air temperature will rise a bit and it will feel like hmm, august. yeah. kind o muggy. tonight -- kind of muggy. we are expecting the temperatures to take a slide in the mid-70's later tonight. 6 to 70 in downtown area of washington. in the 60's elsewhere. a comfortable cool way to start early sunday morning. the specific zone forecast for the southern zones from southern maryland around the northern neck. part of virginia. 66 degrees in woodbridge. fredericksburg at 64 when you wake up. 70 in st. mary's county. 66 in prince frederick. to the west, a couple of degrees cooler. mid-60's across the board from orange to culpeper and warrenton. 68 in winchester. 65 in woodstock.
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in front royal. a couple things are changing. we had a high pressure system overhead and move out in the atlantic. the winds will turn southerly and southwesterly. the wind direction will increase the humidity levels and increase temperatures. but it's broad enough, wide enough it should keep the rain chances out of the area through tomorrow. a frontm system will come. and by 1:30 on friday the front should be through and the winds will go from the southwest to the northwest. still hot. we are at 95 degrees. but the air will start drying out a bit. only isolated somehow every or the thunderstorm expected. the real action is farther north along the front of new eng land as far as any widespread shower or storms. the forecast, tomorrow, partly cloudy. 90 degrees.
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the winds turning northwest in the afternoon, humidity levels will drop. over the weekend we start off with sunshine and fair weather clouds. 91. some people are calling it another heatwave. we will be above 90 for a bunch of days in a row but not in the 99's 0 or the 100's. quick work on the tropics. this is a tropical storm that is expected to become a hurricane. well east of bermuda. this tropical wave, the hurricane center continues to monitor the computer projection push it northwest. a lot of questions whether it develops and could bam tropical storm in the next couple of days. any impacts will be many days away. something to keep an eye on. there you sea the numbers. 90, 90-plus in the next seven days. it's not 99. michelle: still to come ahead at 5:00,
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earthquake in italy. what is done in the area to help with the recovery. >> mission complete for a 3-year-old who wanted to visit all d.c. fire stations. i'm cheryl conner. bring you the story coming up.
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michelle: he may only be 3 years old a little boy checked off a wish list and it was made possible with the help from his heroes and his own determination. >> this might go down as lucas' best day. he is only 3 years old, almost 4. today he met d.c. fire chief gregory dean and took a tour of the station on the water. >> you have already take min job. >> he and his parents visited all 33 d.c. fire stations on land and now the fire here on the water. i asked the boy why he likes fire trucks. >> because they go really fast. >> off we went. he saw the helicopters coming in. he sho
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when they are in trouble. >> i got a big boat. >> he gave the pictures of the visit to the fire station. >> it's recruitment. if you have someone interested a great day to recruit. >> his love for fire trucks started here at engine 20. lucas lives in the area and would visit this fire station often. even insisting the guests come with him. do you think you will be a fireman when you grow up? >> yeah. cheryl: cheryl conner, abc7 news. leon: do we have to guess the answer? michelle: he may be chief one day. who knows? leon: maybe. one thing for sure he will beat every other kid in class when they ask what did you do in summer vacation? he has the best answer. michelle: on the water, too. awesome. leon: way to go. still ahead at
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company to its word. they go to see if the promise held water or if it left the customers all wet. michelle: first, a big sign of progress in recovery from the major flood in ellicott city. q: i'm q mccray and coming up i will show what is being done to ease concerns when it
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. michelle: absolute devastation in central italy. just look at what is left. unrecognizable that this was a town. towns that stood for centuries are now rubble. at least 120 people killed. a number that is certain to rise. what can be done from here? q mccray spoke to the ambassador and fills us in. q? q: you can't see them now but i promise you behind the walls is a group of staffers working feverishly to gather as much information as possible for everyone what is calling in. there are a lot of people in the d.m.v. right now who want to know about the loved ones in
5:32 pm
the devastation and the loss happened 4,000 miles away. here at the embassy of italy at washington where the flags are at half staff, the scenes hit close to home. it's a great tragedy. >> they are making sure they have the information they need. the staff is flooded with calls from concerned italians on u.s. soil. >> first and foremost it's important to provide information. keeping people informed. >> 100 people are dead. a number that is expected to rise. hundreds that are wounded and up accounted for. for those who need a player locally, the father of the holy rosary church is waiting with open arms. >> italy had a major quest -- major earthquake not long ago. q: the earthquake me
5:33 pm
6.2. according to the embassy officials the natural disaster happened 100 miles outside of rome in an area with dozens of smaller towns and villages. >> those cities which have been directly affected are close to our hearts. >> president obama showing his concern. reports say he called italian president to offer condolences and support following the earthquake. >> ementioned the phone call the embassy is getting from italians but they are also getting phone calls from americans. he wants to make sure that i said thank you to everyone calling and offering support. that is the latest live from the embassy in northwest. i'm q mccray. back to you in the studio. michelle: thank you. not long after the quake in italy an earthquake shook myanmar. four people were killed there and more than 100 ancient pagodas were damaged. there are major tourist attractions there. the big difference of what happened in m
5:34 pm
is the myanmar earthquake was very deep. the one in italy was shallow. leon: we have good news finally out of ellicott city. portion of main street there reopened today. howard county officials say the western end of the area sustained little to no damage and it makes it safe for businesses to reopen. the owner of a business architecture collaborative talked to us and told us he was happy to be back in the shop but says there is a lengthy to do list. >> we still have to remove the extra flooring. we have to replace the lower part of the wall. we have to refinish the floor. we need new heating systems and new duct work installed. some additional electric work has to be done. all those things can be taken care of. leon: going along there but slowly. howard county executive kittleman asking people to stay away from the area if they don't have businesses there. michelle? michelle: as the threat of zika expands, johns hop
5:35 pm
championships medicine announces a specialized way of treating the infection. opening the john hopkins zika center. it's staffed by johns hopkins physicians and members of the hopkins bloomberg school of public health medical staff. sick vic center teem will be involved in research to learn more about the virus. next for us at 5:00, the growing controversy about a life-saving device. why the cost of epipens is skyrocketing. >> if you had the opportunity to ask president obama one question what would it be and why? leon: they may only be middle schoolers but the journalists are tough. i can tell you that from first-hand experience. the quest to reach the white house up next. michelle: next at 6:00, a store clerk in montgomery county puts his life at risk after being confronted by an armed robbery. the drama all caught on video. we'll show you next.
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leon: there is a unique local tv crew in the town with an impressive resume. for three years now they have been on a mission to get exclusive interview with president obama at the white house. but would you believe they are only 11 to 14 years old? meet the students at elliott high ne
5:40 pm
>> hi. i'm anna robinson with the elliott high network. leon: this small classroom might not look like a studio. but the students are making history here. >> our show topic is keep an eye on the prize. >> the prize an exclusive interview with president obama. and on this show, they ask me to give them some advice. >> the young journalists have been pursuing the one-on-one sitdown with the president for three years and they are getting very close. >> we are impressed by your work. i appreciate you giving me the opportunity to appear on your show. >> a proud moment for the teacher, burkes. >> that means that we are on the right path. >> along the journey students are learning important lessons. >> we learn how to do stuff on their own. like never giving up.
5:41 pm
your motto? never give up? >> never give up. you can't give half of your effort. you have to put all of your effort into anything you do. >> focus on what you have to do instead of what you did wrong. >> they are steadfast on the mission. >> how long do you believe you will get the interview? >> 100%. leon: after the white house? well, dr. burkes has ideas. >> i say we are going international. leon: now i wouldn't put it past them. i would not doubt the kids since talking to us back then, they did get to go to the east wing of the white house for the interview with the head of the first lady michelle obama reach higher initiative. now they have months left and the president and mr. obama. they are convinced still they will get to the west wing to interview the president himself. and kids, we are rooting for you. michelle: yeah. leon: keep it up. michelle: i'm sure they have all the right questions already. they asked you tough questions. leon: they have a list. they are ready to go. believe me. >> watch out, mr. president. leon: if they get the interview we want the
5:42 pm
nice. leon: way to go. michelle: next for us at 5:00 -- horace: $50,000 sunk in the construction of a backyard pool but the dream went dry when the work stopped. the home evener called "7 on your side."
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michelle: they were promised the backyard pool would be ready to enjoy at the beginning of the summer. weeks dragged on and thousands of dollars were spent until a family turned to "7 on your side" for help. troubleshooter horace holmes took on the case and got the builders to make a promise went brought you that story a cupful of weeks ago. so now that summer almost over is the pool full of waters or was it an empty promise? horace: when we last saw carrie she was here. >> we need some water. horace: inside her half-built backyard pool. >> we are in the going on vacation because of this. horace: they contacted us after according to them the mary baldwin pools stopped construction on the pr
5:46 pm
finished by memorial day. >> can't get in touch with them. that is the mob. we can't get in touch with them. we keep getting the run-around. horace: after spending $50,000 on the pool, which -- this is what they were left with. we visited the mary baldwin pools. no one answered the door but later we contacted the owner who promised to finish the project in a week's time. okay, so, was it an empty promise or is there water in a beautiful new pool back there? the answer back here. let's go find out. open the door. well look at this! we have water in a very beautiful pool. we talked to mary baldwin who said a week and a half. carrie, did it within a week and a half? it's beautiful. >> she did. we love it. >> yeah. you happy? >> very happy. >> ever since it's been done we have been in it nonstop. horace: there you go. one call to "7 on your side."
5:47 pm
horace: enjoy the pool. it's gorgeous. success. reporting live, horace holmes, abc7 news. back to you. leon: let's see the cannonball now. go for it! [laughter] no. drop the mic! horace: they want to push me in. no, no, no. leon: nice! "7 on your side" now looking for viewers who want to become smart shoppers. if you are about to make a major expenditure like a new roof you name it, go online to and there just answer a few questions. we will see if the troubleshooter horace holmes. michelle: time for a check on the roads with jamie sullivan.
5:48 pm
jamie: big delays. you get a good idea here with how congested we are traveling on the interloop. compared to the outer loop. we are practically up to speed at or above. we drop to the teens in some areas along the inner loop. we are seeing congestion on the outer loop but in prince germ's county. past branch avenue at 18 miles per hour. it will take you over 30 minutes. getting from the wilson bridge, closer to toward route four. you can see some of that volume. everyone inching their way along. we had an opportunity to start off the afternoon so that is kind of added in to most of the congestion. a crash in the clearing stages northbound kenilworth avenue. near eastern avenue. that is at 15 miles per hour. just a reminder 7:05 is when the game starts tonight for the nats. we are seeing heavy volume already both directions on the freeway. it's not going to be much better like it usually does closer to 6:00/6:30. make sure to treat this as a four-way shot with the malfunctioning traffic lights in the area of chevy chase at
5:49 pm
jennifer street. that is a look at traffic. back to you. michelle: thank you. all right. now this could be the biggest story in human history or just a footnote in the understanding of outer space. wide range there. scientists say they have found potentially earth-like planet that is only 30 lightyears away orbiting the star of proxima centauri. that is closer than any other planet. in the so-called goldilocks zone, not too hot, not too cold and possibly able to support life. it would take 30,000 years to travel to the planet dubbed proxima b. with current technology. but steven hawking believes a probe he is designing could get there in as little as 20 years. leon: interesting. would you want to to go? michelle: not one of the first trips. leon: that is the first trip. michelle: no. leon: you want somebody else to go first. michelle: yeah. figure it out. let me know what the landscape is life. how about you? leon: i'm with you. ja okay.
5:50 pm
want the second flight. this is earth in d.c. is a good place to be because the weather has been great. doug: we have had three gorgeous stays in a row. over the next five, six, seven days plenty of sunshine. it will get warmer. there is still summer, still august and we will feel that. very much so. get you started with a live look from one of the newer weather bug camera in mclean. haze in the sky but plenty of sunshine. we will see the numbers continue to hold in an hour, a little less. and then they drop off. 86 inform manassas. 86 in cumberland. winchester and martinsberg at 84. annapolis at 82. early tomorrow morning in the 60's in most areas. 68 at the bus stop by lumtime. by the time they are dropped off 90 and more humidity in the air. future
5:51 pm
moisture and higher moisture. during the day tomorrow, shower lean may move there. those are across with tornado on the ground in indiana. weakening showers could pass a couple spots. better chance of the scattered showers will accompany the cold front on friday. right now even that chance looks low for much of the way of more than isolated storm. it will be hot before the front come through. 95 and then partly cloudy over the weekend. warm and humid. 9 it 1. saturday, sunday, monday. warmer tuesday. you are seeing it settle into a new heatwave for six or seven days. that is very latest. get back to leon and michelle. leon: all right. thank you. check to see what is happening with the nats. michelle: the temperatures are great for a baseball game. leon: it is. hopefully not too hospitable for the orioles coming down here. they had too much fun with the nats the last few days. scott? scott: there is orange and black in the stands. orioles fans making the sho
5:52 pm
38 miles separates camden yards and nationals park. this is what you call a beltway rivalry. when if orioles and the nationals get together. the series has been one-sided. ballmore owns the all-time series. 35 games to 23 games. including two wins on monday. and tuesday. dusty baker hoping his club can get back in the win. >> some runs to allow them to have some breathing room. and like they did last night on us, and so i'm hoping to have a big offensive night tonight and tomorrow. you know, our guys are swinging the bat pretty well. we just didn't get many runs to show for it last night. >> we know by now bryce harper is a man of many talents. five-tool player. you can add designer to his
5:53 pm
harper created limited edition baseball cap that went on sale today. proceeds will go to harper's heroes, a charity for children battling cancer as well as leukemia and homeless society. the raping national league m.v.p. will be one of the main promoters for the hat. >> it's a great thing. i do evening on the field to what i went to do. scott: baseball game between two teams. olympic champion and bethesda native katie ledecky to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. the first pitch for you live on the abc7 facebook page. if you
5:54 pm
come down here. it's a great night for baseball. michelle: i'll take the seat. leon: we have to talk about the heroes thing. i was there first. scott: stealing your thunder. leon: that's right. harris there
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
michelle: growing outrage tonight about the skyrocketing price of epipens. they are a life-saving tool so many people have to buy and count on. richard reeve with why the cost have spike and some money-saving tips if you use one. richard: doctors and patients agree epipens are amazing devices. >> this product is a life saving product that saves lives. richard: a portable, fast acting tool for people with food allergies but the price is leaving families with sticker shock. >> it makes you mad. and frustrated.
5:58 pm
epipen's price tag skyrocketed from $57 to $736 this year. >> patients should be able to afford it and not to be exposed with this prohibitive pricing. >> 15-year-old carries one with her everywhere she goes. she considers herself lucky. others not to much. >> they are saving peoples lives. by making that, maybe somebody wouldn't able to accord it. richard: allergist says some of the patients are choosing between paying mortgages and getting epipens. medicine itself is relatively cheap. >> this container has 60 doses. that you buy for $38. richard: the maker of the epipens blames the deductibles for the price increase. >> shame on you. why? there are other ways to make
5:59 pm
money. richard: some doctors are advising the patients to buy the other version for hundreds of dollars left. we hear about this issue on capitol hill in the next few weeks. in the newsroom, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: next at 6:00, store clerk in montgomery county puts his life at risk after being confronted boy an armed robber. the drama all caught on video. also coming up a race against the clock in italy to find survivors of a massive earthquake. at least 120 people are dead. new at 6:00, more safety issues discovered with metro. we will tell you what the transit agency is being flagged for now by the government. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: we begin tonight at 2:00 with another safety issue on metro. a new f.t.a. report shows employees are not properly storing and securing trains and equipment to prevent them from rolling away on their own. our transportation
6:00 pm
more on what investigators found. brianne: investigators found in a 22-payment report that widespread employees are not properly securing or storing either rail cars or maintenance equipment in the rail yard on metro. now this investigation spurred after three different incidents. you can see them here with the roll-away sign on the map. happening here at rail yards or in between the area where the rail work was being done. in each of these, a piece of equipment or a rail car moved without anyone in it. meaning that in one case, even an operator had to get into poll the hand break to stop the equipment there on the track. this comes as there was a safety blitz in spring on metro. thisreport shows


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